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									Hang the Glow Retreat Wish
        List from your tree or
 ✓       pin it where it will
         get noticed. All your
         friends & loved ones
       have to do is look at
what you have ticked and your
guaranteed to get what you
want for Christmas.
      Luxury with Results
 Facial Treatment with lots of massage and instant
 results. Great for any skin type, especially the more
 mature skins 30+.
 Say ‘I love you’ with this one.
                                                                           All Wrapped Up

                                                                       A wonderful full body treatment, suitable for anyone
                                                                       who wants some serious R&R.
 ➜ Relaxing Back, neck and shoulder massage
 ➜ A full facial with a deep cleanse, pressure point face              Includes:
    massage, Luxurious face massage and specialized                    ➜ Loofah Luxury Exfoliation
    mask.                                                              ➜ Decleor famous back massage
 ➜ Omnilux Light Revive Treatment                                      ➜ Embalming with 100% natural balm
 ➜ Fingernail file and Paint                                           ➜ Warming and specific body mask for whatever your
 ➜ Toenail file and Paint                                                 concerns are
 ➜ Plus a mini makeover                                                ➜ While wrapped up a devine head massage is
 All for $250 A saving of $140
                                                                       ➜ Treatment ends in a hot shower and full body
                                                                       ➜ Plus receive a $50 voucher off your next body wrap
      The Essential Fix
 Relaxing facial Treatment with essential grooming.                    All for $165 A saving of $50
 All skins.
 ➜ The Essence Facial                                                      Polished
 ➜ Back, neck, shoulder and arm massage
                                                                       A great summer Glow body treatment
 ➜ Eyebrow wax, eyebrow tint and eyelash tint
                                                                       ➜ Chinese remedial massage
 ➜ Mini Makeover
                                                                       ➜ Loofah Luxury body exfoliation
 All for $135 A saving of $55
                                                                       All for $115 Saving of $55

      A light touch of Radiance
                                                                           Body Rock Hot Stone Massage
 Facial Rejuvenating Treatment with mini hand makeover.
 Great for skins needing a pick me up, or 30+ skins.                   Great for anyone wanting an advanced massage
                                                                       treatment. Any purchase of the “body rock” massage
 Includes:                                                             also receives
 ➜ Omnilux Light Therapy
 ➜ Mini Manicure                                                       ➜ A $50 voucher to use on their Hot Stone Massage.
 ➜ Mini Bare Mineral Makeover                                          All for $160 Saving of $50
 ➜ Optional take home Bare Radiance face product and
    brush for additional $80 (normally $119)
 All for $130 A saving of $79
                                                                           Earthly Feet
                                                                       All ages. Pedicure with the lot.
                                                                       ➜ Earth pedicure, a facial for your feet
                                                                       ➜ Take home your OPI polish you choose
                                                                       All for $95 Saving of $19.95
                                                                       PLUS Add on an Earth Manicure for only $50
                                                                                               (normally $79)

                                               Corporate Special
                                               Spoil your top performers with a pampering experience like no other.
                                               Bosses: Purchase 3 of the vouchers from the wish list and you will receive a $50
                                               Glow voucher to spend on yourself on any treatment you like!
                                               PLUS we will nicely gift box them and include samples and car park vouchers too!
                                               Get a distressing massage or an anti ageing facial. Isn’t it about time you looked
                                               after yourself too!

    (please inform you therapist on the day)

GLOW RETREAT 161 Grey Street South Bank 3846 5501

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