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					                                                           Proprietary Business Plan

You really MUST get your               Heart Beating well into triple digits...
       It is the most powerful method known to man to Loose Weight and Rejuvenate Health
       Especially for Seniors and those suffering from Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease.
AND this Environmental Bio-Feedback Fitness Machine does it best...

  70 Year Old Former US Marine again becomes that “Parris Island”
     Animal of Health & Vitality since Riding his easy-on-the-knees LLC
                            When you park your car,
                          How will you get around town?
                           How will you go shopping?

                   We definitely need More than a Bike
                  but, still less than a toxic expensive car

  Electric Assist HeartBeater® SUPERTrikes® are more than
      Bicycles, Recumbent Bikes, Scooters or Golf Carts

With the Largest Sealed Trunk in the Industry it becomes the perfect
    Environmental Bio-feedback Fitness Conveyance Machine
       for everyone at virtually any age and at any health level

         SUPERTrikes are sold factory direct over the Internet
           thousands less than anyone would expect to pay
           and comes with a 12 Tier Referral Spiff program
             that could Spiff Riders handsomely for years

          the HeartBeater® Branded Vitamin & Supplement Site
      Deep Discounts, Free Shipping and the only Retention Cash Back Reward Program on the Internet

The information in this document is confidential and is to be only read by authorized parties.
Please refer to the confidentiality agreement for further details. This business plan is not an
offering of securities.

Our Investor...

Is like us with an interest in expanding this brand new design to own the Industry
Void that is less than a car but certainly a good deal more than any other bike,
electric assist bike, golf cart or scooter

Our Investor is also concerned about his health and the health of those around
him to want a realistic cardio solution people might stay with, and to be an
integral part of a high volume High Quality discount Vitamin & Supplement Site.

Our Investor could be all of the above and understands Referral Marketing to see
the phenomenal rewards in becoming one of our spokespeople who Ride often to
show the results for others to also want one who then do the same on and on.

Our Investor also recognizes that the Senior, the Obese, and the Health-
Challenged individuals the HeartBeater® appeals to are the largest markets in
the world and could therefore generate impressive Returns on Investment.

                                Confidentiality Agreement

The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided in this
business plan is confidential; therefore, the reader agrees not to disclose it
without the express written permission of an authorized agent of LLC.

It is acknowledged by the reader that information furnished in this business plan
is in all respects confidential in nature, other than information which is in the
public domain through other means and that any disclosure or use of same by
reader, and may cause serious harm or damage to aforementioned parties.

This business plan is not to be copied or reproduced by any means without the
sole written consent of an authorized agent of LLC.

Upon request, this document is to be immediately returned.

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                           Table of Contents

1.1     The Founder
1.2     The Product
1.2.1   The Vitamin & Supplement Site
1.3     The Financing
1.4     Sales Forecasts
1.5     The Future

2.1     Funds Required and Use of Funds
2.2     Investor Equity
2.3     Management Equity
2.4     Management Board of Directors Composition
2.5     Exit Strategies
2.6     Investor Divestiture

3.1     The   HeartBeater® SUPERTrikes and its Operations
3.2     The Composite Material Engineering Firm Specialists
3.3     SUPERTrike Feasibility study by University of Texas at Austin
3.4     Other Complementary Profit Center

4.1     Registered Names
4.2     Commencement of Operations
4.3     History
4.4     Vision Statement
4.5     Organizational Objectives
4.6     Organizational Values
4.7     Founders and Management Team

                     Strategic and Market Analysis

5.1     Economic Outlook
5.2     Industry Analysis
5.2.1   Motorized Vehicle Production
5.2.2   Health Information

5.3   Customer Profile
5.3.1 Customers with Desperate Needs

5.4   Competition
5.4.1 We are a Altruistic Humanistic Philanthropic Organization
5.4.2 The HeartBeater® company itself is the Pinnacle Referrer
5.4.3 Sold over the internet today
5.4.4 What happens in HeartBeater®, Stays in     HeartBeater®

                          Key Strategic Issues

6.1    Basis for Growth

                              Marketing Plan

7.1    Marketing Objectives

7.2    Sales Forecasts

7.3    Sales Assumptions

7.4   Marketing Strategies
7.4.1 Authorized Service Centers
7.4.2 Rolling Billboard all over town

7.5   Product Marketing
7.5.1 Price
7.5.2 Distribution

                   Overview of the Organization

8.1    Organizational Chart

8.2    Five year Snapshot of Revenue, Expenses and Profitability

8.3    Non Profit Panamanian Foundation

                              Financial Plan

9.1    Underlying Assumptions

9.2    Financial Highlights

9.3    The Economic Analysis of a Free SUPERTrike

9.4    General Assumptions

                               SWOT Analysis


                       Critical Risks and Problems

        Development Risk – Moderate/Low
        Financing Risk – Moderate
        Marketing Risk –Very Low
        Management Risk – Low
        Valuation Risk – Low
        Exit Risk - Low

                             Reference Sources

                 Expanded Profit and Loss Statements

                      Expanded Cash Flow Analysis

                              Executive Summary

The business plan purpose is to raise financing to open our Live a Life of Health
high volume discount Vitamin & Supplement Site while building a few Production
Prototypes of an industry unique Electric-Assist Environmental Cardiovascular
Workout Vehicle that has its Riders improve their health while having an
economical and ecologically friendly transportation to run errands all over town. LLC. (“the Company”) has developed the initial framework for
the production and global distribution of its Patent Pending HeartBeater® line of
SUPERTrikes. The business was founded as an Oklahoma LLC in 2007 and a
Panamanian Corporation in 2007 by Richard Brown.

1.1 The Founder

Richard Brown is a highly experienced businessman who has worked diligently to
lay all of the initial framework for the development of these SUPERTrikes. He
will quickly bring the operations of the business to profitability by coordinating all
of the top talent attracted to contribute and perfect the complex accounting,
manufacturing, web-based Internet marketing, and distribution issues that the
business will face on a day to day basis. The Team’s biographies can be found
linked in sections 3.2, 3.4, 4.7, 6.1, 7.2, 7.4, and 7.5.2 of this business plan.

1.2 The Product

As stated, HeartBeater® has developed an unique Fitness Conveyance Vehicle
that will provide users with an extremely comprehensive Full-Body
Cardiovascular Workout while it provides them with a method of quickly moving
throughout a city or town. The vehicle will feature state of the art on-board
technologies like a generator to charge the batteries on the fly, and biofeedback
mechanism sensors that allow people to see how their health is improving as
they Ride the SUPERTrikes. People of all ages, lifestyles, and fitness levels can
Ride the Company’s line of Big-Seat Comfortable SUPERTrikes. The popular
SUPERTrike model in the middle will sell for approximately $5,000 per unit.

On an ancillary basis, the business will provide information pertaining to healthy
living, healthy eating, as well as super low cost with/Free Shipping Vitamins &
Supplements to maintain a well balanced lifestyle. This will not only produce a
secondary stream of income for the business, but it will also provide an attraction
marketing benefit for the Company. This issue will be further focused upon in the
seventh section of the business plan.

The third section of the business plan will further discuss the SUPERTrikes line
of its future private and commercial models.

1.2.1 The Vitamin & Supplement Site

Live a Life of Health .com is a Sister Health Blog with food articles and recipes,
Vitamins & Supplements at a great price with FREE Shipping dropped shipped
by Nutricap Labs. It will be a high volume low profit Membership Site with the
only Retention Rewards Cash Back Program ever offered the many thousands
around the globe who Google Vitamins & Supplements on a daily bases.

This under construction Marketing Site is our concept's First Step as it comes on
line quickly to start building a quick growing Membership of Health Conscience
individuals in the thousands who put us immediately into positive cash flow and
become amongst the first presented the SUPERTrike®..

A detailed 2-page PDF Business Plan w/spreadsheet explanation found here.

1.3 The Financing
Mr. Brown and his team is seeking a private investment of $100,000 to open the
Vitamin Site while developing the Company’s initial prototypes. Additionally, once
the prototypes are approved,, the business will seek an additional $1,500,000 in
order to launch manufacturing operations offshore. This amount would be stair
stepped in increments by first producing 100 Production Prototypes here in
America before settling on an final global location for its permanent factory.

These first 100 Production Prototypes built here in America would carry a cost
premium of a few hundred dollars per Trike over offshore factory built models,
however a great interim step which continues the momentum while providing
additional time to tape the Marketing Videos as well. We'd sell these first 100 for
approximately their cost out the door to start the momentum and experience.

This initial capital investment will be used for:
   •   Kickoff the Vitamin Site to build cash flow & large customer following
   •   Construction of the Company’s Production Prototypes.
   •   Upgrade the Company’s Websites and Blogs
   •   Complete Panamanian Entity Structure
   •   Cash for the early expenses of the business.
   •   To establish a study of where to build manufacturing operations. Although
       the obvious choice is the Panama Canal Free Zone for all of the reasons
       discussed later in this plan, a detailed and scrutinized report is welcomed.

In exchange for this investment, an investor will receive:
    • A real-time Lap-top access management seat on the board
    • Early position in the Vitamin site Retention Reward Cash Back
    • One of the first Custom Built Production Prototypes
    • A negotiable equity interest in the business.

1.4 Sales Forecasts
The Company expects an exceptional rate of growth after the business
commences operations. This SUPERTrike perfectly solves the Environmental
issue with a big-trunk capacity and big-seat comfortable Ride into town for most
errands a car was used for as well as addressing most of the health and weight
issues affecting most of the world well into their senior years.

Employing arms & legs locomotion will also gain reputation in physical therapy by
simultaneously working and stretching most of the body using the 2-front Hub
Motors to assist to the degree necessary .

There is also a powerful 12-Tier financial Referral Spiff incentive to own one and
Ride it often enticing others around them to purchase one for themselves that
they Ride often to entice others around them and so on for many Tiers to come.

At 8.2 is a 5-year Chart that forecasts the projected Sales, Operating Expenses
and Profits for the first five years of operation.
1.5 The Future

We are reasonably convinced that our discounted Vitamin Site while netting only
$3 per sale will grow at an impressive rate into the tens of thousands within the
first 24 months because we alone on the internet are more interested in growing
a mega following which we could later market the SUPERTrike ® to. Since this
site is all dropped shipped, even a few thousand sales within 4 to 6 months at $3
net per month is immediate positive cash flow.

As time progresses, We will continually add different Electric Assist private and
commercial models including a NPR (No Peddling Required) town bike with
continued investment into these new HeartBeater SUPERTrike ® Models. We've
also outlined a number of strategies that would allow Management/Investors to
divest their share of LLC should they ever desire.

                                The Financing

2.1 Funds Required and Use of Funds

An initial $100,000 investment would kickoff the Vitamin Site and produce the
Company’s first Production Prototypes and the progression of the Marketing,
Accounting and Computer infrastructure

An additional $500,000 would then build Injection Molds and an additional 100
Production Prototypes which would be sold for $5,000 each to recoup this
investment. During this time, a final determination of new investment required to
build an assembly plant with a 250 Factory Models inventory to launch the full
manufacturing operations. Estimated at $1,500,000 it would be offset with the
$1,250,000 in inventory for sale. The breakdown of these funds is as follows:

2.2 Investor Equity
This will be further discussed during negotiations.

2.3 Management Equity
This will be further discussed during negotiations.

2.4 Management Board of Directors Composition
Your Senior Position will be further discussed during negotiations.

2.5 Exit Strategies
The Management has planned for three possible exit strategies. The first strategy
would be to sell the Company to a larger entity at a significant premium. Since,
the motorized vehicle (non-automobile) manufacturing industry maintains a
moderately low risk profile once operations are established; the Management
feels that the Company could be sold for eight to ten times earnings. We can't
see us doing this because of our concern that new owners would not have all of
our same values, but will leave this option on the table for the vote of the Board.

The Second Exit Scenario would entail selling a portion of the Company via an
initial public offering (or “IPO”). After a detailed analysis, it was found that
comparable companies sell for ten to fifteen times earnings on the open market.
However, taking a company public involves significant legal red tape. LLC. would be bound by the significant legal framework of the
Sarbanes-Oxley Act in addition to the legal requirements set forth in form S1 of
the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company would also have to
comply with the Securities Act of 1933 and the Exchange Act of 1934. This too
is unlikely but also left on the table if it is what the investors decide to do.

The third Exit Scenario would involve the use of a private placement
memorandum to raise capital from private sources. This is also a significantly
expensive process that requires the assistance of both an experienced securities
law firm and an investment bank. Funds would be raised from private equity and
merchant banking sources in exchange for a percentage of the Company’s stock.

This third option may be the most likely scenario although it would be much more
likely that an investor who wishes to divest himself would likely find a fellow
investor or an active Rider (customer) who would opt for the shares which would
continue to keep HeartBeater® very private..

2.6 Investor Divestiture
This will be discussed as part of the negotiation.

3.1 The HeartBeater® SUPERTrikes and its Operations

As stated in the executive summary, the HeartBeater® SUPERTrikes provides
users with an immense cardiovascular workout while concurrently providing them
with a motorized assisted form of travel all around town. The SUPERTrikes on-
board computer automatically adjusts the degree of assistance from the vehicle's
front HUB motors during the course of the ride.

SUPERTrikes can be used for all typical transportation within a city or town. The
top sustainable speed of the vehicle using its Front Hub Motors is approximately
30 miles per hour. It should be noted that the SUPERTrikes can be used by
people of all ages, all fitness levels and virtually all health conditions well into
their senior years. The SUPERTrikes have been specifically developed for older
individuals who want to loose weight and improve their health although the
vehicle can be ridden by everyone looking for an inexpensive FUN and certainly
different alternative form of transportation.

Another important aspect of the SUPERTrikes is that they're so environmentally
friendly with electric front Hub motors to help the Human Powered effort under
load, and then extend the total run-time by spinning an alternator to charge the
battery when the rider is on the flats or downhill levels.

3.2 The Composite Material Engineering Firm Specialists

Guaranteeing these SUPERTrikes are everything we promise them to be
HeartBeater® has sourced the Composite Engineering and Manufacturing
Specialist the Plastic Resource Group in Pittsburg, Kansas. They'll finalize the
design to build extremely lightweight all Composite Head Turning SUPERTrikes.

They will first finalize a few Production Prototypes for Management and Investors
to test Ride and video tape to start posting on YouTube and our Website. They
would then construct the molding & tooling to initiate the first round production of
100 Production Prototypes as additional capital is being raised.

All Composite Materials are much lighter and stronger than even titanium. They
are more easily molded into exotic designs and shapes and virtually last forever
even when parked outdoors. They resist fading and look new for years.

The anticipated sales price of the popular SUPERTrike model will be $5,000. We
would also develop a base model with many of the basic features setting us apart
from competition to sell for $4,000. We'd also look at an Over the Top super fast
model with 3-anti lock regeneration braking system in the $7,500 range.

The SUPERTrike's Unique Features can be found on our Pilot Website at (viewed best in IE)

                                Prototype Sketch

3.3 SUPERTrike feasibility Developed by the University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas Engineering department spent two semesters building
the above prototype test vehicle. This test proved the feasibility of the Electric
Assist Robotic Power Steering in the first semester and its Full-Body propulsion
system in the second semester.

3.4 Other Complementary Profit Center

The Company will focus on producing personal use and commercial use
SUPERTrikes AND also sales of Vitamins and Supplements as it pertains to
staying healthy and in shape. Richard Brown is himself a senior who is well
versed in personal fitness, supplements, and nutrition. A 70 year old former US
Marine in excellent health has started a health Blog Live a Life of health

Combining SUPERTrike sales with sales of attractively priced HeartBeater®
branded Vitamins and Supplements will maintain our mission of assisting all
people, especially those in their advancing years and failing health with getting
back into better shape while also providing them with the motivation and
knowledge to remain in shape.

HeartBeater® Logo Natural fiber Hemp & Bamboo Sportswear is a line of high
quality low price which like the vitamins is not a strong profit center but a way of
building and maintaining a growing customer base. It will be a second year
addition to locate a local clothing manufacturer to private label for us.

                          Overview of the Organization

4.1 Registered Name LLC. The business is registered as a for profit in the State of
Oklahoma August 2007

HeartBeater HPV International, S.A. The business is registered as a for
profit Panamanian Corporation October 2007

4.2 Commencement of Operations

The Company would like to commence operations in first quarter 2011 as the
first of the SUPERTrike Production Prototypes roll out of Engineering by then.

4.3 History

The Company has not yet commenced normal business operations. However,
the HeartBeater® Concept and websites have been in development and
researched by Mr. Brown since its brainstorm in 2004.

4.4 Vision Statement

Building upon the Mr Brown's diverse areas of expertise and knowledge and with
the contribution of other talented specialists, and with an expanded line of
Environmental Fitness Machines, HeartBeater® expects to build a business that
will pierce $100 million in gross revenue within the fifth year of operations.

4.5 Organizational Objectives

   • Once the initial capital has been raised, immediately finalize a few first
       Production Prototypes to start shooting the YouTube library of videos. .
   •   Maintain investor transparent extensive financial controls as it relates to
       the manufacturing and distribution of SUPERTrikes on a day to day basis.
   •   Remain within the letter of the law as it pertains to the sale and distribution
       of Electric Assist Vehicles not classified as automobiles or motorcycles.
   •   Continually provide customers with ongoing strategies and price
       conscience Vitamins & Supplements as it relates to increasing their health
   •   Develop an expansive YouTube Video Marketing Campaign that will
       clearly showcase its health benefits, the Environmental necessity and low
       cost of Riding the SUPERTrikes for all of those errands around town.
   •   Make continued investments into the Company’s research and
       development of Human Powered Vehicles that are so much more than just
       bikes but still less than toxic and expensive motor vehicles.
4.6 Organizational Values

   • All Investors will enjoy complete disclosure and laptop real-time
     transparency regarding all financial transactions and decisions.
   • Develop HeartBeater® as a world class Philanthropic Organization of
     affordable Health Machines & Supplements and Global Environmental
     contribution for the world while creating wealth and income for its
     customers, the Company’s Management Team, and Investors through the
     marketing and referrals of SUPERTrikes to all those around them

4.7 Founders and Management Team

Richard Vincent Brown
   • Manager HeartBeater®.com LLC studying Nutrition, Supplements and
     Alternative Health Strategies including development of an Environmental
     Fitness Machine that could replace I.C. Vehicles for around town errands
     while vastly improving the health and weight of its Riders. 2003 – present
   • Manager, International Sovereign Services LLC, Wichita Falls, Texas
     specialist in US Taxing Regulations & Limitations, Global Asset Protection
     and global Entity Formation 2007 - present
   • Online Specialists in Blogging, Branding, Webinars, List Building, SEO -
     Search Engine Optimization, and the exploding field of World Wide
     Communication through the Internet and the growing list of Hand Held
     devices. Expert Author Rating on Ezine, the top online Internet magazine
   • Project Manager for Pure Power Technologies Renovating three Houses
     in Beeville, parts of the Navy Base there with a crew of eight, then an
     Office Building and House in Holliday Texas. 2001 to present
   • General Manager, Pure Water Division Water Company in Las Vegas, NV
     1998 – 2001
   • National Independent Marketing Rep for AT&T Products on College
     Campuses throughout the USA 1987 – 1998
   • National Sales Manager for Rocco Tool Group Directing & Training 50
     Sales Reps throughout the USA 1983 - 1987
   • Regional Sales Manager for Metabo Tool Group in the SE USA training 12
     Sales Reps and Large Retailers to penetrate entrenched established
     Markets 1978 – 1983
   • Territory Manager for Hilti Fastening Systems New York City and company
     Liaison during construction of the Twin Towers 1969 - 1978
   • AAS in Business Administration from Nassau Community College 1969
   • Economic Major Bernard Baruch City College of New York 1970 – 1971
   • U.S Marine Corps. Hydraulic Technician on F8U2N Jet Aircraft US Marine
     Air Station VMF 235 Beaufort, South Carolina 1960 - 1962

                         Strategic and Market Analysis

5.1 Economic Outlook

This section will detail the economic climate, the Electric Assist Vehicle
production industry, Health Generation industry, our customer profile, and any
competition that we will face as it progresses through its business operations.

Currently, the economic market condition in the United States is in flux. This
slowdown in the economy has also greatly impacted real estate sales, which has
halted to historical lows. Many economists expect that this recession will continue
until 2011, at which point the economy will begin a prolonged recovery period.
However, this should not impact the Company’s ability to generate revenues as
the demand among individuals for a healthy lifestyle has continued to remain
strong despite the current or even future economic conditions. In addition, the
cost of operating a SUPERTrike around town is about 20% of a motor vehicle
making it an attractive alternative to toxic cars and especially converting the 2-car
family into one car and one SUPERTrike.

5.2 Industry Analysis

Below is an overview of the industries in which the HeartBeater® line of
SUPERTrikes will operate within:

5.2.1 Motorized Vehicle Production

Within the United States, there are 500 manufacturers and distributors of
motorized vehicles (excluding automobiles and motorcycles). Each year, these
businesses generate an aggregate of $2.1 billion while providing jobs for more
than 7,000 people. Annual payrolls in each of the last five years have been in the
$250 million range. While the HeartBeater® business specifically focusing on
producing Electric Hub Motor Assisted Vehicles that provide surreptitious Health
Benefits to its owners through the ongoing workouts obtained by Riding the
SUPERTrikes, the business primarily falls under this industry category although it
would also classify well as “Sports Equipment” and Physical Therapy Machine.

5.2.2 Health Information

Nationally, there are over 5,800 businesses that provide information relating to
fitness and health. Each year these businesses generate aggregate receipts $1.7
billion dollars per year. Average annual growth for this industry has been in
excess of 7%. This increase has corresponded to the growth of the internet and
especially amongst those searching for Vitamins & Supplements

With the growth in output over the last ten years, more Americans today are able
to afford services/information and products relating to improving health that were
once reserved for the wealthy and upper income earning people.
5.3 Customer Profile

Most HeartBeater® SUPERTrike Riders will be middle to upper class, probably
older and overweight with health concerns living all over the world especially in
the moderate climates. Common traits among clients will include:

   •   Annual household income exceeding $40,000
   •   A 2-car family who cuts back to one plus a SUPERTrike
   •   Is in need of a lifestyle change due to health issues.
   •   Is environmentally concerned about our planet's future
   •   Understands that Cardiovascular Exercise is like a fountain of youth
   •   AND that a 12-Tier payout could result in millions of dollars over time

There's no exclusive age among people that would have an interest in getting
their own SUPERTrike. People of all ages, ranging from college students to
people well into their 80’s and beyond would derive benefit from riding their
SUPERTrikes for local travel and health improvement needs. The exceptionally
large sealed & lockable trunk could make many errands into town possible.

Based on the above demographic profile, there are some 50 million people just
within the United States and another 300 to 500 million people around the world
whose criteria make them potential buyers for one of the SUPERTrike models.

5.3.1 Customers with Desperate Needs

Most of the populations around the world are sedentary and at an unhealthy
weight with Diabetes and Heart Disease heading towards epidemic proportions.

This enjoyable big seat comfortable FUN to Ride SUPERTrike, all by itself would
be more efficient in reversing these conditions when Ridden often each week that
sales would continue to increase as people everywhere see them on of YouTube
videos at Many will also
watch their friends and neighbors Ride by becoming healthier & healthier

5.4 Competition

Demand among individuals to have a healthy lifestyle has remained strong
despite the current issues with the economy. No other fitness business has ever
developed an Out-Door product that is similar to that of the HeartBeater®
SUPERTrikes. Many In-Door Cardiovascular gym machines also do this well but
are boring and stationary therefore can't bring back groceries from the stores.

It's exciting that as unique the SUPERTrikes are, they are no more unique than
its Marketing Strategy . There is virtually no profit built into the Manufacturing
because:profit might invite competition into developing similar models. To fight
them we'd spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to patent the propriety parts
and tens of thousands each year defending these patents Our forgoing patenting
is another savings of hundreds of dollars per SUPERTrike that we will pass on
5.4.1 We're an Altruistic Humanistic Philanthropic Organization

We sell our SUPERTrikes for thousands less than any competition is willing to do
because all of our R.O.I. is in the Referral Spiffs paid out of the small Marketing
Budget. Those who continue reading from this point are those who themselves
would like one or like one for a loved one who needs another real shot at health.
When you come to believe that you'd like one, then you'll believe others will want
one also since it is such an over the top High-Tech SUPERTrike for thousands
less than you'd expect to pay.

Just two other people who see you with one and get one of their own, and if that
Buy1 Refer2 were your average for twelve tiers you'd receive $409,500 total
$50 at a time out of a Marketing Budget which runs less than 6% of revenue.

No other opportunity anywhere in the world offers this kind of potential reward.
Even more exciting is when you and everyone else for twelve tiers Refer three
others on average, because you'd receive almost 40 Million Dollars – again $50
at a time out of a small Marketing Budget of no more than 6% of total revenue.
This of course is almost impossible to believe so See the Math Here on our Pilot

5.4.2 The HeartBeater® Company itself is the Pinnacle Referrer

There is little profit built into the manufacture and sale of the SUPERTrikes but
HeartBeater® itself is the Pinnacle Referrer receiving $50 net from every sale
right out of the small Budgeted Marketing expense. Snapshot 8.2 below shows
how handsomely this all adds up..

Freebie Marketing, also known as the Razor and Blades Business Model is a
business model where one item is sold at a very low price (or free) in order to
increase sales of a complementary goods or in our case to lock out competition
and increase our invisible real profit in Referral Spiffs. This also applies to our
HeartBeater® Branded Vitamins & Supplements where we work on a 10% net
commission from the dropped shipped items instead of a typical 30% or more.

The industry's finest quality Supplements at the Industry’s best price and the Bike
industry's Best SUPERTrike for thousands less than you'd expect is buying our
customer's loyalty and giving them something to tell their friends about.

5.4.3 Sold over the internet today

The internet is a hotbed of Recumbent Bikes and Exercise Equipment for sale,
but none of them are under-pricing their equipment or paying Referral Spiffs for
Referring others. Items like Recumbent Bikes & Exercise Equipment show very
well on the internet especially time lapsed videos showing health improvement

Referral Spiff Marketing is not new either. Cell Phone Companies and Banks
opening new accounts typically pay out 2 tiers of $50 from a small dollar sale so
our $50 Referral Spiff for twelve tiers on a $5,000 sale is in line with them

5.4.4 What happens in HeartBeater®, Stays in HeartBeater®

In addition to our 3 year old Oklahoma LLC we also have a 3 year old
Panamanian Corporation HeartBeater HPV International, S.A. operating under
Panamanian Law. Since customers receiving Referral Spiffs live all over the
world, we would load Spiffs onto their Anonymous Global VISA Card each will
receive with their SUPERTrike. In addition, all customers are listed and indexed
strictly by their unique permanent License Plate Number that is molded in during
manufacturing becoming our version of the Swiss Banking Laws

This is to keep our customers loyal and to avoid the different Taxing Agencies
from around the globe. Unlike China and the United States, Panama has No
reporting requirements or taxation on off-shore generated revenues. Without the
typical Bureaucratic Red tape and heavy taxation of most ravenous governments
around the globe, pricing of our SUPERTrikes can remain very low even against
other popular modes of transportation like Motor Scooters and Golf Carts.

Therefore, HeartBeater® will be able to exclusively distribute SUPERTrikes to
the general public everywhere in the world from the Panama Canal Free Zone
with very little competition from any of the more regulated and taxed nations.

                              Key Strategic Issues

6.1 Basis for Growth

              HeartBeater® will grow through these main avenues:
   •   Continued expansion of the Company’s Online Internet Video Marketing,
       by teaching our Riders on how to post their own YouTube type videos and
       get them highly ranked in the Search Engines through SEO techniques.
   •   A complete video Classroom of Ideas on the different prospects the
       SUPERTrike would appeal to and how to approach and Refer them on our
       pilot website here: .
   •   A complete Blog where everyone can go
       for great food advice and recipes as well as high quality HeartBeater®
       branded Vitamins & Supplements developed and drop-shipped from
       Nutricap Labs with Free Shipping for all plus another 10% discount for
       our Riders that will build the HeartBeater® brand Loyalty that has all
       Seniors and Overweight people all shopping here and telling friends.
   •   Acquisition of additional rounds of capital and/or Business Loans based
       upon Mr. Brown's good credit in order to further engineer the growth of the
       business into other Electric Assist Bike models on the drawing boards
       including a new exotic 2-seat side by side sports design HeartBeater®
       NPR (no peddling required)

   •   We'll partner with GE Capital who specializes in customer financing all
       over the world. They'd appreciate funding an Environmental Fitness Bike
       especially one fitted with a hidden global positioning chip knowing the
       SUPERTrike could be instantly found and reclaimed for non-payment.
       Riders knowing this, would more likely keep up with payments as well.
   •   We'll also offer a 3 year rent to own program of $175 per month which
       would be offset first with the Rider's $25 to $50 savings in private branded
       HeartBeater® Supplements each month and then another $50 to many
       times $50 for all those Referred anywhere in their 12 tiers. This $5,000
       SUPERTrike buying decision could quickly switch from a small expense to
       a serious revenue generator before the end of their very first year.
   •   Potential development of new models of electric assist SUPERTrikes
       including commercial models like the people mover and delivery van
       shown on the HeartBeater® Landing Page
       that would be distributed around the world. We expect to replace many of
       the Bicycle type Rickshaws already in use all around the world including
       those all over China and those in America's Tourist Cities.

                                Marketing Plan

7.1 Marketing Objectives

   •   Create a strong Internet YouTube Video presence in targeted markets
       throughout the World

   •   Nursing & Retirement Homes the world over are a concentration of older
       and poorer health people AND where they constantly strive to maintain
       their resident's health. Until the SUPERTrikes, many of these Homes
       have installed gyms but they're expensive to build and maintain and they
       still have that problem of getting Seniors to use them.

        A Nursing/Retirement home with a few SUPERTrikes on hand could
       check them out to residents who are more likely to Ride them regularly
       than work boring stationary weight machines. In addition, Doctors would
       get a bio-feedback from each Ride to catch decline early which is more
       indicative about their ongoing health than many of their current tests

        Additionally, adult children and other observers of these residents see the
       impressive improvements in overall health to then want one themselves

   •   Launch an Internet marketing campaign that will be supplemented with
       some print media such as the AARP magazine and Bicycle Trade Shows
       and Large Global Health Fairs. In every case the initial sales and ongoing
       Referrals over time more than justify the investment in these strategies.

   •   Develop Factory Service Center relationships with Brick&Mortar bicycle
       shops, fitness equipment stores, and related outlets who like the $50
       Referral Spiff 12 tier program. They like it because it's a sale to older
       overweight individuals who they're probably not selling now,,and they sell
       hundreds of SUPERTrikes over the years developing many potential legs
       of ongoing 12-Tier Referral Spiffs forever

7.2 Sales Forecasts
Our advantage today is already having the world demand we ride bikes more for
Health & Environment. Amongst those are many famous celebrities like Woody
Harrelson, Daryl Hannah and even Ed Begley Jr who promotes bike riding on his
TV show Living with Ed. The SUPERTrike makes more sense as it is more apt
to be Ridden because of its value to replace the car around town. Even just one
celebrity who prefers Riding the SUPERTrike and Refers it to his/her fan base
could explode sales. They already promote we ride bikes more and our Referral
Spiff payouts to them over the years would earn them very sizable lifetime
rewards for their endorsement.
Existing Networking Companies:
There are also Network people like those in LGN (Little Guy Network) who
already have large databases of other Networkers they already do business with.
HeartBeater® will seek to associate with another ethical Networking Program
where the SUPERTrike is a natural parallel sale that in no way conflicts with
either company's products. The right Networking company who contracts to add
HeartBeater® into their fold to benefit themselves and cross Refer builds their
sales and ours to the tune of many, many SUPERTrikes right from the gate..

From the many millions of potential customers around the globe, we have chosen
to project a realistic 800 units in just the first year but even one celebrity or a
synergistic relationship with a LGN Networking company or even a large national
chain of Retirement/Nursing homes could impressively increase this first year.

7.3 Sales Assumptions
                                      Year 1

   •   HeartBeater® intends to initiate business operations over the internet and
       around the world with the sale of 100 Production Prototypes to the initial
       Riders in the first quarter of 2011

   •   HeartBeater® projects Net Operating Income exceeding $1 million dollars
       in the first year representing 800 SUPERTrike sales and its growing base
       of Vitamin & Supplement sales over the internet.

   •   Net Sales from Supplements and Pinnacle Rebate Spiffs will reach
       $76,000 in net Operating Income in the very first year (see 8.2 Snapshot)
                                       Year 2
   •   The Company will continue its aggressive YouTube video campaigns
       teaching our Riders to make these videos and to get them ranked high in
       the search engines flooding the internet with Riders all over the world
       using them to gain Health and loose Weight. Couple this with a Rent to
       Own program and a low interest rate financing for good credit so that
       sales are possible to all of the income levels around the world..

   •   Net Operating income is expected to reach nearly three million dollars
       based on 2,000 units, Supplement sales and Pinnacle Referral Spiffs to
       then net $2,076,000 after expenses

                                     Years 3-5
   •   Net Operating Income could reach $31 million dollars in the fifth year of
       operations from 15,000 SUPERTrike sales, 10% net commissions on
       dropped-shipped Supplements and Pinnacle Referral Spiffs $50 at a time.

   •   By this point, HeartBeater® has becomes the recognized Global Leader in
       the Lightest weight, highest-tech, extremely efficient electric assist very
       large trunk capacity Conveyance Machines for most errands and trips all
       around town including its new 2-seat No Peddling Required sporty models

7.4 Marketing Strategies

HeartBeater® will work with Internet Marketing Specialists with Search Engine
Optimization expertise. As important as a great Website and Blogs are, being
able to generate large streams of visitors from around the globe to visit these
sites are the basis of ongoing sales.

An example of this is Mr Browns Blogging and SEO mentors Mr Bob Yeager and
Mr Mike Silva of the Team Bob Yeager University where he is a student. Mr
Yeager and Mr Silva are the Internets top Marketing Consultants and will help us
reach Google first page Positioning in the major Search Engines keeping our
YouTube Videos & Blogs humming with referrals back to our HeartBeater®
Website where they're offered Purchasing & Rent-to-Own options

As this is an extremely sophisticated and contemporary Business Model,.
HeartBeater® itself will have no employees eliminating all the many problems
and expenses of having employees. Instead HeartBeater® will only use other
business entities on an as needed basis. More and more companies today
recognized the advantages of becoming a LLC to contract with other LLCs.

Mr Brown's LLC will serve as HeartBeater® manager who brings together all of
the requisite talent on a casual contract basis. His talent is coordinating the top
talent in each of the areas needed to Manufacture and Ship SUPERTrikes. All
professions laptop from their locations to submit their assigned work tasks.

     Firefox and Open Office are both successful Collaborative efforts
Even Mr Brown is contracted as International Sovereign Services LLC and not an
employee of HeartBeater®. There would be Administrative requirements as well
but even here a required secretary would contract with HeartBeater® as ABC
Secretarial Services LLC for example.
The off-shore Assembly Facility is a separate entity per the chart in 8.1 and may
employ locals per the custom there. It's likely it could retain local engineering
students for assembly on flexible schedules as needed. The General
Manufacturing Manager might be one of the few corporate “employees” there..

7.4.1 Authorized Service Centers
HeartBeater® will develop an extensive global network of Bicycle Shops, Fitness
Equipment stores, Scooter and Golf Cart retailers who will become our
Authorized Service Centers. They still generate sales on the same $50 per
Referral 12 tiers deep payment schedule. $50 per sale isn't their motivation as
much as seeing themselves selling dozens of them each year which over time
will open a floodgate of ongoing Referral Spiffs virtually forever. Authorized
Service Centers also receive an additional $200 per sale which is motivational by
having the SUPERTrikes shipped to them for final assembly & delivery whether
they were the original Referrer or not..
HeartBeater® will select all of the large Fitness and Health Conventions, Bicycle
and Trade shows around the globe to send Mr Brown with his extensive Trade
Show experience and Team HeartBeater® to sell SUPERTrikes to some of the
many thousands of visitors these shows get over the weekend.
Timely coverage of HeartBeater®'s line of SUPERTrikes will be further directed
through ongoing press relations, news releases and feature stories targeted at
key fitness communities and other media outlets. Publicity activities will be
designed to generate ongoing coverage about the Company in targeted media by
providing writers and editors with newsworthy releases, features, stories, briefs,
and visual material for their columns and stories. In depth coverage may also be
obtained about the Company by hosting in-house interviews with one of our
company spokespeople, Richard Vincent Brown who holds an “Expert Author”
Status with Ezine, the internet's top electronic article magazine .

The Company will also focus heavily on developing video presentations for their
many internet campaigns which show an impressive progression of people from
all age groups becoming Healthier and in much better shape as they Ride their
SUPERTrikes all over town. These videos will be ranked high in YouTube and
viewed on the major social networks as well as on the Company’s website .

Facebook is a perfect example of this and today has more members than a large
country and is a perfect example of thousands of Facebook members who love
to post videos of themselves doing something.

7.4.2 Rolling Billboard all over town

The business will also grow more quickly simply through people’s ongoing usage
of SUPERTrikes because of the large logo on both sides of the
large trunk that bystanders can read as it runs by even at 20 or 30 MPH. From
there they turn to our Website and in many cases make a buying decision.
These people have not been referred by a current customer and therefore are
considered a direct referral of the HeartBeater® Pinnacle Position. No other bike
company has a large visible logo enticing people to visit its website.

The overhead Strobe Light that keeps everyone safe even in the heaviest of
traffic is sure to draw everyone's attention to the SUPERTrike as it rolls by.

7.5 Product Marketing

Using all of our marketing strategies, HeartBeater® intends to promote the
SUPERTrikes as a viable alternative of comfortably traveling all around town
without having to drive environmentally unfriendly vehicles while simultaneously
deriving tremendous health benefits associated with its regular use..

Additional focus in the marketing message will be based on the fact that anyone,
at any fitness level and/or at any age, can Ride these specifically designed big
seat & backrest comfortable, electric assist front Hub Motorized SUPERTrikes

7.5.1 Price

The initial SUPERTrike targeted at $5,000 will have all of the great features that
makes these SUPERTrikes so desirable. Another very fast version with much
stronger Hub Motors and all 3-wheel anti-skid brakes and even more features
could be offered for $6,500. Our commercial versions would run in the $6,000 to
$8,000 range with design features not found on competitors commercial models.
Within the third year a sporty 2-seat side by side NPR (No Peddling Required)
version may sell for $8,500 to $9,950.

Regardless of any model purchased, even commercial or any model the Referrer
Rider Rides, all still receive the exact same $50 Spiff paid on 12 tiers.

7.5.2 Distribution

The initial manufacturing run of of SUPERTrikes will be developed and produced
by the Company’s outsourced manufacturer the Plastic Resource Group based
in Pittsburgh, Kansas. We'll have to pay a premium for these first 100 to 250
units but like the shake down cruise of a new ship, it will get us up and running
and distributing while we're developing the factory tools & Machinery and all of
systems and accounting that needs to be coordinated in the sale.

Once the entire infrastructure is in place, we'll look to move the manufacturing,
assembly and distribution offshore to the Panama Canal Free Zone where there
is no government red tape, reporting requirements or taxing on offshore revenue.
Those buying online will only need to pay the $5,000 plus shipping costs to their
front door and nothing else.

From the very first sale, we would process all credit cards and credit sales and
rent-to-own sales through internet merchant services in Panama bringing us
under Panamanian Law even if we are shipping the first run or two from Kansas.

Since we compete against other Human Powered Vehicles and small scooter
manufacturers, we need that cost savings lack of government interference
advantage that Panama offers. Bike manufacturers are in many countries all
around the world but none of them have the No Tax advantages of the Panama
Canal. From the Panama Canal even has a better ring to it than Made in China
where ninety-something percent of all bikes are currently made.

Labor rates in Panama are only slightly higher than China but labor & quality has
a far better reputation than labor & quality in China. Panama is also the central
HUB of the world where ships come and go everyday to all parts of the world.

HeartBeater® is naturally open on where to move Manufacturing & Shipping to
when that time comes. Every country in the world is competing hard to entice
businesses and we'll make the right choice that benefit our customers and us.

                 Overview of the Organization

8.1 Organizational Chart
                               Foundation Council
                                  of Investors

                Heartbeater MFG S.A.          Heartbeater Mktg S.A.

     Development                   Distribution           Back Office Functions

                              Inventory Management
   Legal Compliance            and Shipping Orders          Sales & Marketing

 Design & Engineering           Global Authorized             Referral Spiff
 Ongoing/New M  odels           Service Centers                Accounting

                                                          IN-House Cash Flow

         8.2 Five year Snapshot of Revenue, Expenses and Profitability

                                           Year 2011    Year 2012   Year 2013   Year 2014    Year 2015

Total SUPERTrike Sales - all Models               800       2,000       6,000      10,000       15,000
Average Trike Price                            $5,000      $5,500      $6,000      $7,500       $7,500
Total SUPERTrike Sales – in Dollars        $4,000,000 $11,000,000 $36,000,000 $75,000,000 $112,500,000
70% Cost to Build & Ship Trikes             2,800,000    7,700,000 25,200,000   52,500,000   78,750,000
Total Referral Spiffs Paid per year           200,000      600,000 1,950,000     3,500,000    5,625,000

Net SUPERTrike Dollars                     $1,000,000   $2,700,000 $8,850,000 $19,000,000 $28,125,000
Drop Shipped Supplements - Net Profit          72,000      312,000 1,032,000    2,232,000   4,032,000
Pinnacle Tier Referral Spiff at $50/sale       40,000      100,000    300,000     500,000     750,000
Operating Income                           $1,112,000   $3,112,000 $10,182,000 $21,732,000 $32,907,000
Assemble & Ship Factory Overhead             320,000      120,000     135,000     150,000      165,000
Administration and Management                150,000      180,000     210,000     240,000      270000
Global Bike/Health/Trade Shows               120,000       90,000      60,000         N/A          N/A
Acct Software Vendor Maintenance              60,000       60,000      60,000      60,000       60,000
Vendor Maintenance All Websites               60,000       60,000      60,000      60,000       60,000
Ongoing Engineering                           60,000      120,000     150,000     150,000      150,000
eCommerce & Broadcast Marketing              120,000      150,000     240,000     480,000      600,000
Miscellaneous Expenses & Travel               60,000      100,000     125,000     150,000      180,000

Total Expenses                              $950,000     $880,000 $1,040,000    $1,290,000   $1,485,000

Net Profit                                  $162,000    $2,232,000 $9,142,000 $20,442,000 $31,422,000
Percentage of Operating Income                14.57%       71.72%      89.79%      94.06%       95.49%

         Snapshot Legend:

         Projected Sales are always anyone’s best guess. We've chosen projections we
         believe to be low & realistic based upon all of the conditions these SUPERTrikes
         can solve for about a billion solvent people around the globe Sales Forecast at
         7.2 list special exciting alliances that would greatly increase these projections

         Average Trike Price would increase each year as we develop additional models,
         Commercial Models, and Full Electric 2-seat NPR No Peddling Required Models

         Extremely High 70% out the door Budget produces vehicles with Perceived
         Values higher than their price enticing sales and locking out competition

         Total AVERAGE Spiffs Paid per Trike sale is perhaps $250 in year-1, $300 in
         year-2, $325 in year-3 $350 in year-4 and leveling forever to $375 in year-5

Snapshot Legend Continued :

Vitamins & Supplements are heavily visited websites. Nutricap Labs will Private
Label and Drop Ship. Offering everyone FREE Shipping and an additional 10%
Discount to our Riders will purchase everyone's Loyalty and still leave us about
$18 Net Profit per regular customer per month and $10 Net per Rider per month.

HeartBeater® is the Pinnacle Referrer and receives the first $50 Referral Spiff on
every sale paid from the Marketing Budget and not from the Revenue stream

Factory overhead budget pays a premium per Trike for the initial runs to contract
build in the US. Starting year-2 is the Factory & Shipping budget for our own
offshore facility probably in the Panama Canal Free Zone because of its central
HUB location in the world with all those big boats coming & going, complete lack
of government interference, modern world reputation and low cost labor

Factory overhead budget is solely Brick and Mortar rent and utilities and fixed
assets. The SUPERTrikes' cost to build including PKG is paid out of the 70%

Global Bike/Health/Trade Show expense drops to none as local Riders building
their own Referral Base inherit these shows in subsequent years

Accounting software Includes credit card & order processing, Referral Spiff
Accounting and all real time IN-House business accounting. Financial reporting
or divulging of any accounting or customer information is never subject to
subpoena in Panama including Referral Spiffs which are paid to our Rider's
Anonymous Global VISA check cards they receive with their SUPERTrike.

eCommerce are Print ads like in AARP and other Health & Fitness magazines
directing the reader to the website. These sales are a direct Pinnacle Referral.
As such, there are no other Referral Spiffs paid, therefore a strong profit on all of
these sales would easily have the ads pay for themselves. Even a Rider who
decides to run his own ad would get the sales and ongoing Referrals for life
making it another strong long range Marketing Strategy for all of us to consider.

Debt servicing depends on how additional money is raised and how we commit
to pay it back. All debt servicing would come out of Net Profit to pay it down

*** Panama has No Tax, Filing or Reporting on offshore income
bringing all Revenue less Expenses straight to the Bottom Line

*** HeartBeater® has no employees/payroll or any other reason for CPAs
to file reports to any government agency. Those in administration or providing
other services to HeartBeater® will always be an LLC or other entity of their
choosing or registration. Each entity accepts the responsibility for their own
resident country's laws and requirements

There may be those employees paid out of the 70% MFG Budget who work
under local law in the Panama Canal Factory Facility - a separate entity (see 8.1)

8.3 Private Interest Panamanian Foundation

Every Investor holds their interest in the Live a Life of Health Panamanian
Foundation. This closed private foundation surreptitiously owns the profitable
HeartBeater® Marketing entity and the non-profit Panama Canal Manufacturing
entity thereby keeping assets and liabilities in separate companies.

The Panama Canal Manufacturing entity is not designed to generate profits, the
HeartBeater® Marketing entity is nothing but profit which is all absorbed into the ,
Live a Life of Health Panamanian Foundation

                                 Financial Plan

9.1 Underlying Assumptions

HeartBeater® proforma financial statements are based upon:
   ➢ HeartBeater® will have an impressive growth rate during the first five
     years of operation based on filling the Environmental & Fitness voids
   ➢ The Company will successfully solicit $100,000 of equity capital for the
     continued development of the Company and it’s SUPERTrike prototypes

   ➢ Then $500,000 to build & sell the first 100 Production Prototypes that
     starts the momentum like a shakedown cruise to test all of the systems
     and accounting. The sale of these first Trikes returns the whole $500K
   ➢ Raise $1,500,000 to establish the Manufacturing Brick & Mortar Facility
     and a starting inventory of 250 trike parts that will return $1,250,000. The
     Foundation has offices here for base of operations and to house our own
     secure file servers not subject to any outside government subpoenas
   ➢ Then raise another $1,500,000 for another 500 trike inventory that returns
     $2,500,000. A $5,000 SUPERTrike here is about $3,000 in materials cost.

9.2 Financial Highlights

   ➢ Positive cash flow and profitability projected by the end of the first year
     and in each year of operation thereafter.
   ➢ A moderately liquid business that could be easily sold at any time or better
     kept as a FUN lifetime challenge to help millions around the world with
     their Health and Wealth while contributing greatly to improve air quality

   ➢ An inventory that is quickly turned and manufacturing that can be scaled
     up in economic downturns which typically create greater demands for
     Human Powered Vehicles that comfortably run errands into town & back.

9.3 The Economic Analysis of a FREE SUPERTrike

        There are a few ways to have your SUPERTrike for Free
         and people who come to agree with this will order one.

If you needed a car for work or school, the SUPERTrikes at about $125 per
month is about are about 1/4 the costs of a car saving $375 per month.

Many people who purchase a SUPERTrike would also purchase our low cost
w/Free Shipping Vitamins and Supplements saving $25 to $50 per month over
where they're buying now. With this savings alone, they're down to $75 to $100
per month to own and Ride their SUPERTrike

Add to this just two Referral Spiffs each month at $50 each anywhere in 12-tiers
below them covers the rest of the loan payment. The Riders whose poor
health like Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease improves to good health end up
with other numerous financial benefits as well.

Beyond this and over time, more and more Riders somewhere in our 12-tiers are
referring those around them sending hundreds then thousands of Referral Spiff
dollars to our Anonymous Global VISA and a truly Great Home Based Business
is born with this in-demand Exotic High-Ticket item.

9.4 General Assumptions

                                   SWOT Analysis
                      Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat


   •   Impressive Net Profits & Marketing Spiffs from SUPERTrike sales to a
       very large global market of Seniors, the Overweight & Health-Challenged
   •   Secondary sales of Branded Vitamins & Supplements accepting a low
       10% margin would gain the loyalty & following of many of our SUPERTrike
       customers knowing we're quite a bit less than other supplement sites
   •   A stair-stepped low cost start-up approach of building a few SUPERTrikes
       for sale first, to then building many for sale and finally an off-shore factory
       to build the very many for the growing demand around the world.
   •   An experienced Founder Richard Brown, will effectively work with the
       associates creating the Websites, Internet Marketing, IN-House real-time
       Accounting, Manufacturing, Trade show & Health Fairs and all of the
       general business issues that the business will face on a day to day basis.
   •   Strong demand grows among people who want to help the Environment,
       get back into shape and improve their Health by Riding a SUPERTrike for
       all of the trips and errands into town and back .


   •   Liability resulting from improper manufacturing. We'll virtually eliminate
       this concern by contracting the top Engineering Firm in America AND
       placing all of the manufacturing in its own separate company.
   •   Potential registration required of our top super fast SUPERTrike models
       capable of 31 plus MPH something like the Scooters do now.
   •   Competitors could enter the market with substantially similar products -
       although they'd then have to match the Referral Spiff program and the
       discounted Branded Vitamins and Supplements with Free Shipping. In
       addition any competition currently in business already has to much old
       School Brick & Mortar structure with heavy employee burdens.


   •   To own part of an exciting manufacturing company providing the world
       with a FUN comfortable ride SUPERTrike that improves the Environment
       and improves the Life, Health and even the Wealth of the Rider..
   •   Potential development of additional manufacturing centers that will
       increase the manufacturing capacity to sell SUPERTrikes on a worldwide
       basis like Harley Davidson Motorcycles is doing in India. .


   •   Regulatory changes could impact the way that HeartBeater® conducts
       business however, this is NOT the issue here because our business is
       regulated in Panama which doesn't regulate businesses to even a fraction
       of most European and American governments
   •   It's inevitable that governments all around the world will be forced to relax
       Bicycle Laws and put in Bicycle Lanes to accommodate growing demand

                        Critical Risks and Problems

Development Risk – Moderate/Low
The primary development risk faced by the business is its ability to secure the
capital needed in order to effectively finalize the prototype outlined in this
Business Plan. Once the prototype has been developed, the next development
risk is raising a second round of capital to build 100 Production Prototypes which
when sold would repay this second round. After that, a third round would allow
us to commence manufacturing offshore, which would be the easiest to raise as
the Production Prototypes are exciting and deliver on all of their promises

Financing Risk – Moderate
At this time, the Company is seeking $100,000 of capital in order to finalize the
SUPERTrike prototype. The risks associated with this first investment are
ameliorated by the development of a well sought feasible solution to help the
Environment and address global Health problems

Marketing Risk –Very Low
HeartBeater® will use the Marketing Strategies outlined in the seventh section of
this Business Plan to generate the sales projected. These Internet strategies are
extremely low cost and the SUPERTrike shows very well in YouTube videos.
The Bob Yeager University is the world's respected leader in driving traffic to the
YouTube Videos, the HeartBeater® Website and the Vitamin & Supplement sites
thereby obtaining the financial results projected in this business plan.

Management Risk – Low
The Founder, Richard Brown, is experienced, educated, and knowledgeable
working with all aspects of manufacturing, financial management, and marketing
strategies by attracting a talented team who will bring the operations of
HeartBeater® to profitability quickly. Richard Brown, a former US Marine works
each objective aggressively diligently and passionately until accomplished. His
belief and passion for this concept is unyielding

Valuation Risk – Low
The risk that the Investors pays too much for the venture is offset by:
    ✔ Investor receives the first SUPERTrike to Ride, get stronger, healthier and
      video himself to post online and to start Referring others
    ✔ Investors’ funds are in a moderately liquid business venture that has
      inventory of a sizable value that carries a strong amount of demand.
    ✔ The ability to divest an Investor's Interest to another Investor or even a
      top recruiting SUPERTrike Rider in six to twelve months is realistic should
      one ever want to. Signing on to this Altruistic Concept will probably
      attract those investors who wish to remain a part of this for life.

Exit Risk - Low
There is a great demand for established businesses that have cash flow based
upon unique technology, and the Management of HeartBeater® feels that the full
sale of all Company assets, if we ever wanted to do that would be possible

HeartBeater® is an Altruistic Concept whose Investors may remain active
forever for the Humanistic Factors. There would always be other investors or
those around you watching the growth of this company in an exploding global
field of electric assist Human Powered Vehicles who would want your shares.

Every Investor will be counted upon to make decisions that serve themselves,
their fellow investors and most importantly the customers who make us possible

                          Reference Sources

       All statistics and market information was obtained through:

1. U.S. Government Bureau of Labor Statistics

2. U.S. Economic Census
        Motorized Passenger Carts – NAICS 423860
        Personal Care Services – NAICS Code 8121

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