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									                                  The FOUNTAIN
                                    KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
                                  PONCE DELEON COUNCIL 8074
January—February 2010                WWW.KOFC8074.ORG                            Ronald J. Muschong, Editor

                         PATRIOTISM                          UNITY


                        G r a n d k n i g h t ’ s m e s s ag e
            Brother Knights:       ately following Mass we en-     past please consider joining
            I pray Your Christ-    joyed a breakfast in the church your brother Knights, it’s a lot
            mas and New Year       hall catered by our own Bob     of work but the camaraderie
            wishes all come to     Evans….Great food and great     makes it a fun project, and of
            pass.                  job.                            course all profits go to the
          Our Council had a        January will be another busy many charities and seminari-
          very busy Novem-         month for Council 8074. On ans we support throughout the
ber. We had our Annual Me-         the 13th we will have our regu- year.
morial Mass on The 9th at          lar meeting at 7PM sharp in               Domine, Dirige Nos
7:00pm. On November 15 we          the church hall. January 17 we      Ray Lozano, Grand Knight
held our second Pancake            will have our third pancake
Breakfast. This was a great        breakfast of the year.
success!! We had a net profit On January 20 a 1st Degree
of $1,700.00. Great job guys.  will be held at the Parish Hall
We also had a successful 1st at 7:00pm.
Degree on the 18th followed by We will have our first ever
a 2nd Degree on the same multi-Council Fundraiser. This
night.                         will Include all five Councils in
By the time you read this arti-    District 42. Wish us luck on               Inside this issue:
cle most of these brothers will    this one!!                          Chaplain Report                   2
have reached full Knighthood       As we prepare for the Holy          Sick & Homebound                  2
completing their 3rd Degrees       Season of Lent we will once
                                                                       Address Updates                   2
which were held on December        again be serving five fish frys
5 at St. Charles Borromeo.         every Friday during Lent start-     Boosters                          3
                                                                       Our Wonderful Sponsors            4
Our Council 8074 had 15 new        ing with our first on February      Tid Bits                          4
Knights added to our member-       26 and concluding on March
                                                                       Birthdays and Anniversaries     5—6
ship roster.                       26 the last Friday before Palm      Editors Comments                  6
On December 13 we had our          Sunday. Needless to say we
second Corporate Communion         will be needing a lot of help. If   Calendar of events                7

Mass of the year. 87 members       you have not participated in
were in attendance. Immedi-        these types of activities in the    2009-10 Officers                  8
                                                                       Women’s Auxiliary Officers        8
The Fountain                                                                                                    Page 2

         Chaplains Report                                   •   Decker, Leonard (Nancy)
                  By Father Leo Riley                       530 Mataresn Dr.           PG 33950         941-375-3512
                                                            •   Elliott, Richard
Dear Brother Knights,                                       820 Kings Court #D         PG 33950 727-612-2481

.Blessings for the New Year and a spirit of joy for         •   Erickson, Carl (Dorothy)
being able to proclaim the presence of Imman-               1493 Rio De Janiero        PG 33983         248-672-9184
uel—God with us, born of humble means to re-                •   George, John (Tresa)
deem His people. Jesus the Christ. May we keep              22041 Beverly Ave          PC FL 33952      941-763-2950
the spirit of anticipation in our prayer lives and
                                                            •   Luke, William
in our family activities.
                                                            24300 Airport Rd. #97      PG 33950         941-637-1838
May the hope we experience as God’s people
                                                            •   Stiscak Jr., Ron (S)
and as Knights of Columbus bring the good
news to our community.                                      21519 Mallory Ave.         PC FL 33952      941-740-2242
                                                            •   Stoddard, Jim
                                                            24131 Pyramid Way          PG FL 33955      908-963-4507
                                          Fr. Leo Riley

                                                                        Address/phone corrections
    Keep the sick & homebound in your Prayers.              Anderson, Richard          23013 Westchester Blvd 305
      Pray for our troops always in harms way                                          Punta Gorda, FL 33980

Once yearly the names of sick & homebound                   Bonacuse, Tom (Peggy)             (c) 330-685-6222
listed in the Fountain are revisited. If you or you         Daugherty, Ronald          4130 Grobe St.
know of someone who is in need of prayer please                                        Northport, FL 34287
contact me either by phone 941-637-7991 or                  Garvey, Jeanette           31319 Hickory Ct.
                               Ron Muschong, Editor
                                                                        Remove From Phone Book
                                                            Borsa, Adeline (Widow)            Died
                     In Memoriam
                                                            Cooper, Charles                   Transferred Out
         Adeline V. Borsa (Widow of Joe)
                                                            Hnatyk, Christopher               Transferred Out
                   Joseph R. O’Neil
                                                            Nigro, Dorothy                    Address Unknown
                 Joseph E. Sharkey                          O’Neil, Joseph                    Died
     May their souls and the souls of all the               Potter, Maxine                    Address Unknown
          faithful departed rest in peace                   Sharkey, Joseph                   Died
                                                            (Add Helen to widows page)
           2009-10 Phone Book Additions
                 (January—February)                         The corrections are highlighted in BOLD TYPE This
                  Add to phone book                         may only need the correction of one number or letter.
                                                            Please call me with any changes.
•    Andreas, Eric (S)
                                                                         Please make these changes
5218 Cooper Terrace      PC, FL 33981   941-697-9511
                                                                      Keep your phone book up-to-date
•    Andreas, John (Dora)       Same address as above
                                                                       Tim Fitzpatrick 941-637-4988
•    Corbett, Thomas (Joyce)
12865 SW Hwy 17#198             Arcadia, FL 34269
January—February 2010                                                                                             Page 3

                                O u r va lu e d b o o s t e r s
                                    Would you like to be a Booster?
 For only $10.00 a year you can support the Knights of Columbus and have a listing.
Please remit your check payable to the KofC and mail to the Editor Ronald Muschong
                    2821 W. Marion Ave. Punta Gorda, FL 33950.
Ponce DeLeon Ladies Auxiliary          Tom & Candi Ferrara                       Ronald & Agnes O’Connell
Charles & Dora Adamcin                 Larry & Lois Flora                        Richard & Millie Ondick
Jerry & Sharon Allen                   Jacqueline Fobare                         Victor & Tina Poitras
Richard & Majel Anderson               Don & Rita Fournier                       Jerry & Patti Presseller
Rene & Ivette Barrios                  Dave & Marie Geggis                       Galen & Sharon Price
Jose & Miriam Basilio                  Bob Geisler                               Edward Reidy
Maureen Beebe                          Sister Elizabeth Gorvin                   Robert & Bernice Richardson
Bob & Betty Bender                     Joe & Terry Gressert                      Allyn & Margie Rotthoff
Frank & Caryl Bichlmeier               Shirley Grogan                            Dorothy Salmon
Edna Blanco                            Richard & Laura Hasenzahl                 George & Kathleen Schgier
John & Janice Bockin                   Garry & Sharon Hines                      Adam Seacrist
Immaculata Bramlage                    Sally Hoedl                               Mary Jane Seacrist
James & Lorraine Brett                 Lorraine Hudak                            Robert & Marie Sellitto
Gregory & Julie Buel                   Jim & Genevieve Kelly                     Ellen M. Simoni
Frank & Anne Carr                      John & Derith Lane                        Donald & Lorraine Stanek
Michael & Rosemarie Comanda            Tom & Pat Lengauer                        Ignazio & Carmela Treppiedi
Benedict A. Czyl                       Brendan & Mandy Lundy                     Walter & Charmagne Tworkowski
Don & Ann DeBault                      Ed & Grace Lundy                          Tim & Pat Tyler
Jim DeBault & Joyce Kramer             Joe Marfia                                Socorro Urrutia
Gonzalo & Beverly DeLeon               John & Joan McCarroll                     Eugene & Kenice
Lillian Devine                         George & Barbara Medick                   Van Den Eng
Daisy Dion                             William & Dolores Morrow                  Charles & Emma Vitek
George & Shirley Eichman               Bonnie J. Murphy                          Julian & Marjorie Wakefield
George & Betty Eastham                 Ron & Sally Muschong                      Joseph & Norma Walker Jr.
Joe & Margaret Egan                    Scott, Laurie & Evan Muschong             Richard & Debbie Walker
James & Dorothy Emerick                Fr. George Myszel                         Jim & Mary Walsh
Garry & Lorraine Feord                 Karen Neal                                Peter & Amanda Wood

                                                 Booster renewals:
Michael & Rosemarie Comanda             Daisy Dion        George & Shirley Eichman          Joe & Margaret Egan
Garry & Lorraine Feord                  Tom & Candi Ferrara        Brendan & Mandy Lundy              Ed & Grace Lundy
John & Joan McCarroll                   Jerry & Patti Presseller   Dorothy Salmon                     Adam Seacrist
Mary Jane Seacrist
                                             New Booster supporter
Charles & Dora Adamcin          Rene & Ivette Barrios     Gregory & Julie Buel              Larry & Lois Flora
Lorraine Hudak                  John & Derith Lane
The Fountain                                                                                                                                    Page 4

                                                       Please support our sponsors

                      ELVIN M. MENDEZ, M.D.
                                                                                                  St. Rita’s Books and Gifts
                                                                                                   A Catholic Media Center
                       Allergy, Asthma and
      Allergic Diseases of The Skin
                                                                                        3315-D Harbor Blvd                       Ellen Simoni, Owner
                                                                                        Port Charlotte, FL 33952-804                    941-764-7482
                                                                                                Thank you for your support—Stop by and say hi

                 Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment

                            For Adults and Children:

   Allergies · Asthma · Eczema · Chronic Cough · Contact Dermatitis · Food Aller-
  gies · Insect Sting Allergies (Fire Ants & Bees) · Medication Allergies · Rosacea ·
    Acne · Allergic Skin Rashes · Sinus Disease · Hives (Urticaria) · Angioedema ·

                       (941) 255-3722
                           Harbor Professional Centre

         3410 Tamiami Trail · Suite #1 · Port Charlotte, FL 33952

                             New Patients Welcome!

                                                                                                      This space available
                                                                                                          Ron Muschong

An older couple is lying in bed one morning.
They had just awakened from a good night's sleep. He takes her hand and she responds "Don't touch me."
"Why not?" he asked. She answered, "Because I'm dead.
The husband asked..."What are you talking about? We're both lying here in bed together and talking to
one another!"
She said, "No, I'm definitely dead."
He insisted, "You are not dead. What in the world makes you think you're dead?"
"Because I woke up this morning and nothing hurts."

Remember...Once you get over the hill, you'll begin to pick up speed
January—February 2010                                                                                   Page 5

                                  January Birthdays/Anniversaries
            Member           Ralph Penno                28 Margaret Egan                                   20
Frank Bichlmeier        1    Bob Eshenbaugh              30    Nancy Roberts                               20
Ron Stiscak             4    Pat Mannix                  30    Mary Clarity                                23
Joseph Csaji            10   Vincent Garvis              31    Pamela Mendez                               23
Thomas Davies           11           Spouse/Widow              Dorothy Salmon                              25
Peter Barbaro           12   Yihua LeClerc               1     Debbie Walker                               26
Brendon Lundy           12   Shirley Grogan              4    Ann DeBault                                  29
Ted Silva               13   Otilia DuFault              8     Helena DiSessa                              30
Ed H. McLaughlin        14   Beverly Boden               9     Pat Lengauer                                30
Craig Cotton            16   Dorothy Emerick             13                   Anniversaries
Frank Dalton            18   Judith Dawes                14   Anthony/Jayne Mardo               1/5/1996
Frank Tiberia           18   Shirley Eichman             15    Paul/Joan Lavoie                 1/8/1969

Francis Carr            24   Josephine Saraceno          15    Tom/Candi Ferrara                1/10/1953

Garry Hines             24   Lynette Theisen             15    Carl/Eleanor Winger              1/11/1958
                                                              Jack/Charlotte Boland             1/19/
Rev. Jim Simko          25   Judith Jokerst              16
                                                               Ron/Aggie O’Connell              1/22/1955
Bob Krouze              26   Kathleen Kruth              16
                                                               Garry/Sharon Hines               1/24/1997
Allen Theisen           27   Donna Caruso                19
                                                              John/Ann Duane                    1/28/1950

                                  February Birthdays/Anniversaries
            Member           Don Sandal                  23    Louise Moore                                18
Michael Nichola         1    Joseph Sansoucy             23    Angela Petrosino                            19
Ralph Lehr              4    Terry Frey                  28    Mae Dillon                                  23
Bob Anderson            10   Joe Walker                  28    Catherine Eshenbaugh                        23
Pat Buchanan            10   Carl Winger                 28    Angeline Palazzolo                          23
Bob Pender              11           Spouse/Widow              Lorraine Brett                              25
Eugene VanDenEng 11          Aggie O’Connell             1     Maureen Meyer                               26

Richard Walker          12   Cynthia Cline               2     Mary Fullam                                 28
                             Grace Lundy                 2                      Anniversaries
Steve Smith             14
                             Bonnie Murphy               6     William/Carol Benner              2/1/1969
Rev. Vincent Martin     15
                             Beverly DeLeon              8     Gerald/Sharon Allen               2/4/1961
Bill Benner             19
                             Rose Cullen                 9     Allan/Lynette Theisen             2/6/1960
Joe Maillet             19
                             Jan Nichola                 9     John/Derith Lane                  2/7/1941
Philip Sblendorio       19
                             Audrey Gutzwiller           12    Mike/Beverly Boden                2/14/1975
Truman Willard          20
                             Julia Fuentes               13    Michael/Jan Nichola               2/14/1981
Leon Luberacki          21
                             Elaine Kunert               13    Israel/Donna Calderon             2/18/1987
Don Pike                21
                             Amy Lieb                    13    John/Kathleen Kruth               2/27/1965
Vic Poitras             23
                             Jeanette Garvey             18    John/Bernie Dee                   2/29/1964
The Fountain                                                                                                               Page 6

                                   F RO M YO U R E D I T O R
Happy New Year……..I’m seeking a member who may be interested in assisting me putting this
newsletter together every other month. Anyone interested must have a working knowledge of MS Pub-
lisher and minimal typing skills. Please contact me if interested.
Our Council has been operating under the original set of by-laws incorporated in 1982. Needless to say
many changes have taken place since our incorporation. SK Beardslee and me have been chosen by the
GK to review these by-laws and bring them forward for the membership to review and approve. An edited
copy will be presented to the officers at their February meeting and a vote of the membership will be
taken at the March meeting. The by-laws consists of 5 sheets and is to large to include with this newsletter
however a copy can be received from those members requesting same via email for those with internet
access or I will U.S. mail a hard copy.
We also have a new email address for the newsletter which is this email ad-
dress will allow us to send out the newsletter with no restrictions on the number of recipients that
the previous yahoo account had.
                                                                                 Ronald J. Muschong, Editor

                        This is what the 4th                 Congratulations to our 2nd degree Knights
                        degree color corps Eric Andreas                                         Ron Stiscak Jr.
                        looked like in 1953.
                        Posing in full regalia is            Congratulations to our 3rd degree Knights
                        a member of our
                        Council. Can you James Brett            Tom Corbett     Craig Cotton    Carl Erickson
                        guess who it is?          Mark Fenech Tony Fenech John George Zach Lozano
                        Answer found else- Dean Meyer                   Ronald O’Connell                    Dr. Elias Quintos
                        where in this publica- Jim Stoddard             Ivar Svenson
                                                                     Congratulations to our 4th degree Knights
               Editorial Deadline
                                                     Sir Israel Calderon                                    Sir Victor Poitras
     For March—April 2010 edition:
               February 20, 2010

                           A beautiful display case built by Brothers Walt Gutzwiller and Tim Fitz-
                           patrick that will be used by all the church ministries was presented to the
                           church by the Knights. Pictured on the left is GK Lozano, Elaine Vogel
                           SVDP, Brother Tim Fitzpatrick, Brother Walt Gutzwiller, JoAnne Mahoney
                           Respect Life, Lil Soares president of Ladies Auxiliary and to the right Sir
                           Knight Jerry Kaywell accepting the gift with apparent approval.

Recently heard on a telephone answering machine:                 •    My wife and I had words, But I didn't get to use mine
"I am not available right now, but Thank you for caring          •    Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your
enough to call.                                                       glasses.
I am making some changes in my life.
Please leave a message after the Beep.                           •    God made man before woman so as to give him time
                                                                      to think of an answer for her first question.
If I do not return your call, You are one of the changes."
                                                                 •    I was always taught to respect my elders, but it keeps
                                                                      getting harder to find one.

   Color Corps picture is Pat Cullen a member of the Knights of Columbus since 6/1/51. And he is still active with our Council.
January—February 2010                                                                             Page 7

                                           JANUARY 2010
     Sun              Mon            Tue          Wed               Thu         Fri          Sat
                                                                          1             2

3                4              5             6                7          8             9 District
                                                                                        Sacred Heart

10               11             12           13 Member-        14         15            16
                                             ship Meeting
                                             7 PM

17 Pancake       18             19           20      1st de-   21         22            23 Multi
Breakfast—                                   gree— church                               Council pork
Church Hall                                  hall 7pm                                   roast—SH

24               25             26           27 Social         28         29            30
                                             Night Potluck

                                       FEBRUARY 2010
     Sun              Mon            Tue          Wed               Thu         Fri          Sat
                 1              2            3                 4          5             6

7 Corp.          8              9             10Member-        11         12 Lincoln’s 13
Comm.                                         ship Meeting                Birthday
9am Mass                                      7 PM

14 Valentines
                 15             16           17                18         19            20
Pancake          President’s                 Ash Wednes-
                 Day                         day

21               22             23           24 Social         25         26 1st Fish   27
                                             Night Potluck                Fry

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS                                                                        NONPROFIT ORG
WWW.KOFC8074.ORG                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
2821 W. Marion Avenue                                                                              PAID
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
                                                                                           PUNTA GORDA FL
Ronald Muschong, Editor                                                                        PERMIT NO. 336

God Bless America

Pray for our troops

                                                Mailing Address Line 1
                                                Mailing Address Line 2
                                                Mailing Address Line 3

Ask Another Man to be a Knight

                                  The “FOUNTAIN” is published bi-monthly by
                                       The Ponce DeLeon Council 8074
                                            Knights of Columbus
                                              P. O. Box 510524
                                         Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0524

               2009-10 Officers                                  Ponce De Leon Auxiliary
Chaplain                         Father Leo Riley      President                           Lillies Soares
Grand Knight                         Ray Lozano
                                                       Vice President               Doris Des Groseilliers
Deputy Grand Knight                  Jack Boland
Financial Secretary                  Garry Hines       Secretary                           Agnes Tiberia
Recorder                              Al DiSessa       Treasurer                           Maureen Myer
Treasurer                            Jose Basilio
Chancellor                              Tim Tyler
Advocate                         Brian Beardslee             New members are always welcome!!!!!
Warden                          Ray Winterhalter       Meetings are held at the same time as the
Inside Guard                       Jim Crawford        Knights of Columbus. Contact:
Outside Guard                         Gary Leips                              Lillies Soares
Lecturer                        Walt Tworkowski                               (941) 624-0814
Trustee One Year                 Donald DeBault
Trustee Two Year                                                  Email:
                                        Ted Silva
Trustee Three Year           Ronald J. Muschong

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