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									                                OLDE LAMANDA PARK POST
                                     PUBLICATION OF
                     EAST PASADENA POST 280, AUXILIARY, SALs & AL RIDERS
                                              FEBRUARY, 2011
   Post Meets 4th Wednesday                Auxiliary Meets 2nd Tuesday                  SAL Meets 1st Wednesday
     Larry Johnson, Editor (626) 446-5274 - larryjon@pacbell.net                    AL Riders Meets 1st Sunday
          Post 280 Website - www.eastpasadenapost280.org
                                                                   card in your possession, you are delinquent and will not
               Commanders Column                                   be able to enjoy the privileges a member in good stand-
                       By Russ Kislow                              ing receives. I urge each and everyone in the Legion
                                                                   Family to avoid any embarrassment and pay your 2011
                                                                   dues ASAP.
                                                                                   “Membership Belongs to All”
  Greetings Fellow Legion Members                                           If you have a new mailing address and or e-mail,
         We have a opening on the e-board, this is a notice        please let me know so we get your bulletin out to you.
for someone to step up and become a member. We will                Please help us save money by having your bulletin elec-
have a membership meeting on Feb. 23rd at that time we             tronically sent and avoid any delay receiving your post
will have nominations and will elect at that time our new          information.
e-board member. So if you want to help make decisions                       Peggy MacIntosh said the District oratorical
on what goes on in your post, please attend that night.            speak-off has been changed from 2.13.2011 to 1.30.2011
         As we move on into the New Year our                       at Post 139. The Area speak-off will be at Post 43
main focus remains MEMBERSHIP..PLEASE pay your                     (Hollywood)
dues ASAP and also help bring in new members as we                          Anyone going to Convention this year needs to
still have a ways to go.                                           fill out his/her registration form as soon as possible. The
         Our planned Flag Detail in the high desert is still       first night will be $100.00 and each additional night will
in the works, we have been approved by the Fire Depart-            be $95.00. Please see me for your form. Contact Scott
ment this past month, but still have some loose ends to            Sinclair for additional convention information:
get before we set a date. 2nd-vice Art and I met with the          626.445.4822,
Pasadena City Council to get approval to start up Elec-                     The 18th District Dinner & Comedy Night Fund-
tronic Bingo at our Post. They will meet this month to             raiser will be Saturday. March 5, 2011 from 6:00p-
give us a answer.                                                  11:00p at the West Covina Post 790, 330 N. Azusa Ave.
         Thanks to Norma and all her great helpers for a           West Covina, and Ca. Tickets are $25.00 per person for a
fun night at the USO SHOW.                                         steak dinner, comedy entertainment and karaoke. Contact
         Finally, Stormy Powers’ family is going to have a         2nd Vice-Commander, Scott Sinclair for Tickets and in-
Memorial gathering at our Post on Thursday, Feb.10th at            formation. 626.674.7101
4 p.m. please stop by as we salute our old friend.                            “Together we can make a difference”
                                                                            I traveled to Santa Clara, for the Auxiliary’s Mid
       Peace & Good Health                                         Year meeting, with Norma and had a good time. I visited
               Commander Russ                                      Santa Clara Post 419 and Mission City Post 564 in Santa
                                                                   Clara; the hospitality was incredible. Now that’s how to
                                                                   treat a visitor, Great job Santa Clara. On the way home
               1st Vice Commanders                                 we stopped by the Salinas Post 31 and Cecil M. Ander-
               Column                                              son Post 589, received the same courtesies as the prior
                      By Peter Douglas III                         posts, thank you all.

  Greetings Comrades and all Legion Family members:                           “Success Demands Participation”
                                                                                                              (Continued on page 2)
       As of 1.19.2011, we are 58.99 of goal. If you
have not renewed your membership and have a 2010
                                                                                  EAST PASADENA POST 280

(Continued from page 1)
      Quote of the month: “The American Legion is
more than just a building with a flagpole outside and               POST IMPROVEMENTS
cheap drinks on the inside.” Douglas Monroe, Jr. Past
Commander Post 280
                                                                   An account has been established to re-
Peter Douglas, III
1st Vice Commander Post 280                                        ceive profits generated from certain fu-
Adjutant Post 280                                                  ture Fund Raisers and DONATIONS IN
                                                                   GENERAL. The first post improvement
             2nd Vice Commander’ s Column                          to use this fund was for:
                          By Art Lynch
                                                                        NEW BAR STOOLS

        Hello everyone, just a friendly reminder for those
                                                                   The first special New Bar Stool Fund-
who are on a busy schedule that the Legion breakfast               raiser was an over-the-top total success!
will be on Sunday the 6th and Steak Night on Friday                We added (13) stools to our inventory.
11th. We hope you can bring some new faces to our post
events.                                                            Five stools have engraved brass plaques.
        Here are some of the upcoming events not sched-
uled but in the planning stage for our post:
                                                                          Thank you Legion Family and
• Chili contest and cook off,                                      Canteen patrons who contributed to
•   Comedy night,                                                  this fund raiser. There was over
•   Heroes To Hometowns fundraiser,                                $300 left over which will be kept
•    Happy Days Event complete with 50’s car show, Raf-            in a special “Post Improvements” 2000
     fle, Burger w/ Fries, Malted Milk Shakes, and Kara-           account.                          1900
     oke,                                                                                                  1800
          Please save all questions about these events till                                                1700
                                                                         Our next special fundraising      1600
after our Executive Board meeting.
          Thank you for your ongoing support of Post 280
                                                                   for the Post Improvement Fund           1500
                                                                   will be for                             1400
Legionnaires events. Thanks to my helpers of past Pe-                                                      1300
ter, Ben, Tony ,Linda, Patti, Jen, Donna M, Donna E,                                                       1200
Dan, and Mag. I am ever so grateful of your volunteer-                                                     1100
                                                                         NEW CARPET                        1000
                                                                        FOR CANTEEN
AUXILIARY CHAPLAIN’S CORNER                                                                                800
         By Jerrie Ellis                                                                                   600
                                                                          A “Donation Case” is located     500
                     Prayer for today:                             in the Canteen for your use and         400
                                                                   there will be some special func-        300
“ Every experience God gives us, every person He puts                                                      200
in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that        tions scheduled as well. You will       100
only He can see.”                                                  note we started the fund with the
                                                                   extra $300 left over from the Bar
                       Today's quote:
" It takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspi-
                                                                   Stool project.
cion, not proof, to destroy ! "
                sent by: Lisa Ortiz

                                                                                EAST PASADENA POST 280

                                MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR
                                  STORMY POWERS
               THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10th AT 4 P.M.

              East Pasadena Post 280 Welcomes
            Sgt. Joshua Baca & PFC Caesar Robles
       Commander Russ Kislow of the East Pasadena           Missouri for 12 weeks. A.I.T. for 7 weeks. He is sta-
American Legion Post 280 stands proud to invite the         tioned in Vicenza Italy since April 2009, he was de-
grandsons of John and Jerrie Ellis, Sgt. Roca and PFC       ployed for 12 months to Afghanistan, was there for 6
Robles to join our American Legion Post 280.                months, came home for his 2 weeks leave and got mar-
                                                            ried and went back for another 6 months. Currently he
                                                            is in Vicenza Italy he will be coming home on April 1st
                                                            2011 and will be stationed at Ft. Irwin in Barstow, Cali-
                                                            fornia with his wife and 2 boys. Caesar is a hero with a
                                                            big heart: He is a great husband and father. Caesar feels
                                                            honored to say he is serving the United States of Amer-

                                                                    One of the Auxiliary programs is to send pack-
                                                            ages to our troops overseas. Shown below are Sgt.
                                                            Joshua Roca and PFC Caesar Robles thanking Unit 280
                                                            Auxiliary for the packages they received while over-

        Sgt. Joshua Roca returned from second tour of
duty in Iraq in October. Joshua was in El Paso until
December. Now at Ft. Irwin, Barstow, CA. Sgt.
Joshua Roca is with 11th Armored Calvery Regement-
Blackhorse C-Company 1 - 36 Infantry. He also
served in Germany. He received an Army Scholarship
out of Baldwin Park High School. Studied at George-
town University. Josh is a dedicated soldier serving
our Country with Pride and Honor.
        PFC. Caesar Robles is from Baldwin Park,
California. He began his service in Ft. Leonardwood
                                                                                                 EAST PASADENA POST 280

                 Vacations Column                                          companies here is the oil refinery with its huge storage
                                                                           tanks. The huge complex looks like a prison with its
                 By Roy VanWestbroek                                       barbed wire fence surrounding the whole complex. Signs
                                                                           on the fence indicate that it is a government protected
                                                                           area and controlled by the Homeland Security Agency so
        The Motel 6 was located in the downtown area                       access is severely restricted. Violators will be shot, well
of Joliet, Illinois. It was the older section of town and                  who knows.
looked a bit run down, but according to the hotel clerk it                         At days end I returned to the Motel 6 and met Gil
was still reasonably safe and not as crime ridden as it                    who has been on
used to be. Well that was a little reassuring to me, but I                 the road for a
was still a little nervous. After checking in, I walked                    couple of years
around the area and got a feel for the place. Josh the ho-                 with his wife
tel clerk gave me a map of the area that I would be inter-                 Jane. He works
ested in since I was going to be here for two days.                        at the place and
        Downtown Joliet had its usual array of restau-                     is planning to get
rants and businesses. One of the most interesting one                      back home, but
was White Castles, a hamburger place that sells small                      that’s what he
square shaped burgers by the dozen, and I’m told that                      said a year ago
they’re tasty and habit forming. I of course wouldn’t                      according to Lou
know since I had filled up on Chinese food right before                    his drinking part- Willowbrook, Illinois, Del Rhea Chicken,
I spotted the place. Needles to say I intended to go there                 ner. Nevertheless Route 66 Iconic Diner
before I left, but it didn’t happen.                                       we had some beers and both of them started to tell me
        Riding around the outskirts of Joliet was amaz-                    unbelievable stories of road trips starting with the usual
ing. There is a wet-                                                       statement’ Now this is no lie”. What characters. I had a
land reserve that                                                          good night sleep afterwards.
borders the city,                                                                  After spending several days exploring Joliet with
and it’s uniquely                                                          its unique attractions such as Joliet Prison, known for its
laid out in a linear                                                       use as a backdrop for the movie “The Blues Brothers”,
shape, not unlike                                                          and their world-renowned church spires, I headed out for
the usual circular                                                         Willowbrook, Illinois, to meet up with the Mother Road
lay out of other re-                                                       Ride Rally group and spend the night there. The weather
serves. Birds of dif-                                                      was overcast and cold but bearable.
fering varieties flew                                                              Most of the run to Willowbrook was uneventful.
in among the reeds                                                         Still I enjoyed it since I have never been here before.
and landed on the                                                          Once I arrived at the motel, I went to meet the rally rid-
water to catch fish                                                        ers and we all went to Del Reyes Chicken for a festive
and insects.             Joliet, Illinois, Old Steel Bridge, next to       dinner. They were a great bunch of riders from across the
        One of the Route 66                                                nation with some from Canada and New Zealand. It was
roads I happen to                                                          an exciting moment. I had finally arrived at my final des-
ride on had a canopy of green trees covering the road                      tination of the first leg of an awesome adventure to ride
casting a shadowy tunnel like effect on it as I happily                    Route 66 from its beginning in downtown Chicago, Illi-
motored along on my trusty Harley. As usual I got lost                     nois, to its terminal end on the pier in Santa Monica,
and found myself by a fishing lodge on one of the side                     California The weather was still overcast and drizzling
roads where I checked out the fishing boats and the                        but every now and then the sun would peek out and reju-
tackle shops. Max and Gerald were from Brunswick,                          venate my sense of well being. I was hopeful that the
Maine, visiting their parents and did they have some                       morning would be clear and bright.
lively fish stories.                                                              The ride never ends…...
        Much of the Joliet area is being developed, and
the open land is slowly disappearing. One of the biggest                                  Road Dog
                                                                                       EAST PASADENA POST 280

                     By Susan Johnson

SUE’s NOTES                                                   CANTEEN BOOKSTORE
         NFL FOOTBALL Regular                                         We have a “bookshelf” with hundreds of books
Season is over.                                               (mostly novels). These are there for your reading pleas-
         SUPER BOWL SUNDAY is                                 ure. Also now on shelves are VCR tapes. Take the
February 6th !!!                                              books and VCRs home and enjoy. Share with your
         Bring your favorite Pot-Luck                         friends. You don’t even need to bring them back.
Dish and just enjoy the same good games as usual and at
least five TVs to watch                                       BIG BAND DANCING
                                                                      Every Thursday night we are treated to the
                                                              sounds of Ray Atwan and his group. Ray’s group typi-
KARAOKE SCHEDULE                                              cally consists of 17-18 musicians and they play mostly
                                                              swing type music. Everyone is invited to come and lis-
                                                              ten and dance. These are professionals and well worth
                  FEBRUARY                                    hearing!
                  Friday, Feb. 4
       Friday, Feb. 11 - Saturday, Feb. 12                    MOVIES IN THE MORNINGS!
       Friday, Feb. 18 - Saturday, Feb. 19                                       For you early birds, we
                 Friday, Feb. 25                                          have movies USUALLY on
                                                                          most weekends. (Ray’s spe-
                                                                          cialty… he has quite a collec-

                                                                            POPCORN ANYONE?

                          COMING IN MARCH (the 6th)
                    In addition to our regular Sunday Breakfast
                  BOUTIQUE - GARAGE SALE - BAKE SALE
     Plan to stop by for breakfast and some great opportunities for good deals!

                CANTEEN HOURS:                                    Thursday       6 a.m.   10 p.m. (or later)
          Monday         6 a.m. 10 p.m. (or later)                Friday         6 a.m.   12 p.m. (or later)
          Tuesday        6 a.m. 10 p.m. (or later)                Saturday       6 a.m.   12 p.m. (or later)
          Wednesday      6 a.m. 10 p.m. (or later)                Sunday         6 a.m.   10 p.m. (or later)

                                                                                        EAST PASADENA POST 280

    OTHER ORGANIZATION’S                                                 POST 280
         ACTIVITIES                                                     ACTIVITIES
                                                       Wednesday     SAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
Every        MONROVIA VFW POST 2070                    2nd           6 p.m.
Sunday       Breakfast
                                                       Friday        SAL LUNCHEON
                                                       4th           3 p.m.

Every        MONROVIA VFW POST 2070                    Sunday        LEGION BREAKFAST
Monday       Tacos 5-7 p.m.                            6th           9 a.m. – Noon

                                                       Sunday        AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS
Friday       18th DISTRICT COUNCIL MEETING             6th           MEMBERSHIP MEETING
18th         Alhambra Post 139
             7:30 p.m. (Dinner at 6 p.m.)              Tuesday       AUXILIARY MEETING
                                                       8th           Meeting – 7 p.m.

                                                       Wednesday     LEGION POST MEETING
                                                       9th           Executive Board—7 p.m.
            COMING IN MARCH
               Sunday, March 6th                       Friday        STEAK NIGHT
  Breakfast - Boutique - Garage Sale - Bake Sale       11th          Dinner - 6 p.m.

                                                       Wednesday     SAL EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING
                 Friday, March 11th                    16th          6 p.m.
         Past Commanders & Presidents Night
                                                       Sunday        AUXILIARY BREAKFAST
                                                       20th          9 a.m. to Noon
                 Friday, March 18th
               St. Patrick’s Day Party                 Wednesday     LEGION POST MEETING
                                                       23rd          Membership Meeting - 7 p.m.
                 Sunday, March 20th
           Auxiliary Breakfast & Car Wash

                 Friday, March 25th
                  Auxiliary Dinner

         FEBRUARY DINNERS                                 FEBRUARY BREAKFASTS
                STEAK NIGHT                                                   Sunday, Feb. 6th
                Friday, Feb. 11th                                              9 a.m. to Noon
                6 p.m.                                                      Regular Menu $6.00
                                                                Children’s Menu $4.00

                                                                 Sunday Feb. 20th
                                                                    9 a.m. to Noon

                                                                   Mexican & Expanded Menu

        We have decided to open our Post Bulletin to advertising the services and businesses of our Legion Family
members and local businesses in our community. The distribution of this Newsletter is over 700. The charge for this
service will be based on a business card size ad and will be $25 for 12 is-
sues. Larger ads are available. Contact the editor for quotation.
        Simply provide your business card and $25 to the editor, Larry
Johnson by the 20th of the preceding month to be included in the current
month’s distribution. Over 200 bulletin recipients receive their bulletin in
color via the internet, with remaining mailed copies printed in
        Legion Post members can be identified by the “Legion Family Em-
blem” on the card.

Table of Contents                             East Pasadena Post 280
                                            THE AMERICAN LEGION
                                                                                    Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
     FEBRUARY                                  179 N. Vinedo Ave.                        PAID
♦   Commander’s Column                 1       Pasadena, CA 91107                   Permit No. 1821
♦   1st Vice Column                               (626) 792-9938                     Pasadena, CA

♦   2nd Vice Column                    2
♦   Post Improvement Fund
♦   Stormy Powers Memorial             3
♦   Welcome New Members                                            ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
♦   Vacations Column                   4
♦   Canteen Happenings                 5
♦    February Activity Schedule        6
♦    Advertising Space                 7                               Mailing
♦    Hall Rental Information           8                               Address

                           CANTEEN OPEN EVERYDAY
                                              6AM - 10PM

                                   AMERICAN LEGION EAST PASADENA
                         Spacious Hall Available For Rent
                                  Air Conditioned - Reasonable Rates

                                       Commercial Kitchen Facility
                                             150 Seated - 200 Standing
                                                Dance Floor & Stage
                                                                 Wedding Receptions
                                                                     Social Functions
                                                                      Business Functions
    179 N. Vinedo - Pasadena               (626) 792-9938


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