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Dec 08 FINAL


									      The             Mighty Oak                                                               November
                          Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center                                                      2007

                                                                        Director	of	Development	Kathy	Crone	in	lauding	
NEWS FROM                                                      the altruism of Boston Scientific, noted that the need
 AROUND                 THE     CENTER                         for Home-Delivered Meals is growing by 3.5 percent
     Braille Institute’s Mobile Solutions Van                  per	week.	“The	Center	has	a	great	volunteer	base	but	
                                                               desperately needs more, especially during financially
            Visits SCV Senior Center
                                                               tight	times.	Every	penny	that	comes	through	here	gets	put	
	        The	Mobile	Solutions	Van	from	the	Braille	
                                                               back	into	the	community.	We	have	to	hustle	for	funding	
Institute	will	be	available	for	the	visually	impaired	at	
                                                               to	make	sure	we	don’t	turn	anyone	away.	If	you	can’t	
the	Santa	Clarita	Valley	Senior	Center	from	10	a.m.	to	
                                                               give	money,	give	your	time,”	said	Crone.
3	p.m.	on	the	following	up-coming	date:																				
                                                                        Onuscheck said of Boston Scientific, “Part
	Wednesday, December 3, 2008
                                                               of	our	mission	is	to	assist	in	helping	the	under-served	
	        The	Braille	Institute	Van	offers	a	wide	variety	
                                                               population.	We	selected	this	center	[because]	people	
of	services	for	the	visually	impaired	without	the	time	
                                                               often	forget	the	elderly	as	part	of	the	under-served.”
or	trouble	of	visiting	the	Braille	Institute	in	Los	Ange-
                                                                        Boston Scientific is one of the largest employers
les.		Services	include,	for	example,	the	sale	of	assistive	
                                                               in	the	Santa	Clarita	Valley.	The	company	is	dedicated	to	
devices,	library	services	registration,	resource	referrals,	
                                                               developing	innovative	medical	products,	technologies,	
and	more.	To	meet	with	a	low-vision	consultant,	you	
                                                               and	services	to	enable	people	who	have	medical	
must	make	an	appointment	by	calling	John	Taylor	at	the	
                                                               conditions	to	return	to	a	normal	life.	We	at	the	Senior	
Senior	Center,	259-9444,	extension	125.
                                                               Center appreciate the work that they do that benefits
    Wine Auction Top Donor Boston Scientific                   all	seniors,	and	their	generous	support	of	our	local	area	
                Presents Check                                 elders receiving Home-Delivered Meals.
         Boston Scientific/Advanced Bionics was the
                                                                              The Bells Are Ringing!
sole	Bordeaux	Sponsor	of	our	17th	Annual	Wine	Auction	
on	September	27th		that benefits the Home-Delivered            	        Again	this	holiday	season,	the	wonderful	
                                                               volunteers	from	the	FedEx	Silver	Bells	will	be	assisting	
Meals	Program.	On	October	30st,	members	of	this	
                                                               at	many	Senior	Centers	and	senior	living	communities	
generous organization made their official presentation of
                                                               by	placing	free	telephone	calls	through	the	FedEx	
$7500	to	the	SCV	Senior	Center.	Part	of	the	sponsorship	
                                                               switchboard.	The	date	this	year	is	December	6.	You	can	
package	included	the	display	of	their	name	on	seven	
of our Home-Delivered Meal vehicles for one year.              call	anywhere	in	the	world	and	talk	as	long	as	you	like	
                                                               notes	Barbara	Bounds,	FedEx	Silver	Bells	Coordinator.	
The Boston Scientific contingent flanks one such
                                                               But,	she	says,	to	avoid	charges	you	must	have	the	call	
vehicle.	Those	attending	the	presentation	were,	from	
                                                               placed	by	the	Silver	Bells	volunteers.	
                                                               	        Collect	your	phone	numbers	and	have	them	
                                                               ready.	You	will	be	asked	to	complete	a	short	form	with	
                                                               your	name,	the	number	you	are	calling	and	the	name	
                                                               of	the	person	with	whom	you	want	to	speak.	These	
                                                               calls	are	a	holiday	gift	to	senior	citizens	from	FedEx	
                                                               Services.	Remember	to	tell	them	thank	you!
                                                                            The City Honors Veterans
                                                                       City’s	Veteran’s	Memorial	Plaza	was	packed	
                                                               with	vets,	their	families,	and	patriots	of	all	ages,	all	
                                                               gathered	to	honor	America’s	veterans	and	military	
                                                               families.	Mayor	Bob	Kellar	began	by	asking	for	two	
left	to	right,	Lisa	Ramer,	Tachell	Grubbs,	Lena	Tracy,	        minutes	of	silence;	then	the	Changing	of	the	Flags	was	
and Sr. Vice President/President Neuromodulation               carried	out	by	the	SCV	Young	Marines	and	Knights	
Michael	Onuscheck.	To	his	left,	Director	Brad	Berens,	         of	Columbus	Santa	Clarita	Assembly.	College	of	the	
and	Sue	Endress,	Secretary	of	the	SCV	Senior	Center	           Canyon student Megan Mills sang the National Anthem,
Foundation,	were	on	hand	to	accept	the	check.	                                                      (Continued on page 2.)
        December Birthdays                                                        The Mighty Oak Staff
                     Best wishes to the following
                       Senior Center Members                                     Editor: Karen Geller-Shinn
                celebrating birthdays of 85 and older!                     Reporters:
                                                                           	       Marty	Baxter,	Summerhill	Villa
                 	1	      Francine	Dawe                                    	       Bob	Canham,	Canyon	Country	Seniors
                 	2	      Walter	Cieplik	                                          Gladys Gonzales, Humor at Large
                 	3	      Francis	X.	Curtis                                	       Grace	Kierbel,	Friendly	Valley	
                 	4	      Anna	Mancini                                     	       Mina	Langlois,	Roving
                 	7	      Anna	Kesselman                                   	       Yvonne	Meyer,	Orchard	Arms
                          Harold Wang                                      	       Rita	Roth,	Frazier	Park
                 	        Sophie	Waters                                    	       Clarice	Shute,	Bouquet	Canyon	Seniors
                   8      Helen Panick                                     Proofreaders:	Veronica	Pinckard	or	Carol	Garcia
                                                                           The Mighty Oak	is	published	monthly	by	the	SCV	Senior	
                          Verna	Smade
                                                                           Center,	Brad	Berens,	Executive	Director.
                 	9	      Antonia	Lopez                                    The	Center	is	located	at	22900	Market	St.,	Santa	Clarita,
                 11	      Vivian	Bristow                                   CA	91321.	Voice	661-259-9444			FAX:	661-259-1647
                 	        Minna	Master                                     e-mail:	or
                 	        Grace	McKinney                                   Visit	our	web	page	at	to	see	
                 	        Gloria	Williams                                  The Mighty Oak	in	color.
                 12	      Calvin	Erickson                                  We	thank	all	drivers	who	serve	as	our	delivery	network!
                 	        Ruby	Fuller                                      PHOTOS BY KAREN GELLER-SHINN EXCEPT AS INDICATED.

                 	        Saul	Ganz
                          Viola Henley                                      and Father Olin Mayfield led the Pledge of Allegiance
                          Charles Holt                                      and	gave	the	invocation.
                 13	      Jeanette	Anastasia
                                                                                      Mayor	Kellar	welcomed	the	crowd	of	between	
                          George Haddock
                          Marjorie Scutt
                                                                            400-500	people—easily	double	the	attendance	of	last	
                 16	      Ray	Clark                                         year’s event. He read all verses of the poem that has
                 	        Leanna	Reynolds                                   come	to	be	known	as	the	Star	Spangled	Banner.	It	was	
                 17       Martin Holland                                    thrilling	to	hear	all	of	Francis	Scott	Keys	moving	verses	
                          Dorothy Newberry                                  in	it’s	entirety.
                 18	      Gladys	Cook                                                 Dick	Jeffrey	
                 	        Aina	Jonsson                                      of	the	Santa	Clarita	
                          Heronima Lojko
                                                                            Veteran’s	Memorial	
                 19	      Lea	Serlin
                                                                            Committee	spoke	for	
                 21       Norma Laskofke
                 22	      Ruth	Dyson                                        veterans.	Songwriter	
                 23	      Doris	Boydston                                    Trish	Lester	sang	her	
                 	        Acelopio	Galedo                                   heartfelt	“Thank	A	
                 24	      Marie	Carriere                                    Soldier.”	A	selection	
                 25	      Janet	Durgom                                      of	local	elementary	
                          Edna	Prokosch                                     school	children	read	their	thank	you	messages	to	our	
                 26	      Guadalupe	Gomez                                   veterans and fighting men and women, followed by a
                          Natividad Monserrat
                                                                            musical	number,	“God	Bless	the	U.S.A.”	performed	
     27	         Florence	Gallo      30	     Genevieve	Antoniewicz                                                by	Brynn,	Charlie,	
     28	         Shirley	DeFever             Virginia	Arnold                                                      and	Ever	Fecske.	
     	           Edna	Janzen         	       Kathleen	Forbrego                                                    Council	woman	
     29	         John	Edward                 Evelyn Hogan
                 Hazel Kresnicka
                                                                                                                  Laurene	Weste’s	
                                     	       Gerald	Williamson
                                                                                                                  remarks	included	the	
     	         Please	accept	our	apologies	if	we’ve	missed	any	member’s	
                                                                                                                  history	of	the	Plaza	
     special	day.	If	you	don’t	want	your	birthday	mentioned,	please	notify	                                       from	a	weed-	and	
     the Administration Office. If you have not yet joined the Center,                                            debris-littered	lot	
     please	register	today!                                                                                       to	the	present	with	
                                                                                                                  its	emphasis	on	
     Staff birthdays this month:                                            teaching	as	well	as	honoring	veterans	past	and	present.
                                 10	       Sue	Slay                                   Rabbi	Mark	Blazer	gave	the	benediction,	
                                 23	       Chip	Johnson                     which was followed by the Canyon High School
Page                             24	       Karla	Martinez                   Madrigal	Choir	singing	“God	Bless	Amercia.”	To	end	
 2                               26	       Mel	Oxciano                      the	ceremony,	Council	woman	Marsha	McLean	asked	
                                                                                                                                                                                                      PHOTO BY ROBIN CLOUGH.
                                                                                                                             Canyon Springs Elementary
                                                                   Top left: A very large crowd of veterans of all           School Students Honor Vets
                                                                   ages and their families gathered to honor those
                                                                   who have protected our liberty.
                                                                   Top right: Harry Gratz was among many Center
                                                                   participants on hand for the ceremony.
                                                                   Left: Council members Marsha McLean, left,
                                                                   and Laurene Weste,
                                                                   right, flank Tony        							Richard	Roelofs,		
                                                                   Marincola, 91, who Helen Johnson, and
                                                                   fought in the Battle
                                                                                            Mayor	Bob	Kellar,	
                                                                   of the Bulge.
                                                                                             above	right,	were	three	
family	members	of	military	personnel	past	and	present	                                       of	the	honorees	and	
to stand to be recognized for their sacrifices. Then she                                     speakers	at	the	Veterans	Day	celebration	and	assembly	
asked	vets	of	various	decades	to	stand	to	receive	our	                                       at	Canyon	Springs	Elementary.		The	event	made	front-
thanks, and finally invited all vets to come forward for a                                   page	news	in	The Signal!		Roelofs,	87,	talked	about	his	
group	photograph.                                                                            life in the U.S. Navy; Johnson, 83, told students about
         Many	other	City	dignitaries	were	also	present	                                      serving	in	the	WAVES,	Women	Accepted	for	Volunteer	
for this Veterans Day event on 11/11 at 11 a.m.                                              Emergency	Service.	Mayor	Kellar,	64,	is	a	veteran	of	
                                                                                             the	Vietnam	War.               NEWS (Continues on page 8.)

                                Hats Off!                                                    •	To	Linda	Ryan	for	helping	distribute	Farmers	Market	
                                                                                             coupons	to	those	in	need	at	Canyon	Country	Senior	
                                        Thanks                                               Apartments.
                         for Lending a Hand...
                                                                                             •	To	Gladys	Gonzales	for	providing	funds	for	a	case	of	
•	To	the	extraordinary	Grandmother	of	All	Rummage	                                           paper	for	this	month’s	issue	of	The Mighty Oak!
Sales	and	Boutique	planning	committee	Diana	
Sevanian,	Wayne	Burns,	Mina	Langlois,	and	Carol	                                             •	To	Pastor	Jim	Parris	at	Calvary	Chapel,	Golden	
Garcia.		So	many	other	volunteers	worked	hard	to	bring	                                      Valley,	and	parishioner	Eric	Roa,	who	serves	as	a	
in funds for the Senior Center: Helen Johnson, Mike                                          projectionist for our Senior Cinema, for their donation
Dinkell, Terri Hall, Margie Lombardi, Tess Carlos,                                           and	quiet	installation	of	new	vertical	blinds	in	the	
Dulce	De	Pala,	Teresa	Luna,	Pat	Gold,	Linda	Ryan,	                                           dining	room.	Movie	Manager	Mary	Gallant	reports	
Gene Dorio, Diane and Dave Hill, and Estelle Ellis.                                          that everyone’s enjoyment of our movies is greatly
Their	hard	work	generated	a	welcome	income	of	over	                                          enhanced	by	the	improved	darkness	the	blinds	provide.
                                                                                                                                                      (Continues on page 11.)
$1500	for	the	Center!”
             LET’S DANCE!
                                                                                                                                                                                            Trip 1D

                                                                                                                                                     California Science Center
             HOLIDAY BALL                                               NOW PLAYING:                                                                 & IMAX movies,
          FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5                                                     December 10                                                            • “Sea Monsters” &
             7:30–10:30 P.M.                                                                                                                            • “Wild Ocean”
                                                                                 Meet Me in St. Louis
  Dance to the music of ‘N Motion                                        One	of	the	great	MGM	musicals—won	                                          Tuesday, January 27, 2009
                                                                         2	Oscars!	All-star	cast:	Judy	Garland,	                                               $25.00
                                                                                                                                                                      No refunds.

               • $5 at the door                                          Margaret O’Brien, Marjorie Main, June                                 IMAX theater combines innovative
              • Hardwood floor                                           Lockhart,	Chill	Wills,	and	Mary	Astor	                             imagery, storytelling, and big-screen 3D for
                                                                                                                                                      a powerful experience!
                                                                                                                                                 $5 IMAX admission each show;
                                                                                                                                                lunch on your own at food court.
   • Location: 22900 Market Street                                        Wednesday, December 10, 2:15 p.m.
  For information, call: (562) 533-0253 or (661) 259-9444                                                          Depart Center 10:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                   Return approx. 4:00 p.m.
                                                                      $1	suggested	donation;	25-cent	popcorn
                                                                              Free	parking	&	prizes!
                                                                        Presented	by	the	Advisory	Council.
     Dress to Impress!

                          Ballroom Dance Lessons
                          Wednesday evenings 7:30–8:30 p.m.
                                                              “When you dance, your purpose is not to
                                 with Barbara Wright
                          Experienced dance instructor        get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to
                                  & Choreographer

                          $10/class or                        enjoy each step along the way.”
                                                                                                                            Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center Trips & Tours Department
                                                                                                                            9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.; 661-259-9444 Ext. 111                                 Page
                          by the month, $30 for 4 sessions
                                                                                             —Wayne Dyer
                                                                                                                            Visit our web site for a complete schedule of events & activities:
                 S U M M E R H I L L      V I L L A                lessens	the	value	of	any	of	them.
                                   illa View
                      The V...........................                      History could well define recent decades as
                                                                   “The Era of Instant Gratification.” See it, charge it, and
                           by Marty Baxter
                                                                   pay	later.	Unfortunately	later	is	now, and	Christmas	may	
                        Once Upon A Christmas                      be	leaner	this	year	in	many	households	with	a	smaller	
       	         There	is	at	least	one	advantage	in	being	an	      tree	and	fewer	packages	under	it.	But	that	is	not	what	
       Octogenarian.	You	don’t	panic	as	easily	with	every	twist	 Christmas	is	all	about.	Call	me	a	Pollyanna,	but	the	
       and	turn	of	the	economy,	because	you	lived	through	the	 following	lines	from	a	song	I	wrote	express	my	feelings:
       disastrous	years	of	the	Great	Depression,	and	survived.	 	           			“There’s	a	special	kind	of	magic	in	December,
       Many	young	people	who	have	not	experienced	belt-                     				For	it’s	then	that	even	strangers	smile	at	you,
       tightening	periods	do	not	realize	that	a	credit	card	is	                 When we all find love for mankind,
       simply	an	IOU,	and	the	beautiful	bubble	of	prosperity	               				We’ll	have	Christmas	all	year	through.”
       can	burst.	It’s	a	bitter	history	lesson.                             I	read	a	great	quotation	recently	that	said,	
       	         My	heart	goes	out	to	families	who	took	out	       “Happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting
       mortgages	on	homes	they	really	could	not	afford,	and	       what	you	get.”	That’s	a	pretty	good	recipe	for	a	Merry	
       now	are	losing	them.	Over-abundance	in	good	times	can	 Christmas and a Happy New Year.—Marty
       become	stark	reality	in	rough	times.	Those	of	us	who	       New Faces: Teresa Luna
       remember	the	bank	failures	and	depression	of	the	1930s	 	            We	introduce	a	new	instructor	for	art	classes	
       know	what	it	is	like	to	have	nothing	but	bare	necessities.	 this month: Teresa Luna! She is highly qualified with
       There	was	no	money	for	luxuries,	and	that	included	         a	masters	degree	in	art	education,	and	two	bachelors	
       Christmas	gifts.                                            degrees—one in art history and one in fine arts. She has
       	         In	spite	of	that,	most	parents	managed	to	make	   also	earned	a	degree	in	guidance	and	counseling.	Teresa	
       it	a	happy	time	for	children.	I	still	remember	what	fun	it	
       was	to	stack	packages	of	Mother’s	home-made	caramels	 worked	19	years	for	the	
       and	Dad’s	pork	sausage	on	a	sled	and	pull	it	through	the	 L.A. Unified School
       snow	to	deliver	them	to	friends’	homes.                     District	before	retiring.		
       	         There	were	no	lists	of	requests	for	Santa	Claus,	 	        She	was	born	
       and we never saw anyone in a Santa Claus suit. He was       in	Argentina	and	spent	
       only	in	story	books	and	our	imaginations.	It	was	hard	to	 many	years	living	in	
       sleep	while	listening	for	sleigh	bells	and	wondering	if	    Europe.	So,	she	also	
       he	would	really	come	and	what	he	might	bring	us.	One	       brings	a	world	view	
       year	my	sister	and	I	got	new	wigs	for	our	old	dolls,	and	 of	art	and	ideas	to	her	
       they	looked	beautiful.	Years	later	I	realized	how	those	    work.	Teresa	is	gregari-
       wigs	must	have	stretched	Santa’s	budget.                    ous	and	out-going,	and	
       	         Children,	and	especially	teenagers,	don’t	like	   loves	story-telling.	She	
       to	hear	their	elders	say,	“When	I	was	a	child,	we	didn’t	   is	an	all-around	asset	to	
       have	all	these	things.”	But,	even	when	we	don’t	say	it,	    the	Center!	Welcome!!
       we	are	probably	thinking	it.	One	Christmas	morning	I	
       watched	our	young	grandchildren	open	their	big	piles	       THIS MONTH AROUND TOWN...
       of	gifts.	They	would	open	one,	glance	at	it,	and	reach	     Dec. 5: Old Town Newhall Paint the Town, 3–7 p.m.
       for	the	next	one.	The	littlest	tot	did	not	get	excited	     Dec. 13: Free	Reception	“With	Eyes	Wide	Open”	Photo	
       about	any	of	the	toys,	but	he	wanted	to	play	with	the	      Exhibit	by	Sandy	Fisher,	Canyon	Theater	Guild,	5–7	p.m.
       boxes	they	came	in.	Sometimes	having	too	many	things	 Dec. 22: Chanukah	Menorah	Lighting,	front	entrance	
                                                                   Westfield Mall, 6–7 p.m.
                                                                   LA County Parks & Rec Castaic Calendar
                                                                   Castaic	Regional	Sports	Complex,	31230	Castaic	Road,	
                                                                   has	the	following	Senior	events	on	their	December	
                                                                   calendar.	For	info,	call	661-775-8865.
                                                                   Dec. 12: Holiday Party & Potluck, 10 a.m. with
                                                                   entertainment	10	a.m.-noon
                                                                   Wednesdays:	Free	Line	Dance	classes	10	a.m.–noon.

                                                                                     SAVE THE DATE:
                                                                                    ANNUAL MEETING
Page                                                                                JANUARY 23, 2009
                                               Then	we	whispered	to	each	other	in	the	      lasted	for	eight	days.
        The                                                                                      Now when the Festival of Lights
                                                        first hint of light...	
     Golden                                     “Merry	Christmas,	my	darling,	and	to	       is	celebrated,	Jews	light	a	candelabra	
      Pen                                                all	a	good	night.”		               with	eight	candles.		One	candle	is	lit	
                                                                                            for	each	day.		Ah,	you	say:		there	are	
                                                   The Spirit of Christmas                  nine	candles	on	a	Menorah.		The	ninth	
  The Night Before Christmas                                                                is	the	shamash,	higher	than	the	others,	
                                                    by Nancy Alexandra Tozzi
      by Nancy Alexandra Tozzi                                                              to	remind	celebrants	of	the	rule	of	the	
                                                 I	saw	an	old	man	who	had	no	shoes	
 ‘Twas	the	night	before	Christmas	but	I	                                                    Talmud	that	the	menorah	is	not	to	be	
                                                   with	rags	wrapped	‘round	his	feet.	
                  wasn’t	ready.	                                                            used	for	any	purpose	other	than	the	
                                                  His face was dirty, his clothes were
My	breathing	was	heavy,	my	pulse	was	                                                       Chanukah	story.		The	shamash	(guard	
                    unsteady.	                                                              in Hebrew) is used to light the other
                                                         his	eyes	I	could	not	meet.	
  There	were	paper	and	ribbon	all	over	                                                     candles.
                                                  Because	I	passed	right	by,	you	see,	
                    the floor.	                                                             					Chanukah	is	celebrated	many	
                                                       his	problems	were	not	mine.	
  Where was my husband? He was next                                                         different	ways,	some	depending	on	
                                                  I	had	my	Christmas	shopping	to	do	
                       door	                                                                whether	the	family	is	descended	from	
                                                           and,	oh,	so	little	time.	
                         	                                                                  Ashkenazi,	Sephardic,	or	Mizrahic	Jews;	 	
trying to put together the five Christmas                                                   and	whether	the	family	is	Orthodox,	
                                                    Running	here	and	running	there,	
                      bikes.	                                                               Conservative	or	Reformed.		Common	
                                                   hours	spent	in	department	stores.	
 He and the neighbor already had three                                                      to	most	Chanukah	celebrations	is	eating	
                                                 I	felt	really	smug	as	I	headed	home.	
                     strikes.	                                                              latkes (potato pancakes), the presence
                                                    I’d	completed	all	of	my	chores.	
 The	kids	were	all	safely	tucked	in	their	                                                  or	use	of	a	dreidl	(a	square	spinning	
                                                     Getting	dinner,	the	kids	to	bed,	
                       beds,	                                                               top	with	special	markings	on	each	of	
                                                        was	plenty	of	work	for	me.	
  while	visions	of	new	toys	ran	through	                                                    the	four	sides	and	the	giving	of	gelt	
                                                   I finally settled in the living room	
                   their	heads.	                                                            (money). Sometimes gelt is made of
                                                        with	a	soothing	cup	of	tea.	
                         	                                                                  chocolate.		In	America,	many	Jewish	
    The	stockings	hung	limply	from	the	                                                     families	give	gifts	to	children	so	they	
                                                    As	I	sat	there	in	my	comfy	chair	
                    fireplace.	                                                             will	not	feel	left	out	when	nearly	
                                                     and	gazed	at	the	tree	so	bright,	
      But	of	presents	inside	them	there	                                                    everyone	else	is	celebrating	Christmas.
                                               I	tried	to	think	some	beautiful	thoughts	
                 wasn’t	a	trace.	                                                           					In	2008	Chanukah	begins	on	
                                                  of	the	Christ	Child	born	that	night.	
 It	was	well	past	midnight	when	I	heard	                                                    December	22	by	the	Gregorian	calendar,	
                                                   However, I could not concentrate.	
                 such	a	clatter,	                                                           and	always	begins	on	the	25th	day	of	
                                                  My	thoughts	were	mixed	and	torn.	
  I flew to the door to see what was the                                                    Kislev by the Hebrew calendar.
                                                     In	my	mind	I	saw	that	old	man	
                      matter.	                          so	sad,	so	alone,	so	forlorn.	
                         	                                                                  We wish all our Jewish friends a Happy
There	to	my	amazement,	what	did	I	see	                                                                    Chanukah!
                                                    Giving	is	the	spirit	of	Christmas	
but	a	man	and	two	bicycles	up	in	a	tree.	                  but	had	I	given	at	all?	
  “Don’t	tell	me	what	happened,	I	don’t	            Too	wrapped	up	in	myself	today	               A Christmas Memory
                   even	care,”	                       I	neglected	to	hear	God’s	call.	                 by Bettie Danley
   I	said	to	my	husband	as	he	started	to	            I	thought,	“maybe	if	I	go	back	        	         A	long	time	ago,	a	little	girl	
                      swear.	                                     tomorrow,	                named	Beth	sat	by	the	window	with	
                         	                                   he	will	still	be	there	        her	two	younger	brothers.		Their	noses	
Deciding	something	drastic	was	needed	              and	I	can	help	him	in	some	way,	        were	pressed	against	the	window	pane	
                  really	quick	                             that	angel	unaware.”	           as	they	looked	out	hoping	to	catch	a	
   if we were ever to play like St. Nick,	                                                  glimpse	of	Santa’s	elves.		They	had	
    instead	of	a	panic	attack,	I	started	to	                Chanukah                        heard	them	tapping	on	the	windows	
                      think,	                              by Dena Miller                   for	the	past	couple	of	weeks,	but	the	
 “I’m going to fix us both a stiff drink!”	                                                 elves	were	elusive	and	kept	themselves	
                         	                     					The	celebration	of	Chanukah	refers	     well	hidden.		Occasionally,	the	children	
      I	ran	to	the	kitchen,	grabbed	two	       to	a	miracle	that	happened	over	two	         thought	perhaps	they	saw	one,	but	then	
            glasses	from	the	shelf.	           thousand	years	ago.	Jews	had	been	           again,	perhaps	it	was	only	a	shadow.		
   I	hurried	like	crazy	while	muttering	to	    forbidden	to	worship	or	to	read	the	         They	couldn’t	be	sure.
                      myself.	                 Torah, first by the Syrians, then the        	         Anyway,	tonight	was	Christmas	
   In	ice	cubes,	in	vodka,	in	tonic,	then	     Greeks.		At	last	in	165	BCE,	Judah	          Eve.		Perhaps	tonight,	they	would	be	
                       lime.	                  Maccabee	led	the	Jewish	army	to	             lucky	enough	to	see	Santa	and	his	sleigh	
     Pretty	soon	our	whole	outlook	was	        victory	over	the	Greeks.                     as they flew over the neighborhood on
                 simply	divine.		              					In	those	times	a	wick	of	wool	in	       the	way	to	deliver	presents.		Oh	no,	
                         	                     olive	oil	was	burned	for	a	lamp.		The	       it’s	time	to	go	to	bed.		Beth	would	not	
   We soon filled the stockings, though        Jews	wanted	to	light	a	lamp	to	celebrate	    sleep	in	her	own	bed	tonight.		Company	
             half was on the floor,	           their	victory	and	to	rededicate	the	         had	come	to	visit	for	the	holidays,	and	
      We	dragged	those	old	bicycles	in	        temple, but could find only enough oil       she	had	given	up	her	room	for	them.		     Page
               through	the	door.	              to	last	one	night.		Miraculously,	the	oil	                                                5
                                                                                                                (Continued on page 8.)
                                                                       Your Loved Ones: Celebrating Our Time Here; Nurturing
              December Entrees                                         Mind,	Body	and	Spirit;	Promoting	Better	Communication	
          Monday	           	1	     Creole	Chicken                     with Family and Friends,” by Nikki Goodenough, “The
          	     	           	2	     Beef	Enchiladas                    Caregiver’s	Coach,”	in	Activity	Rooms	1	&	2.	
          	     	           	3	     Chili	Egg	Puff                     Free Clinics at the Center (no appointment needed):
          	     	           	4	     Lemon	Baked	Fish                   Tuesday, December 2: Hearing Clinic by Audiology Associ-
          	     	           	5	     Spaghetti	&	Meatballs              ates; 10:30–11:30 the Respite Office
          Monday	           	8	     Potato-Crusted	Fish                Wednesday, December 10:	Free	Diabetes	Testing	by	Regis-
          	     	           	9	     Vegetable	Lasagna                  tered Dietitian Lori Robinson, 11 a.m.–noon, Respite Office
          	     	           10	     Glazed	Chicken                     Every Wednesday: Free	Blood	pressure	checks,	noon–1	p.m.	
                            11      Hamburger or                       in	activity	Room	3
          	     	           	       	       BBQ	Sandwich               Service Groups at the Center:
          	     	           12	     Southwest	Stew                     Monday, December 1:	Advisory	Council	photo,	9:30	a.m.
          Monday	           15	     Pork	Chops                         Tuessday, December 2:	Senior	Center	Charitable	Foundation	
                            16      Hawaiian Chicken                   meets
                                                                       Saturday, December 5 & 6: AARP	Driver	Safety	class;	Fri-
          	     	           17	     Beef	Taco	or	Burrito
                                                                       day	2–6	p.m.;Saturday	8:30	a.m.–12:30	p.m.;	Roger	Oleson;	
          	     	           18	     Swiss	Steak                        call	259-9444	to	register.
          	     	           19	     Baked	Fish                         Monday, December 8 & 22:	Visually	Impaired	Assistance	
          Monday            22      Chicken Fajitas                    service	group	meets	at	1	p.m.	in	room	A	3
          	     	           23	     Stuffed	Peppers                    Wednesday, December 10:	Committee	on	Aging	meets.
                            24      Hot Roast Beef Sandwich            Senior Center-Sponsored In-housing Programs:
          	        	        25	     Center	Closed,	                    At Bouquet Canyon Seniors:
                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS!                 First & Third Fridays:	Live,	Love	&	Laugh,	10:15	a.m.	in	
          	     	           26	     Beef	Stroganoff                    the	Pottery	room,	near	Apt.	#356
          Monday	           29	     Teriyaki	Chicken                   First, Second & Fourth Wednesday each month: Blood	
          	     	           30	     BBQ	Riblet	Sandwich                Pressure	Clinic,	9	a.m.,	in	the	dining	room
                            31      Herb-Baked Chicken
          								January		 		1	    Center	Closed,
                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR!                  AROUND THE CORNER &
                                                                       DOWN THE ROAD WITH TRIPS & TOURS
                       December Events
                         SCV Senior Center                             Book Early! We’re required to guarantee a minimum number of clients 30
                                                                       days prior to a trip. If minimum isn’t met by that date, trip must be cancelled.
        For Fun at the Center:
        Friday, December 5, Holiday Ball,	7:30–10:30	p.m.;	music	      Dec. 10: Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater, $88 (no
        by ‘N Motion, Dining Room; dress to impress!                   refunds after 11/9)
        Wednesday, December 10: Senior Cinema:	Meet Me in St.          	        Champagne	lunch	and	“Wonderful	World	of			
        Louis,	2:15	p.m.,	Dining	Room                                  	        Christmas”	matinee.	Depart	9:30	a.m.;	return		
        Friday, Dcember 12: College of the Canyons Senior Choir	       	        approx.		5	p.m.
        perform	during	lunch.                                          Dec. 16: Agua Caliente Casino, $30 (no refunds)
        Wednesday, December 17: Raffle and Bake Sale	by	Lucy           	        Must	have	photo	ID;	$10	cash	credit	and	$10	for		
        Thursday, December 18: Ice Cream Social presented	by	          	        lunch.	Depart	8	a.m.;	return	approx.	6:30	p.m.
        Health Net with Jeannette Oganova who will speak on “Medi-     Dec. 22: Santa Clarita Christmas Light Tour,	6–8	p.m.
        care 101 and Health Net 2009 Benefits;” 12:30 p.m.             2009—
        Monday, December 22: Chip Johnson and the Silvertone           Jan. 14: San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, $30 (no
        Singers perform	during	lunch.                                  refunds)
        Every Saturday: Bingo! You	Can’t	Win	if	You	Don’t	Play!	                Need photo ID; $10 meal voucher & free gift bag!
        3:30–9:30	p.m.,	Dining	Room                                    	        Leave	8:30	a.m.;	ret.	approx.	7	p.m.
        Free Lectures at the Center:                                   Jan. 27: California Science Center, $25 (no refunds)
     Wednesday, December 3: “WHO’S That Working in Your                         Exhibits, 2 IMAX shows ($5 ea.), Leave 10 a.m.;
     Home??? – Critical Considerations Worth Pondering When            	        return	approx.	4	p.m.
     You Need to Hire In-Home Help,” speaker Myles McNamara,           Feb. 15: Santa Monica Playhouse, $45 (no refunds
     Comfort Keepers In-Home Care, 1–2 p.m. This lecture is            past 1/14)
     especially	important	for	seniors	and adult children/caregivers.   	                                                              	
                                                                                Buffet	dinner,	door	prizes,	musical	revue.	Lv.	4	p.m.;	
     Wednesday, December 10:	“Gift	Yourself	with	Optimal	              	        return	approx	9:30	p.m.
     Nutrition: Making Healthy Holiday (and Year-Round) Food           Feb. 26: Pauma Casino, $30, (No refunds)
     Choices,” by OInterventional Cardiologist Dr.Sam Kojoglan-                 Need photo ID; $10 cash back. Leave 8 a.m.; return
     ian from Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, in Activ-          	        approx.	6	p.m.
Page ity	Rooms	1	&	2.	                                                 Mar. 7-13: Collette’s “Southern Charm,” $2829 to $2229
 6   December 19:	“Improving	Quality	of	Life	for	Yourself	and	         per person 7 days, 10 meals
	       Incl.	roundtrip	air,	hotel	transfers,	Savannah,		                           Ballroom	Dance,	Wednesdays,	7:30–8:30	p.m.
        Charleston, Jekyll & St. Simons Islands, Boone Hall                  	      Beginning	Line	Dance	by	Donna	Yantis,	Mondays,
	       Plantation,	and	more!	$100	deposit	was	due	Oct.	6.                   	      	       2–3	p.m.,	Dining	Room
Mar. 17: Chumash Casion, $30 (no refunds)                                           Line Dance by Helen Walker, Tuesdays &
        Must	have	photo	ID,	bus	leaves	8:30	a.m.,	returns		                                 Thursdays,	9:30–10:30	a.m.,	Dining	Room
	       approx.	6:30	p.m.                                                    	      Line	Dance	by	Maria	Del	Georgio,	Wednesdays, 	
Mar. 25: Whale Watching in Ventura Harbor, $52 (no                           	      	       6:00–7:30	p.m.
refunds past 2/24)                                                           	      Polynesian	Dance	by	Winona	Plantenberg,	
        Half-day trip on the Island Adventure; bring your                    	      	       Mondays,	3:00-4:00	p.m.	
	       own	box	lunch—snacks	available	on	board	ship.		                      	      Tap	Dance	by	Mary	Alvedrez,	Tuesdays,	2–3	p.m.,		
	       Leave	11:30	a.m.;	return	approx.	6:30	p.m.                           	      	       Dining	Rooom
Apr. 7–9: Edgewater Hotel, Laughlin, $99 Single, $79 per                     Educational & Technical Training:
person Double (No refunds after Mar. 6)                                             Archeology	&	Anthropology,	Wednesdays,	
	       Coach,	accomodations&	baggage;	one	buffet	meal.		                    	      	       9:30–10:15	a.m.,	Rm.	A3
        Leave 7 a.m.; return approx. 5:30 p.m. Note 20                       	      Computer	Training	(Beginning,	Intermediate,		
	       doubles	must	be	sold	before	singles	go	on	sale.                                     Advanced in Windows & Mac), Fridays,
Trips subject to change. Call Trips & Tours to verify availability.
                                                                                            9	a.m.–1	p.m.,	Rm.	A	1
Advance	reservations	required.	$10	cancellation	fee	applies	(unless	trip	
                                                                                    Ham Radio, Tuesdays,	1–2	p.m.,	Rm.	A2
specifies “No Refunds”) when refund request is received at least 30 days     Exercise Programs:
prior	to	departure.	The	Trips	&	Tours	desk	is	staffed	from	9:30	a.m.–1:30	          Aerobics,	Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays,	
p.m.	Mon.	through	Fri.	Call	Trips	&	Tours,	661-259-9444,	Ext.	111.           	      	         8:30–9:30	a.m.,	Dining	Room
                                                                             	      Aqua	Fitness,	Tuesdays & Thursdays,	
Additional vital services available from SCV Senior                          	      	         8:45–9:45	a.m.	at	Bouquet	Canyon	Seniors		
Center/Committee on Aging: Home-Delivered Meals •                            	      							   pool	June–September
E.N.H.A.N.C.E. (in-home nutritional evaluations) • Adult                     	      Chair	Exercise,	Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays,
Day Care/Respite Care • Handyworker Services • Transpor-                                      9:45–10:15	a.m.,	Dining	Room
tation	Services	(taxi	coupons,	Center	busses,	reduced-fare	                  	      Arthritis	Foundation	P.A.C.E.	(People	with	Arthri-	
Dial-A-Ride for low-income seniors) • Affordable housing                                      tis Can Exercise), Wednesdays,	10:20–	
•	Assessment	&	Care	Management	•	Counseling	Services	•	                      	      	         10:50	a.m.,	Dining	Room
Peer Counseling • Telephone Reassurance • In-Home Registry                   	      T’ai	Chi	Ch’uan,	Tuesdays & Thursdays,	8:30–9:30		
• Caregiver Support • Support Groups (see Health & Wellness                  	      	         a.m.	and	3–4	p.m.	and
list at right) • Information & Assistance • Visually Impaired                	      	         Saturdays,	8:30–10:00	a.m.,	Dining	Room
Assistance	Services                                                          Personal Development:
                                                                                    AARP	Drivers	Safety,	Monthly;	call	for	dates
The	SCV	Senior	Center	offers	over	100	educational,	recre-                    	      Creative	Writing,	Tuesdays, 1–2:30	p.m.,	A3
ational,	and	supportive	programs	on	a	regular	basis.	Most	                   	      Live,	Laugh,	Love, Fridays,	1–2	p.m.,	A3
activities	are	for	adults	18	and	over.	For	more	complete	infor-                     Meditation/Self Improvement, Thursdays,	
mation,	including	costs	or	a	detailed	monthly	calendar,	please	              	      	        2–3	p.m.,	A	1&2
call	the	Center	at	661-259-9444	or	visit	our	web	site	at	www.                Health & Wellness Programs: Here is a brief rundown of classes and                         Blood	Pressure	Check,	Wednesdays,	11:30	a.m.–	
programs	by	category:                                                        	      	       12:30	p.m.,	Rm.	A3
Recreation & Leisure:                                                        	      Caregiver	Support,	Fridays,	9:30–10:30	a.m.,	Modular
	         Bingo,	Saturdays,	3:30–9:30	p.m.,	Dining	Room                      	      Emotional	Support,	Tuesdays,	10–11	a.m.,	Modular
	         Bridge,	Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays,                                 Hearing Check, First or	Second Tuesday Monthly,
	         	        9:00	a.m.,	Rm.	A1                                                        12–1 p.m., Respite Office
	         Duplicate	Bridge,	Tuesdays,	6:45–10:00	p.m.,	                      	      Grief	Support,	Tuesdays,	11	a.m.–	noon,	Modular
	         	        Dining	Room                                               	      Fibromyalgia	Support	Group,	Second Saturday
	         Canasta,	Mondays, 1:00–4:00	p.m.,	Rm.	A2                                          Monthly,	10:30a.m.–12	noon,	Rm.	A	1	&	2
	         Food	Bingo,	Fridays,	10:30–11:30	a.m.,	Rm.	A1                      	      Parkinson’s	Disease	Support	Group,	Second Tues-
	         Senior	Cinema,	2nd Wed.,	2:15	p.m.,	Dining	Room                                   day Monthly,	2–4	p.m.,	Rm.	A	1&2
Respite Art Class: Mary Lou Carraher                                         	      Support	Group	for	the	Visually	Impaired,	Second &
          Mondays, 10:30–11:15	a.m.,	Rm.	A3                                                 Fourth Mondays, 1–2	p.m.,	Rm.	A3
Arts & Crafts Classes, Teresa Luna:                                          By Appointment, call 661-259-9444:
	         Calligraphy,	Wednesdays,	1–2:30	p.m.,	Rm.	A3                              HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy
	         Group	Crafts,	Mondays,	9:00	a.m.,	Rm.	A2                                          Program), First, Second & Fourth
	         Mixed	Media,	Tuesdays, 9	a.m.–2	p.m.,	Rm.	A2                                      Mondays,	10	a.m.–noon,	Modular
	         	        Thursdays, 9	a.m.–4:30	p.m.,	Rm.	A2                              DAV transportation to VA Hospitals,
	         Oil	Painting,	Tuesdays, 6:30–9:30	p.m.,	Rm.	A3                     	      	       Monday–Friday; call	Maria	Linares	in	Ad-	
	         	        Wednesdays,	9	a.m.–12	noon,	Rm.	A1                        	      	       ministration	at	661-259-9444
	         Watercolor,	Tuesdays,	6:30–9:30	p.m.,	Rm.	A3                              Forms, Budget & Referral Help, call 661-255-1588 Page
Cultural Classes:                                                            	      	       to	schedule	an	appointment	with	Ron       7
        THE GOLDEN PEN                                set fire to the entire city. Was that the   to	summer	school	or	spend	the	hours	
        (Continued from page 5.)                      worst	of	times?                             you	would	be	in	summer	school	
                                                      					From 1862 to 1865 the North and        volunteering	somewhere.		Without	
        Tonight,	she	would	sleep	on	the	couch	        South	fought	the	bloodiest	war	in	our	
        in	the	living	room	by	the	Christmas	                                                      hesitation	he	picked	volunteering.		
                                                      history.		During	that	war,	President	
        tree.		The	anticipation	and	excitement	       Lincoln signed the Homestead Act and        Now, I know what you’re thinking,
        of Christmas made it difficult to fall        the Railroad Act. He said, “If we can’t     what	a	perfect	child	to	pick	that…on	
        asleep. Nevertheless, sleep finally           keep the North and South together at        the contrary, I go back to my first
        came.                                         least we can join East and West.” That      statement,	he	hates	school,	so	
        	          Suddenly,	Beth	awoke	with	a	       awful	war	was	followed	by	a	dreadful	
        start.		She	thought	she	heard	a	noise,	                                                   ANYTHING was going to be better
                                                      depression,	now	long	forgotten.		Were	      than	that!
        but	what	was	it?		She	could	see	the	          these	years	the	best	or	the	worst?
        light	of	the	tree	twinkling.		As	her	         					It	took	WWII	to	end	WWI.		We	
                                                                                                            After	talking	it	over	and	
        eyes	became	accustomed	to	the	semi	           had	barely	begun	to	emerge	from	the	        researching	hospitals,	animal	rescues,	
        darkness,	she	caught	her	breath.		It	         devastating	depression	following	the	       and	the	like,	he	decided,	surprisingly,	
        was	Santa!		She	could	see	him	moving	         1929	stock	market	crash	when	we	had	        the	Senior	Center.		So,	I	made	the	
        about	the	room,	placing	a	few	packages	       to	gear	up	for	the	second	war.		It	was	
        underneath	the	tree.		Beth	must	stay	
                                                                                                  appropriate	plans	and	off	we	went	to	
                                                      followed	by	another	recession.		We	         “visit.”		We	decided	that	he	would	
        quiet	since	she	didn’t	want	to	disturb	       emerged	from	that	one	with	the	biggest	
        him	and	she	didn’t	want	him	to	realize	                                                   volunteer	four	hours	a	day.		Well,	75	
                                                      growth in GNP we have ever achieved,
        that	she	had	seen	him.		So	she	closed	        from	the	worst	to	the	best	of	times.        hours	later,	here’s	what	Jack	had	to	
        her	eyes	and	as	she	fell	back	asleep,	        					The	present	may	be	a	bad	time,	but	    say:
        Beth	felt	secure	in	the	knowledge	that	       we	always	recover.		We’ll	do	it	again.		              What	kind	of	things	did	you	
        for	her	Santa	was	real.                       When	Americans	pull	together,	we	make	      help	with?		“I	served	food	to	the	
                   Her father would later tell her    miracles.
        that	it	isn’t	important	whether	Santa	is	                                                 handicapped	people,	and	helped	take	
        a	real	person	or	not.		The	importance	                                                    all	the	seniors’	food	trays,	and	helped	
        lies	in	what	Santa	represents,	and	he	                  New Year’s Eve                    clean	up.”
        represents	the	Spirit	of	Love.                 An Acrostic – by Veronica Pinckard
                                                                                                            Did	you	meet	any	new	
        	          Beth	remembered	that	and	              Nevermore	shall	we	hear	the             people?		“There	was	a	nice	lady,	I	
        throughout	her	life,	Christmas	always	
        had a special fascination filled with awe
                                                          Eternal	plight	of	the                   don’t	know	her	name,	because	I	think	
        warmed	by	the	wonderful	presence	of	              Wayfaring	wanderers.                    she	has	a	little	Alzheimer’s,	but	she	
        the	Spirit	of	Love.		She	always	hoped	                                                    talked	to	me	everyday	in	the	pool	
        that	someday	everyone	in	the	world	                                                       room.		She	was	the	only	one	I	brought	
        would	come	to	feel	that	loving	presence	
                                                          Yesterday’s	carolers	have
                                                                                                  her	lunch	there.”
        not	only	during	the	holiday	season,	but	          Entrusted	their	traditions,                       Did	they	have	interesting	
        every	day	throughout	the	year.		                  And	youngsters	seek	more                things	to	share?		“She	talked	about	
                                                          Rollicking	and	rambunctious             interesting	stuff	from	when	she	was	
             America the Wonderful                                                                little.	All	the	men	talked	about	their	
                      by Dena Miller                      ‘Songs	to	sing.
                                                                                                  wars,	it	was	cool.”
        					“It	was	the	best	of	times;	it	was	the	
                                                                                                            What	did	you	learn	about	
     worst	of	times.”		A Tale of Two Cities               Even	now	in	this	modern	day,
     begins	with	these	words.		Do	they	apply	                                                     senior	citizens?	“They	know	a	lot	of	
                                                          Values	somehow	seem	different	–	        stuff,	and	they	like	to	share	it.”
     					We	are	in	the	sixth	year	of	war	in	             Each	of	us	left	to	mourn	the	loss.                How was the food? “It was
     Iraq.		Prices	for	food	and	gasoline	have	                                                    very	good.	I	liked	the	chicken	and	
     soared.		The	stock	market	lost	a	trillion	       NEWS FROM                                   rice	and	spaghetti.”
     dollars	in	a	year.		There’s	no	end	to	           AROUND THE CENTER                                     Are	you	going	to	visit	
     sad	news	of	multiple	foreclosures	and	           (Continued from page 3.)
     falling	values	of	homes.		Over	700,000	
                                                                                                  again?	“Probably,	it	was	a	good	
     jobs have disappeared. Personal                                                              experience.”
                                                              Jack’s Summer                                 Well,	I	can	safely	say,	that	
     freedoms	have	been	curtailed	to	protect	
     our	country	from	terrorists.                              My	son,	Jack,	hates	school!		      Jack’s	experience	at	the	Senior	
     					Think	of	America	in	1776.		                 So,	when	faced	with	the	decision	           Center	this	past	summer	was	
     Consider the fifty-six men who pledged           of	what	to	do	over	the	summer	the	          better	than	anything	he	could	have	
     their	lives,	their	fortunes	and	their	           answer	was	simple,	nothing!		Well,	         learned	in	summer	school!—Shelley
     sacred	honor	to	free	the	new	world	              unfortunately	for	my	teenager,	that	
     from	the	rule	of	royalty.		Was	that	the	
                                                      wasn’t going to fly. So I was faced            Jack O’Brien is 14 years old, and
     worst	of	times?
Page 					In	1813	the	British	burned	the	White	       with	the	problem	of	what	to	do.		So,	          a Freshman at West Ranch High
 8                                                    I	gave	him	the	choice…you	can	go	                          School.
     House and came back the next day to
                                        of All

                                                                         PHOTO BY ROBIN CLOUGH.

   On Saturday, No-                                               Two Girl Scout Troops made Veter-
vember 1, the entire                                              ans Day extra special at the Senior
 Center became one                                                   Center. They brought flowers in
 big sale venue with                                              hand-decorated pots, yummy cook-
    bargain goodies                                               ies, and sang patriotic songs to the
    of all kinds from                                             musical chords of Morris Silver on
    big items like furniture to small. Top photo, Mina Langlois        piano and Pat Palmer on bass.
    was on hand
                                                                                                                    PHOTO BY MARY GALLANT.
    to set up and
    man the sale.                                                                                              FLU CLINIC ‘08!
 Others included
Diana Sevanian,                                                                                                      Friday morning, No-
   Wayne Burns,                                                                                                 vember 14, was Flu Clinic
   Carol Garcia,
 Helen Johnson,
   Mike Dinkell,                                                    Day, and this was
     Terri Hall, Margie Lombardi, Tess Carlos, Dulce De Pala,          the scene in the
  Teresa Luna, Pat Gold, Linda Ryan, Gene Dorio, Diane and         Dining—er, Waiting
Dave Hill, and Estelle El-                                                      Room!
lis. The Dining Room was
 set aside for the Boutique
 vendors. Over $1500 was
raised, and costly storage                                                                                          Diana Sevanian is
    space rental funds will                                                                                         surrounded by the
             also be saved.                                                                                         team of nurses from
                                                                                                                    the Los Angeles
                                                                                                                    County Department
                                                                                                                    of Public Health who
                                       Veterans Day                                                                 arrived to administer
                                       at the                                                                       the flue shots.
                                       Senior Center

                                                                                                                    Shot recipients came
                                        At the greeter’s desk,                                                      in all sizes!!
                                        Bea Mulligan wel-
                                        comed one and all.


                                                                     Mayor Emeritus
                                                                   and Senior Center
                                                                       Angel Jo-Anne
                                                                   Darcy was among
                                                                  those who attended
                                                                  the event to get her
                                                                        2008 flu shot!

                                                                                                  PHOTOS THIS STORY BY MARY GALLANT.
                                                                                                             NEWS (Continues on page 15.)  9
                  Out & About with Mina                                         Friendly     alley Country Club

                          by Mina Langlois                                                  olunteers
                                                                                                   by Grace Kierbel
                              Perception                                    Volunteer of the Month: Gladys Laney
                “How we look at different things in different                   Not realizing what a treasure Gladys Laney
       ways.”	For	example,	I	have	heard	people	criticize	our	         is, she had to have her arm twisted by me to finally be
       SCV	Senior	Center	because	it	was	not	up	to	the	latest	         introduced	as	the	inspiration	of	this	month	after	20	some	
       fashion	or	it	seemed	shabby	to	them.	As	I	go	back	in	          odd years of volunteering at our Senior Center just to be
       memory	about	what	was	said,	I	look	back	25	or	30	              interviewed.			
       years	ago	as	to	what	we	had	when	I	came	here.	What	                      This	is	only	a	partial	part	of	the	long	life	of	
       I	saw	was	a	group	of	wonderful	people	who	were	not	            Gladys Laney:
       interested	in	style,	money,	and	fancy	things,	but	in	each	     	         She	was	born	in	her	home	on	the	corner	of	
       other	and	how	they	could	help	someone	less	fortunate	          Market Street and Newhall Ave. on July 16th 1910. Her
       than	themselves.	                                              father,	Ag	Thivaudeau,	a	Canadian,	met	and	married	
                I	still	see	very	wonderful	people	donating	their	     her mother, Armantha in Newhall, California. Her
       time	and	energy	to	serve	these	very	people	who	are	so	         father was an influence on Gladys as an ethical role
       ready	to	criticize.	Over	the	years,	I	also	saw	a	young	        model, and her mother, who was a joiner in many
       director,	Brad	Berens,	bring	so	much	more	to	this	center.	     organizations, and influenced Gladys in a different way.
       Regardless	of	the	building,	he	worked	hard,	and	this	                    The Newhall Elementary school Gladys attended
       Senior	Center	has	grown	with	so	many	things	to	help	the	       held	classes	from	kindergarten	through	8th	grade	in	one	
       seniors.	For	example,	help	with	senior	housing,	games,	        building	at	that	time.	After	graduating	from	grammar	
       crafts,	exercise,	and	dancing.	We	have	health	care	and	        school, Gladys took the bus to San Fernando High School
       movies.	It’s	all	here!	And	there	are	many	wonderful	           in Van Nuys. Gladys graduated from Van Nuys High
       people	here	who	really	appreciate	what	we	have.	               School	at	the	early	age	of	16	years.	She	continued	her	
                It’s	the	smiles	and	the	welcome	from	these	           education	for	one	year	at	UCLA.	At	one	time,	I	watched	
       kinds	of	people	who	make	the	Senior	Center	the	great	          Gladys	do	a	Times	crossword	puzzle-IN INK!!	
       place	it	has	been	for	me,	and	it	can	be	for	you	also.	                   For her first time in the work field, Gladys got a
       Look	on	the	bright	side.                                       job working for an attorney as an all around Girl Friday
                                A Note                                doing every phase of office work. And in 1930 came
                This	article	was	written	prior	to	falling	and	        the	big	moment	of	marriage	for	Gladys	to	James	W.	
       breaking my leg and hip in early November. I’m still not       Laney.	A	marine	stationed	on	the	“USS	Santana.”	They	
       well enough to write, but just wish to thank everyone          produced	a	son	James	W.	Laney,	Jr.	a	teacher,	who	sadly	
       for	their	concern	and	cards.	I	will	reply	to	all	later	when	   passed	away	in	1983.	
       I	am	better.	It’s	been	a	rough	time.—Mina                                But,	life	goes	on	in	the	world	of	Gladys	Laney.	
            Ed. Note: No one I know in any context is more            For	the	next	15	years,	Gladys	worked	for	Chitood’s	
       positive, friendly, caring, or determined to make a            Furniture Store in Newhall doing all around office work.
       difference than Mina Langlois. When she sets her mind                    A	decision	was	made	by	Gladys	to	retire	and	
       to something—she gets ‘er done! She has been such a            do nothing. Ha, not a part of her inheritance from her
       dedicated volunteer and supporter of the Center over           parents.	Gladys	came	to	our	Senior	Center	around	1987.		
       the years that some of credit for the success of this          Mary	Blankenship	was	the	Executive	Director	of	our	
       Center belongs to her!                                         Center	at	that	time.	Gladys	started	volunteering	and	
                In fact, if it were not for Mina, you probably        hasn’t stopped as yet. A partial list of volunteer jobs on
       would not be reading this Mighty	Oak today! In                 Gladys’s	list	are,	answering	the	telephone	in	the	main	
       the early years of the Center, there was a “Mighty             office, making reassurance calls to the frail elderly and
       Oak” newsletter, but at a certain point it became too          home-bound	seniors	twice	a	week	while	in	the	modular.	
       expensive, and fell by the wayside. During Mina’s tenure       Gladys is also our Historian, clipping items printed
       as Chairperson of the Advisory Council, she decided it         in	The Signal,	The Daily News	and	local	publications	
       was time to revive the newsletter. She did, and several        about	what’s	going	on	in	our	Senior	Center	and	posting	
       months later when she was called to Arizona on family          them in the many books filled with activities through the
       matters, she asked me to take it on “temporarily.” Sure!       many	years	of	collecting.	Gladys	also	makes	a	request	
                We all owe Mina a big round of applause—as            for	a	little	help	in	getting	the	clippings	from	the	papers.	
       well as a great big “Get well quick!”—ED.                      If	Gladys	is	not	at	her	desk,	please	give	the	clippings	to	
                                                                      the	receptionist.	Thank	you.	
          Blessed are those . . .                                               There is a destiny that links us. No one goes
Page      Who can give without remembering,                           his	way	alone.	All	that	we	send	into	the	hearts	of	others	
 10       And take without forgetting.                                comes	back	to	our	own.
	“Forget	your	age,	it’s	only	a	number…Appreciate	your	       up	your	newspaper,	watch	the	talking	heads,	listen	to	
                friends!”	Gladys	Laney	                      the	pundits--each	of	whom	have	a	different	outlook,	a	
—Grace Kierbel—Joy is an inside Job                          different solution--but no one has the quick fix we are
                                                             hoping	for.	It	seems	that	the	comment	I	made	in	my	
HATS OFF (Continued from page 3.)                            column	of	last	month	about	repeating	the	same	mistakes	
•	To	Esther	Bainbridge,	Kathi	Corey,	Connie	                 of	the	past	have	come	back	to	haunt	us	once	again.	
Grusheshsky, Bob Hill, Evie Leslie, Mona Loth, Joan          Hopefully, this time the persons in charge of our new
Lust,	Lorna	Ostroski,	Angie	and	Pat	Palmer,	and	Lillian	 ruling	body	will	take	a	bold	stance	in	trying	to	avoid	a	
Williams	who	donated	funds	to	the	Center	in	memory	of	 repeat	of	the	mistakes	of	our	childhood.	We	now	have	a	
Rick	Molano.                                                 brave	young	man	with	courage	to	take	bold	steps	to	stop	
                                                             the flow of our wealth and create the confidence that our
•	To Millie Ballace, Charles Gibson, Jill Harper, and
                                                             nation	will	once	again	lead	the	world	to	a	better	life	for	
Amy	Lee	for	purchasing	our	$1	greeting	card	and	
                                                             all	its	citizens.	
making	a	Senior	Center	contribution.
                                                             	         Personally,	I,	too,	have	undergone	a	change	
                                                             insofar	as	my	family	is	concerned.	Jut	two	weeks	ago	
                               Carraher                      I	became	a	great-grandmother	(and	I	really	am	a	Great	
                               Honored                       grandmother!) to my ninth great grandchild, a beautiful
                               at Hauser                     little	girl	born	to	my	grandson	and	his	wife	after	11	
                                                             years	of	hoping	and	she	is	the	answer	to	their	dreams	
                               Open House                    of a little sister to their wonderful fifteen-year-old
                                        Realtor	Tracy	       daughter. Her name is Elizabeth and she is the prettiest
                               Hauser used an open           baby	in	the	whole	world—bless	her!
                               house	for	her	clients	at	her	 	         Thanksgiving	is	going	to	be	delayed	in	my	
                               home on November 15 	   th    home	for	a	couple	of	weeks	as	my	daughter	Judy,	
                               to	draw	attention	to	the	     herself	a	grandmother	to	seven	grandchildren,	will	
Senior	Center	Art	Program.	The	garden	was	in	bloom	          be coming for a very short visit from Columbus, OH,
and	further	bedecked	with	the	artwork	of	Mary	Lou	           and	we	haven’t	been	together	for	three	years	so	it’s	
Carraher’s	students.	A	total	of	ten	artists	had	work	        going to be joyful! Her visit coincides with the opening
                                                                                                     (Continued fon page 12.)
	        In	addition,	a	section	of	the	garden	was	set	
up	as	a	tribute	to	Carraher	who	has	been	teaching	and	                   Hair Stylist Marjan
inspiring	students	at	the	Center	for	over	16	years.	She	                      For appointments, call
was	the	driving	force	behind	the	mural	in	the	dining	
room,	and	has	launched	ten	senior	art	exhibitions	in	
the	community.	Currently,	Mary	Lou	teaches	art	for	the	          Profiles Hair Salon, 23942 Lyons Ave., Newhall
Respite	Program.                                                Shampoo/Cut               $25 Color Tint, Virgin $50
	        The	day	was	less	than	perfect	unfortunately,	          Shampoo/Cut/Style $35 Color Touch Up                        $40
with winds and smoke from local fires marring the day.          Shampoo Set               $25 Full Highlight                $80
Our thanks to Ms. Hauser, for focusing community                Perm                 $50 & up Partial Highlight             $50
attention	on	the	good	works	of	Carraher	and	the	Center!	                         ($15 more for blow dry.)
Thanks,	also,	to	Teresa	Luna	for	working	with	Ms.	
Hauser to coordinate and mount the exhibit.—Ed.

                  Words from
                  The Willows
                by Fran Schaeffer                                  Marjan’s Friends & Family Special
                                                                   Bring a friend and save 50% off
        Today	I’m	devoting	this	column	to	the	                           your combined bill!
“Elements	of	Change.”	For	the	past	year,	the	mantra	of	                      Transportation problems?
“Change” has been pervasive in its influences on our                If there are more than 2—I’ll come to you!
thinking,	on	our	responses,	and	our	beliefs	that	this	is	                  Valid Monday through Thursday.
going	to	be	the	correct	road	back	to	the	way	of	life	to	                 •                     •
                                                                           More Style! More Fun!
which	we	have	become	accustomed,	and	now	we	are	
facing	the	reality	that	it	is	not	going	to	be	easy.	Pick	
                                                                                 •More Savings!
       Words from the Willows
       (Continued from page 11.)

       Christmas	concert	of	the	Santa	Clarita	
       Master	Chorale,	which	always	has	a	
       great	holiday	concert,	and	fortunately	
       one	of	my	dear	friends	was	able	to	obtain	
       an	extra	ticket	so	the	trip	is	going	to	be	
       exciting	and	busy.	I’m	out	to	show	my
       Judy	how	much	fun	it	is	to	live	in	Santa	
       	        I	have	been	doing	a	lot	of	
       reading	lately	and	it’s	fortunate	that	
       there	are	many	great	readers	living	
       right	here	in	this	building	and	who	
       are	generous	with	their	own	library	
       collections	available	to	anyone	who	
       chooses	to	borrow	any	book	on	the	
       three	public	shelves	throughout	our	
       building.	At	present,	I’m	reading	a	book	
       by Joanne Harris called “Five Quarters
       of	the	Orange”	set	in	rural	France	years	
       after	the	occupation,	somewhat	of	a	
       mystery	within	the	family	and	the	central	
       character,	a	great	cook.	Coincidentally,	I	
       have	two	cookbooks	of	French	cooking	
       that	are	helping	me	to	understand	the	
       author’s	recipes.	The	author	wrote	that	
       tantalizing	book,	“Chocolat”	later	made	
       into	a	great	movie.	
       	        And	speaking	of	writers,	we	
       have	lost	two	great	ones	in	the	last	
       several weeks: Tony Hillerman and Studs
       Terkel,	both	in	their	eighties.	If	you	are	a	
       Tony Hillerman fan, you must agree that
       he	presents	a	modern	day	picture	of	the	
       Indian Nations contrary to the depiction
       of	past	years,	all	added	to	“Cracker-Jack”	
       mysteries	set	in	the	most	spectacular	
       areas	of	the	West.	I	know	I	will	miss	my	
       two	favorite	characters—Jim	Chee	and	
       Joe	Leaphorn.	Studs	Terkel,	a	native	born	
       Chicagoan	wrote	of	the	Chicago	element	
       and	everyday	life	and	characters	of	that	
       great	city.	You	either	loved	Terkel	or	you	
       hated	him,	but	he	always	entertained.
       	        And	now	for	the	puppies—my	
       children’s	four	little	adorable	scamps—
       except	now	there	are	only	three.	Freddie,	
       the venerable old (20 years) five-pound
       terror	quietly	slipped	away	three	weeks	
       ago	after	living	the	life	of	royalty,	safe	in	
       his	dad’s	arms	and	missed	by	all	(except	
       his	nemesis,	Barney,	who	is	probably	
       happy he’s gone). Freddie and I have
Page   two	“special	places”	in	the	back	garden	
 12    where	we’ll	be	able	to	see	what’s	going	
on	in	the	house	so	they	had	better	behave!	As	they	used	      again	–	maybe	next	spring\autumn	if	I	can	still	pass	my	
to	say	when	I	was	a	kid—“Put	that	in	your	pipe	and	           drivers	test!
smoke	it!”—Fondly,	Fran                                                Next month I’ll present information centering
                                                              on the Computer Room and its benefits available to the
                      Bouquet Canyon                          tenants	here	at	Bouquet	Canyon	Apartments.		Onward	
                      Banter                                  to the Hanukkah and Christmas seasons ahead and my
                      by Clarice Shute                        wishes for a happy, healthy 2009 New Year ahead for all
                                                              of	us.—Clarice		
         I’m	Ba-a-c-k!		“Thank	you”	to	so	many	of	you	
                                                                        OUR VERY OWN                BUCKET LIST
who	noticed	the	absence	of	‘Bouquet	Canyon	Banter’	
                                                                         What a heartfelt response our seniors gave to
the	past	two	issues.		It	is	nice	to	know	your	friends	do	                the film “The Bucket List”! They also filled
miss	your	presence.		Where	did	I	go	and	what	did	I	do?		                 the “Bucket” with their own dreams and hopes
                                                                         in 25 words or less. Look for your “bucket
So	glad	you	asked!	Fortunately	for	me	I	can	still	pass	                   dream” inThe Mighty Oak in the next few
my	drivers	test,	have	my	own	car	and	like	to	drive.		I	                  months. May all of your dreams come true.

guess	that	can	be	attributed	to	RVing	for	several	years	      •	I	would	like	to:	Visit	Spain	and	Greece	with	my	family	
when	my	adventurous	husband	was	still	alive	and	we	           and	friends.	Own	a	1963	Corvette.
both	loved	“hitting	the	road.”                                •	I	would	like	to:	Take	an	African	Safari.
	        I	had	been	missing	faces	and	voices	of	my	many	      •	I	would	like	to:	Get	married	on	the	beach	in	Tahiti.
friends that were/are so much a part of my life for 14        •	I	would	like	to:	Take	a	European	vacation—Greece,	
years	before	I	moved	into	Bouquet	Canyon	Apartments	          Holy Land, Scandinavia, Spain, England—with my
4½	years	ago.	It	was	time	to	“go	to	the	well	and	be	          wife.—Bob Toneg
refreshed”	by	visiting	those	friends	again.		In	September	
I drove to my old habitat in the Mojave Desert. More          FLAVOR OF THE MONTH
specifically Silver Lakes, Helendale--located halfway         by Alfredo D. Castro
between Victorville/Apple Valley and Barstow on ‘Old                         NOT FOR SENIORS ONLY
Route	‘66’.		I	stayed	with	a	friend	in	Apple	Valley	for	      Q: Where can men over the age of 60 find young, sexy
four days. Had lunch with my girl friends in Silver           women	interested	in	them?
Lake,	played	Bunco	one	afternoon	with	the	gals	from	          A:		Try	a	bookstore	-	under	Fiction.
Pearl Harbor Survivors Chapter in Victorville, drove          Q:	My	wife	is	undergoing	menopause.	What	can	I	do?
around	local	area,	and	was	astounded	by	the	growth	that	      A:		Keep	busy.	If	you	are	handy	with	tools,	you	can	redo	
has taken place in that area. Not desiring to overstay        the	basement.	When	you	are	done,	you	will	have	a	nice	
my	welcome	I	hopped	into	my	’03	Vue	and	drove	up	             place	to	live	in.
to	Bishop,	CA,	to	visit	another	‘escapee’	from	Silver	        	
Lakes.	Another	three	days	of	‘gabbing,’	and	absorbing		       Q:		Why	should	60+	year	olds	use	valet	parking?
the majestic views of surrounding mountains at twilight       A:		Valets	don’t	forget	where	they	park	your	car.
from	her	lovely	mountain	retreat	home,	and	once	again,	       Q:		Is	it	common	for	60+	year	olds	to	have	problems	
not	wanting	to	over	do	a	lovely	visit	I	head	back	to	         with	short-term	memory?
‘home’	in	Santa	Clarita.	I	drove	a	total	round-trip	of	459	   A:		Storing	memory	is	not	a	problem.	Retrieving	it	is	a	
miles, solo. I just up the volume on my CD – 6 pak and        problem.
away I go, enjoying the ever-changing views in front
                                                              Q:		As	people	age,	do	they	sleep	more	soundly?
of	me	and	remembering	the	many	new	adventures	I’ve	
                                                              A:		Yes,	but	usually	in	the	afternoon.
added	to	my	memory	book.                                      	
         I remained home just long enough to open the         Q:		Where	do	60+	year	olds	look	for	fashionable	
mail,	both	postal	and	‘E,’	pay	the	bills,	do	the	laundry	     glasses?
and	then	repack,	refuel	the	‘Vue’	and	in	October	back	        A:		Their	foreheads.
on the highway, head north on Highway 5 to Santa              Q: How can you avoid spotting a wrinkle every time
Clara,	pick	up	a	travel	companion	(my	sister-in-law,	         you	walk	be	a	mirror?
Junie), and off we headed to the Napa Valley for some         A:		The	next	time	you’re	in	front	of	a	mirror,	take	off	
cavorting around the vineyards. Naturally, we did some        your	glasses.
‘sampling	of	the	vines,’	and	had	lunch	on	the	famous	         	
and	delightful	‘Wine	Train.’	I	did	a	lot	of	‘family	          Q:		What	is	the	most	common	remark	made	by	the	60+	
stuff’ reminiscing and after five days of beautiful           year	olds	when	in	an	antique	store?
comradeship,	it	was	time	to	leave	Junie	in	Santa	Clara,	      A:		I	remember	these.
head home reversing the trip south on Hwy 5 to Santa          Q:		And	what	is	the	most	frequent	thought	when	going	
Clarita.	That	was	a	round-trip	of	1,120	miles.	Yes,	it	was	   from	one	room	to	another?                                Page
and	is	good	to	be	home,	but	I	can’t	wait	to	do	it	all	over	   A:		What	did	I	come	here	for?                             13
                                                                   to	make	serious	cutbacks	to	ensure	all	of	our	services	
                    Executive                                      remain	available.	This	year,	we	have	to	raise	at	least	
                    Memo                                           an	additional	$100,000	to	complete	the	addition	in	the	
                    by Brad Berens                                 multipurpose	room	that	better	allows	us	to	centralize	our	
                                                                   services	and	meet	the	growing	needs	of	the	community	
          Your Center Begins 2008-09 Annual Campaign               while	keeping	a	balanced	budget.
                 Our	Annual	Campaign	begins	December	1,	2008	                Many of us have been on a shared journey for
        and ends at the end of February in the New Year. We        as many as 20 years. Hundreds of our participants were
        consciously	begin	this	campaign	after	Thanksgiving,	a	     the	backbone	of	our	volunteer	programs	for	years,	and	
        traditional time to reflect and give thanks for what we    now,	with	time	passed,	are	in	need	of	services	that	allow	
        have,	no	matter	what	challenges	we	face,	and	burdens	      them	to	remain	in	their	homes	with	the	assistance	they	
        we carry. The vast majority of our 8,500 participants      need.	For	those	of	you	who	partake	in	the	programming	
        here	at	the	Center	are	at	that	stage	of	our	existence	     and	services	here	on	Market	Street,	or	in	Friendly	Valley,	
        where	life	has	a	tendency	to	subtract	rather	than	add	     or	at	Bouquet	Canyon	Seniors,	remember	that	there	are	
        to	our	quality	of	life.	Fortunately,	the	SCV	Senior	       thousands	of	other	seniors	receiving	our	services	that	
        Center	is	an	institution	in	our	community	where	our	       you	never	see,	who	are	home	alone	and	need	us,	too.
        participants	gather	and	draw	strength	from	one	another	              Please	give	as	generously	as	you	can	and	are	
        and fundamentally enjoy an enhanced independence and able.	If	there	is	one	truism	that	remains	constant,	it	is	
        quality	of	life	that	one	could	only	imagine	going	without. our	seniors	looking	after	their	peers	through	donating	or	
                 Our	campaign	is	modest,	asking	all	of	our	        giving	of	their	time	to	provide	services	that	makes	the	
        participants to donate just ten dollars towards the        difference	for	so	many.	The	dynamic	of	the	SCV	Senior	
        viability	and	continued	success	of	the	SCV	Senior	         Center	is	a	circle	of	care.	Thousands	of	elders	depend	on	
        Center.	For	those	who	can,	we	ask	that	you	donate	more	 us,	and	we	in	turn	depend	on	the	community,	mostly	our	
        to	assist	those	who	cannot.	In	all	sincerity,	this	year’s	 seniors	themselves,	to	make	sure	the	circle	is	not	broken.	
        campaign	is	the	most	critical	since	its	inception	many	    It’s	the	little	things	we	do	for	one	another	that	make	a	
        years	ago.	With	year	after	year	of	reduced	funding	for	    huge	difference	in	the	lives	we	touch	and	share	each	day	
        our Nonprofit, and a minimum of 10 percent growth in       at	your	SCV	Senior	Center.
        participation from new elders joining us, we have had                Sincerely,	Brad Berens, Executive Director

               Center Initiates 2008-09 Annual Campaign:              are	there	each	time	a	senior	makes	a	call	to	661-259-
                       “10 Bucks to a Better Future”                  9444	to	ask	for	assistance.
        												Everyone	knows	America	is	graying	quickly	as					 												This	is	a	modest	but	essential	campaign,	and	we	
     											Baby	Boomers	reach	retirement	age.	The	65	and				      request	only	a	modest	amount--to	contribute	$10	during	
     							over	crowd	will	grow	by	15	percent	by	2010.	If	that	       our	December-February	campaign	period.	Indeed,	if	every	
     figure isn’t staggering enough, our population of older           single	person	in	this	Valley	were	to	contribute	this	small	
     elderly,	those	over	85,	will	increase	by	40	percent!              amount,	we	could	address	the	future	that	is	with	us	today.	
     												The	SCV	Senior	Center	knows	that	our	comunity	        If	you	doubt	it,	consider	this:	The	population	of	the	City	
     mirrors	the	rest	of	the	nation,	but	in	reality	those	increas-     of	Santa	Clarita	is	currently	184,000	(more	if	you	consider	
     es	are	accelerated	by	the	fact	that	we	live	in	California,	       the Valley as a whole). If we could achieve full participa-
     the	state	with	the	highest	ratio	of	older	people,	and	that	       tion	in	our	“10	Bucks	to	a	Better	Future”	campaign,	that	
     the	Santa	Clarita	Valley	witnesses	a	high	rate	of	growth	         would	be	$1,840,000!	Please	do	your	part.
     of	seniors	who	desire	to	be	close	to	extended	families.           												What	your	donation	will	provide	for:
     												Your	SCV	Senior	Center	provided	one	or	multiple	      •	$5	buys	a	senior’s	transportation	to	and	from	the	Cen-
     services	of	an	on-going	nature	to	more	than	8,500	seniors	        ter for five days.
     last	year.	Participation	in	our	programs	typically	increases	     •	$10	buys	one	senior’s	lunch	at	the	Center	for	a	week.
     in double-digit figures each year demonstrating that truly        • $15 buys a senior’s Home-Delivered Meals for a week.
     the	need	for	“a	better	future	for	our	seniors”	IS	now.            •	$20	buys	a	day	in	daycare	including	lunch	for	one	senior.
     												Santa	Clarita	once	held	the	prideful	moniker	         •	$50	buys	one	shower	grab	bar	and	pays	for	installation	
     as	one	of	the	most	“elder-friendly”	communities	in	the	           in	the	home	of	a	frail	elder.
     nation,	but	that	distinction	is	eroding	due	to	the	sheer	         •	$100	buys	one	day	of	emergency	Personal	Care	service.
     numbers	of	elders	seeking	assistance	while	funding	has	           												Please	help	us	be	here	for	your	elders	today	and	
     declined	after	remaining	stagnant	for	many	years.	As	in	          to	meet	your	future	needs	by	putting	aside	$10	yearly.	
     the	past	few	years,	the	SCV	Senior	Center	is	seeking	the	         Checks	should	be	made	payable	to	“SCVSC	Annual	
     community’s	assistance	in	our	Annual	Campaign	called	             Campaign,”	22900	Market	Street,	Santa	Clarita,	CA	
Page “10	Bucks	for	a	Better	Future.”	With	our	community’s	             91321-3608.	Call	Maria	Linares,	at	the	SCV	Senior	Cen-
 14 help,	we	can	bridge	the	gap	to	ensure	these	vital	services	        ter,	661-259-9444	for	further	details.

                                        Artist of the Month:
                                      Geraldine “Jerry” Beeson

                           	        This	native	Californian	has	been	attending	
                           art	classes	at	the	Senior	Center	for	about	four	years.	
                           She loves to paint landscapes, flowers, and still-life
                           compositions	using	watercolors	as	her	media.
                           	        In	this	latest	example	of	her	work,	a	9x12-
                           inch	watercolor	on	heavy	stock,	her	favorite	color	
                           palette	is	incredibly	pleasing	to	the	eye.	The	use	of	
                           bluish-purple	tones	and	a	variety	of	yellows	make	
                           the	mountains	the	focal	point	of	her	composition.	This	          blending	techniques	in	the	rendition	of	skies,	as	well	as	
                           prolific artist demonstrates an unusual command of               lights	and	shadows	in	her	mountains.	
                           NEWS FROM AROUND THE CENTER
                           (Continued from page 9.)
                                                                  Halloween Hijinks at the Center

                                                                The Soroptomists and their spooky spawn came in
                                                                full costume to throw us a great Halloween party!
                                                                The gals passed out tickets and the kids distributed   Harold Fairbanks came as “Joe
                                                                goodie bags to many lucky winners.                     the Plumber!” Not elaborate, but
                                                                	         Robin Clough had several other humor-        timely and clever! We all thank him
                           Taking First Place in the Halloween                                                         for buying a new plunger for his
                                                                ous ribbons to award. Those recipients above were
                           Costume Contest was Edna Wall,                                                              costume!
                                                                from left, Joe the Farmer, Tammy the Bee, Jennie
                           seated. Her elegant Egyptian outfit
                           earned her the nickname Cleopatra the Bunny, Wayne the Activist, and
                           for the day. With her is Teresa Luna Gladys the Latin Dancer. One of
                                                                                                                                            A Fresh
                           who served as one of the judges. The the Soropomist’s young boys (not                                            New
                           Respite group sure went all out for  shown) also won a ribbon; he                                                Face
                           the day!                             was attired in a very convincing
                                                                “Grim Reaper” costume.
                                                       Senior Center Participates in the
                                                                Great SoCal Shakeout
                                                                     	        Members	of	                      Proud parents Director of Nutrition
                                                                     Helen Walker’s line-danc-         Jorge	Pacheco	and	Lisa	Burbano	welcomed	
                                                                     ing	class	did	some	fancy	         their daughter Isabel on November 15. She
                                                                     steps	to	safe	areas	during	       arrived	eight	pounds	and	21	inches	long!
                                                                     the	earthquake	drill.		The	
                                                                     SCV	Senior	Center	was	an	         Computer Class Year-End Schedule
                                                                     official participant of the       PLEASE NOTE: Gail	Eisenberg’s	current	
                                                                     largest	drill	in	Southern	        Friday PC classes will finish up, but no new
                                                                     California.	The	event	was	        classes	will	be	starting	until	January.	There	are	Page
                                                                     held on November 13.              no	Mac	classes	currently	running.                  15
                           PHOTO BY ROBIN CLOUGH.
        DECEMBER, 2008 MESSAGE                                           the City/Sheriffs Business Alliance, a program that pro-
        FROM MAYOR BOB KELLAR                                            vides	dedicated	law	enforcement	response	and	preven-
                                                                         tion	for	business.	Over	the	long-term,	the	City	is	keeping	
        To My Fellow Santa Claritians:                                   business	in	mind	as	we	plan	for	land	use	during	the	next	
        	     It	has	truly	been	my	honor	this	year	to	be	your	           20-30	years	with	our	One	Valley	One	Vision	plan,	look-
        Mayor.		I	can	think	of	no	better	way	to	serve	our	commu-         ing	for	policies	that	will	encourage	business	growth.		
        nity	than	as	a	member	of	our	City	Council	and	for	2008,	         	        At	the	lunchtime	meeting,	I	am	pleased	to	tell	
        as	the	Mayor	of	the	great	City	of	Santa	Clarita.		It	has	        you	that	these	busy	men	and	women	generously	gave	of	
        definitely been an interesting and challenging year, not         their	time	and	ideas	to	contribute	their	best	ideas.		While	
        only	for	our	City,	but	also	for	our	nation.		We	are	currently	   we	didn’t	solve	all	the	problems	of	the	world,	I	think	
        seeing one of the worst national financial crises in several     we	came	up	with	some	“doable”	action	items	that	could	
        decades.		Businesses	are	suffering,	people	have	lost	their	      ultimately make a difference here in Santa Clarita. Here
        homes, some have lost their jobs, and through it all, many       are	a	few	of	the	ideas	presented	by	the	group:
        of	us	feel	powerless	to	help	all	of	them.		                      •		Do	more	shop	local	promotion	and	advertising
        	         In	October,	I	gathered	a	dozen	or	so	of	our	           •		Simplify,	expedite	and	streamline	the	City’s	building	
        community’s	best	business	minds	to	brainstorm	ideas	on	          and	permitting	systems
        what,	if	anything,	we	can	do	as	a	community	to	help	our	         •		Work	more	closely	with	the	SCV	Chamber,	VIA	and	
        residents	and	our	business	community	during	these	dif-           College	of	the	Canyons	
        ficult times. We kicked off the meeting by sharing with          •		Expand	business	partnership	opportunities	locally	
        them,	some	of	the	things	our	City	is	doing	to	address	this	      whenever	possible
        important issue. Santa Clarita enjoys a business friendly        •		Work	with	community	partners	to	increase	the	market-
        City	Council	and	government	that	does	not	require	a	             ing of events that attract visitors and create significant
        business	license	fee,	does	not	assess	a	utility	user	tax,	       impact	to	our	local	economy	such	as	the	AT	&	T	Golf	
        and	offers	an	Enterprise	Zone	for	even	more	tax	savings	         Classic, AMGEN Tour of California, the Cowboy Festi-
        incentives	to	businesses.		The	City	has	an	award-winning	        val	and	others.
        Shop	Local	program	to	encourage	both	our	residents	              	        I	want	to	thank	each	of	you	for	your	continued	
        to	shop	locally	as	well	as	our	businesses	to	do	business	        interest and support in our City. Santa Clarita is definite-
        locally	and	which	will	be	expanded	over	the	next	several	        ly	a	better	place	to	live,	work	and	play	because	of	you!
        months.	Through	our	Sheriff’s	contract,	the	City	pays	for	       	        Sincerely,	Bob Kellar

                      Good Humor                                     bent	down	to	pick	them	up	and	down	I	went!	I	couldn’t	
                                                                     believe	it!!	When	I	tried	to	get	up	initially	I	found	
                  Helps                                              I	couldn’t.	Finally,	I	got	up	on	all	fours,	crawled	to	
                          by Gladys Gonzales
                                                                     the	bathroom	sink	and	with	that	extra	bit	of	leverage	
     	         Yes! Now we have a new president! I have high         managed to pull myself up to my feet. Now, I’m sore all
     hopes	this	time,	and	really	felt	released	of	a	heavy	decision,	 over.	I	guess	I	didn’t	want	Mina	to	feel	bad,	so	I	fell,	too!	
     since	I	couldn’t	make	up	my	mind.	I	have	been	a	Democrate	 	             I	never	want	to	do	that	again!	I’m	sure	a	lot	
     all	my	life,	but	couldn’t	decide.	In	the	end	I	voted	for	an	    of	you	have	had	a	similar	experience.	I’m	always	very	
     alternative	candidate	that	I	knew	would	not	win.	So	now,	       careful not to fall, but I have difficulty walking, and must
     I	am	happy	that	Obama	won.	We	are	so	low	now	that	the	          use	a	cane	or	a	walker	when	I	go	to	see	the	doctor.	I	asked	
     only	way	to	go	is	up.	Congratulations	to	Obama	for	his	         him why I couldn’t walk normally. He said, “You’re lucky
     accomplishment,	and	all	his	dedicated	workers.                  to	be	walking	at	all.”	So,	I	count	my	blessings	and	do	the	
     	         It’s	been	a	long	hard	road;	now	we	all	have	a	        best	I	can.	I	use	my	scooter	now	and	then	to	get	around	
     chance	for	a	better	tomorrow.	I	feel	we	are	all	better	off	     and	use	the	elevator.	You	know	you	are	getting	old	when	
     than	what	we	have	been	the	past	few	years.	It	will	take	        you	don’t	go	anywhere	without	your	scooter!
     time	and	we	must	be	patient	as	things	won’t	change	over	        	        So	we	must	keep	our	sense	of	humor	and	look	
     night. Even flowers take time to grow and blossom. If we        ahead	to	a	better	tomorrow	for	us	all.	My	dear	neighbor	
     give	Obama	a	chance,	I’m	sure	we’ll	be	OK.	We	must	             Gwen Sherwood is also in Henry Mayo Newhall
     trust	that	all	will	be	well;	“we	walk	by	faith	not	by	sight.”   Memorial Hospital; she didn’t want to go, but got so ill
               In early November, I took fellow Advisory             she	had	to	do	it.	She	is	a	wonderful	English	lady	with	a	
     Council	member	Thelma	Blanchard	an	issue	of	The                 delightful sense of humor. Her daughter, Carol, called to
     Mighty Oak.	I	learned	that	Mina	Langlois	had	fallen	and	 say	her	mom	will	be	away	a	couple	of	days	until	she	gets	
     broken	her	hip.	I	pray	for	her	speedy	recovery—it’s	heck	 stronger.	I	pray	for	her	speedy	return	to	her	friends.
     getting old—we just have to roll with the punches.                       Many applications ask who is to be notified in
     	         A	few	days	later	as	I	was	putting	some	photos	        case	of	emergency.	I	think	we	should	write,	“A	good	
     in an album, I dropped some snapshots on the floor. I           doctor!”                                                  a
POSTSCRIPT (Continued from page 18.)                        package,	he	opened	it,installed	
  before	tucking	it	around	the	turkey.	Another	suggested	   the	batteries,	and	when	he	
  spreading	herbs	over	the	cheesecloth.		I	was	quite	       pushed	the	button	on	top,	the	
                                                            base	of	the	pen	emitted	a	nice	

                                                                                                                                               PHOTO BY DIANA SEVANIAN.
  surprised to find that other people cooked their turkeys
  this	way.		I	had	never	heard	of	anyone	using	this	method	 red glow. Harold, and other
  except	me	and	my	mother-in-law,	and	I	always	thought	 prize	recipients	were	very	
  that	she	was	somewhat	mentally	challenged.                happy	with	their	new	treasures.	
           I	never	did	learn	the	purpose	of	wrapping	a	     	          Some	of	the	partiers	
  turkey	in	cheesecloth,	but	one	of	the	recipes	I	read	was	 came	in	costume	while	others	
  by Martha Stewart, and I figure if it’s good enough for   did	not.	We	had	a	prisoner,	
  Martha,	it’s	good	enough	for	me.—Rita                     pirate,	clown,	and	a	scullery	
                                                            maid plus many more. Norm
               Live, Love, and Laugh                        O’Dell,	our	actor	friend,	was	 Lucy Reynolds-Hocket with
                   Halloween Party                          a	standout	in	his	one-of-a-kind	      Bill Lagossi and new art
                     by Terri Wahl-Folbré                   Budweiser®	suit	and	matching	 instructor, Teresa Luna.
	         Wow!!	What	a	wonderful	time	was	had	by	all	       boots. Norm said he used the suit for Budweiser commercials;
in Lucy Reynolds-Hocket’s Live, Love, and Laugh             his full attire was definitely a conversation piece!
group on Halloween Friday. She put a great deal of          	          There	were	many	tasty	goodies	brought	in	for	
loving energy into making a delightful Halloween party      us to enjoy. There were cookies, candies, a Jello® dish,
possible	for	us.	Lucy—dressed	as	a	witch—made	sure	it	 and	drinks.	Karin	Kelly	brought	a	wonderful	lemon	
was	a	festive	event	for	our	group.	                         cake;	it	was	mmm	mmm	good!	She	also	brought	her	two	
	         Lucy	brought	her	skeleton	gentleman,	Bill	        pooches that were also in costume! Her son, Cameron,
Lagossi, for all to enjoy. He was dressed in a tuxedo       and	daughter,	Miranda,	paraded	their	dogs	around	the	
ready	to	go	out	on	the	town	and	party.	Just	push	his	       room;	they	were	a	great	addition	to	the	party,	and	elicited	
buttons	and	he	would	speak	to	all	who	would	listen—         a	lot	of	ooohs	and	aahhhs.	Thanks	to	all	for	the	food	
flirting with the women, and putting a smile on many a      contributions,	and	to	Karin	and	her	family.
face.	She	also	gave	out	many	door	prizes,	like	lotions,	               Diana Sevanian, Health & Wellness Coordinator,
and	things	generously	donated	for	the	occasion.	            took	pictures.	While	laughing	and	giggling	like	a	bunch	of	
          One prize was a pen that lit up. Harold Fairbanks children, we squeezed together to say “Cheese.” Needless
received	this	prize.	After	struggling	with	the	theft-proof	 to	say,	as	you	can	see	from	the	photos,	we	all	had	a	
                                                            wonderful	time.	Thanks,	Diana.
          Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, 	               Care	Manager	Candye	Rucker	also	brought	her	
and joyful holidays. Peace and love—Gladys                  vibrant	self	to	the	party.	She	came	dressed	as	a	witch	also.	
	                                                           Supportive	Services	seemed	to	be	having	a	bewitching	day	
						    Jacob, age 92, and Rebecca, age 89, who live      with	two	witches	swooshing	around.	Thanks,	Candye,	for	
in Florida, are all excited about their decision to get     mingling	your	beautiful	laughter	in	with	ours.
married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding, and   	          I	speak	for	the	whole	Live,	Love,	and	Laugh	
on the way they pass a CVS/Pharmacy. Jacob suggests         group	in	thanking	Lucy	and	the	Senior	Center	staff	for	
they go in. Jacob addresses the man behind the counter, this	memorable	event!
“Are you the Pharmacist?”
                                                                                                                    PHOTO BY DIANA SEVANIAN.

Pharmacist: “Yes.”
Jacob: ‘We’re about to get married. Do you sell heart
Pharmacist: “Of course, we do.”
Jacob: “How about medicine for circulation?”
Pharmacist: “All kinds.”
Jacob: “Medicine for rheumatism and scoliosis?”
Pharmacist: “Definitely.”
Jacob: “How about Viagra?”
Pharmacist: “Of course.”                                       	         Our	time	together	as	a	group	is	always	very	
Jacob: “Medicine for memory, arthritis, jaundice?”             special and enjoyable. Lucy’s innovative thoughts,
Pharmacist: “Yes, a large variety. The works.”                 entertainment	ideas,	and	open	talks	are	why	our	group	
Jacob: “What about vitamins, sleeping pills, Geritol?”         has	grown	to	24	participants.	Every	week	we	see	and	
Pharmacist: “Absolutely.”                                      welcome	a	new	face.	We	are	very	lively	and	love	to	
Jacob: “You sell wheelchairs and walkers?”                     laugh. Thank you very much, Lucy, for the joy you give
Pharmacist: “All speeds and sizes.”                            to	all	of	your	endeavors!	We	look	forward	to	many	more	
Jacob: “We’d like to use this store as our Bridal Registry.”   moments	of	happiness	at	the	SCV	Senior	Center.
                Postscript                                   cover	the	bird	with	cheesecloth	before	placing	
                                                             it	in	the	oven.		I	never	thought	to	ask	why,	I	

                                                                                                                             The Mighty Oak / SCV Senior Center
                   by Rita Roth                              just did it. And I have been doing it that way
                 TALKING TURKEY                              ever	since.	
         My	sister	and	I	were	speaking	on	the	phone.		                 It	puts	me	in	mind	of	a	story	I	once	
Since	it	was	almost	Thanksgiving	we	were,	of	course,	        heard.		A	child	was	watching	her	mother	prepare	a	
talking	about	turkeys	and	their	preparation.		My	sister	     ham.		She	asked	her	mother	why	she	cut	off	the	end	
told	me	that	she	was	going	to	try	covering	her	turkey	       of	the	ham	before	placing	it	in	the	pan.		The	mother	
with	aluminum	foil	since	she	had	heard	that	this	method	     replied	that	that’s	what	her	mother	always	did.	
produces	a	moist	and	tender	result.		                                  “But	why”	asked	the	child.	
         “I	know	that	you	always	cover	your	turkey	with	               The mother called her mother to find out why
cheesecloth”	she	said.	                                      she cut the end off of the ham. Her mother told her
         “Yes,”	I	replied,	“I	have	been	roasting	my	         “that’s	the	way	my	mother	always	did	it.		The	child’s	
turkeys	that	way	for	over	50	years.”	                        grandmother	then	called	her	mother	who	was,	of	
         “Why?”	she	asked	me.		                              course,	a	very	old	lady.	
         I	was	all	set	to	give	her	a	long	dissertation	                					“Mother	why	did	you	always	cut	the	end	
showing	off	my	culinary	expertise	when	the	truth	hit	                  of	the	ham	off	before	you	put	it	in	the	pan?”						
me.		I	didn’t	know	the	reason	that	I	cooked	my	turkey	                 						The	old	lady	replied,	“Because	I	never	
that	way.	It	had	started	many	years	ago	when	I	made	                   had	a	big	enough	pan	to	hold	it.”
my first Thanksgiving dinner. I had been married only                  My	mother-in-law,	many	years	ago	departed	
a few months when in a fit of bravado, and with a            to	that	big	kitchen	in	the	sky,	and	was,	therefore,	
blatant disregard for good judgment, I decided to invite     unavailable	for	the	cheesecloth	discussion.	So,	with	
my	husband’s	family	and	my	own	for	a	turkey	dinner	          curiosity	aroused,	I	turned	to	my	old	friend	Google,	
with	all	the	trimmings.		I	knew	virtually	nothing	about	     and	I	asked	why	cover	a	turkey	with	cheesecloth	
cooking	so	why	this	seemed	like	a	good	idea,	I	can’t	        before	cooking?			Several	recipes	involving	
imagine.	                                                    cheesecloth	showed	up.		Some	suggested	dipping	the	
         I	turned	to	my	mother-in-law	for	advice.		She	      cheesecloth	in	a	combination	of	wine	and	olive	oil	
explained	the	basics	of	turkey	preparation	and	told	me	to	                                        (Continued on page 17.)

           SCV Senior Center
           			22900	Market	Street
           Santa	Clarita,	CA	91321

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