Keyboarding Tri Fold Travel by yaofenji


									                 Tri-Fold Travel Brochure Objectives
Students will be able to:

   1.     Create a tri-fold brochure. (CA1, CA3, CA4, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
   2.     Import graphics from various sources. (1.4, 1.6, 1.8)
   3.     Download graphic files from Internet. (CA1, CA3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.5)
   4.     Use good layout rules when designing brochure. (CA1, CA3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6,
          2.3, 3.2, 3.5)
   5.     Compose headlines and body text. (CA1, CA3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 2.3, 3.2, 3.5)
                             Tri-Fold Travel Brochure
You are the owner of a travel agency here in Warrensburg and are designing a travel brochure.
This brochure will be a tri-fold (3) brochure. Your purpose is to make this brochure appealing so
when your customers come in, they immediately see it. You will be given 4 class periods to
complete this assignment. Your research on the Internet may be completed at home if desired.

1.     You need to create a name for your travel agency, address, and phone number. You
       might even want to have a special symbol/graphic for your agency.

2.     You will use the Internet to research a state of interest to you. You will need to
       specifically target a city within this state.

3.     You are to find airline prices to this city or the airport closest to the city. Have at least
       two airlines listed. If your specific location is within driving distance, state specifically
       how many miles, one way, from Warrensburg to this spot.

4.     Find hotels/motels/bed and breakfasts/cabins, etc. with a 50-mile radius of this city. You
       need to have five and you want to include the accommodations offered (free breakfast,
       golf course, free shuttle, etc.), a phone number to call for reservations and how far it is
       from major attractions.

5.     Find restaurants in your city. You need to have three and one could be fast food. List the
       restaurant, cuisine and its orientation (family style, formal attire, reservation required).

6.     You need to include five attractions within a 50-mile radius of your city. Include a
       description and price(s) for these attractions (if applicable).

7.     Include a map of your area.

8.     Include three graphics (from clipart or Internet) that pertain to your information on the

9.     Remember to proofread, proofread, proofread!!

Helpful Web Sites:                                                                    
This is how you need to set up your document.

      Set up your document in landscape orientation.
      Top and bottom margin to .5”.
      Left and right margins to .67”.
      Set up your document for 3 columns.
             Uncheck the Equal column width box
             In the Width and Spacing section, enter these amounts:
              Column 1               Width         Spacing
              1                      2.64          .7
              2                      3.00          .7
              3                      2.62

             You will have 2 pages and they will be set up in this manner.

       Panel 1—Inside                  Panel 2—Inside                    Panel 3--Inside

 Panel 4—First flap viewed          Panel 5—Back/mailing                 Panel 6--Cover
   when cover is opened
        CRITERIA            POINTS    COMMENDABLE              ACCEPTABLE             UNACCEPTABLE
Tri-fold Brochure             15     Document was set        Document was set      Document wasn’t set
                                     up as a tri-fold        up with only one      up in any format—no
                                     brochure (15)           side as a tri-fold    tri-fold layout (0)
                                                             brochure (8)
Name, address and             15     Includes a name,        Included only a       Included only a
phone number                         address, and phone      name and address      name, only an
                                     number for the travel   or name and           address, or only a
                                     agency (15)             phone number or       phone number (3)
                                                             address and
                                                             phone number (8)
Airline prices/miles one      20     Included the prices     Included the price    Did not include airline
way if driving                       for 2 airlines or the   for only 1 airline    prices or the miles (if
                                     miles (if applicable    (10)                  applicable (0)
Places to Sleep               25     Included 5 different    Included only 3-4     Included only 1-2
                                     places to sleep (25)    different places to   places to sleep (5-10)
                                                             sleep (15-20)
Accommodations                25     Included                Included              Included
                                     accommodations in       accommodations        accommodations in
                                     the 5 different         in only 3-4           only 1-2 places to
                                     places to sleep (25)    different places to   sleep (5-10)
                                                             sleep (15-20)
Restaurants                   20     Included 3 different    Included only 2       Included only 1
                                     restaurants (20)        different             restaurant (5)
                                                             restaurants (10)
Type of Restaurant            15     Included a              Included a            Included a
                                     description of all 3    description of only   description of only 1
                                     restaurants/phone       2                     restaurant/phone
                                     numbers (15)            restaurants/phone     number (5)
                                                             numbers (10)
Attractions                   50     Included a              Included a            Included a
                                     description and         description and       description And price
                                     price(s) for 5          prices for 3-4        for 1-2 different
                                     different attractions   different             attractions (10-20)
                                     (50)                    attractions (30-40)
Map                           5      Brochure includes a                           No map included (0)
                                     map (5)
Graphics                      15     Brochure includes 3     Brochure includes     Brochure includes 0-
                                     graphics (15)           2 graphics (10)       1 graphic (0-5)
Overall Appearance            30     Brochure folds          Brochure              Brochure is folded
                                     evenly, all             information looks     uneven and the
                                     information looks       attractive in the     information is
                                     attractive, good use    sections but          incorrectly placed
                                     of color (30)           brochure folds        within the sections (5)
                                                             evenly (20)
Spelling                      20     NO SPELLING             Only 1-2 spelling     More than 2 spelling
                                     ERRORS (20)             errors (10)           errors (5)
Grammar                       20     NO GRAMMATICAL          Only 1-2              More than 2
                                     ERRORS (20)             grammatical errors    grammatical errors
                                                             (10)                  (5)
Did not have this scoring    -15
TOTAL POINTS                 /275

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