Tomy Autoclave Safe operating Procedures

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					Tomy Autoclave: Safe Operating Procedures
Doc # SS-SOP #7
Please ensure that you have been trained to use the Tomy Autoclave, that this training is
documented and that you have read the operation instructions fully prior to using the
Tomy Autoclave.


       Heat / Steam / Burns
       Lifting injuries
       Electrical hazard

   1) Use DOUBLE DISTILLED or DISTILLED WATER only. (This is kept in the stock bottle on the
       floor next to the autoclave). Please refill this bottle as required.
   2) Check the level of the water in the exhaust bottle (bottom of the front panel). It MUST BE above
       the “low water level” but lower than the “high water level”. If necessary add more water or
       remove water.
   3) CHECK the level of the water in the main chamber and add if necessary. (It must reach the
       bottom plate).
   4) Ensure that the items to be sterilized have appropriate indicator tape on them, that
   5) Carefully load into the chamber the basket (s) containing the items to be sterilized.
   6) Close the chamber lid by swinging clockwise into position and tighten the lid handle(clockwise)
   7) Ensure that the EXHAUST VALVE (top right hand corner) is CLOSED.
   8) Turn ON the main power switch. (this is located at the rear of the right hand panel)
   9) Set the sterilization mode, temperature and time. Each mode is graphically displayed.
       The recommended setting are:
            Sterilization Mode: 1210C/ 20 mins.
            Sterilization / heating mode: 1210C/ 20 mins, 600 /4hr.
            Heating Mode: 600 /4hr
      These settings may be altered by selecting the appropriate mode (Mode button) and adjusting the
      temperature and time with the “temperature up/down and time up/down” buttons.
      For a combined sterilization / heating mode, alternate between sterilization and heating modes by
      pressing “ster/warm” button to allow the time and temperature to be selected for each mode.
      NOTE: the settings may be put into the memory by pressing “Set” button and will remain in the
      Memory until new values are selected and set.
   10) When the appropriate settings have been selected press the “Start’ button to begin the cycle. The
       light on the graphic display will indicate the stage of the cycle during the run.
   11) The start of the sterilization cycle may be delayed by using the “timer” button to set the delay
       time (in hours)
   12) “Set Temperature” and “Time” may be observed during the cycle by pressing the “Check” button.
   13) At the completion of the cycle the “Complete” light will be activated.
        Every 2 seconds between 970C and 800C
        Every 1 second between 800C and 600C
        Continuously below 600C
   14) When the “Complete” light is continuously activated, ensure the chamber pressure is ZERO by
Prepared by Angela Binns
Assistant Manager of Support Services, School of Medicine, November 2006
        observing the gauge. Prepare to remove your items
       chamber by turning the lid and handle anti- clockwise and swinging the lid to the right
   16)Still wearing the LAB COAT and HEAT PROOF GLOVES, remove the basket(s) using safe
       manual handling techniques.
   17) Swing the cover back over the chamber to prevent the entry of dust. DO NOT tighten the lid
   18) TURN OFF main power switch.
   19) Refer to the full instruction manual for more details.
   20) Refer to Risk Assessment (attached.)

Prepared by Angela Binns
Assistant Manager of Support Services, School of Medicine, November 2006

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