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					                          Network Notables
Summer 2003
Volume 2, Issue 2

                       Net Solutions Technology Center, LLC (843) 525 - 6469

Special Interest
                       You’ve Got …. SPAM!
                       The average e-mail user gets        will be filtered. Unfortunately,   don't want an e-mail
                       about 50 pieces of junk e-mail      the blacklist method doesn't       message that may have
• Smart Ways to        each week. Large Internet           even stop spammers, who            been mistaken for spam to
  Fight Spam           Service Providers (ISPs), like      typically only send one blast      just disappear.
                       AOL, Earthlink and locally,         from each hijacked ISP.            Quarantining allows you to
• Spyware: Just        Internet Services of the Low                                           view the message online
  Click NO!            Country, receive up to              Fighting back                      and determine if the
                       1,000,000,000 a day. All that       ISPs, like Internet Services       message was quarantined
• Microsoft News       spam costs all of us money.         of the Low Country (ISLC),         by mistake. Administration
                       Your Internet service can cost      have launched an attack            is required to review the
• Hints and Tips       an extra $3 a month due to the      against spammers. Spam             messages to determine if
                       additional bandwidth needed         filtering software is available    they should be deleted or
                       just for spam!                      to try to prevent spam from        sent to the user.
                                                           hitting the user's mailbox.
                       What is spam, and how do                                               What isn't spam?
                       spammers operate?                   Most of these filters work in      Sometimes filters will
                                                           a similar manner. The main
                       Spam is slang for unsolicited                                          capture e-mail that isn't
                       commercial e-mail. You didn't       change you'll see is an            spam. The most commonly
                                                           additional folder for your
                       ask for it, and you cannot                                             captured e-mail is from
                                                           questionable mail. E-mail
                       readily unsubscribe from it. It's                                      companies who send out
                                                           considered spam by the filter
                       the junk mail of the Internet,                                         newsletters, subscriptions,
                                                           will be routed to that folder
                       only much more ominous                                                 and catalog notices online.
                       because it can contain viruses,     instead of to your inbox.          Many mail-order retailers
Individual                                                 After two or three weeks, the
                       scams, and inappropriate                                               like L.L. Bean, J. Crew, and
Highlights:            pictures and messages.              ISP automatically deletes all      Victoria's Secret send e-
                                                           the messages in the folder.
Practical ways to                                                                             mail catalogs, sale notices,
reduce Spam       2    Spammers buy e-mail                 ISLC is currently using            and coupons. These
                       addresses for about $25 per         Postini as an e-mail filtering     messages aren't spam
Preventing Spyware     million. They earn money            service. Depending on the          because you asked to
                2      based on how many opens             configuration settings,            receive them when you
                       and clicks they get from the e-     Postini scans for e-mail           registered. And if the
New Products from      mail. Sending e-mail is so          viruses, inappropriate             company is scrupulous,
Microsoft       3      cheap that spammers can turn        content and junk e-mail.           you may unsubscribe
                       a profit even if only one in        Postini also checks the            anytime you change your
Hurricane Tips     4   100,000 recipients responds.        sending address to verify if it    mind. Industry leaders and
                       Industry sources say a single       is a valid e-mail address,         Internet retail companies
                       spammer sends, on average,          and checks to see if it has        are working together to
                       nearly 12 billion e-mails a year.   been originated from a             establish a standard of
                       Spammers will hijack smaller        known spamming site.               commercial e-mail behavior
                       ISPs or web servers to launch       Known spamming sites are           that ensures you receive
                       their spam. Some filters will       placed on blacklists.              only what you want and
                       blacklist all e-mail senders                                           nothing that you don't.
                                                           If a virus is found or the e-
                       from that ISP, even innocent        mail message is determined
                       ones. All e-mail from anyone                                           For more on spam contact
                                                           to be spam, the message is
                       you know who uses that ISP          placed in quarantine. You          Net Solutions at (843) 525
                                                                                              – 6469.
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                            Smart Ways to Fight Spam
                            Don’t post your primary e-mail         Keep your primary e-mail          Ignore spam.
                            address online; create an              address private.                  Spammers often combine
                            alternate e-mail address for           Option (opt) out of being         names randomly with
                            public interactions.                   listed in online member           popular e-mail services (for
                            Participating in Internet              directories.                      example, in
                            newsgroups or chat rooms                                                 hopes of finding valid e-mail
                                                                   Add valid e-mail                  addresses. By responding to
                            makes it easy for someone using        addresses and
         To combat the      computer programs to harvest                                             the junk e-mail, even to
                                                                   subscriptions to your             unsubscribe, you may be
  onslaught of spam in      your e-mail address and sell it to     address book .
                            junk e-mail senders.                                                     inadvertently verifying that
your inbox, follow these                                           This tells most filters that      the message has reached a
              guidelines.   To reduce your exposure, set up        you want to receive this e-       working e-mail address.
                            a second Yahoo or Hotmail e-           mail.                             Responding to unsolicited e-
                            mail address to use when                                                 mail from unknown senders,
                            participating in online forums,        Review a Web site's               even asking to be removed
                            registering with Web sites,            privacy policy before             from their lists, may only
                            entering contests, or filling out      doing business online.            encourage more spam.
                            forms on the Internet. Ideally, this   When you sign up for Web-         Unless you are un-
                            should be a unique address with        based services such as            subscribing from a
                            both letters and numbers, to help      online banking, shopping, or      distribution list that you
                            avoid mail sent scattershot to         newsletters, review the           signed up for or you know
                            many common e-mail user                privacy policy closely. Some      the sender of the message,
                            names.                                 sites will automatically          discard it without
                            Share your primary e-mail              assume the right to share         responding.
                            address only with friends, family      your e-mail address.              For more ways to fight
                            and people you know.                   Responsible sites will offer      spam contact Net Solutions
                                                                   you a way to opt out.             at (843) 525 – 6469.

                            Spyware: Just Click NO!
                            Does your Internet browser             Those who use free file           the Internet or launch them
                            keep bringing up a different           sharing software like KaZaa       automatically from email.
                            home page than the one you             or Morpheus to download           Ensure your operating
                            set? Your computer may be              music, pictures, files etc. are   system is fully patched
                            infested with spyware!                 most susceptible; but just        against any known security
                                                                   visiting a Web site or            vulnerabilities by applying all
                            Spyware is any software that           clicking on a Web ad can          critical Microsoft Windows
                            uses your Internet connection in       install a spyware application     Updates.
                            the background without your            like Gator or Hotbar.
 “…just visiting a Web      knowledge or permission.                                                 Configure your browser to
   site or clicking on a    Simply put; programs are               Cleanup software is               use a medium security
  Web ad can install a      installed on your computer             available to rid your             setting or higher.
  spyware application”      without your knowledge and             computer of spyware but
                                                                   should be used with caution.      From that point , avoid
                            report your web browsing habits
                                                                                                     clicking on those tantalizing
                            to marketing databases.                You can often inadvertently
                                                                   delete files your computer        web ads and do not click
                            This information, among other                                            "OK", "Yes", or "Run This
                                                                   needs to run properly.
                            things, targets you for annoying                                         Program" to anything unless
                                                                   Preventing spyware on your
                            spam email and popup                   computer is easier than           you fully understand the
                            advertising. But more insidious ,                                        implications of what it is
                                                                   tying to get rid of it.
                            spyware that is deeply                                                   trying to do.
                            embedded in your system can            First, ensure your system
                                                                                                     For more help contact Net
                            degrade performance and                cannot and will not install
                                                                                                     Solutions at (843) 525 –
                            cause system damage.                   programs automatically over
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Microsoft ® Takes Aim at Spam
Microsoft is strongly              include new anti-spam            designed to help block much of
committed to ending today’s        features.                        the junk e-mail messages that
spam epidemic. In addition                                          you receive. These features
                                   Microsoft Exchange Server
to working with government                                          give you more control over the
and industry leaders to            2003 effectively manages         kinds of messages delivered to
                                   email for organizations with a
combat spam, Microsoft’s                                            your Inbox, and from whom you
latest products have               server network. The new          want to receive messages.
                                   version, out this year,
integrated anti-spam
                                   introduces anti-spam and
technology.                                                         Microsoft is working to create
                                   antivirus features in addition   new anti-spam technologies
In the 2 half of this year         to an array of enhanced
                                                                    that are even more precise,
Microsoft will release             features.                        easier to use, and adaptable.
Outlook® 2003 and Microsoft
                                   Microsoft Outlook 2003, a        Microsoft is committed to
Exchange Server® 2003.                                              integrating anti–spam
Both popular email                 component of Microsoft
                                   Office® 2003, includes           technology into more of their
management products
                                   features and functionality       products.

New Versions of Popular Microsoft ® Products
Coming Soon!
New versions of Microsoft’s        margin—typically performing       database, and shared Internet
popular server and desktop         two to three times faster on      into one cost effective platform
office products will be            the same hardware.                that's easy to deploy .
generally available in the
                                   Exchange Server is used by        New Office® 2003 Editions,
fourth quarter of this year.       more businesses than any          including Word, EXCEL,
Windows ® Server 2003 is           other email product.              PowerPoint, Outlook, etc., do
the fastest, most reliable,        Microsoft® Exchange 2003 is       not simply deliver new
most secure Windows                the highest-quality release of    features—they provides
server operating system            Exchange Server ever and          greater control over
ever offered by Microsoft.         provides significant feature      documents.
VeriTest, an independent           improvements over Microsoft®
test lab, has found that           Exchange 2000.                    Microsoft Outlook® 2003
Windows Server 2003                                                  provides enhanced usability
outperforms Microsoft®             Small Business Server® 2003       features for reading, managing
                                   packages Microsoft’s suite of     and organizing e-mail
Windows 2000 Server and
                                   new server products. SBS          messages, schedules, tasks,
Microsoft Windows NT®
Server 4.0 by a dramatic           2003 integrates the server        notes, contacts, and other
                                   operating system, e-mail, fax,    information.

A Word to Microsoft ® Windows 98 Users
Just a reminder to                 Microsoft products, these may     meet minimum requirements for      Microsoft is a registered trademark
Windows ® 98 users;                not run under Windows 98.         Windows 2000 or XP additional        of Microsoft Corporation in the
                                                                                                                United States and
Microsoft no longer markets        For example, beta versions of     upgrades may be required.                    other countries .
Windows 98 and all active          Office® 2003 require
                                                                     In that case, consider replacing
Microsoft support for              Windows ® 2000 or Windows ®       your Windows 98 workstation
Windows 98 will end                XP as the operating system.
                                                                     with a new Windows XP
January 16, 2004.
                                   To stay current with Microsoft    machine.
Existing applications will still   products, consider upgrading
                                                                     For more information on
run under Windows 98. But          workstations from Windows 98      Windows compat ibility contact
as new versions are                to Windows 2000 or XP . If
                                                                     Net Solutions at (843) 525 -
released, like the new             your workstation does not         6469.
                            HOT TIP: Hurricane Preparedness for Technology
                            It’s that time of year! Net            and run a successful tape           plastic or large trash
Net Solutions               Solutions recommends your              backup of your server.              bags.
                            plans include the following            Distribute diskettes for
Technology Center, LLC      precautions:                           backing up any data stored     •    In the event of an
                                                                   on individual machines.             evacuation, be sure
38 A-B Sam’s Point Road     •   Have current, up-to-date           Make sure to take the tapes         to take the backups
                                Flood Insurance in                                                     and if possible, take
   Beaufort, SC 29907           force. Check it annually
                                                                   and diskette backups off site.
                                                                                                       the server or system
        PHONE:                  prior to Hurricane           •     Properly shut down each             unit with you.
                                Season.                            machine and the server.
    (843) 525 - 6469                                               Power off the machines.         Upon your return and the
                            •   Designate a focal point
          FAX:                                                                                     safe restoration of power,
                                for technology               •     Unplug all electronic           plug in your equipment
    (843) 521 - 0955            preparation and review             equipment from wall sockets and start your PCs and
                                procedures annually                and all cables from wall        network. Should you
                                with your employees                jacks. Put system units and experience any
                                prior to Hurricane
 102 West Main Street           Season.
                                                                   all equipment up off the floor. problems, call Net
                                                                                                   Solutions Technology
 Ridgeland, SC 29936                                         •     Cover workstation
                            •   Insure all important data                                          Center at 525 – 6469 for
                                                                   components with sheets of       assistance.
       PHONE:                   is stored to the server
   (843) 717 – 3592
   (843) 717 – 3596
                            About Net Solutions Technology Center, LLC…
                            Net Solutions Technology             service technology                DOS/Microsoft Windows
                            Center has been providing            company dedicated to              and include Microsoft
        E-MAIL:             the Lowcountry with the              providing our clients the         Certified Systems        finest in technology                 very best technical               Engineers and Cisco
                            solutions since 1995.                expertise and                     Certified Network
                            Whether you need a single            individualized service.           Administrators. These
                            PC or a network that can             Our team of consultants,          credentials mean the
                            reach around your                    system designers and              highest level of consulting,
                            organization or around the           service technicians are           services and support
  We’re on the Web!         world, Net Solutions is a full       nationally certified “A+” for     available.
        See us at:
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