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Healthy Living_ by wuyunqing


									         CU S:
        Living!                                                       THE ASSOCIATED and Healthy Living

Environmental Volunteering                                             Kayam Summer Kollel
This Jewish Volunteer Connection program connects                      Each summer, Pearlstone invites young adults to spend
young adult volunteers with the “greener” side of                      their summer mornings in the field helping to plant and
Baltimore. Past programs included Canton Stream                        harvest organic vegetables and take care of goats and
clean-up, volunteering at Kayam Farm and a trail                       chickens. The afternoons are spent in the Kayam Beit
clearing with a nature hike at Irvine Nature Center.                   Midrash, where participants focus on Oral Law topics such
Jewish Volunteer Connection                                            as Peah, Kilayim and Shmittah. Students stay on the farm.
For more information: Jennie Gates Beckman at,    The Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center or 410-843-7476.                               For more information:

Family Farm Camp                                                       Mental Health Services
The Family Farm Camp is a week of family fun and                       Jewish Community Services’ highly trained and
learning on Kayam Farm. Family Farm Camp offers                        experienced licensed mental health professionals work
hotel-style accommodations and camp fun and learning.                  with families, children, adolescents, couples, and adults
Participants relax, play sports, swim in the pool, do some             to develop solutions for life’s challenges and to maintain
farming and learn to cook the harvest.                                 a healthy perspective on life.
The Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center                             Jewish Community Services
For more information:                        For more information: or 410-466-9200.

Family-Teen Workout                                                    Sunflower Café:
The Jewish Community Center offers teens ages 12-15                    Organic Cooking Demonstration & Dinner
to work out with their parents in the fitness center.                  Each season, Pearlstone invites a chef from a Baltimore
Jewish Community Center                                                restaurant to teach participants to make recipes using
Fore more information: Amy Schwartz at, or 410-356-5200, ext. 510.
                                                                       the organic produce from its farm to prepare kosher and
                                                                       sometimes vegetarian meals of a particular nationality.
Infant Massage                                                         Evenings have included Indian and Thai cuisines, and plans
At infant massage, you can join parents for baby massage               are being made for French, Italian, Ethiopian, Spanish and
and exercise. This program is for children ages three-weeks            Latino chefs.
to crawling.                                                           The Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center
Jewish Community Center                                                For more information:
For more information:, or
410-356-5200, ext. 347.                                                For events relating to these programs, go to
                                                                       THE ASSOCIATED Community Calendar at
Kayam Beit Midrash                                           
Each year, Pearlstone offers a weekend Shabbaton
to study primary Jewish texts related to land and
agriculture. Participants learn about the relevance of
agricultural teachings to our world today, and celebrate
Shabbat with community on a Jewish educational farm.
The Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center
For more information:

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