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                                                                               WUMP Newsletter
                                                                             November 2011

          Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere...the harvest time of year is here and I just love fall
 leaves and colors. It was great to see so many of our families at the Harvest Festival - we’ve had a
 fun time with games and prizes and delicious chili and brownies. The Blue Room won the brownie
 bake-off and tied with the Pre-K class to win the pumpkin-decorating contest! Congratulations to
 all the classes for their creative pumpkins.

 Thanksgiving begins the season of family get togethers. We love to honor the traditions of all the
 children and families in our program. We believe in the importance of family traditions and
 holidays in strengthening the connection between home and school. We encourage you as
 families to join in our celebrations by sharing family recipes, traditions and any
 special items that reflect your heritage and family history.
                  I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving - Linda B.

                                                      Holiday Plans
                                                      Please let us know      your holiday
                                                      plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New
                                                      Year. This will help us a great deal to determine
                                                      our staffing needs, as many teachers would like
      Thanksgiving Food Drive                         to travel or be home for the holidays. We will be
                                                      closed Nov 24th & 25th, Dec 23rd & 26th, as well as
    Once again it is time to start thinking           Dec 30th & Jan 2nd. A form is attached for your
     about our annual Thanksgiving Food               convenience. If it is easier for you, feel free to
 Drive. Unfortunately this year, the need             email it to us at
   for food to help those in need is bigger           Please return it as soon as possible.
  then ever. This year there will be boxes
       around the school to collect food              Holiday Share
    throughout November. Special needs                The last few years we have had such tremendous
                                                      success with our Holiday Share Program that we
 include cereal, canned vegetables, pasta
                                                      will continue this important tradition. WUMP
    and baby food and diapers. Both the               families help brighten the holiday season for
church and WUMP will be participating in              other families through the annual toy drive with
     this drive together - hoping to make             Connections for Children. The Church will join us
  Thanksgiving better for everyone in our             as we collect new, unwrapped gifts between
                  community                                          during the first couple of weeks of
                                                                      December. This is a wonderful
                                                                      opportunity for our children to
                                                                     share the holiday spirit with other
                                                                children and families. We are also
                                                      looking for a few people to help us drive the gifts
                                                      over to the Santa Monica office on the date they
                                                      are due. We will have more specific dates for you
                                                      as soon as they are available.
                                                          ►    Practice good hand hygiene.
Reminders                                                 ►    Cover mouth and nose with a tissue
                                                               when you cough or sneeze. If you don’t
Flu Season                                                     have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your
As many of you are aware, flu season is upon us.               shoulder or elbow.
If your child is not feeling well:                     At school:
     ► Watch carefully for signs and symptoms              ► We will continue to perform routine
         of the flu. Symptoms: fever, chills and              environmental cleaning with disinfectant.
         cough or sore throat. Can include a runny         ► Wash hands often for at least 20 seconds
         nose, body aches, headache, tiredness,               (about as long as it takes to sing Happy
         diarrhea, vomiting.                                  Birthday twice.)
         Stay HOME if you or your child is sick with       ► We will send children home immediately
         the flu until at least 24 hours (or longer)          if they come down with symptoms.
         AFTER there is no longer a fever (without
         fever reducing medication).
     ► Plan for someone to pick your child up
         from school immediately if they come
         down with symptoms.                               WUMP Day at the Santa
     ► Make sure your child gets plenty of rest
         and drinks clear liquids.                          Monica Pier Aquarium
     ► Watch for warning signs which may                        Shark Sunday!
         include one or more of the following; fast
         breathing, shortness of breath, bluish,
                                                                November 13th
         purplish or gray skin color, refusing to       Explore at your leisure & then
         drink, not urinating, pain or pressure in
         the chest or stomach, sudden dizziness.
                                                        we’ll meet at the shark tank at
Good habits:
                                                        3:30 for a special presentation
   ► Avoid close contact - when sick keep your              and crafts for the kids
       distance from others
   ► Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue                 To get tickets, you must RSVP by no later
       when coughing or sneezing. Throw the             than 10am Monday, November 7 in your child's
       tissue in the trash after you use it.            classroom.
   ► Wash hands often - teach respiratory
       etiquette.                                            There is no fee for tickets to attend, but there
   ► Avoid touching your eyes, nose and                 is a $5 per ticket penalty for those who request
       mouth.                                           tickets but do not use them this day.
   ► Get plenty of sleep, be physically active,
                                                                               These monthly family events
       eat nutritious food and get plenty of
       fluids.                                                                              are
                                                                                 Sponsored by the WUMP
Recommendations:                                                               Events Committee & Friends
   ► Get your children vaccinated for seasonal                                       of the Preschool,
      flu when vaccines area available.                                          as a social gathering for
   ► Plan ahead for childcare at home if your
                                                                                children and their parents.
      child is sick.
   ► Update your emergency contact lists so
      children can be picked up immediately if
      they have flu symptoms.
   ► Conduct a daily health check of your child
      before coming to school.
Please spread the word...
Now enrolling
              Parent & Toddler Class
    A nurturing, child-friendly environment
     where parents and children can learn

ages 18 months to 3 years                                              Thursday is
weekdays 9 am to 11 am                                      Toddler & Friends Day
                                                            Toddlers can attend with
                                                            parents, a nanny, family
In-service Day                                                members or friends.
On Friday, November 11th, we will be closed for a
Teacher In-Service Day. Teachers will participate
in an all day training session. Parent & Toddler
class is in session.
                                                        “Take a Night Off Cooking” at Rubios
Kindergarten                                            This month's "Take a Night Off from Cooking" will
                                                        take place on Thursday, November 17. We
If you are applying       to private kindergarten,
                                                        encourage you to enjoy fish tacos or other fresh
please be sure to get student evaluations and
                                                        fare at Rubios, located at 12007 Wilshire Blvd. in
your list of schools to Linda B. as soon as possible.
                                                        West LA. Rubios will donate 20% from sales that
                                                        are accompanied by the attached flyer to WUMP.
Chancy and Bruce                                        As an added convenience this month, if you place
For those families who      participated in the         your order and deliver payment (with tax and tip,
assessment, Chancy & Bruce offers a very                please) to the preschool office by 6pm on
informative workshop for the parents on                 November 14, we will have your order delivered
November 9th, at 6:30 PM. They will discuss the         to WUMP by 5:30pm on November 17. A
overall assessment, what it means for your child,       printable menu, with prices, is attached for your
and the latest and greatest research in                 reference. Please keep an eye out for details on
developmental growth in children. DON’T miss            payment and more!
it! We are sorry, but there is no childcare
available.                                              Daylight Saving
                                                        Don’t forget that at 2 a.m. on November 6, 2011,
CPK’s “Take a Night Off Cooking”                        groggy Americans will turn their clocks back one
Thank you to all who participated in the                hour, marking the end of day light saving. Have your
fundraising dinner at CPK last month! We send           children participate in changing your clocks at home
out a special thanks to the family who supplied         and in the car. Although you may want to do it the
lunch for the teachers and to those who dined at        night before you go to bed ☺. If your child stays at
CPK multiple times in one day. We appreciate            school past 4:30 PM, it will be getting even darker
those you passing the flyers around to family,          when you pick up. Please talk about this with your
friends, neighbors and co-workers. Keep up the          children at home. When a child is prepared, it is less
great work! For those of you who missed the             frightening and easier to understand why Mom or
opportunity, there's always this month. ☺ Thank         Dad hasn’t arrived yet when “it’s already dark
you for your anticipated participation and your         outside!” We will also be discussing this in our
assistance in getting the word out!                     group times at school.
 WUMC Blood Drive                                           Research Studies
 Westwood UMC is Holding a Blood Drive                      Often WUMP is contacted by UCLA or other
 Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.              universities to participate in research studies.
 Westwood UMC, in conjunction with Cedars-Sinai             Periodically, you will receive information by
 Medical Center Blood Services, is having a blood           email and/or in your parent pouch regarding
 drive. The blood mobile bus will be in the turn-
                                                            these studies. Parents will need to give
 around area between the Sanctuary and Belmont
                                                            permission for children to be observed or to
 Village. To sign-up, please contact the church
 office at (310) 474-4511 or via email at                   play games or participate in these activities. This event is open to                We make sure a WUMP staff member is
 all—friends, family, neighbors, co-workers,                present whenever the children participate.
 etc...we need EVERYONE’S help for this important
 cause PLUS it's a “Pint for a Pint” - all donors will
 receive a voucher for a free pint of Baskin
 Robbins ice cream! Yum!
 For information on donating and guidelines,
 please                              go to the                       A huge thank you to our wonderful
                                     www.cedars-                         Fix-it Committee members:
                                            Frank Krieger (Michael’s dad) for
                                                                     taking care of the many things our
                                                                           school has needed done
                                                                     John Goetchius (Beatrice’s dad) for
                                                                         building our wonderful new
                                                                       environment table for the yard!

11/4    John David (Pre-K)                                      Happy
        Lucy (Pre-K)
        Jack (Blue)
        Teacher Sharen (Blue)
                                                                To Teacher Ann who has been at
11/12   Auden (Yellow)                                                WUMP for 15 years!
11/13   Layla (Pre-K)
11/14   Sienna (Yellow)
11/23   Amanda (Pre-K)
11/23   Teacher Halina (Music)
11/28   Alina (Yellow)                                   Congratulations to Rayah on her
                                                          new baby brother Johann Felix
                                                          who was born on October 5th!
Classroom News

Last year, WUMP adopted a new pre-writing/writing program.

Handwriting without Tears is an organized MULTI-SENSORY APPROACH to teaching children pre-
writing and writing skills in an easy and fun way. Children experience the joy of making their
letters in a variety of mediums including wood sticks, clay, chalk and a magnetic boards before
they even put a pencil to a piece of paper. Each letter is broken into simple strokes that are
labeled with a standard vocabulary. They learn to start their letters at the top of each page using
consistent visual cues and progress through the alphabet in a developmental order starting with
the easiest letters and progressing to those that are more difficult.
Using some of the HWT principles at home will improve overall handwriting progress and eliminate
incorrect letter formation and reversals from the beginning.
     • Use consistent vocabulary (Big line, Little Line, Big Curve, Little Curve)
     • Start all letters at the top of the paper/work area. Begin with letters that start in the left
         corner and then move to those that start in the middle.
     • Create letters throughout your environment. Draw letters with your finger in the air, sand
         or shaving cream in the bath. Make letters out of yarn, clay, blocks, or legos.
For those kids not ready for actual letter formation, practice making lines and curves. Again use a
variety of mediums to teach these skills.

Have fun with your kids and follow their lead. Don’t push to create the letters on paper and find
some method that your child enjoys! Remember this is a developmental process and childhood is
journey …not a race. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

Greetings! The Blue Room would first like to announce that our friend Rayah became a big sister on Oct 5th,
2011. Rayah is a big sister to her new little brother Johann. Congratulations to you and your family. During
the Month of October we worked on two themes and one sub-theme. The first two weeks we learned
about dinosaurs. We enjoyed searching for dinosaur bones, making dinosaur eggs, creating our very own
fossils, creating and exploring a dinosaur habitation and we even made our very own Dino Salad. We also
read many books surrounding this theme to help us better understand when and how dinosaurs lived. The
last two weeks of October we began learning about the season “fall” and also Halloween. We learned
about what time of the year leaves change color and why it happens. Many of our children enjoyed
exploring different types of leaves and their different textures. Many other activities that we enjoyed doing
were painting with apples, measuring how much yarn it would take to fit around our classroom pumpkin,
playing a pumpkin number matching game and also making a Halloween collage. On Halloween we
celebrated this day with a party and some fun trick-or treating.

Next month we will continue our theme “It’s Fall Time” through the month of November. We look forward
to having another great month. Tiffany and Sharen
There is a lot of orange paper and paint being used in schools around the country in October. The Red
Room is no exception; orange was the prevailing color. We hope that we were able to use it in a way that is
enriching and creative. We finger painted with yellow and red to discover where orange comes from. We
looked carefully at some fall leaves and found some darker and lighter shades. The leaves got cut up and
glued to create little tree collages. The children traced their names on Halloween trick or treat bags using
sparkly orange paint. We tried not to fall into the commercialism of Halloween and instead used it to learn
new concepts and skills. Several generous parents provided us with fun things to help us enjoy the holiday.
Thank you to Ella’s mommy, Allison, for bringing us all those little pumpkins, which we decorated with
glitter. Rhys’ mom, Meredith, got us two nice pumpkins which we hammered golf tees into. Kimia’s mom,
Sam, prepared a healthy pumpkin cream cheese dip for vegetables and Christian and Luke’s moms made
some yummy sweets for our little Halloween party. Thank you one and all. There will be other holidays
when the rest of you will have a chance to help out if you wish.

Since November and December are typically months when kids get to see their extended families, we
thought we’d start the month of November by focusing on the concept of a family. We’ll talk about how
each one of us is born into a family, how families are different in size and configuration, how family
members love and care for each other, how families often get together to celebrate holidays, etc. This will
be a good time to learn that there are many ethnicities represented in our school and how different
families celebrate in different ways. If you have a fall or winter holiday that you celebrate and wish to share
some of your traditions with the class, please let us know, we’ll be delighted to learn about it.
Rachel and Adriana

By reading the weekly Yellow room Highlights we put in your mail pouch every Monday, you already know
what activities we had with the children. We thought you might like to know some other things, such as how
the teachers help the children resolve conflicts. Most of the time, our children play peacefully, but conflicts
may arise when disputing over space, materials or social disagreements about how to play or which
playmates to include. The teachers are using these six problem-solving steps to help our children resolve
     1. Approach calmly. Gently reach out to the children who are upset or angry. Use a calm voice to
           communicate a positive and neutral attitude. If the conflict involves a toy or material, we let the
           children know we need to hold the object. This will neutralize the object, helping the children to
           think about the problem rather than the object.
     2. Acknowledge feelings. We say, “You seem angry/sad/upset.” This will ultimately help the children
           “let go” of the feelings so that they can think clearly about solutions.
     3. Gather information. We ask each of the children to describe the details of the actions or materials
           that are part of the problem.
     4. Restate the problem, clarifying any issues by asking for more details and reframing any hurtful
           language. For example, “You can’t play because I don’t like you” can be reframed, “you are very
           angry and you want to play alone?”
     5. Ask for ideas for solutions and choose one together if they can’t agree on a one, we ask them if they
           would like to hear our idea.
     6. Give follow-up support as needed. We say, “You solved the problem!” to recognize their
           accomplishment. Sometimes, some children need help in implementing the solution so we stay
           near to offer support.
After using this conflict resolution process in the class, we have noticed that the children are making progress
in expressing needs and strong feelings, hearing and respecting others’ points of view and understanding
how to make constructive choices. Charlene and Georgina
Hi Everyone! The month of October was a very busy one for us. We enjoyed all of the decorations we
made for Halloween. We read books about Halloween and talked a lot about being safe when we go out
trick or treating.

The Harvest Festival at school was so much fun and we loved decorating our pumpkin head! We enjoyed
putting the arms and legs on our pumpkin. Our yard sale pumpkin was very successful.

As a class we are very much loved at Belmont Village Senior Living. The seniors have huge smiles on their
faces when we come in for a visit. They told us how much they enjoyed the cookies and all the Halloween
decorations. How amazing it is to make someone’s life so much better by just visiting them monthly.
Thanks kids! You are the best!

November will see our room change in color and decorations. We will talk about the cold seasons to come.
November will find our class talking about Thanksgiving and what we can do to make someone’s life better
or happier. Linda and Seseh

The children in the Pre-K class are starting to form friendships and learning that there is some give and take
needed to live in harmony. Negotiating and problem solving in a social situation are skills that hopefully will
serve them well as they grow older.

October was a very interesting month in the Pre-K! We welcomed the beginning of autumn with several
activities involving leaves: collecting, sorting, examining, classifying, graphing, painting and making leaf
rubbings. We talked about “deciduous trees” and “chlorophyll” and how the trees “know” when to shed
their leaves.

Halloween was also fun! It was a month of witches, pumpkins, cats, bats, goblins and lots and lots of ghosts.
Our class hosted all sorts of scary, spooky (but sweet) ghosts on Halloween day. We went trick-or-treating
around the school where the children saw their friends and others transformed into someone else. We
talked quite a bit with the children about what’s pretend and what’s real and about how we get all dressed
up at Halloween time but we are still ourselves underneath.

In November we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. As an annual event in Pre-K, we will remember those
children and their families who need food. The Pre-K children will decorate a big box and children will bring
in canned or boxed goods for our church to give to families in need. Please keep an eye out for more
information from the office. Please also remember that with the cooler weather clearly labeled jackets will
be needed. Denise, Nagwa and Ann

    Scroll Down for Holiday Plans
          form and Calendar
Holiday Plans
Please indicate if you will be attending on the following days, should your plans change we would
appreciate if you could inform us ASAP. For your convenience, you can also email this information
to us at

CHILD’S NAME _____________________________________ CLASS____________________

Mon. Nov 21         Tues. Nov 22      Wed. Nov 23          Thurs. Nov 24        Fri. Nov 25
  Yes, we will        Yes, we will      Yes, we will
attend              attend            attend                    Closed             Closed
  No, we will not     No, we will not   No, we will not
attend              attend            attend

Mon. Dec 19         Tues. Dec 20      Wed. Dec 21          Thurs. Dec 22        Fri. Dec 23
  Yes, we will        Yes, we will      Yes, we will         Yes, we will
attend              attend            attend               attend
  No, we will not     No, we will not
                                         No, we will not      No, we will not
attend              attend            attend               attend

Mon. Dec 26         Tues. Dec 27      Wed. Dec 28          Thurs. Dec 29        Fri. Dec 30
                      Yes, we will      Yes, we will         Yes, we will
                    attend            attend               attend
    Closed            No, we will not
                                         No, we will not      No, we will not
                    attend            attend               attend

Other days away: _____________________________________________________________

              PLEASE TURN THIS FORM IN TO THE OFFICE by Friday, November 18th

                     T H A N K Y O U! T H A N K Y O U! T H A N K Y O U!
                                    NOVEMBER                                                   2011
Monday                   Tuesday                   Wednesday                  Thursday                       Friday
                         1                         2                          3                              4
                                                   Science with Denise
                                                                                                             Turn your clocks back
                                                                              Music with Halina
                                                   WUMC Blood Drive                                          this weekend

7                        8                         9                          10                             11
                                                   6:30 PM                                                   Closed for
                                                   Chancy & Bruce             Music with Halina              In-service Day
                                                   parent meeting
                                                   Fellowship Hall

14                       15                        16                         17                             18
        WUMP Day                                                                                             Turn in your
        at the                                                                Music with Halina
                                                   Science with Denise                                       Holiday Plans
    Santa Monica Pier                                                         Take a Night off from          Form (included in this
    Aquarium Sunday,                                                          Cooking- Order from            newsletter)
      November 13th                                                           Rubio’s today
21                       22                        23                         24                             25
                                                                              Closed for                     Closed for
                                                                              Thanksgiving Holiday           Thanksgiving Holiday
                                                                              Preschool & Parent & Toddler   Preschool & Parent & Toddler

28                       29                        30

                                                   Science with Denise

Coming up:      Westwood United Methodist Church & Preschool Christmas concert “Carols by Candlelight” Dec 10th at 7 pm
                Closed Dec. 23rd & 26th for Christmas holiday
                Closed Dec. 30th & Jan 2nd for New Year’s holiday
                Thanksgiving Food Drive all month long

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