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					Dear NCBA Exhibitor,

This Marketing Kit was created exclusively for use by 2012 NCBA Trade Show Exhibitors. It is designed to be a useful tool
to help you make your exhibiting experience a success!

The Marketing Kit contains information that you will find useful as you promote your participation at the 2012 NCBA Trade
Show. The kit will walk you through important order deadlines and exhibitor exclusive offers designed to maximize your
participation and ROI at the NCBA show in Nashville.

Don’t just show up in Nashville - Market your participation and make sure the attendees are looking for your booth!

Be sure to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities available to you as an exhibitor.
NCBA staff is here to help:

Trade Show Questions:

Kristin Torres
Senior Trade Show Director
Sara Konkel
Trade Show Manager

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Jill DeLucero
Association Marketing Director

Beef Resource Guide
Lorie Liddicoat
Senior Manager Meetings

Press Room and Trade Press:
Judy Van de Mark

Thank you for your participation.
We look forward to a great show!
                                                    Trade Show Promotion
                                                    Countdown Checklist

Use this handy schedule and checklist as a guide line to maximize your
participation at the 2012 NCBA Trade Show.

6 Months Prior

  o Begin design of your trade advertisements

  o Begin planning sponsorship opportunities

  o Begin planning ideas for social opportunities

4 Months Prior

  o Confirm Sponsorship Opportunities

  o Begin the development of your direct mail program

  o Send direct mail to all your present, past and potential customers, along with
    an incentive to stop by your booth

  o Send news releases to all the major trade publications announcing what new
    programs and/or products you plan to introduce at the Trade Show

  o Finalize any arrangements for social functions you plan and mail invitations to
    your guests.

  o Submit your company listing in the Beef Resource Guide

  o Select product categories

3 Months Prior

  o Order small giveaways for attendees visiting your booth

  o Order Pre-Registered attendee mailing list

  o Reserve Advertising in 2012 Beef Resource Guide
                                       Trade Show Promotion Countdown
                                       Checklist (continued)

  o Develop a show plan with your sales people to visit their top accounts and
    encourage them to attend the 2012 NCBA Trade Show

  o Join NCBA as an Allied Industry Member

1 Month Prior

  o Prepare media kits with information on your company, products ands services
    for placement in the Media Press Room

  o Mail literature on your products and services to your customers reminding
    them to visit you in Denver!

  o Conduct a telemarketing campaign to your best customers to confirm their
    attendance and ser-up appointments

  o Send new releases to beef-related publications announcing what you plan to

  o Mail discounted Trade Show Only invitations to customer and prospect lists


  o Reserve booth space for 2013 NCBA Trade Show in Tampa, FL.

Immediately after the show

  o Follow-up on leads you collected at the show with services and/or production
    information and a personal phone call

  o Send news releases to trade publications reporting on how your exhibit was
    received and your success as result of exhibiting
                                             Marketing and Publicity Tools

NCBA has put together several useful tools for exhibitors to use as you promote your
participation at the show.

A list of pre-registered attendees. The pre-registration list is available to NCBA
exhibitors for a small fee. Please use the order form to purchase the list. Use the list
to invite attendees to your booth.

Logos and Advertisements-NCBA has designed a trade show logo and
advertisements for exhibitors to use to help promote the show. You can access this
information on our ftp site. Instructions for download are listed below.

NCBA Pre-registration Brochures are available for your use. Just contact NCBA
staff and let us know how many you would like to receive. You can send this along
with invitations to your customers and prospects.

List of Media Contacts-the list of media contact as well as tips on working with the
media are available to exhibitors.

Exhibitor Updates Blog-the blog for exhibitors is updated monthly and posted on
the website. The Exhibitor Updates Blog provides exhibitors with useful information to
help you prepare for the show.

Discounted advertising rates-NCBA offers a special discounted rate on advertising
for exhibitors.

Link to NCBA website-A button promoting the show with a link to the NCBA site
has been designed for exhibitors use.

Allied Industry Membership-By becoming an Allied Industry Member of NCBA you
will receive numerous benefits including preferred booth selection for upcoming
                                               NCBA FTP SITE INSTRUCTIONS

Follow these instructions to access the exhibitor marketing files for the 2012 NCBA
Trade Show. The file you will need to access is labeled “2012 NCBA Trade Show
Marketing”. Please feel free to contact Sara Konkel at or 303-694-
0305 if you have questions.

Downloading Instructions

1.   Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer!)
2.   In the address bar type: and click Go
3.   A login dialog will now open
4.   In the user name field type: ncbapublic
5.   In the password filed type:    ncbaf3p
6.   You will now be logged into the ftp site
7.   Copy and paste your file(s) into this window, and from this window.

A copying file dialog will appear. Do not close the window until the file copy window
automatically closes. This could take several minutes depending on the size of your
file and the speed of your internet connection.

Once the copy file process is done, you can go ahead and close the Windows Explorer

If you have problems with this process, you may need to install a third party FTP
client such as FreeFTP ( to use the FTP site.
                                    Attendee List Request Form

Increase your booth traffic by letting attendees know you be
participating in the 2012 NCBA Trade Show. Order the
pre-registration attendee list today!

Company Name:

Contact Name:

    (If requesting overnight service, physical street address must be


Phone:                                       Email:              _____

Signature:                                   Booth Number:       ____

 _____      2011 NCBA Convention & Trade Show Final Attendees
 _____      2012 NCBA Convention & Trade Show Pre-Registered
            Attendees
             (Updated Lists available for a one time solicitation use
             on January 12th, 19th & 26th)
 _____      2012 NCBA Convention & Trade Show Final Attendees

List Request Format:
   _____     Registered Attendees Only
   _____     Full List of Attendees & Exhibitors

 Emailed Excel file                 $300.00 each =

 Labels available for an extra charge                Call for price
Send By:
 E-Mail to:

Method of Payment:
 Check enclosed, made payable to NCBA.
 Credit Card:        MasterCard               Visa
Card #:                                        Expiration Date:
These lists are intended for single use and are not for resale. Additional
names have been added for verification purposes.

Return to:
Sara Konkel
Phone: 303-850-3345
Fax: 720-259-1409
Mail: 9110 East Nichols Ave #300
Centennial, CO 80112
                                                  Advertising Opportunities

Pre-show promotion is vital to a successful marketing campaign for your 2012 NCBA Trade
Show exhibit space. For more information about advertising in the Beef Resource Guide the
official onsite convention program, please contact Lorie Liddicoat at 303-850-3330 or

Advertise in the New Beef Resource Guide, the official onsite publication of the 2012
Annual Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show. The 120 + plus page
convention program will include convention details, event information, trade show
exhibitor listings, key industry contacts and so much more.
                                                NCBA Trade Show Logo

Electronic versions of NCBA Trade Show logos can be found on the NCBA website at . Use the logo in all of you materials relating to the show.
                                                Sponsorship Opportunities

NCBA offers many sponsorship opportunities to exhibitors to maximize your exposure
at the show. Sponsorships not only increase your overall exposure, but also are an
excellent way to show your support of the industry. Take full advantage of all the
opportunities available to you and become a NCBA sponsor today. Sponsorships
related to the meeting are currently available. A full list of sponsorships can be found
                                  Allied Industry Membership Benefits

By becoming an Allied Industry Member of NCBA you will receive numerous benefits
including preferred booth selection for upcoming shows.

Gold Level Member

Those companies that reach a total annual contribution level of $100,000 (including
Allied Industry dues, sponsorships, advertising (print, web & television), and trade
show), will be considered a Gold Level AIC Company.

      In addition to the general AIC benefits, Gold Level companies will receive:
      “Beef Day” - NCBA can set up a program to fit each company’s needs. This
       can be an educational session for company personnel or key customers. It
       may include sessions on market information, forecasting and public policy
      Gold Level sponsors receive special priority in the trade show booth drawing
       and will be listed in each issue of National Cattlemen as a Gold Level AIC
      Opportunity to provide 30 second pre-produced commercial spot to be run on
       your month of choice on NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen.

Allied Industry Council Member Benefits
Council members receive ALL the PARTNER and ASSOCIATE benefits, in addition to:

      A seat on NCBA’s Allied Industry Council.
      As a group, the Allied Industry Council will be eligible for a number of board
       and committee seats based upon total investment by Allied Industry Council
       members. Council members have the opportunity to vote for the AIC reps to
       serve on the NCBA Board and committees.
      As a group, the Allied Industry Council may appoint one representative to
       serve as an ex-officio member of the NCBA Executive Committee.
      Access to CEO roundtable lunch/meeting at Annual Convention.
      Access to pre-registration and final registration for the Annual Convention.
      Opportunity to reach NCBA’s membership twice a year via access to NCBA’s
       mailing lists.
      Special paragraph listing in the Summer Directions issue of National Cattlemen
      Fifty subscriptions to the National Cattlemen magazine.

   Council Annual Investment $25,000
                                  Allied Industry Membership Benefits

Allied Industry Partner Member Benefits

      Access and assistance with key issues by leadership in D.C.
      Priority sign-up for prime location at NCBA’s annual trade show and discounted
       exhibit space.
      Special listing in the Beef Resource Guide.
      Listing in every issue of the National Cattlemen.
      A complimentary link on NCBA’s Web site, representing the entire beef
      Opportunity to utilize the Allied Industry logo.
      Fifteen subscriptions to the National Cattlemen magazine and the Beef
       Business Bulletin.
      Receipt of other NCBA information.
      Opportunity to vote for the A.I. Partner board and committee representatives.
      Special Convention & Summer Conference recognition.

Partner Annual Investment $3,000
                                                          Pass Along E-mail

Want to invite your customers and prospects to the 2012 NCBA Trade Show? Simply
send them an e-mail.

Cut and paste the copy below, then personalize your message with your company
name, booth number and logo.

Using e-mail rather than direct mail can save you both time and money. Consider
updating this message for different target audiences and link to your own website or
to the NCBA website

Dear (insert first name):

On behalf of (insert company name), I am excited to share some important news that
will save you both time and money!

(Insert Company Name) will have a booth at the NCBA Trade Show held in
conjunction with the Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, TN, February 1-4, 2012.

A visit to the NCBA trade show will give you immediate ROI by providing solutions to
your everyday needs.

(Insert Company name) strongly supports the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.
We feel that it is one of the best available opportunities cattle producers just like you
to find the best solutions and strategies to manage your business.

You can’t afford not to attend!

Most importantly, make sure to visit us in booth (insert booth number). The exhibit
hall will be open Wednesday, February 1st -Friday, February 3rd.

We hope to see you in Nashville and to meet face-to-face to talk about your
immediate needs for 2012.

If you have any questions or to register for this event visit the NCBA website at To contact (insert company name), please call (insert company
phone number).

See you in Nashville!
(insert contact name from exhibiting company)           How to use the media
(insert company name)

Making use of the media, particularly trade publications, is an important part of your
overall exhibit and product promotion plan. Cattle industry trade publications have a
natural in the 2012 NCBA show and its’ exhibiting companies. The NCBA show offers
trade press the chance to learn more about new equipment, technologies, strategies
and solutions in the industry.

The challenge for the exhibitor is to separate your product and exhibit from other
exhibitor by providing interesting and newsworthy information, before, during and
after the show. If you are new to or inexperienced in publicity and public relations,
this media guide provides the basics you need to plan and execute an effective
strategy to receive as much editorial coverage as possible. Even if you are a veteran
you may find new ideas or approaches for the information presented in this guide.

What are you trying to achieve?

Your ultimate goal is to maximize the publicity for your product, service and or
company and make it known to potential customers specifically and the public in
general through the use of the media. Unlike advertising publicity is FREE!

Your objectives are to create knowledge, understanding, confidence and good will
about your company and it specific products and services. Use publicity to:

Build awareness
Enhance your company image
Educate customers, prospects and the media about your company

What is considered Newsworthy?

News is any information that is timely and has interest to large groups of people.
                                  List of Media Contact
77 Westport Plaza, Suite 250
St. Louis, MO 63146
(314) 372-3508

BEEF Magazine
7900 International Dr., #300
Minneapolis, MN 55425
(952) 851-4669

Beef Today
1600 Genessee Street, Suite 328
Kansas City, MO 64102
(818) 851-4669

1531 Kensington Blvd.
Garden City, KS 67846
(620) 276-7844

Capital Press
Press Publishing Co.
P.O. Box 2048
Salem, OR 97308
(800) 882-6789

Cattle Business Weekly
185 S. Center
Philip, SD 57567

Cattle Today
204 Temple Ave. S.
Fayette, AL 35555
Dairy Today
261 East Broadway
Monticello, MN 55362
(763) 271-3363

10901 W. 84th Terrace
Lenexa, KS 66214-1649
(913) 438-8700

Feedlot Magazine
116 E. Long; P.O. Box 850
Dighton, KS 67839
(620) 397-2838

Feedstuffs/Farm Furtures
12400 Whitewater #160
Minnetonka, MN 55343
(952) 930-4347

High Plains Journal
P.O. Box 760
Dodge City, KS 67801
(620) 227-7171

Livestock Weekly
P.O. Box 3306
San Angelo, TX 78748
(325) 949-4611
Meatingplace Magazine
1415 N Dayton
Chicago IL 60642
(312) 266-3311

The Progressive Cattleman & Progressive Dairyman
228 West Nex Perce
Jerome, ID 83338
(208) 324-7513

Progressive Farmer
2100 Lakeshore Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 445-6000

Record Stockman
P.O. Box 1209
Wheat Ridge, CO
(303) 425-5777

Western Livestock Journal
7355 E. Orchard Road #300
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(303) 722-7600

Western Livestock Reporter
P.O. Box 7655
Fort Worth, TX 76111
                                                          Public Relations Tips

Media Coverage at the 2012 NCBA Trade Show

As an exhibitor at the 2012 NCBA Trade Show you have an invaluable
opportunity for media exposure. More than 100 members of the press will be in
attendance and there are many ways you can reach them.

We strongly encourage you to publicize your participation in the 2012 NCBA
Trade Show. The complete list of press from trade publications is enclosed. Press
releases sent in advance will increase the likelihood of hosting members of the
press in your booth.

To help facilitate exhibitor media coverage a fully equipped and staffed media
room will be set up exclusively for the working media (reporters, editors,
photographers) of trade publications, consumer/business publication and the
electronic media.

The Media Room will make exhibitor press kits available for all attending press to
Room has limited storage we cannot store large quantities of press kits. Please
check the Media Room throughout the show to make sure we have an adequate
supply of your materials.

Some important Tips:

      Use product innovations to capture attention of the press
      Send out a “media advisory” prior to the show announcing a new products
       or services
      Have high quality, media-ready photographs of our new product
      Make sure someone in your booth is appointed to speaking with the press
       and that everyone in you booth knows of this individual’s designation.
      To help the media find your exhibit on the show floor always display your
       booth number in the upper right hand corner of all press materials.
Helpful hints for your press kit:

      Included press releases about your company
      Insert a company brochure or fact sheet
      Add photographs and company logo sheets
      Include any articles on your company or new products
      Include press releases on new products
      One page company bio sheet: Corporate structure, executive staff charts,
       sales figures
      Press release with customer testimonials
      Key contact(s); at the show, home office
                                                 Sample Press Release

Not sure what to say in a press release? Use the enclosed sample to help you
spread the word about your participation in the 2012 NCBA Trade Show. Simply
add in your company information and send it to the list of media provided.

                                                                Company address
                                                                   Web address

Contact:     Name
             Direct Dial
             E-mail address

For Immediate Release

       (Insert Company Name) to Introduce (Insert Product Name)
                     at the 2012 NCBA Trade Show.

City, State-(insert Company name), will introduce its innovative new product
(insert product description)

The event, which will be held February 1-3 at the Gaylord Opryland Convention
Center & Resort, is an excellent opportunity for both current and future
customers to visit our booth, meet some of the (insert company name) team and
demo our products and services.

It’s very important for us to meet with our clients in a one-one-one environment
and not only to dedicate them about our products and services, but get their
feedback as well. We look forward to strengthening current relationships, as well
as creating new ones at the 2012 NCBA Trade Show.

(Insert Company Name) will be located at booth number (insert booth number).

For more information please visit us on the web at (insert web address) or call us
at (insert phone number).

Insert synopsis of who your company is and the products and/or
services that it provides

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