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					                                                                                                                                                              Fall 2007

                                                                                                                                  From Campus to Career

                                                                         Director’s Insight                          Melinda Burke

                                                                   Retailing Careers are born in the
                                                                  Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing
                                                                Where do students go to launch a career in fashion, buying,
                                                               business management or sales? How do they pursue opportunities in
                                                              ecommerce, logistics, visual merchandising or product development?
                                                             Our Retailing and Consumer Sciences students agree that an excellent starting point for careers
                                                           in these fields is the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing.
                                                        As a division, the Retailing and Consumer Sciences faculty is focused on developing the next
                                                       generation of retailing leaders. A challenging set of courses introduces students to the retailing
                                                      industry and develops critical thinking skills and understanding of retail strategy, from production
Global Retailing Conference 2008                     to consumption. This rigorous coursework is combined with experiential learning in order that our
        Speakers Include:
                                                    students have the opportunity to apply all the theory as well as learn the “soft skills” - leadership,
                                                   teamwork and communication - necessary to be successful.
                                                   Through internships, professional conferences and extracurricular activities; our students learn what it
                                                  takes to be successful in a career, and the real world has welcomed them with open arms. In the past year
                                                 we had over 55 students completing internships with major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Macy’s, PetSmart,
                                                Nordstrom, Dillards, JCPenney, Sears and many others. The recent Global Retailing Conference offered our
         Terry J. Lundgren                     students a better understanding of the many issues facing retailers today. Industry leaders such as Terry
   President, Chairman & CEO                  J. Lundgren, Chairman of Macy's; Robert Eckert, Chairman of Mattel; and designer Vera Wang provided
            Macy's, Inc.                     students with a perspective on business and inspirational stories of their own successes. Our students also
                                             developed their leadership and communication skills by participating on the Students In Free Enterprise
                                            (SIFE) Team. As members of SIFE our students develop outreach projects in the areas of global economics,
                                           financial literacy, entrepreneurship, business ethics and personal success skills. Our team was very successful
                                          this year, finishing First Runner-Up at the National SIFE Competition.
                                         These career, networking and leadership experiences, complemented by a comprehensive retailing curriculum,
                                         result in outstanding placement of our graduates. They are in great demand by the 30 corporate partners in the
      Christophe Heurtevent             Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing, as evidenced by our more than 80% + placement rate. If your organization
   Director, Worldwide Retail &         is searching for future retail leaders, I hope you will give me a call.
       Hospitality Marketing
      Microsoft Corporation
                                       New Center               Partners
                                      Please join us in welcoming Henkel, Wells Fargo, Farm Bureau Financial, and Deloitte as our newest partners to
                                      the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing Corporate Advisory Board.
                                      Deloitte is a multi-divisional corporation that conducts business under one of its four segments: Deloitte
                                      Touche Tohmatsu, a Swiss Verein, its member firms, or their respective subsidiaries and affiliates. Deloitte is
         Doug McMillon                globally operational in nearly 140 countries, providing financial services and advising to more than 80 percent
                                      of the world’s largest companies. More importantly, Deloitte is distinguished as the         Continued on page 2
          Sam's Club

 PLAN TO ATTEND                    Brand New Thinking: The Innovation Leaders                                                           April 10-11, 2008

                                    Keynote Speaker                 You Will Learn...                        Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing           Please join us at
                                    Terry J. Lundgren               how increased competitive demand         phone     520.621.1715                           Loews Ventana
                                    President, Chairman & CEO       for innovation will require strategic,   Web site   Canyon Resort
                                    Macy's Inc.                     actionable performances.                 email                   Tucson, Arizona
Corporate Partner
                                        Profile                                                                                       Tim PlunkeTT
                                                                                                                                      Divisional vice PresiDent,
“And remember, life chooses you as much as you choose life.” Each August                                                              recruitment anD Placement
this statement was my send-off to the May Company’s summer interns                                                                    macy’s inc.
as they concluded their ten-week introduction to the department store
business. Having run the talent acquisition initiative at May Company for
20-plus years, I somehow thought I was immune from the “life chooses
you” axiom.
With the announcement of Federated Department Store’s acquisition of The
May Company in early 2005, I shared the same levels of anxiety and concern
                                         as my colleagues. I was fortunate
                                         enough to be asked to stay on
By Tim Plunkett                          and oversee talent acquisition for          the Macy’s nameplate to all 800 doors, the redesign of the college Web site
Divisional Vice President                the combined companies. Since               and the change of our corporate name to Macy’s Inc. Finally this summer
Recruitment and Placement                arriving at Federated’s corporate           we learned that our applicant-tracking vendor (the interface between the
Macy’s Inc.                              office in January 2006, it became           candidate and the application process) was sold.
                                         abundantly clear I had simply
                                                                                     The change phenomenon will continue unabated for Macy’s and the
forgotten how hard it is to change jobs. You have no appreciation or
                                                                                     industry. This only underscores the importance of programs like the Terry
knowledge of institutional history. You’re unaware of the personnel. And
                                                                                     J. Lundgren Center for Retailing. Under the tutelage of Melinda Burke
your ignorance of policies and procedures is alarming. Change became my
                                                                                     and her wonderful staff, students study the fundamental principles of
new best friend - a new home, new co-workers and a new Starbuck’s.
                                                                                     the industry, strategies of successful enterprises and the importance
 At work, my team and I were faced with a weekly dose of change. Last year           of coping with change. They learn to see change not as a problem but
our retail and support divisions hired 70,000 associates off the Internet. In        as opportunity. Our support for the TJLCR both financially and through
the intervening sixteen months we’ve reconfigured the Web site to reflect            our personal involvement helps to ensure that the next generation is
the realignment of stores, the addition of two new divisions, the roll out of        able to deal with what life chooses for them.

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New Center              Partners
“employers of choice for innovative human resources programs,” and are              had become very difficult to be a successful farmer. It is this same attitude
dedicated to helping their people excel in an increasingly competitive              that continues to make Farm Bureau a successful and highly competitive
environment.                                                                        company. Today Farm Bureau maintains its integrity and fair dealings
                                                                                    by offering a variety of benefits and career opportunities to people of
                                                                                    exceptional character. Farm Bureau has successfully adapted to today’s fast
Henkel – A Brand like a Friend – This claim underlines our promise to               paced market, while still making their highest priority the customer.
make people’s lives easier, better and more beautiful with our brands and
                                                                                    Wells Fargo
                                                                                    Wells Fargo Financial takes pride in providing their customers with the
Henkel, headquartered in Düsseldorf / Germany, has about 52,000 employees
                                                                                    financial resources to meet and manage their credit needs and to achieve
worldwide and counts among the most internationally aligned German-
                                                                                    their financial goals with over $67 billion in assets and approximately
based companies in the global marketplace. People in approximately 125
                                                                                    21,000 team members.
countries around the world trust in brands and technologies from Henkel.
                                                                                    Wells Fargo is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, where they began 110
Farm Bureau Financial
                                                                                    years ago. Their scope and opportunities extend far beyond Iowa. They
Farm Bureau Financial Services is a very family driven company that offers          serve consumers, businesses and industries and government entities
a diverse assortment of products and services in insurance and financial            through more than 1,195 stores and affiliated companies in the United
services. Farm Bureau’s initial success was due mainly to the fact that             States, Canada, and Latin America.
they were willing to give farmers a chance to succeed in a time where it

Research Notes
The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing is         seniors involving a substantive project that demonstrates a synthesis
proud to introduce our new Research Fellow, Dr.       of learning accumulated in the major, including broadly comprehensive
Anita Bhappu, who will focus this year on the         knowledge of the discipline and its methodologies. This will also enhance
development of research projects and research-        their professional development as incoming retail and business managers.
centered teaching initiatives with RCSC faculty,      The content of the course will consist of three components: (1) field project
undergraduate and graduate students involving         management experience, using professional and curricular knowledge that
our partners in the Lundgren Center. These            students have gained in retailing and consumer sciences; (2) management
projects will not only benefit faculty productivity   theory and frameworks related to teamwork; and (3) individual professional
and student learning but also facilitate the          development. To gain field project management experience, each student
strategic plans of involved partners and enhance      will be assigned to work in a small group on a consulting project sponsored
their reputation among students. Dr. Bhappu           by a partner of the Lundgren Center. As a project sponsor, the partners will        Anita D. Bhappu, Ph.D.

has already begun one such project with her           define the project objectives in conjunction with the professor to ensure that the consulting work
RCSC undergraduate students in the Consumer           capitalizes on what students already know and is doable within the semester time frame. At the end of
Behavior course where students are developing         the semester, all TJL participants will receive a consulting report from your student group summarizing
and testing concepts for new products and             their analysis and key findings. Students will interact with the sponsoring partner as needed during the
services offered by PetSmart and the new A Store      semester to collect necessary information to successfully complete the project. They will be expected
in Park Place Mall.                                   to use all available resources to complete their projects, including consultations with other faculty.

Another research-centered teaching initiative         If you are facing a current business challenge that could benefit from further study, please contact
in development is the the Senior Capstone             our Research Fellow, Dr. Bhappu, at 520-621-5948 or to discuss whether
course, which Dr. Bhappu will teach during spring     it might be an appropriate consulting project for the Senior Capstone course or possibly be the basis
2008. The objective of this course is to provide      for a sponsored research project.
a culminating Capstone experience for RCSC

UA SIFE                         Partners with the IRC                         By Marcia Klipsch

                        The University of Arizona     first-ever Ethnic Marketplace. The initial event      Mustafa submitted his business plan to the
                        SIFE team executed            grossed almost $1000 in just four hours, netting      International Rescue Committee, and secured a
                        many innovative projects      an $850 profit. Pre- and post-tests showed a          $10,000 micro-loan. In mid-April, Moustafa’s Big
                        this year in their quest      400% increase in market economic knowledge as         Dollar Store opened for business.
                        to satisfy SIFE’s judging     a result of our one-on-one workshops with the
                                                                                                            Led by Amreitha Nellan, UA SIFE secured a $750
                        criteria. Three of these      craftsmen.
                                                                                                            grant from HSBC to develop and execute an
                        projects were a very
                                                      SIFE student, Jason Stogner, worked with              after school program for IRC refugee high school
                        special partnership with
                                                      Sudanese refugee Moustafa Farah, to start a           students. This project was designed to teach the
the International Rescue Committee or IRC,
                                                      business. In the two years that Moustafa has          principles of personal finance, another basic SIFE
an organization that provides safe harbor to
                                                      lived in the United States, he has become very        project requirement. In weekly sessions, students
international refugees who have fled from
                                                      involved in the refugee community. He noticed         came to the U of A on Saturdays to explore career
religious and political persecution. Often arriving
                                                      that his fellow refugees needed a place to buy        goals and learn interviewing, resume writing
with only the clothes on their backs, these
                                                      essential items like phone cards, household           skills, and job application techniques. As part
refugees search for opportunities to develop
                                                      cleaners, and towels at a reasonable price. He        of the Credit-Wise Cats, Amreitha taught these
social and financial stability.
                                                      also noticed the success of the dollar store          refugee students money management principles
All SIFE teams strive to help community               concept both in Tucson and nationwide.                such as budgeting, needs vs. wants, and credit
members create economic opportunity for others                                                              and debt management. In an exciting field trip,
                                                      In an effort to help Moustafa succeed as an
by teaching how free markets work. The idea                                                                 SIFE students and IRC leaders took a group
                                                      entrepreneur, another SIFE project criterion,
is to explain the U.S. economic system so that                                                              of students to a local grocery to learn how to
                                                      Jason showed him how to choose a location
people can successfully compete on a local,                                                                 stretch their shopping dollar. This project will
                                                      close to recent immigrants, find suppliers, and
national, and international level. To meet this                                                             continue this semester.
                                                      figure out how to efficiently staff his store and
goal, a team of SIFE students, led by Jacqueline
                                                      market his products. Our team instructed him          In all, these three projects have led to a positive
Lemieux, taught refugee artists concepts such
                                                      about necessary permits, required tax forms,          and successful relationship between UA SIFE
as inventory development, economy of scale,
                                                      and helped him apply for the proper licenses.         and the International Rescue Committee.
production efficiency, and customer service. Then,
                                                      Then, Jason taught him how to create a pro            Both organizations look forward to continued
they helped refugee craftsmen--jewelry makers,
                                                      forma income statement, which indicated that          partnerships that will benefit the refugees and
weavers, carvers, and tailors--create Tucson’s
                                                      he would turn a profit by his second quarter.         the greater Tucson community.

                                I         N            T          E          R              N           S          H            I         P          S
                          Nicole Scott Smith & Hawken Intern

                        Meetings in the garden, inspiration trips to Napa                  and working with samples at the home office. I was also involved with product
                        Valley, puppies roaming the office, and a birch tree               development by meeting with the buyers and vendors to discuss the products
                        growing in the middle of a recycled Air Force hanger.              that will help support the story for the season and relate back to the company’s
                        Not your typical corporate atmosphere. I was first                 focus of having products be “of the garden.” It’s amazing how fast-paced the retail
                        introduced to Smith & Hawken from the San Francisco                industry is; just in the 10 weeks I was here I saw four seasons worth of products
                        Study Tour. They were one of our last stops and as                 in all different development stages.
                        soon as we walked through the front doors, I knew
                                                                                           Even though this internship was primarily focused on merchandising, I had the
                        the corporate culture was nothing like your typical
                                                                                           freedom to work in other departments as well. My supervisor, Melissa Phillips,
                        corporate environment. After meeting Gordon Erickson,
                                                                                           VP, General Merchandise Manager, was a great mentor, in that she encouraged
CEO of Smith & Hawken, and seeing the passion that he has for this company
                                                                                           me to get the full spectrum of the company. With this support, I had the
and the brand, I immediately knew that this was the place for me. This internship
                                                                                           opportunity to work with the Visual Merchandising team and the Director of
has been the best experience of my life and has really helped me to focus on
                                                                                           Product Development and Trend. With two of the Visual Merchandisers, Angel
where I want my career to go.
                                                                                           Alvarado and Wayne Ross, I went to the Berkeley store and spent the whole day
Smith & Hawken is a company dedicated to offering products with the finest                 working on furniture set-ups and bays to help re-merchandise the store. With the
quality and craftsmanship and nurturing the growth and creativity of their                 Director of Product Development and Trend, Jennifer Sypeck, I helped Rachael
employees. This internship has given me a first-hand experience of the retail              Lukemire, the trend intern, with developing the Fall and Holiday 2008 story lines,
industry and I was able to apply what I learned in school to different projects.           products and key points of view (POVs).
My internship was in merchandising, working with all the buyers and assistant
                                                                                           The people who work for Smith & Hawken are the reason why this brand is so
buyers. I worked closely with the Home Décor team, Nancy Knight and Catherine
                                                                                           strong. This is an amazing company to work for and it was great to experience
Clark. I helped with the Product Information (PI) database by contacting vendors
                                                                                           everything that I did this summer!

                          Rochelle Gardner Wal-Mart Intern

                          This summer I had the opportunity to work at the Wal-            the customer shopping experience in the furniture department while increasing
                          Mart Home Office in beautiful Bentonville, Arkansas.             the market share in furniture for both the Wal-Mart stores and
                          When I accepted the internship I thought to myself,              It was a great feeling to know that all of my hard work on this project is to be
                          “What is a California girl like myself going to do in            implemented in the stores and that interns can make a difference.
                          Northwest Arkansas?” Little did I know that I was about
                                                                                           I learned a lot about myself during these ten weeks. I learned that Wal-Mart
                          to experience the opportunity of a lifetime.
                                                                                           is a company that I would love to work for in my future; they take care of their
                           For ten weeks this summer I worked as a merchandising           employees and have a great set of values by which to live. This is why it doesn’t
                           intern in the Home Furnishings department under the             surprise me that Wal-Mart is the number one company in the world.
                           furniture buyer. During my experience I learned how to
                                                                                           With support from UA SIFE and the Retailing and Consumer Sciences department
run queries, negotiate with suppliers, budget, decrease inventory counts, and the
                                                                                           I was able to make this experience happen this summer. My advice to those
list goes on. I was especially grateful because I had the chance to have a private
                                                                                           of you that will be looking for internships this summer is to work hard, stay
meeting with Eduardo Castro-Wright and Doug McMillon, the President and
                                                                                           involved, stand out, join UA SIFE, and the opportunity will come your way! I
CEOs of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. I was also given the opportunity to go on two
                                                                                           know that I am a better person because of my internship this summer and it has
different day trips in the Wal-Mart corporate jets. It made me never want to fly
                                                                                           significantly helped shape my future.
commercial ever again! At the beginning of the summer I was given a large intern
project called the "Site to Store" test. This project is ultimately meant to improve

                          Leila Bahbah Sears Holding Corporation Intern

                         I spent the summer working for Sears Holding                      facets of the retail business. I had the autonomy to create my internship and
                         Corporation (SHC) at the firm’s headquarters in                   mold it into the exact experience I wanted to have by working each week with
                         Hoffman Estates, Illinois. I was a merchant intern in             a different team in the hardware business. As part of the merchandising team, I
                         the Hardware, Tools, and Paint Department working                 served as a liaison between the buying teams, the field, and operations, which
                         with the merchandising team. I chose to intern with               has allowed me to utilize my communication and analytical skills. Through this
                         SHC because it is the largest full-line retailer in the           internship, I have been able to develop the unique skill sets needed to work in
                         world. It was a particularly exciting experience because          the offices of a large retail corporation. The classroom provides an invaluable
                         the company is in the midst of building a single,                 theoretical basis to prepare us for the real world. The true test, however, comes
                         integrated company from two large retailers -- Sears              in the field. I quickly learned the importance of teamwork, communication, hard
and Kmart. I was intrigued to witness how such a large company would integrate             work, and personal initiative. The harder I worked and demonstrated initiative,
two companies with significantly different cultures, customers, and processes              the more responsibilities I was given. The most important lesson I will take away
into one retail giant.                                                                     from my internship is that my future success will be largely dependent on no
                                                                                           one else but myself.
My internship experience has been unique in that I have been exposed to many

                              T          R          A          N           S            I           T          I         O           N            S

                             Brad Smith Corner’s Picture Framing RCSC Alum By Joanne Broader, Gateway Professor of Practice

                             Brad Smith, a 2006 graduate of the RCSC program, currently works as a manager at Corner’s Picture Framing in Brookline, MA. I
                             recently met with him to find out if his academic preparation was useful, how he liked his job, and to learn more about his goals
                             for the future of his career.
                           After graduating from the UA with a degree in Retailing and Consumer Sciences, Brad took a job in home improvement. His
                           outstanding customer service and in-depth knowledge of the retail business caught the attention of his current district manager. He
                           was offered a management job on the spot and is now running his own store. He is amazed that he is not even a year out of school
                           and is already handling so much responsibility. The Retailing and Consumer Sciences curriculum prepared Brad for this position
                           by helping him to understand and improve his company’s supply chain and to better understand his consumers and their needs.
     Most importantly, Brad can now more effectively utilize his database by marketing to his loyal and repeat costumers.
     What is an example of Brad’s new marketing strategy? “I pulled a list of my 100 costumers from a year ago and called them up, well most of them, and
     offered them a deep discount on their next custom framing job. I can generate a couple thousand dollars worth of sales from just those phone calls.”
     Brad is looking forward to furthering his career with Corner’s by managing more and bigger stores and hopefully moving up to district manager. He also
     sees the possibility of crossing into the real estate market in the future.
     Is there any advice that he would give to current RCSC seniors? “The best advice I can give to graduating seniors is to be proactive about getting a job
     before graduating. The school has so many people to help you and people you can network with. It may take some more time, but it’s worth it.”
     Brad is on his way to a successful career in the retail industry. It is always good to hear tales of the various ways that graduates are applying the
     RCSC curriculum.

                             Lexie Douglass General Growth Properties Intern

                              General Growth Properties (GGP) is one of the nation’s        events such as casting calls for TV shows, concerts, product showcases in
                              largest retail real estate companies, owning and              addition to many local celebrations. Event planning and coordinating has
                              managing over 200 locations. Working as a Marketing           become my favorite aspect of my internship. In the month of July, we held an
                              intern at one of the FIVE Festival Marketplaces               event to kickoff the 4th of July celebration in Boston. Faneuil Hall Marketplace
                              managed by GGP has been a very unique and                     donated a 1000 lb. cake to the public which we also cut and served. Along with
                              educational experience. Historic Faneuil Hall in              the cake, came the mayor of Boston and a Fife and Drum band to excite the
                              Boston, MA, was founded in 1742 by Peter Faneuil              crowd for the upcoming holiday – how often in life will anyone help serve over
                              as a central marketplace for crops and livestock.             3000 people in the name of history? On July 22nd Faneuil Hall Marketplace
                              Faneuil Hall celebrated its 150th birthday in 1976 with       celebrated the Rose Kennedy Greenway Garden opening. The Marketplace had
     major renovations, creating the Marketplace as we know it today. Today the             its own table on which I was asked to set up and then pass out 3000 cupcakes.
     Marketplace boasts 40 shops, 16 restaurants, 35 colonnade eateries, 40 pushcarts       I let my imagination run wild and created a color-coordinated four foot tower
     and an internationally-known comedy club.                                              of pink and red cupcakes – a masterpiece as far as I am concerned. It was this
                                                                                            event that made me realize that event planning and visual merchandising
     With so much to offer it would seem that Faneuil Hall could run all by itself,
                                                                                            could be my niche.
     but this is not the case. As an intern, I help blend the ambiance of old and
     new to attract people of all ages from around the world. From 9-5 during the           General Growth Properties has provided me with an opportunity like no other – a
     week I am busy working on scheduling street performers, assigning school               life changing, or at least career-directing, experience. I feel honored to be able
     groups for performances, selling food vouchers for visiting groups, event              to intern at such a prominent and world-renowned establishment throughout
     planning, creating signage for upcoming events and constructing newsletters for        the world. Retail real estate management is one side of retail I had never
     property employees.                                                                    evenconsidered before learning about GGP. This summer, I look to my future with
                                                                                            a new excitement and know that my successes will be, in part, because of a vision
     On various weekends at the marketplace I can be found hosting and organizing
                                                                                            from 1742 that GGP has embraced and continued on.

                           Team Continues Winning Tradition                                             By Marcia Klipsch
The University of Arizona Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team has
again finished as one of the top teams in the country. At the May,
2007 National SIFE competition, the UA team led by Emma Henry, Ty
Kucera, Katrina Bloom, Willis Epum, and Ashley Talley, presented nine
new outreach projects to 160 Fortune 500 CEOs. Through an elaborate
multimedia presentation, the team convinced the judges that they had best
measured and demonstrated that they had created economic opportunity
for community members through their projects. Examples of some of
their programs included the Junior Duel in the Desert, a personal finance
case study competition for high school and middle school students and
Recycle—It’s Wright!, a program for elementary school children that taught
the principles of ethical decision-making using the topic of recycling as
an example.
Over the past five years, the UA SIFE team has finished among the top
three teams out of 800 teams in the U.S.—four finishes as first runner-
                                                                                   UA SIFE’s 2007 first runner-up finish is a record and has created
up and once as second runner-up. UA SIFE is recognized nationally
                                                                                   an impressive legacy for the team. In addition to the team’s
and internationally as one of the most consistent and successful
                                                                                   success this year, advisors Melinda Burke and Marcia Klipsch
teams. They are regularly called upon to do presentations for both
                                                                                   were inducted into the SIFE Hall of Fame for Sam Walton Faculty
the University of Arizona and the SIFE organization as a result of their
                                                                                   Fellows. In all, the 2006-7 SIFE year has been rewarding and the team,
success and are often called upon to mentor other teams.
                                                                                   led by newly elected co-presidents Whitney Munroe and Lauren Quigley,
                                                                                   is poised for a successful 2007-8.

career Link                                 By Felicia Frontain, RCSC Undergraduate Coordinator
                    Our Retailing and Consumer Sciences degree is diverse          knowing how our new graduates are progressing in their careers. This career
                    in order to meet the changing needs of the retailing           link is very important as we look to our alumni to become advocates for our
                    and service industries, and our grads continue to stand        program and help us create career opportunities for future graduates. If you
                    out in a competitive market. As our retailing program          are a graduate of our program and we haven't heard from you in a while
                    continues to grow and our alumni group swells, we              please let us know where your career has taken you. If you would like to
                    take great pride in hearing about our former students'         renew your relationship with your alma mater then please email us at the
                    promotions and career success. We always appreciate            Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing (

From CamPus                      To     Career

                                    Alicia Alvarez, Duty Free Stores               Minita Sanghvi, University of             rCsC alumni uPdaTe
                                                                                    North Carolina
                                    Jimmy Bryant, Macy's Inc.                                                                Tanya Alva, Assistant Buyer Home
                                                                                   Kristina Scott, Quiksilver Retail           Shopping Network, St. Petersburg, FL

                                    Courtney Casabat, Macy's Inc.
                                                                                   Kristen Smyser, Macy's Inc.               Mark Ludwig, Sales Representative,
                                    Erica Delman, JCPenney
                                                                                                                              ServiceSource, San Francisco, CA
                                                                                   Katie Soltys, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
                                    Lindsey Giblin, C Beyond Technical Sales
                                                                                                                             Amanda Paque, Asst. Merchandise
                                                                                   Sara Srulowitz, Countrywide Home
                                    Danielle Grady, Target                                                                    Buyer, Juicy Couture for Neiman
                                                                                                                              Marcus, Dallas, TX
C   ongraTulaTions To our
                                    Cristina Hanson, PetSmart

                                    Brittany Johnson, Creative Occasions
                                                                                   Meghan Stack, BEBE
                                                                                                                             Kate Pedersen, Manager Skin Care
reTailing and Consumer                                                             Jessica Van Houten, Old Navy               Department, Canyon Ranch Resort,
sCienCes graduaTes, They are        Christine Kim, Babies R Us
                                                                                   Christina Wang,Wells Fargo
                                                                                                                              Tucson, AZ
going PlaCes! We Wish Them The      Kara Marino, MGM Mirage                                                                  Jessica Reitz, Regional HR Recruiter,
besT as They begin Their Careers.                                                                                              Kohl's, Phoenix, AZ

                                                                                                                             Kristin Welton, Integrated Marketing,
                                                                                                                              People Magazine, NYC, NY

                                                                                                                             Krista Williams, Buyer for Young Men's
                                                                                                                              Dillard's, Phoenix, AZ

Kim’s View                                                                        2008           CALENDAR OF EVENTS
      from the Center                                                             SPEAKER SERIES
                                                                                  September 14         National Retail Tenants Assoc. Rick Burke, Paul Kinney
                      There’s a new complex on the University of Arizona
                                                                                  September 18-20      Gap                            Molly Maguire
                      horizon - McClelland Park - a 70K sq. ft. building
                      and plaza on the corner of Park Avenue and 4th              September 18-20      Wal-Mart                       Shelley Huff, and
                      Street. This new building and outdoor meeting                                                                   Amanda Davis
                      area will house the Norton School of Family and                                  Mervyn's                       Erica Wirtz
                      Consumer Sciences with its outstanding programs             September 18         JCPenney                       Erica Sheckton
and institutes including the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing.                                   Sears                          Rachel Hawksworth

The building is still under construction, but I went on a hard-hat tour           September 18 or 25   Gateway                        Brad Muller
recently, walking through what will become the Lakin Family Plaza, the            September 20         Wells Fargo                    Marsha Grist
Tommy Hilfiger Interactive Classroom, the Gateway Computer Center,
and the Office Depot Information Depot, just to name a few. I was in awe of       September 26         DFS                            Gena Rubia
the inspiring view of the mountains and struck by the beauty of the               September 27         Payless ShoeSource             Gena Rubia
University of Arizona campus and its history and success – we too are
making history with this monumental partnership between a public                  October 2            Walgreens                      Sue Bandurrage
university and private donors.                                                    October 25           Deloitte                       Danielle Meier
The Norton School, the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing, et
                                                                                  November 8           General Growth Properties      Paul Chase
al, already make us one of
the nation's leaders. Our new                                                     November 8           PMUSA                          Lisa Locker
home will offer even more
                                                                                  November 15          Enterprise Rent-A-Car          Stacey Kretzmann
opportunities for students
and faculty to create an
                                                                                  OTHER EVENTS 2007–2008
unparalleled center for retail
education and research                                                            September 18-19      Fall Career Days, SUMC
ensuring the success of our
                                                                                  October 10-12        SIFE World Cup, New York, NY
graduates and future business
leaders.                                                                          October 25-26        TJL Corporate Advisory Board Meeting
                                                                                                       Westward Look Resort
The floors are marked off with what will be classrooms, offices, learning
labs, a lecture hall, conference rooms and an outdoor venue for                   November 2-4         Alumni Homecoming, McClelland Park
meetings and entertainment. As you enter, the building seems to come                                   (Hard hat Ceremony)
alive with the excitement of a state-of-the-art experience for students,
                                                                                  December 5           Last Day of Classes
faculty, families and business – all under one roof! As I left the first
floor Macy’s Student Lounge, I reached the fourth floor and looked out            January 13-17        New York Study Tour
past the Calvin Klein Terrace and the Saks Fifth Avenue Reception Area.
                                                                                  January 16           Spring Semester – First Day of Classes
Again, the significance of this project was almost overwhelming in scope
as I imagined the research and educational opportunities provided our             February 4-8         San Francisco Study Tour
students through the unique support of a strong industry connection.
                                                                                  February 20          SIFE Career Expo
The support of these industry giants speaks to the growing reputation
                                                of our program as a place         March 6-9            Duel in the Desert National Personal
                                                to find the best and                                   Finance Case Study Competition
                                                brightest students in the                              Marriott University Park Hotel
                                                country, highly sought            March 13-April 8     SIFE Regional Competitions
                                                after by top companies.
                                                                                  March 15-23          Spring Break
                                                You can help ensure that
                                                our future retail business        April 1-2            Spring Career Expo, UA SUMC
                                                leaders are guaranteed
                                                                                  April 9              TJL Spring Corporate Advisory Board Meeting
                                                a superb educational
                                                                                                       Loews Ventana Canyon Resort & Spa
                                                experience here at
                                                the UA. There are still           April 10-11          Global Retailing Conference
opportunities available to invest in the future by making a commitment                                 Loews Ventana Canyon Resort & Spa
to McClelland Park. Let us know if you can help.                                  May 13-15            SIFE National Competition, Chicago, IL

                                                                                  May 7                Last Day of classes

CorPoraTe ParTners & sPonsors                                           C orporate a dvisor y B oard
                                                                        Bridgestone/Firestone, Nelson Diaz, Regional Manager
                                                                        Deloitte, Danielle R. Meier, Manager
                                                                        Dillard's, Jim Benson, Director of Advertising
                                                                        Duty Free Stores (DFS), Daniel Binder, Sr. Vice President
                                                                        Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Stacey Kretzmann, Group Recruiting Manager
                                                                        Farm Bureau Financial, Ron Lee, CLU, CPCU, Regional Vice President
                                                                        Firestone Complete Car Care, Johan Gallo, Human Resources Manager
                                                                        Gateway, Bradley Muller, Senior Account Executive
                                                                        General Growth Properties, Jill Harlow, Group Marketing Manager
                                                                        Henkel, Christine Colley, Director, Customer Process, Data Management
                                                                        Harry & David, Rudd Johnson, Senior Vice President Human Resources
                                                                        International Council of Shopping Centers, Sarah Ritchie, Manager, ICSC Education Foundation
                                                                        JCPenney Corporation, Timothy M. Nichols, Sr. VP, Regional Mgr., West Region
                                                                        KPMG, Christine St.Clare, Partner
                                                                        Macy's Inc., Tim Plunkett, DVP – Recruitment & Placement, Eleni Kanelos, Manager College Relations
                                                                        Mervyn’s, Stephanie Polon, Campus Relations
                                                                        Neiman Marcus, Maria Jaimes, Merchandise Manager
                                                                        Nestlé Purina PetCare Tommy Baroody, Director of Business Development
                                                                        Nordstrom, Leslie Aoyama, Diversity Affairs Director
                                                                        NRF Foundation, Kathy Mance, Vice President
                                                                        Payless ShoeSource, Wendy Jacek, VP of Retail Operations South
                                                                        PetSmart, Neil Stacey, Western Region Vice President
                                                                        Philip Morris, USA, Lisa Locker, District Manager
                                                                        Protiviti, Inc, Rick Childs, Managing Director
                                                                        Sears, Anne Hand, Regional Vice President
                                                                        Smith & Hawken, Gordon Erickson, CEO
                                                                        Strategic Mindshare, Cynthia R. Cohen, President
                                                                        University of Arizona BookStore, Frank Farias, Director
                                                                        Vertical Communications, David Looft, V.P. Sales & Service
                                                                        Walgreen’s, Sue Bandurraga, District Manager
                                                                        Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Paul Beahm, Sr. Vice President
                                                                        Wells Fargo, Marsha Grist, Sr. Recruiter

                                                                        H onorar y B oard M eMBers
                                                                        Ellen Goldsberry, Director Emeritus, Center for Retailing
                                                                        Tom Gorey, VP, Supply Chain Management, Sears, Retired
                                                                        Joey Jones, Aviation Analyst/Flight Safety, Wal-Mart Stores
                                                                        Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman, President and CEO, Macy's Inc.

                                                                        s tudent a dvisor y B oard
                                                                        FALL 2007
                                                                        Kiersten Abraham             Shandee Fraser             Christina Morris
                                                                        Lauren Armbruster            Madeline Heck              David Pagel
                                                                        Leila Bahbah                 Dani Laven                 Leah Scherotter
                                                                        Cassandra Cohen              Stefanie Mackler           Cynthia Telles
                                                                        Lexie Douglass               Annie Millstone            Whitney Wilkening

                                                                        terr y J. L undgren C enter                                 for       r etaiLing
                                                                        TERRY J. LUNDGREN CENTER FOR RETAILING
                                                                        Editor: Melinda Burke
                                                                        Managing Editor: Kim Brooke
                                                                        Administrative Assistant: Annette M. Garcia

                                                                        The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing is housed in the Division of Retailing and Consumer
                                                                        Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, John and Doris Norton School of Family
                                                                        and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona. The Center works to illuminate the issues
                                                                        facing retailers today and to prepare college students for careers in retailing.

                                                                        To obtain more information contact:
                                                                        The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing
                                                                        The University of Arizona
                                                                        PO Box 210033 ~ Tucson, AZ 85721-0033
                                                                        Phone: 520.621.1715 Fax: 520.621-3209
                                                                        Email: Web site:

                                          t He f uture   of   r etaiL
                                                                                                                     NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                                       US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                      TUCSON ARIZONA
                                                                                                                       PERMIT NO. 190

  PO BOx 210033 • TucsOn, AZ 85721-0033

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