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					                                                                                                                                          Official Newsletter of
                                       Volume 1 • Issue 1              APRIL 2009              WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council

New look for WA Police Legacy                                                                                                 Inside this issue:
Welcome to the first edition of True                       As well as providing updates on
Blue, the new regular newsletter for WA                    families being assisted by Police Legacy                           15 years since parcel bomb
Police Legacy and the WA Police                            and the PFAC, True Blue will include                               murder of Detective Sergeant                    3
Families Advisory Council (PFAC).                          items on health and welfare issues, fun
                                                           competitions and prizes, as well as news                           Patrons’ messages                               5
We would also like to introduce you to
                                                           on retired members, the Police Widows
the Boardman family (pictured below).
                                                           Guild, the WA Police Historical Society                            Gibb River Road Mountain
Already well known to many of you,
                                                           and the International Police Association.                          Bike Challenge on again                         6
the family has kindly agreed to become
the face of WA Police Legacy.                              We hope you enjoy reading True Blue.
                                                           The name has been chosen because it                                Police Legacy Manager was
Various images of the family will be                                                                                          a Legacy child himself                          9
                                                           is a well-used Australian phrase, meaning
used in a range of communication
                                                           staunchly loyal, genuine and caring.
materials over coming months, to provide                                                                                      Bathroom makeover a boon
                                                           We feel it represents the spirit of both
us with a fresh new look, as part of a                                                                                        for seriously injured officer                 11
                                                           organisations, which look after the
re-branding of WA Police Legacy.
                                                           welfare of police families. The colour
We believe this will help raise the profile                blue, of course, is also associated with                           Police Legacy wards lap
of not only WA Police Legacy, but also                     police the world over.                                             up camp life                                  12
the PFAC, which in turn will help us
                                                           We look forward to your feedback,
build sufficient financial reserves to meet                                                                                   Police Widows’ trip                           16
                                                           ideas and contributions for the
our beneficiaries’ needs into the future.
                                                           newsletter over the coming months.
WA Police Legacy has been assisting
Jackie Boardman and her three children
                                                           Peter Browne                                         WIN,
Nathan, Jessica and Stacey, since she
                                                           Manager, WA Police Legacy
                                                                                                             WIN, W                                         • WA Police Legacy
lost her husband David in June 2007
                                                           Secretary, WA Police Families
                                                           Advisory Council                                HEATER  IN!!!
                                                                                                                    S, GARD
                                                                                                                                                             Inc. was established
when he was killed in a tragic recreational                                                                      ACCOUN EN KITS, SAVIN                        in 1992 to provide
                                                                                                          True Blue       TS TO B      GS                      family support
quad bike accident at Geraldton.                                                                                    newslet      E WON
                                                                                                      We have         of the P r is for all mem                 and services to
                                                                                                                 ince          olice Fam           bers
                                                                                                        make su ntives and pri
                                                                                                                                          ily.                  the surviving
Meet the Boardman family, who have been chosen as the face of Police Legacy for the next few                       re you sh         ze
                                                                                                   In this is
                                                                                                             sue you        ow the s to give away,              partners and
years. Jackie Boardman pictured, with her three children, Jessica (R) Stacey and Nathan.                               have           children           so
                                                                                                       oil colum                                as well.       children of
                                                                                                                   n heatersthe chance to w
                                                                                                    For the                 , just in          in
                                                                                                              ch                      time for one of 50       deceased police
                                                                                                     be won ildren there are                    winter.
                                                                                                               in a dra
                                                                                                       two $            wing co 10 gardening  kits to
                                                                                                             100 savi         mpetitio
                                                                                                                     n                n
                                                                                                            in our “S gs accounts up , as well as
                                                                                                                      pot the
                                                                                                                                       for grab
                                                                                                                                                        • It is a registered
                                                                                                                      ion. P           ce”            charitable organisation,
                                                                                                                  pages 1 lease turn to
                                                                                                                          4 and
                                                                                                                      to enter. 15                  funded through the
                                                                                                                                             generous regular
                                                                                                                                        contributions of serving police
                                                                                                                              officers, as well as those organisations and
                                                                                                                              individuals who support fund raising
                                                                                                                              activities and events. All deductions and
                                                                                                                              receipted donations over $2 are tax
                                                                                                                              • The WA Police Families Advisory
                                                                                                                                Council is also funded by regular
                                                                                                                                member contributions and assists the
                                                                                                                                families of serving officers in times of
                                                                                                                                tragedy, illness and despair.
                                                                                                                              • Each organisation is overseen by an
                                                                                                                                accountable Board of Directors, with
                                                                                                                                each Board including a representative
                                                                                                                                of the Commissioner of Police.
Chairman’s Message
It has been my great privilege to have                Both the organisations are overseen by                  Looking ahead, we will continue the
been involved for many years in WA                    accountable boards, comprised of                        coordination of effort and resources
Police Legacy, as well as the WA Police               dedicated individuals from the wider                    between the agency (particularly
Families Advisory Council. I am the                   police “family”, including serving and                  Health and Welfare and Chaplaincy
current Chairman of both                              retired officers, police widows and                     services), the Union, PFAC and Police
organisations.                                        representatives of the Commissioner of                  Legacy, to meet the welfare needs of
                                                      Police, the Minister of Police and the                  all police officers and their families.
WA Police Legacy was established in
                                                      WA Police Union.
1992 to provide assistance and support                                                                        Very importantly we are aiming to
to the families of deceased and totally               I would like to thank both past and                     increase participation with and
and permanently disabled police                       present boards for their commitment                     contributions to both WA Police Legacy
officers. The primary objective is to                 and passion to the objectives of WA                     and PFAC to ensure their viability and
ensure that no spouse or child of a                   Police Legacy and PFAC and their                        capacity well into the future.
police officer will ever be left                      contribution of time, professionalism,
                                                                                                              People can do both in many ways: by
unassisted in a circumstance of need.                 intellect and benevolence.
                                                                                                              donating their time, money or support
There are currently 280 widows and                    In 2008 they steered the organisations                  (by attending events); remembering us
34 dependent children under the age                   through another eventful and                            in their wills (bequests etc.); promoting
of 18 years. Police Legacy supports                   successful business year, in which we                   us as a charity of choice; and just plain
these families by providing friendship                began to reach outside our own                          “talking us up”.
and support as well as education                      environment and share lessons with
                                                                                                              I strongly encourage all officers who
grants and tertiary education support                 other groups in the social sector, for
                                                                                                              are not already regular contributors to
to a dependent child until they                       example the WA Council of Social
                                                                                                              the two organisations to fill out the
complete a first degree at university.                Services.
                                                                                                              deduction authority form on page four.
To ensure contact and support is                      Special thanks should go to
                                                                                                                     2009 will be another very
maintained with the family, social                    Jane Bowen-Sutton and
                                                                                                                        busy year, with numerous
events are organised, such as picnics                 Nonie Browner, who                  WA Police Legacy Inc.            events and fund raising
and lunches. In the case of the                       along with WA Police                    is supported by                activities planned by
children, events that provide                         Legacy Manager                   the following organisations:            Police Legacy. These
opportunities for personal                            Peter Browne, interact
                                                                                                  WA Police                     include the hugely
development and training are also                     with our widows
                                                                                                                                 popular Gibb River
organised. These include adventure                    and children to                   WA Police Union of Workers
                                                                                                                                 Road Mountain Bike
camps, such as the one in Busselton                   identify and meet               Police & Nurses Credit Society            Challenge, the
(see page 12) water sport activities and              their needs.
                                                                                                   Toll Ipec                   “Bloody Slow Cup”
survival camps.
                                                      Thank you also to                           RoadWise                    in Newman, Karratha
The lion’s share of WA Police Legacy’s                Assistant Commissioner                                                to Broome bike ride
                                                                                          Cable Beach Club Resort
funding comes from the fortnightly                    Mick Burnby APM, for                                                and the inaugural
contributions of serving police officers.             contributing to the shared                                       Broome Police Legacy Ball.
The balance is drawn from public                      vision of police, Police Legacy
                                                                                                                We very much hope you enjoy our
donations and fund raising events,                    and the community working together,
                                                                                                           new regular newsletter, which will help
including sporting activities                         in the many ways that he does.
                                                                                                           us market our brand, services and
championed, organised and led by
                                                      I would also particularly like to acknowledge        expertise to our beneficiaries as well as
police officers.
                                                      and thank the Commissioner of Police,                our many contributors and supporters,
The role of the Police Families Advisory              Karl O’Callaghan APM, and his executive              and also assist our all-important fund
Council is slightly different in that it              team for their all-important and                     raising.
assists the families of serving officers in           tangible support, which has helped us
times of tragedy, illness and despair. It             establish a successful business model.
is also funded by fortnightly                         Their support has been generously                    Bill Leonard
contributions from police officers.                   given both through the police                        Chair, WA Police Legacy and
                                                      organisation and on a personal level.                WA Police Families Advisory Council

2     TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council
15 years since parcel bomb murder of
Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen
                                                                                                      “I did an awful lot
                                                                                                      of healing with
                                                                                                      those women and
                                                                                                      that’s why I like to
                                                                                                      give back now.”

                                                                                                      A brief but moving memorial service was
                                                                                                      conducted on March 2 in front of the NCA
                                                                                                      offices in the Adelaide CBD, where Detective
                                                                                                      Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen was killed by a
                                                                                                      parcel bomb 15 years ago. His widow, Jane
                                                                                                      Bowen-Sutton, is pictured with her two sons,
                                                                                                      Simon (L) and Matthew at the service.

“The stigma of being different—               Last year, following an extensive cold                  “I hadn’t really heard about Police
having your father murdered and               case review (requested by Jane), the                    Legacy, which had only been formed
blown up by a bomb was really                 South Australian Government posted                      in WA in 1992. Paul Newman (now
difficult (for Matthew and Simon) in          a $1 million reward for information                     an Inspector, working for the Deputy
the beginning.                                leading to the conviction of the                        Commissioner) was the Police Legacy
                                              parcel bomber. Jane remains hopeful                     Welfare Officer and Board Member
“Children can be quite cruel. One
                                              that her husband’s murderer will                        who flew over to Adelaide and really
little boy at primary school used to
                                              eventually be brought to justice.                       helped me through those early days
make explosive noises as the boys
                                                                                                      and he still keeps in regular contact.”
walked past!”                                 Over the last 15 years, with the
                                              support of Police Legacy, the Widows                    Back in Perth, Jane said she
Police Legacy board member Jane
                                              Guild, the Police Union and WA Police                   networked with other police widows,
Bowen-Sutton was recalling the
                                              Health and Welfare branch, Jane has                     through the Widows Guild and found
darkest days of her life, back 15 years
                                              gradually rebuilt her shattered life.                   their support invaluable.
ago when her husband Det. Sgt. Geoff
                                              Five years after Geoff’s death she met
Bowen was killed by a parcel bomb                                                                     “I did an awful lot of healing with
                                              and subsequently married another
on March 2, 1994.                                                                                     those women and that’s why I like to
                                              police officer, Sgt Phil Sutton, who
                                                                                                      give back now. They were very good
At the time Geoff, a WA Police                had previously worked with Geoff,
                                                                                                      to me. When I was first widowed they
detective sergeant with a great future        and of whom she cannot speak
                                                                                                      said to me: ‘It’s dreadful, but you’ll be
ahead of him was on a prestigious             highly enough. She works as a
                                                                                                      alright. You’ll never be the same and
secondment to the National Crime              teacher and her two sons have grown
                                                                                                      it will take a long time’.”
Authority in Adelaide. He was just 36         into young men of whom any mother
at the time of his death and he and           would be proud.                                         As well as the support of the Widows
Jane had two young sons, Matthew,                                                                     Guild, Jane said the family had received
                                              Simon, 20, graduated as a police
seven and Simon, five.                                                                                Police Legacy education grants for
                                              officer in June 2008 and Matthew, 22,
                                                                                                      the boys throughout the years, as
Before going to the NCA, Geoff had            is hoping to soon join him in the job,
                                                                                                      well as being involved in numerous
already had extensive experience              having already passed his entry exams,
                                                                                                      Police Legacy outings and events.
working in WA Police, including stints        with the physical exams to follow.
at Geraldton, the CIB (as it was then                                                                 Jane said her two sons also benefited
                                              “You think your life’s ended. You
known) and Drug Squad.                                                                                from a fundraising appeal, which she
                                              don’t want to go on when your
                                                                                                      is very conscious occurred because of
“That’s what was so awful about his           husband is killed and your children are
                                                                                                      her husband’s highly public death.
death. We thought he was so safe at           young,” said Jane. “My recovery is
                                                                                                      Matthew was recently able to put a
the NCA,” she said.                           because of them, they were so little. I
                                                                                                      deposit on a home and his brother
                                              had to go on.”
The South Australian coroner found                                                                    will eventually follow suit with the
that Geoff was killed by a parcel             She said the help she has received                      money which Jane ensured was kept
bomb sent to him by an individual,            from Police Legacy, the Widows Guild                    for their future welfare.
whom he named. However 15 years               and Mike Dean and the Police Union,
                                                                                                      Continued on page 11.
later SA Police have been unable to           in particular, over the years has been
successfully bring anyone to justice          “amazing”.
through lack of admissible evidence.

                                Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council • April 2009 • TRUE BLUE    3
                            Authority for Deduction from Salary
                                                      WA Police Legacy Inc.
                                                WA Police Families Advisory Council

     Salaries Officer
     WA Police
     Personnel Services
     573 Hay Street
     Perth WA 6000.

            I                                                                                             No.

            of                                                                                            (insert work location)

     Tick either or both boxes below:
            Hereby authorise you to deduct from my salary, payable in respect of my employment
            with you, a fortnightly donation of Two* dollars ($2.00) payable to WA Police Legacy
            Inc. commencing the first available pay period. All amounts remitted on my behalf,
            pursuant to this authority shall be deemed to be payment by me personally. This
            authority is to continue until such time as it is withdrawn by me in writing.
            Hereby authorise you to deduct from my salary, payable in respect of my
            employment with you, a fortnightly donation of Two* dollars ($2.00) payable to WA
            Police Families Advisory Council, commencing the first available pay period. All
            amounts remitted on my behalf, pursuant to this authority shall be deemed to be
            payment by me personally. This authority is to continue until such time as it is
            withdrawn by me in writing.

            Signature                                                           (No)                   Date of Birth:

            Witness                                                                                    Date:

            If you wish to vary this amount, please strike it out and initial the change.
            $2.00 is merely a suggested amount.
            Please post this form to:
            The Manager
            WA Police Legacy
            4th Floor 573 Hay Street
            Perth 6000 (internal mail) or

            WA Police Legacy
            Post Office Box 87
            Victoria Park 6979

4   TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council
WA Police Legacy Patrons

                                       Hon. Rob Johnson JP MLA, Minister for Police
                                       Congratulations to WA Police Legacy                     One is the Criminal Code Amendment
                                       on the publication of the first issue of                Bill 2008 which will enforce
                                       your new newsletter. I am extremely                     mandatory jail terms of up to 12
                                       proud to be a joint patron of the                       months for serious assaults on police.
                                       organisation, together with the                         The other is the Police Officers’
                                       Commissioner of Police.                                 Medical and Other Expenses Bill
                                                                                               (originally drafted by the Opposition),
                                       In October last year I was delighted
                                                                                               which will ensure that police officers
                                       to travel to Newman for the
                                                                                               who leave the job suffering from an
                                       memorial arranged by WA Police
                                                                                               injury incurred on the job will have
                                       Legacy for the four officers who were
                                                                                               their medical expenses covered.
                                       tragically killed in a police plane crash
                                       on Australia Day 2001. I was able to                    While the State Government and the
   “The Barnett Government             witness first hand the great job the                    WA Police will always do all they can
                                       organisation does and found the                         to look after the interests of police
     is extremely committed            event extremely moving. It was also                     officers, the role of WA Police Legacy
                                       wonderful to hear that some $71,000                     in providing ongoing support to the
 to supporting police officers         was raised as a result of the social                    spouses and children of deceased or
                                       rugby match organised by Police                         permanently disabled police officers
                                       Legacy, following the service.                          will also continue to be vitally
    in the difficult and often                                                                 important.
                                       The Barnett Government is extremely
                                       committed to supporting police                          I wish WA Police Legacy all the very
          dangerous job that           officers in the difficult and often                     best with all your events and activities
                                       dangerous job that they do and that                     this year and will continue to provide
                  they do ...”         is why we have introduced two                           you with my enthusiastic support.
                                       particular pieces of legislation, which,
                                       when passed, will help provide that

                                       Karl J O’Callaghan APM, Commissioner of Police
                                       Each year as Commissioner of Police I                   immediate and direct assistance to
                                       undertake hundreds of police and                        the spouses and their loves ones.
                                       public engagements. However, for
                                                                                               Apart from financial assistance, with
                                       me, none is more important and
                                                                                               things like education grants for
                                       solemn than my participation in National
                                                                                               children, I believe one of the most
                                       Police Remembrance Day service on
                                                                                               important things Police Legacy does
                                       September 29.
                                                                                               is to keep in touch with the families
                                       Each state and territory police                         of police officers – to make them feel
                                       jurisdiction across Australasia and the                 that they are indeed still a part of the
                                       South West Pacific Region honours                       “Police Family”.
                                       those who made the ultimate sacrifice
                                                                                               That is why I am delighted that with
                                       and gave their lives serving their local
                                                                                               the publication of this newsletter WA
   “I believe one of the most          communities.
                                                                                               Police Legacy has taken yet another
                                       On this day we also remember the                        step aimed at keeping the wider
     important things Police           feast of St Michael the Archangel,                      Police Family informed about the
                                       Patron Saint of police officers,                        activities of not only WA Police
    Legacy does is to keep in          paratroopers and other emergency                        Legacy, but also the WA Police
                                       services personnel, and look to him to                  Families Advisory Council, a valuable
                                       protect and keep safe our members                       member-funded organisation assisting
   touch with the families of          as they continue to serve the                           the families of serving officers in times
                                       community 365 days of the year.                         of tragedy, illness and despair.
           police officers ...”
                                       All officers and their families know                    Thanks to the generosity of those
                                       that policing can sometimes be a                        police officers who contribute
                                       dangerous job but when a life is lost                   fortnightly out of their pay to support
                                       the “Police Family” pulls together to                   these bodies, as well as those who
                                       support and care for one another.                       support the fundraising events, I am
                                                                                               sure the two organisations will go
                                       When tragedy strikes, WA Police
                                                                                               from strength to strength.
                                       Legacy is there to offer more

                         Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council • April 2009 • TRUE BLUE   5
                                                        Gibb River Road Mountain Bike
                                                        Challenge on again
                                                       This year’s Cable Beach Club Gibb                        members from every state and
                                                       River Road Mountain Bike Challenge                       territory in Australia,” he said.
                                                       between May 18 and 22 will see the
                                                                                                                This year’s participating Legacy Legends
                                                       participation of more than 300 people,
                                                                                                                comprise Police Legacy Board member,
                                                       including 250 riders and support
                                                                                                                Sgt Julie Vassiliou, Tracy Sutton
                                                                                                                (Lesmurdie SHS Admin. Assistant),
                                                       To qualify, teams of two to six riders                   Detective Senior Constable Lesley
Derby doesn’t immediately present                      raise at least $1000 for charity. Half                   Beresc, Ray Chapman (The Bicycle
itself as a place that might host a                    the amount raised is to benefit WA                       Entrepreneur, Willeton), Cliff Slodecki
burgeoning annual mountain bike                        Police Legacy whilst the other half                      and Ken Manly (both financial planning
event. Located in the remote                           may be donated to any registered                         officers with Police and Nurses Credit
Kimberley Region of Western Australia,                 charity of the team’s choosing.                          Society} and driver Peter Eley.
2700 kilometres north of Perth, there                  In just two years the participating                      For more information visit
isn’t a mountain bike club in town,                    teams have collectively raised more            
there’s not even a bike shop. In fact                  than $200,000 benefiting 19 very
the closest bike shop is Broome Cycles,                worthy charities around Australia.
a lazy 220 kilometres to the south.
                                                       Sgt Simon Rimmer, the Kimberley
There are however several vital                        District Training Officer, is the principal
ingredients present: a vibrant Kimberley               organiser of the event, aided by a
community with boundless enthusiasm;                   committee of volunteers from Broome
the Gibb River Road just out of town;                  Cycles, Broome SES, Norforce, WIN TV,
and hundreds of heroic cyclists who                    FESA, St John Ambulance and
want to ride along it for charity. The                 Exmouth Police.
Gibb is an iconic stock route linking
the inland pastoral areas portrayed in                 He said that of the 56 teams and four
Baz Luhrmann’s epic “Australia” and                    soloists registered, 12 had police
the deep port facility of Derby.                       representation within the team,
                                                       including the Police Legacy team –
Still used to move cattle, it is also an               Legacy Legends.
outback tourist destination and one of
the “must do” routes for adventurous                   “The vast majority of our participants
four-wheel drive enthusiasts.                          and those in turn supporting WA
                                                       Police Legacy are our community

6     TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council
WA Police Legacy Inc and WA Police Families
Advisory Council Boards
In this first edition of the newsletter we profile the directors who sit on the boards both of
WA Police Legacy Inc. and the Police Families Advisory Council. We also profile Peter
Browne, the Manager of WA Police Legacy and the Secretary of the Police Families
Advisory Council. In forthcoming editions we will profile the other board members.

                                                                                                           WA Police Legacy Inc and
                                                                                                           WA Police Families Advisory
                                                                                                           Council Boards

                                                                                                           WA Police Legacy Inc.

                                                                                                           Hon. Rob Johnson, JP MLA,
                                                                                                           Minister for Police
                                                                                                           Karl J O’Callaghan APM,
                                                                                                           Commissioner of Police

Chair:                                         Vice Chair:                                                 Board:
A/Superintendent Bill Leonard                  A/Senior Sergeant Jill Willoughby                           (Chair) Bill Leonard
                                                                                                           (Vice Chair) Jill Willoughby
Bill Leonard is the Chair of both WA           Jill has been a police officer for 31                       (Treasurer) Jenny Sara
Police Legacy and the Police Families          years. She is Vice Chair of both WA
Advisory Council.                              Police Legacy and the WA Police                             Assistant Treasurer: Shane Sadler
                                               Families Advisory council.
As a career police officer, he has more
than 34 years in “the job”, all of             During her career she has been                              Other elected Board members:
them in the WA Police.                         stationed at Central, Victoria Park,                        Bradley Sorrell
                                               Mounted Police, Counter Terrorist                           Geoff Stewart APM
Bill currently runs the WA Police                                                                          Julie Vassillou
                                               Intelligence Unit, Fremantle, Major
Information and Communication                                                                              Vicki Wray-Watts
                                               Projects Unit, National Projects, the
Technology (ICT) Division, which
                                               Commissioner’s Office, Police Media
supports police throughout the State.                                                                      Representatives:
                                               as well as Community Policing at
His previous experience includes                                                                           Police Union: Kim Sadlier
                                               Cannington and Fremantle.
operational and management roles in                                                                        Widows: Jane Bowen-Sutton
the Organised Crime, Commercial                As an Acting Senior Sergeant, Jill now                      Commissioner: Graeme Castlehow
Crime and Internal Investigation arenas.       works at the Police Complaints                              Retired Officers: Vic Smith
                                               Administration Centre in the role of
Married with four adult children (one
                                               Assessment Officer. She has been on                         Police Families Advisory Council
daughter and three sons), Bill
                                               the Board of Directors of WA Police
completed a Masters degree in
                                               Legacy for more than 10 years.                              (Chair) Bill Leonard
Business Administration at Edith
Cowan University in 2006 at the age            “Over the years Legacy has provided                         (Vice Chair) Jill Willoughby
of 51. He is continuing his studies at         vital help to hundreds of widows and                        (Treasurer) Wayne Bryan
Curtin University, where he is                 children to enable them to deal with
undertaking the completion of a                the situation when they lose loved-                         Other elected Board members:
Doctorate in Business Administration.          ones and support is ongoing and                             Vicki Wray-Watts
                                               crucial,” she said.                                         Ian Thomas
“My vision for WA Police Legacy in                                                                         Dominic Wood
the next three years is for us to be           Several years ago Jill also became a                        Trevor Cruickshank
available and approachable to those            board member of the Police Families                         Nicole Hill
who need us,” he said.                         Advisory Council, now holding the                           Hadyn Green
                                               position of Vice-Chairman.                                  Shane Sadler
“We need to maintain benevolence
and relevance to all our beneficiaries.        “It is essential we improve the
We also need to ensure sustainability          awareness and image of these vitally                        Representatives:
and be aligned with the wider “police          important organisations to increase                         Commissioner: Greg Young
family”, so that we can achieve an             the number of officers who                                  Retired Officers: Peter Thomas
integrated approach to resolving               contribute their fortnightly payments
welfare and family issues for police           to enable the assistance to continue                        Police Chaplains, Keith Carmody and
officers and their families.”                  to be provided,” she said.                                  Mike Mateljan

                                 Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council • April 2009 • TRUE BLUE   7
Board Member:                                         Assistant Treasurer:
A/Sergeant Vicki Wray-Watts                           Senior Sergeant Shane Sadler
A/Sergeant Vicki Wray-Watts has been                  A police officer since 1980, Shane is a
a police officer for a total of 19 years,             Senior Sergeant and his present role                        Deepest sympathy to the families and
joining up in 1973 for seven years                    is that of Prosecutions Manager at                          other loved ones of the officers and
and rejoining again in 1997.                          Prosecuting Division, Perth.                                Police “family” who have passed
                                                                                                                  away since January 1, 2009.
She has been stationed at Perth,                      While the majority of his career has
Northam, Perth Detectives, Bayswater,                 been spent at police stations, both                         WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.
Morley, Firearm Inquiry Unit, Police                  country and metropolitan, Shane has
                                                                                                                  Serving Officers
Operations Centre and is now a                        also worked in the Royal Commission
                                                                                                                  Lindsay Harding               (5960)
trainer with IT Project Delivery,                     Investigation Team and the Risk
                                                                                                                  Mark Greville                 (6324)
travelling all over the State teaching                Assessment Unit.
                                                                                                                  Peter Eugene Sofulak          (6359)
on site at police stations.
                                                      Married, with two grown children,                           Lee Gilmore                   (9458)
The mother of two adult daughters,                    aged 21 and 18, Shane is a member                           Matthew Kernohan             (13672)
Vicki is a keen swimmer, body surfer                  of both the WA Police Legacy and the
                                                                                                                  Retired Officers
and paddle skier. She is also a surf                  Police Families Advisory Council
                                                                                                                  Ross King                     (2099)
lifesaver with Trigg Island, where she                boards. Shane said he became involved
                                                                                                                  Anthony Westerside            (2149)
is a member of the current WA State                   in both organisations because he has
                                                                                                                  Stanley Herbert Regal         (2403)
Beach March Past team. She also                       a genuine interest in the welfare of
                                                                                                                  Patrick (Lorne) Fitzgerald    (2811)
enjoys riding her bike to work and                    police officers and their families.
                                                                                                                  Ronald James Smith            (3087)
walking her dog.
                                                      As the Assistant Treasurer for WA                           Ronald Thomas Seiler          (3987)
“I am technically a Police Legacy                     Police Legacy his role involves                             Shaun Keeble                  (9678)
baby,” said Vicki. “My late father                    ensuring that all accounts for
                                                                                                                  Police Widows
Superintendent Les Watts was a keen                   payment, monies received etc are
                                                                                                                  Jean Petersen, wife of the late
supporter of Police Legacy and all                    dealt with in the prescribed manner to
                                                                                                                  Charles Petersen (2001)
things family. My mother Elsie still                  satisfy regulatory requirements.
attends the WA Police Widows Guild
                                                      “Away from work, my main interest is
meetings and until recently was an
                                                      sport. I still play veterans basketball
active participant in Legacy activities,
                                                      but also enjoy jogging, swimming or
in particular helping out at camps.”
                                                      anything else active. I also enjoy                            Dates to remember
Vicki has been on the Board of the                    watching football during the winter                                         May
PFAC for the past eight years and                     season.                                                         Police Widows Kalgoorlie Tour
Police Legacy Board since 2006.                                                                                                 May 12–5
                                                      “One of my recent Legacy activities
“I enjoy my roles especially when                     was taking some of our younger                                 Gibb River Road Mountain Bike
there is participation with the Police                Legatees to a Wildcats game—not                                          Challenge
                                                                                                                           May 18–22, 2009
Widows and their functions, the                       sure who enjoyed the game more—
children with their functions and                     me or them!”                                                    WA Police Legacy Tennis Cup,
                                                                                                                        Northbridge, Date TBC
knowing I am helping to make a
difference in supporting them. I                                                                                      Police Legacy and ADF Ten Pin
                                                                                                                     Bowling, Cannington, Date TBC
believe I gain as much as they do,”
she said.                                                                                                            Police Legacy Golf Day, Clarkson
                                                                                                                                Date TBC
                                                                                                                     Joint WA Police Legacy and ADF
                                                                                                                     Winter Camp, Albany, Date TBC
                                                                                                                    Further details from Peter Browne at
                                                                                                                        the WA Police Legacy Office.
                                                                                                                    If you have a picture or a story you
                                                                                                                  think would interest our readers, please
                                                                                                                  send it to us. Remember, pictures must
                                                                                                                      be 300dpi at postcard size to be
                                                                                                                            suitable for printing

8     TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council
                              Peter Browne, Manager
                              WA Police Legacy and Secretary of the WA Police Families Advisory Council

Police Legacy Manager was a Legacy child himself
Churchill Fellow and former long-
serving police officer, Peter Browne,
became the Manager of WA Police
Legacy in 2002.
With 33 years in the WA Police, Peter
has a wealth of experience in welfare,
youth crime, substance abuse issues
and community health. He also knows,
from first-hand experience, the tragedy
of losing a father at a very young age.
When he took on the responsibility of
managing Police Legacy, the role at
that time was a part of the function of
his role as Welfare Officer at the WA
Police Union.
Peter was involved in the WA response
to the National Police Memorial in
Canberra and the State Memorial at the
Police Academy. He was also keenly
involved in the ‘Wellbeing of the
Profession’ research project with Edith
Cowan University and the WA Police
and the Post Separation Medical Benefit
                                                “On Track” programs. Both programs                      “My role is to provide a response to
                                                have been awarded National Violence                     families in need and bring with me a
At the conclusion of the projects in            Prevention Awards.                                      toolbox of resources that includes legal
2007, WA Police Legacy moved offices                                                                    and financial professionals, a network of
                                                As a Churchill Fellow in 2000 he was
from the Police Union to the WA Police                                                                  support services and, where appropriate,
                                                afforded the special experience of
Personnel Services area at 573 Hay                                                                      provide services as a Peer Support
                                                travelling and working with police
Street, Perth, where it could be close to                                                               Officer with direct access to Health and
                                                officers in the United States of America,
Health and Welfare and Fit for Life.                                                                    Welfare,the Police Chaplaincy Service,
                                                England and Canada.
                                                                                                        PFAC benevolent assistance and WA
During his career as a police officer,                                                                  Police Legacy,” said Peter.
                                                “As a young boy I unfortunately lost my
Peter was the inaugural Welfare Officer
                                                father in a traffic crash but as a
at Health and Welfare for the WA Police
                                                consequence received the benefits of
in 1989 and also served in all regions of
                                                Legacy Australia, the military
the State as a uniformed general police
                                                counterpart of Police Legacy,” said                     “My role is to
officer, as well as a time at Coronial
                                                Peter. “Consequently I have first-hand
During one such stint in the country
                                                experience of the needs of families in
                                                circumstances affected by tragedy and
                                                                                                        provide a response
Peter was the Chair of the Harvey               the benefits that an organisation such
District Hospital Board, Deputy Chair           as Legacy can provide to children.                      to families in
of the Harvey/Yarloop District Health
                                                Married with four adult children, and
Service and member of the Country
Hospital Boards Council of WA.
                                                eight grandchildren, Peter’s late father-
                                                in-law, Frank Cassidy (1805) was also a
                                                                                                        need ...”
Whilst serving in the City of Perth as          police officer, and his mother-in-law is
Officer-in-Charge of the Perth City             a police widow.
Watch he oversaw the design and
                                                Photo: Peter Browne (seated, wearing white hat) pictured at El Questro during the 2008 Gibb River Road
implementation of the Noongar Patrol            Mountain Bike Challenge. On his left is former Assistant Commissioner Graeme Lienert and standing (right)
Scheme (Karnya) and Mission Australia           is Police & Nurses Credit Society volunteer timekeeper, Ken Manley. Also pictured are ambulance officers.

                                  Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council • April 2009 • TRUE BLUE         9
                                                       Fun Cat day on the Swan
                                                       by Vicki Wray-Watts

     “... the mums seized                              Sunday, February 22 graced us with
                                                       exceptionally beautiful weather for the
                                                                                                               Nestled in the shade of paper bark trees
                                                                                                               giving dappled filtered shade, the
                                                       36 Police Legacy people (including 21                   mums seized the opportunity to catch
       the opportunity to                              children) who attended the Fun Cat                      up with old friends, whilst the children
                                                       Sailing day on the foreshore of South                   all enjoyed sailing on the river, even in
                                                       Perth.                                                  moments of dead calm.
       catch up with old                               Some 60 people from Police Legacy                       No sunburn or injuries were recorded,
                                                       and Army Legacy were present for this                   despite dead jelly fish throwing, swims
                             friends.”                 lovely picnic outing.                                   in the river, ball games, riding on skate
                                                                                                               boards and scooters, plus a large water
                                                                                                               pistol being used, in addition to the
                                                                                                               Our thanks to the dedicated Army chefs
                                                                                                               who turned on a superb BBQ with
                                                                                                               heaps of good food, drinks and ice
                                                                                                               creams to round off the feast.

                                                                                                               Above and left: Police Legacy mums and children had a
                                                                                                               fun cat day on the Swan River. (Photos: Vicki Wray-Watts)

10     TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council
Bathroom makeover a boon for seriously
injured officer
Making a difference to the lives of                                                                      it, as well as detachable shower head
police officers and their families in times                                                              and PFAC paid the rest of the
of need is what the WA Police Families                                                                   renovation cost of the bathroom;
Advisory Council is all about.                                                                           around two thirds of the total cost, so
                                                                                                         that was amazing. It's made such a
So being able to make a small difference
                                                                                                         difference to him,” she said.
to the lives of Constable Matt Butcher
and his wife Katrina over the last year                                                                  Matt remains determined to recover as
had been particularly pleasing for PFAC,                                                                 much capacity as possible.
said Manager/Secretary Peter Browne.
                                                                                                         “I think I am making daily progress in
In February 2008 Matt was bashed                                                                         my walking. I am getting stronger and
whilst on duty, trying to break up a              Matt and Katrina Butcher                               quicker, but I still have a long way to
fight outside a tavern in Joondalup. He                                                                  go,” he said.
ended up in an induced coma for 10               Katrina said when Matt was first injured,
                                                                                                         Katrina is now back at work and Matt
days as a result of the serious injuries he      she had to take 6-8 weeks off work to
                                                                                                         travels by taxi each week day to his
sustained, which left him with brain             be near her husband in the hospital.
                                                                                                         physio sessions, courtesy of the WA
damage and in a wheelchair for eight
                                                 “PFAC were really supportive of me.                     Police.
months. Two of his fellow officers were
                                                 They paid for me to stay close by the
also injured in the same incident.                                                                       Matt is determined to spread the word
                                                 hospital in a little motel just around the
                                                                                                         about PFAC and its benefits.
As a result of physio sessions five days a       corner. I didn't want to go home and
week, he is gradually making progress,           needed to be near Matt and come and                     “I believe the majority of officers are
but still has a long road to travel,             go as much as possible, so that was                     not aware of PFAC's existence. I would
according to his wife Katrina.                   fantastic.                                              strongly urge all members to contribute
                                                                                                         the $2 a pay, which is less than a beer a
“He’s walking around the house now               “People like Peter Browne and the WA
                                                                                                         fortnight. Then they can have the
but still requires a wheelchair for long         Police were always there. It was nice to
                                                                                                         assurance that if something unfortunate
distance and shopping centres and so             have so many supportive faces around.
                                                                                                         does happen PFAC will always be
on. His quality of walking is improving,         We were really lucky.”
                                                                                                         around to help you and your family,”
but it's still not the best,” she said.
                                                 Katrina said the other major way in                     he said.
“His left arm, there's no movement               which PFAC had helped was the
                                                                                                         Footnote: Following a six week trial in
there. Doctors have told us there’s              renovation to their bathroom.
                                                                                                         the District Court, a man and his two
chance it won't come back, but we're
                                                 “WA Police paid for the shower hob to                   sons were found not guilty of all assault
staying positive.”
                                                 be removed, as Matt couldn't step over                  charges related to the incident in which
                                                                                                         Matt was injured.

From page three...

15 years since parcel bomb death of Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen

As a member of the Widows Guild and              Talking to some five-year-olds,                         citizens, otherwise we would end up
Police Legacy Board member she is very           poignantly he told them: “I was just                    like the person who murdered Geoff.”
keen to ensure that as many police               about your age when my dad was
                                                                                                         Most people would agree that Jane has
officers as possible contribute to Legacy.       murdered.”
                                                                                                         more than succeeded in her quest.
“Just remember Police Legacy is always           Jane said she is positive Geoff would
there to help your family, should you be         have been extremely proud of both
killed on duty or pass away through              his boys.
natural causes. It might be you or it                                                                    “Just remember
                                                 “I have always made a point with the
might be your best mate. I think it’s
                                                 boys of saying: “Don’t let it be an
really important to be a part of Police
Legacy and the Union.”
                                                 excuse to ruin your life. Their father’s                Police Legacy is
                                                 death affected them very deeply and it
As one might expect, Constable Simon             will always affect them, but it’s not
Bowen, 20, is already a regular                  going to define them.                                   always there to help
contributor to Police Legacy. Recently,
                                                 “It’s been a challenge bringing up the
while attending a memorial service for
the five officers from Newman who
                                                 boys, not having anyone charged and                     your family ...”
                                                 brought to trial. You have to bring
were killed in a police plane crash, he
                                                 them up to be good people, good
addressed school groups.

                                   Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council • April 2009 • TRUE BLUE   11
Police Legacy kids lap up camp life
                                                       “Why are you in Legacy?” was the                        “I am the supervisor for the wards
        “It really brought                             simple, yet profound question from a                    under 12 years of age. I find I can
                                                       six-year-old WA Police Legacy ward                      relate very well to the kids and they
         home to me that                               that long time Legacy volunteer John
                                                       Wither found himself answering at
                                                                                                               seem comfortable talking to me.
                                                                                                               However I was amazed at the
                                                       the annual Legacy camp for kids in                      conversation with this little girl,
      I get far more back                              Busselton in January.                                   whose police officer father had died
                                                                                                               in a tragic accident.
                                                       Police Legacy and Legacy combine
     from being involved                               for activities throughout the year, and
                                                       with wards from five to 17 years of
                                                                                                               “She listened intently to what I said,
                                                                                                               she asked lots of questions, seeming
                                                       age there are lots of varying needs.                    to be taking everything in, and had a
              in these camps                           “I was taken back a bit. It was an
                                                                                                               very confident discussion with me
                                                                                                               about her dad.
                                                       amazing conversation,” said John, a
               than I put in.”                         still physically fit, former WA and                     “It really brought home to me that I
                                                       NSW police officer and mine                             get far more back from being
                                                       manager, who also served in Vietnam                     involved in these camps than I put in.
                                                       whilst completing National Service.                     I think that goes for everyone
                                                                                                               involved in running the camps,
           Peter Browne is now calling                 “We were walking along the beach
                                                                                                               making sure the kids have a great
               for anyone interested in                early one morning after P.T, the
                                                                                                               time as well as helping their personal
            volunteering to help at the                young girl was on my shoulders, and
                                                                                                               development, and providing an ear if
         next camp in Albany in July to                although you often have very
                                                                                                               they want to talk.
              contact him at the Police                emotional discussions with the kids,
                         Legacy Office.                this was something special.                             “In lots of cases the camps are the
                                                                                                               first time they are away from the
                                                                                                               home environment since they lost

12     TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council
Above: Some of the WA Police Legacy kids in front of “Simmo’s” ice cream factory at Dunsborough. Also pictured in back row: (left) Sgt Ian Clarke, Officer-in-Charge,
Dunsborough Police; fourth from left, camp volunteer Megan Browne next to Garth “Simmo” Simpson (in apron), WA Police Legacy Manager Peter Browne, Senior
Constable Dave White and Ist Class Constable Cameron Hubbard, also of Dunsborough Police. Opposite: Police Airwing Tactical Flight Officers, Senior Constable Jamie
Kenny (L) and Senior Constable Gavin Miller talk to the kids, while WA Police Legacy Manager Peter Browne looks on.

their mum or dad. We have a very                        skating, swimming, sailing, visits to                   Among the climbers was Police Legacy
important and fulfilling role to                        local caves and beaches, drive-in                       ward Jess Walton, 14, who attended
undertake.                                              movies as well as enjoying a visit from                 the camp with her brothers and sister.
                                                        the Police helicopter and a perennial
“Just to see how confident these children                                                                       Another Police Legacy ward, Jenae
                                                        favourite, a visit to ‘Simmo’s’ ice
become through being involved in                                                                                Claesson, 16, who has been
                                                        cream factory at Dunsborough. The
the camps is a reward in itself,” he                                                                            attending the camps for some time
                                                        local Dunsborough Police visited the
said. “The friendships they make                                                                                with her brother Tim, said: “The
                                                        camp on a number of occasions, and
with other wards, and the supervisors,                                                                          camps are really fun. We just do so
                                                        the Busselton Bush Fire Brigade also
is something that stays with them for                                                                           many things, including visiting
                                                        attended, showing the wards their
ever. They are unique kids.”                                                                                    Campbell Barracks at Swanbourne.
                                                        fire tenders.
                                                                                                                Friends say to me: ‘Wow, how did
This year’s camp saw 24 Police
                                                        A highlight, of the camp was a visit to                 you get in there?’” she said.
Legacy children join a total
                                                        the Special Air Service Regiment’s
complement of 66 children, including                                                                            Police Legacy Manager Peter Browne,
                                                        Campbell Barracks at Swanbourne,
28 Legacy wards from around the                                                                                 who was also involved in the camp,
                                                        where the wards participated in
country and local Legacy wards.                                                                                 said that 22 men and women gave
                                                        confidence building and skill learning
Assisting in the running of the camp                                                                            up their time to undertake roles such
                                                        activities. The wards also participated
were 22 former police, retired and                                                                              as hygiene officers (toilet cleaning
                                                        in abseiling and climbing, under the
serving military officers and wives,                                                                            and rubbish collection), chef, kitchen
                                                        supervision of the SASR instructors,
under the overall supervision of John                                                                           hands, dish washers, paramedic,
                                                        with some of the wards scaling the
Burridge of Legacy.                                                                                             quartermaster and personal supervisors.
                                                        climbing wall, reputed to be the
Over 10 days the children                               tallest open air, free standing climbing                “As well as them we also want to say
participated in physical and mental                     wall in the southern hemisphere.                        a big thank you to the Special Air
activities, including water activities in                                                                       Service Regiment for their ongoing
Zodiacs, learning bush survival skills                                                                          commitment to the Legacy wards,”
in the forests of Pemberton, roller                                                                             he added.

                                          Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council • April 2009 • TRUE BLUE       13
                                                           Police & Nurses helps kids
                                                           to start saving early
                                                                                    Helping kids to            “So when your child wants a new toy,
                                                                                    learn the                  you can then explain to them how
                                                                                    importance of              much that item costs and how long it
                                                                                    saving is a                will take them to save up for it, given
                                                                                    valuable lesson            the amount of allowance they receive.
                                                                                    parents can give
                                                                                                               “As you can see from the example
                                                                                    their children,
                                                                                                               shown, an easy way to calculate this
                                                                                    and a lesson
                                                                                                               is to use an online calculator from the
                                                                                                               Police & Nurses website,
                                                                                    endorsed by
                                                                                    Police & Nurses
                                                                                    Credit Society.            To help your children start saving,
                                                                                                               Police & Nurses is providing two
                                                                                Manager of
                                                                                                               $100 savings accounts as prizes for
                                                           Business Development at Police &
                                                                                                               kids who enter the “Spot the
                                                           Nurses, Warren Littlefair, says:
                                                                                                               difference” competition. See the
                                                           “Children who learn to save at an
                                                                                                               competion coupon below for more
                                                           early age get a great head start in life,
                                                                                                               details on how to enter.
                                                           as it helps them learn the principles
                                                           of managing money wisely.
                                                           “Doing practical things, like setting
                                                           up a bank account and paying your
                                                           child an allowance for the work they
                                                           do around the house are easy ways
                                                           for parents to start this process.

                                                                 Kids, would you like to win a $100 savings account with Police & Nurses Credit

                                                                 Society (PNCS)?
                                                                 PNCS is offering two lucky children the chance to win one of these accounts. For a
                                                                 chance to win, you need to spot the difference between these two photos of a police
                                                                 horse and Mounted Branch officer on patrol.

                      rence                                      The photo on the right is slightly different to the original one on the left. Draw small

             the diffe 00                                        circles around the three parts of the photo on the right that are different, then fill in

        Spot win a $1 t
                                                                 the coupon below and post to:

          and s accoun
          savin Police &
                                                                    “Spot the Difference” Competition, WA Police Legacy Inc.
                                                                    PO Box 87, Victoria Park, WA 6979
            with rses
               Nu                                                   Name                                                                    Age

                                                                    Police Member Number (your family will know)
Terms and Conditions:
                                                                    Address                                                      Postcode
• Entry restricted to children of WA Police Members, and
  who are aged up to 17 years.
• Entries should be received by April 28, 2009.                     Telephone number
• The first two correct entries drawn will win.

                                            Photo: Courtesy Police Public Affairs

14     TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council
                                                                                                                                 GIVE AWAY
                                                                                                                                 We’ve had some very hot days this summer, but
                                                                                                                                 winter’s just around the corner. To keep our police
                                                                                                                                 families warm and cosy, WA Police Legacy has 50 brand
                                                                                                                                 new oil column heaters up for grabs, courtesy of one of
                                                                                                                                 our generous corporate supporters.
   I would like future issues of the newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and                                                     The AIE Brand heater has a thermostat control, multiple
   WA Police Families Advisory Council mailed to the address below. Please tick.*                                                settings, overheat protection and is on castors.
           YES                NO
                                                                                                                                 Terms and Conditions:
   Name                                                                                                                          • Entry restricted to Police Members and their immediate
   Police Member Number (you or your family member)                                                                              • Entries must be received by April 28, 2009. The first 50
                                                                                                                                   names drawn will win a heater.
                                                                                                                                 • Prize winners will collect their heaters in Perth, by
   Postcode                                                                                                                        arrangement with the Manager, WA Police Legacy Inc.
                                                                                                                                 • Please cut out this coupon and mail it in an envelope
   Daytime contact number                                           Email:                                                         marked: “The Great Heater Give Away”, WA Police Legacy,
   *By ticking the ‘Yes’ box you agree that your details will be included on our newsletter mailing database. WA Police Legacy
                                                                                                                                   PO Box 87, Victoria Park 6979
   and the PFAC undertake that your information will not be provided to any third party for any other purpose.

Kids! Do you like gardening?

How would you like the chance to win a Hortex garden pack for you or your family?
Supported by Padstow Grange Distributors of Belmont, we have a total of
10 Hortex Quality Garden Products kits for you to win.
There are six children’s tool sets plus a pair of gloves (retail value $15 each) and
four Hortex Garden Packs (retail value $33), each containing a Hortex power
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Terms and Conditions:
• Entry restricted to children of WA Police Members, and who are aged up                                                                   d your or
  to 10 years.
• Entries should be received by April 28, 2009.
• The 10 drawings judged to be the best by WA Police Legacy Inc will
  each win a prize.
• The winning drawings may be published in a future edition of this
Fill in and cut out this coupon and send it together with
your drawing to:
Hortex Gardening Competition,
WA Police Legacy Inc,
PO Box 87, Victoria Park, WA 6979

   Hortex Gardening Competition, WA Police Legacy Inc.
   PO Box 87, Victoria Park, WA 6979

   Name                                                                                                             Age

   Police Member Number (your family will know)

   Address                                                                                          Postcode

   Telephone number

                                                         Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council • April 2009 • TRUE BLUE            15
Police widows bound for Kalgoorlie and Broome
                                                         The ever busy co-founder and Vice                       The Widows Guild operates under its
                                                         President of the WA Police Widows                       own constitution and is funded by
                                                         Guild, Nonie Browner, is in the midst                   the widows themselves through
                                                         of planning two more holiday trips                      subscription fees. It provides widows
                                                         for police widows, this time to                         with invaluable social networking
                                                         Kalgoorlie and Broome.                                  opportunities through regular meetings,
                                                                                                                 lunches, outings and holidays.
                                                         The four-day trip by rail to Kalgoorlie
                                                         will run from Tuesday, May 12 until                     Nonie’s late husband, Sgt Ray Browner,
                                                         Friday, May 15 and will include a                       died of a massive heart attack, on
                                                         scenic tour of the city, a visit to the                 May 12, 1971, leaving her with three
                                                         KCGM Super Pit and the Royal Flying                     children aged seven, 13 and 14. Later
                                                         Doctors. Widows will also visit the                     that year, she initiated the Widows
                                                         famed “Bush Two Up” school and                          Guild, together with Grace Hewitt
                                                         Ora Banda.                                              from the Police Union. In 1976 Nonie
                                                                                                                 went on to help establish “A Legacy
                                                         As the Widows’ Liaison Officer and
                                                                                                                 of Our Own”, the organisation that is
                                    Nonie Browner,       Travel Coordinator for WA Police
                            Widows Guild co-founder
                                                                                                                 now known as the Police Families
                                                         Legacy, Nonie is also planning a five-
                                                                                                                 Advisory Council.
                                                         day trip to Broome in August. Both
                                                         trips are being arranged in                             The current President of the Widows
     “It provides widows                                 conjunction with Harvey World
                                                         Travel, with whom Nonie has had a
                                                                                                                 Guild is Helen Williams, Doreen White
                                                                                                                 is Treasurer and Jane Bowen-Sutton
                                                         long association as a tour leader.                      represents the Guild on the Police
                 with invaluable                         “These trips are always enjoyable and
                                                                                                                 Legacy Board.
                                                         we always try and organise two or                       For more information on the Guild,
           social networking                             three a year,” said Nonie. “Last year a
                                                         number of us went to Canberra for
                                                                                                                 including the planned trips or how
                                                                                                                 to join, Nonie Browner can be
                                                         the National Police Remembrance                         contacted on 9341 3905,
            opportunities ...”                           Day Service, which was very moving.”                    mobile: 0410 826 818 or email:

     WA Police Legacy Inc. and
     WA Police Families Advisory Council                      Broome Police Legacy Ball
     Contact details:

     Manager/Secretary:                                       Get your dancing shoes on! Broome                     Organising Committee member,
     Peter Browne                                             Police are hosting the inaugural                      Det. Sen. Constable Jane Gillham
                                                              Broome Police Legacy Ball at the                      said: “We would like to hear from
     Street Address:                                          Cable Beach Club Amphitheatre on                      anyone involved in an organisation
     Level 4, 573 Hay Street, Perth 6000                      Saturday October 31, 2009.                            in the Broome area that could
     Postal Address:                                                                                                benefit from such a fund raiser,
     P.O. Box 87, Victoria Park 6979                          The ball is a formal event to raise
                                                                                                                          whether, you are raising funds
                                                              money for Police Legacy, as
     Phone: (08) 9268 7730                                                                                                    for much needed
                                                              well as a local cause yet
     Fax: (08) 9268 7744                                                                                                         infrastructure or
                                                              to be determined,
     Mobile: 0409 290 169                                                                                                          equipment, or the
                                                              with funds raised to
     Email:                                                                                            money is needed for
                                                              be divided 50-50.
                                                                                                                                      the day-to-day
     True Blue Managing Editor:                               It will include live
                                                                                                                                       running of the
     Peter Browne (Contact details as above)                  entertainment
                                                              from Perth, a
     Editorial Consultant:
                                                              silent auction and                                                        All submissions
     Linda Byrne
                                                              special guests.                                                           should be
                                                              Cocktail food and                                                        submitted in writing
     Phone/Fax: (08) 9336 2081
                                                              drinks are inclusive                                                    and addressed to:
     Mobile: 0403 835 733
                                                              in the ticket price.                                                  The Organising
     Graphic design, art and production                       There will only be 350                                              Committee, Broome
     management:                                              tickets sold.                                                    Police Legacy Ball,
     Design Design Graphic Management                                                                                     PO Box 82, Broome 6725.
                                                              The organising committee is looking
     West Perth                                                                                                     For further details or email addresses
                                                              for corporate sponsors to provide
     Phone: (08) 9481 6085                                                                                          to send submissions please contact
                                                              items for auction and a door prize,
                                                                                                                    Senior Constable Rob Cox, Constable
     We’re on the web!                                        but most importantly they are
                                                                                                                    Cara Jellie or Det. Sen Constable                                looking for a local non-profit
                                                                                                                    Jane Gillham at the Broome Police
                                                              organisation or charity to benefit.
     Registered as a newsletter with Australian Post                                                                Station on (08) 9194 0200.

16       TRUE BLUE • April 2009 • Official Newsletter of WA Police Legacy Inc. and the WA Police Families Advisory Council

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