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									January, 2007                        Dateline: NH      a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

   Meet Your Par tners
   pages 3, 6, 11, 16, 21, 23       Goodbye 2006 and a Cautious Welcome to 2007
                                   Daniel B. McLeod

      Inaugural Full-Color             am sure you are all as proud as I am to be part of an organization where
      Issue of Dateline: NH            the members do so much for their communities. Although the economic
                                       climate has been dim, in the last year and a half, NHADA, on behalf of its
     Inside this Issue             members, generously contributed $25,000 to the NADA Charitable
                                   Foundation to directly assist dealership personnel whose lives were devastated
    Vehicle Inspections Facts      by Katrina; the Board of Directors then contributed $50,000 to assist those
             page 4                unfortunate individuals that were impacted by the floods in Alstead, New
 Compliance and Claims Corners     Hampshire; and a few months ago, NHADA contributed $10,000 to the
     pages 8, 10, and 11           Officer Michael Briggs’ Family Benefit Fund. I am not even touching on what
                                   our individual members do for their communities, but I am certain dealers
   From Your NADA Director         collectively donate hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
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 ADPAC and DEAC Contributors
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      Document Retention
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  DOL Most Frequent Violations
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   Winter Weather and Printers
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  Service and Parts Relationship
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  Management and Handbooks
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      2007 State Holidays
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        and much more!

                                       NADA Director Jack Tulley (center) from Tulley Buick-Pontiac-GMC-BMW-Mazda-Volkswagen in Nashua
                                       recently had an opportunity to thank Congressmen Bass (left) and Bradley for their service to our country                   and to the dealers in New Hampshire.
      Dateline: NH                                                  a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

          2006-2007 NHADA OFFICERS
              Susan McFarland Moynahan
                                                                                    Flu-Shot Reimbursements
                                                                           NHAD Services, Inc. - Insurance Division is assisting NHADA member

                    Vice Chairman
                   Robert Grappone                                         companies with Anthem medical coverage through NHADA who wish to
                 Second Vice Chairman
                                                                           provide on-site flu shots to their employees by helping fund company-
                    Scott Holloway
                       Treasurer                                           sponsored flu shots during the 2006-2007 flu season. Participating
                     Holly Carlson                                         member companies will be reimbursed 50 percent of the charge for flu
                       Secretary                                           shots given to ALL of the company’s employees (and their spouses), to a
                    Donna Hosmer
                                                                           maximum of $15 per shot. You may download the Flu-Shot
                   Daniel B. McLeod                                        Reimbursement Form at Simply click on “Flu-Shot
                                                                           Reimbursements” under “Special Alerts.” In addition, Anthem has
         2006-2007 NHADA DIRECTORS
                                                                           contracted with several Visiting Nurse Associations to provide flu shots at
         Jay Alosa, Heavy-Duty Trucks
                  Frank Brady                                              no cost! Please contact Jean Conlon at 800-852-3372 or
                  Andy Costello                                   with any questions.
                 Kevin Donovan
                 Paul Gladstone
                Robert Grappone
            Mark Hesler, Motorcycles                                                    New Members
           Paul Holloway, Honorary
                 Scott Holloway                                  Aylward Motors LLC                                 MAX Cycles, Inc.
                   Kevin Kopp
    Rich Lovering, Immediate Past Chairman
                                                                  87 NH Route 11                               dba MAX BMW Motorcycles
          Susan McFarland Moynahan                            Farmington, NH 03835                                209 Lafayette Road
         Larry Phillips, Non-Franchised                                                                        North Hampton, NH 03862
                  Peggy Proko
                                                          Owners: Ronald A. Aylward, Jr. and                         603-964-2877
                 NADA DIRECTOR                                                                                    Owner: Max Stratton
                                                                   Gail M. Aylward
                    Jack Tulley

 This publication is designed to provide accurate
                                                                                      Larry Bisso & Associates
 and authoritative information in regard to the                                           12 Crown Hill Road
 subject matters covered. In publishing this
 newsletter, neither the authors nor the publisher are                                    Atkinson, NH 03811
 engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other
 professional services. If legal advice or other expert                                      603-425-4392
 assistance is required, the services of a competent
 professional should be sought.
                                                                                           Owner: Larry Bisso
 Advertisements appearing in
 Dateline: NH do not indicate
 a specific endorsement by NHADA
 of the products or services unless                           NHAEF Center for Automotive Education and Training
 the NHADA endorsement symbol             Endorsed by
 appears with the advertisement.            NHADA
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 Published monthly at Bow, New Hampshire,
 by the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers                         January 24     Performance Evaluations (HR Seminar Series)
 Association. Mailing address: P. O. Box 2337,
 Concord, NH 03302-2337, 603-224-2369/                           February 5-9   One-Week Intensive Beginner Sales Training
                                                                 February 14    Disciplining and Terminating Employees (HR Seminar Series)
                      STAFF                                      February 21    Bookkeeping I
 Publisher            Susan McFarland Moynahan
 Editorial Director             Daniel B. McLeod                 February 22    Phone Skills
 Managing Editor/              Louanne Theriault                 March 20       Maximizing On-line Marketplaces
   Design and Layout
 Typographers                 Louanne Theriault,                 March 21       Workplace Harassment (HR Seminar Series)
                       Lisa Lavoie, Donna Sopper                 April 18       Company Policies and Employee Handbooks (HR Seminar Series)
 Advertising Coordinator             Lisa Lavoie
 Photographer                 Michael Rosenblum
                                                                 May 8          Service Advisor Training
                                                                 May 9          Service Management
              ADVERTISING RATES                                  May 10         Service Advisor Training
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 1/2 Page:        Color $400              B&W   $325
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                                     Please contact Brendan Perry or Jean Conlon at 800-852-3372 if you have questions.

page 2                                                                                                                                   January, 2007
       Dateline: NH                                      a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

Goodbye - Continued from page 1
                                                             Meet Your Association Par tners
These acts of generosity are
commendable, because the fact of the                           Albin, Randall & Bennett
matter is that times are tough!
Business is down, consumers have been
shocked by $3 per gallon gasoline, and                          “Auto dealer CPAs and consultants”
the future is uncertain. On the other                             For more information, please contact
hand, the stock market is up, interest                        Bart Haag or Cheri Walker at 207-772-1981.
rates have stabilized at relatively low
levels, there continues to be job growth
                                             Bart Haag                                                     Cheri Walker
in New Hampshire, and
unemployment continues to hover
around a very favorable 4 percent.
                                           Speaking of change, the majority         opportunities and work hard to
The average car loan is more than          Party in the U.S. House and the U.S.     achieve success.
60 months, and consumer credit             Senate has switched control from the
continues to be stretched. All motor                                                The motor vehicle industry in New
                                           Republicans to the Democrats; and,       Hampshire is a huge force that makes
vehicles produced today come with a        for the first time in 140 years in New
much higher standard of quality and,                                                up 25 percent of all retail sales,
                                           Hampshire, Democrats control the         employs 13,000 individuals, and has a
in effect, longevity. Warranty work in     House, the Senate, the Executive
service departments is down from                                                    combined payroll of over $450 million.
                                           Council, and the Chief Executive. Our    The reality is that dealers in New
past years, and retail work has slowed     world has changed, and we must
its pace. Competition in our retail                                                 Hampshire are an economic force, and
                                           make certain we can adapt to these       dealers understand what they need to
industry is intense, and some motor        industry and political upheavals.
vehicle manufacturers struggle to                                                   do in order to make it through this
restructure toward profitability. There    I do not believe that many in our        tough economic cycle. All members
has been significant change going on       industry will look back at 2006 with     know that success is not a fluke; success
in the motor vehicle industry, and         a lot of fondness! Rather, each one of   is a combination of dedication, hard
this change will impact members of         our individual members must look to      work, and direction. Let’s all not wait
NHADA.                                     the future challenges and create         for success in 2007; let’s go out there
                                                                                    and make it happen.

January, 2007                                                                                                             page 3
      Dateline: NH                                              a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                                                                                                         We Have Money
                                                                                                          to Give Away!
    Vehicle Inspections: Some Interesting Facts!
   Dan Bennett, NHADA Environmental Specialist

         aving sat through the DMV vehicle inspection licensing class, which is offered at
         the old DMV building on Hazen Drive in Concord, a few interesting points came up

         and are noteworthy. They include:                                                              o you have students in your
  • A vehicle may pass a safety inspection without a seatbelt or airbag!                                dealership who are planning
                                                                                                        to further their education in
  • A service manager must notify the DMV, in writing, when a technician leaves your           Automotive Technology? Do you or
  employment!                                                                                  your employees have family members
  • An inspection facility must have a tint meter only if aftermarket tint is inspected!       or friends who are considering
                                                                                               becoming technicians?
  • All motorcycle inspection stations must have a noise (decibel) monitoring tool!
                                                                                               The New Hampshire Automotive
  • Motorcycles may not be louder than the original equipment manufacturer!                    Education Foundation provides
  • All motorcycles must have their inspection sticker on their front left fork!               scholarships to students in the New
                                                                                               Hampshire Community Technical
  • All license plates must be mounted directly where the original manufacturer designated!    Colleges’ Automotive Technology,
  • The plate logo “Live Free or Die” may be covered; New Hampshire may not be!                Mobile Equipment, or Collision
                                                                                               Repair programs. Both first- and
  • Plate covers (clear or tinted) will not pass a safety inspection!                          second-year students are eligible for
  • Head lamp covers will not pass a safety inspection!                                        scholarships.

  • Tail lamp covers are not allowed!                                                          We want to hear from these students.
                                                                                               Please pass the word to either
  • A third brake light may not be obscured!                                                   download the scholarship application
  • Windshield banner stickers will not pass a safety inspection!                              at (under “Special
                                                                                               Alerts” click “Scholarship
  • Any windshield crack longer than 2 inches will not pass a safety inspection!               Opportunities”) or to contact either
  • Inspection class is held on the first Tuesday of every month at 2:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.    Brendan Perry or Jean Conlon at
  sharp!                                                                                       800-852-3372 or at their respective
                                                                                               e-mail addresses (
  These are but a few points that everyone involved with safety inspections should keep in     or
  A copy of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Manual should be on-site, available, and up-to-date
  at all times. A copy of it can be obtained through the Department of Safety, Division of
                                                                                                *** SAVE THE DATES ***
  Motor Vehicles, for $20. The State Motor Vehicle Inspection Rules (Saf-C 3200) may be          2007 NHADA “Family” Convention
  obtained free of charge and can be found at:                         June 24-26
  c3200.html.                                                                                      Newport Marriott • Newport, RI

  If you have inspection questions, please contact NHADA at 800-852-3372 or the New                  2007 NHADA Fall Business
  Hampshire DMV Highway Patrol and Enforcement Bureau at 271-3339.                                    Meeting & Partner Expo
                                                                                                           November 14
                                                                                                     Grappone Conference Center
                                                                                                            Concord, NH

page 4                                                                                                                   January, 2007
      Dateline: NH                               a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

  “Creating Liquidity in the
        Automobile Marketplace”

                     Every Thursday 9:30AM Londonderry, NH
                                                                                                          General Manager

                     • Six Lanes 1,200+ Vehicles
                                                                                                          Dave Blake
                                                                                                          Operations Manager
                                                                                                          Rob Ross

                     • Fleet/Lease 275+ Vehicles
                                                                                                          Linda Griffin
                                                                                  Auto Auction of
                                                                                  New England’s           Office Manager
                                                                                                          Joanne Comeau

                     • End of Sale Prizes!
                                                                                  New Simulcast
                                                                                  Auction Service         Safety & Compliance Manager
                                                                                                          Sal Morando
                                                                                                          Transportation Manager
                                                                                                          Barry Kelley
                                                                                                          Director Fleet/ Lease
                              Auto Auction of New England                                                 Bill Hoover
                                                                                                          Director Dealer Relations
                              Conveniently Located at Exit 4, Rt. 93                                      Jim How
                              8 Action Blvd., Londonderry, NH 03053                                       Dealer Relations
                                                                                                          Katie Karl
                              10 min. south of Manchester, NH                                             Michele Pierog
                                                                                                          Donna Olsen
                              Tel: (603) 437-5700 Fax: (603) 437-5800                                     Dealer Registration
                                                                                 Quality Auction Member   Kristin Blanchette

                              • Transportation • Full Recondition • Service Dept. • Guaranteed Checks and Titles

                                                                                           We offer specialized products
                                                                                           and services for independent
                                                                   Call today.
                                                                                                            auto dealers.
                                                               1-800-236-4147              With more than 50 years of specialized
                                                                                                 experience, Zurich can provide you
                                                                                           with the tailored policies and programs
                                                                                       to help meet the needs of your dealership.
                                                                                     We offer knowledgeable sales professionals
                                                                                     to provide personal attention and dedicated
                                                                                    underwriters and claims specialists to service
                                                                                       your account. Because of our experience,
                                                                                                  our customers can feel protected.
                            What if your insurance
                        company understood your

                          dealership as well as you do?


January, 2007                                                                                                                  page 5
     Dateline: NH                                                 a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                  NHADA President Recognized
                                                                                                 Meet Your Association
                                                                                                       Par tner s

                                                                                                     BG Products/
                                                                                                     Distributors of
                                                                                                     New England

                                                                                                     “Automotive preventive
         At the December NHADA Board of Directors’ meeting, NHADA Chairwoman Sue Moynahan                 maintenance
         of McFarland Ford Sales in Exeter and Hampton Ford/Hyundai in North Hampton and             products and services”
         NHADA Vice Chairman Bob Grappone (right) of Grappone Automotive Group in Bow and         For more information, please
         Concord presented NHADA President Dan McLeod with a special token of appreciation.        contact Steve Kelloway, Bill
         The print, entitled “Misty Moorings – Sunapee, NH,” is inscribed as follows:
                                                                                                  Stanyan, or Mike Hentschel at
                                      Presented to                                                  800-543-6632 or visit their
                                   Daniel B. McLeod                                               Web site at
                               In Recognition of 26 Years
                                                                                                                   (see ad on page 20)
                     of Strong Leadership & Dedication to NHADA
               With Sincere Gratitude from the NHADA Board of Directors

page 6                                                                                                                 January, 2007
     Dateline: NH                                  a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                  Universal Underwriters is proud of our partnership with the New Hampshire
                Automobile Dealers Association.
                  New Hampshire dealers count on us, not only for insurance protection,
                but also to put more profit in their business.
                  We’re the one company that offers the whole package – Property &
                Casualty Insurance, Business Life, and Vehicle Service Contracts. And the
                only company with more than 70 years of experience serving the
                specialized needs of auto dealers.
                  It’s a powerful combination no other company can match. Let us stand
                behind you. Call Jim Walsh at (800) 633-8842 and ask for The Specialists.

January, 2007                                                                                                page 7
     Dateline: NH                                         a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                                                                                              UpLIFTing News
   Compliance Corner                      Ron Godbout, CSP

                                          NHADA WCT Senior Loss Prevention Consultant            he NHADA’s Workers’
                                                                                                 Compensation Trust (WCT)
                      “Reduce Risk”                                                              recently signed a Strategic
                                                                                        Safety Alliance with the Automotive
                        Lift Service Program                                            Lift Institute (ALI). NHADA is the
                                                                                        first state dealers’ association to enter

           hile OSHA doesn’t have a specific category for automotive lifts and          into this program, joining the Tire
            other unique equipment, they refer to the equipment                         Industry Association (TIA) and BFS
            manufacturer’s recommendations on periodic maintenance and                  Retail & Commercial Operations LLC
inspections. Virtually all of today’s lift manufacturers recommend annual               (BFRC). TIA works with many facets
inspection by a qualified lift service person. Various service routines are also        of the tire service and repair industry,
required at specific intervals. Some of these can be performed by the lift              and BFRC is the world’s largest
operator, but there are specific tasks that are also earmarked for a qualified          company-owned automotive service
service person.                                                                         provider, operating through their
The American National Standards Institute defines a qualified lift service              family of household-name companies
person as one who meets the requirements for knowledge, familiarity, and                in automotive maintenance, repair,
experience with electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical components specific to            and tire service.
the lifts being serviced. They must also be experienced in installation and field       For the past 60 years, ALI’s primary
service work.                                                                           mission has been to promote the safe
After some intense research, we’ve found that several firms provide lift service.       design, construction, installation,
I spent several days shadowing lift service personnel, observing their                  maintenance, and use of automotive
performance of repairs and/or inspections.                                              lift products. ALI is an American
                                                                                        National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Some of these firms provide lift service but fall short of offering a full              accredited Standards Development
inspection, since the inspection implies a higher degree of assurance that the          Organization, recognized for both
unit is serviceable and will remain that way for a given period of time.                developing and offering automotive
Only one firm we checked out provides a full-blown annual lift inspection.              lift safety materials throughout the
AHC, Corp., the exclusive service provider for Windward Petroleum in                    automotive industry. They also
Manchester, includes a guarantee with their inspection that all components              operate an ISO Guide 65 Accredited
(except the motor) will remain serviceable for one year from the inspection             Automotive Lift Certification
date. Part of their inspection process involves disassembling, cleaning,                Program that requires testing and
checking and replacing specific components as needed, and lubrication of                validation by an OSHA Nationally
pre-determined wear points.                                                             Recognized Testing Laboratory.
                                                                                                            ALI - Continued on page 10
Newer building codes call for equipment installations being performed by
qualified personnel.
In addition to vehicle lifts, AHC performs installation and service on
compressors, tire machines, brake lathes, and other equipment commonly
                                                                                        NHADA members may contact AHC
found in service shops.
                                                                                        directly to obtain these rates and
AHC has agreed to provide special lift inspection pricing to NHADA members.             schedule lift inspections and/or
The rates are incremental, depending on the number of lifts to be inspected.            maintenance at 800-657-8770. If
The basic rate for annual inspection of one to four lifts is $159 per lift. Five to     you have any questions about this
nine lifts will be billed at $120 per lift. For ten or more lifts, the rate will be     program, please feel free to call me at
$100. These rates do not include any repair labor and parts but include the             800-852-3372 or e-mail me at
warranty mentioned above.                                                     

page 8                                                                                                              January, 2007
     Dateline: NH   a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

January, 2007                                                                 page 9
       Dateline: NH                                                                a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

ALI - Continued from page 8
Most recently, ALI has developed a                                                  Free Lamp Recycling
thoroughly updated training video,
entitled “Lifting it Right.” The video
                                                                             for Homeowners and Small Businesses
features Richard and Kyle Petty as                                 Dan Bennett, NHADA Environmental Specialist
narrators and depicts aspects of safe

lifting of vehicles in service                                              ompliant disposal/recycling of spent fluorescent lamps has been an issue that has
                                                                            affected our industry ever since the New Hampshire Universal Waste Rule
operations. Following the video,
                                                                            (Env-wm 1100) came into effect in October of 2001. Spent fluorescent lamps
trainees take a short quiz to
                                                                     contain mercury, a harmful and dangerous metal. A variety of different options exist to
determine their level of                                             properly recycle these wastes. Their costs and burden vary as well. Vendors and haulers are
understanding. Also provided with                                    one of the easiest options to utilize in order to ensure compliance and lower your
the training kit is a copy of ALI’s Lift                             environmental liability (Advanced Liquid Recycling and WorkWaste are two NHADA
Safety Manual, entitled “Lifting It                                  Associate members who offer the service).
Right,” and a “Safety Tips” poster for
                                                                     One of the most recent options is a new program being offered by the New Hampshire
the shop area.
                                                                     Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), Public Service of New Hampshire, the
In addition to the lift safety video kit                             Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, and True Value hardware stores. The
that is hosted by Richard and Kyle                                   four groups have teamed up to create an innovative arrangement to allow small business
Petty, ALI offers other lift safety                                  owners and homeowners to dispose of their fluorescent lamps compliantly. And it is free!
training materials for sale, including                               The recycling cost is covered by the NHDES. Homeowners and small businesses may bring
the annual “Vehicle Lifting Points                                   up to six lamps at a time to a participating True Value store. More information may also be
                                                                     found at:
Guide” that is now available on
CD-Rom as well as ANSI standards                                     If you have questions concerning the program or for more information, please feel free to
for lifts, installations, etc. Special                               contact me at 800-852-3372 or at dbennett, or you may contact the NHDES
pricing for all available lift safety                                Pollution Prevention Program at 603-271-6460.
training materials is available
through NHADA.
                                                                safety topics. A list of these training sessions can be found in the “Safety”
This training is presented at no                                section of our Web site at If you have any questions or wish
charge to members of the WCT, along                             to schedule training, please call the Loss Prevention Department at
with a number of other job-related                              800-852-3372 or e-mail me at

        Win the attention of thousands of potential buyers during the Presidents’   ’
         Day holiday, with a giant, 3,000 sq. ft. custom handpainted aerial banner.

           AvPro Worldwide Inc., of Haverhill, MA, is offering an Aerial Banner
         package to the Auto industry to assist in promoting your Dealership and
                     bringing high visibility attention to your Brand.

                                   We are offering........
                         A 3.5 hour flight each day from Feb. 8-12
                            and a custom made Aerial Banner
                                     Cost: $9,900 NET

                     Summer beach and event flights, also available.

                              For more info, please contact:
                                 Marty Allen Jr., VP Sales

page 10                                                                                                                                          January, 2007
       Dateline: NH                                      a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                                                             Meet Your Association Par tners
          Claims Corner
                                                                         G W Marketing Services
    The Employer’s                                                                     Bronze
  Supplemental Report                                              “Automotive dealership broker and consultant”
                                                                   For more information, Gordon asks that you call him
        of Injury                                                  at 781-899-8509, cell # 508-395-2500, or e-mail him
     Does it Really Need                                                         at
      to be Completed?                      Gordon Wisbach

Pete Sheffer, NHADA WCT Claims Manager

         mong the vast array of forms
         required for completion by
         the New Hampshire               • An employee returned to work following a period of disability;
Department of Labor (NHDOL), one
                                         • An employee becomes disabled from work after a period of no lost time;
of the most important, yet underused,
is the Employer’s Supplemental           • An employee’s work hours or wages change following a return to work.
Report of Injury (13WCA). This form
                                         NHADA members do a great job of calling and notifying us when there is a
is to be used by members to notify
                                         change in an employee’s work status, but they do need to remember to file the
the NHADA Workers’ Compensation
                                         Employer’s Supplemental Report of Injury form. Repeated failure to file the
Trust claims staff and the NHDOL
                                         form does subject the employer to an administrative fine of $100. In addition,
that there has been a change in
                                         the NHDOL will not administratively enforce that an employee repay an
disability status of an injured
                                         overpayment of Workers’ Compensation benefits.
employee. The Employer’s
Supplemental Report of Injury is         Help us ensure accurate payment of disability benefits; please file the
required to be completed when:           Employer’s Supplemental Report of Injury.
• Disability extends beyond four         If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 800-852-3372 or
days;                                    at

January, 2007                                                                                                      page 11
     Dateline: NH                                    a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                    From Your NADA Director                                                 NHADA Dessert
                                         legislation that would require
                                         insurance companies to disclose total-             Saturday, February 3
                                         loss vehicle information in publicly                  Caesar’s Palace
                                         accessible databases. An NADA-                       Claudius I Room
                                         supported House bill would mandate                    9:30-11:30 p.m.
                                         that insurance companies make
                                         commercially available the VIN of a
                                         totaled vehicle, the reason for its
                   Jack Tulley           being declared a total loss, and other
                                         data. Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) has

         fter gaining control of the     introduced a similar bill.
         House and Senate, Democrats                                                       We hope to see you there!
         have outlined their agenda      In other NADA news…
for the next several years.              • NADA has won the American                 focusing on major dealership
Developments that could affect the       Society of Association Executives           departments) at NADA headquarters
retail auto industry and dealers are:    (ASAE) Award of Excellence for its          in McLean, Virginia, with 45 weeks
                                         Child Passenger Safety Month. The           of work experience in the sponsoring
• Incoming Speaker of the House
                                         Award recognizes associations that          dealership.
Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) and incoming
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid        “propel America forward” through
                                                                                     For an application or more
(D-Nev.) could get White House           innovative community service
                                                                                     information, please call
support for their plans to encourage     programs. Thousands of dealers
                                                                                     800-252-6232, option 5.
the use of alternative fuels and         nationwide participated in NADA’s
                                         Child Passenger Safety Month this           As always, feel free to contact me at
establish small business health-
care tax credits.                        past September.                             888-0550 or at

• Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) was           • I hope to see you at the NADA
chosen as Majority Leader by the         Convention in Las Vegas on                                   Newport, RI
Democratic caucus. Hoyer is known        February 3-6, 2007. There will be
                                                                                                      2007 NHADA
to be more pro-business and              more than 600 exhibitors; nearly 200
                                         workshop sessions; and, of course,                            Convention
pro-free trade than many of his                                                                        June 24-26
Democratic colleagues.                   franchise meetings, lifestyle activities,
                                         and many other events. Also, please          Did you know...
• The Democratic agenda also covers      plan to attend the NHADA Dessert
a variety of reforms intended to         Reception, which will be held on                   The pineapple has been
strengthen national security, energy     Saturday, February 3 (see top right).
                                                                                       Newport’s symbol of hospitality
independence, affordable health care,                                                     since the 1650s, when sea
and retirement security; raise           • Limited seats are still available for        captains returning to Newport
employee wages; and give students        the NADA Dealer Academy successors               from trade voyages placed
broader access to colleges and           class that begins in January. A                 them outside their homes to
universities.                            successors class and a general               encourage visitors and welcome
                                         managers class will also begin in            guests? Today, the pineapple can
NADA-backed total-loss disclosure        February, and there are limited               be seen in all forms throughout
bills are pending in the House and       seats still available in each.                Newport from wooden carvings,
Senate.                                                                                 flags, chocolate candies, door
                                         The yearlong Dealer Academy                       knockers, welcome mats,
• Since the Gulf hurricanes last year,   program combines six class sessions                    and souvenirs.
NADA has been pushing for federal        (one week every other month,

page 12                                                                                                        January, 2007
      Dateline: NH                                               a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

              Thank you to all who made contributions in 2006 to ADPAC
    (our state Political Action Committee) and to DEAC (our federal Political Action
                         Committee). It is very much appreciated.


                      2006 ADPAC Contributors                                                2006 DEAC Contributors

   David Allen              Scott Holloway          Mark Piekarski                     David Allen                Mary Kopp
   Troy Allen               Paul Hurlbert           Wilfrid Piekarski                   Troy Allen              John Lambert
   Joseph Alosa, Jr.        Peter Irwin             Kenneth Plante                    Jack Benson               Linda Lovering
   Michael Baxter           Marshall Jespersen      Steven Plante                    Todd Berkowitz           Richard Lovering
   Jack Benson              Richard Kida, Jr.       John J. Platek                      Gary Blake              Ronney Lyster
   Robert Beranger          James Knight            Richard Poulin                Edward Bonneville            Harold Maloney
   Michael Berounsky, Jr.   Kevin Kopp              Peggy Proko                        Frank Brady                Peter Mans
   Marc Bigney              Michael Korpi           Deborah Reed                     Ronald Currier         Victoria Marcinkevich
   Gary Blake               James Lagana            Scott Reed                      David Cushman              Robert Mariano
   Edward Bonneville        Robert Lajoie           Edward F. Reilly, III          Cornelius DeValk            Gregory Marino
   Holly Carlson            John Lambert            Stephen Roach                 Charles DiPrizio, Jr.         Jay McFarland
   Joseph Cicotte           Jeffrey Levine          Dennis Roberts, Sr.              Kevin Donovan              Douglas Miles
   Al Contois               Linda Lovering          John Sawyer                     Richard Fecteau           Eva Montembeault
   Andrew Costello          Richard Lovering        Mark Schols                      William Fenton         Gerard Montembeault
   Ronald Currier           Ronney Lyster           Richard Shulman                  Laurence Foss            Susan Moynahan
   David Cushman            Peter Mans              Aaron Singer                      Peter French              Kenneth Plante
   Charles DiPrizio, Jr.    Victoria Marcinkevich   Gary Singer                  J. Marshall Friedman           Richard Poulin
   Ivan Dittbenner          Robert Mariano          Thomas Thayer                       Jim Fyles                Peggy Proko
   Kevin Donovan            Jay McFarland           Tiber Toth                      Paul Gaudet, Sr.         Edward F. Reilly, III
   William Fenton           David McGreevy          John E. Tulley, II               Paul Gladstone          Dennis Roberts, Sr.
   J. Marshall Friedman     Edward Medlyn           Dean Walts                      Robert Grappone            Thomas Thayer
   Paul Gaudet, Sr.         Douglas Miles           Anthony Waterman                 David Hammer              John E. Tulley, II
   Kurt Gerrish             Joseph Mitchell         Daniel Weed                       Paul Holloway             James Walker
   Frank Goodwin            Gerard Montembeault     Richard Wheeler                  Scott Holloway           William Weiss, Jr.
   Robert Grappone          Susan Moynahan          David Yanofsky                     Roy Hurlbert          Michael Wentworth
   David Hammer             George Mullin           Alan Young                          Peter Irwin             David Yanofsky
   Peter Herz               Richard Nault           Paul Ziffer
   Paul Holloway            David Philipkoski

January, 2007                                                                                                                page 13
       Dateline: NH                                              a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                               “State of the Industry” Meetings Wrap Up
                                    With Non-Franchised Members
Brendan Perry

      pread out over a three-week
      period, Chrysler, Ford, General
      Motors, Import, Power Sports/
Motorcycles, and Non-Franchised
members participated in NHADA’s
annual “State of the Industry”
Meetings held in Bow.
Attorney Greg Holmes of Wiggin and
Nourie was the featured speaker for
each of the franchise meetings. His
presentation focused primarily on
New Hampshire’s Dealer Bill of Rights
(RSA 357-C), addressing such issues
as: Relevant Market Area, Warranty
Obligations, Relocating Dealerships,
                                                 NHADA President Dan McLeod addresses Non-Franchised members at the November 29 “State of the Industry”
                                                 Meeting. Seated to Dan’s left are DMV Highway Patrol and Enforcement Bureau Officers Lt. Carey Carlberg, Major
                                                 Wayne Perreault, and Lt. Steve Kace. The gathering was the last of six “State of the Industry” Meetings that
                                                 included Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Imports, and Power Sports/Motorcycle members.

                                                 and Terminations. Greg’s ability to cite specific lawsuits as they relate to
   With over 20 years of experience              357-C created a vivid illustration of the importance the law plays in dealer/
                                                 manufacturer relations. In addition, Greg provided valuable insight into the
   in the automobile industry, our
                                                 Motor Vehicle Industry Board and its role in dealer/manufacturer disputes.
   staff will be able to provide you
       with the knowledge and                    The most well-attended meeting of the six was that of the Non-Franchised
                                                 members. More than 30 members participated in an open and candid
      commitment to serve your
                                                 discussion with Division of Motor Vehicles Highway Patrol and Enforcement
    accounting and tax needs. We                 Bureau Officers on a myriad of topics, including motor vehicle inspection
         offer professional and                  laws, OBD II, proper use of dealer plates, and frequently cited violations.
       personalized service and
                                                 The overwhelming response by those in attendance was the Department’s
      "advice you can count on."                 genuine willingness to increase communication efforts with dealerships for the
                                                 betterment of consumers. Representatives from the Department included
    Please feel free to    Salem
                           8 Stiles Road         Major Wayne Perreault, Lieutenant Carey Carlberg, and Lieutenant Steve
   contact us at any one   Salem, NH 03079
                           Phone: 603-890-6633   Kace. The free-flowing conversation provided valuable information on critical
       of our offices.     Fax: 603-893-2806
                                                 matters and left both sides optimistic about the future.
                           1300 Mass Ave.
                           Boxboro, MA 01719
                           Phone: 978-263-3333                          Newport, RI                     Did you know...
      To learn about       Fax: 978-263-0370                                                             Newport was the site of the first
       our services,       Boston
                                                                       2007 NHADA                       automobile arrest in the country in
        please visit
                           183 State Street
                           Boston, MA 02109
                                                                        Convention                     1904 when the offender was charged
                           Phone: 617-723-3333
                           Fax: 617-723-2769
                                                                        June 24-26                       with driving 15 miles per hour?

page 14                                                                                                                                       January, 2007
     Dateline: NH   a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

January, 2007                                                                page 15
      Dateline: NH                             a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                  Meet Your Association Par tners                               Document Retention
                                                                                Policy and Procedure
                 Jewett Construction Co., Inc.                                         Update

                     “Design-build and construction                                   he beginning of the New Year
                          management services”                                        is a good time to examine
                      For more information, please                                    your dealership’s document-
                         contact Craig Jewett at                              retention practices to ensure you are
                     603-895-2412 or e-mail him at                            compliant with the various laws and
                                       regulations that set forth record-
  Craig Jewett                                                                keeping requirements. Among the
                                                         (see ad on page 9)
                                                                              records an automotive retailer is
                                                                              required to maintain are banking and
                                                                              accounting records; state and federal
                                                                              tax records; payroll and employment
                                                                              records; environmental, F&I and
                                                                              OSHA records; warranty claims; and
                                                                              even repair orders. Some of these
                                                                              records are required under laws or
                                                                              regulations which set forth a specific,
                                                                              mandatory retention period. Other
                                                                              records should be preserved as a
                                                                              matter of prudent business policy for
                                                                              your protection in the event of claims
                                                                              or disputes later.
                                                                              NHADA has previously advised that it
                                                                              is a good business practice to adopt a
                                                                              formal record-retention policy that
                                                                              identifies the types of records which
                                                                              must be kept, the format in which
                                                                              they will be kept (electronic, paper, or
                                                                              microfiche), confidentiality and
                                                                              security concerns, and disposal
                                                                              Part of this recommendation has now
                                                                              become mandatory. A federal
                                                                              regulation, which went into effect last
                                                                              year, the “Disposal Rule,” makes it
                                                                              mandatory to adopt a formal policy
                                                                              regarding the disposal of all
                                                                              confidential records governed by the
                                                                              Safeguards Rule.
                                                                              The “Disposal Rule” is just one area
                                                                              in which your record-retention policy
                                                                              must be coordinated with a
                                                                                             Retention - Continued on page 18

page 16                                                                                                    January, 2007
       Dateline: NH                                      a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

      DOL Cites Most Frequent Violations at New                                         2006 Unemployment Rates
               Hampshire Dealerships                                                            by Area
                                                                                                       Aug Sep Oct

        ccording to the New Hampshire      Items 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are also          United States     4.6%   4.4%   4.1%
        Department of Labor, the           among the Department’s top-ten            New England       4.4%   4.5%   3.9%
                                                                                       Connecticut     4.4%   4.5%   3.8%
        following are commonly cited       most-cited violations overall. NHADA
                                                                                       Maine           3.9%   4.1%   4.2%
violations at automobile dealerships:      can electronically link to the Labor
                                                                                       Massachusetts   4.7%   5.0%   4.2%
 1 Failure to provide written notice       Department’s Web site as well as other      New Hampshire   3.4%   3.0%   3.0%
                                           State agencies by visiting                  Rhode Island    5.5%   4.5%   4.4%
to employees of their wage rate, pay
                                  and clicking on               Vermont         3.1%   3.3%   3.0%
period, payday, and a description of
fringe benefits, including any             “Links” on the Site Map.
RSA 275:49 and Lab 803.4

 2 Failure to pay salespeople
minimum wage for all hours worked
per pay period.
RSA 279:21 and RSA 275:42 VII

 3 Failure to keep a true and
accurate record of all time worked.
RSA 279:27 and Lab 803.4

 4 Illegal deductions from wages;
i.e., deducting for purchases, tools,
uniforms, and damages to vehicles.
RSA 275:48 and Lab 803.03

5 Failure to pay employees final
wages, in full, when due.
RSA 275:44 and Lab 803.02(e)(g)

 6 Employing illegal aliens (not
having proper documentation).
RSA 275-A:4(a)

7 Illegal employment of workers
under 18 (not having proper
paperwork, hours violations, working
in a hazardous environment, driving).
RSA 276-A:4&5 and Labs 1002.01, 1003.01

 8 Failure to establish a Joint Loss
Management Committee when having
five or more employees and failure to
file a Safety Summary Form every
two years when employers have ten or
more employees.
RSA 281-A:64 II and III and Labs 602:02,

January, 2007                                                                                                        page 17
       Dateline: NH                                                  a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

Retention - Continued from page 16

Safeguards Rule plan. Many records will contain confidential customer                             Winter Weather Can
information that is covered by the Safeguards Rule, so your policy regarding
storage and disposal must incorporate safeguards regarding security and                          Bring Printer Problems
proper disposal methods, such as shredding.

       A “Records Retention Guide” is available on
                   under the Site Map. The Guide was prepared
       for members of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
             by Louis D. DeMato, Esquire, an associate attorney in the
        Business Law Group at Wiggin & Nourie, P.A. This is a basic guide
        to retention practices. It must be remembered that, in the current
            regulatory climate, these guidelines are the starting point –                        Ron McDaniel
                   and not the end – of record-retention policy.

                                                                                                           ost of the calls we receive
                                                                                                           about labels and forms not
                      Newport, RI                                                                          running smoothly through
                                                       Did you know...                           laser printers and copiers come as the
                     2007 NHADA                                                                  seasons change. It’s hot one day and
                                                          Newport was home to the first
                      Convention                              auto race in 1895?                 cold the next day or dry one day and
                      June 24-26                                                                 humid the next day.
                                                                                                 Paper is like a sponge. It absorbs the
               Safety/OBD II Inspections Statistics                                              atmospheric conditions to which it is
                                                                                                 exposed. The storage area for many
                                                                                                 dealerships is an area where a few
                                                                                                 boxes will fit, unheated, limited
      Inspection                                        % of                         % of
                                                                                                 ventilation, and may be exposed to
        Results                  Nov 06                 Total              YTD 06    Total
                                                                                                 various elements. That’s why we
      Total *                        92,285           100.00%         1,117,179     100.00%      recommend storing printing paper in
      Passed                         74,220            80.40%           895,217     80.10%       a climate-controlled environment.
      Corrected                      14,345            15.50%           178,688     16.00%       As we move into winter and the
      Rejected                        3,719             4.00%            43,220      3.90%       atmosphere becomes dry, static
      Untested                            1             0.00%                54      0.00%       electricity becomes a problem. If the
                                                                                                 laser printer wants to pull two or
        OBD II                                                                                   more sheets at a time, chances are the
      Inspection                                                                                 air is dry, and static is holding the
        Results                                                                                  sheets together. Storing sheets in the
   (1996 and newer)                                                                              computer room and fanning the stack
                                                                                                 before feeding will help alleviate the
      Total                          75,593          100.00%           889,682      100.00%
      Passed                         64,668           85.50%           745,693      83.80%
      Rejected                        9,159           12.10%           123,785      13.90%
      Untested                        1,766            2.30%            20,204       2.30%       “Paper
                        * Total numbers include OBD II Inspections                               is like a
                                     Statistics provided by Gordon-Darby                         sp o n g e . ”

page 18                                                                                                                   January, 2007
     Dateline: NH                                 a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

   Automotive Experience                          Are You Looking for
       Since 1975
   “I’ve worked with Shepherd               More Than Just OK?
                                        All accountants talk about their good service, but sometimes that’s all
   and Goldstein for over                it is, just talk. At S&G, we put our money where our mouth is! We
   25 years, and I am constantly       provide excellent service to our clients, day in and day out, guaranteed!

   impressed with their attention                Our 2005 Client Survey Results
   to detail and excellent                         1. Timely Service                                             4.6
                                                   2. Personal Attention                                         4.6
   customer service. I have
                                                   3. Technical Expertise                                        4.5
   complete trust in their abilities            Ratings are based on a scale of 1–5, with 5 being the best possible score.

   and I depend on their services               Call our Managing Partner, Terence Shepherd today
                                                 at (508) 757-3311 and explore the possibilities.
   to help my dealership thrive
   and prosper. They are the
   Automotive Specialists!”
                                                    (508) 757-3311
   — Paul Gladstone, Gladstone Ford            Offices in WORCESTER, MA • WEST YARMOUTH, MA
                                                        FRAMINGHAM, MA • HOPEDALE, MA

January, 2007                                                                                                                page 19
     Dateline: NH                                       a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                       Dealers Need to Focus on CA$H

         nder the current economic        accountable for their collection.         inventory,
         climate, the old adage “Cash     Credit policies need to be established,   especially,
         is King” has never been more     monitored, and enforced. Contracts in     when it comes
true for auto dealers. Slowing sales      transit should be collected within        to aged parts
and declining margins have made           three days of sale. Any vehicle           and factory
cash management a key focus for           receivables should be paid on             returns in
successful dealers. “Where can dealers    delivery. Stress the importance of        order to cut
find cash?” The answer is, by             proper preparation of warranty and        down on
monitoring certain key areas on their     factory claims to avoid unnecessary       obsolescence. A
financial statements.                     delays in payment. Negotiate with         good rule of
                                          finance companies to reduce finance       thumb is to
                                          reserve retention.                        have no more
Whether it is trade receivables (parts                                              than a 90-day supply on hand.
                                                    Parts Inventory
and service), warranty receivables, or
                                                                                          Used Vehicle Inventory
factory receivables (rebates and          Without proper supervision, parts
incentives), the bottom line is that      inventories have a way of creeping up     Is your used-car manager still
your cash is in someone else’s pocket.    to levels that do not correspond with     convinced that a buyer for that
Owners need to be aware of all past-      the sales they are generating. Parts      Gremlin hatchback will be in any day
due accounts and supervise those          managers need to be on top of their       now? Wholesale losses are hard to
                                                                                    swallow, but moving aged units
                                                                                    (generally, anything that is more than
                                                                                    60 days old) frees up cash and allows
                                                                                    you to “freshen” your inventory.
                                                                                    Establish and implement a policy as
          Warehouse Distributors of New England                                     to what age a vehicle needs to be
                          James N. Viara, President                                 wholesaled. The average used unit
                              66 Leavitt Street                                     loses approximately $600 per month
                            Seekonk, MA 02771                                       in value. Offering incentives to your
                                                                                    sales staff to encourage sales of slow-
     Please visit for more information on                            moving units (those in inventory for
                    products that we offer.                                         more than a month) is another
                                                                                    effective method.
                                                                                    As dealers adapt to the changes that
          Find a shop near you at
                                                                                    face the auto industry, effective cash
                                                                                    management will be an important
                                                                                    tool for successful dealers. Examining
                                                                                    the above areas will help dealers
   Our services are offered through dealerships and automotive shops                maximize and improve their cash
   that use the BG Maintenance Awareness Program (MAP). The                         positions.
   MAP Program helps professionals educate customers about the
   importance of regular, scheduled maintenance for longer vehicle                  (This article was provided by Downey &
   life.                                                                            Company, LLP. For more information, please
                                                                                    contact Jim Downey or Paul McGovern at
                             Toll Free (800) 543-6632                               800-849-6022 or e-mail them at

page 20                                                                                                         January, 2007
      Dateline: NH                                         a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

    Service and Parts:                                        Meet Your Association Par tners
       A Profitable                                               ADP – Dealer Services
      Relationship                                                             Bronze

       ervice and parts are mutually                          “Provides integrated computing solutions”
       dependent. Service needs parts             For more information, please contact Nancy Petersen at 800-827-8500.
       in order to repair and maintain
vehicles for customers and for the
used-vehicle department. Thus, a
portion of the dollar amount of every
service sale is a parts sale. Parts needs
service because the service department
is the parts department’s best
customer. You can prove that for            internal parts sales. Counter retail problems may be traced to discounting or
yourself, using your financial              high sales of such accessories as coffee mugs, key chains, etc. If the percentage
statement for any month.                    is low on warranty parts, the parts department may not be stocking sufficient
                                            parts. Monitoring parts orders to ascertain availability is one of the service
Except for counter and wholesale
                                            manager’s responsibilities. The service manager also must track labor sales lost
sales, parts sales come from the
                                            due to lack of parts; the parts manager needs to know what to stock. The parts
service department. In the average
                                            manager can run a “Repair Order Fill Rate” report from the in-house
dealership, 70 to 80 percent of the
                                            computer system; parts must also track all lost sales.
parts department’s business is
generated by service sales patterns;        Finally, let’s consider the parts-to-labor ratio. Using the data from your
and, thus, 70 to 80 percent of parts’       dealership’s financial statement, extract the figures for parts sales in each
potential for profit comes from service     category (customer, warranty, and internal); and do the same for labor sales.
sales.                                      Your parts sales divided by your labor sales gives you the parts-to-labor ratio.
                                            Parts cost about the same everywhere; labor rates can vary dramatically. You
The most successful dealers retain the
                                            should aim for the following parts-to-labor ratios:
following percentages of their gross
parts sales:                                • Customer-pay: $.80 Parts/Labor (for every $1 of labor, you should sell $.80
                                            of parts)
 • Repair orders: 41%                                                                              Relationship - Continued on page 22
 • Repair orders (body shop): 30%
 • Counter retail: 41%
 • Warranty: 28+%
 • Internal: 41%
 • Wholesale: 25%
Overall, the parts department should
be running at about 38 percent gross
retention. If your parts department is
not holding its gross, chances are the
problem lies in internal, warranty,
and/or counter retail sales retention.
Usually, internal sales – parts sold to
the used-vehicle department – are the
problem. They should be treated
exactly the same as retail sales; as
with internal labor, do not discount

January, 2007                                                                                                              page 21
         Dateline: NH                                                                                                                 a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

Relationship - Continued from page 21
                                                                                                                                Have You Talked to Your Management
• Warranty: Expense per unit repaired
should be equal to or less than the                                                                                                       Team Recently?
zone average

                                                                                                              client recently asked us to sit down with its department heads and
• Internal: $.80 (assuming retail                                                                             explain the company’s newly revised employee handbook. What was
charges; certified used vehicles                                                                              suppose to be a three-hour meeting turned into a six-hour interactive
increase the Parts/Labor ratio)                                                                       dialogue. Though at times there were some “gasps” and “looks of horror” as
It is to the advantage of both the                                                                    the department heads explained their respective “interpretations” of policies,
service and parts departments that                                                                    the meeting was extremely productive.
their managers understand how one                                                                     From the meeting, the client learned that:
department affects the other and work
together to the benefit of both.                                                                      (1) unacceptable activities are occurring within the organization;

[This article is taken from NADA Management                                                           (2) department heads need a basic understanding of the major employment
Education’s “A Dealer Guide to The Three Ps                                                           and labor laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act; and
of Effective Service Management: Profit,
Productivity, Personnel” (SP23).]                                                                     (3) the organization needs to centralize more of its human resource functions.
                                                                                                      The above is a good reminder to all employers that departments within an
                                     Newport, RI                                                      organization, while perhaps requiring operational autonomy, need to be
                                                                                                      consistent in their understanding and application of company-wide personnel
                                       2007 NHADA                                                     policies. The following is a list of some things that employers can do to avoid
                                        Convention                                                    such a situation:
                                        June 24-26                                                    • Whenever possible, standardize personnel policies for all departments. This
                                                                                                      helps assure that similarly situated employees within the organization are not
    Did you know...                                                                                   treated differently, which can hurt morale and which could be used in
   Newport was the site of the first                                                                  discrimination claim. It is advisable for the employer to have an employee
      land grant for schools?                                                                         handbook that contains all the employment policies for all of the
                                                                                                      employees. Where operational needs require different policies for different

                                                                                                                                                                                       We think some things
                                                                                                                                                                                       should be kept personal.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Your health insurance
                                                                                                                                                                                       is one of them.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Introducing Lumenos® health plan.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Personal. Powerful. Affordable.

                  In New Hampshire, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Anthem Health Plans of New Hampshire, Inc., an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and
 AD-131 (12/06)   Blue Shield Association. ® Registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ® LUMENOS is a registered trademark.

page 22                                                                                                                                                                                                              January, 2007
     Dateline: NH                                           a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

departments, this can be addressed in     to read, understand, and accept the handbook as the embodiment of company
the employee handbook so employees        policy. If managers don’t support the handbook, they will be ineffective in
understand why the differences exist.     communicating with employees about personnel policies.
• In the public sector, it is common      • Convey to your managers that it is better to tell an employee, “I don’t
for operational departments, such as      know,” in response to an inquiry regarding a personnel policy, than to provide
police and fire, to have their own        incorrect information. The burden is then on the manager, not the employee,
personnel policy manuals. It is           to find the correct answer and communicate it back to the employee or to
important to remember that these          direct the employee to the appropriate resource.
operational departments are, in most
                                          • Inform managers that they have the responsibility to immediately inform
cases, subsets of the municipal
                                          human resources and upper management when there is a claim of
government, which is, ultimately,
                                          discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
responsible for the content of those
policy manuals. As with employee          • Provide training to the managers on the state and federal employment and
handbooks, these personnel policy         labor laws, especially, sexual harassment.
manuals should be reviewed
                                          • At least once each year, meet with department heads and supervisors to
periodically by counsel to ensure
                                          review personnel policies and any recent changes in policies. Make this an
compliance with the law and to
                                          interactive discussion. Find out which policies work and which do not. Policies
determine whether there are any
                                          that supervisors struggle to administer or enforce, which are impractical, or
conflicts between the department’s
                                          which no longer meet operational needs should be revised. Otherwise,
personnel policies and the employer’s
                                          managers will informally edit your policy manual by selective enforcement.
personnel policies and, if applicable,
                                          While this might be a practical approach for managers, it sends mixed signals
any collective bargaining agreement.
                                          to employees, who can easily lose track of which policies the employer enforces
• Implement a process whereby             and which it does not.
discipline is not meted out until it is   (The above article was submitted by the Devine, Millimet & Branch Labor, Employment and
reviewed by others in the                 Employee Benefits Group and was written by Jennifer M.N. Koon, Esquire.)
organization, preferably by someone
(like an HR manager) with general
access to disciplinary information                                                               Did you know...
who can assure consistent application
                                                               Newport, RI
                                                                                                  Newport has the oldest newspaper
of policies. While exceptions to                              2007 NHADA                            in continuous operation in the
policies can be made, it is important                          Convention                        United States? The Newport Mercury
that the reasons for exceptions are                            June 24-26                                   started in 1758.
documented. Sharing disciplinary
information among different
department leaders helps to create a
common understanding of how                          Meet Your Association Par tners
disciplinary infractions should be
addressed.                                        Auto Auction of New England
• Changing culture is hard. Often we                                       Bronze
hear department heads explain their
                                                                                                       “Licensed dealer wholesale
behavior by saying, “We’ve just                                                                            automobile auction”
always done it that way,” even where
                                                                                                            For more information,
practice is inconsistent with
                                                                                                               please contact
policy. While employees are often not                                                                        Dave Blake, General
well versed in the contents of an                                                                        Manager, at 603-437-5700.
employee handbook, employers have             Meet the team at the Auto Auction of New England                          (see ad on page 5)
every right to expect their managers

January, 2007                                                                                                                    page 23
     Dateline: NH                                                     a publication of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association

                          (as of 12-19-06)
                                                                                           2007 State Holidays
                                                                             Monday, January 1          New Year’s Day
                           PLA                                               Monday, January 15         Martin Luther King, Jr./Civil Rights Day
                         N.E. DODGE DAA
                                                                             Monday, February 19        Presidents’ Day
                    WMUR-TV NEW HAMPSHIRE                                    Monday, May 28             Memorial Day
                                                                             Wednesday, July 4          Fourth of July
                                                                             Monday, September 3        Labor Day
                         ADESA BOSTON
                ANTHEM BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD                            Monday, October 8          Columbus Day (State Offices open)
                     NORTHEAST DELTA DENTAL                                  Tuesday, November 6        Election Day (State Offices open)
                        ST. MARY’S BANK                                      Monday, November 12        Veterans’ Day*
                             BRONZE                                          Thursday, November 22      Thanksgiving Day
                    ADP - DEALER SERVICES                                    Friday, November 23        Day after Thanksgiving
             AFTERMARKET SPECIALISTS/ROYAL ADMIN.                            Tuesday, December 25       Christmas Day
                   ALBIN, RANDALL & BENNETT
                 AUTO AUCTION OF NEW ENGLAND                                        *Whereas Veterans’ Day, the calendar holiday, falls
          BG PRODUCTS/WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS OF N.E.                                    on a Sunday, State offices will be closed
                    G W MARKETING SERVICES                                                     on Monday, November 12.
                 JEWETT CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.                                  (Taken from the New Hampshire Department of Administrative
          To become a Partner in 2007, call Louanne – 800-852-3372.

          New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles
                                                     Title Statistics Report Month Ending: 11/30/06         *Increased numbers
                                                                                                          due to backlog catch-up

                                                                                   November               06 YTD               05 YTD
                      Titles Issued for New and Demo Vehicles:                        7,162              125,747 *            113,251
                                 Titles Issued for Used Vehicles:                    17,444              267,904              210,322
                                      TOTAL TITLES ISSUED:                           24,606              393,651              323,573
                                              Titles Issued with a Lien:             10,059              163,039              139,624
                                             Titles Issued with no Lien:             14,547              230,612              183,949
                                                    Salvage Titles Issued:               655                9,685                 8,087
                                                     Salvage Tags Issued:                235                3,174                 2,900
    Titles Issued for Heavy Trucks More than 15 Years Old:                                36                  583                   488
        Titles Issued for Heavy Trucks 15 Years Old or Less:                             166                2,376                 1,857
                                     Titles Issued for Trailers:                         680               12,775                10,450
                                Titles Issued for Motorcycles:                           398               17,404                14,684
                              Titles Issued for Motor Homes:                              69                1,208                 1,107

page 24                                                                                                                           January, 2007

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