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Creating an
Alumni Community
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Rosemary Jackson ’84
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 Communicating Pentecost 7   Gospel Graffiti 9   Sports 26       Class Notes 11

truth ~ virtue ~ service

truth ~ virtue ~ service

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           mission statement
           As a Christian comprehensive university, the purpose of Vanguard University is to pursue knowledge, cultivate
           character, deepen faith and equip each student for a life of leadership and service.
                                                                                                                                                                   In This Issue
                                                                                                                                                                  Advancing VU
  Volume 9 number 2 • spring 2009

                                                                                                                                                    elcome to this issue of vanguard magazine! The alum
                                                                                                                                                    on the cover, Rosemary Jackson ’84, is familiar to
Creating an Alumni Community ...................................... 2
   Rosemary Jackson ’84 built Vanguard University’s alumni association,                                                                             many of our readers as the founder and architect of
   started homecoming and spent decades re-connecting alumni to each other                                                                          Vanguard’s alumni association and the person most
   and to their alma mater.
                                                                                                                                  responsible for the vibrant alumni community Vanguard now enjoys.
President Named ............................................................. 5                                                   For twenty-four years Rosemary traveled widely to organize and
   Carol Taylor has been named the first woman president of Vanguard
   University.                                                                                                                    network alums. You will read about how she built the association,
Communicating Pentecost .............................................. 7                                                          and about her early personal tragedy and later joys.
   As a Pentecostal with a PhD, assistant professor Derrick Rosenior is showing                                                   Another great example of strong commitment to a worthy cause
   students how to embrace the Pentecostal experience with head and heart.
                                                                                                                                  is VU assistant professor Derrick Rosenior. Rosenior, who has
Gospel Graffiti ................................................................. 9
   As a young teen, student Joe Domingo honed his gift for graffiti on the                                                        a PhD from Howard University, has made a career of studying
   streets. But now he uses his art to promote the gospel.                                                                        communications, with a special focus on how Pentecostals
Homecoming 2009 ........................................................ 18                                                       communicate interculturally. He has combined his passion for the
                                                                                                                                  Pentecostal experience and his study of communications without
departments                                                                                                                       sacrificing academic or spiritual integrity. He now teaches VU
                                                                                                                                  students and directs the Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal
In This Issue .................................................................... 1                                              Studies. You will enjoy hearing about how God took him from Sierra
Class Notes ................................................................... 11                                                Leone to Costa Mesa, and equipped him mightily along the way.
Advancing VU ................................................................ 20
                                                                                                                                  Student Joe Domingo is committed to his art form — graffiti.
On Campus ................................................................... 22
                                                                                                                                  Domingo, whose spray painted works are on display in these pages,
A Vine of His Own Planting ........................................... 25                                                         has gone from using his talents for rebellion to using them as a form
Sports ............................................................................ 26                                            of worship and evangelism. Read his dramatic story here.
Calendar ........................................................................ 28
                                                                                                                                  This issue also offers news about alumni and campus happenings, and
Postcards ...................................................................... 29
                                                                                                                                  photos from Homecoming 2009. One exciting bit of news we are
                                                                                                                                  pleased to announce is that Provost Carol Taylor has been appointed
                                                                                                                                  president of Vanguard University. See more about her appointment
                                                                                                                                  inside. And catch up on good news from our volleyball team, which
                                                                                                                                  had its best season ever. Finally, Class Notes offers plenty of updates
                                                                                                                                  from your fellow alums.
                                                                                                                                  It is always a joy to bring you each issue of the magazine, and we
University Governance                          Editor                                                                             hope the on-going story of Vanguard University enriches and
Acting Chair, Board of Trustees                Joel Kilpatrick
Russell Spittler                                                                                                                  inspires you.
                                               Art Director
University Administration                      Chauncey D. Bayes
President / Provost                            Director of Marketing and
Carol Taylor                                   Communications
                                               Patti Ammerman
Vice President for Business
and Finance                                    Director of Alumni Relations                                                                                          Heather (Rachels ’02) Clements
Bob Allison                                    Heather Clements                                                                                                      Director of Alumni Relations
Vice President for Enrollment
Management                                     Vanguard University of Southern California, in compliance with laws and
                                               regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender,
Jessica Mireles                                age, disability, national origin, or status as a veteran in any of its policies,
                                               practices, or procedures.
Vice President for Student Affairs             vanguard magazine is a free publication published 3 times per year by
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Advancement                                    changes to: VUSC Alumni Relations Office, 55 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa,
                                               CA 92626.
Doug Petersen

                                                                                                                                                                       vanguard magazine spring 2009      1
            Alumni Profile

         Creating an
             osemary Jackson ’84 is the architect of Vanguard         there, he died suddenly of cancer.
             University’s alumni association and spent decades        “I can’t tell you what I went through when my husband died. I was
             traveling the country to meet with alums and re-         devastated,” Jackson says. “I was so in love with Keith.”
             connect them to each other and to their alma mater.
                                                                      She was faced with a choice: return to Canada with her two-year-old
During her twenty-four years as alumni director she created an
                                                                      son and raise him near family, or remain in Pasadena where she had
alumni newsletter, held the school’s first homecoming, published an
                                                                      made many friends and felt at home. Keith’s last words to her helped
extensive alumni directory and built a strong sense of community
                                                                      her decide.
among VU alums.
                                                                                                                “The night before he died, I
“I always reasoned
                                                                                                                said to my husband, ‘What
that if someone went
to a school and gave a
                          “I’ve had a wonderful life, and Vanguard                                              will I do if anything ever
                                                                                                                happens to you?’” she says.
year or more of their
life there, they wanted
                          has been the best. The alumni have                                                    “He said just three words:
to be reminded of         become my dear, dear friends,                                                         ‘Don’t move hastily.’”
that good experience,”                                                                                        With that in mind,
she says. “It just took   hundreds of them. You name a city and                                               Rosemary chose to stay and
someone to bring                                                                                              continue working for the
people together.”         I can tell you who is there.”                                                       Assemblies of God southern
                                                                                                              California district office,
Jackson was born and
                                                                                                              where she met O. Cope
raised in Saskatoon,
                                                                      Budge. She then left to work at Fuller Theological Seminary, but
Saskatchewan, Canada, where she showed an early talent for
                                                                      Budge called in 1965 and asked her to be his secretary at Vanguard,
organizing groups of people. At 16, she created a successful Friday
                                                                      where he was then president.
night children’s church at the storied Elim Tabernacle Assembly
church. During summers she directed the children’s program at camp    “I thought, that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life: work in a
and traveled widely to conduct vacation Bible schools.                college that is Assemblies of God-related,” she says. “I felt it would be
                                                                      my next move and my final move.”
She and husband Keith Wright came to Pasadena in 1959 so he
could attend Fuller Seminary. But at the end of their second year     She took the job and “was in my glory.”
                                                                                                             Rosemary Jackson, continued on page 4

2   vanguard magazine spring 2009
         Alumni Profile

vanguard magazine spring 2009   3
    Alumni Profile

                                                                                               (left) Jackson with a sign donated by the class
                                                                                               of 1990. (below) Jackson visiting alum Victor
                                                                                               Thannickal ’83 at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa,
                                                                                               Oklahoma, where he was employed.

                                                                                               with the University.
                                                                                               “It caught fire because everybody is
                                                                                               interested in reading about their classmates,”
                                                                                               she says.
                                                                                               Alumni membership and giving grew
                                                                                               steadily. Soon the Jacksons hit the road,
                                                                                               traveling the west coast in a little trailer
Rosemary Jackson, continued from page 2
                                                                                               to start chapter meetings. They met with
“I was in an academic environment doing         John also became her greatest resource.        alumni in homes, churches and restaurants,
what I felt comfortable with and what I         Having graduated from Vanguard, and            and slept in the trailer in church parking
wanted to continue doing for my life’s          attended five other colleges, including        lots. Then they expanded into the Midwest.
work,” she says.                                the University of Havana, he was always
                                                                                               “The number of chapters really grew, and
A year later she met John Jackson ’44, who      receiving alumni mail from them. John also
                                                                                               alumni interest grew as well,” Rosemary says.
moved out from Springfield, Missouri, to        knew many older Vanguard alumni who had
                                                                                               “I established fifty-two chapters across the
court and marry her.                            attended when the campus was in Pasadena.
                                                                                               nation. I used to keep a huge map on my
“When I met John, it was like bliss all over    With his encouragement, Rosemary started       wall with pins in it.”
again,” she says. “You go from loneliness and   with nothing but a list of 1,479 alumni
                                                                                               She organized the school’s first annual
emptiness to having such a full life. I can     names and addresses provided by the school,
                                                                                               homecoming in 1981, and held class
only thank God, because I believe God puts      and many of those were outdated. With the
                                                                                               reunions, special all-family events and fund-
love in our hearts.”                            help of student-workers and many alumni
                                                                                               raising banquets. All the effort paid off as
                                                volunteers she began hunting down as
She served as secretary for three VU                                                           people began to coalesce into a community.
                                                many alumni as possible. She pored over
presidents, at each of their request, and on                                                   “When alumni come back to campus, attend
                                                transcripts and old yearbooks. She called
Labor Day weekend 1979, president Wayne                                                        a class reunion or go to a chapter meeting,
                                                alums and asked for their friends’ contact
Kraiss offered her an opportunity which                                                        they pick up where they left off as students,”
                                                information. She scoured phone books and
would re-define her career. The school had
                                                address directories. She appointed an alumni                  Rosemary Jackson, continued on page 6
received a grant from the federal government
                                                committee that included
to establish an alumni office and hire an
                                                representatives from each
alumni director. Though Vanguard was sixty
                                                decade, chaired by paralegal
years old, it had nothing in the way of an
                                                Lois Horness ’67, and
alumni association. Kraiss felt that Jackson
                                                they created a constitution
was the person for the job.
                                                and by-laws for the alumni
Jackson took the job — and cried for a          association. This constitution
month.                                          was approved by the school’s
“I wanted to accept the challenge, but I was    administration.
scared. I didn’t know if I could really make    There was immediate interest
a go of it, and I knew if I didn’t, I would     from alums, especially when
be without a job,” she says. “But John kept     she started a quarterly alumni
saying, ‘Of course you can do it.’ He was my    newsletter to keep them in
cheering section.”                              touch with each other and

4    vanguard magazine spring 2009

                                                   Carol Taylor named
                                                first woman president of
                                             Vanguard University

            anguard University’s board of trustees in March announced      “The announcement of Dr. Taylor’s transition from provost to
            the appointment of Carol Taylor as president of Vanguard       president has been very well received among the students on campus,”
            University. She is the first woman to be appointed             says Catherine Riley, ASB president. “She has strong character,
            president in Vanguard University’s nearly ninety-year          passion and zeal for Vanguard. Her resolve and leadership style have
history and is one of only six women presidents within the member          encouraged and inspired the student body.”
institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.      George O. Wood, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God,
“Dr. Taylor’s appointment is a reflection of the extraordinary            calls Taylor “godly, capable, wise, caring and competent.”
confidence that the board has in her leadership abilities, her even-      “I applaud the selection of Dr. Carol Taylor as president of Vanguard
tempered and clear-eyed                                                                                               University,” Wood said. “She
managerial judgments, her       “Carol Taylor has the academic knowledge,                                             is the perfect president for
deep and wide support                                                                                                 Vanguard in this moment.”
within the Vanguard
                                integrity and spiritual fortitude to lead our
                                                                                                                      Thomas J. Carmody,
community, her capacity         institution into a better future and we are blessed
                                                                                                                      associate professor and
to sustain morale and           to have her at the helm. It is encouraging to see                                     chair of the communication
her versatility,” said Russ
Spittler, acting chair          what God is doing here at Vanguard.”                                                  department, agreed.
of Vanguard’s board of                                    —Thomas J. Carmody, associate professor                     “Carol has the academic
trustees. “We appreciate her                              and chair of the communication department                   knowledge, integrity and
willingness to take on this                                                                                           spiritual fortitude to lead
responsibility during these                                                                                           our institution into a better
challenging times and look forward to working closely with her.”          future and we are blessed to have her at the helm,” Carmody says. “It
                                                                          is encouraging to see what God is doing here at Vanguard.”
Taylor joined Vanguard in 2007 as provost and in January 2009
was appointed acting president. Before coming to VU, she was the          Taylor says she came to Vanguard with “a sense of calling to Christian
vice provost for undergraduate education at Biola University in La        higher education.”
Mirada. Prior to that, Taylor spent twelve years in an array of senior     “During my time here, I have grown to love the Vanguard community
management positions at Educational Testing Service in Princeton,          with its committed faculty and staff and wonderful students,” she
New Jersey, the nation’s leading testing research company. She helped      says. “As an institution approaching its hundredth anniversary, we
redesign the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the            owe Vanguard’s graduates, current students, faculty, staff and broader
most widely accepted English-language test in the world.                   constituencies a renewed commitment to our own core values of
Taylor has a PhD in multilingual/multicultural education from              truth, virtue and service.
Florida State University, where she also taught graduate and               “I take this new responsibility as president with utmost seriousness
undergraduate courses. She holds a master’s degree in cross-cultural       and am confident in the commitment within Vanguard’s community
communications from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary             to work in partnership to ensure a strong future for Vanguard. I
and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Evangel               have seen a fresh resolve at every level to build on the heritage of an
University. She was a visiting professor at Eastern Michigan University    institution that has a rich legacy of serving our students well and
and taught at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.                         producing graduates who live out Vanguard’s mission of Christian
Taylor’s appointment was welcomed on campus and beyond.                    leadership and service around the globe.”

                                                                                                                 vanguard magazine spring 2009       5
    Alumni Profile

Rosemary Jackson, continued from page 4

says Jackson. “It could be thirty                                                                                      attended,’” she says. “I felt like I had
years and now they’re married                                                                                          finished something that I had always
with kids, but they reflect back                                                                                       wanted to do.”
to the happy time when they                                                                                            On the top of her mortar board
were students.”                                                                                                        she spelled out, “Thanks, Jim, John
Many alums established                                                                                                 and Brian.” Jim was the chair of the
scholarship funds or left VU in                                                                                        business department at the time,
their will or living trust.                                                                                            Brian was her son and John was her
“My whole philosophy was                                                                                               husband.
once you contacted alumni and                                                                                          Later, in 2002, the alumni
established good relations, they                                                                                       community she had helped to
would start giving,” says Jackson.                                                                                     create became a critical support for
“You didn’t have to go after them                                                                                      her when John died suddenly of
and ask for a lot of money.”                                                                                           pancreatic cancer.
She compiled the school’s first                                                                                        “Alumni came to my rescue,” she
alumni directory in 1990, and                                                                                          says. “Daniel Amen ’78, physician
calls it “the most valuable tool                                                                                       and director of the Amen Clinics,
that I ever gave to Vanguard.”                                                                                         spent time with me. We had lunch
The most recent directory,                                                                                             often. Randy Powell ’77, director
completed by Jackson in 2003,                                                                                          of counseling at Vanguard, listened
includes an alphabetical listing                                                                                       to me, talked to me and prayed for
with addresses and places of                                                                                           me so many times. When I thought
employment for thousands of                                                                                            that my life was over, they helped
alums by name, maiden name,                                                                                            me through the trauma and grief of
class year and geographical                                                                                            losing John.”
location. Soon Jackson became                                                                                          In 2003, Jackson was named special
something of an expert. Other                                                                                          assistant to the president for alumni
colleges and universities                                                                                              relations. She retired in 2007 and
contacted her for information,                                                                                         married retired army chaplain John
and she was one of the speakers                                                                                        (Jack) Torp that same year. The two
at an alumni professionals                (top) A teenage Jackson teaching children’s church at a camp meeting in
                                          Saskatchewan, Canada, and later taking VU students out for lunch (bottom).
                                                                                                                       continue to travel and visit alumni
conference at Lee University in                                                                                        across America.
Cleveland, Tennessee.
                                                                                                                        “I’ve had a wonderful life, and
But she had some unfinished                                                                                             Vanguard has been the best,” she
business to take care of as well.                        But she began taking a class or two at
                                                                                                               says. “I was on cloud nine the whole time I
                                                         Vanguard each semester until finally, in
Jackson had spent her life working to put                                                                      worked at Vanguard. I wanted to go to work
                                                         1984, she graduated with her bachelor’s
others through school — two husbands, a                                                                        every day. The alumni have become my dear,
                                                         degree in business administration with a
son and two step-children. But in 1972 she                                                                     dear friends, hundreds of them. Even the
                                                         3.84 GPA. She was later named the 2001
and John decided it was her turn to complete                                                                   two years I’ve been traveling with Jack all
                                                         Alumnus of the Year.
her lifelong dream.                                                                                            across the country, I call alumni everywhere I
                                                         “[Former VU professor and artist-in-                  stop. You name a city and I can tell you who
“I grew up in such poverty that I wasn’t able
                                                         residence] Keith Ewing laughed one day and            is there.”
to get a college education,” she says. “The
                                                         said, ‘If you ever graduate, you’ll have the
best I thought I could do was work at a
                                                         longest transcript of anyone who has ever
college and help others get their education.”

6    vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                       Faculty Profile

              errick Rosenior’s life was powerfully changed
              when he was a boy in Sierra Leone and
              his family experienced the baptism in the
              Holy Spirit. He later made his passion for
Pentecost the focus of his academic career. Today, as an
assistant professor of communication studies at Vanguard
and director of the Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal
Studies, Rosenior is teaching students how to embrace the
Pentecostal experience with head and heart.
“I’ve always found that studying Pentecostalism made
me more passionate about the move of the Spirit,” says
Rosenior. “You don’t have to lose the passion just because
you’re in education. Just because you get a PhD doesn’t
mean you need to stop flowing in the things of the Spirit
and allowing that to be a vital part of your life.”
Rosenior earned a PhD in rhetoric and intercultural
communication from Howard University in Washington,
D.C., focusing on how Pentecostals communicate                       “I hope students see there are
interculturally. His interest in Pentecost began during his
youth. His family, which came from a strong Wesleyan                 people like me who are passionate
Methodist background, was dutifully church-going but
did not have a personal relationship with Christ, he says.
                                                                     about things of the Spirit but are
Then an aunt was saved and shared her experience with
other members of the family. In 1984 Derrick attended
                                                                     also educated. I want them to say,
evangelistic meetings held by an Assemblies of God                   ‘If he can do it, I can do it.’”
minister and experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
“Getting baptized in the Holy Spirit was a
transformational experience in my life,” he says. “In school
I began to share the gospel with my friends, and I saw
                             Derrick Rosenior, continued on page 8

                                                                                          vanguard magazine spring 2009   7
    Faculty Profile

Derrick Rosenior, continued from page 7

many of them saved, baptized in the Holy        are the gospel and the Pentecostal message       communication and communication theory.
Spirit and delivered from the powers of         being communicated? How are we talking           He also directs the Wilson Institute, which
darkness. A glorious revival began to sweep     to each other from various racial and ethnic     aims to preserve and present Pentecostalism
through the school.”                            backgrounds within the church?”                  to the Vanguard community through events,
At eighteen, Rosenior came to the U.S. to       After completing his PhD, Rosenior came to       lectureships and more. His course on the
study, just as his father and grandfather had   VU to teach in 2005.                             rhetoric of Pentecostalism does the same.
done. He soon observed that there were          “I’ve always innately enjoyed teaching. It       “We talk about what it means to be
racial divisions in the Pentecostal movement    was kind of a calling God had for me,” he        Pentecostal, and how Pentecostalism has
in the U.S. that went back to the movement’s    says. “My goal when I was in grad school         been communicated in the past as well as
beginnings. The reconciliation movement         was to teach in an environment where I           current trends in the movement,” he says.
that took place among denominations in the      could make a difference in the spiritual         “There is this idea that if you’re educated
1990s piqued his interest, and he took up       lives of my students. I saw teaching as a        you’ve lost the Spirit. But I hope students see
the subject in his doctoral studies. He was     ministry, a calling just like a pastor would     there are people like me who are passionate
interested in how Pentecostals communicate      see their calling. I wanted to use my doctoral   about things of the Spirit but are also
across racial lines, and how the rhetoric of    education as a tool for ministry. I decided I    educated. I want them to say, ‘If he can do it,
Azusa St. impacted reconciliation efforts       was going to teach at a Christian institution,   I can do it. I don’t have to compromise my
today.                                          preferably a Pentecostal institution.”           faith.’”
“Once I was in the academic realm, being        As an assistant professor of communication       Rosenior is also the faculty advisor for
Pentecostal was such a significant part of      studies, Rosenior teaches rhetoric of Pente-     Mosaic, a student multi-cultural organization
my life that it was a no-brainer to combine     costalism, intercultural communication,          at VU. Mosaic was born out of an interracial
the two,” he says. “I wanted to know, how       interracial communication, nonverbal             communication class he taught in 2007.
                                                                                                 The students wanted to take what they had
                                                                                                 learned and put it into practice. To date the
                                                                                                 group has put on several large, multi-cultural
                                                                                                 events on campus, including an event called
                                                                                                 One Love which offered ethnic foods,
                                                                                                 mariachi music, Samoan dancers, poetry and
                                                                                                 panel discussions.
                                                                                                 Rosenior is married to Karine and they are
                                                                                                 members of Orange County First Assembly
                                                                                                 in Santa Ana. Derrick is also a member
                                                                                                 of the Society for Pentecostal Studies and
                                                                                                 currently serves as chair of its religion and
                                                                                                 culture interest group.
                                                                                                 “I hope that my students experience the
                                                                                                 living Christ for themselves, and integrate
                                                                                                 their faith with their learning experience,”
                                                                                                 he says. “Communication people are world-
                                                                                                 changers because they can go out and talk
                                                                                                 with authority and expertise on issues people
                                                                                                 deal with on daily basis. I want students to
                                                                                                 go out and make a difference with what they
                                                                                                 have learned here.”

8    vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                       Student Profile

Gospel Graffiti
           tudent Joe Domingo learned the art of graffiti on the       and hanging around kids who illegally painted public surfaces with
           streets of Honolulu, but now uses it to promote the         graffiti.
           gospel.                                                     “I got pulled in and took [the art] more seriously than they did,” he
             “Graffiti is a language that can be used to share God’s   says. “At first my parents were okay with it. I only painted boards
word and love with unbelievers,” says Domingo, a junior at VU. “I      around the house, but they didn’t know I was going out in the
use it as a way to show that there’s more to being a Christian than    streets.”
what they think of a typical church service. There’s another way to    For five years Domingo practiced his art in underground sewer
worship God and use your art for good. That’s the main reason I do     tunnels, then more public places like poles, trash cans, bus stops and
what I do.”                                                            walls.
But finding the purpose of his art was a difficult process. Domingo    “I had gotten pretty good and I wanted an audience,” he says. “I was
grew up in Oahu where his father was the pastor of a church in a       going through a rebellious stage, trying to figure out life. It was a big
Filipino community. As a teenager, Domingo started skateboarding
                                                                                                                  Joe Domingo, continued on page 10

                                                                                                              vanguard magazine spring 2009      9
Student Profile

                                                                                                  (left) An example of Domingo’s gospel-inspired art.
                                                                                                  (below) Domingo with his “tag” or signature.

                                                                                                  ten by eight feet. In San Francisco he and a
                                                                                                  team recently painted the name of Jesus on
                                                                                                  the rooftop of a three-story building.
                                                                                                  “I’m in my own zone when I start painting
                                                                                                  walls,” he says. I’m talking with God. That’s
                                                                                                  where I can have my time and imitate God
                                                                                                  in creating something. Every painting is a
                                                                                                  learning experience.”
                                                                                                  Domingo continues to paint walls and
Joe Domingo, continued from page 9
                                                                                                  buildings at youth centers, churches and
thrill. But my friends and I never saw the      chapel service, and was recruited to make         Christian events.
serious side or the consequences of it.”        signs and posters for campus events.
                                                                                                  “I have the chance to use it for God’s glory.
In 2005, on his way to paint the town,          His proudest work is on display in a youth        It’s a way to redeem the art of graffiti,” he
Domingo and three of his cousins were           room at The Crossing church.                      says.
arrested, mistaken for a
different tagging crew. Though       “Ministry has become important to me.                                           Taking an animation class
                                                                                                                     at Vanguard has caused him
they were technically innocent,
and were released, Domingo           ... Through my graffiti I want to plant                                         to consider it as a career.
                                                                                                                     “It’s already something I see
saw the hand of God in it.
                                     seeds of hope in people’s hearts.”                                              myself doing in the future,”
“That night I had told myself
                                                                                                                     he says. “I want to get into
I was going to go all out and
                                                                                                                     my own cartoons.”
put my name everywhere so people would          “I didn’t have a sketch when I did it. I did
see me,” he says. “Getting arrested shut that   it out of my head,” he says. “Surprisingly, it    For now he is enjoying his time at Vanguard,
down. I’m thankful. It was part of God’s plan   came out pretty decent. Being able to do art      especially the opportunities for missions
to save me and save other people’s properties   for people is a blessing.”                        work.
from destruction.”                              Ann-Caryn Cleveland, professor in the             “Over time ministry has become important
The arrest also shook up his family and         cinema and digital media department, says         to me,” he says. “Seeing the need out there,
church. Seeing how much trouble it brought,     Domingo “has serious talent. He takes line        you can tell people are missing something. I
Domingo realized he had to stop doing           and detail to a different place in his graffiti   want them to know about the hope that’s out
illegal graffiti. He thought about quitting     art. His work looks different than anybody        there. Through my graffiti I want to plant
the art entirely, but a different avenue soon   else’s out there, and that’s not easy to do.”     seeds of hope in people’s hearts.”
opened up when Gospel Graffiti, a group of      Domingo has
Christian graffiti artists who use the medium   made his art
for good, invited him to join.                  into a form of
“That was a confirmation that God was not       worship, she
done with me,” says Domingo. “He can use        says. “He has a
me, and He has been.”                           great heart for
His artwork and his motivation changed,         God.”
and he began painting positive themes. In       The sizes of
2006, Domingo followed his older sister’s       Domingo’s
path and came to Vanguard University on         works vary.
scholarship. Soon he was putting his graffiti   Usually the
gift to use at Vanguard and around the          wall or surface
community. He painted a canvas during a         is bigger than

10   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                                             Class Notes

                                                                    Let us know what’s going on with you! Email Heather Clements, director of alumni relations, at
                                             , visit the Vanguard Connection at or call 714-966-5494.

              Philip Adams ’51 has served as
              a U.S. Army chaplain, a pastor
              at Sunnyside Baptist Church in
              Campbell and a short-term
missionary on fourteen foreign mission
fields. He formed the Holy Land Tour
Business that hosted groups throughout the
Middle East and Europe. After his wife of
sixty-one years, Phyllis (Remmers 1942-
1944), passed away in July 2004, Adams
relocated to Colorado Springs with one of
his daughters. He now volunteers at Focus
on the Family, is the minister of visitation at
Woodmen Valley Chapel and is a chaplain at
several hospitals and care facilities. He is
proud of his four grown children who all
attended Christian colleges, with two
completing graduate work. Adams has eleven
grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.
              Don Hall ’59 and wife Patti
              spent the past twenty years in
              overseas evangelism and
                                                           Surgeon named                                        graduated summa cum laude from
                                                                                                                Vanguard, earning the President’s Award
              training in sixty nations. Their             Alumnus of Year                                      and giving the senior commencement
current projects are in intercultural ministry,            Larry Kraiss ’82 was chosen as the                   speech. He then earned his MD with
prison ministry, emergency service
                                                           2009 Alumnus of the Year by Vanguard                 highest honors from Baylor College of
chaplaincy, discipleship training and short-
term mission trips. They are excited about                 University’s Alumni Association.                     Medicine.
their two granddaughters, Brittany and                     Kraiss is the chief of the division of vascular      Kraiss has published widely in medical
Melissa (Peavy ’07) Cole, who were both                    surgery at the University of Utah in Salt            journals and is a reviewer for the American
married last year.
                                                           Lake City. He is also a professor of surgery,        Journal of Physiology, Annals of Vascular
                                                           the program director for the vascular                Surgery and Circulation among others. His
                                                           surgical residency and the medical director          science laboratory investigates how blood
’60s                                                       of the non-invasive vascular laboratory at           flow affects the biology of blood vessel wall
              Dianne Haneke ’64 has                        University of Utah Medical Center.                   cells. He is the recipient of several research
              authored three books with
                                                           “I am honored to be chosen alumnus of                awards.
              more in the works. She is
              passionate about helping                     the year,” says Kraiss. “It has been my goal         Kraiss performs one to two hundred
writers improve their skills, sharing the                  to make sure that everyone gets the best I           surgeries per year. The University of Utah
spiritual aspect of writing and providing                  have, both professionally and in meeting             health center serves the largest geographic
biblical studies that encourage readers in the
                                                           their needs as a person. The training for            area in the U.S. and has a busy air
Word (
                                                           that extends all the way back to Vanguard.           ambulance service.
                                                           It comes by having a certain attitude about
                                                                                                                “The Lord has blessed us here,” he says.
                                                           the world and your place in it. Christians
’70s                                                       are put in the world to honor God and
                                                                                                                “We’re tremendously happy with the church
Sylvia (Pipkin ’64) and Wayne Turner ’70                                                                        we helped start. It has been a rewarding
                                                           benefit their fellow man. I try hard to live
are missionaries to the Democratic Republic                                                                     experience all around.”
                                                           that out on a daily basis.”
of Congo where they worked alongside local                                                                      He and wife Karen (Klein) ’80 have three
pastors to establish a Bible school and school             Kraiss earned his BA in science and
of theology extension center.
                   Class Notes, continued on page 12

                                                                                                                            vanguard magazine spring 2009        11
 Class Notes

                                                                                                with clients in the U.S. and abroad, and her
                                                                                                projects include desktop publishing, writing,
 Political analyst                                                                              editing, photography and image acquisition.
 named Young                                                                                    Husband Norman is a scientist with the Public
                                                                                                Health Foundation and conducts HIV vaccine
 Alumnus of the                                                                                 research which often takes him to Uganda.
 Year                                                                                           Sarah and Norman are the parents of twins
                                                                                                Stuart Ramsey and Madeline Talbott, 6. The
 Nathan Gonzales ’00 was named                                                                  family is active at St. John’s Episcopal Church
 the 2009 Young Alumnus of the                                                                  and lives in Oakland.
 Year by Vanguard University’s                                                                  Carole (Adams ’83) Kealoha received an
 Alumni Association.                                                                            MLS from the library and information
 “I’m honored because I know there                                                              science department at UCLA. She is the
                                                                                                senior librarian and branch manager at the
 are lots of other alums doing great
                                                                                                Los Angeles Public Library Mar Vista Branch.
 things,” says Gonzales. “Also, I                                                               Husband Pake is a stay-at-home dad, artist,
 thought playing Lobbypalooza                                                                   woodworker and missionary. They attend
 while I was in school would be an                                                              Vineyard Christian Fellowship Westside and
 automatic disqualification.”                                                                   are active in various ministries. Pake and
                                                 has been quoted in the New York Times,         Carole have been married fourteen years and
 Gonzales is political editor of the                                                            are parents of Caleb, 11, and Jared, 9. They
                                                 Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago
 Rothenberg Political Report, a non-partisan                                                    live in Santa Monica.
                                                 Tribune, the front page of USA Today and
 newsletter which gives in-depth analysis of                                                    April (Hodson ’80) Martin and husband
                                                 many regional papers. He has conducted
 congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial                                                    Dave, a retired firefighter, have been married
                                                 on-air analysis for the Fox News Channel,
 races across the country. He interviews                                                        twenty-eight years. They live in Lompoc and
                                                 CNN and Good Morning America
 candidates, and identifies and handicaps the                                                   are the parents of Julie, Danny and Justin.
                                                 Weekend. For the fourth consecutive
 most competitive races in the country in                                                                     Ava (Evans ’82) and Eric Oleson
                                                 election he worked as one of ABC News’
 each election cycle. Major corporations rely                                                                 ’82, MA ’99 live in Springfield,
                                                 behind-the-scenes analysts.                                  Mo., where Ava is the doctor of
 on Gonzales’ analysis to help them decide
                                                 Gonzales and wife Heather have one child,                    ministry program coordinator at
 which candidates to support.
                                                 Hazel, born last year.                         the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.
 He also writes for Roll Call newspaper, and                                                    Eric is a consultant for the Nebraska Book
                                                                                                Company and will teach Old Testament at
                                                                                                Evangel University. They have two children,
Class Notes, continued from page 11
                                                                                                Bergen, 12, and Emalee, 11, and a Labrador
’80s                                                        Robert Hodson ’80 received a        dog, Scooby.
                                                            teaching credential from the
Charles Batchman ’88 has been the                           University of Redlands in           Lisa (Smith ’84) and Stephen Pittman
technical theatre teacher at Chula Vista                    1999. He is the father of           1981-1983 have two daughters, Estee, 19,
High School’s school for the creative           Melody, 26, Matthew, 21, and Mark, 12.          and Arianna, 18. Lisa has worked in American
and performing arts for twelve years. He        The Hodson family lives in Hesperia.            embassies in the Dominican Republic and
received the Bravissimo Choice Award                                                            United Kingdom and is a part of the American
from San Diego Educational Theatre                            Lars Hornberg ’84 is a            Foreign Service Association. She is now a
Association and is the technical director                     missionary and pastor in          diplomat and chief of American citizens
for the Lambs Players Theatre. His wife                       Bihor, Romania. His most          services at the U.S. consulate general in Hong
Elizabeth (Kessloff ’86) has been a first                     recent ministry is to develop a   Kong.
grade teacher since 1988, does voice-over       family village for abandoned children in
                                                Thailand (                     Kristin (Hines ’87) and Chester Qualls ’83
work for the Christian Research Institute
                                                                                                live in Woodinville, Wash., and have been
and is co-author of a young adult program.                  Sarah (Beattie ’89) Jones           married twenty-two years. They are the parents
The Batchmans live in Chula Vista.                          received an MA in English           of Christopher, 12, and Ashley, 18, a current
                                                            literature from Humboldt            Vanguard student.
                                                            State University. She is a
                                                marketing and communications consultant

12   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                                             Class Notes

Kathy (Murray ’82) and Sergio Rivera
’81 live in Pinehurst, Idaho, where Sergio
is a pastor at First Baptist Church of             Retired
Kellogg. They have three children, Joshua,         missionaries
21, Rebekah, 19, a freshman at Vanguard,
and Hannah, 17. Kathy’s sister-in-law              given
Sarah (Carlson ’83) and brother Michael            Distinguished
Murray ’84 live in Coeur d’Alene and have a
daughter, Paige, who is a junior at Vanguard.
                                                   Service Award
              Joann (America ’88) and
                                                   by VU Alumni
              Thomas Roberts ’87 live in           Association
              Somers, Mont. They are
                                                   Jewyl (Stowell) ’49 and Paul
              missionaries to Israel and have
five children: Krista, 19, TJ, 17, Josh, 15,       Seaberg ’50, retired missionaries,
Nate, 13, JoJo, 11, and Caleb, 8.                  received the 2009 Distinguished
Joni (Duncan ’84) and Richard Rogers               Service Award from Vanguard
’83 will celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding      University’s Alumni Association.
anniversary this summer. Richard has               “We feel honored and humbled
worked for Coca-Cola Enterprises for                                                               own pocket, at a cost of tens of thousands
                                                   that they would choose us for this
twenty-four years. They have two children,                                                         of dollars.
Aaron, 16, and Lauren 22, who will graduate        award,” says Paul. “I go back a long way
from VU in May and is getting married in           with Vanguard, and we always enjoyed our        The Seabergs served in many capacities
August. The Rogers live in Murrieta.               studies there.”                                 while on the mission field including as local
              Steve Sidoti ’82 has been a                                                          church pastors, Bible school teachers and
                                                   After graduating from VU, the Seabergs
              homebuilding executive for                                                           regional overseers, all with the Assemblies
                                                   spent thirty years as missionaries in Africa.
              twenty years. He lives in                                                            of God.
                                                   Part of that time was spent as regional
              Gilbert, Ariz., with wife Susan,
a registered nurse at Mercy Gilbert Hospital,      directors for Global University in southern     Paul’s parents graduated from Vanguard in
and children Joey, 27, Jenae, 22, Danielle,        Africa. Under their leadership the program      1927. Paul earned two bachelor’s degrees at
22, and Nathan, 14.                                grew from 37 to 1,600 students in just ten      VU and attended at both the Pasadena and
Michael White ’85 completed nine years of          years.                                          Costa Mesa campuses. Jewyl attended in
ministry in Stockton before moving to Gig                                                          Pasadena.
                                                   “I’d always wanted to be in education, and
Harbor, Wash., where he is the lead pastor                                                         The Seabergs have five children and hope
                                                   I happened to fall into a situation that was
at Harbor Covenant Church. He and wife
                                                   ripe for success,” says Paul.                   to return to teach in the Bible school they
Megan have two daughters, Rachel and
Allison.                                                                                           started in Sierra Leone in 1971.
                                                   He also subsidized 1,100 African and
                                                   Asian-Indian students per year out of his

                                                 and field support for international teachers                   David Bond ’99 was recently
              Jonathan Augustine ’90 has         to develop professional skills and spiritual                   promoted to captain in the
              seventeen years of mission         growth ( Her focus is                       U.S. Army. He and wife
              experience to eastern and          central Europe. Carice lives in Fallbrook.                     Christina are excited about
              central Europe, and has planted                                                      their daughter, born July 8, 2008.
churches, pastored youth and founded a           Fred Boehnke ’94 and wife Katrina recently
Bible college. Wife Daniela is a theology        celebrated eleven years of marriage. Fred                     Phyllis Lynn (Burns ’96)
professor. They have a son, Josiah, 15, and      has been employed with Costco Wholesale                       Derksen and husband Dave
live in Cleveland, Tenn.                         for ten years. They live in Bend, Ore., and                   live in Las Cruces, N.M., where
                                                 have four children, Dakodah, 9, Teresa, 7,                    Lynn is an independent sales
Carice Blazo ’93 is the director of Teach        Savannah, 5, and Fred Jr., 2.
Overseas, a program that provides training
                                                                                                                   Class Notes, continued on page 14

                                                                                                              vanguard magazine spring 2009       13
  Class Notes

’80s alums hold reunion at                                                 Hamilton and husband Perry ’83 say attendance was probably
                                                                           boosted by the recent creation of alum groups on Facebook.
                                                                           “We started scanning old pictures and posting them,” says Judy.
The classes of ’83 and ’84 held a well-attended joint reunion at
                                                                           “Other alums posted their old pictures, too. When people see those
Homecoming in February.
                                                                           it reminds them of the great time they had and of people they haven’t
“People were really excited to see each other after so many years,” says   seen in years. It just kept growing.”
reunion coordinator Judy (Asmuth ’84) Hamilton MA ’07, now the
                                                                           The reunion cost $20 to attend, and many stayed to talk for hours.
registrar at Vanguard. “It was a very festive atmosphere.”
                                                                           Some people went out to restaurants or to the Homecoming
Seventy people gathered in Smith 101 for a catered dinner and              basketball games afterward. Others played foosball in the lobby, just
fellowship, which included a slide show of old photos, prize give-         like old times.
aways and open mic time to share about Vanguard. Mostly, people
                                                                           “People were very appreciative to have the opportunity to get together
enjoyed talking and catching up.
                                                                           again,” says Judy.

Class Notes, continued from page 13

director with Mary Kay Cosmetics                 married Rachel (Hodges ’06) at Needham           11, Daisy, 9, and Faith, 3. The Dibley family is
( She also teaches         Chapel.                                          also hosting an international student from
preschoolers in the Mothers of Preschoolers                    Kittren (Spiridonoff ’92)          Korea.
Program. Lynn and Dave were married at                         Dibley is a high school            Kitty Fortner ’95 is the principal of
Needham Chapel eleven years ago. They                          guidance counselor. She and        Edward B. Cole Sr. Academy, founded by
have three sons and two grandsons and                          husband Glenn, a math              Templo Calvario’s community development
enjoy traveling and meeting new people.          teacher, have been married fourteen years        corporation in Santa Ana. She has received
Youngest son Matt Burns ’07 recently             and live in Healdsburg with children Jake,       media recognition for expanding the school’s

14   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                                         Class Notes

    stay connected.
     • The best way to stay connected with your college friends.

     • Post photos of your family, travel or favorite campus moments.

     • Get info about alumni events near you.

     • Look for a job or advertise an opening at your company.
                                                                                                       For help logging on call 714.966.5494
                                                                                                             or email


enrollment and positively affecting the         James McKaskle ’94 is the chief martial                       Alicia (Ruiz ’99) and Ruben
community.                                      arts instructor at the United Studios of Self                 Saucedo ’96 live in Dallas,
             Rikki (Stewart ’99) and Jeffrey    Defense ( He and wife Rebecca                       Texas. Ruben is a State Farm
             Lazenby ’94 bought their first     live in Scottsdale, Ariz., with children                      Insurance agent (rubensaucedo.
             home in Blaine, Wash. Jeffrey      Meranda and James Jr.                           com). Alicia is a part-time third grade
             was previously the Whatcom         Michael Music ’96 received an MDiv from         teacher at Rosemont Elementary School.
County library system administrative services   Fuller Theological Seminary, is pursuing a      They have three children, Ruben Isaiah, 4,
manager and is now the finance director for     DMin and is an instructor for the disabled.     Jacob Misael, 2, and Vianey Damariz, 1.
the City of Blaine. Rikki is a stay-at-home     He and wife Tammy have been married for
mom to their two children.                      eleven years. They live in Visalia and have     ’00s
             Alex Mathew ’94, wife Annie        four children, Elijah, 8, Emma, 6, Ella, 4,     Leela (Fenn ’02) Braganza recently passed
             and son Gabriel make their         and Ethan, 2.                                   her CPA exam. She and her husband live in
             home in Frisco, Texas.             Steve Rexroat ’90 is a mortgage broker          Oxnard.
                                                                                                                Class Notes, continued on page 16
                                                at Financial Solutions. He is the father of
                                                Clayron, 16, and Gabrielle, 11.

                                                                                                           vanguard magazine spring 2009      15
 Class Notes

Class Notes, continued from page 15

Tasha-Leigh Chang ’08 relocated to Iowa                           Steve Lalim ’02, MA ’04 is a                  Brian Perreault ’04 is a
City where she works at Mesa Pizza and                            PE teacher at Thurston Middle                 financial advisor at Merrill
volunteers as a physical therapy aide at                          School and coaches the varsity                Lynch Global Wealth
Children’s Center for Therapy. She is waiting                     girls track and cross country                 Management in Brea. He lives
on graduate school acceptance for next fall.       teams at Laguna Beach High School. Wife          in Chino Hills with wife Michelle and
Jennifer (Sampson ’01) and Terrik Clark            Carisa oversees the proctoring of the SAT        daughter Ava, 3.
’00 live in Corona. Terrik is a supervisor at      test in Orange County. They are parents of       Kendra Puryear 2002-2006 works with
juvenile hall. They are expecting their first      Cade Anderson, born June 29, 2007, and           Court Appointed Special Advocates (casaoc.
child this spring.                                 live in Irvine.                                  org), a non-profit organization that trains
Aaron Clarke ’03 and wife Jenice live in Los       Carmen (Miller ’06) Mercer and husband           volunteers to become mentors and advocates
Alamitos with daughter Mya Faith, 1.               Jeffrey live in Beaumont and have been           for children who have been removed from
                                                   married for two years. Jeffrey is a worship      their homes due to abuse.
John Evangelista ’03 lives in Bakersfield.         leader in Redlands and Carmen is a biology
He is an accountant for CBIZ MHM, LLC,                                                              Bradley Ryan ’01 is a PE teacher at
                                                   teacher in San Bernardino.                       McFadden Intermediate School in Santa
runs a mobile DJ and karaoke business that
serves southern California and the central                        Desiree Metcalf ’05 hosts the     Ana. He lives in Fountain Valley with wife
valley and is pursuing a second bachelor’s                        Top 10 Christian Video            Jennifer and step-daughters Jadynn, 13, and
degree in accounting from CSU Bakersfield.                        Countdown for JCTV which          Kyra, 11.
He is engaged to be married this October.                         airs on TBN. She recently                      Shawn Saleme ’03 lives in
                                                   recorded a song with Bryan Duncan ’74                         Seattle where he works at the
               Luke Hagenbach ’00 is a real        entitled “Still Dancin” and was on the cover
               estate professional at HÔM real                                                                   Green Tortoise hostel and plans
                                                   of Modern Guitars magazine for her                            to open one of his own.
               estate group (         participation in the National Association of
               in Newport Beach and has            Music Merchants. Tour dates and more                           Tara (Culala ’01) Sanderson
helped several alumni purchase and sell            information are at                               received her MA and PsyD
property. He is a member of the National                                                                          degrees in clinical psychology
Association of Realtors and the Orange                           Lydia (Murray ’05) Neeley                        from George Fox University.
County Association of Realtors and an                            and husband Lance live in a        She is the program supervisor at Chehalem
exclusive affiliate of Christie’s Great Estates.                 100-year-old home and serve as     Youth and Family Services ( She
Luke is a triathlete team member for                             music director and youth pastor    and husband Stephen, a social worker, have                          at a church in northern California. Lance        been married two years.
                                                   works in the medical field. Lydia works at a
Soha Heidari ’05 received a PsyD in clinical       university and started graduate school this                   Carlee Trautman ’07 is the
psychology from Argosy University and is a         spring. Their recent adventures include                       assistant to Next Generation
member of Psi Chi and Kappa Delta Nu. She          whitewater rafting and backpacking in the                     Ministries and Women of
lives in Porter Ranch.                             Desolation Wilderness area of the Tahoe                       Purpose for the Oregon
               Amy Hiemstra ’06 is an              Basin and riding their bicycles to raise money   ministry network of the Assemblies of God.
               elementary school teacher for       for missions.                                    She is engaged to Matt Novak and will be
               the Santa Ana Unified School                                                         married in July. Carlee and Matt volunteer
               District and lives in Santa Ana.                                                     with the youth at First Assembly of God in
                                                                                                    Albany, Ore.
              Jennifer (Cannon ’00) and
              Peter Johnston ’97 have
              relocated to Kapaau, Hawaii,
              after five years of ministry in
Mammoth Lakes. They will establish a
general camp facility and school of worship
on a 30-acre property. They have three sons,
Mark, Alex and Aaron, and are expecting
their fourth child in May.

16   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                                            Class Notes

Shawn Whitt ’03 and wife Katie live in                         Cathy (Nicholas ’05) and            their dog Briar, and both will begin MBA
Irvine and have three children, Alex, Ashley                   Bruce Paolozzi ’06 live in          coursework at Northwest University’s School
and Andrew.                                                    Claremont and are parents of        of Business this fall.
                                                               Joshua, 3, and Judah, born                       Kelly (Boeke ’02) Walters and
                                                 March 2008. Cathy is completing her MA in                      husband David were married
Future Alumni                                    biblical studies at Vanguard and works in the                  on August 1, 2008. Kelly
                                                 major gifts office at Pomona College. Bruce                    teaches woodshop, English and
             Marlyn (Lamsen ’93) De
                                                 is pursuing graduate work in the philosophy       PE at a Huntington Beach middle school
             Mesa is a financial aid assistant
                                                 of religion and theology at Claremont             while pursuing a master’s degree at
             at Point Loma Nazarene
                                                 Graduate University.                              Vanguard. David is an accountant for a real
             University. She and husband
Anthony are proud parents to Gabriella           Sarah (Ladner ’02, MA ’04) and Harold             estate company in Santa Ana. They live in
Nicole, 2, and Anthony Paul, born July 29,       Schlatter ’03 welcomed Harold Keith               Huntington Beach.
2008. They live in Chula Vista.                  Schlatter III on November 29, 2008. Visit                     Brenda (Grant ’05)
                                                 their blog at                    Woodward is a personal
April (Peterson ’97) and Joseph Gutel
                                                 They live in Huntington Beach.                                assistant and office manager.
’98 have three children, Jubilee, Luke and
Theophilus, born January 21, 2009. They                        Rusty Umphenour ’94 and                         She married Chad on
plan to return to Cairo, Egypt, this summer                    wife Kimmy welcomed                 October 11, 2008.
to do church planting.                                         daughter Eavan Riley on
                                                               December 27, 2008. They live
              Kristin (Plew ’04) and Jeremy
              Jones ’03 have been married six
                                                 in Atlanta.                                       In Memory
              years. Jeremy received an MA       Dawn Zahler MS ’02 and husband Scott are          Donald E. Gamblin ’61 passed away April
              in college student affairs from    the parents of Carson, Gavin and Malone           13, 2008.
Azusa Pacific University and is the area         Claire, born April 14, 2008. The Zahler
                                                                                                   Sharon (Hodges ’82) Hobson passed away
director at Southwestern Oregon                  family lives in Erlanger, Ky
                                                                                                   September 27, 2008.
Community College. They had their first
son, Jeremiah David, in June 2008, and live                                                        Florence Lucile (Foth ’37) Kelly passed
in Coos Bay, Ore.                                Just Married                                      away March 1, 2008.
              Darcie (McQueen ’04) Jolliff       Orlia (Budge) and Jonathan Amaral ’06             Wilbur Kent ’70 passed away October 4,
              works in the advancement           were married in August 2008. They live            2008.
              department at Bakersfield          in Chicago where Jonathan is pursuing a           Clifford Powers ’49 passed away March 12,
              Christian High School. She and     master’s degree in international relations at     2008.
husband Christopher had their first son,         the University of Chicago.
                                                                                                   Jean (Rial ’48) Powers passed away
Christian Reichan, on August 16, 2008.           Ester (Robles ’07) and Chad Henley ’08            November 24, 2008.
They live in Bakersfield.                        were married in November 2008 and live in
                                                                                                   Jeffery Shively ’79 passed away August 26,
             Rachel (Laverty ’06)                Chino. Chad is a police officer.
             Lindburg is a stay-at-home          Janaea (Shaw 2004-2006) and John
             mom to Lileigh Grace, born                                                            James R. Tracy 1987-1988 passed away July
                                                 Nydam ’08 were married June 8, 2008.
             August 13, 2008. Husband                                                              30, 2008.
                                                 John is in the master’s program for national
Dan is a fourth grade teacher at Huntington      security studies at CSU San Bernardino.           Donna K. Wright ’76 passed away
Christian School. The family lives in Costa      Janaea is attending Loma Linda University to      November 4, 2008.
Mesa and includes cats Sam and Frodo.            finish her registered nurse license and BSN.      Margarita Lima, former faculty, passed away
             Brett Overfield ’04 and wife        They live in Redlands.                            October 15, 2008.
             Jill had their first son, Brayden                 Crystal (Majors ’03) Santos
             Nathaniel, on October 11,                                                             Bruce Lindsey, student advocate, passed
                                                               finished her bachelor’s degree in   away February 22, 2009.
             2008. They live in University                     business management at
Place, Wash., where Brett is a commercial                      Northwest University and
property manager.                                works as a human resource generalist at a
                                                 non-profit retirement community in Seattle.
                                                 She married Jonathan in September 2008.
                                                 The newlyweds live in Bothell, Wash., with

                                                                                                              vanguard magazine spring 2009    17
            Homecoming 2009

                                     HOMECOMING 2009

18   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                  Homecoming 2009

Homecoming 2009 offered everything from a tailgate party hosted by Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s
co-founder Ed Lee ’87, to basketball games, to a lecture on team-building by basketball
great A.C. Green, to performances by VU’s nationally known music programs.
“It was a great time,” says alumni director Heather Clements. “People came from all over
the country to re-connect with each other. We had very successful reunions. Everyone was
genuinely excited to be there.”
Alums packed Needham Chapel for a chapel service and got to meet and greet with new
VU president Carol Taylor and the vice presidents. The week was capped by the alumni
awards luncheon at Newport Mesa Church.

                                                                      Golden Vanguard Society

                                                                                                vanguard magazine spring 2009   19
             Advancing VU

Scholarships put Vanguard
                 any students who could not otherwise afford a private       always ill and in the hospital, partly due to being hit by a drunk driver
                 university education are able to attend Vanguard            and subsequently contracting hepatitis C in a blood transfusion.
                 University because of scholarships established by           “Growing up with a father who was always sick, I made frequent
                 Vanguard supporters and alumni. One generous                trips to the hospital and became interested in the field of medicine,”
dono, who wishes to remain anonymous, established a scholarship              says Donlon. “At a young age I was exposed to and intrigued by the
more than a decade ago which continues to empower deserving                  medical prescriptions and all the high-tech equipment. In high school
students to receive a Vanguard education and to do good.                     I took anatomy, physiology, health fitness and sports medicine. I was
“To me nothing is more important than education,” says this VU               very interested in anything that had to do with the human body.”
supporter. “If we don’t educate our young, and not just academically         When his father passed away, Donlon was uncertain about his future.
but ethically, morally and culturally, we will have greater issues in our    He wanted to attend Vanguard, but only a scholarship from this
country. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of education,              Vanguard supporter made it possible.
and I think Vanguard University does a
great job of educating our students.”
These are the stories of four students
helped by this supporter’s scholarship this
Yutao Luo, a junior, came to the U.S.
from China specifically to attend
“The Vanguard choir and band had
come to my high school, and I talked
to Dr. James Melton and emailed him
after I graduated,” she says. “It seemed
impossible in my situation to study
abroad because I didn’t have money
and my English is not perfect, but God
opened the doors for me.”
Luo had become a Christian against the
wishes of her parents, and wanted to         Ryan Donlon                                             Yutao Luo
attend a Christian university. With the
help and support of Melton and this Vanguard supporter, Luo left
                                                                             “I met with him and he said, ‘Show me the number you need,’ and it
China for the first time and became a Vanguard music major.
                                                                             was done,” says Donlon. “God kind of chose Vanguard for me.”
“Without the scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to come here,”
                                                                             Now in his third year as a biology major with a pre-med emphasis,
she says. “I still can’t believe I’m in America. I feel proud to have made
                                                                             Donlon has worked in the science lab conducting research. He sings
                                                                             in the choir “which is a huge part of my life, being able to minister in
Today, Luo practices piano three hours a day and plays keyboard              so many churches through music,” he says.
and viola in the Vanguard orchestra. Last year she returned to China
                                                                             Vanguard, he says, has “shaped and changed my heart and mind.”
with the Vanguard music program to minister in her home city. She
plans to earn her master’s degree so she can teach music theory at a         “The community, the friends you make and relationships you build
university. Her first choice: Vanguard.                                      are invaluable,” he says. “The professors make time for me and really
                                                                             care about student progress. I wouldn’t trade the whole experience for
“People at Vanguard are really loving,” she says. “They care about you.
When I came it was a huge change.”
                                                                             But “without the scholarship, I don’t know how long I could have
Ryan Donlon, a junior from Anaheim, grew up with a father who was

20   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                                           Advancing VU

education within reach
been at Vanguard,” he says. “I wouldn’t have been able to do all the        talked he gave me the scholarship. That was a great blessing.”
things I’ve been doing, all the ministries and work I’ve been involved      Gronbech-Dam is now engaged to Jenelle McKee ’08 and will
with. I’m blessed to be here.”                                              graduate in May. He will complete his Vanguard education in three
Marc Gronbech-Dam, a native of Denmark, grew up in a Pentecostal            years, to save money and to free up the scholarship for someone else.
church and came to VU for the religion program.                             He works as an international student advisor on campus and returned
“In Denmark there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to pursue a           to Denmark each summer to earn extra money, because he is not
Christian education, as most of our schools are state-run,” he says.        allowed to work off campus without U.S. citizenship.
“Vanguard seemed to be a place where I could engage in it at a higher       “Given all the classes and the atmosphere at Vanguard, I have matured
level. I felt it was the place for me.”                                     a lot in my faith,” he says. “It was a twofold education. My whole
But after investigating the financial options available to him, it          person was learning and growing. I’m so grateful to be here.”
became clear he could not afford to attend.                                 Natalia Murcia came to VU from Desert Hot Springs and is the first
                                                                                                     person in her family to attend a four-year
                                                                                                     college. Her father is a landscaper and
                                                                                                     her mother works at the Olive Garden.
                                                                                                     Her parents had always encouraged their
                                                                                                     children to do well in school.
                                                                                                        “They pushed us to get straight A’s and
                                                                                                        go to university and get a career,” Murcia
                                                                                                        says, “so I got good grades and looked to
                                                                                                        my future. My mom and dad want us to
                                                                                                        become more than they became.”
                                                                                                        Murcia thought that a private university
                                                                                                        education was out of reach, so she applied
                                                                                                        to public colleges but also prayed that
                                                                                                        the Lord would open other doors. She
                                                                                                        learned about Vanguard and applied for
                                                                                                        the scholarship offered by this Vanguard
 Natalia Murcia                                         Marc Gronbech-Dam
                                                                                                        “I didn’t want to put another loan on
                                                                                                        my dad, so I prayed that the Lord would
                                                                            provide,” she says.
“I was looking at the numbers and it was pretty grim,” he says. “I
don’t qualify for a lot of the scholarships or for federal financial        She received the scholarship and is now earning her bachelor’s degree
aid because you have to be American citizen. My choices are very            in communications and film/digital media.
limited.”                                                                   “It’s still a dream for me to be here,” she says. “I thank God every
Then he was referred to this Vanguard supporter who met with                day for the opportunity to be at this amazing school. I like the
him, was impressed by his work ethic and goals and offered him a            environment and the community. Everybody is so nice and cheerful.
scholarship.                                                                There’s no one here who doesn’t want to talk to you. I take all the
                                                                            classes I can take, and go on missions trips.”
“He wanted to know me, what my passions were and what I wanted
to do with my life,” says Gronbech-Dam. “We had a really great              After she graduates and begins working in her career field, she wants
conversation. I told him about my passion for going to the Third            to give back to her family, and help other low-income families.
World, being a missionary and training future leaders of the church.        “I would like to give another person an opportunity to go to a school
Being in the full-time vocational ministry is something I felt called to    like this as well,” Murcia says.
before Vanguard and I feel I’ve grown into while being here. After we

                                                                                                                 vanguard magazine spring 2009   21
            On Campus

                                                                                                                 Member of Vanguard’s
                                                                                                                 music program performing at
                                                                                                                 Renée and Henry Segerstrom
                                                                                                                 Concert Hall at Orange County
                                                                                                                 Performing Arts Center.

Christmas Fantasia                              small vocal ensembles and small instrument      awareness of the programs offered by the
                                                ensembles. The event also raised more money     business school,” says David Alford, dean of
comes to premier                                from sponsorships than any similar event in     the School of Business & Management.
Orange County                                   VU’s history.                                   The panelists discussed how they are
concert hall                                                                                    leading their organizations through times
Vanguard University’s Christmas Fantasia,                                                       of economic challenge. The School of
which features the University’s world-
                                                VU hosts panel                                  Business & Management is partnering with
renowned music program in a diverse             discussion on economy                           the Business Advisory Council and the
concert of holiday music, was presented at      A panel of leaders drawn from business,         American Association of Senior Executives
Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall         government and the non-profit sector took       to present more events in the speakers series,
at Orange County Performing Arts Center,        up the question, “New Economy, New              all addressing the theme “Leadership in a
one of the best venues in the region. It was    President, New Agenda: What Do I Do             Changing World.”
the most well-attended Christmas Fantasia in    Now?” as part of VU’s School of Business &
the history of the event.                       Management speakers series in November.
“We wanted to share the hope of the             The campus event featured Steve Churm,
                                                                                                Students minister
Christmas season with the community. That       president of Churm Media, Jim Ruth,             abroad and at home
was the theme,” says David Elliott, associate   general manager of the Orange County            Teams of students headed to two different
vice president for university relations.        Sanitation District, and Gustavo Valdespino,    parts of the world to minister over Christmas
“People walked out of there starting the        CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange       break.
Christmas season with a great reminder that     County. It was moderated by Camille Jayne,      Five students and a team leader traveled to
this is what Christmas is all about. It was     president of The JAYNE Group.                   the country of Kyrgyzstan and spent two
celebratory and very positive. People said it   “The purpose of this event and the series is    weeks working with local missionaries in
was the best they had attended.”                to serve the business community with timely     Bishkek, the capital city, and in the eastern
The program showcased all the performing        information that will assist them in managing   region near the Chinese border. The team
groups of the University’s music department,    their businesses, to enhance the education      also partnered with two college ministries,
including the University concert choir,         of Vanguard’s business students, and create     Chi Alpha and Campus Crusade for Christ,

22   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                                                               On Campus

and with indigenous leaders for friendship      in posters he’d made for recent movie pitches
                                                                                                    Family Weekend brings
evangelism efforts.                             to studios.
                                                                                                    parents to campus
“We did quite a bit with their English clubs    “A presenter like Jim brings the industry
                                                                                                    Two hundred people came to campus for
and were involved in two Sunday services,”      closer to the students, and students can see
                                                                                                    Family Weekend this year, which took place
says Joshua Bixler, a junior. “We did skits     what their futures could actually become,”
                                                                                                    on the same weekend as Homecoming 2009.
and sang songs in English. Then we went to      says Edmoundson.
                                                                                                    Events included a Friday evening concert
people’s houses and had dinner and breakfast    Also in November VU hosted Bill                     by Vanguard’s choirs, coffee and donuts
with them.”                                     McDonald, head of cinematography and                with the president, a tailgate party hosted
The other VU team went to Seattle to work       associate professor at UCLA, who spoke to           by Wahoo’s Fish Taco, and the men’s and
with homeless people at a men’s shelter and     a packed lecture hall about cinematography          women’s basketball games against Biola.
rehabilitation center.                          and lighting.
                                                                                                    “It was very successful, and was it great to
“It was transforming for me,” says Adam         “It was well received,” says Ann-Caryn              combine it with Homecoming,” says Anita
Routt, a senior. “I’ve never worked hands-on    Cleveland, professor in VU’s cinema and             Hann, director of retention and student
with the homeless community. It put into        digital media department. “He spoke about           success. “We were able to provide events
perspective how they don’t get treated like     basic lighting techniques, things to avoid and      for families to connect with students and
people. We gave them sack lunches and hot       how to make the most of a light if you only         with Vanguard. Holding it simultaneously
chocolate, and we spent time talking with       have one light available. We are bringing           with Homecoming gave parents a way to
them. We were blessed to lead two or three      more people like Bill and Jim in this year,         experience Vanguard with alumni, and see
chapel services for the men’s shelter. It was   and focusing on guest lectureships. It’s a          our rich history and heritage.”
great to see the joy and hope they had in       great way for our students to learn.”
                                                                                                    Some families came from as far away as
their hearts.”
                                                                                                    Minnesota and Chicago. For many it was the
                                                December grads                                      first time to visit campus since dropping off
Comic book writer,                              celebrate with semi-                                their student in the fall.

cinematography expert                           formal event                                        “I heard a lot of feedback from parents about
speak on campus                                 VU students held the first celebration for
                                                                                                    how impressed they were with Vanguard,
                                                                                                    how good our music programs are, and how
Jim Krueger, filmmaker and comic book           seniors who finished their coursework in            much they enjoyed the chapel service on
writer for Marvel and DC comics, spoke to       December.                                           Saturday morning,” says Hann. “They can
students on campus last fall about his work,    “The event celebrated the December                  tell we’ve got a great spiritual climate here for
the comic book industry and what it’s like to   grads and gave them a send-off instead of           their students.”
be a Christian in a creative field.             waiting to celebrate them at graduation in          The schedule included free time for families
“He told a lot of stories, gave writing tips    May,” says Gabrielle Weiman, senior class           to spend with their students, experiencing
and talked about his own testimony as a         activities director. “I hope this is the start of   life at Vanguard by going to church with
Christian and the challenge he faces working    a tradition.”                                       them on Sunday and participating in campus
in the industry,” says Kyo Edmoundson,          The event, dubbed the Black & White                 activities.
adjunct professor at VU. “He encouraged         Graduation Party, drew seniors to Needham           “We firmly believe that families are an
students not to shy away from sharing their     Chapel courtyard for an evening of dessert,         integral part of their students’ success at VU,
faith, but to be real and be an example of      fellowship and music by the jazz ensemble.          and their support is absolutely pertinent to
Christ. He was very approachable and spent      Students were encouraged to wear semi-              their students’ success,” says Hann.
a lot of time with the students afterwards.”    formal attire. Ann Hamilton, vice president
Krueger has been a creative director at         for student affairs, spoke and prayed for                              On Campus, continued on page 24

Marvel, writing for Avengers, X-Men, Star       them.
Wars, Matrix and Batman comic books, and        “Everyone really enjoyed it,” says Weiman.
is an award-winning filmmaker. He brought

                                                                                                                vanguard magazine spring 2009      23
  On Campus

On Campus, continued from page 23

VU hosts
Environmental                                       Former professor leaves
Conference                                          gift to University
Students in the Students in Free Enterprise
(SIFE) chapter at VU put on a first-of-                         argarita Lima, retired Spanish professor at Vanguard,
its-kind Environmental Sustainability                           passed away in October and left a substantial bequest
Conference in January. The conference was                       in the form of property to the University.
aimed at Orange County businesses and               “Margarita loved Vanguard. This was her home and her family,”
encouraged environmentally sustainable              says Ed Westbrook, professor of business and chair for the
business practices.                                 Division of Business. “She wanted to give to Vanguard because
“It was a big success,” says student co-leader      she believed in what the University is doing; she believed in the
Chris Leininger, a junior. “Everyone thought        students. She wanted to do something to help students come
it was put together really well and they            and learn.”
enjoyed the dynamic and inspiring speakers.         Before coming to Vanguard, Lima taught widely in public and private elementary schools,
It was one of the biggest events our SIFE           the Peace Corps and a number of Orange County community colleges. She taught at
chapter has had.”                                   Vanguard from 1994 until her retirement in 2007 and was granted tenure as an assistant
Two hundred people attended and heard               professor of Spanish in 2002. She was an active member of the Vanguard University
from the conference’s two keynote speakers,         Women’s Caucus, Spanish Club, Floor Moms and Hands Across the Border. She founded
Pierre Andre Senizergues, CEO of Sole               the Spanish study abroad program and took groups of VU students to Spain. She was
Technology, parent company of etnies, and           instrumental in assisting the Vanguard Singers & Band travel to Portugal in 2001, 2003
Shaheen Sadeghi, CEO of The Lab and The             and 2007.
Camp in Costa Mesa and past president               The bequest she left to the University will go to the endowment for student scholarships.
of the surfing company Quiksilver. Both
have made environmental sustainability
integral to their business plans. Senizergues     line of earth-friendly packing and moving         provided a low-carbon, organic lunch.
had solar panels installed at his company         products. Brown’s company won a 2008              Bonni Stachowiak, assistant professor and
headquarters, created the first environmental     GEELA, the most prestigious environmental         SIFE faculty advisor, says SIFE received
affairs manager in the action sports industry     and economic leadership award presented by        support for the conference from VU’s science
and launched a sustainable footwear and           the State of California.                          program, which gave extra credit to students
apparel collection, the etnies SEED Project.
                                                  Martin Diedrich, founder of Diedrich              who participated. The SIFE chapter, now in
He also conducted an eco-audit to study
                                                  Coffee and Kean Coffee, and a Vanguard            its third year, has already won several awards
the environmental impact of the company’s
                                                  University foundation board member,               and hopes to perform even stronger in this
business practices.
                                                  spoke in a standing-room-only breakout            year’s competition. They also hope businesses
Sadeghi has been a consultant to Fortune          session. Also speaking were Christina Kull,       will put into practice what they learned at
500 companies such as General Motors,             an environmental engineer with Northrop           the conference.
Nortel, Volkswagen and McDonald’s. He             Grumman Corporation, who heads up                 “For us it was a huge accomplishment and
worked closely with the City of Costa             greening efforts at the F/A-18 production         learning experience to work with businesses
Mesa to rezone an industrial area for urban       facilities in El Segundo; Rachel Hulan,           to plan and organize this,” says Leininger.
renewal in the south Bristol St. corridor area.   an interior designer and certified Green          “We hope the innovation will be contagious,
Breakout session speakers included Spencer        Building Professional; and Jim Woodrow,           and businesses will see they can incorporate
Brown, founder of Rent-a-Green-Box which          professor of management at VU. Bon                sustainable practices in a creative way.”
converts trash mined from landfills into a        Appetit sponsored the conference and
                                                                                                                        On Campus, continued on page 28

24   vanguard magazine spring 2009
                                                                                 A Vine of His Own Planting

                                                                                                        Editor’s note: This column looks at major
                                                                                                        episodes in Vanguard University’s history.
Lewis Wilson
Academic Dean Emeritus

Vanguard’s first president

       n the spring of 1920, D.W. Kerr was       the Needhams to undertake their missionary
       invited to Los Angeles to speak at        assignment.
       Bethel Temple’s prayer conference.        With Kerr as its first president (the title
       There he met Harold and Hulda             was then principal), what would become
Needham. After struggling for years to           Vanguard University opened on schedule in
fulfill their vision of opening a Bible school   May of 1920 with thirty students. Kerr was
in southern California, the Needhams             ably assisted by his wife Mattie, a former
had given their home for its campus and          school teacher, his daughter Christine, a
announced classes would begin in May. But        talented speaker, musician and composer,
then they were unexpectedly commissioned         and his son-in-law Willard Peirce who served
to make an oversight visit of missionaries       as academic dean and whose long and varied
in Asia and the Near East. The assignment                                                    But perhaps Kerr’s greatest contribution
                                                 career would end in southern California
would better prepare them to train future                                                    was to encourage a devastated Harold
                                                 fifty-five years later as the speaker on the
missionaries and the Needhams believed they                                                  Needham on his return nearly a year later
                                                 daily “Christ the Living Word” radio and TV
should go, but the trip would require nearly                                                 to take the helm of the school. Though the
                                                 program. Though newly arrived in southern
a year and could indefinitely delay their                                                    Needhams’ trip had proved successful and
                                                 California, Kerr was so respected that he
school’s opening.                                                                            neither doubted that they had made the
                                                 was elected as the first superintendent of
                                                                                             right decision in going, its cost had been
Unlike the Needhams, who were young,             the new Southern California District, and
                                                                                             high. Hulda’s health had failed and she
and who had no institutional backing for         his reputation attracted students not only
                                                                                             died in her sister Josephine’s arms in Akola,
their project and little
                                                                                                          Berar, India. Harold was initially
ministerial and even less       Though newly arrived in southern California, unwilling to return to the school
academic experience, the
sixty-four year old Kerr
                                Kerr was so respected that he was                                         for which they had sacrificed
                                                                                                          so much, but under Kerr’s wise
had nearly thirty years of      elected as the first superintendent of the
                                                                                                          counsel, he eventually agreed to
pastoral experience and
                                new Southern California District, and his                                 teach missions classes. Then, in
was so highly regarded that
he had been appointed           reputation attracted students from points as 1922, when Kerr was asked to
                                                                                                          go to Springfield, Missouri, to
an executive presbyter          distant as Michigan and Georgia.                                          found yet another Bible school,
of the newly formed
                                                                                                          Needham accepted leadership
Assemblies of God to which he had already      from the region but from points as distant as
                                                                                             of the school he would so ably lead over the
made invaluable contributions. Kerr not        Michigan and Georgia.
                                                                                             next twenty years.
only understood the importance of Christian    Under his leadership the school produced
education, but he had taught at two schools                                                  Perhaps because he served for only two years,
                                               students whose work and influence
and assisted in the founding of another.                                                     D.W. Kerr is the least remembered of the
                                               continues to the present, including Meyer
He was also deeply committed to foreign                                                      eight presidents, or principals, who have led
                                               Pearlman, John Kolenda and Finis Dake.
missions, and though few were aware of it,                                                   Vanguard through its eighty-eight years. But
                                               The young Wesley Steelberg, a future
he was open to a change of ministry. After                                                   without his leadership at a critical point in
                                               general superintendent of the Assemblies of
prayerful deliberation, he agreed to accept                                                  the school’s history, there may not have been
                                               God, altered his negative views on higher
the responsibility for the new school, freeing                                               a Vanguard University. His contribution
                                               education through his contact with Kerr.
                                                                                             deserves to be remembered.

                                                                                                           vanguard magazine spring 2009       25

                Volleyball team
          he women’s volleyball team had its best season in the           Lions who became the head coach just months prior to the beginning
          history of the program, playing in its first national           of the season. She had been a player and an assistant coach for the
          championship tournament. The success came under new             team while earning her teaching credential.
          coach Marissa Cothran ’05, a former VU volleyball player        “We worked really hard last spring and summer and were excited,”
who is drawing on her extensive experience in the sport to take the       Cothran says. “It really showed.”
team to the next level.
                                                                          Cothran has a history of playing for championship teams in high
“It’s the high point for the program, no question,” says VU athletics     school and community college. At Newport Harbor High School she
director Bob Wilson. “The beauty is that the top players are back and     won two regional titles and one state title. While still in high school
we have a chance to make another run next year.”                          she coached the freshman-sophomore men’s volleyball team. In her
The Lions compete in the Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC),         freshman year at Golden West College her team won the state title
the toughest conference in the nation. Most GSAC teams rank in            among community colleges.
the top ten nationally, and teams such as Cal Baptist, Concordia and      “I’ll forever be grateful because [all that training] taught me how to be
Fresno Pacific often are in the national finals. When the Lions play      disciplined and structured,” she says. “I wasn’t a phenomenal player,
conference games, they are playing the best teams in the country at       but I understood the game and could set people up for success.”
this collegiate level. That has made it difficult to reach the national
                                                                          At VU she played and served as assistant coach while earning her
                                                                          bachelor’s degree and teaching credential. She is now completing her
This year, for the first time, the Lions secured an at-large bid to the   master’s degree and coaching her former teammates.
national tournament and hosted TranSouth Athletic Conference
                                                                          “I played with the team in the fall and was coaching them in the
champion Union University in The Pit in the first round. The Lions
                                                                          spring,” she says. “It worked out really well.”
won 3-1 and traveled to Sioux City, Iowa, to continue in the finals.
                                                                          Wilson says continuity was “a big plus” in bringing Marissa in as
Leading them was Cothran, a former all-conference setter for the

26   vanguard magazine spring 2009

hits high point
coach. “She did a great job. [Former coach]   They played really well. Our coaching           who represent themselves and their team
Erikka Gulbranson and Marissa have            staff challenged them in different ways         well. I want my players to make a difference
elevated Vanguard volleyball.”                throughout the tournament and they rose to      in the world through leadership that is
The Lions came into the national              the occasion.”                                  learned in volleyball. ... I feel very lucky to
tournament ranked #16 in the country. They    Cothran credits her players and the athletics   work in a department like this.”
went 2-1 in pool play to advance to the top   department staff for the team’s success.        Assisting Cothran is Jenny Evans Griffith,
twelve, where the GSAC                                                                                      a former volleyball player
was well represented: seven   “It’s the high point for the program, no                                      who won two national
of the teams were from                                                                                      championships with UCLA,
GSAC, and every GSAC          question. The beauty is that the top                                          played on the Association
team qualified. The Lions’                                                                                  of Volleyball Professionals
post-season run ended with
                              players are back and we have a chance                                         (AVP) tour and was on the
a loss to Point Loma, 3-1.    to make another run next year.”                                               U.S. national team. Cothran
The Lions finished tied for                                                                                 consults Griffith on coaching
ninth place and with an overall record        “The staff at Vanguard’s athletics department   decisions and they meet weekly to pray over
of 18-12.                                     — I couldn’t ask for better,” she says. “Bob    the team. Cothran’s father also helps from
“I was proud of how our team handled their    is hands down the best boss I’ve ever had.      the bench and on recruiting trips.
first national tournament experience,” says   We are raising up student-athletes that have    “What’s exciting to me is that we’re still
Cothran. “This year was a stepping stone.     character on the court and in the community     building the team,” says Cothran. “We have
It was exciting for our whole department      as well. It’s important for me to have          so much we can improve. Hopefully we can
because we’d never been in this spot.         student-athletes come out of my program         achieve even more next year.”

                                                                                                          vanguard magazine spring 2009     27

                                                          On Campus, continued from page 24

Athletics                                                 Business Advisory                              subjects of student interest, such as how
                                                                                                         to determine the kind of company they
                                                          Council mentors                                want to work for, and finding purpose in
Season in progress                                        students                                       their work.
Softball                                                  For the past year, members of VU’s             “It was so valuable to have these mentors
Season in progress                                        Business Advisory Council have been            specifically set time aside to come and
Men’s Tennis                                              mentoring VU’s undergraduate business          pour into our lives,” says Matt Ross, a
Season in progress                                        and MBA students, offering advice and          senior business administration major.
                                                          networking opportunities.                      “There’s nothing better than having
Women’s Tennis
Season in progress                                        “Response from both students and               someone who cares where you go and
                                                          mentors has been very positive,” says          what you do. It has been benefiting me
Track and Field
Season in progress                                        David Alford, dean of the School of            greatly.”
                                                          Business & Management. “Students have          The Business Advisory Council is
For additional information on athletic event dates and
times, visit                   gotten good insight on career planning         made up of business leaders who have
                                                          as well as life. Mentors enjoy the             committed to guest speak in classes,
Theatre                                                   opportunity to share their experience with     provide feedback on business curriculum,
                                                          students.”                                     and offer their organizations for
Guys and Dolls                       April 3 - April 19   Business mentors meet quarterly on             internships and career opportunities.
For box office information and show synopses please       campus with students to talk about

Music Ensembles
Spring Concert                                April 19

For tickets please visit

University Events
Spring Pre-VU                                  April 6

University Awards Chapel                      April 30

Graduate Programs Hooding Ceremony              May 7

Baccalaureate                                   May 8

Nursing Pinning Ceremony                        May 9

Commencement                                    May 9

For updated information on events at Vanguard,

                                                              Come Celebrate With Us!
                                                               You’re invited to Vanguard University’s 87th commencement.
                                                               Join alumni, family and friends as we honor the achievements of this year’s
                                                               graduating class.

                                                               Saturday, May 9 at 5:00 p.m.
                                                               at the Pacific Amphitheatre (across the street from Vanguard University)

28   vanguard magazine spring 2009                             For more information visit

                                                                                                   Editor’s note: This column features an essay
                                                                                                   by a different alum in each issue.

Unconditional Love
College Station, Texas

          rt and I came to Vanguard at the     A few years later we moved into the old          talk to us about anything, and we would
          invitation of my half-brother,       green house on campus which quickly              listen. Art always said to me, “Love them
          O. Cope Budge, to be the school’s    became an unofficial student hang-out.           where they are, and pray they become
maintenance man and bookkeeper. We             Art and I were still serving as maintenance      what God wants them to be.” Sometimes I
knew it was right because I had been having    man and bookkeeper, respectively, but            would go in my bedroom and cry because
the same dream for nine months — a             we also had the privilege of being class         a student had such a heavy problem. But I
dream that Art and I went as far as the        social advisors. Students knew they could        saw God change many a person without me
ocean would allow us to go and no further.     come over any time to study, socialize or        saying a word, just loving them where they
This was significant because we were living    just relax. We had one big room that was         were.
in Texas at the time, and nowhere near the     entirely theirs. It had an entertainment         I have a sharp memory and if you were
beautiful blue ocean I saw in the dream.       center, coffee maker, fridge, microwave          one of the students that hung out at the
On the day we arrived in Costa Mesa, part      and one of the first computers on campus,        house, I haven’t forgotten you. I retired on
of the drive took us up the coast. I began     which many students used for homework.           December 31, 1997, and Art followed me
to cry as I remembered my dream. “This is      Never did we lock our doors.                     in February. Today we have been married
where God wants us, honey,” I said to Art.     Friends would bring friends, and I could         fifty-four years and are great-grandparents.
Little did we know that our one-year           hardly tell who we were advising and who         God brought us back to Texas and planted
contract would turn into thirty-seven years    we weren’t. Students felt free and at home       us right in the middle of 48,000 college
of the most wonderful association with         with us. I used to say that I never met a        students at Texas A&M in College Station.
Vanguard students.                             stranger because there was no one stranger       The students call us Pop and Granny, and
Though we lived off campus for the first       than me. I was real with the students. I         Art still uses his free time to do what he
six years, students started coming over        didn’t put on any airs. Art was quiet until he   did at Vanguard: repair things and mow
right away. I don’t know if it was our Texan   got to know you. He would size you up and        lawns for the neighbors. It seems we have
hospitality that made them feel welcome, or    try his dry wit out on you. If his jokes went    continued on just as before, but in a new
the sense of home, or maybe just the bacon     over okay, he would be your friend for life.     location.
and eggs Art cooked for breakfast, but they    Students adored him. They still email him        We still keep in touch with many Vanguard
would pile in one person’s car and come        jokes and puns. When Art was sixty-one he        alums, and they drop in often to have
by the carload. Soon students were living      even stood in a student’s wedding because        lunch with us. We feel blessed to have spent
with us and I was cooking their dinners        he was the student’s best friend.                thirty-seven years at Vanguard with some of
and packing their lunches. I wasn’t even old   Students knew they were loved                    the best people God allowed to be born.
enough to be their mother.                     unconditionally at our house. They could
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