Autoclave Maintenance

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					    Autoclave Maintenance
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Daily Maintenance

1. Ensure the drain screen is clean.
2. At the beginning of the load run, check to ensure that there
   are no steam leaks from around the gasket.
3. Fill out the Autoclave checklist.

Weekly Maintenance

Clean any debris from the autoclave trap.
1. Unscrew drain screen from autoclave floor.
2. Clean out all sediment from the screen.
3. Reverse flush water through the screen.
4. Screw the screen back into place.
5. Fill out weekly section on log sheet for maintenance

Monthly Maintenance

1. Flush the drain with 3 litres of a % Trisodium phosphate
   solution (3 grams TSP in 3 litres of H2O).
2. Wait 5 minutes.
3. Flush drain with 1 quart of hot water.
4. Replace drain screen.
5. Check gaskets for cracks for brittleness.
6. Use a Biological Indicator to confirm that the autoclave is
   working properly.
7. Fill out monthly section on log sheet for maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance by manufacturer.
FHSc. Safety Office
   November 2007

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