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					Directory of services

                                                      April 2010

Tel: 01372 221 400 Fax: 01372 221 445
The Warren, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2SB

                                                     Ashtead Hospital   1
About us
Ashtead Hospital is one of Surrey’s leading
Independent hospitals, situated on the edge of
Ashtead Village, on the A24 and is just two miles
from Junction 9 of the M25.

The facility has 53 individual rooms with en-suite
facilities to ensure complete privacy and by
investing in advanced medical technology, offers
a wide range of treatments and services.

On site there are three fully equipped ultra
clean air theatres, an endoscopy unit and a High
Dependency Unit (HDU) offering Level II Critical

Ashtead Hospital offers a wide range of services
to our Premium Care Patients - Insured and Self
Funding and also to patients referred through the
NHS Choose and Book system.

Patients selecting Ashtead Hospital will benefit

•	 High quality clinical and professional services
   with proven outcomes
•	 Consultant led care and low infection rates
•	 Excellent levels of cleanliness, effective
   infection control measures
•	 Private en-suite rooms for Premium Care
•	 Digital TV and radio
•	 Air Conditioned rooms (2nd Floor)
•	 Caring, friendly staff who respect patient
•	 Flexible appointment times
•	 Free car parking
•	 Freshly prepared meals served in patient
   rooms by our catering staff
•	 WiFi

2 Ramsay Health Care
          Welcome to Ashtead Hospital
Ashtead Hospital continues to focus of delivering high standards of patient
care in a friendly and approachable manner. Working with our partners,
which include local GP’s, Consultants and other specialists, we deliver an
individual personal service to patients, tailored to meet their needs.

Working within the Department of Health guidelines, we screen all
patients for MRSA with a focus on patient safety. Cleanliness is vital to
minimising infection. Our hospital staff are fully trained in the latest
procedures and thus maintain all areas to the highest standards.

Any patient who wants to satisfy themselves on the quality of the hospital
and it’s Consultants can be reassured by the Care Quality Commission
(CQC) Audits undertaken by the Department of Health which support the
hospital’s excellent reputation.

Should you have any comments on this directory or any of the services at
the hospital please do not hesitate to contact me by post, telephone or

Finally may I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support
of Ashtead Hospital, which has become a key provider of healthcare to our
local community.

Phil Bates
General Manager
Ashtead Hospital
Tel: 01372 221400

                                                               Ashtead Hospital   3
Referral Information for GPs
General referrals                                 Urgent Admissions
GP’s can refer a patient for outpatient           The Hospital operates a 24 hour urgent admission
consultation, diagnostic tests or treatments.     system. To arrange an urgent admission,
Please write to the appropriate Consultant.       telephone the Senior Nurse on duty who will
Appointments may be made by telephone on:         take the patient details and contact a Consultant
                                                  in the appropriate speciality on your behalf.
                                                  The Senior Nurse will confirm the details of the
      01372 221 441                               admission with you and an ambulance will be
                                                  arranged, if required.

Referral letters may be faxed on: 01372 221467
                                                  Please do not send any patient for admission until
                                                  confirmed by the Senior Nurse on duty.
NHS Choose & Book (Patient Choice)

                                                  Please call on:
Ashtead Hospital is a recognised NHS Treatment
Centre under the Extended Choice Network and
welcomes NHS referrals for a growing number of
                                                       01372 221 442
specialities such as:

•	 Diagnostic Endoscopy
•	 Gastroenterology & Hepatology
                                                  Payment Options
•	 Orthopaedics
                                                  Insured Patients
•	 Pain Management
•	 Gynaecology
                                                  Ashtead Hospital is recognised by and has direct
•	 ENT
                                                  settlement agreements with all major health
•	 Urology
                                                  insurance companies.
•	 General Surgery including Vascular & Hernia
                                                  Self Pay patients
•	 Ophthalmology (Cataracts ONLY)

                                                  Payment will be required in advance of admission
For enquiries and up to date information about
                                                  either by personal cheque, building society
services available under the Choose & Book
                                                  cheque, bankers draft or any major credit card
scheme, please contact the NHS Co-ordinator on:
                                                  (except American Express).

      01372 221 421                               For most surgical procedures the hospital offers
                                                  Fixed Cost Care package prices, which includes
                                                  the Hospital, Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees.
                                                  Individual prices are confirmed by the hospital
                                                  following initial consultation and satisfactory
                                                  medical pre-admission assessment.

4 Ramsay Health Care
                                                   Outpatient Department

   The Outpatient department is open:               Health Check Department
   Monday to Friday 8.00am to 9.00pm
   Saturday 8.00am to 4.00pm                        An extensive and comprehensive range of
                                                    screening services for both private individuals
   Please call 01372 221441 to make                 and local companies, which can be tailored to
   an appointment with any of our
                                                    suite specific requirements

                                                    Please call 01372 221424 for further information
Pre-Assessment Clinic                               or to make an appointment.

We conduct a pre-assessment clinic either by
phone or in person prior to elective surgery.
This is essential as it can pick up on any
                                                    We have an on-site Pharmacy which is open:
potential problems which may not be evident
                                                    Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
and which could, if not treated, result in a
cancelled operation. This service is provided by
                                                    Please call the Pharmacy Manager on 01372
a designated pre-assessment nurse.
                                                    221456 if you require any further information.

                                                                                       Ashtead Hospital   5
Diagnostic services
Radiology                                         MRI / CT Imaging Centre
Here at Ashtead we offer a wide range of          We offer MRI and multi-slice/Spiral CT scanning
services:                                         in modern, comfortable, air-conditioned
•	   General x-ray
•	   Ultrasound scanning                          The Imaging Centre is open:
•	   Osteoporosis service (Dexa Scanning)         Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
•	   Breast Screening Services
•	   Symptomatic Breast imaging                   All examinations are reported on by a
                                                  Consultant Radiologist and results are sent to
The department is open:                           the referring Clinician within three working
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm                 days. Urgent results can be telephoned or faxed
                                                  directly, by arrangement, within 24 hours.
To make an appointment please call the
department on:                                    Please call the Imaging Unit Manager on 01372
                                                  221 460 for further information or to make an
         01372 221 475
          All examinations are reported on by
           a Consultant Radiologist and results   A full range of pathology services is provided.
           can be sent to a referring clinician   The department will accept requests on
           promptly. Urgent results can be        Practitioners own headed paper.
          telephone or faxed directly.
                                                  Urgent results can be telephoned or faxed if

                                                  Please call the Pathology department for
                                                  further information on: 01372 221404

6 Ramsay Health Care
Our Physiotherapy department offers a complete range
of tailored programmes, with emphasis on an evidence
based, holistic approach. We are dedicated to providing
a professional service for all patients and we continue to
develop new techniques in order to set the highest standard
of patient care.

We have private treatment cubicles and a well equipped
rehab gymnasium. Our physiotherapists are all state
registered Senior Chartered Physiotherapists each with their
own areas of speciality, including a sports injury specialist.

We continually update our professional development in the
latest treatment and rehabilitation techniques covering:

•	   Arthritic conditions
•	   Orthopaedic post operative rehabilitation
•	   Strains, sprains and joint problems
•	   Spinal conditions including neck, thoracic spine and lower
•	   Sports injury prevention and treatment
•	   Managing of headaches and migraines
•	   Respiratory service
•	   Women’s health issues
•	   Pilates
•	   Acupuncture
•	   Biomechanical podiatry
•	   Golf swing and posture analysis
•	   Vestibular/balance and dizziness
•	   Sports massage
•	   Hand therapy

Appointments are available 8.00am 8.00pm Monday to
Thursday 8.00am to 4.00pm Friday and within 24 hours for
acute problems call:

       01372 221 402

Patients can either pay for treatment themselves or claim
through their health insurance company if their policy permits.

                                                                         Ashtead Hospital   7
Operating Theatres

Ashtead Hospital has a modern theatre complex         Breast / reconstructive surgery
comprising three operating theatres all with lamina
air flow and a separate dedicated Endoscopy Unit.
                                                      Oral surgery
                                                      Orthopaedic surgery
The theatres are equipped for a wide range of
surgery, including minimal access procedures. They
are available for routine and emergency surgery       Laparoscopic surgery

and have 24 hour cover.                               Spinal surgery
Our on-site decontamination facilities have been      Vascular surgery
recently upgraded to met the new Department of        Pain Management
Health Regulations.                                   Plastics / Cosmetic
                                                      Ear, Nose and Throat
For further information please call our theatre
manager on:

      01372 221 427 / 486

8 Ramsay Health Care

Ashtead Hospital has 53 en-suite rooms, many
with piped medical gases, digital televisions,
                                                    Cleanliness and preventing infection is a
telephones and air conditioning.
                                                    key part of delivering good clinical care.
                                                    At Ashtead Hospital we start with the
We have dedicated, highly qualified staff
                                                    basics, ensuring our housekeeping staff
experienced in a wide range of specialities.
                                                    are well trained and have the best tools
                                                    for the job to ensure patient rooms and
Prior to admission into hospital your patients
                                                    all areas of our hospital are clean and
will be advised as to how they can help prevent
                                                    dust free and this is personally overseen
infection and if required, be screened for MRSA
                                                    by our Ward Manager and Support
via the Pre-operative Assessment Service.
                                                    Services Manager.

                                                  Visiting times are between: 9.00am to 1.30pm
                                                  and 3.30pm to 9.00pm

                                                                                    Ashtead Hospital   9
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Ashtead Hospital has established a very positive reputation as a provider of cosmetic and plastic
surgery and meets the highest clinical standards with full clinical support.

All our Cosmetic Surgeons are fully accredited      Our services include
and listed on the (GMC) General Medical
Council specialist register. Many hold              •	   Breast reduction
Consultant posts in the NHS as well as private      •	   Breast uplift
practice and are full qualified members of the      •	   Eyelid reduction
British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive      •	   Nose surgery
and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the             •	   Abdominoplasty
British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons   •	   Liposuction
(BAAPS).                                            •	   Pinnaplasty
                                                    •	   Varicose vein treatments
For any further information please call Patient     •	   Facial aesthetics
Services on:

       01372 221 444

10 Ramsay Health Care
                                                            Consultant List
Speciality         Consultant          Special Interest
Audiology          Dr L H Yeoh         Adults: Vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus & hearing disorders.
                                       Children: Hearing assessment from 6 years.
Cardiology         Dr R G Bogle        Coronary artery disease, interventonal cardiology
                                       (angioplasty and stenting), hypertension,
                                       echocardiography, specialist cardiovascular risk and
                                       vascular age assessment using carotid ultrasound.
                   Dr A Mathur         General adult cardiology. Coronary artery disease.
                                       Interventional treatment (balloon angioplasty and
                                       stenting). Cardiac risk factor management. Diagnosis
                                       & management of heart failure. Investigation of
                   Dr S Odemuyiwa      Adult cardiology. Ischaemic heart disease.

Dermatology        Dr S M Breathnach   General adult & paediatric dermatology, skin surgery.

                   Dr S H Cliff        General dermatology. Lasers & dermatology surgery.
                                       Also skin cancers and mole surgery.
                   Dr J N Leonard      General dermatology.
                   Dr J Rosbotham      Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), Skin cancers, acne.
ENT                Mr R Hehar          All general adult and paediatric otorhinolaryngology.
                                       Specialist interests are otology including balance and
                                       hearing, diseases of the nose and sinuses including
                                       functional endoscopic sinus surgery. (FESS).
                   Mr P J Robb         Paediatric otolaryngology, general adult
                                       otolaryngology, nasal allergy.
                   Mr P Williamson     Adult & paediatric otolaryngology, head & neck
                                       oncology, thyroid and salivary gland surgery &
Gastroenterology   Dr S R Gould        All aspects of gastroenterology including dypepsia,
                                       swallowing disorders and liver disease. Particular
                                       interest in functional disorders (including IBS),
                                       inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer
                                       screening. Full upper and lower GI endoscopy
                                       service including open access referrals.
                   Dr A G Lim          Gastroenterology and hepatology. All aspects of
                                       therapeutic and diagnostic and open access
                                       gastroscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy & colonoscopy
                                       service provided.
                   Dr A Mahmood        Inflammatory bowel disease, endoscopy, acid related
                                       disorders, IBS, liver disease, gut motility and nutrition.
                   Dr M Mendall        Diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower endoscopy,
                                       video-capsule endoscopy, oesophageal manometry
                                       and Ph recording, ERCP. GI cancer, inflammatory bowel
                                       disease and general gastroenterology.
                   Dr S Moodie         All aspects of gastroenterology, hepatology including
                                       inflammatory bowel disease, upper and lower GI

                                                                                  Ashtead Hospital   11
Consultant List
 Speciality               Consultant              Special Interest
 Gastroenterology cont.   Dr S Zar                Therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopy and colonoscopy
                                                  (including open access), ERCP, dyspepsia, IBS, colitis,
                                                  Crohns, liver diseases, gastrointestinal motor disorders,
                                                  food allergy and obesity.
 General Medicine         Dr L G Darlington       All aspects of general medicine & rheumatology. Gout.
                                                  Management of bereavement. Dietary management of
                                                  arthritis. Osteoporosis. Dietary problems.
                          Dr M Khan               Multi-system disease including hypertension, stroke &
                                                  stroke prevention. Parkinson’s disease and movement
                                                  disorders, blackouts & syncope, heart failure. All aspects
                                                  of general medicine. Acute medical problems in all ages
                                                  including diseases common in the senior adult.
                          Dr P F Mitchell-Heggs   Senior chest and medical specialist. General medicine.
                                                  Chest and heart problems. All aspects of general
                                                  medicine & thoracic medicine, especially chronic lung
                                                  disease, breathlessness, possible cancer & asthma.
                                                  Diagnostic & therapeutic bronchoscopy.
                          Dr Nithiyananathan      All aspects of endocrinology especially thyroid disease
                                                  and PCOS.
                          Dr S Rahman             All aspects of general and respiratory medicine,
                                                  especially pulmonary infections, airway diseases,
                                                  asthma & COPD, pulmonary fibrosis. Sleep apnoea,
                                                  Bronchoscopy list on Wed pm.
                          Dr D C Rangedara        All aspects of acute, general & elderly medicine with
                                                  special interest in TIA, stroke, blackouts, dizzy spells,
                                                  hypotension & autonomic problems, parkinsonism, non-
                                                  specific and multi-system illnesses.
                          Dr G H Robb             General medicine. Diabetes and endocrinology.
                                                  Hypertension and hyperlipidaemia.
 General Surgery          Mr A M Abulafi          Colorectal surgeon.
                          Mr W H Allum            Upper GI surgery, gastroenterology and breast
                                                  disease. Breast clinic. Gastro-intestinal endoscopy.
                          Mr D Al-Musawi          Laparoscopic abdominal and thoracic surgery, including
                                                  hernia repair,hiatus hernia repair, cholecystectomy,
                                                  appendisectomy, adhesion division, splenectomy
                                                  and adrenalectomy. Upper GI & pancreato-billiary
                                                  surgery. GI endoscopy and Colonoscopy, bowel surgery,
                                                  thyroid surgery, and parathyroid surgery.
                          Mr Amir Darakhshan      General & Colorectal Surgeon with expertise in
                                                  Laparoscopic Surgery specialising in management of
                                                  pelvic floor disorders.
                          Prof A Halliday         Vascular surgery.
                          Mr R J Mcfarland        Arterial & venous, thyroid, general/laparoscopic surgery.
                                                  Carotid endarterectomy.
                          Mr D Nehra              General & gastro-intestinal with special interest in
                                                  upper GI, laparoscopic biliary & anti reflux surgery.

12 Ramsay Health Care
                                                                Consultant List
Speciality              Consultant         Special Interest
General Surgery cont.   Mr M A K Raja      Colorectal cancer, upper GI endoscopy, IBD surgery,
                                           anorectal conditions and sphincter repair surgery,
                                           general & laparoscopic surgery. Colonoscopy, incisional,
                                           abdominal & inguinal hernias, gall bladder disease.
                        Mr R S Taylor      Vascular, laparoscopic and general surgery. Diagnostic
                                           duplex including screening for DVT. Microfoam
                                           injections including duplex control for Varicose Veins.
                                           Thread vein injections.
                        Mr P Thomas        Vascular, Hernia & laparoscopic & general surgery.
                        Mr P Toomey        Colorectal cancer. Special interest in rectal cancer
                                           surgery. Colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Investigation of
                                           gastro-intestinal symptoms, haemorrhoids and other
                                           minor ano-rectal conditions.
Gynaecology and         Mr O Duroshola     Menstrual disorders, menopause, fibroids, uterine
Obstetrics                                 prolapse, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, polyps, urinary
                                           incontinence, colposcopies.
                        Miss C E G Ellis   General gynaecology, prolapse, HRT, urinary
                        Miss K Jermy       General gynaecology, minimal access surgery,
                                           endometrial ablation, menstrual disorders and
                                           endometriosis. Also ovarian cysts and early pregnancy
                                           complications. Disorders and menopause.
                        Miss V Kakumani    General gynaecology, (except colposcopy). Special
                                           interest in reproductive endocrinology,
                                           uro-gynaecology, menstrual disorders and menopause.
                        Mr M Katesmark     General gynaecology, colposcopy/HPV immunisation,
                                           gynae-oncology, minimal access surgery, including
                                           endometrial ablation. (RCOG approved).
                        Mrs Z Nadim        Menstrual irregularities, infertility, cervical pathology,
                                           colposcopy, gynae - endocrinology.
                        Mr H Shehata       General gynaecology including recurrent miscarriages,
                                           thrombosis & obstetric cholestasis. All problems
                                           associated with pregnancy.
Haematology             Dr L Jones         General & malignant haematological disorders
                                           including leukaemias, lymphomas & myelomas.
                                           Anticoagulant advice and management.
                        Dr F Matthey       Haematological malignancies (leukaemia, lymphoma,
                                           myeloma) & disorders of thrombosis & coagulation.
                        Dr M J Semple      General and malignant haematological problems.
                                           Haemorrhagic or thrombotic disorders & anticoagulant
Immunology and          Dr A S Bansal      All aspects of allergy, immune deficiency &
Allergy                                    auto-immunity.
Nephrology              Dr P Andrews       Renovascular disease, hypertension cardio-renal disease,
                                           renal failure, abnormal urinanalysis, hypertension.
                        Dr D Makanjoula    Hypertension, electrolyte disorders, acute and chronic
                                           renal failure, vasculitis, renal stone disease.

                                                                                      Ashtead Hospital   13
Consultant List
 Speciality                Consultant          Special Interest
 Neurology                 Dr P Hart           All adult neurology including headache, stroke,
                                               Parkinson disease, epilepsy, brain tumours, neuropathy
                                               and muscle disease.
                           Dr P Trend          Parkinsons disease and other movement disorders.
                                               General neurology. Neurooncology. Neuro-
                                               ophthalmology. Dementias. Headaches and migraine.
                           Dr S G Wilson       Headache disorders, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy,
                                               multiple sclerosis, disease of peripheral nerve and
                                               muscle. Whiplash and head injury.
 Neurophysiology           Dr M P Sheehy       Carpal tunnel syndrome & peripheral neuropathy.
 Neurosurgery              Mr F G Johnston     Spinal, rheumatoid, trigeminal neuralgia.
                           Mrs A Mitchener     Tumours (brain and spine), spinal disorders cervical,
                                               thoracic, lumbar-degenerative, tumour, trauma.
                                               Decompression surgery, Fusion and Stabilisation surgery.
                                               Kyphoplasty, Peripheral nerve entrapment.
 Ophthalmology             Mr J Dowler         Medical retina including diabetic retinopathy,
                                               age-related macular degeneration, cataract surgery.
                           Mr I Gillespie      Cataract, glaucoma and general ophthalmology.
                           Miss R J Leitch     General ophthalmology, including cataract. Specialising
                                               in paediatric ophthalmology. Botulinus Toxin injections.
                           Mr T J K Leonard    Cataract, glaucoma, squint, macular degeneration.
                           Mr M Qureshi        Micro-incision cataract surgery. Multifocal and
                                               accommodative lens implants for cataract surgery and
                                               to treat presbyopia.
                           Mr S Shah           Cataract, glaucoma & general ophthalmology.

                           Mr P Ursell         Cataract & Multifocal and accommodative lens
                                               implants general ophthalmology. Glaucoma, macular
 Oral and Maxillo-Facial   Mr B M W Bailey     Salivary gland disease, orofacial cancer, lumps in the
                                               neck & dento-alveolar surgery.
                           Mr A J Lyons        Facial pain, head and neck cancer, all lumps and lesions
                                               of the head and neck. Dento-alveolar surgery.
                           Prof. M Partridge   Oral surgery and oral medicine including removal of
                                               wisdom teeth, decayed roots and teeth, apical surgery.
                                               Management of infections, white and red patches
                                               (including pre-cancer), lumps and bumps.
                           Mr A Stewart        Adult and paediatric oral and maxillofacial surgery.
                                               Lumps and lesions of the mouth, jaws, face,
                                               head and neck. Salivary gland disease, non-melanoma
                                               facial skin cancer, jaw deformity and facial trauma.
 Orthopaedics              Mr S C Amamilo      Medico-legal orthopaedic reporting.
                           Mr J S P Bell       Specialises in the knee - sports/instability/degenerative
                                               arthroscopy/reconstruction/joint replacement.
                           Mr M Bhat           Specialises in hands and feet.

14 Ramsay Health Care
                                                            Consultant List
Speciality           Consultant         Special Interest
Orthopaedics cont.   Mr M Bircher       Hip & knee replacement. Foot surgery. Pelvic surgery.
                                        Fractures and sports injuries. Any orthopaedic
                                        emergency referrals. Medico-legal orthopaedic
                     Mr W Burgoyne      Spinal conditions, acute and chronic.
                     Mr A G Cobb        Hip, knee, foot & ankle surgery. Primary & revision joint
                                        replacement & resurfacing. Arthroscopy and ligament
                     Mr D Fahy          Back & neck pain, sciatica and disc diseases, sports
                                        related spinal problems.
                     Mr A Fairbank      Knee surgery - arthroscopic cartilage and ligament
                                        surgery, joint replacement surgery.
                     Mr D Nielsen       Foot and ankle surgery,trauma and reconstruction
                     Mr P Mitchell      Lower limb joint replacement of hip & knee hip revision.
                                        Orthopaedic & traumatic surgery.
                     Mr D W H Mok       Arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Arthroscopic wrist
                                        surgery and upper limb trauma. Needle fasciotomy for
                     Mr V R Patel       Surgery of shoulder, elbow & knee. Trauma.
                     Mr M Proctor       Upper limb and shoulder. Arthroscopic surgery to ankle,
                                        knee, wrist, elbow and shoulder.
                     Mr M A Qureshi     Arthroscopic surgery, sports injuries, trauma, fractures,
                                        backache. Joint replacement. General.
                     Mr P Ramesh        Foot and ankle surgery, sports injuries and trauma.
                     Mr Selvan          Shoulder and trauma orthopaedic surgery. Including
                                        general orthopaedics. Shoulder specialist.
                     Mr R Sinnerton     All arthroscopic/traumatic and sports injuries.
                     Miss A H Sott      Foot & ankle surgery (adolescent & adult), trauma,
                                        arthroscopic surgery of the lower limbs.
                     Mr R Thomas        Knee, ankle & foot problems. Knee & ankle
                                        arthroscopic & ligament surgery. Lower limb over use &
                                        sports injuries.
                     Mr G Tselentakis   Total Knee Replacement, lower limb surgery including
                                        arthroscopic and reconstructive knee surgery, anterior
                                        cruciate ligament reconstruction, meniscal repair,
                                        cartilage regeneration surgery.
                     Mr R Twyman        Knees and hip surgery, both arthroscopic & joint
                                        replacement. Trauma & sports injuries.
Paediatrics          Dr S K F Chong     Gastroenterology, nutrition & general paediatrics.
                     Miss K Daly        Paediatric orthopaedics only. Children’s hip problems.
                     Dr Jawad           Recurrent chestiness, cardiology, ‘the sick
                                        heart’, child syncopal attacks.

                                                                                 Ashtead Hospital   15
Consultant List
 Speciality             Consultant          Special Interest
 Paediatrics cont.      Dr J M Nicholls     General paediatrics, growth &
                                            endocrine problems, asthma, chronic fatigue
                        Dr J O’ Connell     General paediatrics.
                        Dr M R Ryalls       All general paediatrics, specialises in growth
                                            and endocrine problems.
 Pain Management        Dr C Pither         All forms of chronic pain using various invasive
                                            and non-invasive techniques. Psychological & other
                                            assistance where necessary. Access to interdisciplinary
                                            pain management programmes at Unstead Park and St
                                            Thomas’ Hospital.
                        Dr S Said           Chronic pain management. Lower back pain, neck and
                                            shoulder pain. Various chronic pain syndromes. Facet
                                            joint injections.
 Plastic and Cosmetic   Mrs S Cerovac       Specialising in all aspects of cosmetic surgery, skin
 Surgery                                    surgery, scars and lesions, all aspects of hand and wrist
                        Mr J Colville       All aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery.Hand surgery,
                                            carpal tunnel, dupuytrens contracture, rheumatoid
                                            and osteoarthritis surgery, trauma and reconstruction.
                        Mr B W E M Powell   Melanoma & non-melanoma skin cancer. Mole checks.
                                            Adjuvant melanoma therapy & sentinal node biopsy. All
                                            forms of skin lesions. Fast track local anaesthetic surgery.
                                            Burns & post-burn reconstruction. All dimensions of
                                            aesthetic surgery, liposuction. Chronic wounds/pressure
                                            sores/leg ulcers. Botulinum Toxin injections.
                        Mr M J J Vesely     All aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery.
                        Mr G R Wilson       Hand surgery. Skin tumours, benign and malignant. Fast
                                            track local anaesthetic service. Mole screening service.
                                            Chronic wounds. Aesthetic surgery of the face, breast &
                                            abdomen & liposuction. Facial wrinkles incl Botulinum
                                            Toxin injections. Hand & wrist trauma sub acute &
                                            chronic. Therapy service.
 Psychiatry             Dr P Bailey         General adult psychiatry, depression, anxiety,
                                            work-related stress and psychotic illness. Alcohol and
                                            drug dependence, medically unexplained symptoms and
                                            the psychological needs of physically ill patients.
                        Dr R J Penrose      General adult including old age psychiatry, affective
                                            disorders, anxiety, behaviour/cognitive therapy. Marital/
                                            relationship problems.
 Radiology              Dr J Britton        Neuro-radiology, CT & MRI scanning.
                        Dr C D George       General radiology and ultrasound. CT/MRI plus
                                            musculoskeletal and abdominal imaging.
                        Dr A Gregory        General radiology, ultrasound and CT scanning.
                        Dr G Lamb           General radiology. General & gynaecological ultrasound.
                                            CT & MRI scanning.
                        Dr T Senbanjo       General and chest radiology

16 Ramsay Health Care
                                                           Consultant List
Speciality        Consultant          Special Interest
Radiology cont.   Dr K B Stoner       Mammography & breast ultrasound.
                  Dr W J Walker       Ultrasound especially general gynaecological & breast,
                                      prostate & carotid. Mammography & gastroenterology.
                                      Fibroid embolisation. MRI & CT scanning.
                  Dr K Younger        General radiology. General & gynaecological ultrasound.
                                      Paediatrics. CT scanning.
Rheumatology      Dr L G Darlington   General Rheumatology and General Medicine.
                                      Intra-articular injection, monitoring of disease
                                      modifying drugs, advice on nutritional immunology
                                      with a view to protection again autoimmune
                                      disease, cancers and cardiovascular disease etc and
                                      gout. Osteoporosis.
                  Dr O L Duke         Rheumatology and general medicine especially
                                      osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain
                                      seronegative spondyloarthritis & soft tissue
                                      rheumatism and connective tissue disorders including
                                      SLE and vasculitis.
                  Dr J Etherington    Rheumatology and rehabilitation medicine. Sports and
                                      exercise medicine. Musculo-skeletal injury and
                                      rehabilitation. The diagnosis and management of sero-
                                      negative arthropathy.
                  Dr S Patel          All aspects of rheumatology, particularly osteoporosis,
                                      back pain, inflammatory arthritis & soft tissue problems.
                                      General physician & rheumatologist.
                  Dr J Rees           Rheumatology & sport & exercise medicine, special
                                      interests in inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, soft
                                      tissue disorders and back pain.
                  Dr A S Torode       Rheumatic diseases, soft tissue/ sporting injuries.
                                      Orthopaedic medicine, rehabilitation assessments
                                      of back and neck pain.
Urology           Mr M J Bailey       Uro-oncology (surgical treatment of bladder & early
                                      prostate cancer). Alternative treatment for prostatic
                                      outflow obstruction. General urology.
                  Mr C R Charig       All forms of investigative urology. Specialist treatment
                                      of benign prostatic disease. Treatment of urinary calculi,
                                      andrology & general paediatric urology, vasectomies
                                      and vasectomy reversal.
                  Mr S Gordon         Treatment for urinary stone disease, shock wave
                                      lithotripsy and keyhole surgery for larger kidney
                                      stones. Lasers for treatment of urological
                                      conditions,male infertility.
                  Mr R Walker         General urology, urinary incontinence and bladder
                                      dysfunction, female urology/urogynaecology,
                                      urodynamics, bladder cancer.
Cardiology        Mrs L Jackson       Echocardiography, exercise testing. Holter monitoring.

                  Mr G Young          Echocardiography, exercise testing. Holter monitoring.

                                                                                 Ashtead Hospital   17
Consultant List

Speciality               Consultant                 Special Interest
Depilation               Mrs A Carr                 Hair removal using intense pulse light (IPL) and PPX
                                                    aesthema. Acne treatment with N lite pulsed dye
                                                    laser. Photorejuvenation. IPL treatment for vascular &
                                                    pigmented lesions. Microdermabrasion.
Dietics                  Mrs M Simkins              Obesity/weight management, cardiovascular disease,
                                                    diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and therapeutic diets.
                                                    Experience of public health and research.
Healthcheck              Dr W S Bellenger           Health screening, general practice.
                         Dr A Macleod               Healthcheck
Hernia Clinic            Mr P Thomas                Hernias
Inhaled Allergens        Dr A S Bansal              Skin Prick testing for inhaled allergens.

Mole Screening Service   Mrs L Brown                Visual screening of moles, lesions. Examination using
                                                    a SIAscope machine, sun screen advice, and follow up
                                                    service. Tel: 0800 1123383 Fri am
Optometry                Mrs G Haig-Brown           Ocular biometry, contact lens fitting with specialist
                                                    interest in keratoconus, glasses prescriptions.
Orthoptics               Mrs C Calcutt Orthoptics   Visual field tests
Retinal Service          Mr J Dowler, Mr T J K      “One Stop Service” for macular disease.
                         Leonard, Mr S Shah         Including fluorescein and medical photography
                                                    together with facility for OCT scans.
Photoderm &              Mrs M Gardner              Injection & laser therapy for thread & blue veins.
Sclerotherapy                                       Intense pulse light (IPL) for facial broken capillaries,
                                                    acne rosacia, pigmented lesions, port wine stains and
                                                    telangiectasia. Photorejuvenation. Pulsed dye laser
                                                    treatment for pustula acne.

18 Ramsay Health Care
                                                                  Other Services
Speciality           Consultant              Special Interest
Private GP Service   Dr W S Bellenger        Health screening, general practice, sports medicine.
Uro-dynamics         Mr R Walker             General urology, urinary incontinence and bladder
                                             dysfunction, female urology, urodynamics, bladder
Vascular Scanning    Miss Amanda Clark       Venous and arterial duplex studies.
                     Dr S Tristram           Venous duplex studies.
Vasectomy Clinic     Alternate Consultants

                                                                                     Ashtead Hospital   19

By Road
Ashtead Hospital is situated on the edge
of Ashtead Village, on the A24 between
Leatherhead and Epsom, and is just two
miles from Junction 9 of the M25. The
Hospital has its own car park and provides
free parking.

It is easily accessible by car from Dorking
(15 minutes), Sutton (20 minutes), Reigate
(20 minutes), Kingston (25 minutes), Walton
and Weybridge (25 minutes), Guildford (30
minutes), Croydon (30 minutes) and Central
London (45 minutes).

The Warren, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2SB
t: 01372 221400
f: 01372 221445

20 Ramsay Health Care

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