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									A PSD to HTML conversion is definitely worthy of the effort and it is constructive for web
design and development. People design their web pages and then transfer them to their web
pages on their web site by using HTML coding. This is a very professional job. PSD pages
cannot be directly loaded on to the web. This is the core value of conversion of PSD to HTML.

A designed web page is like an astronaut. It can only reach outer space by using a space shuttle.
The space shuttle in this case is the World Wide Web. The lift which takes the astronauts from
the ground level to the cockpit is the HTML coding. The web and the web pages are worthless
without each other. Both have a worthy and constructive use for each other. That is why we
have to convert PSD to HTML. The same is the case of good web page designing. The designing
requires PSD and the transfer to the web requires HTML. PSD to CSS is also required.

Search engine compatibility
We have to know the working of existing search engines like Google, Yahoo and Safari. These
search engines use crawlers to find out relevant articles on web pages. Web designing is the
artistic aspect and HTML coding is the practical skilled blue collar aspect of it.
HTML converters of PSD files are also artists in their own right. They slice up the PSD parts
like surgeons and prepare them for transfer in easily digestible pieces to the internet. This is
done with precise commands which make the slices jump through loops and arrive on an empty
web page. The converting commands slowly make up the jigsaw puzzle of the original page in
PSD to HTML onto the web page. While doing this transition HTML codes are fed in to make
the web page easily accessible to all search engines.

SEO for easy access
The main task of a HTML coder is to make a web site SEO enabled so that every search will
bring it on to the list of search engine results. A badly coded web page will remain unnoticed and
lonely without an invitation to be seen by one of the prominent web search engines.
This part of the worthy conversion is done through correct Meta tags and precise Anchor tags.
Images too are given the appropriate formats. This PSD to HTML conversion also ensures a
proper indexing of your web site on one of the search engines.

Economic option
The main worthy and constructive reason for converting PSD to HTML is the cost. An expert
HTML coder will do the job at a fraction of the price than a professional high end agency which
will charge twenty times to make the web page.
Therefore wisdom lies in having an artistic friend familiar with web page designing to create the
web page and then seek the help of an expert to transfer the PSD format to the web using HTML
coding. This coding expert will also enable cross browser visibility. Your website will be visible
on Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox together with any new entrants into the field of search engines.
Therefore a little help in convert PSD to CSS/HTML will make your site worthy and

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