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Your Military Health Plan
     TRICARE               ®

Your Military Health Plan
TRICARE Dental Options
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        Updated May 2011
Today’s Agenda

• Defense Enrollment Eligibility
  Reporting System (DEERS)
• Active Duty Dental Coverage

• TRICARE Dental Program

• TRICARE Retiree Dental Program

• Overseas Dental Options

• Medical vs. Non-Medical Services

• For Information and Assistance

 TRICARE Eligibility
 Updating DEERS
• Keep your contact information up to date
    – Online:
    – By Phone: 1-800-538-9552
    – By Fax: 1-831-655-8317
    – Visit an ID card-issuing facility:
    – More information:

• Remember to register/update DEERS whenever there is a change in
  the family (marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, death, etc.) or when
  you move

Active Duty Dental Coverage

• Seek care at the military dental treatment facility (DTF)

• Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP):
    – Provides care from civilian dentists
    – Administered by United Concordia
      Companies, Inc. (United Concordia)

• The ADDP is available to active duty
  service members (ADSMs) who either:
    – Receive referrals from military DTFs
    – Live and work in a remote location
      (more than 50 miles from a military DTF)

Active Duty Dental Coverage
Getting Care Through ADDP

• Non-remote: Get a Referral Request Confirmation from a
  military dentist

• Remote: Fill out an Appointment Request Form to obtain an
  ACN (ACN) (available at

• Three ways to make an appointment (must be with a network
    – Have your military DTF make the appointment for you (non-
      remote only)
    – Contact a United Concordia Dental Care Finder
      at 1-866-984-2337
    – Schedule the appointment yourself

TRICARE Dental Program (TDP)

• Voluntary dental program administered
  by United Concordia

• Available to:
   – Active duty family members (ADFMs)
   – National Guard and Reserve
     members and their families
   – Transitional survivors

• Provided in both stateside and overseas service areas

 TRICARE Dental Program
 Enrolling in TDP
Three ways to enroll:

• Online at

• Mail the TDP Enrollment/Change Form and initial
  premium payment to:
          United Concordia/TDP
          P.O. Box 827583
          Philadelphia, PA 19182-7583

• Fax your completed TDP Enrollment/Change Form
  and initial premium payment to 1-888-734-1944
  To get an enrollment form, visit the TDP website or call 1-888-622-2256.

TRICARE Dental Program
TDP Covered Services and Cost-Shares

                                     Stateside        Overseas
Type of Service                           Other Pay   Command-
                                                                  • Annual maximum:
                                           Grades     sponsored     $1,200/enrollee
Diagnostic                         0%       0%          0%
Preventive (except sealants)       0%        0%         0%        • Orthodontic
Emergency Services                 0%        0%         0%          lifetime maximum:
Sealants                          20%       20%         0%          $1,500/enrollee
Basic Restorative (fillings)      20%       20%         0%
Endodontic (root canals)          30%       40%         0%
Periodontic (gum treatment)       30%       40%         0%
Oral Surgery (wisdom teeth)       30%       40%         0%
Prosthodontic (dentures/crowns)   50%       50%         50%
Implant Services                  50%       50%         50%
Orthodontic                       50%       50%         50%

The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP)
• Voluntary dental program administered
  by Delta Dental® of California
• Available to:
   – Retired service members and their families
   – Retired National Guard and Reserve
     members and their families
   – Medal of Honor recipients and their families
   – Eligible survivors
• The Enhanced TRDP service areas include: the United States, the
  District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin
  Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands
• The Enhanced-Overseas TRDP is available for qualified overseas
  retirees outside of the Enhanced TRDP service area
              For more information, visit

 TRICARE Dental Program
 Enrolling in TRDP
Three ways to enroll:

• Online at

• Call 1-888-838-8737

• Mail the TRICARE Retiree Dental
  Program Enrollment Application to:
        Delta Dental of California
        Federal Government Programs
        P.O. Box 537008
        Sacramento, CA 95853-7008

TRICARE Dental Program
TRDP Covered Services and Stateside Cost-Shares

Basic Services                          Cost-Share
Diagnostic Services                         0%       • Annual deductible:
Preventive Services                         0%         – $50/enrollee
Basic Restorative Services (fillings)      20%
                                                       – $150 family cap
Endodontics (root canals)                  40%
Periodontics (gum treatment)               40%       • Annual maximum:
Oral Surgery (wisdom teeth)                40%
                                                       – $1,200/enrollee
Dental Accident Coverage                    0%
Additional Services                                    – $1,000 for dental
Cast Crowns, Onlays, and Bridges           50%           accident services
Partial/Full Dentures                      50%           (additional maximum)
Dental Implant Services                    50%
Orthodontics                               50%       • Orthodontic lifetime
                                                       maximum: $1,500/enrollee

TRICARE Dental Program
TDP and TRDP Payment Information
 Making Payments for TDP
 • You can pay your premium automatically from your checking
   account or with your MasterCard or Visa.
 • You can set up automatic monthly payments or schedule your
   payments each month through the electronic billing system (eBill)
 • For detailed TDP cost information, visit
 Making Payments for TRDP
 • Monthly premiums will be collected through a retired pay
 • If a payment allotment is not available, you will receive a direct
 • For detailed cost information, visit

For Information and Assistance
• General Dental Information:
• Active Duty Dental Program (United Concordia)
   – Website:
   – Phone: 1-866-984-2337
• TRICARE Dental Program (United Concordia)
   – Website:
   – Phone: 1-800-866-8499 (Stateside)
   – Phone: +1-888-418-0466 (Overseas)
• TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (Delta Dental)
   – Website:
   – Phone: 1-888-838-8737


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