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					 July 10, 2011                                                                                15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

        Our Lady of Grace Church
        A Parish of the Diocese of Greensburg | A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust
        1011 Mt. Pleasant Road | Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

               Liturgical Schedule                                                   Mission Statement
Weekend Masses:      Saturday Vigil:    4 PM
                    Sunday Masses:      8:30, 10:30 AM                    Our Lady of Grace, founded in 1910 as an Italian eth-
Weekday and Holy Day Masses:            Please see inside bulletin.   nic parish, is now a territorial parish of the Roman
                                                                      Catholic Diocese of Greensburg to which all people are
                                                                      welcome. The responsibility of each member of Our
                                                                      Lady of Grace is to hear the Word of God and live it by
                                                                      sharing in worship, especially at Eucharist; by nurturing
                                                                      our Catholic faith through formation and prayer; by
                                                                      reaching out to identify and serve the needs of our parish
                                                                      and the community; and by welcoming others into our
                                                                      faith community. Through our actions, we strive to
                                                                      share, and to encourage others to share, in the fullness of
                                                                      God’s kingdom.

                                                                                     Sacrament of Reconciliation
Parish Office………………...……………………...724-838-9480
Fax…………………………..……………………...724-838-1842                                1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 5:30-6 PM or until
Religious Formation…………..…………………...724-832-6730                       finished.
Aquinas Academy……………………..…………...724-834-7940                                                   Baptisms
St. Vincent de Paul Helpline……..………………..724-837-5154                  By appointment only. Please call the Parish Office at least four
St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank……...…………….724-836-0175                  months in advance of the birth. A class for parents is required
Albanese Hall……………………..………………..724-836-8157                           to reflect on the meaning of the sacrament, to review the
Catholic Charities Pregnancy…………….……..1-800-241-7360                  ceremony, and to highlight the importance of the family’s                                          commitment to practicing the Catholic Faith.
                                                                                           Sponsorship Forms
                                                                      Forms for our members to serve as sponsors for Baptism and
                Rev. Paul A. Lisik, Pastor                            Confirmation must be filled out in person at the Parish Office.
 Rev. Larry J. Kulick,                     Greg Petrucci,             To serve as a sponsor, you must be at least 16 years old and a
       In residence                    Director of Faith Formation    practicing Catholic who has received Baptism, Confirmation,
  Hollie Uccellini,                      Katrina Coleman,             and Holy Eucharist. If you are married, it must be within the
   Pastoral Associate                   Director of Young Adults      guidelines of the Catholic Church. Please call the Parish Office
  Marisa Cazden,                           & Youth Ministry           to make an appointment to fill out the form.
    Music Minister                          Tom Stumpo,                                        Weddings
  Dorothy Skoloda,                       Maintenance Supervisor       Please call the Parish Office at least six months in advance.
       Secretary                            Dave Stumpo,              Do not set a date until you have contacted the parish priest.
   Donna Stewart,                              Maintenance            Pre-marriage preparation classes are required and are available
       Secretary                                                      in a couple of forms.
Page Two                           WELCOME TO OUR LADY OF GRACE PARISH

                THE SACRAMENTS — SIGNS OF DI-                   THIS THURSDAY, JULY 14, IS THE
                VINE PROMISE — The Good News of                 FEAST DAY OF BLESSED KATERI
                 Jesus Christ is the news of life. The inner-   TEKAKWITHA.   A Mohawk maiden
                 most fear of each of us is our own death.      walked in the forests and glens of Amer-
We dread the moment of apparent nothingness. No more            ica a century before there was a United
me! Yet, we struggle to assure ourselves that “something”       States, and today she is known and re-
must be. We cannot just end. Jesus came to assure us            vered throughout the world. She was a
that we shall not end; in fact, He proclaims that death has     true child of the continental wilderness
no dread, that death is the moment when we are really           that was forged into a mighty nation, and
born to a life undreamed, a life fulfilled, a life that only    she was also chosen to experience union in prayer and
God could imagine: this new life is God’s own life with all     contemplation with Christ. This Mohawk maiden demon-
that we can conceive as truly God — life, love, peace, joy,     strates the Divine Presence in human lives in a remarkable
togetherness with all those we love and desire to love.         and historic manner, but she also serves as a bridge be-
That is Good News!                                              tween the Catholic faith and the modern Native Americans
However, we still struggle with that News. And Jesus            of this continent.
knows the struggle of each of us. To assure us that death       Her name at birth was Tekakwitha, and she received the
has no sting, He has conferred upon us sacramental mo-          name Kateri or Catherine when she was received into the
ments, moments of promise that we live forever. The Sac-        Church. She is also called the Lily of the Mohawks, the Mo-
raments act as stepping stones through life to keep us          hawk Maiden, the Pure and Tender Lily, and the Fairest
from falling into despair or sinking into dread. The Sacra-     Flower among True Men. Tekakwitha Circles, prayer
ments announce again and again that we have life, that          groups, have been formed throughout the United States in
nothing in life need overcome us, that we are good and          her honor, and the Native Americans have rejoiced in her
lovable in God’s eyes and our own. The Sacraments are           life because she embodies the best of Indian culture and
the directional signs to the heavenly promise. They lead
us to become whom we’ve always really desired to be.
They show us that true humanness is to be of God: we are        The Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions has a national
His Family, no less than that, and His children are made        prayer campaign for the Feast Day of Blessed Kateri Tekak-
for His Life forever.                                           witha. She is the only person with American Indian blood to
In the gift from Jesus of the Sacraments and in our recep-      be honored by the Church. Pope John Paul II declared her
tion of them we confidently seal the Promise: we are the        blessed June 20, 1980. The purpose of the campaign is to
Father’s People, living a life that is forever. That is Good    have Blessed Kateri become better known and to ask for
News!                                                           prayers for the first-class miracle needed for the canoniza-
                                                                tion process.

OUR DIOCESAN NEWSPAPER — “The Catholic Accent”                            FOR INFORMATION, WRITE OR PHONE:
                                                                           Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions
The articles are very newsworthy and timely. They deal
                                                                                  2021 H. Street, N.W.
with news on a national level and also from around the
                                                                                Washington, D.C. 20006
four counties of our own diocese. A few familiar faces
                                                                                 Phone: 202-331-8542
even show up from time to time. If you do not receive the
Accent and would like to, please call the parish office. The
                                                                             PRAYER FOR THE CANONIZATION
annual subscription is $14, payable through the enve-
                                                                             OF BLESSED KATERI TEKAKWITHA
lopes in the monthly offertory packets.
                                                                O God, who, among the many marvels of Your Grace in the
                                                                New World, did cause to blossom on the banks of the Mo-
                                                                hawk and of the St. Lawrence, the pure and tender Lily,
ARE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW INTERESTED IN                       Kateri Tekakwitha, grant we beseech You, the favor we beg
BECOMING CATHOLIC? Now is the time to call                      through her intercession; that this Young Lover of Jesus
the Parish Office. Becoming a member of the                     and of His Cross may soon be counted among her Saints by
Catholic faith is a big step in your life. The sum-             Holy Mother Church, and that our hearts may be enkindled
mer is a good time to meet with us and ask                      with a stronger desire to imitate her innocence and faith.
questions. So, take this opportunity to find out                Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.
in a relaxed and comfortable way if you are ready to start
this journey. For more information, please call Hollie at                     Our Father and Hail Mary once,
724-838-9480.                                                                Glory be to the Father three times.
Page Three                                    Our Lady of Grace Parish                                       July 10, 2011

                                                                   CONTINUING THIS WEEK IN THE BULLETIN AND
                                                                   FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS, WE WILL HAVE A
     FAITH FORMATION NEWS                                          SHORT ARTICLE ON THE CHANGES IN THE RO-
    Deadline for registration is this Monday, July 11.             MAN MISSAL (the book that is used at Mass). As
                     Register NOW!                                 you should already know from articles in the Catholic
  The dates for this year’s Vacation Bible School at Our Lady      Accent and other Catholic publications, this change be-
  of Grace will occur from Sunday, July 24, when we will           gins on the First Sunday of Advent (November 27,
                        have our opening celebration for the       2011). Please read and digest the information in the
                        whole family, through Thursday, July       bulletin in the next weeks to become enlightened and
                        28. Our daily sessions will occur from     aware of the changes.
                        9 a.m. to noon each day, Monday            WEEK 8 — Changing How We Pray
                        through Thursday. This year’s teach-       So what will we be doing different?
  ing, crafts, music, games and snacks will help all of us
                                                                   If you walk into most any Catholic Church today, you’ll
  grow in understanding the ways that our God shows his
                                                                   notice differences. Not everything is done the same in
  care for each and every one of us! All children between
                                                                   every church. Local practices originate with the passing
  age 4 and those who will begin grade 5 in the fall are wel-
                                                                   of time; some legitimate, some not. It is to be expected
  come to attend.
                                                                   that the implementation of the new Missal will lead to
  Look for registration and volunteer forms in the Gathering
                                                                   reflection upon all practices.
  Area      of    the     Church       and     online        at                                    One of the most vexing questions in our own time is:
                                                                   “What to do with our hands during the Our Father?”
                                                                   Twenty years ago this didn’t seem to be a problem. But,
  VBS VOLUNTEERS                                                   someone decided that we should hold hands during this
  Our PandaMania volunteers have begun to meet and orga-           prayer. Ever since, Catholics have been torn between a
  nizing the Big 5 days is under way, but it is not too late to    decision to seemingly ignore the person standing next
  help. Contact Greg by calling the Faith Formation Office,        to them at Mass or to join them in solidarity. It’s a ques-
  724-832-6730, or at           tion which really asks us to consult the guidance pro-
  Craft Helpers Meeting this Wednesday, July 13, at 6 p.m.         vided by the ritual.
  in Albanese Hall
  Crew Leaders Meeting this Thursday, July 14, at 1 p.m. in        There is no “rule” which calls for the holding of hands.
  Albanese Hall                                                    The Our Father is a prayer of supplication, not solidarity.
                                                                   The action which expresses our unity is the Sign of
                                                                   Peace. If any physical gesture is to be associated with
                                                                   the Our Father, it seems legitimate that this gesture be
                                                                   the orans prayer posture: This is the way the priest
DIOCESAN LENTEN APPEAL UPDATE: To date, our parish                 prays this prayer; with arms outstretched and palms
has raised $94,263 from 589 gifts (33% of our registered pa-       facing up. It is a gesture of supplication which expresses
rishioners). Thank you to all who have participated in this ap-    our trust in and dependence upon our Father. But of
    peal. If you haven’t made your gift yet, please: Prayerfully   course no one is compelled to adopt a posture they find
                consider the level of sacrifice that your family   uncomfortable.
                 can make to support the work of your church.      The Church does not demand that the assembly imitate
                  Kindly return your pledge cards as soon as       the priest with this posture. I would therefore hope that
                 possible. Please be generous in your re-          no one would impose on others a way of praying that is
                sponse to the call to serve our parish.            not necessary. One of the hoped-for results of the imple-
                                                                   mentation of the new Missal is a greater sense of be-
                                                                   longing; no matter where Mass is celebrated. Perhaps in
                                                                   this time of preparation it is appropriate to remember a

Please remember: Children are out of school for summer va-
                                                                   wisdom which has long guided the Church’s actions: “In
                                                                   essential matters, unity; in nonessential matters, free-
                                                                   dom; in all things, charity.”
cation. Many of these children may be helping out at home by
preparing meals for themselves and for younger brothers and
sisters. More than ever we need to provide food items such as      HELP NEEDED: The St. Vincent de Paul store in
tuna, fruit, beverages, cereals, and healthy snacks. And, dur-     Greensburg is in need of help in several areas. The
ing the summer months, there’s a greater need for band-aids,       store needs drivers and helpers to pick up household
ointments, and other first-aid items. We ask that you please       goods in the area. Also help is needed in the household
be as generous as possible in the next collection, the weekend     goods area to repair furniture and to do small mainte-
of JULY 30 and 31, as there will be NO COLLECTION in AU-           nance tasks. Please call Fred Francese at 724-834-
GUST due to the parish picnic.                                     8819 or the store at 724-836-1077.

  MONDAY, July 11
  7:15 p.m.     Catholic Guys Night — Daily Chapel
  WEDNESDAY, July 13
  10 a.m.       Bible Sharing — Albanese Hall
  6 p.m.        VBS craft helpers — Albanese Hall
  THURSDAY, July 14
  10 a.m.       Legion of Mary — Albanese Hall
  11:30 a.m.    Rosary — Daily Chapel
  1 p.m.        VBS crew leaders — Albanese Hall
  7 p.m.        Faith Sharing — Albanese Hall

IN SYMPATHY: We ask for your prayers for the families of
Josephine Lepidi, Anita Tridico and Lucille Guerrieri, who re-
cently passed away. May their souls and all the souls of the
faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, continue their
journey to new life in the presence of God in the Heavenly

hold Eucharistic Adoration on Tuesday, July 12, at Mother of
Sorrows Church, Murrysville, at 6:15 p.m., followed by a Prayer
Service for Priests at 7 p.m. The group will pray the Rosary for
Priests, Litany for Priests, Scripture reading and Meditative
Reflection, and end with the Diocesan Vocation Prayer. The
church will be open for Eucharistic Adoration all day.

                     Community News
    The St. Benedict Festival, 260 Bruno Road, Marguerite,
    continues from noon to 9 p.m. today, Sunday, July 10.
    Entertainment will include PA Express from noon-3:30
    p.m. and Saddle Up from 5-8 p.m. Also featured will be
    ethnic and traditional food and games for children.
    The Magnificat Greensburg Chapter will hold a breakfast
    from 9 a.m. to noon July 23 at the Four Points Sheraton,
    Route 30 East, Greensburg. Special guest speaker will be
    Lorene Duquin, who will share her personal testimony.
    Cost is $18 per person. To register, call Judy at 724-420-
    5000 or Kathy at 724-832-1701. Registration forms are
    also available at
    A Mass, procession and fireworks will highlight the July 14
    -17 festival tribute to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at St. Bar-
    tholomew Church, Crabtree. Activities will include live en-
    tertainment, children’s games and rides, food and games
    of chance. Call the church at 724-834-0709 for details.
    The Rosary Altar Society of St. Paul Parish, Greensburg,
    will hold a Trash ‘n Treasure Sale 9 a.m.-8 p.m. July 15
    and 16, and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. July 17. Admission is free, and
    there will be refreshments, a Chinese Auction, and a bake
    sale. Additional information is available by calling the
    church office at 724-834-6880.
                 MASS SCHEDULE
                             Saturday, July 9
4 PM          Deceased members of Cercemaggiore
                             Sunday, July 10
8:30 AM       For the living and deceased members of
              Our Lady of Grace Parish
10:30 AM      Lavina Hyland by Kathleen Cammerata
                             Monday, July 11
6:45 AM       Poska/Hetzel families by Antoinette Poska
                             Tuesday, July 12
6:45 AM       Deceased members of the Spagnolo family
              by son/brother, Raymond Spagnolo
                           Wednesday, July 13
6:45 AM       Edward Handke by Neil/Sharon/Jacob/Mara LeJeune
                            Thursday, July 14
6:45 AM       Angelo/Jennie DeBone by Carolyn Grimm
                              Friday, July 15
6:45 AM       Eva Altieri by family
                            Saturday, July 16
1:30 PM       Wedding: Katie Hilliard/Anthony Uliano
4 PM          Sam/Nina Cammarata/son, Louis
              by Joe/Florence Avampato
                             Sunday, July 17
8:30 AM       For the living and deceased members of
              Our Lady of Grace Parish
10:30 AM      Deceased members of the Benedetti/DeRocco family
              by Barry/Leanna Benedetti

                               Bible Sharing
                  READINGS FOR THE WEEK
  Monday:          Ex 1:8-14, 22; Mt 10:34 — 11:1
  Tuesday:         Ex 2:1-15a; Mt 11:20-24
  Wednesday:       Ex 3:1-6, 9-12; Mt 11:25-27
  Thursday:        Ex 3:13-20; Mt 11:28-30
  Friday:          Ex 11:10 — 12:14; Mt 12:1-8
  Saturday:        Ex 12:37-42; Mt 12:14-21
  Sunday:          Wis 12:13, 16-19; Ps 86; Rom 8:26-27;
                   Mt 13:24-43 [24-30]

                  $ 12,367.95 — Sunday, July 3
       In order to meet our ordinary expenses, Our Lady of Grace
        needs about $15,000 per week in the regular collection.
                    Thank you for your generosity!

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