Prize Selection by 250 Level by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                                                                                                                        Level 2 / Raise $250.00- 499.99

        Perla Cooler Tote                      7-Piece Spa Kit                    Walking Enthusiast Kit
                                            Includes: Sponge scrubber,                                                  StayFit Deluxe Salad Express Kit   Salter® Mechanical Kitchen Scale
     Imprinted with event logo                                                   Imprinted with event logo
                                            Padded sponge with elastic
                                                                           Includes: 16 ounce water bottle, Pedometer
                                           strap, Loofah on rope, Pumis
                                                                                and Earphone exit for MP3 player
                                           stone, Wood-handled callous
                                          smoother, Small handled brush
                                                   and Foot brush

       Thermos® Hydration                Slimline MP3 Mini Speaker
         Bottle with Meter                                                         Coleman® Event Stool                 Susan G. Komen Ultra Cotton Long
     Rotating meter lets you monitor                                                 Holds up to 175 pounds                        Sleeve Tee
     your daily water consumption.                                                                                          Imprinted with event logo

Gifts are not cumulative. To be eligible, money must be turned in by the deadline Friday, November 12. Eligible participants will receive redemption certi cates following the event.

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