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									                            Mistakes that Prevent the Best Muscle Building

Without knowing it, people who frequent the gym encounter some common mistakes that prevent
them from getting the Build Muscleprogram. To make sure that they get the most out of their
bodybuilding workouts, it is important to identify these common mistakes. There are five mistakes that
prevent muscle building. Read on and get the most of your bodybuilding programs.

The first of these common mistakes is trying to do too many reps. Most bodybuilders think that doing
the most reps would help them achieve bigger muscle mass. This is obviously wrong.

If this was true, then people who use their arms a lot as part of their work would have arms the size of
the best bodybuilders.

Obviously having a lot of reps would not do the trick because of a simple reason. Once you keep on
increasing your rep without raising the level of your weight then your muscle will become used to it and
would not get any exercise at all. Keep in mind that the body has the tendency to adjust.

The second mistake is related to the first. Most people fail to use enough weights because they tend to
believe that more reps will be able to help them get more muscle mass without lifting big weights. They
have failed to realize the value of ‘lifting big to get big’.

A person who lifts 500 lbs once builds more muscle mass than a person who builds 100 lbs five times.
Though they both lift an equivalent weight, the effect is not the same.

Keep in mind that people will only build mass if they try to go beyond their limit. Muscle mass grow only
if muscles tear and they only tear if they lift weights that are beyond the usual weights that are lifted.

The third mistake is that people do not workout with the right routine. They simply go to the gym and
start lifting the first weights that attract their attention. Many of them do their workouts like crazy.
It must kept in mind that building muscle mass needs a proper plan that must be put into action.
Workouts must be done by following this plan. Unless a bodybuilder shows up at the gym with a muscle
building plan, he cannot expect to gain any improvement in his muscle mass.

The fourth common mistake is doing both building mass and losing weight at the same time. Chances
are both these efforts will fail. It would be best to choose one over the other. Remember that to add
muscle mass into your body would require considerable effort on your part. If you do cardio before or
after the weight lifting, chances are you are going to fail your goal of building muscle mass.

The last mistake is connected with the previous one. People think that by doing cardio workouts on days
where they would not do any lifting is the answer to the problem. This is wrong. Remember that the so-
called non-lifting days are the days when
the muscles actually do their most growth. Allowing the muscles to recover is the only way they are
strong enough when it is time to go back in the gym and lift more than before.

Do away with these mistakes and you are surely to achieve best muscle building.

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