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News for Presbyterian Women in the Twin Cities Area – Fall 2009

Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area
               invite you to our Fall Gathering

     Expanding Our Christian Horizons
     By learning about others outside our boundaries
                          Saturday, October 10, 2009
            Hayfield Presbyterian Church (handicapped accessible)
                     109 E Main Street, Hayfield, MN
                                  8:45 – 3:00 pm
                       Registration/Coffee 8:45 am – 9:15 am
                               MORNING SESSION
          Round Table Discussion of Immigration Issues
              LaDonna Fay – ―Beyond Borders‖ representative
              Lucy Mungai – Church of all Nations
              Susan Ngery – Kenyan Christian Outreach Church
                           Followed by small group sessions

              “Myths and Facts about Immigration” – LaDonna Fay
                “Discussion of U.S. Immigration Legal Issues”

                              AFTERNOON SESSION
                      “Remember Niger Coalition”
                    Kara VanderKamp – Rockford, Michigan
      A project in partnership with the Evangelical Church of Niger to establish
              educational opportunities for students and young adults.
                   Worship Service with Communion

Look for your registration form on the last page. Please note the deadline for
                     registration is Thursday, October 1.
Fall Gathering Speakers:
LaDonna Fay was recently elected to serve on the Church wide Coordinating
Team as a representative of our Synod. She was a member of the ―Beyond Borders‖
group which visited El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico border in April 2008.

Lucy Mungai (Church of All Nations) and Susan Ngery (Kenyan Christian
Outreach Church) are Twin Cities residents who have emigrated from Africa. Both
attended the National Gathering this past summer in Louisville.

                                            Kara VanderKamp, Fall Gathering’s
                                            afternoon speaker, is executive
                                            director of ―Remember Niger
                                            Coalition‖, a nonprofit organization
                                            committed to unite people and raise
                                            resources to expand quality
                                            educational opportunities in Niger.
                                            Niger consistently ranks as one of
                                            poorest countries in the world. Life
                                            expectancy is 44 years. Over 60% of
                                            the population has never attended
                                            school. Nigeriens earn less than $200

As a PCUSA missionary to Niger, Kara returned from a three year assignment in
October of 2007. She worked with the Evangelical Church of Niger as an
educational consultant. During her assignment, a department of education was
created in the church, two primary schools were opened and a primary boarding
school was developed. She also taught ESL at one of the primary schools and
organized an after school soccer program for boys and girls.

To illustrate the transformative power of education in the community and individual
lives, Kara will tell the true story of a poor Nigerien girl. The story helps
demonstrate the ripple effect of education in society.

Niger was not Kara’s first experience in Africa. From 1997 to 1999 the Reformed
Church of America sent her to serve as a teacher in Kenya. Prior to that assignment,
she obtained her master’s degree in International Educational Development at
Columbia University. She was a fourth grade teacher in Chicago from 1999-2003
and a facilitator for Habitat for Humanity in Chicago. Her B.A. degree is from Hope
College in Holland Michigan.
                                                       Ruth Jones, Gathering Co-Chair
                         Special Treat for Fall Gathering
                   Kenyan Christian Outreach Ladies in song
                (pictured here – attendees at National Gathering)

What is Your Story?
We all have them. We all have stories about significant events in our lives and the
places and people who helped define who we have become. In fact, in our daily
lives, we are creating the material memory for future generations. Many of those
memories have to do with moves; not just our own, but the stories of ancestors who
have left behind family and friends to begin in a new part of the country or world.
Those stories recount the process of immigration.

What is your story of immigration? Where did your ancestors come from? Why did
they leave? Where did they first enter this country? What were the difficulties they
encountered in the process? How did they make their way to the places they settled
down? Perhaps you are an immigrant, and have more immediate knowledge of
what immigration has been for you. You may know persons who are trying to
immigrate or are new immigrants to this country. What can you share of their
experiences with us?

Please come to the Fall Gathering with some stories to share, and ready to listen to
other women's stories of immigration.

Presbyterian Immigration Office

                                               Joan Nichols, Justice & Peace Co Chair
   To meet in Minneapolis – JULY 3 - 10, 2010


If you were at the Spring Gathering, you may remember that Manley and Ann Olson
spoke about General Assembly meeting in Minneapolis July, 2010. They requested
that PW/PTCA coordinate a "Gift Project" for needy people within Minnesota, and
as we understand there will be two other presbyteries assisting with it. We have
had numerous e-mails from Ann Rock who has done a fair amount of research on
this. She has communicated with both Manley Olson and Sandy Hawley who co-
chair the "Local Events" team for G.A. who both support the idea of bringing men’s,
women’s, and children's socks and underwear which would be easily packed into a
suit case. A committee will have to be formed for all phases of this project. This
project and ideas were discussed at our last CT meeting. You will hear more about
it at the Fall Gathering as the Olson’s will be there to share more information on the
General Assembly.
                                    Heide Buettner and Rosey Peterson, Co-moderators

Alert!! The PW Synod Gathering is coming!
     Circle June 16-19 on your 2010 calendars, and write in "PW Synod Gathering"
at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA. The theme is "The Wonder of God's
Promises". You can look forward to inspiring speakers and workshop leaders, and
memorable fellowship and worship experiences with other Presbyterian Women
throughout our synod. Details will be available soon, but begin now to talk to
women in your congregation about enjoying this event together next summer.

               Ann Rock, PW/PTCA Representative to PW/Synod of Lakes and Prairies

        Multiculturalism, Ecumenism and Love
         Church of All Nations - Minneapolis
Be sure to check your January/February Horizons Magazine (page 29) for an
excellent description of this congregation written by their pastor, Jin S. Kim.
"God will do wonders among you" from Joshua 3:5 was the theme for the Church
wide Gathering of Presbyterian Women in Louisville, KY July 11-15. Twenty-one
women representing seven churches from the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area

Back row: Zoe, Lois, LaDonna, Cindy, Ann R, Meredith, Donna, Barbara, Susan, Sylvia, Rose, Lucy,
Margie. Middle row: Zita, Jane B, Margaret. Front Row: Jane H, Heide, Rosey, Elizabeth, Peg

    Calvin Presbyterian, Long Lake: Lois Potter
    Church of All Nations, Columbia Heights: Lucy Mungai, Cindy Skjeimeyer
    Community Presbyterian, Rochester: Margaret Nelson, Margie Petersen,
    First Presbyterian, Hayfield: Rosey Peterson
    First Presbyterian, Rochester: Zoe Abrahamson, Heide Buettner, LaDonna
     Fay, Jane Hallman, Peg Parsons, Sylvia Swede,
    First Presbyterian, Stillwater: Donna Barlass, Barbara Barnes, Jane Boss,
     Meredith Fair, Ann Rock,
    Kenyan Christian Outreach Fellowship, St. Paul: Rose Karumba, Elizabeth
     Kihanya, Susan Ngeru, Millicent Waiti,

It was wonderful to experience the wider Christian community with women of many
ages and racial/ethnic backgrounds from all over the United States and twenty-nine
foreign countries.
Each day began and ended with a plenary session which included singing, prayer,
Scripture, interpretation of the Word by many talented women preachers, a litany
of affirmation, and informational talks on mission, advocacy, or justice. Three of the
important topics presented were immigration, human trafficking, and mission work
here and abroad. The last plenary session included communion. On July 13 there
was a commissioning service for twenty-two new mission co-workers, including
Rev. Josh Heikkila from the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, who will serve as the
West African Regional Liaison based in Ghana.

There were numerous forums and workshops one could attend. Three highlights of
the Gathering were the actress Anita Gutschick's portrayals of Women of the Bible,
a presentation on the Book of Revelation by Barbara Rossing, the author of The
Rapture Exposed, and performances of the new musical "Puah's Midwife Crisis",
which is the story of two midwives who lived just before the birth of Moses and
defied the Pharaoh when he commanded the midwives to kill all Hebrew boy
babies they helped deliver. The Book of Revelation will be the HORIZONS Bible
study for 2010-2011.

Each registrant was asked to bring a $20 gift card from a retailer like Target or
Lowe's to the Gathering. The gift cards totaled $69,250, which will be divided
between Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Bellewood Presbyterian Homes for
Children, which serves abused, at-risk or homeless children and youth in Kentucky.
The Gathering offering of $35, 073.70 will be used for grants for women pursuing a
theological education in one of the PCUSA-related seminaries.

Marta Rodriguez of Puerto Rico is the new national PW moderator. LaDonna Fay
was installed as the Synod of Lakes and Prairies' representative on the Church wide
Coordinating Team.

The next Gathering will be held in 2012 in Orlando, Florida, and Minneapolis will
host the 2015 National Gathering.
                                   Sylvia Swede, National Gathering Chair, PW/PTCA

                              DATES TO REMEMBER
Thursday, September 10           Quarterly pledge payment due to Jane Boss
Saturday, September 12           Coordinating Team meets in Hayfield
Sunday, October 4                World Communion Sunday
                                 2009 Peacemaking Offering collected
Saturday, October 10             PW/PTCA Fall Gathering - Hayfield
Sunday, November 15              2010 Pledge Form due to Jane Boss
Thursday, December 10            Quarterly pledge payment due to Jane Boss
NEW MEMBER of 2009-2012

     Congratulations to LaDonna Fay,
our Synod of Lakes and Prairie’s new PW
representative to the 2009-2012 Church
wide Coordinating Team. This amazing
woman has served her own congregation
in many ways, has served as the moderator
of PW in our presbytery and also as the
moderator of PW in our synod.
                                         LaDonna and Sylvia following installation

      LaDonna, you have earned this national leadership position and we are very
proud of you! On July 14, 2009, the last day of the Church wide Gathering in
Louisville, LaDonna and other women from around the country were installed in
front of 2,500 Presbyterian Women. Sylvia Swede, past moderator of PW in the
Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area and also a member of First Presbyterian Church
in Rochester, placed the stole of leadership around her friend’s shoulders as
LaDonna assumed her new responsibilities. What a thrill!
      LaDonna will attend meetings with other national PW leaders twice a year,
and will serve on the Horizons Bible Study Committee and the Mission Relationships
Committee. Under this second assignment she will organize and lead the second
PW USA Mission Experience trip scheduled for September 2010. LaDonna was a
member of the first USA Mission Experience in 2008 to the USA-Mexico border; the
next one will offer opportunities to form relationships with and increase our
understanding of our Native American sisters in South Dakota.
      LaDonna, we value your gentle and effective leadership skills, your ability to
quietly accomplish the work of at least three women, and your faithful friendship.
We are proud to have you representing us on the church wide (National) PW
Coordinating Team.
                                                                     Ann Rock

      Closing Blessing (from the National Gathering – Day 4)
Let us plant ourselves, like the mustard seed, in the dirt of our churches
     And grow into greater faithfulness.
Let us knead ourselves, like the yeast, into the dough of our communities
     And help them rise out of despair.
Let us invest ourselves, like the treasure, in the parcels of our cities,
     And work to achieve a more equitable yield.
Let us cast ourselves, like the net, into the sea of our world,
     And sink until we gather those who are drifting in the deep.
                        WHO WAS BARBARA TILTON?
                       One Person's Journey and Its Fruits

Our newest Barbara Tilton Scholarship recipient is Karen Larson, a seminarian at
United Theological Seminary. This year she will be engaged 12 hours a week in
actual church work: preaching, leading study groups and working with committees.
Her home church is St. Luke's, Minnetonka. Currently she is studying Greek at
Luther Seminary. After our meeting, Karen asked more about who Barbara Tilton
was-- for Presbyterian women this seems a story that seems worth telling.

Barbara Tilton's life (1932-1986) is an excellent example of a woman participating in
many areas of the church's life. In 1971 she organized a Presbytery task force on
Women which subsequently became a model for other judicatories. And in 1972
she was elected Elder, while also holding offices in local, Presbytery and Synod
associations of U.P.W. The editor of Concern remembered Barbara for "her brilliant
and creative mind, her artistic ability and leadership skills, her tireless efforts in
support of women's programs and advocacy issues, and the tenaciousness with
which she stood for the principles and causes she believed in so deeply."

In the mid '80's, Barbara experienced extensive cancer surgery, continuing to work
through debilitating chemotherapy with the same spirit she approached each part
of her life. She became free of cancer only to suffer a fatal head injury in July of
1986, while at a meeting in St. Louis for "Joining the Journey."

At that time, Maxine Sinclair--whose idea created Connections and presently is a
Westminster Minneapolis member—says, "The first memory of Barbara is the day
that I asked to meet her during her layover at the airport after I became president of
the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area. I can still see her walking down the ramp
with a heavy briefcase. I felt uncomfortable in my new role and didn't really know
what I wanted to ask her, but she put me at ease and gave me a sense of confidence.
The theme for the upcoming retreat was Peacemaking. As always with her
presentations, she used many fresh, interesting ways of getting across the material.
She inspired me in my peacemaking efforts."

In October of 1987 a $2500 Barbara Tilton Memorial Scholarship was established.
Many women seminarians have received support from this fund aided by the
continued Blue Bowl donations of our Presbytery women.

Kathryn Nichols Campbell and Paula Sanders are two recent Scholarship recipients.
Kathryn was ordained August 9, 2009, at Westminster Minneapolis as a Minister of
Word and Sacrament, and she has been called to serve as Associate Pastor of Youth
and Congregational Fellowship at Starmount Presbyterian Church in Greensboro,
NC. The Rev. Paula Sanders was ordained three years ago as a Minister with the
Lydia Project at Kwanzaa Community Presbyterian Church. She has also just
become the Executive Coordinator for the 2010 General Assembly to be held in
Minneapolis in July of 2010.

We continue to encourage this ongoing scholarship ministry, and we are
encouraged by the lives and questions of our Seminarians. Barbara Tilton always
encouraged long-range planning. She often said, "I don't know how much time I
have, but I'm going to LIVE 'til I die." This she did, with vigor and courage-as an
example for all of us.
                           Marilyn Youel, Barbara Tilton Scholarship Committee Chair

                      2009 PEACEMAKING OFFERING

What Will Your 25% Be?

        During our Spring Gathering, a representative from each of the churches
was asked whether their church collected a Peacemaking Offering, and if so,
what local project had been supported. The response was mixed, with many
unaware of whether their church collected such an offering or not, and
others not certain what the 25% their church kept, was used for. For those that did
know, the use of these funds was truly varied. From the production
of a calendar highlighting the outreach ministry of church members, to the support
of legal services for women in domestic abuse situations, it was
clear that congregations are using these funds to extend justice and peace within
their local communities.
        This fall, both World Communion Sunday and the 2009 Peacemaking
Offering are celebrated on October 4th. By now, representatives in every
congregation have received information and resources for this special Sunday.
Please find that person in your congregation, and help make this an opportunity for
your church to minister at a local and national level. Highlighting the local recipient
organization in Christian education programming and during the Sunday service,
will significantly increase giving to this special offering.
        At our Fall Gathering on October 10th, come prepared to share how your
congregation will be using the funds they have raised during the 2009
Peacemaking Offering.

Peacemaking Offering
Presbyterian Peacemaking Program Home Page

                                                    Joan Nichols, Justice & Peace Co Chair
                     NEW SPIRITUAL LIFE LEADER
From the PW/PTCA Nomination Committee:
We are pleased to announce that Rev. Stephanie Anthony of First Presbyterian Church,
Hudson, WI has agreed to be our Spiritual Life Leader. You will meet her at the Fall

Dear Sisters in Christ,
I am excited to begin serving the Coordinating Team and the PTCA PW as a
Spiritual Life Leader! This is my first venture into the world of PW in this
presbytery. I moved here to Hudson, Wisconsin from Lincoln, Nebraska, to serve
First Presbyterian Church in January 2008, and I have been slowly finding my place
in this presbytery. It is with deliberation and discernment that I have looked at the
opportunities to serve, and when this opportunity to join PW in mission and ministry
arose I heard God calling me to try something new.

Just a little bit about myself—I am a child of God, a wife to Phillip Anthony, and a
mom to Karoline (4) and William (2). My parents and sister and her family live in
Florida, where I grew up. I majored in biology and religion at the College of
William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, and continued on to get my Master of
Divinity at Columbia Theological Seminary near Atlanta, GA. I have served in
ordained ministry for 7 years. My first call was as the associate pastor at First
Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. In Hudson, I appreciate a call that
allows me to preach regularly, minister to all ages, and help lead God’s people as
we grow as the body of Christ.

In my free time, when it exists, I love to knit, which I learned to do at the PW Synod
Gathering in the summer of 2004. My guiltiest pleasure is REALLY BAD TV.

I’m looking forward to serving with the CT and the rest of the PTCA PW over the
coming year!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Stephanie Anthony

                           2009 Thank Offering
Twenty-seven projects (14 from the U.S. and 13 from other places on the globe)
received grants from PW’s Thank Offering. From improving access to clean water
in Haiti to providing oral health care in New Jersey, the $684,000 given in grants will
improve the lives of God’s people. At least 40 percent of the offering is designated
for health ministries. For more info go to:
Manley and Ann Olson, former Moderator of the PW of the Presbytery of the Twin
Cities Area, attended our Spring Gathering and were in attendance at a portion of
the National Gathering. Two days following the Gathering, we received this
message from the Presbytery office:

―It is with deep sadness that we report the death of Sam Olson, the 15-month-old
grandson of Ann and Manley Olson following a tragic accident in his home. Sam’s
parents are Mark and Jennie Olson. Ann and Manley have served in a myriad of
capacities in this Presbytery and Manley is currently the Co-Chairman of the
committee on Local Arrangements for next year’s General Assembly meeting here
in the Twin Cities. Please keep the entire family in your prayers in this difficult time
of pain and loss. Condolences can be sent to the Olson’s at 1974 W. Summer St. St.
Paul, MN 55113.‖


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