The Conquer of the SMART Generation

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					          The Conquer of
      the SMART Generation
              Official Daily News for Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010

                                                                          IT is my life
Korea Electronics Show                       Industy and Technology, You Yeon-chae,
2010 (KES 2010) is held on                   Vice Goverment for Political Affairs, Yoon
                                             Jong-yong, Chairman of Korea Electron-
                                                                                                         DAY 1
October 12th through 15th                                                                         Tuesday 12 October 2010
                                             ics Association(KEA), Kwon Oh-Hyun,
at KINTEX in Korea
                                             Chairman of Korea Semiconductor Indus-
                                             try Association (KSIA) and Kwon Young-
Under the slogan                             Soo, Chairman of Korea Display Industry                Contents
of IT's my life                              Association (KDIA).                             03     Cover Story
Under the slogan "IT is my life", the Ko-        At KES 2010, semiconductors and
                                                                                             06     Messages from Vanguards
rea Electronics Show 2010 (KES 2010)         displays are not being exhibited in a
is held from October 12th through 15th       segregated manner: complete product             08     Interview
at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibi-       portfolios, ranging from parts to finished      10     High Tech, Cool Green
tion Center) in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province.    goods, will be shown to allow buyers to         20     Product Spotlight
KES 2010's opening ceremony is be-           see both upstream and downstream sup-
ing attended by over 500 dignitaries,                                                        30     Materials and Components
                                             ply lines at the event. KINTEX's multi-
including Ahn Hyun-ho, Vice Minister for     functional indoor exhibition space of

Edited and published by the Korea IT Times                                 \   Tel. +82-2-3459-0671

                                               as the World's No. 4 position. In particu-      tober 11th in Taiwan) and the Electronics
                                               lar, the Korea Electronics Show was given       Fair (slated for October 13th in Hong
                                               a makeover in 2008, transforming it into        Kong). By smoothly channeling visitors
                                               an exhibition that covers the entire value      from the electronics exhibitions into Ko-
                                               chain of the electronics industry (e.g.         rea, KES 2010 will see a higher foreign
                                               R&D, design, production and distribution).      buyer turnout than ever before.
                                               The Korea Electronics Show went beyond          Additionally, KES 2010 is to be held
                                               simply displaying products to introduce         along with the i-SEDEX (International
                                               design, R&D, content and distribution. In       Semiconductor Exhibition) and the IMID
                                               addition, its themed pavilions (green IT,       (International Meeting on Information Dis-
                                               3D, U-health, digital broadcasting equip-       play), which will create synergetic effects
                                               ment, next-generation computing and             such as cost reductions for participating
                                               home appliances) and sectoral pavilions         electronics companies and enticing more
                                               (ICT, multimedia and car electronics) have      foreign buyers to take full advantage of
                                               been well received.                             their time in Korea. Moreover, a slew of
                                                    An installation marks the 50th anni-       programs, such as trade consultation
                                               versary of the Korean Electronics Industry      services for foreign buyers, seminars on
                                               at the 2009 Korea Electronics Show              cutting-edge technology and new product
                                                    Furthermore, a variety of themed           presentations, are in the wings to make
                                               pavilions will be established under the         KES 2010 a high value-added event and
                                               concept of "Show in Show' this time. For        live up to the expectations of both partici-
                                               instance, the Living Consumer Electronics       pating companies and visitors.
                                               Pavilion will put on view a wide range of,           Exhibition and electronics heavy-
                                               kitchenware, small home appliances and          weights from China, India and Russia are
                                               products related to beauty and health           on hand at KES 2010, as well as approxi-
                                               in order to reflect changing lifestyles,        mately 900 companies, including Sam-
                                               brought on by changes in housing and            sung Electronics, LG Electronics, Merck,
                                               diet. The Living Consumer Electronics           NeuroSky and Redrover from 12 nations
                                               Pavilion is anticipated to catch the eye of     to include Korea, the US, Germany, Japan,
                                               newlyweds and those who have an inter-          China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore
                                               est in home appliances.                         who are all participate in the event.
                                                    Also, KES 2010 will provide a blue-             Exhibitions of today offer more
                                               print for the electronics industry's future.    than simple displays of new products.
                                               The Korean government and various               Thousands of visitors, both foreign and
                                               research institutes will jointly hold Smart     domestic, witness next-generation prod-
53,541m is being filled with exhibition
                                               Korea 2010 to address development               ucts and experience their cutting-edge
pavilions, which display next-generation       strategies for IT and convergence; and          technologies, thereby envisioning their
solutions such as 3D, wearable com-            the evolution of smart TV evolution and its     future product portfolios. This time, the
puting, green IT, robot IT, multimedia,        market prospects. What's more, there is         Korea Electronics Show, which has played
digital kits and e-health, not to mention      a line-up of programs that are designed         a part in marking October as a month
world-class products like mobile phones,       to spice up KES 2010: meetings of inter-        for making an IT pilgrimage to Asia, is
semiconductors and displays. KES2010           national app developers will be held and        dreaming a bigger dream, as evidenced
plans to offer CEOs opportunities for get-     Korean celebrities will make appearances        by its slogan "IT is my life". KES 2010
ting insight into future technologies and      at KES 2010 to have hands-on experi-            seems to be on the right track to realizing
investment plans.                              ences with state-of-the-art products.           the dream.
    Korea's 51-year-old electronics in-             The competitive edge of KES 2010 is
dustry, which started with manufacturing       that its schedule is skillfully calendared in
cassette players and color TV, cannot be       tandem with other major Asian electron-
described without mentioning the Korea         ics exhibitions, which are scheduled to be
Electronics Show. Since the first KES was      held in October, in order to attract more
held at Deoksugung Palace in 1969, KES         foreign buyers. Starting off the circuit,
has played a pivotal role in promoting         CEATEC opens on October 13th in Japan,
Korea's electronics industry to its position   followed by TAITRONICS (slated for Oc-

2 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                           Cover Story

                                                     Cover Story
                                         The Conquer of the
                                         SMART Generation

                      How is SMART
                      KES 2010 will tell the story of lives in the transformation
                      of digital generation. The lives of Digital natives are get-
                      ting smarter, greener, and becoming three dimensional.
                      Their code is all about efficiency, availability, and trans-
                       parency. Most visitors come to KES 2010 with precon-
                     ceived notions of the smart life, and use the show floor to
                     further expand their imagination. Let’s peak in on some of
                     their stories and stroll the KES 2010 floor to find products
                                     that match their scenarios!

Mr. Kim’s work starts with
Remote access BI
Mr. Kim got a message on his way to work via his smart phone that the periodic
analysis report had arrived. The report contained the results of analysis on the com-
pany’s sales for the first half of the year. What was lacking was the projection of
sales for the second half of the year. Mr. Kim had to prepare for his upcoming pre-
sentation as soon as he arrived at work, so he put off the analysis and went right to
the meeting room.
    As you can see, Mr. Kim can get important information from his smart phone
by accessing the company’s Business Intelligence (BI) system anytime, anywhere.
Sometimes he takes advantage of having remote access to the BI system by do-
ing the analysis work on his smart phone. Mr. Kim’s company learned about the
remote access BI system by way of a recommendation from the CEO of company
‘A’, President Kang. The events that turned President Kang into a remote access BI

                                                                               | 3
Cover Story

‘evangelist’ are the stuff of legends in the BI field. The full   the conclusion that, for the health of his company and his
story is related below.                                           own sanity, remote access BI was something that neither
    President Kang was on a business trip to Southeast Asia       could survive without.
when he got the bad news from Korea during global financial           President Kang’s company adopted the remote access BI
crisis. He heard that the company’s loan request at their bank    system at the beginning of this year. From that point forward
was in jeopardy. The loan was needed in order to purchase         it was possible to have a firm grasp on the current situation
raw materials for their production facilities. To make matters    of the company, based on real-time information to make high
worse, he had just signed a supply contract with an overseas      value decisions. Remote access BI via smart phone when-
buyer. If the company was unable to secure the funding there      ever, wherever made all the difference.
would be no raw materials and the production facility would           Since taking over the Chief Executive role, President
not be able to supply customers with the products which           Kang had been abroad for extended periods, representing
were currently on order. Not only would they fail to make         the company at meetings with major foreign customers. He
the sale, but they would also incur hefty contract cancellation   had been frustrated with his inability to remain informed
penalty charges.                                                  about day to day situations that would impact the company
    President Kang made an urgent call to the loan officer at     at home. When crucial decisions had to be made, based on
the bank to get the details regarding the status of the loan      information that was sometimes days old, he wasn’t prepared
application. The loan officer apologized, but said there had      to choose the right path. The situation had become almost
been rumors that Kang’s company had been experiencing             unbearable at the point when he got the news from the bank.
serious problems with liquidity, therefore the bank had de-       Then he remember an article he had read in an airline maga-
cided reject the company’s request for a loan. The worst case     zine about Business Intelligence (BI) tools helping compa-
scenario had come to fruition.                                    nies to make better informed decisions.
    Since taking over the Chief Executive role, President             Business Intelligence refers to a sophisticated database
Kang had been abroad for extended periods, representing           combined with data mining tools that together provide cus-
the company at meetings with major foreign customers. He          tomized reports, based on any data that is collected. When
had been frustrated with his inability to remain informed         the BI solution is maintained in a cloud computing environ-
about day to day situations that would impact the company         ment that allows for remote access, and the user has a smart
at home. When crucial decisions had to be made, based on          phone with Internet access, then location and timezone no
information that was sometimes days old, he wasn’t pre-           longer matter. With a smart phone, all of the company infor-
                                             pared to choose      mation, with a myriad of parsing options, either on the fly or
                                             the right path.      canned, the traveling executive is out of excuses if he makes
                                             The situation had    a poor decision.
                                             become almost            President Kang decided on the spot to investigate the
                                             unbearable at the    implementation of a remotely accessible BI solution. After
                                             point when he got    learning some more about the various options, he came to
                                             the news from the    the conclusion that, for the health of his company and his
                                             bank. Then he re-    own sanity, remote access BI was something that neither
                                             member an article    could survive without.
                                             he had read in an        President Kang’s company adopted the remote access BI
                                             airline magazine     system at the beginning of this year. From that point forward
                                             about Business       it was possible to have a firm grasp on the current situation
                                             Intelligence (BI)    of the company, based on real-time information to make high
tools helping companies to make better informed decisions.        value decisions. Remote access BI via smart phone when-
    Business Intelligence refers to a sophisticated database      ever, wherever made all the difference.
combined with data mining tools that together provide cus-
tomized reports, based on any data that is collected. When
the BI solution is maintained in a cloud computing environ-
                                                                  The moment when Ms. Lee’s
ment that allows for remote access, and the user has a smart      shines
phone with Internet access, then location and timezone no         Ms. Lee has a wireless power transmitter. It collects ambi-
longer matter. With a smart phone, all of the company infor-      ent electricity from nearby sources, such as electric waves or
mation, with a myriad of parsing options, either on the fly or    wireless transmitting towers. She uses it to charge her smart
canned, the traveling executive is out of excuses if he makes     phone when the battery gets low. In most countries of the
a poor decision.                                                  world these days electricity is collected using wireless trans-
    President Kang decided on the spot to investigate the         mitter, without ever plugging in the power cord.
implementation of a remotely accessible BI solution. After            The ultimate beauty of smart phones is when they are
learning some more about the various options, he came to          used in group settings, rather than in individual pursuits. Ms.

4 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                               Cover Story

         Lee’s was traveling on busi-
           ness to Busan the other day.
                                           Mr. Park’s User
           On the way, she realized that   Review on
              she wasn’t fully satisfied
               with the presentation
                                           the Mobile Card
                                           Mr. Park and his client were walk-
              she had prepared. So she
                                           ing down the street near a restaurant
             edited it using her smart
                                           in the COEX, looking for a place to
            phone on the way down.
                                           eat. Mr. Park was using an augmented
             When she arrived at the
                                           reality application on his smart phone
             conference site, she trans-
                                           to help them decide where to go. The
          mitted the modified data di-
                                           restaurant in their vicinity was one of
          rectly from her smart phone
                                           the members of mobile card “S”, and
         to the digital TV in the meet-
                                           it recognized that Mr. Park, who was
        ing room. The client was very
                                           in the possession of the S card, was
       impressed and the presentation
                                           nearby. A system at the restaurant sent     gator on his smart phone to figure out
        was a resounding success. Ms.
                                           information about the new menu and          where to go, but it only showed him
        Lee has joined the ranks of the
                                           a free beverage coupon to Mr. Parks’s       that he was in the COEX. As time went
         true believers and become an
                                           smart phone. Mr. Park and his client        by, Mr. Lee got more and more ner-
           ‘evangelist’ of mobile con-
                                           decided to take the restaurant up on        vous. How could he get to the meeting
                                           their offer. After Mr. Park finished his    place on time?
                                           satisfying dinner, he checked the bill          Fortunately Mr. Lee remembered
   M r. K i m ’s                           through the POS (point of sales) fea-       that he had recently installed an ap-
b re e z e s i n t o t h e                 ture in his smart phone.
                                               As he clicked the page, all of Mr.
                                                                                       plication that used augmented reality.
                                                                                       With that app he could be guided to the
presentation using                         Park’s applicable credit and debit          place of the meeting. The application
a smart phone                              cards appeared on the screen in order
                                           of recommendation. On top was the S
                                                                                       that he downloaded, named COEXAR
Mr. Kim just got to the meeting room                                                   (COEX Augmented Reality), came
                                           card, which provided a 10% discount         from the Appstore for free. It was dif-
and started prepping for his presenta-
                                           on meals over 20,000 won. When he           ferent from the navigator that came
tion about the current situation on cus-
                                           chose the card, the transaction was         with the smart phone, in that it could
tomer care. He felt sweaty and hot from
                                           simply completed. As he left the restau-    work inside the COEX to give him spe-
coming into the room in such a rush.
                                           rant, he was sent a text message with a     cific information about his location and
Through the automatic resource scan-
                                           coupon which said thanks for the first      surroundings. COEXAR also provided
ning function of his smart phone, he
                                           visit. Also included with the message       information about nearby stores, their
found the air-conditioner on the ceiling
                                           was a free-dessert coupon for his next      business hours, and even sent coupons
of the room and controlled it with his
                                           visit. Mr. Park was pleasantly surprised    for the restaurant where Mr. Lee was
phone. There were only a few minutes
                                           by so many benefits from the mobile         meeting his client. Life doesn’t get
left until the meeting was scheduled to
                                           card “S” that he was issued only a few      much better.
start, but he calmly controlled the pro-
                                           days before.
jector using his phone’s M2M network
function. He was able to complete the
preparation for the presentation by sim-   Mr. Lee never gets
ply bringing up the data he had stored
the night before in his smart phone to
                                           After a long presentation, Mr. Lee
the screen through the projector.
                                           started to work on the analysis of their
    Under CoAP (central control center
                                           rival, company “B”. He was so fo-
established under IETF standards), Mr.
                                           cused on his work that he forgot about
Kim’s company analyzes the patterns
                                           his lunch appointment with a client.
of staff movements to control their en-
                                           A call from the client shook him out
vironment. For example, the sensor can
                                           of his reverie and he rushed out of his
turn the light off at an employee’s desk
                                           office to make the appointment at the
space when they leave the area. The
                                           COEX. He left in such a hurry that he
lights of the office can also be turned
                                           forgot the directions to his destination.
off with the sensor as the workers leave
                                           Mr. Lee turned on the GPS-based navi-
the office in the evening.

                                                                                                 | 5
Message from Vanguards - Kim Moon-soo

Message from

                                          has in the past, be fertile ground for      on our quest to field high technology of
                                          the cultivation of great relationships,     the caliber of other developed nations
                                          bearing the fruit of mutually beneficial    with China on our heals.
                                          business partnerships between the Ko-           Gyeonggi Province, as domestic
                                          rean Electronics and IT industries and      firm’s reliable partner, is committed to
                                          our foreign visitors during this interna-   build a better
                                          tional event.                                   commercial environment and elimi-
                                              Gyeonggi Province is planning to        nate unreasonable restrictions, so that
                                          develop the trio of events that make up     domestic companies can rise to their
                                          the KEGF into a global exhibition ri-       potential and stand out in the world
                                          valing other great international gather-    market.
                                          ings, such as the Consumer Electronic           We hope ‘KEGF 2010’ elevates the
                                          Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada in          status of Korea as an IT powerhouse
                                          the US and IFA in Berlin, Germany.          in the world and becomes the place
                                          We appreciate your continued interest       for forming close partnership between
                                          and participation.                          domestic and foreign electronics com-
                                              Korea arguably holds a place as a       panies
Greetings from                            world leader for electronics, semicon-          Lastly, I would like to thank all the
                                          ductor and IT. The Electronics industry     people from the KEA (Korea Electron-
Kim Moon-soo,                             posted a trade surplus of USD $58.9
                                          billion against total exports of USD
                                                                                      ics Association), the KSIA (Korea
                                                                                      Semiconductor Industry Association)
Governor of Gyeonggi Province             $121 billion. Korea has the electron-       and the KDIA (Korea Display Indus-
                                          ics industry to thank for our economic      try Association) for their efforts to
                                          recovery from the 1997 Asian financial      make the vision of this event a reality.
I, along with the 1.2 million residents
                                          crisis and the current global economic
of Gyeonggi Province, welcome you
to the Korea Electronics Show (KES
                                              Gyeonggi Province is home to
2010). Each year, we have held the
                                          global enterprises Samsung Electron-
Korea Electronic Grand Fair (KEGF)
                                          ics, LG Electronics and Hynix. 41% of
which integrates the KES, i-SEDEX,
                                          all of Korea’s companies in the elec-
and IMID at the Korea International
                                          tronic industry are located here as well.
Exhibition Center, or KINTEX in Koy-
                                          We are honored to contribute so greatly
ang city since 2008.
                                          to the electronic industry, which is the
    This year, approximately 900 com-
                                          growth engine of Korea.
panies from 16 countries including
                                              We are proud of the domestic firms
Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics,
                                          which compete on the global stage
Redrover, Merk from Germany and
                                          with enterprises around the world. Ko-
Tayon Yuden from Japan will partici-
                                          rea, as a nation, has overcome many
pate and 2,000 buyers will attend the
                                          obstacles and difficulties by challeng-
event during the four days from Octo-
                                          ing ourselves to excel and maintaining
ber 12th to 15th.
                                          an indomitable sense of willpower. We
    I hope that KES 2010 will, as it
                                          persevere as we travel the rocky road

6 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                Message from Vanguards - Yun Jong-yong

                                           with the continued support of the Ko-     such as in home networking, fashion
                                           rean government. It is obvious to me      clothing and U-health.
                                           that Korea’s electronics industry has          KES 2010 will be honored to host
                                           a bright future ahead.                    exhibition and electronics heavy-
                                               Since the first Korea Electronics     weights from China, India and Japan at
                                           Show (KES) was held at Deoksugung         the event. Approximately 2,000 buyers,
                                           Palace in 1969, the KES has been a        including the CEO of Shenzhen Sunny
                                           conduit for the Korean electronics        Electronic Markets Investment Com-
                                           industry and foreign markets. Over        pany from China, the CEO of Chip 1
                                           the past 41 years it has become the       Stop from Japan, 80 IT related buyers
                                           country’s grandest electronics and IT     from India and 120 global enterprises
                                           exhibition. Today it even represents      from the Korea Trade-Investment Pro-
                                           the entire Asian electronics indus-       motion Agency will participate in the
                                           try by introducing state-of-the-art       event during the 4 days between Octo-
                                           electronics and IT products, such as      ber 12th to 15th.
                                           semiconductors, displays, IT and IT            “Smart Korea 2010”, which will
                                           convergence technologies. Korea’s         also be a part of the KES 2010 event
Greetings from                             electronics industry has grown to         schedule, will be a forum which has
                                           manufacture a broad range of state-       been designed to offer a glimpse into
Yun Jong-yong,                             of-the-art, name-brand products,
                                           even in the absence of a favorable
                                                                                     the future product portfolios and in-
                                                                                     sight into responses to the trend toward
Chairman of the Korea                      geographic location or massive mar-       IT convergence. Also featured will
Electronics Association                    kets. It is for these reasons that I am   be representatives of sectors which
                                           exceptionally proud of Korea’s elec-      benefit from advances in technology,
                                           tronics industry and the KES.             such as agriculture, national defense
This year, the Korea Electronics As-
                                               This year in particular, KES          and construction. This forum will also
sociation celebrates the 51st year of
                                           2010 is a show that provides buy-         introduce the current and future tech-
Korea’s electronics industry. There is
                                           ers and companies a forum to build        nologies which will play a role in the
no doubt that, in the past 50 years, Ko-
                                           future partnerships on a global scale.    smart revolution, as the appearance of
rea’s advancement and achievements
                                           Equally significant are the many cut-     smart phones has caused a sea change
in the electronics industry represent a
                                           ting edge products and technologies,      in the telecommunications and mobile
monumental accomplishment. From
                                           including LED TVs, Smart TVs,             computing arenas.
the humble beginnings of building
                                           3D scanners, brain interfaces and              It is my sincere hope that the KES
transistor radios, Korea’s electronics
                                           digital broadcasting equipment that       will continue to grow and further es-
industry has grown to manufacture
                                           will be introduced. Attendees will        tablish itself as the world’s greatest
world class products, to include semi-
                                           learn about these products and tech-      electronics and IT exhibition and serve
conductors, displays, color TVs and
                                           nologies in an atmosphere of fusion,      its constituency, as well. In conclusion,
smart phones in 50 years. To fulfill
                                           creative themes and displays of next-     I would like to thank all the companies
the mission of achieving success in
                                           generation solutions, like the 3D         and buyers who help to make the show
the approaching Smart era, Korea’s
                                           expo, the application world and green     a great success.
world-class enterprises will continue to
                                           IT. Not to be left out are smart and
improve their global competitiveness,
                                           functional applications of technology,

                                                                                               | 7
High Tech, Cool Green

              A Look into the
           Crystal Ball: IT Market

         ecently, IDC Korea, who iden-      to grow, the increase of the mobile PC      market will soar from 2.5 million units
         tifies and analyzes the opportu-   shipments during the first half of the      sold this year to 8.8 million by 2011,
         nities, technologies, and trends   year was 28.6%. This number repre-          17 million by 2012, 27 million by
of the IT market in Korea, issued a         sented 3 times the number of desktops       2013.
report describing their “analysis of Ko-    sold, which came in at 8.2%. Motivat-           The positive outlook continues.
rea’s software market and its future”. In   ed by Apple’s ‘iPad’ launch and over 3      IDC Korea also forecast that invest-
the report they concluded that the soft-    million units sold in the first 3 months,   ments in software by major clients will
ware market, which went through hard        competitors like Samsung, LG, and HP        increase, and the expanded investment
times during the economic recession of      are hastily playing catch-up to bring       and demand for the domestic software
2009, is expected to pick up this year.     their own tablets to the markets.           will lead to the continuous recovery of
IDC bases this assessment on factors             Forrester Research gave a bullish      demand through the second half of the
which include the consistent recovery       outlook on the market saying the tablet     year and the next year. “We also antici-
of related business and the revitaliza-     PC’s market share, which was only 6%        pate that the once repressed demand in
tion of investments by major clients. It    this year, would increase to 18% by         IT investment, which was because of
also projected that by 2014, the sales      2012 and to 23% by 2015.                    the financial crisis, will now accelerate
of PCs in the global market would in-            The smart phone craze following        the economic boom through 2011. “
crease by 15% and the sales in IT fields    the iPhone release has had a significant    Meanwhile, however, the latent loss of
would be on the rise in the years ahead.    role in the current IT boom, as well.       confidence in the global economy, due
    New-concept devices, such as            The demand for smart phones, which          to the aggravation of the financial crisis
smart phones, tablets, PCs, 3DTVs,          was 178 million in 2009, is now 230         in Europe and the current rocky situa-
which seem to be pouring into markets       million and is expected to reach 366        tion of the U.S stock market, can work
and creating a whole new segment of         million by 2012. Traditional cellphone      against the IT market,” said Stephen
consumers, are boosting sales. IDC          giants Samsung, LG, Motorola and            Minton, a vice president at IDC. He
predicted that this year’s PC shipments     RIM are mounting a counterattack            added, “IT companies should stay fully
will be in the neighborhood 3.5 billion     against Apple with Android, currently       aware of any potential influence on
which is 19.8% more than last year’s.       in second place in the race to be the       short-term profit for the next 3 months,
It also expects the growth rate to rap-     most popular smart phone OS. The            and need proper strategies for the con-
idly recover from last year’s 2.9% due      demand for smart phones is skyrocket-       tingency.”
to the global financial crisis.             ing. Meanwhile, TV markets are being
    With sales of mobile PCs, including     filled with 3D TV fever. DisplaySearch
netbooks and tablet PCs, anticipated        projects that the growth of the 3D TV

8 | Korea Electronics Show 2010

                                                               MindKit Has You Moving Things
Mind Over                                                      With Your Thoughts

Korea IT Times recently had the plea-     gaming, and entertainment business.
sure interviewing Stanley Yang, CEO
                                          KITT Can you provide some bio-
of NeuroSky, Inc, who will be a key-
                                          graphical information for the story?
note speaker at the KES2010 event be-
                                          SY        I became Chief Executive
ing held KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi
                                          Officer of NeuroSky, Inc., a bio-sensor
Province October 12 - 15, 2010. We
                                          company in Silicon Valley, California,
asked Mr Yang to tell us about his up-
                                          in 2005. NeuroSky has developed
coming visit to Korea, his role in the
                                          a revolutionary non-invasive neural
KES2010, his company an his feelings
                                          communication sensor that converts
about the Korean market for his com-
                                          brainwaves and other bio-signals into
pany's products. What follows is the
                                          electronic signals for communication
result of that dialog.
                                          and control of electronic devices, con-
                                          soles, and computers. Prior to Neu-
KITT Please describe for us the na-
                                          roSky, I served as Sr. Vice President
ture of your business.
                                          of Business Development and CFO at
SY        NeuroSky was founded in
                                          Sage-N Research, Inc., developing su-
2004. Our business is Consumer Bio-
                                          per computing systems for proteomics       motive. NeuroSky currently distributes
Sensing Devices for human to machine
                                          applications. In 1997, I co-founded        the NeuroSky MindSet in the Unites
interface. We are a ventured backed
                                          and served as President & CEO of           States, European Union, Japan, China
privately held company, with 50 em-
                                          Triscend Corporation, a configurable       and Korea.
ployees, headquartered in San Jose,
                                          system-on-chip IC company. Triscend
California in the Silicon Valley.                                                    KITT How did the technology used in
                                          was acquired by Xilinx, Inc. in March
KITT What are your plans for the KES      of 2004. Prior to Triscend I spent 11      the NeuroSky products come about?
2010?                                     years working at Xilinx, Inc. in various   SY        Grounded in over 60 years of
SY       My primary reason for attend-    engineering and management positions.      medical research, NeuroSky’s technol-
ing the KES2010 event is to deliver a                                                ogy has taken proven medical EEG
                                          KITT What can you tell us about            (electroencephalograph) technology,
keynote speech. I will talk about The
                                          NeuroSky?                                  and evolved it for application to the
Future of Consumer Bio-Interfacing.
                                          SY        NeuroSky, Inc. is the leader     mass market by making it more user-
Our Korean distributor, S&T Global,
                                          in Brain-Computer Interface technolo-      friendly and cost-effective. Techno-
may exhibit our products at the show.
                                          gies for consumer product application.     logical innovations include significant
KITT What do you feel is the most         Founded in 2004 and headquartered in       advancements in electrical noise reduc-
important thing to your business about    San Jose, CA, NeuroSky works with          tion, dry-sensor development (rather
the Korean market?                        industry partners, developers, and with    than requiring a wet conductive gel),
SY        Ideally, we will be able to     academic and research institutions, to     substantial “cost engineering” (reduc-
raise the level of public awareness of    provide innovative products and solu-      ing the price), and enabling the wearer
our products in Korea.                    tions across a wide range of areas.        to use it outside of a lab (without the
                                          From its headquarters in San Jose,         assistance of a doctor). With such uni-
KITT Are there any specific com-
                                          CA, NeuroSky works with industry           versal innovation, NeuroSky’s games
panies that you are looking forward to
                                          partners, developers, and academic         and other applications are sure to have
seeing at the KES 2010?
                                          and research institutions, to provide      an impact in a variety of arenas in the
SY        Yes, quite a few of our cus-
                                          innovative brainwave sensor products       coming years.
tomers and potential customers will be
                                          across a wide range of industries in-
there. I am looking forward to visiting
                                          cluding toys, games, health and auto-
companies in the education/learning,

                                                                                              | 9
High Tech, Cool Green

The Smart Case
of Mr. Kim
Smart phone and Enterprise Mobile Cloud Computing

What did Enterprise    Mr. Kim, who had just returned to work after lunch, got an urgent re-
Mobile Cloud Computing quest from one of his clients in Suwon, which caused him to take an
                       unplanned business trip. He had to finish the analysis work of the lat-
bring to Mr. Kim?
                                          ter half of the year’s sales forecasts, which he had been working on all
                                          through the morning, so he decided to do it using his smart phone on
                                          his way to the destination of his business trip. He could finally manage
                                          to complete the analysis on the bus..

As we can see here, a large part of Mr. Kim’s work is projecting     Cloud Computing”, which predicts that enterprise mobile cloud
and analyzing the market through simulations with which he has       computing represent a new revenue stream for IT service pro-
to consider numerous variables. For this kind of simulation, you     viders and mobile business will grow into a 5.2 billion-dollar
need a strong cluster of computing power. To have access to the      market by 2015.
cluster established by different departments, you have to make
a reservation with the network manager. The urgency of this          Mobile Cloud Computing?
business trip, however, makes it impossible to secure a reserva-     Long to short, mobile cloud computing means you can have
tion.                                                                access to the services which are provided by cloud computing
    Mr. Kim does not have any trouble himself about these mat-       environment anytime and anywhere you want, from your mobile
ters. Through the company cloud center, he can access to the         devices. In addition, the mobile devices don’t require robust
cluster system for a simulation using a mobile device and do his     hardware, such as CPU, memory, storage, because the cloud
work. During the time that he is connected to the cloud center,      allows the company’s large-scale data center to do all the heavy
he can run the same simulations without an restrictions as he        lifting. In this new paradigm, Enterprise applications, which used
would from his office, and each run sends him the result to his      to only be available only behind the company firewall, are now
mobile device. This infrastructure enables him to utilize even the   accessible via mobile devices, freeing the user from the con-
travel time of a business trip.                                      straints of time and space.

Outline of Mobile Cloud Computing                                    Requisites and the Trend of Mobile Cloud
Context above was an imaginary scenario of ‘what happens             Computing
when enterprise application and a mobile device meet”. With the      The three representative services of cloud computing, Saas,
rapid advancement of science and technology, a great diversity       PaaS, IaaS have to be provided for equally. First, IaaS stands for
of mobile devices has been released in the market, which has         Infrastructure as a service which provides auto-provisioning and
resulted in complex solutions for everyday issues. To resolve this   orchestrating server, storage and network resources. Second,
situation, cloud computing is expected to play a significant role    PaaS, Platform as a service, provides all of the facilities required
with its server-side computing power and the web, when inte-         to support the complete life cycle of building and delivering web
grated with mobile devices.                                          applications and services. Last, ‘SaaS is a form in which enter-
    Using mobile devices, computing power from cloud comput-         prise applications are provided as services.
ing technology and Internet accessibility together is creating a
new flow, which is mobile cloud computing for enterprises. ABI       Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP) :
Research recently released a report, titled “Enterprise Mobile       Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP) : MEAP means

10 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                     High Tech, Cool Green

mobile-based environment including application development,         nario where productivity was maximized and the cost of running
tools on server, middle tiers, access managers, security and        work environments was minimized.
etc. MEAP has to be able to support multiple platforms such as          Office 2010 and Sharepoint 2010 provide intra-company
WinMo, Symbian, Blackberry, Android, iPhone for a broad range       combined communications, Business Intelligence(BI), enterprise
of mobile devices. MEAP also provides solutions for security,       content management, cooperation, and also enable the informa-
remote management and management of enterprise multi-               tion created from inside the company to be searched via the
groupware.                                                          in-company systems. Office Mobile 2010 lets Windows Phone
                                                                    users access company data and edit their documents or use
HTML5 : HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML stan-
                                                                    combined communications services
dard. Like its immediate predecessors, HTML 4.01 and XHTML
1.1, HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content
on the World Wide Web. HTML5 : HTML5 is the next major revi-        Implications
sion of the HTML standard. Like its immediate predecessors,         Notions such as user mobility and cloud computing are creat-
HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 is a standard for structuring        ing a sensation at home and abroad. Thus, solution companies
and presenting content on the World Wide Web. When mobile           in the B2B market came to have interest in enterprise mobile
applications that interact with the cloud computing environment     cloud computing as a new profit model. Tasks that used to be
are disconnected from the Internet, they should provide similar     done only inside the company are now accessible both inside
functionality when used in device-based mode. Furthermore, re-      and outside the firewall through mobile cloud computing and it
operating applications on cache mode that are HTML5 compat-         also can be shared between colleagues. Until now, most mobile
ible, should result in the download of only those data elements     solutions have been provided to the areas of HR, SAP, CRM. With
which have changed during the disconnected                          ad-         vancement in cloud computing and the new HTML5
time. This will reduce the possibility of                                              technology, the advent of a whole new solu-
overloading of servers in develop-                                                        tion and improved services will be much
ing countries with relatively                                                                    closer than we think.
vulnerable network envi-                                                                                   This source is from the in-
ronments general band-                                                                                   depth report on ‘enterprise
width usage globally.                                                                                      mobile cloud computing’,
                                                                                                           which is one of the SME
                                                                                                           (Subject Matter Expert)
Mobile Cloud                                                                                              reports published monthly
Computing                                                                                             by the ICT R&D Center of
Trend in Related                                                                                  Samsung SDS.
Spring Wireless
Spring Wireless is MEAP (Mobile
Enterprise Application Platform), which is a plat-
form for enterprise mobility software. This global leader in this
technology enables you to the ability to perform CRM, SAP, pay-
ment, data gathering and analysis whenever you need to.
Office 2010
Microsoft (MS) keeps emphasizing that the organic connection
of 3 screens (PC, the Internet, mobile) provides a sustainable
work environment. In any place where you have access to the
Internet via Web Apps that are based on cloud computing tech-
nology, you can edit documents without MS Office.

     According to the research conducted by Microsoft, 40% of
business data exist outside the company firewall. Professional IT
analysis organization IDC released a report that indicated over a
billion people work in mobile environments. To keep abreast of
this change in the market, Microsoft has spent significant time
and resources to develop technology that will support the
shift. The result was that they were able to create a sce-

                                                                                                     | 11
High Tech, Cool Green

Smart TV
Shower Opens
Smart Life
Smart life with smart TV

How will home networks change in the future?                      that smart TVs can fulfill the role of tutor, so that I can spend
     Samsung, Apple, LG, Google and Sony -- bringing revo-        less money on private lessons," and "I have no reason to turn
lution to home networking environments -- have already            off a smart TV if my children can gain access to good lec-
shown their futuristic smart TVs.                                 tures and educational programs at a lower cost."
     Smart TVs can be said to be expansions of the increas-           Children and students are not the only ones to benefit.
ingly popular smart phones, and they are devices that are         Now housewives can use the smart TV for self-improve-
capable of sharing information with mobile phones and PCs.        ment. Lessons on foreign language, fitness and cooking are
     Samsung has recently launched Samsung Apps, which            now available without expensive fees. It's like having a cul-
is the first smart TV applications marketplace and it is defin-   tural center right in the living room. This is what sets smart
ing new boundaries for the content market. TV is constantly       TVs apart from the conventional TVs that consumers are
evolving and experts predict that the smart TV will take cen-     used to.
ter stage in our homes by 2014.                                       TV application content allows the viewer to select appli-
                                                                  cations according to their personal needs. In other words, the
Study with the TV on?                                             TV is changing from just something to watch to something
Soon, the same parents who used to yell at their children         to enjoy right before our eyes. TVs will go from the flow of
"Turn off the TV and and do your homework" may be saying          information in one direction to a two-way communication.
"turn on the TV on and do your homework".                         There is a stunning variety of content available using this
    Children will gather in front of the TV and study by uti-     new technology. Samsung has evolved their strategy to meet
lizing a wide variety of educational applications on the smart    this need. One of the company has promoted Samsung Apps
TV. Infants and young children can study English through          was to hold a TV application contest in March that lasted 3
storybook applications, while middle and high school stu-         months. Multilingual story books, karaoke applications and
dents can select the EBS scholarship aptitude test app to         others were chosen from this contest and are in development
study for their exams.                                            for release this year.
    Park Soo Jung (35), who is a mother of two living in
Gang-Nam, Seoul greeted the smart TVs by saying "I hope           Application shower on Smart TV
                                                                  Perhaps what consumers anticipate most from the smart TV

12 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                  High Tech, Cool Green

is using it to maximize the quality of their free time. Appli-        The evolution of smart TVs will deliver health and secu-
cations like 'SBS Drama', a program used to watch all your        rity functions, as well. One-source multiuse content will be
favorite soaps at once, 'Getty image', an application to watch    available, creating even greater functionality. TV sensors will
works of great artists, 'Push up', an easy workout program        be able to pick up transmitted information on body tempera-
that can be done at home on demand, 'Blackjack' a card            ture and blood pressure from home and send it to a physician
game just like the one in a casino and 'Chuzzle', a fun puzzle    for analysis.
game all provide a fresh experience right at home.                    We are in the midst of a bountiful shower of new services
    "A TV is a one-way medium. Smart TVs however, al-             and interactive content with the advent of the smart TV. Con-
low access to different content which is customized based         sumers will be singing "Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain."
on the preferences of the user. User focused TV is the new
standard," Byun Jun Suk, a representative from the Sam-
sung Pavv marketing team said. "Currently there are a lot of
information applications being developed overseas, while
in Korea there is a lot of development in the educational ap-
plication area. Samsung will soon develop and localize ap-
plications according to the demands of each of the country's

From home to experience space
Have you heard of the 'Art Window' or a 'Wall TV'? Now the
home can become a classy gallery. TVs will be integrated in
to walls and appear to be the frame of a picture or window
and be fully customizable by the user. The LG Economic
Research Institute has reported that smart TVs will serve as
interior decorations in the future.
    Without leav ing the comfort of home, the atmosphere of
a mountain camping trip or a beach-side retreat is now pos-
sible. Pushing the envelope even further, 'Wall TVs' which
take up vast swathes of wall space will offer holograms,
which can provide experience-centered entertainment. The
works of a great artist can be displayed on the wall TV just
like a big frame. A homey atmosphere can also be created by
displaying a picture of the family on the screen.
    "The TV will provide a digital representation of all five
senses once it is synchronized with the decor of the house-
hold appliances," the LG Economic Research Institute
reported while offering insight evolution of the TV. "For
example, when you watch a movie, the air conditioner and
lighting appliances will synchronize with the TV and provide
a tactile and olfactory experience, just as if you are right in
the scene. Also, there will be functions where Holographic
images can be used to see how you would look in the clothes
that you are about to buy."
    Experts have speculated that the advancement in TV
display functions stem from the widespread use of 'TV re-
placements' that exist today. Consumers are using their PCs
or Netbooks and smart phones to access a diverse array of
content. This phenomenon has spurred the evolution of the
TV and is bringing about the development of related technol-
ogies, such as OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) and
Holograms. LG showcased their 31 inch 3D OLED at 2010
IFA, which is a business event for consumer electronics and
home appliances products being held in Berlin in September
to rave reviews. This OLED TV is so thin that it measures
only 0.29cm in thickness.

                                                                                                 | 13
High Tech, Cool Green

                                                                               Check Out Green
                                                                               IT Pavilion at KES 2010
                                                                                    Innovative new green IT technology - the big is-
                                                                               sue all around the world nowadays - is unveiled at
                                                                               KES 2010.
                                                                               Korea Electronics Association (KEA; Chairman Yoon
                                                                               Jong-yong) is holding a themed booth 'Green IT

                                                                               Pavilion', which will introduce green IT technologies,
                                                                               products, cases, business policies and will provide
                                                                               support for environmental/energy regulation issues.

          Green of
                                                                                    The industry is being provided with environ-
                                                                               ment friendly IT support, such as expert consulting
                                                                               on international environment/energy regulations, to

                                                                               include RoHS, REACH, EuP and WEEE. Also green
                                                                               PC systems which concentrate PCs into rack con-
                                                                               figurations to maximize energy efficiency will be

                                                                               introduced. In addition, various eco-friendly informa-
                                                                               tion will be on available, such as greenhouse gas
                                                                               inventory development solutions, successful cases of
                                                                               green IT applications in companies, solar technology
                                                                               products and environment friendly home appliances.
                                                                                    Also attendees can experience home green IT
                                                                               technology, like energy management, direct electric
                                                                               supply management and building efficiency manage-
                                                                               ment skills right at the kiosk.
                                                                                    Events like the 'Green IT industry strategic
                                                                               seminar for green growth' is being held as well. In
                                                                               the first part of the seminar recent advancements
                                                                               in technology, such as green IT and next generation
                                                                               computing and 68 green IT technologies that can
                                                                               be applied at home will be presented. Substantial
                                                                               sources of business for companies, such as talks on
                                                                               recent directions of environmental/energy regulations
                                                                               and company strategies for green growth by related
                                                                               experts will be available in the second part of the

Smart City Saves                             responsible for weather-related dam-
                                             ages worldwide, due to heat waves,
                                                                                           global economy, causing energy short-
                                                                                           ages which have created high oil prices.
Energy                                       extreme storms, torrential rains, floods      Countries, as well as multinational corpo-
The biggest global issue facing the world    and inundations due to rising sea levels,     rations, are competing and cooperating
today seems to be “Green Growth” and         water shortages and the decrease of crop      to identify and develop renewable energy
“Green Technology”. Global warming and       productivity. If you think this description   technology and high-efficiency equip-
CO2 emissions are not just something we      sounds like something from the Bible, you     ment, in order to stem the tide of this
should pay attention to, but rather they     are right, it does. The Korean Peninsula is   crisis.
should be a target to be strongly regulat-   not immune to the effect of global warm-           The Korean government is providing
ed by law and a major part of a promising    ing either.                                   various strategies and policies for Green
new market.                                       The unpredictable climate change         Growth. Korean companies are invest-
    Recent climate change has been           is is having a devastating effect on the      ing heavily to identify and develop Green

14 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                   High Tech, Cool Green

Technology. President Lee Myung-bak          there are 11 companies, which shows         is a subsidiary of Samchang Enterprises
recently proposed a new vision for Green     the increased competitiveness of Korean     and they are ture innovators in the com-
Growth through his commemorative ad-         companies in the field. It seems that the   ponent business. Not only do they built
dress at the National Liberation Day Cel-    consistent investments and effort made      state-of-the-art parts, but they are the
ebration. President Lee announced that       by the government and private sectors       first to domestically producing Tri-Metal
the government plans to use Green Tech-      are paying off.                             using electronic beams. They also have a
nology, which is emerging as an industry                                                 copper bonding process that doesn’t use
with great prospects, as a new growth        KES 2010 presents prod-                     lead - another eco-friendly practice and a
engine. The government estimates that a      ucts on code green. Wel-                    reason SCT made the list.
million new jobs could be created, solely    come to the smart and
in the renewable energy field, by 2020.
                                             green world!                                AMO Greentech Protects
     There are only 5 countries that are                                                 Vital Electronic Devices for
considered to be globally competitive        The Small and Medium Business Admin-
                                                                                         Our Daily Lives
when it comes to Green Technology.           istration of Korea is working to support
According to the GETI analysis, the U.S      domestic green companies by engaging        AMOGREENTECH has built devices that
and Japan have registered 2977, 3096         global green businesses in cooperative      manage the flow of electricity in a wide
patents respectively, and 1086, 912 S-       activities and establishing a vehicle to    variety of applications. Not only do their
graded patents over the last 5 years. That   foster private-public networking.           products allow equipment to function
would effectively make them the leading                                                  within the capacity of their specifications,
countries in the green energy market.                                                    but they manage the resource in a con-
Korea is the runner-up with 743 patents                                                  servative way. Efficient energy manage-
and 228 S-graded patents in the past five                                                ment is environmentally sound but so-
years. Germany is a little farther behind                                                cially responsible. AMOGREENTECH also
402 patents and 64 S-graded patents.                                                     manufactures products used in the solar
     On the GETI scale, used to make an                                                  power industry which is another reason
objective evaluation, the U.S scored 11.7,                                               they got our vote for inclusion on the list.
Japan 11.6, and Korea 2.8. Germany                                                       If you are looking for a green solution,
scored 1.1, Taiwan 1.0 and Canada 0.6.                                                   check out their chokes ans transformers.
     Because a 1.0 on the GETI scale
equals the world’s average technol-                                                      HILEBEN Offers the Solar
ogy competitiveness, it means only the                                                   Solutions of Tomorrow
5 countries of the U.S, Japan, Korean,                                                   Today
Germany, and Taiwan possess Green
Technologies that are above the global                                                   HILEBENCO.,LTD. is the professional PV
average.                                                                                 solar power company with the top-notch
                                                                                         technology in new and renewable energy
                                                                                         field. They realized a technological break-
Green Technology                              KES 2010 presents smart prod-              through while conducting governmental
Yet to share the limelight are a plethora                                                research relating to improvement on
                                             ucts on code green.
of Korean companies who have been                                                        PV solar power efficiency. Their service,
                                                                                         SUNUP, the solar power total care system
making rapid progress toward increasing      SC Technics has a revolu-
competitiveness of green energy technol-                                                 has the potential to boost the earning
                                             tionary domestic manufac-                   rate of your solar power installation by
ogies. Only Samsung SDI and Samsung
                                             turing process to built bet-                up to 20%. Improving the performance of
Electrics were in the top 30 corporations
in GETI’s list of major leading companies
                                             ter parts while being kind                  an existing solar system is a no brainer
in the green energy field last year. Sam-    to the environment.                         and good for everyone. That’s one of the
sung Electronics and LG Chem, however,       SMD Micro fuses are used to safeguard       reasons that HILEBENCO was awarded
have made into the chart this year, prov-    electric devices by breaking the circuit    Gold Prize of 2008 Green Energy Eco-
ing the strengthened position of Korean      when there is excessive current. SC Tech-   Electronics Contest hosted by Ministry
companies in the world market.               nics is a SMD Micro fuse producer whose     of Knowledge Economy and part of the
    According to the evaluation, there       products protect customers equipment        reason that we gave them the nod on our
were only 8 Korean companies that got        while their manufacturing process takes     list.
a score over 1.0 in 2009, but this year      care of the environment. The company

                                                                                                   | 15
High Tech, Cool Green

                                   3D and 4D
                                  in Smart Life

Samsung 3D TV

There is a huge variety of world-class,     utilities which can be used every day,         the ‘Cubic Viewer’, a projection screen
Korean developed 3D technology being        such as 3D advertisements and medical          supporting 3D imagery. This screen opti-
showcased at KES 2010.                      image viewing. They are also showcas-          mizes the refraction angle, incidence an-
     Redrover, a 3D solution company an-    ing their view solutions, which include        gle and reflection angle according to the
nounced the '3D monitor' which utilizes     '3D Tricks', a 3D composing and editing        specifications of 3D projectors and digital
two LCD panels and does not require ad-     software, '3D Retouch Editing Solution',       film projectors in big movie theaters. A
ditional media processing devices. The '8   a 3D image retouching software, and '3D        twin layer embossing finish was applied
inch 3D monitor' produced by the same       Play', a 3D video encoder and player.          on the surface to express the best double
company is turning some heads because            3D One is showcasing their non-glass      light source from the polarized light filter
it can record 3D movies without the need    3D display and 3D media display. Unlike        in relation to the stereo image interval
of a separate component, right there at     conventional non-glass methods, their          and the distance and angle from the eye.
the scene.                                  technology supports full point of view,        Twin layers of embossing will allow more
                                            multiuser display using only 2 screens left    clear and smooth expression of the im-
The field is growing                        and right. Optical bonding has allowed         age.
3DTV solutions are showing off their 3D     much clearer visibility. T-Works will unveil        3D Box will show their 3D converter

16 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                       High Tech, Cool Green

which can convert 2D images into 3D in        blueprint on narrowing the technological       also ease Korea’s way into the Chinese
real time. This product will support any      gap and securing 3D platforms.                 market.
video format and support HDMI, DVI, D-                                                            4D technology can be utilized in the
Sub, Component inputs channels.               Developing the 3D / 4D                         medical equipment area as well. Philips
                                              paradigm                                       and GE Healthcare are launching several
Convergence                                   The problem here is that 3D content may        4D ultrasound devices. 4D in the game
The biggest topic of the 21st century         not be able to fully perform if it focuses     production field or the construction area
seems to be ‘Convergence’. The world          on the visual side too much. If a new          means 3D image plus “time”. In other
economy has been converting rapidly to        technology comes up, a new content is          words, 4D shows you how a place or an
‘the Era of Convergence’ that creates         also needed to apply to the technology.        image changes as time goes by through
added value through the synergy effect        It means we need a different version of        realistic three-dimensional image. For
of diverse functions, technologies and        a story that fits the visual aspects ap-       instance, you can simulate a construction
industries.                                   plied in 3D. Compared with the past,           process, or check out where and how fast
     In the present situation, 3D has been    where we had limited possibility to make       a bloodstream flows.
emerging as a “blue ocean”. Anywhere          a story both aurally and visually realistic,        4D technology is developed by one
with visual material including movies, TV,    in the present situation we can actually       Korean simulator company using its own
PC, tablet and cameras, 3D is a major         materialize our imagination, we need a         technology. Korea used to import 4D sys-
talking point. As the 3D technology and       different way of storytelling. Without the     tems from abroad, but lately a domestic
service converge, 3D movies and broad-        kind of storytelling that can bring out the    company Redrover developed its own 4D
casts are now able to provide their con-      visual side, 3D content will be only an        technology which can be a growth engine
sumers with a whole new experience and        eye candy that lasts for a second.             of the related field. Redrover has been
satisfaction. Plus, smart phone, smart TV          The 3D movie “Avatar” has recently        known as a 3D monitor and content de-
and U-health are creating a new market        become a huge sensation around the             velopment company so far, but it recently
of IT convergence.                            world with its authentic 3D image. In          widened its niche in the movie usiness
                                              the near future, 4D technology which           with its 4D system.
Korea isn’t alone                             combines 3D visual materials with stimu-            “Our 4D system offers an excel-
Many countries are working toward at-         lating five senses is expected to attract      lent price-competitiveness compared to
taining 3D TV technology via 3D experi-       a great deal attention. Korean theaters        American or Italian companies providing
mental broadcasting. Korea enjoys the         have recently been introducing exclusive       our service nearly twice cheaper,” said Ha
dominant position in world markets with       seating for 4D movies. In a 4D theater,        Hoejin, CEO of Redrover. He added, “We
the great broadcasting service standard-      seats sway and rock, a wind blows,             are planning on entering not only domes-
ization, which leads to the need for a        water sprinkles and you can smell differ-      tic markets but Chinese markets as well.”
continuous increase of market share and       ent scents according to the story of the            Analysis of the subject fields relative
3DTV technology competitiveness. These        movie. With the ticket price twice more        to 4D has not been completed yet, but
products and services will lead to new        expensive than that of regular theaters,       the vitalization of 3D markets will eventu-
markets and exports to the newcomer           the movie industry and related compa-          ally raise public attention to the 4D mar-
countries. When the broadcasting service      nies can expect increased profits. It can      ket.
finally falls into place, we can expect the
3D content broadcast with more realistic,
super high-definition 3D images, sound
effect with more than 10 channels, two-
way DMB, 3D DMB and disaster notifica-
tion with automatic recognition.

Government backing
Enlisting the “Association of Real 3D
Content Producers” and the “Association
of 3D Convergence Industry” within The
Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism
and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
respectively, The Korean government has
started to make a move and presented a

                                                                                                       | 17
High Tech, Cool Green

Korean Display
Rocks the World

As the current leader of the FPD market, LCD is presenting vari-       between companies to hold a leading position in it without any-
ous technologies such as full HD, LED TV and 3D. However, it           one particularly standing out yet, the smart phone market could
still seems to be not enough to satisfy its consumers’ endless         be referred to an exhibition of many corporations’ strategic
desire for more realistic picture quality and differentiated design.   products to compete against Apple’s iPhone which has already
The need and demand for multimedia high-performance dis-               secured its position in the market.
plays are increasing day by day, as the infrastructure for the IT          While the iPhone 4 adopted high-resolution TFT LCD,
industry, including communications and the internet, upgrades.         Samsung’s Galaxy S is embedded with “Super AMOLED”. Cell
The next generation display to meet the demands is AMOLED              phones that are installed with AMOLED have a relatively small
(Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode).                          share of the market when compared with TFT LCD at present,
      In the early stage of its entry in to the market, there were     but are projected to grow rapidly with an annual growth rate of
concerns about AMOLED’s life span, the ‘after image’ problem           31.6% begetting possibilities of a new leader in display markets.
and high cost to start-up, all of which were obstacles to mass         Another leap of technology by AMOLED is just around the corner.
production. AMOLED, however, has dispelled all the worries and
turned out to be the best display there is.
      As a series of products equipped with LED started to roll
out to the market, many companies from all over the world,
especially the U.S and Taiwan, are racing into the market with
new products in pursuit of Samsung, LG, and Sony. The reason
mobile devices like smart phones, digital cameras, MP3s that
are equipped with AMOLED are soaring is because AMOLED has
proven its excellent optimization for multimedia functions. AMO-
LED’s next task is to expand its presence in to the TV production
field. Actually, it has already been demonstrating the superiority
in the 3D TV area.
      Many big companies including Samsung and LG in Korea,
Sony and Hitachi in Japan are banking on the 3D display market.
The competition is on, and it is rather intense. Sony seems to
be a little ahead, but actually LG has already launched 3D
TV and is now working on marketing. Samsung has
started mass production of 6 kinds of 3D display
panels, and Sony and Hitachi are doing their best
not to fall behind. Meanwhile, MWC (Mobile World
Congress) which was held in Spain shows that the
current IT trend dominated by smart phones. If the
3D display market could be called the arena of competition

18 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                           Product LG Electronics
                                                                                 Product Spotlight - Spotlight - kkk

Wearing New Clothes
Every Day?
LG TROMM Styler :
a household clothing-managing system

This month, LG Electronics will roll out     technology, film-like LED backlighting       • The Local Dimming technology
its new-concept home appliance TROMM         sources were applied. The new-concept        ensures the highest contrast ra-
Styler. TROMM Styler is a vertical dry       nano screen was adopted to make the          tio
cleaner, which helps maintain clothes that   NANO Full LED TV (47/55LEX8) the most        The 55-inch LEX8 has a contrast ratio of
are hard to wash, such as suits, blouses     advanced of all the full–HD LED TVs on       10 million:1, the highest in the industry.
and knitwear. This product uses steam        the market.                                  The Anti-Reflection Panel and the world’s
and moving hangers to effectively make                                                    first Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel ac-
clothes wrinkle, smell and germ free.        • Film–like backlighting sources             celerate ultra high-speed images. It is
The TROMM Styler has three courses:          result in the LED TV measuring               1.25cm thick, the thinnest in the world.
the styling course, the drying course and    0.88cm in thickness
the sterilizing course. LG Electronics’s     LG Electronics has created a backlight       · Supporting web TV and DLNA,
advanced technology made the TROMM           source in the form of a thin film for the    watching a variety of content
Styler as quite as any library: The front    NANO Full LED TV (47/55LEX8). That’s         on TV is made possible
side is beautifully decorated with an up-    why the NANO Full LED TV (47/55 LEX8)        Applying the functions of web TV allows
scale, black mirror, with unique patterns    is so slim and stylish, only 0.88cm in       viewers to have access to the Content
designed by famous designers’ such as        thickness, making it the world’s thinnest.   Cube for useful information on sports,
Sang-lim Ha and Alessandro Mendini ap-                                                    travel and exercises. Viewers can watch
pear. LG TROMM Styler is priced at about     · The nano screen translates into            YouTube video, KBS dramas, etc. The
KRW 2 million and will be available in the   even resolution and premium                  DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)
4th quarter.                                 picture quality                              allows sharing of video clips and music
                                             In addition, through the world’s most        files stored on the mobile phone, PMP
Masterpiece LED TV,                          advanced Nano Lighting Technology, the       and the PC wirelessly. The LEX 8 comes
                                             LEX8 is able to produce excellent picture    in two sizes: 55 inch and 47 inch, which
Developed with Nano Tech-
                                             quality: The LED lighting has tiny dots in   are priced at about KRW 9.9 million and
nology                                       front of it that makes it able to diffuse    KRW 6.1 million respectively.
On September 2nd, LG Electronics un-         light more even across the screen. The
veiled its NANO Full LED TV (47/55 LEX8.     LEX8 TV offers a subtler and more vivid                         
Based on the world’s top-notch nano          picture.

                                                                                                   | 19
Product Spotlight - Samsung Electronics

Another innovation,
Galaxy S
 “Users will enjoy a new level of speed and service, and it will also challenge the wireless internet mar-
ket, based on openness, sharing and coexistence.” - Sungmin Ha, President of SK Telecom
“Launching Galaxy S marked ‘another innovation’ and with various Google services, including the fast
mobile searching enabled on the Galaxy S, Korean consumers will have a new mobile experience.” -
Andy Rubin, Vice President of Google

                        ‘S’ in Galaxy S has      Samsung Apps, T-store, Android Market,       phone environment with Galaxy S’ supe-
                        multiple implica-        etc.                                         rior quality in terms of screen resolution,
                        tions: Special, Start,        Among those applications are: Kyobo     speed and size, taking advantage of their
                        Speed, and Smart.        eBook, with which users can read eBooks      technological edge in mobile phones that
                       Since the smart-          from Kyobo Bookstore; Weather, which         has been accumulated over the last 20
                       phone made its            shows local weather conditions via CCTV;     years. SUPER AMOLED 4.0 (the state-of-
                       debut at ‘CTIA 2010’      DaumMap, with which you can see actual       art light-emitting display) that boasts the
                     in the U.S, last March,     ‘Street Views’; User Manual, for users to    finest screen quality currently available,
                   drawing huge atten-           easily learn how to use the smartphone       with superior clearance in comparison to
              tion even before the official      by video instruction; and AllShare to        previous AMOLED models, offers colorful
        launch, over 100 buyers around           share content with other users. More-        experiences for multimedia content, such
the globe have confirmed their orders.           over, useful widget applications include,    as the internet, video call, pictures, vid-
     Then, on June 25, Samsung Electron-         to name but a few: Daily Briefing, which     eos, as well as for games and augmented
ics ambitiously released Galaxy S. Shin          simultaneously shows weather, stocks,        reality. Despite the ultra-slim design with
Jong-kyun, president of the company,             news, and schedule on one screen; Cal-       the thickness of 9mm, the high-speed
said, “Galaxy S represents the accumula-         endar Watch, with which you can check        1GHz CPU(S5PC111) allows for fast and
tion of experience of the 20 year history        the schedule organized on an hourly          stable operation, whether you are taking
of Samsung mobile phones, and it will set        basis; and ‘Mini Diary’ provides features    high-resolution pictures or playing heavy-
a new standard for smartphones around            such as diary/note, GPS information and      load games, and also has a fast response
the world.” Already, over 200,000 Galaxy         users can even save the weather infor-       to touch on the screen.
S smartphones have been sold since the           mation on it. Google’s mobile services            The popularity of Galaxy S, equipped
launch, and now the sensational popular-         like Google search, Google map, mail,        with cutting-edge features including An-
ity has led to a situation where the supply      YouTube, Google talk, and Google calen-      droid, high capacity battery, 16GB mem-
is hardly keeping up with customers’             dar are also available for Galaxy S users.   ory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, DMB, 3.5pi
demand.                                               To note a few particularly interest-    ear jack and video call, seems unlikely to
     The main reason for the success of          ing applications, Aroo Aroo provides         fade away any time soon. Samsung Elec-
Galaxy S in competition with other smart-        AR(Augmented Reality) positioning in-        tronics expects that for many customers
phones was a new experience enabled              formation via Samsung Apps; Smart M          Galaxy S will be the first smartphone
by what is called 3S: ‘Super application’        Study for middle/high school students;       they use, which is why the company is
focused on users’ daily life; ‘Super-AMO-        Seoul Official Traffic Information; Safe     planning to launch Galaxy S instruction
LED’ which provides the finest screen            Food that helps users track down where       classes for the customers at Samsung
resolution in the market; ‘Super design’         the agricultural products, meat, or sea-     Electronics’ promotion center Delight, etc.
with the phone’s thickness being 9.9mm.          food comes from; and Face-recognition        They are also preparing for what is called
     Application developed for users’ daily      Physiognomy service is available as well.    ‘experience marketing’ by which custom-
life (Super Application)                              The best screen quality (Super AMO-     ers will have the opportunity to test vari-
     Various applications are readily            LED) / ultra-slim design with 9.9mm          ous features of Galaxy S.
installed in Galaxy S, and over 50,000           thickness (Super Design)
applications are available for users from             Samsung has innovated the smart-

20 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                               Product Spotlight

Lights, Camera, Action!
                               Since Youtube came on the scene, everybody has been getting in to the act. You can go to Youtube
                               and see videos of just about anything you can imagine. Some take the process more seriously than
                               others. For some it’s ok to shoot a little movie with their phone and upload it to share with the world.
                               But if that’s not good enough for you then you need some specialized video editing gear. If that’s the
                               case then JINIT has the best around. JINIT has been around for the entire video revolution designing
                               and manufacturing digital video editing equipment since 1996. They have dedicated a staff of profes-
                               sionals and proprietary technology to the development and support of Digital Video Editing Equipment.
                               JINIT is all about Digital Video Editing Systems, DVD Authoring Systems, Internet Broadcasting Sys-
                               tems, Network Broadcasting Systems and Security Surveillance System. In the 21st century and the
                               Information Age, multimedia is taking center stage worldwide. Digital information plays an important
                               role in every company. To keep pace with this growing trend, JINIT has developed and is now offering
                               ‘Netcast’- the world’s first real-time multi channel broadcaster, ‘JAS 4’- Digital Video Editing System,
                               ‘JAS 3’- DVD Authoring System, Streaming Camera, Chroma Key Machine to elevate the quality of
                               production of video. They have been driving to lead the industry since the beginning and you can ben-
                               efit from their hard work. You can’t go wrong with a JINIT video system.


Floppies are for Bunny Ears
not Enterprise Data Storage
                                                                                 With an ever-increasing volume of data there never
                                                                                 seems to be enough space. For mission critical data
                                                                                 the place where it is stored has to be as reliable as
                                                                                 the rock of Gibraltar. Corporate responsibility means
                                                                                 safeguarding the data which means security and
                                                                                 back-ups, both of which require overhead and a
                                                                                 bullet-proof strategy for managing data. There’s one
                                                                                 solution provider who can manage these issues with
                                                                                 ease and that’s Nanosolutions. Nanosolution has a
                                                                                 vision and passion for the Best Convergence-Integra-
                                                                                 tion Product and services in the areas of Embedded
                                                                                 Software the Next Generation Storage, Network At-
                                                                                 tached Storage, or NAS. They have gained the trust
of a significant customer base by providing high quality products for insuring customer satisfaction. Nanosolutions NAS provides for
optimum file transfer speeds, file security and file sharing. They have supported a variety of multimedia service environments and
integrated File Encryption/Decryption functionality, Raid Support (JBOD, 0, 1), access to stored files over the Internet, directly backup
strategies, gigabit LAN throughput, advanced transmission speed and enhanced security features. Temperature is always a concern
when data integrity is required. Though research and development, Nanosolutions has come up with an effective dispersion of the
heat that is generated by hard drives by using an aluminum body. By using this material, they have insured stability of the data stor-
age environment. Their devices support both the USB 3.0 interface, with a maximum transmission speed 5Gbps and the eSATA inter-
face of maximum transmission speed 3Gbps.

                                                                                                        | 21
Product Spotlight

Watch and Create 3D Content
Like a Pro
Redrover 3D Technology

                                             Advances in 3D technology are changing the ways we experience video imagery.
                                             Every day we hear about blockbuster cinematic achievements making use of 3D
                                             technology to generate record setting revenues at the box office. What we hear
                                             less about is the impact 3D technology is having on diagnostic disciplines in
                                             medicine. Thanks to recent developments in 3D stereoscopic microscopes enable
                                             health care professionals to see objects with depth. These detailed images can
                                             be seen by colleagues in diverse geographic locations simultaneously through 3D
                                             projector. Redrover co, Ltd. (Redrover), a Korea-based, 3D total solution provider
                                             has been a market leader since their first monitors were manufactured in 2004.
                                                 Redrover is a company committed to excellence in 3D display technology.
                                             Their goal is to make 3D viewing accessible to everyone. Nowhere has the axiom
"seeing is believing" more true than in the 3D world, and their solutions are bound to turn the viewer into a believer. Their
impressive array of "TRUE3DI" 3D monitors deliver visually stunning 3D images in sizes as small as 8" and as large as 40" in
high resolution. In addition to monitors Redrover manufactures 3D camera ‘rig’ system, 3D stereoscopic monitors, develops
software, and produces 3D content. After the first exhibition of 24-inch 3D stereoscopic monitors at the National Association of
Broadcasters 2010 show, Redrover was offered business partnership proposals from several major companies in Europe and
North America. One of the partnerships resulted in 24” Redrover monitors being used in postproduction of popular 3D movie


Wear it in 3D
                                                                                               Digital Clothing is a state-of-the-art
                                                                                               technology that creates the clothes
                                                                                               in 3D image on the computer, so that
                                                                                               users can check problems and modify
                                                                                               them before going into actual produc-
                                                                                               tion. The images created by this tech-
                                                                                               nology – which includes clothes de-
                                                                                               sign, simulation and rendering features
                                                                                               - are almost indistinguishable from the
                                                                                               actual clothes. Developed under the
                                                                                               direction of Hyeongseok Go, professor
                                                                                               at the Digital Clothing Center, digital
clothing technology is about to be introduced to the public by Physan. This technology is making incredible changes. First, designers
can experiment with more creative designs and they can view the sketch in 3D within just one hour, which, as a result, reduces the
time and cost in the design process and helps to produce clothing at a lower cost. It could also improve the relationship between the
clothes manufacturers and foreign buyers. Instead of the conventional pictures, buyers can check the clothes they plan to purchase
via 3D digital files, saving time for making decisions and entering the market.


22 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                       Product Spotlight

New product that uses
human brainwave
                Science technology specialist S&T Global develops products
                that interact with computers or machines by converting
                biological signals, such as brainwave, that contain informa-
                tion regarding human intent into control signals using Brain
                Computer Interface (BCI) and Brain Machine Interface (BMI)
                technology. The company is planning to showcase BCI and
                BMI products including Mindset, Force Trainer, Mind Racing
                Car and ThinkBear at 2010 Korea Electronics Show.
                     MindSet is a neuro-feedback headset based on BCI,
                which acts as a communication medium between a human
                and machine by detecting the brainwaves and has features
                including game, music, communication, and hands-free
                mode. S&T Global explains that users can improve concen-
                tration, attention, and relaxation by repeatedly training their
                mind with this product. Force Trainer is a mind-training toy
                that uses brainwaves to move a ball in a cylinder, and drew
                huge attention after its showcase at SBS’s TV program Star
                King, last May. This product is currently on sale at Uncle Mil-
                ton’s Toys with huge popularity in the U.S.
                     In addition, users can enjoy racing by using brainwaves
                with Mind Racing Car and also interact with the mind-reading


                                               | 23
Product Spotlight

3.65mm Super Narrow
Bezel LCD 3D Multi-vision
3D Display specialist Hyundai IT President, Lee Jin-ho introduces the world’s first Super Narrow Bezel multi-vision LCD 3D at
Korea Electronics Show 2010. The Super Narrow Bezel is a 138” super-size 3D screen, formed with a total of nine 46” LCD
displays, arranged in a 3 by 3 configuration. Its height is comparable to that of an adult man. Unlike, the existing big screens
using polarized 3D glasses which can only be used in dark places, the Super Narrow Bezel provides 700 candela, 150 percent
                                             brighter than a normal LCD TV, enabling easy presentation using the touch screen
                                             even in bright places. The 70-inch premium Table Display, as you might have
                                             guessed from its name, is a device for display on a table. Users can search for
                                             information using the touch screen functionality and it can be connected to a TV,
                                             DVD, Divx, or PC.
                                                  Hyundai IT’s 3D display products are supplied to television networks including
                                             ESPN and production companies in Hollywood. The Super Narrow Bezel, which
                                             proves to be very space-efficient thanks to the auto-folding feature, along with
                                             Table Display are anticipated to be in high demand from businesses that are do-
                                             mestic and world wide. They will serve well in exhibition centers, museums, and
                                             3D production companies. Hyundai IT is also planning to showcase their digital
                                             signage solutions for bus shelters and subways.

LG Innotek’s pride for a reason
At this year’s Korea Electronics Show, LG Innotek introduces Quantum DOT
BLU and Functional Nano Wet Coating Technology.

Quantum DOT BLU
Quantum Dot Blu is a type of nano material, with better a color reproduction
rate than AMOLED. LG Innotek has, for the first time, commercialized this fu-
ture display, in combination with LED, has a competitive advantage over price
and size expandability. Realizing pure white light by combination of blue LED
and a quantum dot, Quantum Dot Blu improved color reproduction rate (based
on NTSC) of LCD panel by 110%, which is higher than LED(70%) and AMOLED
(100%). LG Innotek explains that such color reproduction was “based on quan-
tum dot’s ability to adjust the size of a particle, hence, reproducing the lights
within the visible light spectrum in all natural colors.”

Functional Nano Wet Coating Technology
Functional wet coating glass is created by applying a special chemical to a glass board using a nano wet coating technique. Stain-
proof glass, on the other hand, was designed to let water drops slip right off the glass by making the drops form a circle once they hit
the glass. By reducing the energy of the surface state, the glass does not easily leave a fingerprint or other stains, and even those left
on the glass can be easily removed. In contrast to stain proof glass, steam prevention glass makes the water drops spread out once
they fall on it, which prevents steam from forming mist inside the display due to the difference in temperature. Lastly, reflection proof
glass helps a display present clearer image by optimizing the efficiency of solar cells, and it also cleanses itself with natural rainfall.
Functional nano wet coating technology is currently used for architecture and automobiles, with increasing utility in the industries.


24 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                        Product Spotlight

Interior Design Meets
Marketing Magic
                                              Interior designer Mrs. Lee recently visited a client with an unusual request. The
                                              client is a photographer who specializes in capturing outdoor scenes in wild
                                              environments. Mrs. Lee was being consulted regarding wall paper in particular.
                                              The photographer client had taken some spectacular pictures and wanted them
                                              integrated into the wall paper solution. Mrs. Lee thought it might be possible,
                                              but told the client that she would have to do some research and report back in a
                                               few days. Later that afternoon, she visited her advertising consultant, Mr. Park,
                                               to arrange for a new banner for the front of her shop. While she was there, she
                                               mentioned the client’s requirements regarding the wall paper. The Mr. Park
                                               said that he had recently acquired a new printing system from Inkchemsystem,
                                               He mainly used the amazing new system to produce 3D curved surface print-
                                               ing, but is was capable of performing many unusual functions. The UV printer,
                                               called JETRIX is a new machine and Korea’s first multiplex printing system that
                                               integrates digital printing technology onto the irregular-and-curved-surfaced
                                               materials. Mr. Park was relieved to learn the the system doesn’t use any kind
                                               of solvents, making the system eco-friendly. The High-speed operation and
                                               process, mass-customization and work standardization are just freebies. Mrs.
                                               Lee was happy that she had stopped by Mr. Park’s office and told him of her
                                               dilemma. Thanks to Inkchemsystem JETRIX UV printer, Mrs. Lee’s problem was
                                               solved and she would have another happy client. The next day she read in the
                                               news paper that Inkchemsystems had made a splendid achievement of cutting
                                               a deal to supply their JETRIX and 3D printers on the first day of KIPES 2010.
The 3D printer is scheduled to be supplied to Jinheung Co. in Jong-ro, Seoul. In the article it also said that Inkchemsystem is
now planning to exhibit a sample that is compatible with various products at KES 2010.

                                                                                                | 25
Product Spotlight

A New Multilayer Chip
Power Inductor
Taiyo Yuden Introduces a New Multilayer Chip Power Inductor
Approximately 72% Smaller than the Company’s Previous Products
                                                                     tions for portable devices. Compared with the company’s exist-
                                                                     ing series CKP2012N1R5M, which measure 2.0 mm x 1.25 mm
                                                                     with a maximum height of 1.0 mm, this new offering achieves
                                                                     an approximate 72% smaller volume. With a rated current—
                                                                     an essential characteristic for a choke coil—of 0.7A based on
                                                                     an inductance value of 1.5μH, the new multilayer chip power
                                                                     inductor realizes essentially the same performance as Taiyo
                                                                     Yuden’s existing product lineup (rated current of 0.8A based on
                                                                     an inductance value of 1.5μH). Furthermore, boasting a maxi-
                                                                     mum DC resistance value of 0.25Ω, this new offering secures
                                                                     a leading position within the industry for products of the same
                                                                     size. At a time when markets are calling for more compact and
                                                                     thinner devices that deliver lower power consumption, this mul-
In July of 2010 TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. announced details of the       tilayer chip power inductor is considered the ideal product as a
commercial release of an EIA 0603 size multilayer chip power         DC-DC converter choke coil for mobile phones and smartphones
inductor CKP1608L1R5M, measuring only 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm                as well as portable audio players. Production will commence in
with a maximum height of 0.55 mm. This multilayer chip power         August 2010 at the company’s Tamamura Plant in Gunma Pre-
inductor is ideally suited for DC-DC converter choke coil applica-   fecture, Japan at an output pace of 5 million units per month.

Cool Innovation, ZALMAN
                                                                       If you are a person who enjoys playing 3D games, there is no
                                                                       doubt that you have heard of all different types of ZALMAN’s
                                                                       Coolers in the field of Computer products. Their products
                                                                       include CPU, VGA, HDD and RAM coolers. But that’s not
                                                                       all. ZALMAN’s 3D technology development projects are an
                                                                       ongoing business. ZALMAN plans to introduce its 3D core
                                                                       technologies at KES 2010. A 3D Retardation Filter for LCD,
                                                                       one of the ZALMAN’s 3D core technologies, changes the
                                                                       angles of polarization direction on demand and displays the
                                                                       left/right images individually for each eye. This technology is
                                                                       being applied to diverse industries, such as science, educa-
                                                                       tion, broadcasting, advertising, medical, design, defense and
                                                                       games. It’s good to know that ZALMAN is developing cutting
                                                                       edge products in various fields, and their products are waiting
                                                                       for us.

26 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                       Product Spotlight

     Hynix to Mass Produce
    38-nano DRAM Products
             Early Next Year

Hynix Semiconductor, the world's sec-      Introduction of 26-nano NAND                   “Meanwhile, chips will be used
ond largest memory chipmaker, behind       flash chips                                in high-end mobile devices, such as
Samsung Electronics, has been going        Mass production of nano DRAM is tak-       smartphones and tablet-style PCs, that
all-out to develop new products in the     ing place at the Icheon Hynix complex      need big data capacity and faster pro-
DRAM and NAND flash sectors.               pictured, above                            cessing,” he explained.
    "In the DRAM sector, Hynix, which          Hynix was able to begin production         NAND inventories levels remain low,
focuses its production on 44-nano          of 64-gigabit NAND flash chips by ap-      aided by soaring demand from mobile
DRAM products, aims to finish its de-      plying a finer 26-nanometer processing     device manufactures. In fact, the inven-
velopment of 38-nano products within       technology, a move that is expected to     tory to sales ratio for NAND vendors
this year for mass production early next   pave the way for the chipmaker to re-      dropped to a six-year low during April-
year," a company spokesman said.           gain a competitive edge in the industry.   June, said the spokesman.
    "Hynix is now operating its product        The company has also developed a
portfolio stably with the sales ratio      NAND flash solution by teaming up with     Development of 44-nano DDR3
of specialty DRAM, including server,       Israeli semiconductor company Anobit       DRAM
graphic, consumer, and mobile DRAMs,       Technologies. The new solution is the      Hynix developed the world’s first
which can create consistant profits,       combination of Hynix’s NAND flash and      1-gigabit dynamic random access
standing at about 60 percent," he said.    controller patented by Anobit, minimiz-    memory (DRAM) chip, using 44-nano-
    In the NAND flash sector, Hynix        ing data errors and extending the data-    meter technology, in February 2009.
started to mass produce 26-nano            keeping period.                            The company started the mass produc-
NAND flash products beginning last             The controller is the key compo-       tion of the 1-gigabit DDR3 DRAM chips
August. The spokesman said. "Hynix         nent for NAND-put devices. Its role is     in the forth quarter of last year. A nano-
is now leading the market with high        handling the stable operation of NAND      meter is one-billionth of a meter.
value-added NAND flash products,           flash chips, while improving the stabil-       “We hope overall productivity of the
which features have not found in goods     ity of the overall system of NAND flash    new DDR3 DRAM product will be 50
produced by the overseas competitors."     products. 26-nanometer 64-gigabit          percent greater than existing 54-nano-
    The high function NAND flash refers    NAND flash memory has enhanced the         meter technology and will also lower
to the NAND flash equipped with the        production efficiency by 60 percent        production costs,” the spokesman said.
error check & correction (ECC) function    compared to those of 32-gigabit with           “DDR3 DRAM is a random access
and controller. This product is expected   30-nanometer technology.                   memory technology used for high
to be used for smartphones and tablet          “The company is planning to boost      bandwidth storage of working data on
PCs. Noting that Hynix is building a       the monthly production output of the       a computer or other digital electronic
product, called "E2 NAND," with 32-        advanced chips to 80,000 units by the      device. The new product significantly
nano 32GB capacity, he said that Hynix     end of this year, compared with 45,000     minimizes current leakage and further
will complete the development of 26-       units earlier in the year at its NAND-     reduces overall power consumption,
nano 64GB E2 NAND for mass produc-         only 12-inch wafer manufacturing line      with a maximum speed of 2133 mega-
tion in 2011.                              - M11 - in Cheongju, a provincial city,”   bits per second,” he said.
                                           he said.

                                                                                               | 27
Product Spotlight

Nitto Denko Shows
Total Solution
for LCDs at IMID 2010

When Flat panel displays first came out,      Solution for LCDs."                         Waviness seen in reflections are also
the viewer had to sit directly in front of         Nitto Denko have become the            reduced when mounted on a display,
the device in order to see what was be-       world's largest supplier of polarizing      enhancing display quality.
ing displayed on the screen. The reason       film, specializing in seamless bottom           Resaerch and development are
was the polarizing film that was used in      polarizing film. This variety is used for   what sets Nitto Denko apart from
these early generation monitors. Over         public exhibitions, such as informa-        the competition. They are constantly
time that technology used to create this      tion displays and amusement facilities.     searching for new ways to minimize the
crucial element in the manufacture of         These are large scale implementations       air gap to control diffusion of light. Their
LCD monitors and TVs have improved.           that require a breath of expertise that     LUCIACS (OCA) fills the air gap nearly
There are about six companies world-          only a company of Nitto Denko stature       eliminating ghost and low contrast in
wide who make the optical film that           can provide.                                bright places that occur with LCD with
facilitates crisp, wide angle viewing on           Nitto Denko's high performance         a cover-lens, due to the full-flat design
displays using this technology.               brightness enhancement technology,          and visual quality.
    Nitto Denko Corp., a Japanese             APCF, can improve optical utilization           Nitto Denko has solutions used in
firm founded in 1918 is a top-ranking         efficiency dramatically and enhance the     capacitive touch panels, in the form
manufacturer of optical films for LCDs,       brightness of LCD panels. Their process     of ITO films. Their patterns are etched
including polarizing film, polarizing film    creates a film that improves brightness     on the ITO face. If the reflectance dif-
with retardation film, polarizing film with   by reusing the light that is absorbed by    ference between the ITO area and the
wide viewing film, and polarizing film        the polarizing film, rendering a better     etching area is big, the visibility of the
with brightness enhancement film. They        user experience at no additional cost to    display is reduced. Nitto Denko has
are a global company with a presence          the consumer. Sales and delivery of a       improved the visibility by using the ITO
in 25 countries and operating areas in        polarizing film with APCF as a package      crystallization technology and under
the world.                                    provides added values, such as reduc-       coating layer's refractive index and
    Nitto Denko's products are used in        tion in the number of processes that        thickness design. They have been at
the electric/electronics industry, from       are required by the customer, as well       this for a long time and it seems they
home appliances and AV equipment              as the features of the product itself.      have thought of everything.
to information equipment and electric              High resolution surface treatment          Nitto Denko will have on display
devices. The company claims that their        can improve visibility by controlling the   optical films, as well as double coated
polarizing film for LCDs excels in trans-     surface profile so that it can be used on   adhesive tapes and optical transpar-
parency, reliability and workability. Be-     high resolution LCD panels, such those      ent base-less double coated adhesive
ing a leader in the industry means that       found in laptop computers and moni-         tapes. Be sure to stop by their booth.
they offer a wide variety of products to      tors. There is no "sparkling" and it has
meet the specialized requirements of          excellent anti-glare properties. "White"
their customers.                              blur is from an oblique angle is also                       
    Nitto Denko will be an exhibitor          reduced.
at the IMID 2010 event, where they                 Their polarizing film produces ex-
will show a variety of optical materials      cellent smoothness, due to the unique
based on the theme of "Nitto's Total          technologies in Nitto Denko's process.

28 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                                        Product Spotlight

                                   Samsung Unveils
                                        New Line-up
                                 of Semiconductors
                                    at Taiwan Forum
Samsung Electronics unveiled the new line of
semiconductors at the 2010 Samsung Mobile
Solution Forum held in Taiwan on Sept. 7
1GHz Dual Core mobile AP
At the mobile forum, Samsung introduced new mobile semiconductor products,
including 1GHz dual core application processor designed on low-power process
technology, a high-performance 16gigabyte moviNANDTM chip with an eMMC4.41
                                                                                       Samsung 1GHz Dual Core
interface, and an engineering sample of the world’s first application processor uti-
lizing 32 nanometer (nm) low-power process technology.

30 Nano 2Gb DDR3 DRAM
Samsung Electronics began to mass produce 30-nano DRAM chips for the first
time in the world in June this year. DRAM is a type of memory that stores data in
a separate electronic component within a circuit. Based on the new nano technol-
ogy, DDR3, which is emerging as the predominant main DRAM memory this year,
is expected to be used in a broader range of products, from servers to notebooks,
desktops, and future versions of Netbooks and mobile devices, the Samsung
spokesman said. “The new product will lower power consumption to 85 percent of
                                                                                       30 Nano 2Gb DDR3 DRAM
existing 40-nanometer DRAM chips. The technology will also improve productivity
by as much as 60 percent” he said.

The new 512 gigabyte (GB) SSD provides electronic data processing application
designers with advanced performance and reliability for notebooks with premium
value. The new 512GB SSD makes use of a 30 nanometer-class 32 gigabit chip
that the company began producing last November.The toggle-mode DDR struc-
ture together with the SATA 3.0Gbps interface generates a maximum sequential
read speed of 250 Megabyte per second (MBps) and a 220MBps sequential write
speed, both of which provide three-fold the performance of a typical hard disk
                                                                                       Samsung 512GB SSD
drive, he explained.


                                                                                                  | 29
Materials and Components

Korean                                                                                 Korea is now a pow-
                                                                                       erhouse of the global

                                                                                       manufacturing indus-
                                                                                       try with numerous
                                                                                       domestic components
and Materials                                                                          and materials known
                                                                                       to be the world's best.

at its Peak

       ublic and private sectors are        supporting industries in order to diver-   ponents market has grown during the
       now cooperating to further           sify the portfolio of exports. To foster   past several years, the government
       take the components and mate-        the strength in the domestic material      is planning to decrease of its trade
rial industry to the next level. Many       and component industry cooperation         dependence on Japan and enter the
projects been started to develop core       between government and industry is         global market. Initiation of an innova-
components and materials as Korea's         much needed. The market structure,         tive strategy for entering a new mate-
new strengths. This is not just replac-     however, which consists of mostly          rial market, relies on development of
ing the existing foreign components         small-sized companies a ways off from      ten key material, which should have
with Korean ones. For the future of the     being competitive. The government          an impact early, positioning Korea to
manufacturing business depends on           came up with a comprehensive plan to       lead the global market. Localization
materials and parts, success of these       enhance the industrial competitiveness     of materials will also aid the domestic
projects will be the growth engine of       which promotes domestic production         semiconductor and display industries,
Korea's manufacturing industry.             of parts and components, which has         consequently "development package"
    As Korean semiconductor and             been under way since last year.            has elements that focus additional sup-
display companies are starting to hold                                                 port for those producers. For example,
a leadership position in the global mar-    Government's support                       some elements used in these industries
ket, some insist that Korea has to foster   Since the size of the domestic com-        can be developed in a cooperative en-

30 | Korea Electronics Show 2010
                                                                                             Materials and Components

vironment, such as producers of a glass       Essential components                        analysis. When precision monitoring of
plate, an OLED panel and an undiluted         and material companies                      toxic elements is crucial to your busi-
glass chemical working in tandem to                                                       ness, they have the solution and they
                                              are here at KES 2010!
improve their processes. In the tele-                                                     back their product.
                                              The world’s leading fiber-optic A/V
communications equipment field, only
                                              connectivity solution provider, Optics
Samsung and LG, who mostly carry                                                          Piezoelectric Technology Co
                                              Co. Ltd., is present at KES 2010. Some
finished goods like cell phones have                                                      Piezoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. at
                                              of Optics products are Digital Visual
been drawing attention so far on the                                                      KES shows Piezoelectric actuators that
                                              Interface (DVI) for PC-based graphic
global stage. Other domestic compa-                                                       produce a small displacement with a
                                              interface and the High-Definition Mul-
nies, however, with materials and parts                                                   high force capability when voltage is
                                              timedia Interface (HDMI) for digital
used in the telecom sector are expected                                                   applied. Piezoelectricity is the charge
                                              TV industry. Their connectivity solu-
to grow to supply a 12-trillion won                                                       which accumulates in certain solid ma-
                                              tions also support Serial Digital Inter-
market by 2015.                                                                           terials, notably crystals, certain ceram-
                                              face (SDI) for Broadcast systems, the
                                              Universal Serial Bus (USB) for PC Pe-       ics, and biological matter such as bone,
Competition                                   ripherals and the IEEE 1394 (Firewire)      DNA, and various proteins in response
According to the Korea Evaluation             for digital appliance interconnection.      to applied mechanical strain. “So the
Institute of Industrial Technology, Ko-           ISP Co., Ltd., a pioneer of X-ray       idea is that you mash one of these crys-
rea's related technology is 1.01 year         technology at home, is present at KES       tals or ceramics and it will generate
away from the U.S scoring 92.7%,              2010. Check out XRF on the show             a measurable amount of electricity. It
following Europe (97.5%) and Japan            floor. ISP is on the verge of releasing a   works the other way as well,” said the
(94.3%). But, when it comes to the sys-       new instrument that will measure the        spokesman of Piezoelectric.
tem area such as the communications           thickness of a coating using X-Ray.             Eretec Inc. at KES brings solution
network and key modules, the technol-                                                     to costly EMC testing. Eretec sup-
ogy gap is somewhat wider. If you look                                                    plies all kinds of testing equipment and
                                              ISP Co., Ltd.
at the world-leading companies, Nokia                                                     facilities, measurement systems and
                                              ISP at KES 2010 will display the tech-
is holding a dominant position in the                                                     software worldwide. They have devel-
                                              nology that takes advantage of the fact
world premium market and the low-                                                         oped the EMC measurement chamber,
                                              that each element of sample will emit
priced cell phone market with price                                                       antenna measurement chamber (Cell
                                              a unique fluorescent X-ray when the
competitiveness through its key fun-                                                      phone, Radar, Aircraft, Military use,
                                              X-ray is applied. The Hazardous Mate-
damental technology, WCDMA. Qual-                                                         etc.), EMC/Antenna/Transient mea-
                                              rials Analyzer iEDX-100A fluorescent
comm and Ericsson are focusing on the                                                     surement system and Software, and
                                              spectrometer will perform a quantita-
standardization of next-generation parts                                                  so on. Some products or services are
                                              tive/qualitative analysis of the elements
while Apple highlights its graphic in-                                                    sources foreign companies or but most
                                              of the sample, according to the fluo-
terface and design while Google boasts                                                    are developed and manufactured their
                                              rescent X-ray response. Their analyzer
its WiFi gig. Here, Korean components                                                     own company.
                                              performs unparalleled and flawless
and materials can take an essential role.
    To deal with this situation, the
Ministry of Knowledge Economy of
Korea has decided to change the way
of supporting related industries. So far,
the government has supported compa-
nies that requested it. From now on,
however, only those technologies with
the potential to create a great ripple ef-
fect and potential of future self-reliance
will be benefited with government aid.
The strategy to develop 10 key materi-
als to dominate the world market is one
of the plans, which also shows that the
industry, the academy, the research,
and the government have all decided to
join forces to foster the related fields in
the long term.

                                                                                                   | 31

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