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                         ANNUAL REPORT

    2006 was a year of great change, not just for our organization but for the
    world in which we operate. Keeping up with massive growth in the face
    of an increasingly difficult environment for immigrants and refugees has
    been one of our organization’s greatest challenges. However, NWIRP is
    as flexible and strong as ever, and we are rising to meet that challenge
    every step of the way.

    This past year we served more than 10,000 clients from more than 100
    countries and 40-50 language groups. And yet, we were only able to assist
    a small fraction of those who requested our services.

    According to a 2005 Census Survey, 24% of our country’s immigrants
    settle in Washington or eight other states. Seventeen percent of Seattle’s population is foreign-born, and Seattle is among the nation’s top dozen
    cities for human trafficking.

    With the Northwest Regional Detention Center in Tacoma filled to capacity with 1,000 detained persons, we received a significant increase in the
    number of calls from loved ones of detainees desperately needing assistance. While primarily intended to serve the Pacific Northwest, detainees
    are transferred from states as far as New York and Florida.

    NWIRP increased major donor contributions by 54%, due to a targeted approach to fundraising as well as increasing awareness of immigration in
    government and media, and a series of well-publicized immigration-related marches in the state. We also used creative, new approaches such as
    concerts and sponsorships to identify potential donors, resulting in a 25% growth in our donor list.

    In 2006, NWIRP filled out its larger Seattle Office space, adding three staff to handle our increasing number of clients. In the past year we have
    successfully trained dozens of pro bono attorneys, law students and other service providers across the state who can help share the workload.

    The Impact Litigation Unit we established in 2005 now has nine cases before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. NWIRP was invited by the Ninth
    Circuit judges to speak at a roundtable discussion on how to deal with the Circuit’s large volume of immigration cases. Our long-term goal is to
    secure ongoing fees under the federal Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) to provide the Unit with a steady revenue stream. The Domestic Violence
    Unit continues to grow in both the Seattle and Granger offices. Despite having taken hundreds of cases, the unit still has nearly 70 cases on its
    wait list.

    Access to NWIRP’s services can be a major factor in providing economic and personal security. Without legal support, our clients are often unable
    to access medical assistance, housing or other basic services, and many of them are afraid to call the police for protection from domestic violence
    or other crimes. NWIRP has a critical responsibility to serve the ever-increasing number of immigrants and refugees in our community. Every day
    we are reminded of the great work we are doing, when we hear words of affirmation from our clients and stories about how deeply we’ve impacted
    their lives – for the better.

    Thank you for continuing to share in our vision to support the rights of immigrants and refugees.

    Best regards,

    Matt Adams                                               Carrie Valladares
    Interim Executive Director                               President, Board of Directors

   YEAR IN REVIEW                                                    FY 2006 SUMMARY
✦ We served more than 10,000 people, and managed 1,162               REVENUE
  applications for immigration benefits.                             Donations:                    209,266     7.52 %
                                                                       Individual Contributions    191,833
✦ The Annual Gala turned into our most successful fundraising          Workplace Giving             17,433
  event to date with more than 750 people and $150,000 raised
  for immigrant rights.                                              Government Contracts           579,710   20.82 %
                                                                     Foundations                  1,144,703   41.11 %
✦ We hired three new staff members including an Associate Director   United Way of King County       67,990    2.44 %
  with 20 years of experience working with international, social
                                   Individual                        Special Events (Net)            81,699    2.93 %
  justice and legal organizations. Donations                         Fee-based legal support        119,915    4.31 %
                                                                     Miscellaneous Income            14,534    0.52 %
✦ NWIRP prevailed in a major decision at the federal court level     Donated Legal Services         566,751   20.35 %
  with Hosseini v. Gonzales, 464 F.3d 1018 (9th Cir. 2006).
                                                                     TOTAL REVENUE                2,784,568    100 %
✦ Our organization was featured in a broad range of media
  throughout the year including on NPR, and KEXP 90.3, in
  the Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Spokane Herald, Seattle PI,
  and on television outlets including PBS.
                                                                     Program Services             2,053,269   76.87 %
                                                                     Management & Operations        388,141   14.53 %
✦ We provided trainings to over 500 service providers,
                                                                     Fundraising                    229,611    8.60 %
  community organizers, and other community leaders.
                                                                     TOTAL EXPENSES               2,671,021    100 %
✦ NWIRP was awarded a Washington Department of Social and
  Health Services contract for statewide, coordinated legal

✦ On May 1st 2006, the National Day of Unity, we helped
  turn out and organize more than 30,000 people to march for
  immigrant rights,—the biggest immigrant rights march in
  Washington State history.

✦ Our first annual benefit concert featured Sierra Leone’s
  Refugee All Stars, attracting more than 600 people.

✦ NWIRP staff participated in a KCTS Connects special report
  “The Immigration Debate, a Yakima Valley Town Hall” and
  broadcast in Seattle and Yakima.

✦ NWIRP’s Legal Orientation Program provided Know Your
  Rights Presentations to more than 3,000 detained immigrants
  at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.

    In 2006, NWIRP explored new ways to share the heroic stories of triumph
    from immigrants and refugees scattered around the globe. A special album
    called “Living Like a Refugee” had debuted on the world market to much
    acclaim. Not only did it contain powerful lyrics, but it was sung by a group
    of six musicians thrown together by a decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone
    and forced into exile in refugee camps in Guinea.

    This group of refugees became known as Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.
    They used music to transform their traumatic past into something that
    made daily life bearable. Their story is not only riveting on its own, but so
    clearly gives voice to the thousands of refugees NWIRP has served over
    the past 23 years.

    In July 2006, NWIRP hosted its first ever Benefit Concert, with Sierra
    Leone’s Refugee All Stars headlining the show. More than 600 people
    turned out for the concert and were blown away with the infectious
    rhythms of this very talented group of musicians. This turned out to be
    a powerful and uplifting forum for NWIRP to create awareness for the
    organization and attract new donors.

    In addition, NWIRP sponsored the screening of their feature-length
    documentary of this amazing band at the 2006 Seattle International Film
    Festival. The film, which has won more than a dozen major awards,
    follows the band’s performances in refugee camps, and their eventual re-
    turn to war-ravaged Freetown. It is a must-see for anyone moved by
    triumphs of the human spirit.

                                                                                      Supportive partners are critical to NWIRP’s ability to advance

                                                                                      the rights and well-being of low-income immigrants and
                                                                                      refugees throughout Washington State. In 2006 we relied
                                                                                      upon and collaborated with many new partners, as well as
                                                                                      many faithful allies. In addition to the grants we receive from a
ADVANCING IMMIGRATION RIGHTS…TOGETHER                                                 wide range of sources, our partners include associates in the
                                                                                      legal community as well as in local government, social services
                                                                                      and the business community.

LEGAL                                                                                 SOCIAL SERVICES
NWIRP continues to collaborate with members of the organized bar and those            Too numerous to list, our partners span the gamut from
in the legal profession at all levels, augmenting our resources and knowledge, and    social service agencies and school districts to human rights
increasing our ability to ensure more clients receive services through pro bono       organizations and churches. These partners not only
representation. A few of our partners follow:                                         offer moral and financial support to NWIRP, but they are
                                                                                      instrumental in providing much-needed services to our clients
✦ Microsoft/ABA Initiative (MAI): In addition to providing direct representation to   – food, shelter, education, jobs, and protection. NWIRP also
  detainees or placing cases with NWIRP’s own pro bono attorney program,              trains many medical, legal and other professionals in the
  NWIRP conducts initial intake discussions with detainees and refers potential       community to document asylum cases and provide necessary
  cases to the MAI.                                                                   information and referral to torture survivors.

✦ American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA): AILA provides assistance and
  representation on complex case referrals.

✦ American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) and the Bay Area law firm of Van Der
  Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale, LLP. In 2006 we served as co-counsel with these
  organizations on a circuit-wide class action case that won certification and a
  preliminary injunction from the federal district court.

✦ Alliance for Equal Justice: NWIRP is a member of this network of organizations
  providing civil legal aid to those with nowhere else to turn. We are a
  beneficiary of funds from the Campaign for Equal Justice that provides funding
  for Alliance members.

Our local law schools provide much needed legal assistance as well. NWIRP trains
law students and pro bono attorneys through the Immigrant Family Advocacy
Project at the University of Washington School of Law, and refers cases to them.
NWIRP attorneys frequently instruct at a joint NWIRP/UW Immigration Law Clinic
designed to serve low-income asylum seekers. We also refer domestic violence
cases to the Immigration Law Clinic at the Seattle University School of Law.

                                                                                      From Starbucks Coffee Company to Davis Wright Tremaine,
                                                                                      NWIRP counted dozens of business partners as supporters
                                                                                      and sponsors of NWIRP events in 2006. The organization has
                                                                                      continued to work to develop new relationships by reaching
                                                                                      out to businesses in the community to share details of NWIRP

$1,000,000 AND ABOVE: Legal Foundation of Washington

$50,000 AND ABOVE: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ✦ Stewardship Foundation ✦ United Way of King County

$20,000 AND ABOVE: The Academy for Educational Development ✦ Jeanne Berwick and Jim Degel ✦ Northwest Children’s Fund ✦ Paul G. Allen Family Foundation ✦ Sisters of Providence ✦ University of Washington

$10,000 AND ABOVE: Muckleshoot Indian Tribe ✦ Women’s Funding Alliance

$5,000 AND ABOVE: The Brad and Kathy Smith Foundation ✦ Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation ✦ Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service ✦ Norcliffe Foundation ✦ Presbyterian Disaster Assistance ✦ Loren D. Smith

$2,000 AND ABOVE: AILA Washington Chapter ✦ Ken Alhadeff ✦ Anonymous ✦ Cozen O’ Connor ✦ Gibbs Houston Pauw ✦ Hanis Greaney PLLC ✦ Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliff ✦ MacDonald, Hoague & Bayless
Northwest Leadership Foundation ✦ Beth Peterman ✦ Preston Gates & Ellis LLP ✦ SEIU Local 6 ✦ Mary E. Snapp ✦ Jonathan Solovy ✦ Totem Ocean Trailer Express (TOTE) ✦ Roger and Judy West

$1,000 AND ABOVE: Greg and Marina Abbott ✦ American Friends Service Committee ✦ Amnesty International Puget Sound ✦ Anonymous ✦ Jennifer N. Brown ✦ Lindsay Barenz ✦ Janet Buttenwieser and Matthew
Wiley ✦ Lisa Christoffersen and Jeffrey Weber ✦ Beverly Cofrancesco and Ira Rubinstein ✦ Philip J. Coleman, D.D.S. ✦ Carolyn Corker-Free and Robert Free ✦ Law Offices of Cowan Miller & Lederman ✦ Davis Wright
Tremaine ✦ Aimee Day Bryan and Deborah De Ponce ✦ Vicky Dobrin and Hilary Han, Dobrin & Han ✦ Julie Edsforth and Jabe Blumenthal ✦ Eschelon ✦ Lisa Fitzhugh & John Hoyt ✦ Garvey Schubert & Barer ✦ HERE Local 8
Marie Higuera ✦ Scharlette Holdman ✦ Donald and Lynda Horowitz ✦ INSZOOM.COM ✦ Japanese American Citizens League, Pacific Northwest ✦ Keith Kemp ✦ Kibble & Prentice ✦ Andrea Lairson and Bob W. Gomulkiewicz
Lane Powell Spears Lubersky, LLP ✦ Kevin and Becky Lederman ✦ Jorge Madrazo-Cuellar ✦ Robert and Grayce Mitchell ✦ Joel and Lorilee Paget ✦ Carl D. Phillips ✦ Lisa Powell ✦ Alan and Andrea Rabinowitz ✦ Roberta
Ray ✦ Manuel Rios ✦ Magdaleno Rose-Avila ✦ SCCFT AFT Local 1789 ✦ Kinza Schuyler ✦ Seattle Community Colleges Federation of Teachers ✦ Seattle University School of Law ✦ SEIU Local 775 ✦ SEIU Local 925
Skellenger Bender, PS ✦ Social Justice Fund ✦ Starbucks Coffee Company ✦ Bart and Naomi Stroupe ✦ Washington Restaurant Association ✦ Wheeler Charitable Trust ✦ Woods & Associates

$500 AND ABOVE: Anonymous ✦ Rodrigo Berho and Guadalupe Berho ✦ Casa Latina ✦ Linda Cies and Paul Gilbert ✦ Ruth Clapp ✦ DLA Piper ✦ Jose and Carmen Esparza ✦ Karen Gilbert ✦ Global Ministries
- UMCOR ✦ Gottlieb, Fisher & Andrews, PLLC ✦ Janet Gwilym and Bing Yee Tso, Jr. ✦ Peggy Herman and Vinnie Venclovas ✦ Mary Hotchkiss ✦ Julian & Chin, LLP ✦ Korean Women’s Association ✦ Ira J. Kurzban
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, Inc. ✦ League of Women Voters of Seattle ✦ Darek Mazzone ✦ Cestjon McFarland and Thomas Goodlin ✦ Nancy S. Nordhoff ✦ Mary Elizabeth O’Keefe ✦ Chris and Julie
Prentice ✦ Robert Rodgers ✦ Girma Eyob Solomon ✦ Karen and William Summers ✦ Washington State Employees Combined Fund Drive ✦ Washington State Trial Lawyers Association ✦ Jennifer West Higgins ✦ Jimmy Wu

$250 AND ABOVE: Y. Abdiaziz ✦ Sandra Aguila-Salinas and Sergio Salinas ✦ Aurora Almeda-Martin and David Martin ✦ Marcia Almquist ✦ Anoumou Lawson ✦ Duncan Autrey ✦ Wayne Balsiger ✦ William and
Virginia Berney ✦ Neelu Bhuman and Andrew Nicholson ✦ Graham Black ✦ Christine Bloch ✦ Kay Bullitt ✦ Martha Cohen Roe ✦ Community to Community Development ✦ Joe Conrad ✦ Ellen Cooper ✦ Jeff Coopersmith
Gregory and June Dallaire ✦ Nancy and Paul Dobrin ✦ Heidi Drivdahl ✦ Bill Dunbar ✦ Eusebio Elizando ✦ Bernice Funk-Cade and Wes Cade ✦ Marya Granger-O’Neil ✦ Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney and Larry Kenney ✦ Sasha
Harmon and James Douglas ✦ Paul Holland ✦ Doug Holtzman ✦ Robert J. Kayihura ✦ Nora Kelley ✦ Jane King and Allen Cheadle ✦ Joe Knight ✦ Mark McDermott ✦ John Midgley ✦ Darin Morgan ✦ Larry and Malihe
Muri ✦ Northwest Communities’ Education Center ✦ Rachel O’Maley ✦ Park Evaluations & Translations ✦ John Pauw ✦ Jamie Pedersen ✦ Deborah Perluss and Mark Diamond ✦ William J. Pittz ✦ Eilzabeth Poh ✦ Carol
Cellman Roach ✦ Shorebank Enterprise, Pacific ✦ Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Church ✦ Mike Solidum ✦ Barbara Stahler ✦ Ben Stull ✦ Aaron Tovo ✦ Shannon Underwood ✦ Cal and Ann Uomoto ✦ Matias Valenzuela
Carrie Valladare ✦ Van Der Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale ✦ Lori Walls ✦ Washington Defender Association ✦ Nadine Wettstein ✦ Richard Woo and Arlene Joe ✦ Jacqueline A. Wood

$100 AND ABOVE: Miller Adams and Dr. Cheryl Roberts ✦ Flor Alarcon-Medrano and Eduardo Medrano Aguirre ✦ Rammanohar Arumugam ✦ Rebecca Baker and Joseph Abraham ✦ Elizabeth Baldwin ✦ Hugh
Bangasser ✦ Gabrielle M. Banks ✦ Louisa Barash and Scott David ✦ Marge Beatty ✦ Bennett Bigelow & Leedom, P.S. ✦ Ann Benson ✦ Geneva Blake ✦ Betty Jean ‘B.J.’ Brooks ✦ Jonathan Brown and Brynnen
Ford ✦ Rev. Sandy Brown ✦ Richard Burton ✦ Diane Butler ✦ Dori Cahn and Jay Stansell ✦ Aaron Caplan ✦ Sandy Cioffi ✦ Stacey Crawshaw-Lewis ✦ Bernice Creaven ✦ Dorothy Dale ✦ Cristina Degennaro
Bill Dennis ✦ Melissa Derry ✦ Alice Dinerman ✦ Cindy Domingo and Frank Reynolds ✦ Jill Dutton and Bob Butler ✦ Shauna Martin Elhert ✦ Quinn Elliot ✦ Sylvia Esparza ✦ Laura Evans ✦ Laura Feinstein ✦ Catherine
and Malcolm Fernando ✦ Palmira Figueroa ✦ Joan Fitzpatrick ✦ Connie Fraser ✦ Julia Freimund ✦ Laurie Garber and David Spitzer ✦ Ubax Gardheere ✦ Karl Geotina ✦ Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas ✦ Richard and Rosalia
Ginsburg ✦ Greg Giraldo ✦ Jean Godden ✦ Sofiya Gorbachevskaya ✦ Sandra Gresl ✦ Charles Hall ✦ Erin Hall ✦ House of Blues Concerts, Inc. ✦ Keaton Hubbert ✦ Mary Hulse ✦ Rena Ilumin ✦ Deborah M. and
Henry Izumizaki ✦ David Jaeger ✦ Milan Kamber ✦ Isaac C. Kaplan ✦ Peter Kardas and Lin Nelson ✦ Rose Kasusky ✦ Rodney and Kristine Kawakami ✦ Maggie Kilbourne-Brook and Wes Howard-Brook ✦ Naomi Kim
King County Bar Foundation ✦ Joseph and Anne-Marie Knight ✦ Carol A. Koller ✦ Dr. Richard Kovar ✦ Kathryn Krikorian ✦ Marie Kurose and Michael Woo ✦ Dennis Lam ✦ Victor Lara ✦ Legacy of Equality, Leader-
ship and Organizing (LELO) ✦ Jennifer Lenga Long ✦ Donna Lewen ✦ Sallie Lin ✦ Melisa Lindley ✦ Christopher London ✦ Sue E. Lorch ✦ Sharon Lucas ✦ Pattie Malone ✦ Deborah Maranville ✦ Maribel Martinez
Ellyn and Donald Martin ✦ Molly McCarthy ✦ Erinn L. McIntyre ✦ Jacqueline McMurtrie and Bill Gales ✦ Robin Mendelson and Ron Slye ✦ M. Janice Michels ✦ Mary Anne Mills ✦ Robert Moore and Bavi Edna Rivera
Maria Mora-Villalpando ✦ Antonia Moras and Charles Beirnard ✦ Claudia Nelson ✦ Joel Ngugi ✦ William Norton ✦ Therese Norton ✦ Casey O’Connor ✦ Jim O’Halloran ✦ Mozhdeh Oskouian ✦ O’Sullivan Law Offices
Dallas Otter ✦ Lupita Patterson ✦ Alan D. Pauw and Jan Pauw ✦ Hiromi K. Peltonen ✦ Kate Pflaumer ✦ Sean Phelan ✦ Larry Phillips ✦ Dorothy Phillmore ✦ Martine Pierre-Louis ✦ Ali Piyarali ✦ Bob Plumb and
Alfredo Fontanilla ✦ Romie Ponce ✦ Jacquelyn Prentice ✦ Michael and Elizabeth Radelet ✦ Arazind Ramakrishnan ✦ Refugee Women’s Alliance ✦ William Roach ✦ Jean Robinson ✦ Musse Roble ✦ Philip Safar
Nancy Sapiro and Lincoln Miller ✦ Liz Schott ✦ Jim Shaker ✦ Barry and Ruby Shaw ✦ Louise Y. Shields ✦ Nadine Shiroma ✦ Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace ✦ Hart Smith, III ✦ Jack Smith ✦ Steve Spero ✦ Judith
Starbuck and Peter Greenfield ✦ Hilary Stern ✦ Siobhan Stiglitz ✦ Kristen Stilt ✦ Jack and Michele Storms ✦ Karen Stuhldreher and Johnny Calcagno ✦ Beth Taylor ✦ Teamsters Union Local 117 ✦ The NW Network
Zeynep Tolon ✦ Tom Tremaine ✦ Mike and Lois Trickey ✦ Kitty-Ann Van Doorninck and John Van Buskirk ✦ Jennifer Van Nuys ✦ Douglas and Ann Ward ✦ Marilyn and John Warner ✦ Washington Alliance for Better Schools
Robert Wells and Louisa Lancaster Wells ✦ Charles ‘Chip’ Wheeler ✦ Mary Whisner ✦ Susan Wickett-Ford and Dan Ford ✦ U Kyaw Win ✦ Marci Wing ✦ Anthony ‘Nico’ Zenger

UP TO $99: Mahin Adair ✦ Gina Milagros del Aguila ✦ Tanya Aguilar ✦ American Civil Liberties Union ✦ Katrina Anderson ✦ Teodulfo Andrade ✦ Graydon H. Andrus ✦ Patricia J. Arthur and Diane L. Hale JT Ten
Jane Ashe ✦ Emmalee Ashland ✦ Diane Roseman Baer ✦ Roy and Claudia Baggerly ✦ Jerry and Kristin Barber ✦ Sharon and Craig Barnett ✦ Lauren Barnhart ✦ Paul and Janet Bastine ✦ Micheline Beaulieu
Hillary Behrman and Steve Johnson ✦ Rita and William Bender ✦ Roy Berg ✦ Michele Besso and Matt Fairbank ✦ Paul and Mindy Blaski ✦ Robert C. Boruchowitz ✦ Maria Boswell ✦ Kari Boyum ✦ Diane Brelsford
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The Church Council of Greater Seattle ✦ Sashya Clark ✦ Claudia Arana ✦ JoAnne B. Conard ✦ Sandra Contreras and Paul Mailman ✦ Pat and Nic Corning ✦ Maria Cortez ✦ Oumar Coulibaly ✦ Andrea Crumpler and Alan Utley

                                            “NWIRP was there for me. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for NWIRP.”
                                                                                         - Elidia Sangerman, Mexico
“Without NWIRP my life would be a disaster, and for my family too.” - Ater Malath, Sudan
Brian and Cynthia Dano ✦ Abigail Gonzales Daquiz ✦ Diana Dearmin and Paul Fogarty ✦ Nancy and Etienne Debaste ✦ Emily Deckman ✦ William Demartini ✦ Yareli I Denison ✦ Adrian Z. Diaz ✦ David and Shelley Dion
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Melina Zakin ✦ Dongsheng Zang ✦ Erin Zipfel

2006 IN-KIND DONORS: 5 Spot ✦ Acme Bowl ✦ Sandra Aguila-Salinas ✦ Ken and Marleen Alhadeff ✦ All the Best Pet Care ✦ Alliance Chiropractic ✦ American Dance Institute ✦ Anonymous ✦ Apple American
Group LLC ✦ Claudia Inez Arana ✦ ARB 4x4 Accessories ✦ Blue Ribbon Cooking LLC ✦ Bonnie River Fair Trade and World Friendly Store ✦ Cascade Mountain Books ✦ The Center for Wooden Boats ✦ Comedy Underground
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Arts ✦ Carrie Valladares ✦ Lori Walls ✦ Whole Life Yoga ✦ Zagi’s Pizza Ristorante ✦ Erin Zipfel

2006 PRO BONO ATTORNEYS AND RELATED VOLUNTEERS: Greg Abbott ✦ Frani Adair ✦ Ingrid Anderson ✦ Lance Andree ✦ Johanna Baumann ✦ Susan Beecher ✦ Nick Beermann ✦ Jeff Bernstein
Julie Bildhauer ✦ Stephanie Bird ✦ Jenessa Nicole Boleda ✦ Aric Bomsztyk ✦ Kari Boyum ✦ Kirsten Calhoun ✦ Lindsay Calkins ✦ Erica Carnell ✦ Julio Carranza ✦ Jennifer Carter ✦ Larry Chin ✦ Julia Parsons Clarke ✦ Jamie
Clausen ✦ Letty Coffin ✦ Fanny Cordero ✦ Henry Cruz ✦ Rachel da Silva ✦ Lance Dahl ✦ Taryn Darling Hill ✦ Alfred Day ✦ Merryn DeBenedetti ✦ Vicky Dobrin ✦ Onel Dolce ✦ Signe Dortch ✦ Martine Downey ✦ Jake Downs
Don Duprey ✦ Jaci Edelen ✦ Jessica Eiting ✦ Marie Ericsson ✦ Dan Fagan-Smith ✦ Dana Ferestien ✦ Colleen Fitzpatrick ✦ Gretchen Freeman ✦ Sigrun Freeman ✦ Ann Frost ✦ Margaret Gaffney ✦ Javier Garcia
Whitney Gardner-Garcia ✦ Mariam Goroyan ✦ Clayton Graham ✦ Sumona Das Gupta ✦ Hilary Han ✦ Rose Hansen ✦ Elizabeth Hawkins ✦ Peggy Herman ✦ Jana Heyd ✦ Marie Higuera ✦ David Huneryager
Patrick Hurley ✦ Peter Hurtado ✦ Thi Huynh ✦ Arlene Joe ✦ Karen Jones ✦ Cristina Jorgenson ✦ Bree Kame’enui Ramirez ✦ Wendy Kearns ✦ Nancy Kennedy ✦ Heather Kilebrew ✦ Jason Kinn ✦ Elena Kissin
Barbara Klein ✦ Anita Koyer ✦ Christopher Lanese ✦ Susan Larrance ✦ Kalai Lau ✦ Cari Laufenberg ✦ Deena Ledger ✦ Jennifer Lenga-Long ✦ Sarah Leyrer ✦ Sok-khieng Lim ✦ Jonathan Lloyd ✦ Erin Lovell
Greg Luloff ✦ Dan MacGuire ✦ Joanna Mareth ✦ Ryan McGrath ✦ David Merrill ✦ Ioana Miron ✦ Ako Miyaki Murphy ✦ Minh Ngo ✦ Kelcey Nichols ✦ Ony Okoro ✦ Kelly Owen ✦ Joel Paget ✦ Megan Pedersen
Shange Petrini ✦ Michael Pierson ✦ Joanna Plichta ✦ Linda Poh ✦ Siri Quigley ✦ Chami Ro ✦ Elisa Scalise ✦ Mike Schlechter ✦ Andrea Lynn Schmitt ✦ Christine Schonwald ✦ Sarah Scott ✦ Catherine Sherred
Shirley Shtigman ✦ Pat Simon ✦ Shan Sivalingam ✦ Gwynne Skinner ✦ Holly Smith ✦ Jonathan Soepardjo ✦ Sherry Soepardjo ✦ Laura Solis ✦ Shannon Stancil ✦ Bonnie Stern Wasser ✦ Helen Stocklin-Enright
Leslie Street ✦ Jennifer Summerville ✦ Emilia Sweeney ✦ Brenda Tausch ✦ J. Scott Timmons ✦ Anh Tran ✦ Kripa Upadhyay ✦ Jeffrey Vox ✦ Tahmina Watson ✦ Lisa Williams ✦ Robin Williams ✦ Joanna Wilson
Charisse Wu ✦ Jimmy Wu ✦ Erin Zipfel

OTHER VOLUNTEERS: Jonathan Carey Jackson ✦ Beth Sandman ✦ David True ✦ Irine Vaiman ✦ Sandra Aguila-Salinas ✦ Claudia Antuna ✦ Sarvenaz Asasy ✦ Soo Borson ✦ Ieva Butkute ✦ Gerald Cavehce
Judith Centerwall ✦ Brian Coleman ✦ Carol Cordy ✦ Abigail Daquiz ✦ Melissa Derry ✦ Richard Deyo ✦ Ted Doughten ✦ Molly Dowd ✦ Christopher Edmonds ✦ Marie Ericsson ✦ Tim Ericsson
Sharon Farmer ✦ Lourdes Fuentes ✦ Chi Meng Gan ✦ Lorin Gardiner ✦ Josh Gaul ✦ Eugenie Gullach ✦ Brianna Home ✦ Erica Knight ✦ Tatyana Kusty ✦ Jacque Larrainzar ✦ Steven R Lawton ✦ Mike Lee ✦ Lea
Liviakis ✦ Janet Lotawa ✦ Semi Lotawa ✦ Elizabeth Marshall ✦ Wu Minjing ✦ Pam Montgomery ✦ Marco Morantes ✦ Bart Muller ✦ Michelle Muri ✦ Therese Norton ✦ Elizabeth O’Keefe ✦ Merri Ann Osborne
Vilma Ouijada ✦ Beth Peterman ✦ Martine Pierre-Louis ✦ Angelina Platas ✦ James Prince ✦ Musse Roble ✦ David John Roesel ✦ Magdaleno Rose-Avila ✦ Barry Saver ✦ William ‘Bill’ Schwarz ✦ Denis Short
Timothy Smith ✦ Nancy Snapp ✦ Jack Storms ✦ Michele Storms ✦ Jeffrey Sung ✦ Troung Tang ✦ Beverly Underwood ✦ Carrie Valladares ✦ Jennifer Van Nuys ✦ Janelle Walhout ✦ Lori Walls ✦ May Weiss
Hilary Wilson ✦ Anthony ‘Nico’ Zenger ✦ Claudia Antuna ✦ Rama Oskouian ✦ Kara-Lee Ruotolo ✦ Alejandra Suarez ✦ Beverly Underwood

                                                                                              Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is deeply grateful for all the individuals, busi-
                                                                                              nesses and organizations that fund the work we do. If you are not listed in this
                                                                                              report, please accept our apologies and also know we are very thankful for your
                                                                                              generosity and support. If you feel your gift is not reflected accurately, please
                                                                                              contact our Development Office at (206) 587-4009.

                             2007 BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND STAFF LIST

                                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                 Carrie Valladares, President Sandra Águila-Salinas, Vice-President
                                            Josh Gaul, Secretary Truong Tang, Treasurer
                               Vicky Dobrin Beth Peterman Martine Pierre-Louis Musse Roble

                                                           SEATTLE STAFF
                                      Matt Adams, Interim Executive Director and Legal Director
                              Jennifer N. Brown, Associate Director Miriam Cervantes, Legal Advocate
                    Angélica Cházaro, Attorney, New Voices Fellow Stella Essi Dokey, Accredited Representative
                    Sofia Godinez, Receptionist    Samara Hakim, Attorney Karen Harmeyer, Legal Advocate, JVC
                    Emily Headings, Attorney Kristen Kussmann, Attorney         Janet Lotawa, Development Director
                Pam MacRae, Bookkeeper Carolina Martínez, Legal Advocate Françoise E. Maxie, Finance Director
                 Diana Moller, Attorney Michelle S. Muri, Development Coordinator Mozhdeh Oskouian, Attorney
                 Agnes Oswaha, Legal Advocate Daniel Pérez, Outreach and Intake Coordinator and Legal Advocate
           Julio Ramírez, Office Manager Rachel Rubinstein, Legal Advocate, QUEST Intern Gilberto Salas, Legal Advocate
            Chris Strawn, Attorney Netsanet Tesfay, Legal Advocate Jordan Wasserman, Pro Bono Coordinating Attorney

                                                          GRANGER STAFF
            Margaret Gaffney, Attorney Norma Gutierrez, Accredited Representative Erik Noel Nelsen, Office Manager
                      Irma Ramos, Receptionist Martha Rickey, Attorney Soren Rottman, Directing Attorney
                                                  Adela Ruiz, Accredited Representative

                                                           TACOMA STAFF
                          Nancy Acevedo, Attorney Jorge Barón, Attorney Virginia Cole, Legal Advocate

          Western Washington Office: 615 2nd Avenue, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98104 Ph: 206.587.4009 or 800.445.5771
 Eastern Washington Office: 121 Sunnyside Avenue, 2nd Floor P.O. Box 270 Granger, WA 98932 Ph: 509.854.2100 or 888.756.3641
                         South Puget Sound Office: 1208 S. 10th St. Tacoma, WA 98405 Ph: 253.383.0519

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