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					Résumé                      Rex Heftmann
                            Assistant Professor, Miramar College

Summer, 2008

     Master of Fine Arts, UC San Diego
     Bachelor of Arts, UC Berkeley

Computer-aided graphics and business ethics for creative services: teaching and program
      Appointed full time Assistant Professor, Miramar College, August 2007.
      Adjunct (1988–August, 2007): Southwestern College, University of California Extension, Mission
      Federal Credit Union, Grossmont-Cuyamaca College.Chair, Regional Occupational Program Advisors.
Fine art photography, 1972–1982, at community colleges and UC San Diego Extension and Crafts Center.

                              Graphics consultant: Design, writing, pre-press and web services since 1970
Database publications for Casa de Mañana’s semi-annual Resident Directory (design, cover photo, data
      merge, printing), California Credit Union League, Charter 100 (members directories), Qualcomm
      (training directory), UC Connect (invoice), Aventine Sporting Club (schedule)
Websites, Flash® for REXprints, KWelton. Currently developing identities and sites for Harwood
      Homebuilders, Palo Alto and Concept Healthcare, San Diego
Museum graphics (calendar magazines, catalogs, posters, announcements, exhibits) for San Diego Museum
      of Art, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Photographic Arts (Founder, former officer
      of Executive Board of Trustees), Grossmont College, San Diego State University, UC San Diego Art
      Gallery, California Center for the Arts (entry monuments, message boards)
Gallery publicity (announcements, posters, advertising) for The Photography Gallery, Gallery Eight, Tasende
      Gallery, and others in La Jolla, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles
Limited editions and publications for fine art photographers, painters, sculptors of local and international
      reputation (examples by request)
Patient information systems for Kaiser Permanente, Psifax, State of California, CHART, Nova Medical
      Group, HealthCap Management Group, US Centers for Disease Control, VeriCare
Promotional systems for Naegle Associates Architects and Planners, Rancho La Puerta, Pili La Jolla, State of
      California Office of Disaster Preparedness, San Diego County Department of Agriculture, Institute of
      Healthcare Assessment (tradeshow booth, brochure)
Identity programs for Visual Records, Duplex Restaurant, Carter's Pilsner (Los Angeles), B'AQ Sport, Positive
      Choice Clinic (Kaiser Permanente), Kitlas Dickman & Associates, Braverman & Codron (CPAs, Beverly
      Hills) Museum of Photographic Arts, Southern California Earthquake Preparedness Month, VeriCare
      (corporate identity, market positioning program), Onyx Bread (Sonoma), Concept Healthcare, Inc.
Computer software packages for Central Point (Copy II, Tools), John Wiley, Schindler Marketing
Publications for San Diego National Bank (annual reports, style manual), UC San Diego Extension
      Environmental Health and Safety (federal grant proposals), Fargo Development, Rancho La Puerta,
      Scripps Institute of Oceanography (annual and members’ quarterly reports), Mountain High Knitting
      (photograph and publish product catalogs), VeriCare (monographs, capabilities brochures)
Print-on-demand books for Charter 100, SeaCliff Foundation, Greene Family Foundation
Newsletter launch for Medical Advances–Health in Mind and Body (national periodical)
Invention, product development, and marketing for the RAX Works, Inc (founder, water sports
      equipment company), Audio Habitat (founder, audio furniture), AMF Voit Water Sports, B'AQ
      (Bioaquatic Sports Equipment, Inc.) including product and promotional concepts, design, production,
      and management

National Awards: US Patent 4007862 (cartop carrier), Trademark Register 1098057 (RAX), Printing Industry of
      America (1986, Max Yavno Portfolio and 1992, DeLoss McGraw monograph), American Association of
      Museums (1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 for Museum of Photographic Arts Members' Quarterly, William
      Klein catalog and Ansel Adams exhibit announcement), American Association Managers (1994
      California Credit Union League Membership Roster)
Validation:References and printed sample portfolio available on request (email
Computer skills: Apple® Macintosh® computers and current software for publication and web graphics

Online portfolio: or call 858-270·4580 Studio: 2514 San Anselmo, San Diego, California 92109

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