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EBC Spring 11 Newsletter


									VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                                                                              SPRING 2011


                                ADHA - Advancing the Art and Science of Dental Hygiene

    A Message from EBC President Karen Hays, RDH, BS                                                                     East Bay Component

                                                                                                                   2010-11 Officers & Committees

            With the start of the Spring Season, let’s take some time to appreciate the people and things in our   President & Alternate Trustee
                                                                                                                             Karen Hays
life we are thankful for. The people around us are what make our lives rich. Our career enables us to support               925.437.1739
ourselves while helping our patients. Naturally, we want to protect and invest in what is important to us.  
With our family and friends we invest our time and love. With our career we should invest in ADHA                    Immediate Past President &
                                                                                                                        Membership Chair
membership. That is the best way to protect and grow our profession.
                                                                                                                          Ronnette Pueliu


            Remember, when you sign up as a member of ADHA you receive a tripartite membership,               

meaning you are a member of the national (ADHA), state (CDHA), and your local component East Bay.                        President-Elect &
                                                                                                                          Student Liaison
The membership costs about one day worth of work, but collectively it helps our professional organization                   Lolly Tribble
do many things from organize continuing education courses, to lobbying for the needs of our patients and       
our profession on the state and national levels. Membership payment can be in one lump sum or quarterly.                   Vice President &
We should never expect others to pick up the slack for us. This is true at home (think of if we always left             Website Coordinator
                                                                                                                            Jatan Badesha
the chores for others to do), at work (what if we never sterilized our own instruments), and professionally.  
There is strength in numbers, and when we all do our part it makes the load much lighter. Membership in                     Secretary
your professional organization is the biggest thing you can do for yourself, patients and fellows as a                    Michelle Hunter

            Let us enter this Season with a joyful and thankful attitude. We are blessed with our family and              Katie Dawson
friends. Let us show them with our actions our appreciation and love for them. We are blessed to have a        
career, let us also invest in and appreciate what that career has done for us.                                           Trustee/Legislation
                                                                                                                             Tresa Irby
Karen Hays, RDH, BS                                                                                              
March /April 2011                                                                                                         Newsletter Editor
                                                                                                                             Alice Wang
East Bay Component                                                                                           

                                                                                                                         Finance Committee
                                                                                                                            Katie Dawson
                                                                                                                            & Tresa Irby
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President’s Message, Officers                              CDHA Press Release
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Up Coming Events, EBC Spring CE Course                     CDHA Press Release
Page 3                                                     Page 8
Remote Area Medical Sign Up form                           CDHA 2011 Spring Scientific Session
Page 4                                                     Page 9
DHCC Meeting Highlights                                    EBC Substitute Work Registry
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CDHA Nov. BOT Summary                                      Advertise w/ EBC
                                                                         PAGE 1
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                                                                              SPRING 2011

                                                            Upcoming Events
        EBC RAM                         April 9-12, 2011       All Day                        Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
        EBC Spring CE                   May 14, 2011           8AM - 12:30 PM                 Crowne Plaza, Union City
        CDHA HOD                        Jun 3-5, 2011          All Day                        Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim

                                         EBC Spring CE Course
                                     Speaker: Lory Laughter, RDH, BS
“White Spot Remineralization: Healing and Repair without a Drill”
Chalky cervicals, fluorosis and white spots from orthodontic treatment can be healed with minimal intervention using Recaldent® This course will
provide easy to implement techniques for reversing and preventing unsightly white spot lesions. Case studies will show real results in healing mild to
severe fluorosis, decalcification and marks from orthodontic treatment. Family Practitioners, Dental Hygienists, Orthodontists and Pediatric Dentists
are strongly encouraged to attend this informative presentation.

“Our Patients Say: A Team Approach to Motivating the Less Compliant”
Dental Professionals have heard every excuse in the book from patients who don't complete treatment, follow home care instructions or accept
treatment plans. Many of these 'excuses' are actually signs of apprehension, misunderstanding or even fear. As a team, learn to recognize roadblocks
to patient compliance and address the root cause. Utilizing patient comfort techniques, pain control and anxiety decreasing tools can change the
perception of the 'less compliant' patient and the professionals who treat them.

Date: May 14, 2011                                                About the speaker
Time: 8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast                            Lory Laughter has been a practicing dental hygienist
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM Course                                         since her graduation from Idaho State University in 1994. Today she has a
                                                                  variety of career roles including private practice, speaking, writing and
C.E. Units: 4 CE units Category I
                                                                  event planning. Lory is a Hygiene Specialist for OraPharma -- the makers of
Location: Crowne Plaza, 32083 Alvarado Niles Road,                Arestin. She holds a consulting position with Nuvora Inc. and participates in
Union City, CA 94587                                              Hygiene Department consulting with Kathleen Johnson consulting.
Note: No confirmation will be given. Refund of CE                 Her monthly column in RDH Magazine “From the Edge” delves into the dark
Course fee will be made 72 hours prior to the course              corners of the profession and brings them to light. Her drive to bring every
minus a $20 processing fee. All dental assistants may             dental hygienist into the 21st century makes Lory’s passionate column a
participate in EBC CE/CPR courses for member fee by               must read for dental professionals.
paying a $20 annual fee at the time of the CE course or
mail to: EBC, PO Box 1591, Alameda, CA 94501                      Lory is the founder and owner of Dental IQ - a business committed to
                                                                  providing quality continuing education to the entire dental team. Dental IQ
For more information please contact Jatan Badesha,                hosts the Annual Napa Dental Experience which has grown to become a
RDH at 510-366-4377 or email                  popular national meeting drawing nationally recognized speakers and
(Please make a copy of form for each registrant)                  international attendees.
                              REGISTRATION FORM: Use One Form Per Registrant
                               P.O. BOX 1591                            make payment using account name:
                               Alameda, CA 94501              
Name: __________________________________________________                      RDH ����DDS RDA/DA STUDENT OTHER
Address: ________________________________________________                     City___________________         ZIP ___________
Telephone: ______________________________________________                     Email: _______________________________
TUITION:       Postmarked by 04/23/2011                                       Postmarked after 04/23/2011
����"      "     ADHA MEMBER $65.00 ����"����"       "     "      "                ADHA MEMBER $75.00
"    "         Potential-member RDH $80.00 ����" "     "      "                Potential-member RDH $95.00
"    "         DDS $65.00 ����"      "    "      "     "      "                DDS $75.00
"    "         RDA/DA/Other $65.00 ����" "       "     "      "                RDA/DA/Other $75.00 "      "   "   "
"    "         Student $20.00                                                Student $20.00 "    "        "   "
  "    "       DONATION: Anne Schweikert Scholarship Fund $______            TOTAL SUBMITTED $__________ Check PayPal

                                                                     PAGE 2
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                                                                          SPRING 2011
                                                       REMOTE AREA MEDICAL®
                                                      RAM/CA 2011 Volunteer Registration

                                                           PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

     NAME _______________________________________                                 PHONE (main)__________________________

     ADDRESS                                                                      PHONE (work)


     Profession/Specialty                                                         License #
                                                                                               (Dental or Medical License Required)

     Dates      April 9-12, 2011              Location         Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA                       Country      USA

     Check day(s) you are volunteering for: (Multiple work days are greatly appreciated but not required.)

     Set Up (4/7) _______ Set Up (4/8) _______ Saturday (4/9) _______ Sunday (4/10) ______ Monday (4/11) ______

     Tuesday (4/12) _______ Take down (4/13) _____


                              MEDICAL PERSONNEL (especially volunteers working in the dental area).
     I hereby certify that I have completed a training / educational program dealing with the risks of exposure to blood-borne
     pathogens and methods to prevent exposure.

     _____________________________________                              __________________________________________
     Print Name                                                         Signature

     Compliance Statement
     I hereby attest that my license/certificate is not suspended or revoked pursuant to disciplinary proceedings in any jurisdiction. A COPY
     Confidentiality Statement
     I understand that while I am participating as a registered volunteer at the Remote Area Medical® Clinic, it is mandatory that I maintain
     complete privacy and confidentiality of all patients. This pertains to all present and future written and verbal communications referring
     to any Remote Area Medical® Clinic patient. I also understand that unless I am obtaining information strictly for patient registration, I
     DO NOT ASK a patient any questions regarding medical insurance coverage, MCR or MCD. With my signature on the line below, I
     acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to this policy of confidentiality for the Remote Area Medical® Clinic.
     Release and Indemnification
     I hereby release and indemnify Remote Area Medical®, a non-profit organization, and all its respective officers, directors, agents,
     contractors, heirs, successors and assigns, from prosecution or presentation of any claim for bodily injury or death or for property loss
     or damage incurred in connection with this Remote Area Medical® expedition or related activities.
     I fully understand that I am volunteering at my own risk and that due to my occupational/other possible exposure to blood or other
     potentially infectious materials, I may be at risk of acquiring Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection or other blood borne pathogens. I
     understand if I do not have the HBV vaccine, I continue to be at risk of acquiring Hepatitis B, a serious disease. If, in the future, I want
     to be vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine, I can acquire the vaccination at my own expense.

     Printed Name                                                     Signature

                                               State(s) of Licensure(s)/Certification(s)
     Remote Area Medical® is a 501(c)(3) medical relief charity located at 1834 Beech Street, Knoxville, TN 37920, 865-579-1530
     Please return form and copy of current license (if applicable) to: RAM/CA 2011 – 950 Reserve Drive, Suite 120,
     Roseville, CA 95678 or fax to (916) 772-9220. Questions call (916) 783-1332 or (800) 500-1332, ask for Pam
                                                                 PAGE 3
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                           SPRING 2011
             Highlights of the Dental Hygiene Committee of California meeting
                              Sacramento, December 4-6, 2010

       The DHCC reviewed active dental hygiene licensure statistics; 17,870 RDH’s, 31 RDHEF’s, and 304
       RDHAP’s. Twenty fictitious name permits have been issued.
       Overall results of the 2010 RDH clinical examinations show an 81% pass rate.
       The DHCC is investigating the development of an alternative testing method to administer the law and
       ethics written exam.
       The DBC is working on requirements for approval of courses in local anesthetic, nitrous oxide-oxygen
       analgesia and periodontal soft tissue curettage; Sacramento City college is currently the only location
       for this coursework (outside the dental hygiene program curriculum).
       A sub-committee has been appointed to investigate alternative methods of initial licensure through a
       standardized exit exam for California graduates.
       Enforcement Investigations reveal the areas of greatest complaint involves negligence and unlicensed
       (or expired license) practice.
       Many hours were spent refining “clean up” language for the Business and Professions Code
       1900-1966.6, also known as the Dental Hygiene Practice Act, the enactment of which permits the full
       utilization of registered dental hygienists, RDHEFs, and RDHAPs in order to meet the dental care
       needs of all of the state’s citizens. The final product will be submitted to the legislature for enactment.
       The DHCC heard a proposal to initiate on-line automated license renewal.
       Pending regulations include retroactive fingerprinting scheduled to begin April 2011, and uniform
       standards related to substance abuse and disciplinary guidelines.
       The DHCC elected 2011 officers as follows: Rhona Lee, RDHEF, President; Alex Colero, Vice
       President; Cathy DiFrancesco, Secretary.

The next Dental Board of California meeting will be held Feb 24-25, 2011, in San Diego.
The next DHCC meeting will be held April 28 and 29, 2011, in Los Angeles

Please visit the DHCC website ( "" or contact Lori Hubble, Executive
Officer at he DHCC office in Sacramento at (916) 263-1978 for clarification of issues affecting the education
and regulation of the profession of dental hygiene.

                                       Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can an RDH Provide Local Anesthesia when the Employer/Dentist is Out of the Office?
      The dentist/employer of record must be present during the procedure. A neighboring non-employer,
      non-dentist of record may not supervise direct-supervision procedures.

2. How do I know if I am an employee or an independent contractor?
      The person I work for tells me that I am an independent contractor and not an employee. He does not
      make any payroll deductions or withholdings for taxes, social security, etc., when he pays me, and at
      the end of the year he provides me with an IRS form 1099 rather than a W-2. By paying me in this
      manner does it mean I am automatically an independent contractor?

       The California Department of Industrial Relations provides answers to these and other questions on
       independent contractors at the following link: "

Katie L. Dawson, BS, RDHAP
Chair, Government Relations Council

                                                     PAGE 4
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                                                                SPRING 2011
CDHA Board Notes and Highlights:
       November 6, 2010

President Ellen Standley called the tor order at 9:10 a.m. Introductions were given and the trustees stated briefly on component
Appointments ~ The Board appointed Kirsten Jarvi and Tamara Wells to the Information Technology Council, Tricia Osuna to Cal-
Hy-PAC and Carol Lee to Journal Advisory Board. The Board also appointed Michelle Hurlbutt to DHAI for a three year term,
January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2013.

2009/2010 Budget Surplus ~ Due to the 2009/2010 budget surplus the 2010/2011 $10,000.00 was added to the contribution to
reserves as well as various line items in the budget were augmented as needed.
Financial Procedures Amendments ~ The Board voted to increase the mileage reimbursement from $0.30 per mile to $0.50 per mile
effective January 1, 2011.
Scopes, Procedures & Protocol Manual Amendments ~ The Board adopted the following Scopes Amendments:
►that CDHA adopt the following CE Handout guidelines as amended and place them in the Scopes appendix in
alphabetical order.
                                      Continuing Education Handout Guidelines
        1. All speakers shall be requested to submit any handout materials in electronic format to Central Office
        at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.
        2. Central Office will submit these materials to the ITC Chair for posting on the CDHA website.
        3. All submissions should identify the speaker and include a statement to the fact that "Unauthorized use
        or reproduction of these materials is prohibited unless permission is given by the speaker."
        4. All handout materials shall be removed from the website 7 days after the meeting, unless otherwise
        specified by the speaker.
► that CDHA adopt the following amendment to the Scopes and Procedures Manual, Page 13, Standing Councils and
Other Committees, Duties in Common #8. Keep Council sections of the CDHA website updated every three months.
Vision Statement ~ The Board approved the following Vision Statement “CDHA is a professional organization of dental hygienists
advancing total health through oral health”.
Management Services Renewal Contract ~ The Board approved the management services renewal contract with Blanning & Baker
Associates, Inc.
ADHA Alfred Fones Award ~ The Board nominated Katie Dawson, RDHAP for the ADHA Alfred Fones Award.
Nominations are Open! ~ The declared candidate for President – Elect is Susan Lopez, The declared candidates for ADHA delegate
are: Carole Broder, Julie Coan, Katie Dawson, Lori Gagliardi, Suzie Hopkins, Susan Lopez, Tricia Osuan, Ellen Standley, Beth
Strauss, Diana Thomson and Ivy Zellmer


2011 Spring Scientific Session ~ May 13, 2011 ~ Sheraton Park Hotel ~ Anaheim, California
The program will feature Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, presenting “Systemic Perio” and “Osteoporosis/Osteopenia: Clinical Implications
in Periodontal Therapy”.
2011 House of Delegates ~ June 3-5, 2011 ~ Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California
2011 House of Delegates CE Course ~ June 3, 2011 ~ Disneyland Hotel ~ Anaheim, California
The program will feature Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH, FACE and Heidi Emmerling, RDH, PhD, presenting “Paper Persona:
Stand Out!”

2010/2011 Board of Trustees’ Meeting Dates and Locations ~
March 26-27, 2011
      Board of Trustees’ Meeting
             Hilton Hotel Los Angeles North/Glendale
June 3, 2011
       Pre-HOD Board of Trustees’ Meeting
            Disneyland Hotel
June 5, 2011
       Post-HOD Board of Trustees’ Meeting
           Disneyland Hotel
For details contact your component trustee or CDHA at or 818/500-8217

                                                              PAGE 5
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                            SPRING 2011
        California Dental Hygienists’ Association Urges Routine Office Screenings

GLENDALE, Calif. (Jan. 6, 2011) – To quit smoking and drinking remain worthy and recommended public
health resolutions for 2011 but they are not enough to prevent oral cancer, the California Dental Hygienists’
Association (CDHA) warned today.
“Tobacco and alcohol use are no longer the only major risk factors for oral cancer,” reports Ellen Standley,
CDHA President. “The fastest growing segment of oral cancer victims is the non-smoker under 50 years of
The latest statistics indicate that over the next decade, exposure to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) will
likely replace tobacco as the main causative agent for oral cancer, according to the latest research. The HPV
positive group, specifically the strain responsible for cervical cancer, is a rapidly growing segment of the oral
cancer population. This new high-risk group includes persons under 40 who have never smoked or abused
Registered Dental Hygienists play a front-line role in the battle against oral cancers, which kill more than 8,000
Americans each year even though such diseases are usually treated successfully when detected early.
“Because of this we are more emphatic than ever about the need for screenings and early detection efforts
during routine dental visits,” Standley said. “And we are advocating that patients adopt a number of preventive
measures to help reduce their risk for developing oral cancer.”
CDHA credits the “Michael Douglas Factor” with helping to raise awareness about the disease; the famous
actor has been extremely vocal in discussing his recently diagnosed oral cancer.
To further public education, CDHA recommends Californians understand the following information and
prevention tips.

Key Facts:

       • 36,000 new cases of oral cancer are reported annually; that number continues to grow
       • There are 8,000 deaths due to oral cancer per year
       • Most of the cases of oral cancer are discovered in later stages, with only a 50% survival rate after five
         years When discovered in early stages, treatment has up to a 90% survival rate
       • Tobacco, alcohol and human papilloma virus are risk factors

Prevention Tips:

       • Visit a dental office and be screened at least once a year for oral cancer. Dental hygienists have the
         opportunity to provide quick, painless and simple oral cancer screenings whenever they see a patient.
       • See a physician once a year for a routine physical examination
       • Limit alcohol consumption and all types of tobacco use, including smokeless
       • Avoid behaviors that promote exposure to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
       • Limit exposure to UV radiation (lip cancer)
       • Be suspicious of any sore in the mouth or any change in the tissue (color or texture) that lasts longer
         than two weeks
       • Be proactive & take preventive measures in your healthcare; ask questions

“We hope that 2011 will be a breakthrough year for the public’s understanding of oral cancer,” Standley said.
“With a few simple steps, and earlier detection, a lot of lives can be saved.”
For more information, please visit the following web sites:;;

                                                     PAGE 6
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                             SPRING 2011
                California Children Continue to Face Oral Health Epidemic
       Report Finds the State is “Off Track” in Meeting Dental Needs of Its Children

GLENDALE, Calif. (March 21, 2011) – Despite being one of the most preventable of all diseases, tooth decay
continues to rank as the most widespread public health issue for California children, according to the California
Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA).
The warning comes on the heels of a report from the Pew Center on the States, which identified California as
being “off track” when it comes to addressing the dental needs of children.
“Poor oral care contributes to speech impediments, low self-esteem and a wide range of health problems
involving infections,” said Ellen Standley, CDHA President. “It is unfortunate that one in four children has never
even been to a dentist and that tooth decay is five times more prevalent than asthma.”
The Pew Center, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving public policy, issued a “C” grade to
California, where it says more than 750,000 elementary school children had untreated tooth decay in 2006;
conventional wisdom suggests that number is now closer to one million, according to CDHA.
According to the Pew Report, California falls short in key oral healthcare policy benchmarks:
  •     Only 27 percent of California drinking water supplies are fluoridated – far less than the national average
        of 75 percent;

  •    Nationwide, the percentage of dentists’ fees reimbursed by Medicaid is 60 percent, while California
       lagged behind with 34 percent.

CDHA continues to voice related concerns. For instance, many dentists are not comfortable treating infants or
very young children, instead they refer them to a children's specialist (pedodontist). CDHA officials say this
demonstrates why the role of a dental hygienist is so vital.

“The dental hygienist can provide mothers of infants and young children with simple nutritional counseling to
help prevent dental decay,” said Standley. “We are a trusted and reliable source of information about
everything from proper brushing to the safe use of bottles and sippy cups.”

Additionally, disparities exist across race, ethnicity, and type of insurance when it comes to the length of time
between dental care visits. Most dental practices don’t accept Medicaid-enrolled children of any age, said Standley,
and children are seen on an average of 10 times in a medical office before the first dental exam is ever scheduled.

“CDHA continues to make it a priority to raise awareness of pediatric oral health among policy makers, parents
and the public health community,” said Standley. “The good news is that with knowledge and public education,
we can make headway in reducing tooth decay in our children.”

For more information, please visit the following web sites:,,

                                                      PAGE 7
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                                                                                                                                     SPRING 2011

                                                                !                !"#$%!&'()(*+),,,!!                                                                                                           !
        !                                                                  -.//!01'2*3!042(*+2524!0())26*!                                                !
                           !                              \%0$?()1A+]&01+"$&-&Z2&(A%.@+^^K@+_3I@+\R2^++++
                        E+,1$(&4?/%+/?((%1$+(%#%0(/7+(%#?.$#+&1+'%()&4&1$0.5#8#$%-)/+.)1J#+ +          +        +         +         +         +        +
              +         E+B%=)%;+#8#$%-)/+/&-'.)/0$)&1#+$70$+-08+(%C.%/$+&(0.+-01)C%#$0$)&1#+
                        E+3(&=)4%+/.)1)/0.+$(%0$-%1$+(%/&--%140$)&1#+ +
                       E+F14%(#$014+$7%+4)0A1&#)#+014+$(%0$-%1$+&C+&#$%&'&(&#)#+014+&#$%&'%1)0+014+$7%+)-'0/$+&1+'%()&4&1$0.5)-'.01$+$7%(0')%#+         +        +
                                                                                                                             Student Table Clinics
                                                                                                                             supported through an
                                        !                                                                                    educational grant from:
             CDHA is going “green” and posting our speaker handouts online. To access the documents for printing, please go and follow
             the links to the 2011 SSS handouts. Course handouts will be available beginning two weeks prior to the event and will remain on the web site
             until May 20, 2011. Course attendees wishing to have handouts during the lecture will need to download and print copies prior o the program.

             Registration & Payment Information:                                                                  Mail Registration Form and
         !!321F,H%/!>#/;!!!!C#15%/!>#/;!!!!UE98!!!!>+%FV!*#?#D)%!5,!>378!                                             payment information to:
                                                                                                                                                                                            ! !!!!!!!!
         >/%;25!>#/;W!!!'''''''''''''!B'''''''''''''!B''''''''''''!B'''''''''''''!AX*2/#52,-&'''''''''''''''!                                    <)%-;#)%L!>8![OMNQ!
         "#$%!,-!>#/;&''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''!!Q!32425!>,;%'''''''''''''!!                                        \ROR]!INNBRMO^!_!\ROR]!MS^BMQSR!T8`!
              T%%!9F+%;:)%!(includes course, morning refreshments,                                   Postmarked              After 4/29/11                6%F%2H%
                                                                                                                                                          D?!a,2-2- 21!F,:/1 %!0,/!,- !
              lunch, table clinics, and exhibits)                                                     by 4/29/11             and On-Site !                          4!8378             )?
                                                                                                                                                                               L!>378 !P^I!
                                                                                                                                                           ?,:/!),F                     !#
              !!                                                                                                                                                    #)!F,$*
                        8378!C%$D%/!JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJPOQNJNN!JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ!POINJNN!!                                            ,-%-5!-, -;!
                                                                                                                                                                    d:%1               Gc!
                                                                                                                                                                       R]! INNBR
              !!        95:;%-5!#55%-;2-4!0/,$!O&NN!*J$J!5,!S&NN!*J$J!-,!$%#)1JJJJPONJNN!JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ!PONJNN!!
        !!             !            !            !         !           NO CONFIRMATION WILL BE SENT
                                                                                                                                                                           111!5%#/!,00'OM'ONBG; 02))#D)%*;0
                                                                                                   PAGE 8
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                                                                   SPRING 2011
                                             EBC Members-only
                                         The Substitute Work Registry
  From time to time we all need to fill our schedule with competent, dependable temp employees. Why not call one of our own
members to fill in for you. Your office would greatly appreciate having a copy of this list of available RDH's. Let's work together to
keep our members working and succeeding.
   If you would like to be a part of this program, please e-mail your name, e-mail address, days available to substitute, telephone
numbers and address to Ronnette at If you would like to be removed from this list or change your current
information, please contact Ronnette. An updated list will be sent monthly.
  If you know of an available RDH position, please forward the information with permission of the DDS and we will distribute to our
                        This list is not intended to replace or discourage use of Temporary Dental agencies.
              We encourage our members who are looking for employment opportunities to register with these agencies.

Jatan             510.366.4377                         M, T, F          
Jan               510.276.7608/510.364.1756            M, F, Sat        
Dana              510.793.0677                         M, F after 8:30  
Katie             510.444.1354                         M-F              
Barbara           510.865.7447                         M, Th            
Heike             510.710.3297                         Th, Sat          
Yvonne            408.476.3377                         M, W, Th, F      
Abigail           510.215.6272/510.332.4100            M, F, Sat        
Camille           510.469.4382                         M, Sat           
Cynthia           510.278.0750                         M - Sat          
Sheryl Michelle   916.396.0517                         W, F             
Lester            510.967.2591                         T, W             
Candace           510.304.1284                         W, Th            
Qiao              510.282.3612                         M, F, Sat        
Christine         510.278.4646                         M, W, Th, F, Sat 
Sam               510.459.6545                         W, Th, F, Sat    
Darci             510.886.4199                         M - Sat          
Daniela           510.847.5517                         M, Th            
Karen             925.437.1739                         M-F              
Shirley           510.701.2717                         M - Sat          
Mary              925.234.0923                         M-F              
Rachelle          510.579.1860                         M - Sat          
Cathy             925.352.4668                         M-F              
        M - F

        M - F
        925- 980-1935 
        M - F

                                                                   PAGE 9
VOLUME 62, ISSUE #1                                                                                              SPRING 2011
Reach Registered Dental Hygienists in the Bay Area                          F O R D E N T I S TS A N D D E N TA L HYG I E N I S TS
by advertising in the East Bay Component Newsletter
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E-mail template for ad to
and send check to:                                                       and
Ease Bay Component Newsletter
P.O. Box 1591, Alameda, CA 94501                                                  CE Credit
                                                                                  Learn more about fighting caries in
Questions please contact Katie Dawson @                                           your patients with early detection and
510.444.1354                                                                      intervention strategies.
                                                                                  Get ready to earn one free CE credit hour. Contact your
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      -3 Issues (Year)-                              DENTSPLY Professional Representative, and treat your
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        $70                            Early Caries Detection & Intervention
                                                                                  Learn about:
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        $120                                  • Early detection techniques and treatment in dental
                                                                                    caries disease
                                                                                  • Recommended intervention strategies for preventing
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        $200                                    future damage
                                                                                  • Emerging calcium phosphate-based remineralization
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        $250                                    technologies

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