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Milk and Honey Immersion 90 mins                                                                          AED 400.00
Arabic Coffee Awakener 90 mins                                                                            AED 400.00
Traditional Hammam Bathing Ritual 75 mins                                                                 AED 330.00
Spiced Pomegranate & Yogurt Detoxifier 60 mins                                                            AED 330.00
Lemon with Mint Body Polish 45 mins                                                                       AED 290.00
Loofah Body Polish 30 mins                                                                                AED 270.00

Custom Deep Tissue 60 mins / 90 mins                                              AED 300.00 / AED 380.00
Traditional Swedish Aroma 60 mins / 90 mins                                       AED 300.00 / AED 380.00
Fragrant Stone Massage 60 mins / 90 mins                                          AED 350.00 / AED 400.00
Silk Road Face & Head Massage 60 mins                                                                     AED 300.00
Hand & Foot massage 60 mins                                                                               AED 300.00

Saray Signature Facial 60 mins                                                                            AED 325.00
Fruit Enzyme Facial 60 mins                                                                               AED 325.00
Pomegranate Renewal Treatment 30 mins                                                                     AED 225.00

All prices are inclusive of 10% Municipality fee and 10% service charge

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TreaTmenTs                                                                                          massages                                           Facials

MILk AnD HOnEY IMMERSIOn                           Our therapists will provide you with an          CUSTOM DEEP TISSUE MASSAgE                         SARAY SIgnATURE FACIAL
The first use of milk as a rejuvenation            unforgettable skin stimulating experience        This therapeutic massage focuses on areas of       By allowing the therapist to target specific
ingredient dates back to nearly 5000 years         using a keese to gently remove dead skin         chronic tension caused by stress, fatigue and      skin types, this facial will cleanse, and
and was reserved for only the wealthiest of        cells. The ritual is further enhanced with a     strain. Using various therapeutic techniques       balance the skin using natural botanicals,
families in ancient Arabia. Today Saray’s Milk     massage using Sandalwood massage oil,            and incorporating slow movements, our              vitamins, anti-oxidants and plant derived
and Honey Immersion transports you into            producing profound relaxation and serenity.      skilled therapist is able to work deeper into      proteins to nourish and balance the skin.
a different era, place and time. Begin with        75 mins                                          the layers of muscle fibers releasing tension.     This facial is recommended for both ladies
a gentle exfoliation of oatmeal and Black                                                           60 / 90 mins                                       and gentlemen.
Seed oil to stimulate skin cells gently            SPICED POMEgRAnATE                                                                                  60 mins
preparing your skin. A warm massage of             & MOROCCAn YOgHURT DETOxIFIER                    TRADITIOnAL SwEDISH
milk, honey and rose oil will aid in profound      Pomegranates deliver a powerful antioxidant      AROMA MASSAgE                                      FRUIT EnZYME FACIAL
relaxation and serenity. Milk and Honey’s          punch to this completely natural face and        Essential oils combined with the finest            A results oriented facial that is both relaxing
natural enzymes will gently wash away              body mask designed to cleanse, refresh and       natural ingredients produce a luxurious blend      yet effective in restoring vitality and
the worries of time promoting a healthy            renew. Your therapist will apply a warmed        of peace, serenity and profound relaxation.        suppleness to the skin. Fruit enzymes are
glow and appearance. Follow this serene            mixture of pomegranate and Moroccan              Saray therapists will use slow movements,          used to digest dead skin cells on the surface
ritual with a full body massage using hot          yoghurt, delivering powerful antioxidant         gently guiding you into a state of balance         while a multitude of antioxidants & collagen
stones dipped in Rose oil.                         properties that will cleanse, refresh and        and harmony.                                       provide moisture and elasticity.
90 mins                                            renew your skin. Once the yoghurt is             60 / 90 mins                                       60 mins
                                                   removed, a light mist of Desert Oasis Body
ARABIC COFFEE AwAkEnER                             and Linen will be applied prolonging the         FRAgRAnT STOnE MASSAgE                             POMEgRAnATE REnEwAL TREATMEnT
Coffee is well known for its anti oxidant          effects of sensual treatment.                    This luxurious massage begins with a gentle        This mini Renewal Treatment will give the
properties as well as being a natural stimulant.   60 mins                                          exfoliation with a dry loofah pad to smooth        skin a radiant glow within minutes. Lactic
This ritual begins with a full exfoliation using                                                    and refine the skin texture. Heated, smooth        Acid exfoliates cells, increasing turnover
Black Arabic Coffee and Dead Sea Salts             LEMOn wITH MInT BODY                             volcanic stones dipped in warmed essential         allowing anti-oxidants, brighteners and
to stimulate and cleanse the body. Once            A refreshing body scrub using the exfoliating    oil are used to melt away tension deep             nutrients into the skin for enhanced results.
complete a mask of Dead Sea Mud and                properties of sugar, polishing effects of        within muscle tissue providing soothing relief..   30 mins
Black Arabic Coffee is prepared as a cocoon        lemon, and rejuvenating sensation of mint        60 / 90 mins.
in which your senses are transported to            leave you feeling renewed and fresh. This
a higher level. This session is followed           full body treatment is ideal prior to any        SILk ROAD FACE AnD HEAD MASSAgE
by a full body massage.                            Spa activity.                                    Combining trigger point therapy, lymphatic
90 mins                                            45 mins                                          drainage and warmed aromatherapy oils,
                                                                                                    your level of relaxation is heightened during
TRADITIOnAL HAMMAM                                 LOOFAH BODY POLISH                               this exceptionally indulgent massage.
BATHIng RITUAL                                     Using ground Loofah, Fine Dead Sea Salt and      60 mins
For centuries throughout ancient Arabia,           Orange Oil, your skin is vigorously exfoliated
Hammams were found as gathering places             using gentle massage techniques.                 HAnD AnD FOOT MASSAgE
to cleanse and nurture ones self. The Saray        30 mins                                          On everyone’s hand and foot there is an
Hammam uses traditional ingredients and                                                             indelible imprint of our entire body. Each
practices through history. Our Hammam Ritual                                                        reflex point found in our palms and plantar
begins with a light body massage using laurel                                                       relates to a corresponding region of the
and olive oil soap to loosen tired muscles.                                                         body. Imbalances within the body are
                                                                                                    alleviated by applying pressure on the
                                                                                                    related pressure point.
                                                                                                    60 mins

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