Forklift Training Quiz (DOC) by docs724


									Forklift Inspection Record

Forklift Fleet No. Daily visual checks by first daily driver:
Item: Check fuel level, refill/recharge as necessary (1/4 tank minimum, 25% electric charge) Horn Hydraulic controls Obvious damage and leaks Parking brake Reverse alarm Steering Tire condition S M T W Th F S

Daily Forklift Inspection Signoff by first daily driver: Date: Signature:
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Weekly checks by Maintenance:
Item: Engine oil level Battery plug connection Radiator water level Headlights if applicable Checked by:

If issues are found, contact maintenance.

Record Retention Criteria:

Responsibility Maintenance Supervisor

Location Maintenance Revision:

Minimum Retention Period (years) 1 year Date: Page 1 of 1

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