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					  KIWANIS                                                  DEGOWELV
A Publication of the Kiwanis Club of Tellico Village            September 2010      Volume 11, No. 6

                       MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT
     I watched a TV program the other night about Operation Smile. I
saw mothers and fathers take their first look at their children after sur-
gery and witnessed the awe in their faces and voices. This was a hum-
bling and thankful moment for me , to think that I am part of an organi-
zation that can help make the world a little better by working together.
     This year has been a good one for accomplishments. The last meet-
ing I preside as President is September 21st. This will be an In-House
meeting where the new officers will be installed by our region’s incom-
ing Lt. Governor, Terry Boyes. I have asked that our Standing Commit-
tee Chairs prepare a short presentation of the highlights of their 2009-
2010 year at this meeting. We will celebrate us! I have been putting
together the scrapbook which brings together on paper and in pictures
our past year and cannot help but be impressed by all that our membership does to make our commu-
nity a better place for people of all ages. Never doubt that every hour you contribute really does
make a difference.
     Let us remember that our fundraisers are vitally important to our club in order to fulfill our com-
mitments to the community. We need every one of us to participate in some way to raise these
funds. Find out what you can do to help at the Golf Outing AT KAHITI on October 1st. Shortly af-
ter that we need to help at the Pancake Breakfast November 6th.
     It has been an honor to serve as your President. I would like to especially thank Bob Kryter,
Terry Boyes, and Mick Gardner for their much-needed assistance. This gets tricky here because so
many have made my path easier like the expertise of Don Whiteman, the helping hand of Colin
Hollingsworth, and the conscientiousness of our Committee Chairs.
     Be sure to sign up for the PICNIC ON SEPTEMBER 28th.

                  NEWS RELEASE:


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                            PROMETHEANS AND KIWANIANS
     No, Prometheans are not another service club. Instead, they
are interactive white boards used in schools across the country.
The kindergarteners at Loudon Elementary School could not make
full use of theirs because they could only reach the bottom portion
of these high tech white boards.
     Several members of the Tellico Village Kiwanis Club
Community Service Committee volunteered to build a step for each
of the four kindergarten rooms so the students could reach the
board without having to resort to standing on a kindergarten chair –
a potentially unsafe practice. This summer John Bergen, Phil
Carnock, Mick Gardner, Fred Gibson, Ken Mack, Dave Miller, and
Jim Poole worked on the steps which were 8 inches high, 6 feet
wide, and 14 inches deep to give the incoming kindergarteners at
Loudon Elementary School a leg up on learning this year.
     The accompanying photos not only show the Kiwanians and
the steps, but through the assistance of Mick and Adele Gardner’s
grandsons, Aidan and Patrick, illustrate the before and after aspects
of using the board without the
step and with it. Patrick is
shown in one photo using the
small chair to reach the board.
Ms. Ashley Williams is standing
next to one of the white boards.
She is a kindergarten teacher and
was our primary contact at the
     Fred Gibson

                     MEETING NEWS
     The August 3rd meeting saw Jeff Gagley give us an over-
view of what the POA’s role in providing our water utility. He
described how part of the Village, Milaqua and Chatuga, still
received water from TASS and the rest (northern areas) receive
water from LUB (Loudon Utility Board). That was followed by
a tour of the LUB water works given by Jeff, the longtime super-
visor of the plant. Jeff explained some of the chemistry involved
and the testing that goes on to assure that his plant meets govern-
ment standards.That was followed by a walkthrough where we
viewed the pumps and seperators. It was a very good event.
     The August 17th meeting featured Bill Robinson, the Viet-
nam veteran who spent seven and a half years in a prisoner of
war camp in north Vietnam. His stories of the experiences and
ordeals to which he was subjected was very graphic but interest-
ing. He left us wondering how he, and others, could survive such
an ordeal. Bill is from North Carolina but now lives in Madison-
ville. His talk is much in demand. A double interclub was there
to sign Bill up for the Alcoa club

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                           MEMBERSHIP GROWS BY FOUR!!
“We add new members to our club, so we can build and grow..” goes the song we
sing at the end of every club meeting. And this month, we certainly will do just that. Four new
members are scheduled to be inducted on the 7th of the month. Two of those members are fea-
tured in this issue of the newsletter. Jim Schell and Jan Dungan wil be featured next month.
     Marshall Gruening, sponsored by Don Whiteman, will be inducted and is already digging into
Kiwanis activities as a member of the Junior Achievement group that gets going this month at the
Loudon Middle School. Marshal and his wife, Linda, came to the village from Madison, Wiscon-
sin where Marshall was in the professional insurance sales. Marshall and Linda have re-rooted
themselves in the Toqua Shores Neighborhood from where Marshall pursues interests in golf and
the stock market. Marshall will continue to serve our community as a member of the Youth Ser-
vices Committee.
     Another inductee will be Bill Anstine. You may have already seen Bill and his wife, Linda,
at several meetings. We may even induce Linda to join us sometime in the future. Bill and Linda
came over the mountains from Asheville, North Carolina. Bill made his career with IBM Corpo-
ration after three Masters Degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. While reading is his ma-
jor interest, I’m sure he will contribute greatly to the activivitys of the club, particularly with the
Youth Services Committee.
     Please greet these and the other new members at the next two meetings

                                   INTERCLUB ACTIVITY
It is near the end of the Kiwanis year and we have had plenty of interclub activity. Remember,
new members, interclubs are a great way to get to know others of our own Kiwanis members and
also see how sister clubs conduct their meetings as well as seeing some great programs. It’s
always great fun.
Here are some of the past visits:

July 31, 2010 at Oak Ridge
Members attending: Don Klein, Terry Boyes, Bob Frazer, and Don Whiteman
August 3, 2010 at Spring City—Their 75th. Anniversary
Members attending: Paul Thornton, Woody King, Al Porell, Bob Delaney, and Don Klein

August 19, 2010 at Sweetwater - Their 90th. Anniversary
Members attending, Don Klein, Bob Delaney, Ron Uncapher, Al Porell, Helen Nicholson, Ruth
Thornton, Chuck Swenson, Jack Litzenberg, and Wayne Zarnecki.

The only trip in September is to Sweetwater on September 16, (3rd. Thursday).
Members signed up for Sweetwater are:
       Bill Blair, Lou Livengood, Ken Mack, and Ed Morris.

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              Committee Structure for Tellico Village Kiwanis Club
The club bylaws require that the President establish several standing committees and special appointed
committees to meet the needs of the club. These committees manage the various club projects and special
administrative actions to ensure that all active members are participating in club events and that funding will
be available to execute club projects and programs.
The Kiwanis Club of Tellico Village has structured its committees as follows:
                                         Standing Committees
Community Service – This committee implements projects relating to citizenship, civic improvements,
community beautification, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety, or
help for senior citizens and disabled persons. Current projects include Family Park/Children's Playground,
Habitat for Humanity, Tellico Lakeside Trail Building, Tellico Parkway Litter Pickup, Good Samaritan Food
Distribution, Annual Lakeside Clean-Up Project, Adopt-a-House, Good Neighbors Shoppe Volunteers, help at
Ft. Loudoun Hospital, International Programs, and bell-ringing collection for the Salvation Army at Christmas
Human and Spiritual Values – This committee promotes interfaith and interdenominational activities
directed towards support for and development of the human spirit, by providing human companionship and
comfort, counsel, guidance, and help in dealing with the challenges of daily life. In 2009 this committee
redirected its mission toward helping the elderly citizens of Loudon County. This reorientation was based on a
2008 Community Needs Assessment Study as well as numerous follow-up interviews and meetings with church
groups such as Stephen Ministers. Through our brochure and voicemail service (ph. 865-970-1559) we offer a
weekly phone call just to chat as well as a monthly visit by a man/woman team if requested by the client. If
minor home repairs are desired we will perform them (materials not included) or suggest an approved
contractor for more major projects.
Our efforts have grown into a broader scope, in that we are learning to help the care-givers and sufferers of
Alzheimer’s. We are partnering with other civic groups to help our seniors and elderly to remain in their
homes, even though immediate family members may not be close-by. Truly, we are still helping kids -- just
“Big Kids!”
Youth Services and Sponsored Youth programs – This committee is charged with implementing projects that
address school-aged youth needs from kindergarten through college. Projects address issues relating to
mentoring, tutoring, literacy, English as a second language, school family resource centers, sponsoring sports
activities, the Child Advocacy Center, Back-to-School Gift Cards, scholarship competitions, scholarships,
East Tennessee Children's Hospital, and the Loudon County High School Key Club.
Young Children: Priority One – Activities of this committee include the implementation of projects support-
ing young children's needs and prenatal care through age five. Typical projects address maternal and child
health, early development & pediatric care, nutrition, parenting education, and child safety issues. Current
projects include purchase of kindergarten and pre-school supplies, the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Head
Start books and reading programs, Child Safety Seats program, Child ID program, Amtrykes for physically
challenged children, and Comfort Dolls for surgery patients at Children's Hospital.
Membership and Education – This committee is charged with developing a plan and club procedures for
ncreasing membership according to the provisions of the club bylaws. The committee encourages all club
members to recruit, oversees the completion of the Membership Form, and submits the application to the
club’s Board of Directors for action. It is also the responsibility of the committee to develop an effective
orientation and induction ceremony for new members and to promote regular attendance by all members at the
regular club meetings.
                                         Special Appointed Committees
Ad Hoc Committees & Internal Affairs – Chaired by the current Vice-President, this committee is responsible
for organizing, overseeing, and reporting results and timekeeping from club activities or events not directly
under the supervision of the six Standing Committees. Principal among such are all fundraising activities,
such as the Fall Annual Golf Outing and the biannual Pancake Breakfasts. Other examples include work
performed in maintaining the club's Newsletter and Website, and attendance at District & International events
and officer training.                                                                              Cont’d on pg 4

                                                      Pg 4
Communications – This committee is charged with examining & facilitating both internal (within the Club)
and external (to/from the surrounding community) communications, so that everyone is kept apprised of
ongoing projects and new opportunities for service. Accordingly, the committee keeps close watch on public-
ity/public relations, the club's monthly Newsletter, and its Website.
Newsletter Editor – Responsible for the collection of important club information, formatting the club
newsletter, Degowelv, and copying/distributing it (in both print & e-mail form) at the beginning of each
month. The bulletin should contain special events information, major Board of Directors meeting actions,
introduction of new members, recognition of birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements, announcements of
programs for the forthcoming month’s regular meetings, and information about other newsworthy events.
Historian / Scrapbook – Responsible for documenting in scrapbook form pictures and articles appearing in
the media relative to club activities, projects, and achievements. The scrapbook is submitted annually for
district competition at the district convention. It is also the responsibility of this position to provide archival
storage for all official club records.
House Arrangements – Chaired by the current President-Elect, this committee is responsible for making club
meetings as effective & enjoyable as possible by ensuring that a pleasant meeting location is secured, food is
appropriate to the occasion and of good value, the meeting area is prepared with podium, U. S. flag, Kiwanis
banners, sound system, and that appropriate reception is established.
Inter-club Coordinator – Responsible for conducting & reporting at least two inter-clubs each month. It is
incumbent on this position that an effort be made to involve at least 50% of the membership in inter-clubs
annually. New members should be encouraged to participate in this activity as soon as possible. The goal is to
obtain the District Governor’s Interclub Excellence Award, which requires that all the clubs in the Division be
visited as inter-clubs, at least one inter-club being with a sponsored youth organization, and that a minimum of
50% of the club members participate in inter-clubs throughout the year.
Program Coordinator – Responsible for ensuring that high-quality, interesting speakers are obtained for all
club regular meetings. This activity should be shared among all club members by assigning responsibilities to
individual members for obtaining speakers. Care should be taken to provide a balanced series of speakers and
topics covering subjects of interest to a majority of club members.
Public Relations Coordinator – Responsible for ensuring that the public receives – through the Village Con-
nection, the News Herald, and The Mountain View newspapers, club newsletter, and the local cable TV
information channel – current news about meeting dates, club projects, achievements, and appeals for help.
Social Director – Responsible for planning, coordinating and executing three club social events each
administrative year. The social, family-oriented events should include a Christmas Program for the club’s
regular meeting in December, a Valentine spouse night on or near February 14 of each year, and a family
picnic in September. Other social events may also be undertaken.
Insurance Risk Coordinator – Responsible for evaluating Kiwanis-sponsored events to help ensure the safety
of participants and all others involved. Holders of this position require a good understanding of the Kiwanis
International Liability Insurance terms and conditions. The Insurance Risk Coordinator analyzes the risk
factors involved in any given task/activity, eliminates risks to the greatest extent possible, transfers remaining
risks to other individuals or organizations, and obtains appropriate 'hold-harmless' agreements and certificates
of insurance for the club. As appropriate, the Insurance Risk Coordinator will notify the Kiwanis International
Liability Insurance underwriter of planned club events to ensure that appropriate insurance coverage will be
Community Assessment – this committee is appointed to assess community needs periodically for the purpose
of identifying potential projects for the standing committees to consider – based on community needs. A
small committee is formed to interview community leaders, organizations, schools, churches, social agencies,
and city/county/state agencies to document needs and establish priorities for possible club support (money
and/or manpower).
Webmaster – Responsible for the creation and maintenance of T.V. Kiwanis Club's presence on the
World-Wide Web, currently hosted by Discover East Tennessee ( with homepage
URL The website should augment material appearing in
the monthly newsletter, Degowelv, and contain material (such as photo collections and links to other websites)
not well suited for the newsletter. A complete calendar of upcoming events is also a necessity, as well as a
listing of club officers and links to other Kiwanis resources (District and National).
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                           SPECIAL EVENTS FOR SEPTEMBER
                    BIRTHDAYS                                           GREETERS SCHEDULE
            Sep 4            Woody King                                   (Be available by 11:00AM please)
            Sep 6            Bud Burger                               September 7           Ron Potter
            Sep 8            Scott Mathot
           Sep 16            Loren Plemmons                         September 21             Bob Frazer
           Sep 21            John Bergen                                                     New Members
           Sep 27            J1mNicholson
                                                                  THE TELLICO PARKWAY LITTER
                ANNIVERSARYS                                           PICK-UP SCHEDULE
            Sep 2         Rob and Hedy Orkney
            Sep 6         Ray and Carol Scott                          Sept. 16-30      John Holmes*
           Sep 15         Chuck and Linda Sanford                                       Phil Karnock
           Sep 25         Bill and Peggy Crowder                                        Bob Delaney
           Sep 26         Colin and Sybil. Hollingsworth                                Jim Pardue
                                                                                        Mick Gardner
                                                              * denotes captain

                                         MEETING SCHEDULE
                                              SEPTEMGER 2010
 DATE            TIME               PROGRAM HOST            SPEAKER                      TOPIC

                                                            Jeff Wells, Park             History of Fort Loudon
 Sept. 7         12:00 PM           Jim Poole
                                                            Manager                      and the Surronding Area
                                                                                         Past Year Accomplish-
                                    Installation of         Helen Nickolson &
 Sept. 21        12:00 PM                                                                ments and New Year’s
                                    Officers                Mick Gardner
 Sept. 21        1:15 PM            Board Meeting

                                              Upcoming Events
                                      Sept 28           Fall Picnic
                                        Oct 1           Golf Outing
                                       Oct 31           Pancake Breakfast

                          Don’t forget! The Kiwanis Club of Tellico Village
                          Website has all the information you will need. Please
                          visit it at:
                                       (note that the spelling is correct)

The Kiwanis Degowelv is published on the first of every month and is distributed to all members of the Kiwanis Club of
Tellico Village, selected District Officers, Editor of the K-T Notes, District key chairpersons, The Village Connection and
to special partners and other service organizations, to maintain effective communications among all club stakeholders.
Deadline for articles to be published is on the close of business on the 4th Monday of each month. EDITOR/PUBLISHER:
Ron Uncapher, 134 Tommotley Dr., Loudon, TN 37774, Tel.: (865) 408-9246, e-mail; Please
direct all inquiries to the Editor.
                                                                                         DEGOWELV = Cherokee for Journal

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