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									                                       Historic Seattle
                                        NEWS & VIEWS FROM OUR PRESERVATION COMMUNITY
                                                                                                                             EARLY SPRING 2000

                                       CAPITOL HILL: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE
                                       Annual Lecture Series: Tuesdays, March 7, 14,
                                       and 21. 7-9 p.m.
     1117 MINOR AVENUE
                                       Walking Tour: Saturday, March 18
     SEATTLE, WASHINGTON               Where: Volney Richmond Jr. Auditorium,
                                       Virginia Mason Hospital North Pavilion
                                       (1201 Terry Avenue at Seneca Street) First Hill.
        (206) 622-6952                 Tickets: Series tickets cost $50 for members, $60 general
                                       public. Individual tickets are available at the door on a
     F AX (206) 622-1197
                                       space available basis for $15 per lecture. The walking tour
E-MAIL: INFO@HISTORICSEATTLE.ORG       is for series subscribers only. See insert to register.
             WEB SITE:                                                                                Early postcard featuring Capitol Hill’s Fourteenth Avenue N.
                                       Historic Seattle takes an in-depth, informative look at
                                                                                                                 (now E.) known as “Millionaires Row”
 HTTP://WWW. HISTORICSEATTLE.ORG       the vibrant, eclectic, and historic Capitol Hill neigh-
                                       borhood during our Annual Lecture Series in March.            residences of the Harvard-Belmont Historic District,
                                       Capitol Hill: Past, Present, Future continues our             Federal Avenue, and Volunteer Park neighborhoods.
           COUNCIL    OF THE
                                       exploration of the history of and changes to Seattle’s
                                       rich and colorful historic neighborhoods.                     For our first lecture, photographic historian
           K EVIN D ANIELS ,
                                                                                                     extraordinaire Paul Dorpat will present his remarkable
                  CHAIR                We will delve into the entire neighborhood, from the          collection of visual images spanning the early days of
              STEVE A RAI              rapidly gentrifying Pike/Pine corridor to the prestige        Capitol Hill and its many changes as the city grew.
                                                                                                                                                  CONTINUED, PG 7

              K AREN B EAN

          A NDREA D IVOKY
                                                                                 THE NEW DEAL AND THE FEDERAL ART
              J AMES F EARN                                                      PROJECTS: PUBLIC ART AND MURALS
      M ICHAEL H ERSCHENSOHN                                                     IN WASHINGTON STATE
           M. A. L EONARD                                                         When: Saturday, April 1, 1-3 p.m.
             T OM M ATHEWS                                                        Where: McEachern Auditorium at Museum of History and Industry
              L ES T ONKIN                                                        Tickets: $15 for Historic Seattle and MOHAI members; $20 general public.
        S TEPHANIE W ARDEN                                                        See insert to register.
           P ATTY W HISLER
                                       WPA Mural study by Jacob Elshin c. 1935
             J OHN C HANEY ,           Historic Seattle and the Museum of History and Industry       movement aesthetic. Martin also shows examples of
                                       are pleased to co-sponsor an afternoon session focusing       work by artists who came to the Northwest from
                                       on an important period in our state’s cultural and artistic   other parts of the country and had an influence on
    HISTORIC SEATTLE FOUNDATION        development, the New Deal and the Federal Arts Projects.      regional art.
               PRESIDENT               David Martin, of Martin-Zambito Gallery, will focus           Roger van Oosten will provide a slide presentation
              STEVE A RAI              attention on the artists employed by the Federal Art          showing extant murals in Washington State, many of
             J OHN C HANEY
                                       Projects in Washington State as easel painters, teachers,     which are hidden away or inaccessible to the general
                                       and printmakers. These included Vanessa Helder’s              public. He raises issues of preservation and current
             K EVIN D ANIELS
                                       powerful watercolor series documenting the construc-          ownership of these government murals. His interest in
              KRIS FORBES
                                       tion of Grand Coulee Dam, Salvador Gonzales’                  New Deal murals and the New Deal Art Projects began
             G ARY GAFFNER
                                       precisionist works, and printmakers Elizabeth                 in the late 1970s when he helped raise money to move
                                       Colborne and the Chase brothers, Waldo and                    Kenneth Callahan’s Seattle Marine Hospital murals to
              G ERI L UCKS
                                       Corwin—best known as they fit into the Arts & Crafts          the Museum of History and Industry.
                                                                   H ISTORIC S EATTLE

Historic Seattle’s 2000 Annual Meeting was           Other news of note from                                              played a part in the remark-
held on January 25th at Town Hall, the               the evening was the                                                  ably swift development of
former Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist            launch of Program                                                    county and city. Some of the
on First Hill. The business meeting agenda           Director Larry                                                       finest examples of the many
included the announcement of the new                 Kreisman’s new book,                                                rehabilitation and adaptive
chair for the Historic Seattle Preservation          Made to Last, Historic                                              reuse projects accomplished
and Development Authority Council, Kevin             Preservation in Seattle and                                         through creative public and
Daniels, who has also been appointed to the          King County. Published                                              private financing are de-
board of the Historic Seattle Foundation.            by the Historic Seattle                                             scribed and illustrated, as are
Daniels serves as President for Nitze-Stagen &       Preservation Founda-                                                the personal stories of
Co., Inc., a private investment firm offering        tion in association with the University of           commitment, perseverance, and labor that
expertise in the areas of commercial office,         Washington Press, this book is the com-              have spurred the renewal of properties and
industrial, and retail properties. His extensive     pletely revised and expanded edition of              made them useful again. Made to Last
background in real estate includes nearly two        Kreisman’s 1985 publication, Historic                celebrates buildings whose age is not a
decades of experience in the areas of property       Preservation in Seattle, now including both          detriment, but rather a valuable and
development and management in the Puget              Seattle and King County. Made to Last                contributing force in the community.
Sound region. Former chair M.A. Leonard              includes descriptions and photographs that
will remain on the council as the newly elected      provide a guide to individual landmarks and          To order your own copy of Made to
constituency-appointed member.                       landmark districts, demonstrating how each           Last, please see insert.

THE COUNCIL CHAIR                 Now that we have survived the turn of         events, and served about 3,000 people. One of our great
                                the millennium with little to show for the      success stories was our event pass option, which was new
                                media hype but a lot of stored powdered         last year and continues to be even more popular this year.
                                foods, we can look forward to another             I think it is safe to say that the 2000 program year will be even
                                great year of projects and programs at          better. If you haven’t already, sign up now before events sell out.
                                Historic Seattle.                               Again, I want to commend our committees for all of their hard work.
                                  I’m pleased to report that Historic Seattle     2000 will be a busy year on the project front as well. Work is
                                continues to be one of the community’s          underway at the Dearborn House and we hope to begin the final
                                leaders in preservation. Our mission of         phase of development at the Good Shepherd Center soon, and
           Educate, Advocate, Preserve makes us unique among national           we should be able to complete the rehabilitation of the Egan
           historic preservation organizations; there are very few who do       House this year. We hope to be reviewing new projects, which
           all three and do them well.                                          will continue Historic Seattle’s excellent tradition of adaptive use
             In looking back on the last quarter century of preservation, I     of historic structures.
           realize that all of our accomplishments would not have been            The work at the Dearborn House, and the ability to take on new
           possible without the help of the people who have been involved       projects will be possible with a successful capital campaign. The
           in Historic Seattle over the years. We have been fortunate to        Save the Buildings Fund got off to a great start at the Gala in
           have wonderfully active members, committed volunteers,               October (where we raised more than $120,000 to seed the fund)
           responsible leadership, and an excellent staff. Without these        and promises to continue this year. Be watching for more news
           elements working together, we, as an organization, would not         on the growth of the fund and how you can become involved.
           be where we are today—poised to be even better.                        We have never been in as strong of a position to do so much.
             1999 was an outstanding program year. Many thanks should           On behalf of the Council, Foundation, and staff, I want to wish
           go out to our program committees, volunteers, speakers, and          all of you a wonderful new year and many thanks for your
           especially Larry Kreisman, whose ideas came to life in one of        support. I hope you will join us this year in making 2000 one of
           the best programming years ever. We sold out a number of             Historic Seattle’s best years ever.         —Kevin Daniels

2 Historic Seattle
                                                              H ISTORIC S EATTLE

When: Saturday, April 15, 1-4 p.m.
Where: Seattle Art Museum Main Auditorium,
First Avenue and University Street
Tickets: $15 members, $20 general public.
See insert to register.

Historic Seattle is pleased to be a co-sponsor
with The Royal Oak Foundation (Ameri-
cans in Alliance with the National Trust of
England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) of
British architectural historian, lecturer, and
author Wendy Hitchmough. She is author                            A typical Voysey-designed residence, Vodin, 1902
of the definitive works C. F. A. Voysey and
Arts & Crafts Gardens. Her new book, The
                                                        Never look at an ugly
Arts & Crafts Home, is to be released in                                                               SPRING MEMBERS
March 2000.                                            thing twice. It is fatally                      MEETING ON BOARD
                                                             easy to get                               THE KALAKALA
Hitchmough will present two lectures on
April 15th. In C. F. A. Voysey & the Morality of
                                                           accustomed to                               We know you’ve heard all about the
Architecture, Hitchmough discusses one of the          corrupting influences.                          Kalakala, but have you seen it in person?
most renowned British architects from the                                                              Better yet, have you been on board?
                                                                C.F. A. Voysey
1890s until World War I. Voysey’s white-                                                               Tuesday, May 9, is your chance to be a
rendered houses with stone window-dressings                                                            guest on board the legendary flying bird
and sweeping slate roofs combined clarity and      DEARBORN HOUSE                                      now moored at the north end of Lake
simplicity with a sensual appreciation of                                                              Union. The occasion is our Spring
natural materials. Hitchmough looks at the
                                                   UPDATE                                              Members Meeting at 7 p.m., so mark your
architect/client relationship in the design of a   Amidst the pounding and the dust, it’s              calendars now. More details will follow in
particular house in 1906 England. We learn         business as usual at Historic Seattle while         our next issue.
about Voysey’s character and chart the course      the systems upgrades continue during Phase
of his career. For him, the house is a moral       One of the renovation at the Dearborn
statement—a spiritually charged environment.       House, home of Historic Seattle. Currently
                                                   the second and third floors are receiving
In The Arts & Crafts Garden, Hitchmough            new heating and ventilation systems, as well
describes the emergence of a distinctive style     as electrical system improvements. Following
using the wonderful example of William             this, plaster repair, painting, and wood
                                                                                                                       The Kalakala in 1935
Morris’s Red House in Kent and concepts of         floor refinishing will begin, which will
natural planting pioneered by William              complete these initial efforts.                      H IS TORIC S EATTLE N EWS & V IEWS    IS PUBLISHED QUARTERLY BY

Robinson and Gertrude Jekyll. She shows                                                                                       H ISTORIC S EATTLE
the architectural innovations in garden            As a side note, during this construction                      H ISTORIC S EATTLE A DMINISTRATIVE S TAFF :
structures by Lutyens, Lorimer, Voysey,            some artifacts of historical interest were                        J OHN C HANEY , E XECUTIVE D IRECTOR
 and Barnsleys.                                    found in the house. Specifically, a bone-                   S HARON E DWARDS , A DMINISTRATIVE A SSIS TANT
                                                   handled Native American hoop drum pre-
                                                                                                                            A LANE P ORTER G RIGGS ,
Session 3 of the Spring Arts & Crafts              dating the 1900s, a Native American fishing                                C OMMUNICATIONS
Lecture Series will be held May 13. The            spear, various enamel bowls, and a framed                    C INDY H UGHES , A DMINISTRATIVE A SSISTANT
topics are Great Lodges and Arts & Crafts          1918 photo of WWI soldiers. Little did we                          L ARRY K REISMAN, P ROGRAM DIRECTOR
Tile with Richard Mohr, professor of               realize that the Dearborn House itself
                                                                                                            A NGIE M C C ARREL , P ROJECT D EVELOPMENT D IRECTOR
philosophy at the University of Illinois-          would become a veritable archeological site.
                                                                                                                     PAUL F. MORRIS, DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR
Urbana. Mohr has written extensively on
                                                                                                                P ERI M UHICH , O PERATIONS A DMINISTRATOR
decorative arts and architecture. More             Additional improvements planned include
information will follow in our next issue.         improved accessibility, exterior mainte-                            P RINTED   ON   R ECYCLED   PAPER

                                                   nance, and restoring decorative metalwork.
                                                                                                                                               Historic Seattle 3
                                                              H ISTORIC S EATTLE
                                                  1999 VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION PARTY
 Allied Arts Urban Environment
 Committee. For information on the date
 and time of the next meeting call 206-
 Historic    Seattle    Council     Meetings.
 The third Thursday of the month at
 8 a.m. at 1117 Minor Ave. Call 206-622-
 6952 for information.

 King      County   Cultural      Resources
 Division,    Landmarks,        and    Heritage
 Commission. Meets the fourth Thursday
 of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the 4th Floor
 Exec. Conference Room of the King
 County Courthouse, 516 Third Ave. Call

 206-296-7580 for the location of the
                                                           Jane Roe (left), 1999 volunteer of the year, receives a plaque from former council chair
 meeting and agenda.
                                                           M.A. Leonard as John Chaney, executive director, looks on during the 1999 Volunteer
 Seattle     Landmarks        Preservation                        Recognition held at the Carr Residence on Capitol Hill last November.
 Board. First and Third Wed. at 3:30 p.m.,
 Arctic Building, 700 Third Avenue, 10th
 floor. 206-684-0228
                                                  THANK YOU TO OUR                                       FIRST HILL HISTORY
            EVENTS OF I NTEREST                   PASS HOLDERS                                           PROJECT CONTINUES...
 Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks ,             Historic Seattle wishes to thank all of our            WITH YOUR HELP
 Preserving Our Historic Landscape                members who have shown their generous                  After a successful initial start, the First Hill
                                                  support through the purchase of one or                 History Project continues. While signifi-
 Legacy—Theory         and   Practicality,
                                                  more of our 2000 event passes. Whether a               cant inroads have been made in defining
 Monday, May 1, 2000, 5:30-9 p.m.,                Preservationist, Arts & Crafts, Preserving             resources, collecting data, and determining
 Graham Visitors Center, Washington               Your Old House, or Tea & Tour pass, it is              oral history interviews that need to be
 Park Arboretum. To mark the beginning            tremendously gratifying to have our                    done, there is much work left. We encour-
                                                  programming be so well received. Thank                 age community involvement with the next
 of National Historic Preservation Month,
                                                  you to each and every one of you! Your                 stage of research, which requires reviewing
 the Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks is
                                                  support helps us continue to provide this              primary resources and providing copies for
 hosting a presentation on the challenges         level of educational programming and                   the archives, surveying early Seattle
 of preserving our historic landscape             person by person, event by event, we can               newspapers, conducting additional oral
 legacy in an urban environment. The
                                                  spread the powerful preservation message               history interviews, and continuing to
                                                  that is so necessary during this time of               unearth First Hill documents currently in
 evening will begin with a reception and
                                                  indelible change in our city and                       private hands. Historic Seattle will be the
 display of projects followed by a presen-        surrounding area.                                      repository of data gleaned from these many
 tation at 7 p.m. on current historic                                                                    sources with the goal that once completed,
 landscape projects in Seattle. A panel                                                                  this research project will be available for
                                                                                                         public access. If you enjoy the research
 of experts will explore the issues and
                                                                                                         process, please consider becoming involved
 complexities of historic landscape                                                                      in the research and evaluation of First Hill
 preservation using case studies of                                                                      history. Contact Peri Muhich at 206-622-
 Olmsted landscapes in Seattle to                                                                        6952 if you are interested.
 illustrate the practicalities .

4 Historic Seattle
                                                           H ISTORIC S EATTLE

The Historic Seattle 25th Anniversary Gala      This was the perfect event to cap an
was a huge success! We raised more than         incredible anniversary year. Thanks to all
$120,000 to seed the Save the Buildings         of our members and volunteers who
Fund, which Historic Seattle has established    attended the event to help us celebrate
as a direct action fund to preserve the         both the past, and the future of our
architectural legacy of the community.          organization.

A sell-out crowd was in attendance on
October 16th, 1999 to celebrate Historic
Seattle’s 25th Anniversary and the reopen-
ing of Union Station in the Great Hall of
this historic train station now headquarters
of Sound Transit. Historic Seattle took the
opportunity to recognize a number of
people whose contributions to our commu-
nity have made an indelible impact on the
preservation movement here. The honorees
at the Gala were: Bruce Chapman, John
Miller, and Wes Uhlman receiving the Earl
Drais-Layman Award for preservation work
in the public sector; Pioneer Square
Properties receiving the Award for work by a
private developer; The Committee of 33
receiving the Norm Johnston Award for
                                                                Historic Seattle Volunteers in the Great Hall of Union Station at the
preservation work by a group; The Virginia                                             25th Anniversary Gala
V Foundation and Ida Cole received the
Award for an individual preservation project;   1999 ANNUAL FUND
and Peggy Corley receiving the Victor
Steinbrueck Lifetime Achievement Award for
contributions to preservation. Congratula-      We would like to acknowledge and thank
tions to all of our recipients!                 the generous supporters of our 1999
                                                Annual Fund campaign.
The event was entirely underwritten by          Kenneth Alhadeff                                    Linda Larson and B. Gerald Johnson
sponsors, meaning all of the ticket income
                                                Deborah Barker                                      Stacy Lawson
went to the Save the Buildings Fund. Many
                                                Margot Blacker                                      Karin Link
thanks to all of our sponsors: Our Premier
                                                Wayne and Elizabeth Deckman                         Angie McCarrel
Sponsors Union Station Associates: Vulcan
NW and Nitze-Stagen & Co., Inc.; Sound          John F. Dolan                                       Sarah L. Olson
Transit. Our Corporate Sponsors Baugh           Jeanne Eaton                                        Amy Pfeiffenberger
Construction; Bank of America; NBBJ;            Marlys Erickson                                     Helen K. Pulsifer
Coughlin Porter Lundeen; and US Bank,           Cathy Galbraith                                     JoAn L. Roehl
and our Preservationist Sponsors OPUS           Jun Gasparovich                                     Martha Rogers
Northwest, LLC; Ryan Swanson & Cleve-           Jessica Greenway and Ken Nelson                     Judith Schweikhardt
land; Sparling Engineering; Stirett-Johnsen;    Mary Jo and William Harbold                         Kayle Shulenberger and David Weitzel
SASCO; Colliers International; Evergreen        Doris Horn                                          Douglas Smith
Paint Studio & Painter’s Inc.; NSU/             George and Wanda Hughes                             Warren and Nancy Smith
Johnson & Shute; Preston Gate & Ellis,          Herman and Mae Rita Kurfirst                        Rachel Swerdlow
and Holaday-Parks.

                                                                                                                                    Historic Seattle 5
                                                               H ISTORIC S EATTLE
Thank you to all our New Members--and
welcome to Historic Seattle!                                                     And thank you to all our Renewing
Virginia Aldrich                            Sara Jane Johnson                    Members--your continued support is
Bob & Tina Alexander                        Kji Kelly                            sincerely appreciated.               The Jackson Family
Jon Alexander                               Richard & Donna Kelly                                                     Norman J. Johnston
Laura Allan                                 Heather W. Kerr                        Pamela Abas                        Gilbert P. Joynt
Kristine Anderson-Dahmas & Richard Dahmas   JoAnne King                            Gary Ackerman                      Zoe Keever
Erleen Anderson                             Brett Kingsbury                        Ray Allen                          Francois & Julia Kissel
Phoebe Andrew                               Holly B. Kjerulff                      Marie Y. Anshutz                   Karen Koon & Brad Edwards
Mathew & Jennifer Arnas                     H. C. Knudson, Jr. & Susan Knudson     Jerome Arbes                       Dan & Emily Kozie
Luci Baker                                  Dave Leddel                            Dick Arnold                        Chapin & Katheryn Krafft
Sandra Barker                               Warren & Donna Lenox                   J.R. Arnold & Deborah Thurber      John & Janet Kutina
Tom Bassett & Kris Young                    James Loring                           William A. Baker                   Norman W. & Madalyn Larsen
Scott A. & Kathleen J. Batchelder           Derik E. & Christi L. Loso             Gwen Ballard                       M.A. Leonard
Kristin Bayruns                             Bonnie & Carlin MacDougall             Susan Bangs-Smith                  Karin Link
Daniel Becker                               Kevin Maiden & Melissa Ohge            Walter & Christa Barke             John Lombard
Janet Beckmann                              Patricia Maier                         Colin & Jennifer Barr              Anita C. Longley
Ann Beeman                                  Darrell & Leslie Marmion               Esther Bartfeld                    Barbara Loomis
Edith Berkompas                             Debra & Mark Masterson                 Renate Bartl                       Richard Lyons
Lori W. & Ron Berst                         Roy A. Matson, II                      David Batchelder & Colleen McShane Tim Mar & Eliza Ward
Joelle Blair                                John Mayer                             Fred & Bette Bell                  Chris Martin
Amy Bonney-Hoffman & David Hoffman          Kimberly McKittrick                    Carol Berger                       Teri Martin
Ralph Bradshaw                              David E. & Carol J. Middleton          Matthew Boswell                    Margie McCarty & Paul D. Joppa
Richard Bready & Karin Rosenberg            Linda M. & Thomas Moorman              Pat Braus & Holly Boone            Karen McCaughan & Jeff Hegg
Diane M. Broderick                          Brent Morgan & Mary Rowe Morgan        Bruce L. & Carolyn E. Brown        James McKendry
Richard Brown                               Rebecca M. Nerison                     Donna Capps                        Duse F. & Pete McLean
Jeannie Brush                               Sue Nicol                              Nancy & Patrick Carey              Louise J. McNerney & Jan Sobieralski
Carolyn Burton                              Jeanette Noyes                         Cathy & Michael Casteel            Barry Mickel
Nikki Carder                                Jeanette O’Connor                      John S. Chaney                     June Milette
Kristin Cherry                              Lee Oatey                              Kristin Cherry                     Clinton & Elizabeth Miller
Mary Chessik                                Diane T. Odell                         Vivian Chesterley                  Gretchen D. & Lee E. Monteith
Wendy Clark                                 Anne Offenbacker                       Florence B. Clark                  Marilyn M. & Scott L. Montgomery
Darlene K. Cloud                            Blair & Janet Paul                     Molly & Bob Cleland                Alton & Myrna Moore
Kevin Code                                  Esta Pekow                             Phyllis Collins & Russ Kintrea     Earl D. Morris
Robert & Sue Collett                        David & Mary Perlin                    David & Linda Cornfield            Linda Moschell
Ann H. Condon                               Misa Perron-Burdick                    Cynthia M. Creasey & John McCoy    Sandra J. Moss
Elisa Corcoran                              Marilyn Petersen                       Virginia M. & Albert H. Crosetti   Donna D. Munn
Rob C. & Kim K. Covey                       Barbara Pickens & Bernard Hedeen       Marin Curry                        Jan Oldershaw
Jacquelyn C. Crippen                        Mariette Poirier                       Lou Daly                           Barbara Olson
Stephen J. Cummings                         Janet Price                            Robert Day & Walter A. Hanson      James L. Olson
William Cunningham                          Dagman Randolph                        Wayne & Elizabeth Deckman          Loren & Julie Olson
Pat & Mary Ann Curran                       Gloria Remy                            Cleanne B. Delaney                 Eric N. & Linda L. Page
Jim Daly                                    JoAn L. Roehl                          Beth Dewey & Jeffrey Stewart       Steve Paoli
Eric & Lisa de Montigny                     Susan & David Sanders                  Marilyn Dillard                    Elizabeth & Lee Pearl
Henry W. & Mona C. Dearborn                 Sarena Seifer                          Olivia Dresher                     Allen & Suzanne Peery
Colleen Dunham                              Catherine Sheldon                      Jeanne Eaton                       Mollie V. Pepper
Beverly Ernst                               Jann Sheridan                          Rod & Sharon Edwards               Joyce Perkins
Steven Fancher                              James & Karen Simone                   Alvin & Ruth Eller                 Betsy Peters
Fredia Flowers                              Martha Sinkler                         June Engstrom                      Barbara Pickens & Bernard Hedeen
Steven Francher                             Christine Smith                        Brenda Ewert                       J. L. Pullen
Boo Frankel                                 Sarah E. Sodt                          Steve & Wendy Fawthrop             Helen K. Pulsifer
Sandra Fugate                               Scott Souchock                         Tammy Felker                       Jane I. Roe
Pat Gallagher                               Jim E. Stamateou & Guy Besner          Kris & Doug Forbes                 Martha Rogers
GGLO, P.L.L.C.                              Jill Sterrett                          Shirley P. & David Fox             Susan & David Sanders
David & Karen Gibbs                         Katy Jo Steward                        Elizabeth Furlow                   Cheri Sayer
Yalonda Gill                                Mary Stimac                            Elaine Gagnon                      Sharon V. Scherer
Joan Golston                                Kent Sundberg & M. E. de la Fuente     June Gasparovich                   Keith Schorsch
Lydia B. Golston                            Lara Swimmer                           Colleen Gehrt                      Sherri Schultz
Tom Gomez                                   Gerry Takano                           Charles E. Gerrodette              Allan Seidenverg
Amber Gould                                 Helen Taylor                           Marilee & Paul Gibbs               Goldie & Donald Silverman
Christina Greene                            Jonetta Taylor                         Phyllis Gorton & Michael Berglund Lee Soper
Janet Hall                                  Amy Thom                               Marlene Grandstrom                 Gail & Larry St. Peter
Bennie Jewel Harrell                        Karla Thomas                           Brian Gregory                      J. Richard Stead
Ruth Harvey                                 Tim Thorson                            Paul Grube, Jr.                    David Storm
Joan Haywood & Randy Boose                  Jane Titland                           Kathe & John Hall                  Lynelle J. Thon Hall & Brian Hall
Katheryn Helde                              Dolly Vinal                            Judith Hance                       Martha Tofferi
Karen & Andy Higgs                          Jean Voelker                           H. DeForest & Susan B. Hardinge    Nancy Turnure
Phil Holmes                                 Molly Ann Walton                       Karin Harris                       Ilse & Sidney Volinn
Nancy Honhorst                              David & Isabel Webster                 Clay D. Hartl                      Aila I. & Eugene Vorhies
Susanne Hubbach                             J. Russell Whalen                      Anne G. Hauberg                    Kathryn Warner
George & Wanda Hughes                       Charles W. Wilkinson & Melanie Ito     Dana & Chris Heisler               Linda Warner & Chris Fraser
Constance Ibsen                             Carole A. Williams                     Cynthia L. Hughes                  Glenn & Carolyn White
JayRay Ads & PR                             Susan L. Winship-Nofftz                Bernie Ingersoll                   Virginia V. Wilcox
Catherine J. Johnson                        Sharon Winters & Kendall Reid          Susan Ingham                       Peggy Worthman
Howard Johnson                              Tonnvane Wiswell & Jason Meininger     Vicki Isham                        Monte Wright
6 Historic Seattle
                                                               H ISTORIC S EATTLE

                                                                                                    Sunshine and a spring-like day greeted us
                                                                                                    on our February 13th Tea & Tour at the
                                                                                                    O.D. Fisher/Coney Residence on Capitol Hill.
                                                                                                    The handsome Tudor Revival home features
                                                                                                    exquisite white oak and mahogany detailing,
                                                                                                    hammered metal chandeliers and sconces, and
                                                                                                    a variety of striking leaded and stained glass, as
                                                                                                    seen in the right-hand photo. Left to right:
                                                                                                    volunteers Suzanne Howard & Theo Nassar
                                                                                                    with member Kristin Cherry and guest
                                                                                                    Rita Harder.

CAPITOL HILL: PAST,                                A NEW SEASON OF
                                                                                             HISTORIC SEATTLE
PRESENT, FUTURE                                    VIEWPOINT TOURS
                                                                                                                          Yes! I want to join
Continued from page 1                              The Seattle Architectural Foundation
                                                                                                                            Historic Seattle
                                                   has developed and conducted nearly                                    to help preserve the
Dorpat will be followed by Leonard
                                                   50 downtown, neighborhood, and                                                future
Garfield, director of the Museum of History
                                                   out-of-town tours serving over 8,000                                    of our city's past.
and Industry and a respected architectural
                                                   people. The 10th season of the                                        Please clip and return
historian, who will show the range of styles
                                                   Viewpoints tour program begins May                                         this form to:
represented by a century of residential
                                                   6th and extends to mid-November.             DEDICATED TO
                                                                                               ARCHITECTURAL                Historic Seattle
                                                   Offerings include:                          PRESERVATION               1117 MinorAvenue
The second session engages past and present
                                                   • A new out-of-town tour in Walla                                      Seattle, WA 98101
Capitol Hill residents and those affiliated
                                                   Walla, led by experts in architecture,
with major institutions in panel discussions                                                  $15 Student/Senior              $250 Corporate
                                                   history, and preservation planning
and recollections of what it was like to live,                                                $25 Individual                  $500 Associate
                                                   • New tours of a Seattle neighbor-
work, and socialize here earlier in the century.                                              $35 Family                      $1,000 Patron
                                                   hood that was originally a separate        $100 Contributing               $2,500 Benefactor
                                                   town and is a designated historic
The final session provides a forum with
                                                   district—Columbia City                     New Member
leading institutions and community groups in
                                                   • A new tour of the campus of              Renewing Member
discussion of the shape, challenges, and
                                                   Seattle University                         Please contact me about
direction of the neighborhood as it enters the
                                                   • Encores of popular weekend tours,        volunteer opportunities
21st century and the built resources that need                                                Please send information on leaving
                                                   including Ravenna Bungalows, Places
to be preserved in this time of significant                                                   Historic Seattle in my will
                                                   of Worship, Art Deco, Harvard
change.                                                                                        I’d like to make an additional
                                                   Belmont, Montlake, Queen Anne.
                                                   •Three series of mid-week lunchtime          contribution of $
Complementing the lectures, a guided
                                                   tours—historic and restored
walking tour of the Harvard-Belmont                                                         Name
                                                   buildings; new architecture in Seattle
Historic District will be conducted by the
                                                   and the Eastside; and a wide
Seattle Architectural Foundation.
                                                   range of historic and new hotels.        Address
                                                   •Tours that coincide with Architec-
This is an excellent opportunity to become
                                                   ture Week 2000 events.
well-versed in the history of Capitol Hill and                                              City
to fully understand the changes taking place                                                State                            Zip
                                                   Tour brochures will be available in
today, and in turn, help influence the                                                      Day Phone
                                                   late March. Please call (206) 667-9186
decisions to be made tomorrow.
                                                   for information.                         Paying by check       or MasterCard        or Visa
                                                                                            Account number:

                                                                                            Expiration date:

                                                                                                                                   Historic Seattle 7
                 for the mutual pride of all citizens, and the creation of a more liveable environment.”
           through which citizens may participate in preservation of the historic heritage of the City of Seattle
                               Historic Seattle was established in 1974 as a “legal entity                                                           in April—pg. 8
                                                                                                                                        Spring Preserving Your Old House Series

                                                                                                                                                        —pg. 5
                                                                                                                                                      Gala Recap

                                                                                                                                                        —pg. 3
                                                                                                                                             Arts & Crafts Spring Lectures

                                                                                                                                                       —pg. 2
                                                                                                                                                Annual Meeting Recap

                                                                                                                                                       —pg. 1
                                                                                                                                                   New Deal Lecture

                                                                                                                                                 on Capitol Hill—pg. 1
                                                                                                                                                 Annual Lecture Series

                                                                                                                                                  In This Issue:

       PERMIT NO. 1129
       SEATTLE, WA
       PAID                                                                                                                   SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98101
       U.S. POSTAGE                                                                                                                    1117 MINOR AVENUE
                                                                                                                                           HISTORIC SEATTLE

                                                                             PRESERVING YOUR OLD HOUSE IS TAKING ITS
                                                                             TOOLS TO THE SOUTH SIDE THIS SPRING
                                                                             When: Wednesday, April 12, Researching Your Old House;
                                                                             Wednesday, April 19, Old and New Materials for Your Old House.
                                                                             7-9 p.m. Rainier Valley Cultural Center, 3515 S. Alaska St., Columbia City.
                                                                             Tickets: Series tickets for the two dates are $12 for members, $18 general public.
                                                                             Individual dates are $7 members, $10 general public, available at the door, space
                                                                             permitting. See insert to register.

The spring series of Preserving Your Old                                     most cases, the research process is straight-       out exactly what materials will be the best
House heads south in April to Columbia                                       forward with information close at hand. It          choice for you based on the style of your
City where two sessions will be presented                                    is a fascinating task to learn about your own       home, the age of your home, and your
at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. Our                                   home, to discover who else has shared the           budget. Our presenters will describe their
first session provides some of the most                                      same space, and to realize your home is the         businesses and discuss commonly asked
sought-after information requested from                                      conduit connecting you to those who lived           questions about quality, appropriateness to
our members, “How can I learn about my                                       before.                                             the job, prices, and value.
old house?” In Researching Your Old House,
Jodee Fenton, coordinator for the Fine and                                   In the second session, Old and New
Performing Arts at the Seattle Public                                        Materials for Your Old House, local dealers in
Library, and local history expert Greg Lange                                 salvaged and refurbished plumbing,
will explain all the local sources of informa-                               lighting, and woodwork will join dealers of
tion available to you, the would-be house                                    newly manufactured and reproduction
detective. You will be relieved to know in                                   materials. Here is your opportunity to find

8 Historic Seattle

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