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									           AGRIPOLE PRESENTATION

             Lead Organization: AUB / FAFS
         Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science,
        Food Technology and Nutrition Department

              USJ Agronomy School(ESIAM)
Ecole Supérieur des Ingénieurs Agronomes Méditerranéenne


     Al Wafic for Agro-Economic Development (NGO)



 Delivery of   business Incubation services



Developing Markets   Objective 1. Facilitating Marco Economic
                     Initiatives: Great Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA),
                     Euro-Mediterranean Association (EUROMED), US
                     (Free Zones) and WTO accession, in order to help
                     the penetration of Lebanese SMEs’ services and
                     manufactured products in international markets
                     Objective 2.Linking Companies With local &
                     international food service and catering Cies

                     Objective 3. Training and developing Marketing and
                     labeling tools such as PDO (Protected Designation
                     of Origin), Lebanese “Terroir”…etc.

Legal Framework   Objective 4. Developing food safety, rural, social
                  and environmental initiatives & Laws projects

                  Objective 5.Developing Food Standard Norms &
                  Accreditation Policies; Assuming the conformity of
                  the production to Lebanese Food Laws and
                  Regulations, EFSA (European Food safety
                  Authority), FDA (BioT), WTO-WHO (Codex) and
                  FAO Initiatives

Knowledge, R&D,   Objective 6. Establishing of knowledge and
                  information data base about Agro Industrial
                  initiatives and integrating SMEs into the information
                  society and economy

                  Objective 7: Reinforcing new product development
                  concepts and culture
                       Objective 8 Development of Technical and
Improving Production   Scientific Human Resources in Agriculture,
Performance            Food Processing and Related Sectors and
                       provision of a well educated, well trained, and a
                       well maintained work force supporting the Agro-
                       Economy and Agro-Tourist industries
                       Objective 9 Generating an Integrated
                       Financial Development Plan for SMEs.

                       Objective 10 Improvement and upgrading
                       of the quality of the Lebanese food
                       products to meet the local and export
                       market standards & specifications

                       Objective 11 Reinforcing linkages
                       between agriculture & industry

                     Delivery of business Incubation services

  Facilities                                      Details

       Business Hosting Facilities Rental.
       25-40 rental spaces: Tailor-made office layout to enable companies to extend or
       reduce their work space in accordance with their budget constraints. Different office
       spaces range between 25 and 250 square meters, to meet the size and budget
       Equipped offices (electricity, UPS, generator, heating, air-conditioning, phone,
       secure access, solar protection curtains).
       Possibility of having office furniture.
       Desktop facilities, i.e. phone, fax, copiers, printer, courier, etc.
       Ready-to-use offices furnished and equipped with computer tools.
       High-speed network connection (LAN, WAN, Internet).

Logistic Services
Companies hosted will benefit from:
Reception and Secretarial service
Maintenance and Janitorial service
Security services
Cafeteria, Restaurant
Sanitary installation
External parking
The other services annexed to main ones are:
Common administrative services
Business extension services (accounting, legal, regulatory compliance assistance, tax issues, etc.)
Phone operator, personalized message-taking by a trilingual operator.
Reception and dispatch of mail
Documentation and Information Centre
It is a space for research and reading
It places at the disposal of researchers documentation and information services with access to
various data base and on-line libraries in different fields
Equipped with 2 work stations for on-line research (2 PCs)
Information is available either electronically via digital support, in press publications, articles, in
books and periodical magazines

Computer Training Room
A training room with 25 seats
Equipped with individual desktops 25 PCs (Pentium IV, 17" color screen, Windows 2000
/ XP / LINUX). The PCs can meet all training needs.
Paper Board / Smart board
Projection system and smart board screen
Internet access- high speed internet connection

Computer Training Room
A training room with 25 seats
Equipped with individual desktops 25 PCs (Pentium IV, 17" color screen, Windows 2000
/ XP / LINUX). The PCs can meet all training needs.
Paper Board / Smart board
Projection system and smart board screen
Internet access- high speed internet connection

       Conference / Meeting Room
       Can be used for training sessions, interviews, workshops and other purposes
       13-20 seats
       Paper board / Smart board
       Video-projector and VHS
       Wi-Fi internet access
       An information processing system allowing users to work in 3 languages
AGRIPO simultaneously (Arabic, French, English)
   LE  Two cabins for simultaneous translation.
       Exhibition area
       Can be used for fairs, promotional activities and demonstration
       Promotional material and equipment
           Catering Services / Cafeteria and Restaurant
           Which can accommodate 40 guests, at the service of incubator members, as well as
           private functions.

Facilities                                       Details
       Pilot Plant
       The food AGRIPOLE Food Processing Pilot Plant will include:
       Shared-use food processing pilot plant including 5 to 6 different machines, each of
       them concerns a different industry (microwinery, microbakery…)
       Joint facilities such as a power substation, water treatment, waste water treatment,
AGRIPO sanitary facilities.
   LE  Management facilities will include: Offices, Office equipment and
 PILOT Telecommunications
       Pilot Plant Extension Services
       On Site training of personnel
       Testing and analysis of food products
       Product development
       Research projects

            Laboratory / Testing equipment
            The laboratory and the testing equipment are located at AUB campus in Beirut.
            AREC – Agricultural Research Centre
            AREC is located in the Hauch Sneid in the Bekaa
TECHNO-     Technological Hall Extension Services
LOGICAL     Teaching: Students will learn different methods of food processing and
  HALL      preservation, and quality control
  Food      Projects Research: Research projects involving new processing techniques and
  Safety    product development, such as the use of additives and probiotics.
   and      Testing and Analysis of Food products: With the laboratories available, foods can
            be tested for microbiological contamination, as well as food analysis.
Incubator   On Site Training: The facility can be used for training personnel working in the
            food industry on the use of food preparation and processing equipment.
            Product development
            In house Workshops and Seminars: The facility can be used for holding
            workshops and seminars on a variety of topics of interest to food scientists and the
            food industry.

            PARTNERS                     level of involvement and activity of partners or others) in the action

                                                 Organization                                       Comments
    Level of involvement
                                               AUB / FAFS
                                                                                      Project Leader
                                        Faculty of Agriculture and
                                                                                      Providing Hall of Technology support
     LEAD ORGANIZATION                        Food Science,
                                                                                      and creamery pilot plant for the dairy
                                          Food Technology and
                                          Nutrition Department
                                                                                      Direct involvement in the management
                                                                                      of the business incubator
                                                                                      Provision of a building for the
                                           USJ Agronomy School                        business incubator and a Land for
                                                  (ESIAM)                             setting up the Hangar used for Pilot
                                            Ecole Supérieur des                       Plant.
                                          Ingénieurs Agronomes                        Involvement in the funding aspect of
            PARTNERS                         Méditerranéenne)                         the business incubator
   (participating in designing and                                                    Commitment to the longevity and
implementing the action and the costs                                                 sustainability of the program after the
             they incur)                                                              cessation of EU funding.
Long term commitment to running and                                                   Direct involvement in the management
       supporting the incubator                                                       of the business incubator
                                                                                      Provision of a Hangar to be used for
                                                                                      Pilot Plant.
                                        Al Wafic for Agro-Economic
                                                                                      Involvement in the funding aspect of
                                            Development NGO
                                                                                      the business incubator
                                                                                      Commitment to the longevity and
                                                                                      sustainability of the program after the
                                                                                      cessation of EU funding.
                 CCIAZ-Chamber of Commerce,
                 Industry and Agriculture in      Honorary Member
                 Zahleh and Bekaa
                 CCIAB- Chamber of Commerce,
                 Industry and Agriculture in      Honorary Member
                 Beirut and Mount Lebanon
                                                  Administrative support and financial
                 Municipality of Zahleh
                                                  support to the BDC
                 Lebanese Association for
                                                  Service Provider
                 Marketing & Advertising
                 ITIA- Lebanon: IT and Internet
                                                  Information and Technoloy.
                 Federation of Tourism
                 Syndicates: Syndicate of
                                                  Major Stakeholder
                 Owners of Restaurants, Cafés,
                 Night-Clubs and Patisseries
                                                  To share its experience of Incubator and
                                                  business hosting
                 Syndicate of Lebanese Food
                                                  Major Stakeholder
                 Assaly & Associates sarl,
                 banking relationship             Financial Support Services
                                                  Management Consultancy and
SUBCONTRACTORS   Kredo s.a.l. (Karam Research,
                                                  Technical Assistance
                 Engineering & Design Office)
                                                  Development and Education
                 MEFOSA sarl (Middle east North   Joining a network of local and   13
        AUB University   Source of knowledge and experiments
                         Professors and students (ready pool of
                         potential entrepreneurs)
                         Existing facilities, labs, and infrastructure
        USJ University   Continuous professional development
                         Linking      Research       Institutes     with
                         Agriculture and Industry
      Al Wafic for Agro- Sectoral specialization in Agro-Economy
TNE   Economic           Joining a Team of Experts with the
 RS   Development NGO    following specialization:
                         -International Market Researcher/
                         -Professor / Islamic Bank Expert/ Ex Judge
                         -Agro- Economist / Development
                         -Int. Economic Administrator / Political
                         Analyst / EU Expert
                         -Business Development Consultant
                         -Agro-industrialist / Food Safety Consultant
     CCIAZ-Chamber        of   Responsibilities for local development and job
     Commerce,      Industry   creation
     and    Agriculture   in   Important for locating building
     Zahleh and Bekaa          Can assist in procedural matters
     Municipality of Zahleh    Offer the BDC “Official” cover
     Lebanese    Association
                             Joining a professional team with extensive experience
     for    Marketing      &
                             able to solve and address Marketing problems.
    ITIA-Lebanon: IT and To integrate SMEs into the information society and
    Internet Association     economy
 S  Federation of Tourism
    Syndicates: Syndicate
    of       Owners       of
                             To improve the Agri-Tourism sector in the region
    Restaurants,      Cafés,
    Night-Clubs         and
     Berytech                  Extensive experience in Incubator and business hosting
     Syndicate of Lebanese To address the Agro Food Industry issues in the region
     Food Industries

       ‫‪Contact Details‬‬
               ‫14 13 43 1 16900‬
               ‫66 99 23 3 16900‬
‫‪FA X‬‬           ‫68 99 37 1 16900‬



          ‫بجانب مستشفى الجامعة االمريكية – بيروت – لبنان‬
           ‫بناية االسود – شقة 103 – 621شارع الصوراتي‬
Lions Bldg. # 301 – 126   – 301 ‫بناية االسود – شقة‬
Sourati Street            ‫621شارع الصوراتي‬
Beirut – Lebanon          – ‫بجانب مستشفى الجامعة االمريكية‬
Tel.: 00961 1 343141                          ‫بيروت – لبنان‬
Tel.: 00961 1 343104                        : ‫بريد الكتروني‬
Mobile: 00961 3 329966     
Fax: 00 961 1 739986


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