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                 FALL 2011


2011 ASID
Kitchen & Bath Tour:
September 10/11



                                   9/10, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 9/11, noon to 5 p.m.

                             Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at the door; available
                           through 9/5 at:

                       ASID Minnesota headquarters (cash or check only)
                     International Market Square, 275 Market St., #160, Mpls.;

                 Select Hirshfield’s retail locations
                (see for more info)

                      AMERICAN                  TWIN CITIES
                      SOCIETY OF
                      DESIGNERS                               M A G A Z I N E
BuilDing ConneCtions
                                                                         table of contents
                                                                                 in tHis issue
      design                                on tHe CoVeR
                              FALL 2011

                                            Cover design by:                     Pg 2.          President’s Message
                                            Red Leaf
                           Directions                                            Pg 4.          President-Elect’s Message
                                            Design by:
                                            Southview Design, Industry
                                            Partner of ASID                      CHAPteR neWs
                                                                                 Pg 6.          Welcome New Members
                                                                                 Pg 7.          Awards & Accolades
                                                                                                by AnGeLA PArker, ASid
                                                                                 Pg 8.          Emerging Professionals Profiles:
BUILDING                                                                                        Terry Gustafson
                                                                                                by JenniFer ThoMPSon, ASid
                                                                                 Pg 9.          Emerging Professionals Profiles:
                                                                                                Petra Scroggins
                                                                                                by JenniFer ThoMPSon, ASid

 ASID OFFICE                                                                     Pg 10.         ASID Showcase Home
                                                                                                by hoLLy bAyer, ASid
 Tabitha Czeck: Chapter Administrator
 275 Market Street, Suite 160                                                    Pg 11.         2011 Gala!
 Minneapolis, MN 55405                                                                          by AMber rAnZAu, ALLied MeMber ASid
 PH: 612-339-6003 • FAX 612-339-8691
                                                                                 Pg 11.         ASID Sample Sale!
                                                                                                by ChArLene ACkLey, ALLied MeMber ASid
                                                                                 Pg 12.         MIDLAC – Just the Facts
                                                                                                by deSi CreSweLL, ASid & ShAron GibbonS
                                                                                 Pg 13.
          2010-2011                                                                             Membership Committee
                                                                                                by Terry GuSTAFSon, ALLied MeMber ASid
        PRESIDENT                         PRESIDENT-ELECT
     Karen Soojian, ASID                   Lisa Peck, ASID
                                                                                 BuilDing ConneCtions
        MARkETING AND                       FINANCE DIRECTOR
   COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                   Maureen Haggerty,
                                                                                 Pg 14.         Fashion, Color and Interior Design: What’s Next
    Tom Collins, Industry Partner           Allied Member ASID                                  by AnGeLA PArker, ASid
     Representative for Design
                                               PROFESSIONAL                      Pg 16.         The Next Great Trend (Was Decided Two Years Ago)
                                          DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                  by CoLLeen Fox SLACk, ALLied MeMber ASid
      MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR                   Kimberly Herrick, ASID
      Mary Ellen Gardiner, ASID                                                  Pg 18.         Outdoor Kitchens
                                            AT-LARGE DIRECTOR
                                             Desi Creswell, ASID                                by bonnie birnbAuM, ASid
                                                                                 Pg 20.         Volunteering Within ASID
         PUBLISHER                            DESIGNERS                                         by deSi CreSweLL, ASid
           Red Leaf                         Samantha Ducas
        Brian McCashin                       Brian McCashin
                                                                         list oF ADVeRtiseRs
            DESIGN DIRECTIONS COMMITTEE:                                 ASID Kitchen & Bath Tour .................................................. Inside Front Cover
                                                                         Design Professionals, Inc. ..................................................... Inside Back Cover
          Colleen Fox Slack, Allied Member ASID;                         Francis King Ltd ................................................................................... PAGE 3
        Bonnie Birnbaum, ASID; Desi Creswell, ASID;                      Hickory Chair ...................................................................................... PAGE 5
       Mark Ehlen, Industry Partner Representative for                   Kate-Lo Tile & Stone. ........................................................................... PAGE 5
                                                                         MN Standard/SPS Companies............................................... Inside Back Cover
              Ehlen Creative Communications;                             Red Leaf ............................................................................... Inside Back Cover
                     Angela Parker, ASID;                                Sterenson/Fine Art Lamps .................................................................... PAGE 5
            Laura Paulson, Allied Member ASID                            Zachary Ltd. ....................................................................................Back Cover
   PResiDent’s MessAge

   A LeTTer FroM
   our PreSidenT
A STroNg brANd wiTH A CoNSiSTeNT MeSSAge will HelP uS To
eSTAbliSH SuPerior PubliC reCogNiTioN ANd CuSToMer loyAlTy.

Greetings fellow ASID Minnesota Chapter Members,
What is ASID? You may have answered that question before. We want           As a result of my own experiences with volunteering and participation,
everyone to know the answer. ASID is the leading interior design            I am writing my last letter to you as the Minnesota Chapter President. It
authority and ASID National has launched our new brand campaign.            was an honor to serve in this capacity. I have enjoyed working with so
With this campaign comes a new bold red ASID logo demonstrating our         many wonderful people who are willing to share their time and talent. I
organization’s strength and authority. A strong brand with a consistent     thank everyone who encouraged me to take on new challenges along the
message will help us to establish superior public recognition and           way. As I complete my term, I vow to continue to engage with ASID and
customer loyalty.                                                           make the most of my membership.
A powerful ASID brand adds considerable value to your membership.           Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention one of the most enjoyable
Which is why this is also a time for members to consider: What does ASID    aspects of the chapter president position: working with Tabitha Czeck.
do for you? In the last issue of ICON our ASID national president Michael   She is a true professional in every sense of the word. Thank you, Tabitha,
A. Thomas, FASID writes about passive and active benefits. He explains      for your unfailing support and dedication to our chapter. I would also
that only through active involvement can we reach the full potential of     like to thank the members of the current Board of Directors; Maureen
our ASID membership. My own experience in ASID has proven Michael’s         Haggerty, Kimberly Herrick, Tom Collins, Desi Creswell, Mary Ellen
argument true. I never fully realized what my ASID membership could         Gardiner and Lauren Setum, for taking on their leadership positions and
do for me until I became actively involved in our chapter. As with many     lending their time and expertise to our chapter. In addition, thank you to
things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.                  Brad Shark for his strong commitment to the success of our chapter.
Since that time, I have volunteered for several events and committees,      I wish Lisa Peck much success in her upcoming year as Chapter President.
chaired the Showcase House, and served as President-Elect and Chapter
President. My volunteer experience has rewarded me both personally and
professionally. Through volunteering, we can develop our professional
skills and expand our leadership ability. Volunteering also creates an
opportunity to develop personal and business relationships by expanding
your professional network and resume. The value of your membership          KARen sooJiAn
grows each time you become involved.                                        President
                                                                            ASid Mn Chapter

                       page 2 • FALL 2011
King Ltd.
275 Market St.
Suite 465
Minneapolis, MN 55405
612. 604. 0033
   PResiDent-eleCt’s MessAge

   wordS FroM The
i HAve leArNed FroM eACH MeMber i HAve worked wiTH oF THe
vArieTy oF iNTelligeNT, CreATive deSigNerS ASid MN rePreSeNTS.

Dear Members:
As I wrap up my time as President-Elect, I have been reflecting on
all of the skills and knowledge I have gained this year.

"i have participated in strategic planning for ASid in the past, but running the meeting and
 getting input from a variety of members gave me a renewed appreciation for the process.
                                                  the result for my business was direct."
I’ve not only learned leadership skills, but about legislation,      When you volunteer, you can take the things you have learned and
Robert’s Rules of Order, and deepened my understanding of            apply them to your own practice. This can expand your business
our organization and its mission. I have also learned from each      tool kit in ways that may surprise you and will certainly benefit
member I have worked with about the wide variety of intelligent,     you. One example of this is strategic planning. I have participated
creative, energetic designers ASID MN represents. The largest        in strategic planning for ASID in the past, but running the meeting
lesson I have learned is that you get more out of ASID when you      this year as President-Elect and getting input from a variety of
participate. (I need reminders often of what I already know.)        members gave me a renewed appreciation for the process. The
                                                                     result for my business was direct. I held the same meeting for my
                                                                     firm and we have benefited greatly from having a fresh strategic
                                                                     plan in place that everyone helped create.
                                                                     As you consider your volunteer opportunities at ASID and elsewhere
                                                                     in life, think about the strengths you have to bring to the organization,
                                                                     but also about your professional or personal developmental goals.
                                                                     Volunteering is a great way to achieve these goals for learning and
                                                                     growth, and can help you develop a community with your peers.

                                                                     lisA PeCK
                                                                     ASid Mn Chapter

                       page 4 • FALL 2011
E A R T L A M PS                    F I N E A R T L A M PS
                                             L I G H T I N G   S I N C E   1 9 4 0

                   Ron Sterenson, Sterenson & Associates
                        T. 6 5 1 . 6 8 3 . 9 2 1 5 F. 6 5 1 . 6 8 3 . 9 3 4 1

A R T L A M PS                      F I N E A R T L A M PS

                                                                                                                 Celebrating 100 years.
                                                                                                                Made not Manufactured.

                                                                                                                The Hickory Chair Showroom
                                                                                                                 International Market Square
                                                                                                                  275 Market Street, Suite 363
                                                                                                                Fran Kraft, Showroom Manager

                                                                                                                           Since 1911


                                                                                                            page 5 • FALL 2011
                                                                                     DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
CHAPteR neWs

               new Members
   Penny Frounfelter                     Amanda Bauer          Emily Blonigen
        IP Rep for                       Allison Bremer         Art Institutes
    Little Blind Spot                                      International Minnesota
                                           Megan Dent
   Lauren Rademacher                                            Alisha Bunde
 IP Rep for Delta Faucet                    kelly Giese         Art Institutes
        Company                          kelsey Hanson     International Minnesota
     Susan Wittine                        Anita Johnson        Jennifer Falck
       IP Rep for                                             Century College
                                          Jaime Latzke
  Design Within Reach                                         Elizabeth Gwost
                                        Carol Lorentzen
                                                             North Dakota State
                                         Elizabeth Marx           University
                                         Nancy Rondoni          Jessica Jones
                                      Catherine Sitzmann        Art Institutes
                                                           International Minnesota
                                          Andrea Surtel
                                                               Brittany kiecker
                                           Callie Veden         Art Institutes
                                         Roger Zierman     International Minnesota
                                                              Tammy Lamers
                                                              Marjorie Mallouk
                                                              Century College
                                                              Samantha Sanford
                                                                Art Institutes
                                                           International Minnesota
                                                                  Brad Stulc
                                                                Art Institutes
                                                           International Minnesota

           page 6 • FALL 2011
                                                                                                                                       CHAPteR neWs

                            Awards & Accolades
                            by AnGeLA PArker, ASid

› CAROL BELZ, ASID, Carol Belz & Associates, for her interior design work on         › JIM NOBLE, Allied Member ASID, Noble Interiors Inc, for his before and after
  a Lowry Hill home kitchen makeover, featured in Midwest Home magazine,               of an unfinished basement transition to a family and guest-friendly gathering
  April/May edition. Carol’s use of vivid coral complimented the deep goldenrod        spot published in the Star Tribune “Homes” section in June 2011.
  and Chinese red in the dining room.
                                                                                     › LISA PECk, ASID, LiLu Interiors, for her “Fresh and Feminine” 1940s
› WILLIAM BESON, ASID, Billy Beson Company, for his interior design work               rejuvenation of a master bedroom in a St. Paul home, was featured in Midwest
  titled “The Not So Wild West” featured in Artful Living, Summer 2011.                Home magazine, April/May edition.

› ANDREA DIxON, Allied Member ASID and JEN ZIEMER, Allied Member ASID                › ANITA SULLIVAN, Allied Member ASID, Anita’s Designs, featured in the
  of Fiddlehead Design Group were featured on the cover of Mpls.St.Paul Home           2011 Luxury Home Tour for her “Lavish Luxury” Edina home, published in
  in the May 2011 edition for “Shop Like the Pros, Designer Style To Fit Any           the August 2011 Luxury Home Tour commemorative issue of Midwest Home
  Budget.” Their styled vignettes “Haute & Hip” were also featured inside the          magazine.
                                                                                     › BROOkE VOSS, Allied Member ASID, Brooke Voss Design, LLC, was featured
› EULL WOODWORkS, INC. Industry Partner of ASID, featured in the “Art &                in the Mpls.St.Paul Home magazine, May 2011 edition in the article “Designers
  Craftsman” article in Mpls.St.Paul Home, July 2011.                                  Concierge” taking a whirlwind tour of Twin City design warehouses and outlets
                                                                                       and developing a room vignette utilizing furnishings purchased along the way.
                          › RENéE LEJEUNE HALLBERG, Allied Member
                            ASID, RHL Studio, won Honorable Mention in               › VUJOVICH DESIGN BUILD, INC., Industry Partner of ASID, featured in the
                            the Schumacher wall covering contest for her               Mpls.St.Paul Home magazine in July 2011 for the “Divine Details” spa inspired
                            interior design work using the Albero Floreale wall        master bath and “Curb Appeal” exterior brick entrance on Lake of the Isles.
                            covering in Aqua to bridge the master bath and
                                                                                     › VUJOVICH DESIGN BUILD, INC., Industry Partner of ASID, for a home remodel
                            master bedroom. The wall covering offers luxury
                                                                                       on Lake of the Isles where formal beauty meets everyday family spaces,
                            and elegance while at the same time it provides a
                                                                                       including a master bath and kitchen featured in “West Isles Story,” Artful Living,
                            beautiful spa-like presence.
                                                                                       Summer 2011.
                          › TODD HANSEN, Allied Member ASID, Albertsson
                                                                                     › VUJOVICH DESIGN BUILD, INC., Industry Partner of ASID, received two
                            Hansen Architecture, for his “Better Bungalow”
                                                                                       ROMA awards from the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC). They
                            kitchen transformation with Shaker-style cabinets,
                                                                                       were awarded the winner for Additions over 600 square feet and for the “Total
                            butcher-block island and wood ceiling beams
                                                                                       House Remodel Under 2,500 square feet.”
                            featured in Star Tribune “Homes” section in March
                            2011.                                                    › WARNERS’ STELLIAN, Industry Partner of ASID, was honored by St. Paul
                                                                                       Mayor Chris Coleman with a Sustainable award in the Waste Reduction
                          › TODD HANSEN, Allied Member ASID, Albertsson
                                                                                       and Recycling category on Wednesday, April 20, 2011. Warner’s Stellian has
                            Hansen Architecture, for his “Light Fantastic” St.
                                                                                       reduced its waste stream by 75 percent through recycling hundreds of tons of
renée LeJeune hallberg,     Paul foursquare remodeled kitchen transformation
                                                                                       new appliance packaging.
ASid, rhL Studio            featured in the June/July Midwest Home.
                                                                                     › CONNIE WERSAL-LAVELLE, Allied Member ASID, Gabberts Design Studio,
› RANDY HEINRICH, Allied Member ASID, Heinrich & Schultz, was featured
                                                                                       shares her favorite trends for home in the article “Design du Jour” featured in
  in the Mpls.St.Paul Home magazine, May 2011 edition in the article
                                                                                       Artful Living, Summer 2011.
  “Designing Duo.”
                                                                                     The following interior designers were featured in Mpls.St.Paul Home
› DEBRA HERDMAN, ASID, Debra Herdman Design, featured for her
                                                                                     magazine, May 2011 edition in the article “Where Designers Shop.”
  transformation of an outdated cottage on the Mississippi into a charming
  summer getaway, published in the Mpls.St.Paul Home magazine, May 2011.             › KIM KANGAS, Allied Member ASID, Transitions Interior Design

› BRUCE kADING, ASID, Bruce Kading Interior Design, for his south Minneapolis        › LISA PECK, ASID, LiLu Interiors
  Tudor home with antique Asian artifacts, featured as “Living with Collections”     › CHRISTINE FRISK, ASID, Inunison Design
  published in the Star Tribune “Variety” section in February 2011.                  › DAVID HEIDE, Allied Member ASID, David Heide Design Studio
› BRUCE kADING, ASID, Bruce Kading Interior Design, for his at home with             › NANCy WOODHOUSE, Allied Member ASID,
  nature interior design work titled “Horse Sense” featured in Artful Living,          Gabberts Design Studio
  Summer 2011.
                                                                                     › BRUCE KADING, ASID, Bruce Kading Interior Design
› SANDY LAMENDOLA, ASID, Twist Interior Design, shares her favorite trends           › BRANDI HAGEN, Allied Member ASID, Eminent Interior Design
  for home in the article “Design du Jour” featured in Artful Living, Summer 2011.
                                                                                     › MAUREEN HAGGERTy, Allied Member ASID, mint, inc.
› JIM NOBLE, Allied Member ASID, Noble Interiors Inc, for the article on “The        › KARLENE HUNTER BAUM, Allied Member ASID,
  Next Chapter?” featuring his library/sunroom showing that leather bound              Gabberts Design Studio
  antique books add ambience, published in the Star Tribune “Variety” section in
  March 2011.
                                                                                     › KERI OLSON, Allied Member ASID, KOR Interior Design
                                                                                     › ANGELA PARKER, ASID, Interior Places and Spaces LLC

                                                                                                                page 7 • FALL 2011
                                                                                         DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   CHAPteR neWs

Emerging Professionals Profiles

terry                                                               Allied Member ASid

➤ name of Firm or Company you own or work for:                               ➤ What is the favorite room in your house, and why?
  Terry Gustafson Designs and part-time Design Assistant for Carol Belz.       It’s a toss up between our master bedroom and family room. We
  Delta Airlines.                                                              remodeled our bedroom in 2005, adding a steam shower to the bath, a
➤ Years in the industry:                                                       double sided fireplace and great walk in closets. We are almost finished
  2 years since I’ve graduated, 1 year owning my own business.                 remodeling our family room and it’s going to be an unbelievable media
                                                                               room for our family.
➤ Degree obtained from:
  I have a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Organizational Communications         ➤ What is the most memorable event you’ve attended and why?
  and Management from Concordia College and an Associates of Applied           Our wedding was everything we wanted and so much fun, but also as
  Science in Interior Design Degree from Dakota County.                        memorable was when I was given the President’s Award at Northwest
                                                                               Airlines in 2005. It was a complete surprise. It’s an award given to only
➤ Associations you are involved in:                                            12 people a year worldwide for their outstanding service. It was such
  ASID                                                                         an honor to be selected.
➤ Area of expertise:                                                         ➤ What designer’s style do you identify with the most?
  Residential                                                                  Frank Lloyd Wright and Eero Saarinen
➤ What is your favorite part about design?                                   ➤ What would people be surprised to know about you?
  Hearing a client’s wishes and making it materialize into something           I was born in Rome, Italy. We lived there until I was four.
  better than they imagined.
                                                                             ➤ What is your biggest pet peeve in design?
➤ What career would you pursue if you weren’t doing what                       People not willing to let go of things that are dated.
  you do now?
  I would pursue design full time. I am still working as a Flight            ➤ What is your greatest extravagance?
  Attendant as I transition into design. Whatever career I chose, it would     Having a good dinner while on a layover.
  have to involve people and making a positive difference in their lives.    ➤ Do you have any advice for newcomers to the field who are looking
➤ Which living person do you most admire?                                      to be hired at a firm or being on their own?
  My mother, Elaine. She raised two children alone and always taught us        To become involved in one or more professional organizations. Anyone
  to pursue our dreams. She has a good business sense and has always           new to design should try to make as many connections and contacts
  been very encouraging.                                                       as possible. Design is such a dynamic industry that there is an ongoing
                                                                               need for learning in order to keep growing and expanding.
➤ What three things can't you live without?
  Family and friends, my 2 dogs and Caribou Coffee Moose Lattes.
➤ What is your guilty pleasure?
➤ What is your favorite color combination?
  Neutrals with timeless pops of color.

                        page 8 • FALL 2011
                                                                                                                               CHAPteR neWs

Emerging Professionals Profiles

                                                                               Allied Member ASid

➤ name of Firm or Company you own or work for:                                  ➤ What is your guilty pleasure?
  Inview Interior Design                                                          Wine
➤ Years in the industry:                                                        ➤ What is your favorite color combination?
  4 years, member of ASID since 2003                                              All shades of Blue, Green and Cream
➤ Degree obtained from:                                                         ➤ What is the favorite room in your house, and why?
  The Art Institute International of Minnesota                                    Sunroom in my old house. It was a three-season porch we converted to a
                                                                                  four-season living space flanked by two decks. The sunroom has a heated
➤ Associations you are involved in:
                                                                                  stone floor, beamed pitched ceiling, and three fully glazed walls of four
                                                                                  sets of sliding doors and a huge Palladian window. A panoramic view of
➤ Area of expertise:                                                              our beautiful, intimate backyard was viewable through this window. The
  Residential                                                                     furniture was centralized and conversation conducive. In the evening,
➤ What is your favorite part about design?                                        with the landscaping and interior ambient lighting on, it felt like a fairy
  Because people like familiarity they often want what they know. I like          tale space.
  helping them discover their new sense of style — something they had           ➤ What is the most memorable event you’ve attended and why?
  no idea they would love. I enjoy pushing my clients outside their               I love shows and I would say Phantom of the Opera or Ka from Cirque
  comfort zone and I never get tired of hearing, “I would never do this           de Soleil. I admire amazing talent and love to watch it.
  on my own, but I love it.” That’s why it’s so important for the client to
                                                                                ➤ What designer’s style do you identify with the most?
  trust the designer. The relationship between the two is crucial to the
                                                                                  My personal style is elegant, airy while still comfortable. I love a
  project’s success.
                                                                                  sophisticated juxtaposition between the old and the new … very
                                           ➤ What career would you                controlled and to-the-point. I admire designer Christina Sullivan.
                                             pursue if you weren’t doing
                                                                                ➤ What would people be surprised to know about you?
                                             what you do now?
                                                                                  I don’t have any surprises. What you see is what you get. I’m a very
                                             Culinary — I love to cook,
                                                                                  open person.
                                             entertain and cater parties.
                                                                                ➤ What is your biggest pet peeve in design?
                                          ➤ Which living person do you
                                                                                  When homeowners make bad design decisions based exclusively on the
                                            most admire?
                                                                                  price and they don’t consider the style of their home. Example of this
                                            No particular person is coming
                                                                                  would be a grand Tuscan kitchen in a small rambler-style house, or maple
                                            to mind right now, there are so
                                                                                  cabinets in old craftsman style home with original dark woodwork. Hard
                                            many people I admire for so
                                                                                  to work with these mistakes when you’re called after the fact.
                                            many different reasons.
                                                                                ➤ What is your greatest extravagance?
                                         ➤ What three things can't you
                                                                                  A good bottle of wine.
                                           live without?
                                           My 13 year old daughter,             ➤ Do you have any advice for newcomers to the field who are looking to
                                           Claudia — unconditional loves,         be hired at a firm or being on their own?
                                           healthy food, because you are          Persistence. Get up every morning and do something to stay in the field.
                                           what you eat. I support organic        Be active in ASID. Continue your education after school. Get involved.
                                           and local farmers, and a sense of
                                           direction and place.

                                                                                                          page 9 • FALL 2011
                                                                                   DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   CHAPteR neWs

ASID showcase ho M e                by hoLLy bAyer, ASid

OH, THE PLACES WE’LL GO TO FIND A PROSPECT FOR THE ASID                        as referrals and visiting each home in small groups. Again, as soon as
Showcase Home! Last year proved to be the most challenging search in           our process reached the budget and contract phase of the project, our
the last fifteen years of the project. During a normal season, we field a      prospects dwindled.
handful of good leads before the current year’s Showcase has wrapped and
                                                                               As disheartening as it became, it wasn’t a surprise to any of us. As we’ve
summer has come to a close.
                                                                               all experienced, industry-wide projects are harder to close as homeowners
At this time last year, early fall 2010, the prospective homes we visited      are being more careful about what they invest in their homes within more
in early and late summer didn’t develop beyond the third or fourth steps       conservative budgets. We took this to heart during each of our meetings
in our process, stirring initial concern for each of us. As a committee, we    with prospective homeowners. Our job was not only to come to an
decided to come up with an aggressive plan to find additional leads. We        agreement on budget that would suit the homeowner’s bottom line, but
repeatedly tapped all of our usual resources, such as our industry partners,   to also ensure that the project wouldn’t suffer, nor would the designers
the membership at large, past contractors and architects associated with       who would potentially be involved in designing the home. In short, we
the project, realty groups, our beneficiaries, as well as NARI and AIA. In     couldn’t agree to unrealistic numbers that would put our designers in the
addition, we created a flyer that could be dropped in select neighborhoods     position of working miracles.
and used as a tool for each of us to distribute.
                                                                               At this point in our process, we had looked at eighteen homes. They were
The results were promising and another handful of homeowners were              located as far out as Orono and the furthest reaches of St. Paul. The next
brought to the surface. We reacted quickly, answering questions about the      step for our committee was to think about how the project might work
project for each of the interested parties, offering up previous homeowners    with a twist. We brainstormed during each of our early winter meetings,
                                                                               searching for a way to accomplish our project’s mission but to also not
                                                                               reinvent or change it beyond recognition. We agreed as a group that to
                                                                               lose the branding recognition and repeat tour goers would be a mistake.
                                                                               Regardless, new ideas included utilizing empty showrooms within
                                                                               International Market Square and space at the Art and Architecture
                                                                               building to put together a tour that would consist of designers creating a
                                                                               room within a “white box.” We considered working with one of the local
                                                                               modular home builders to create a neighborhood of container homes
                                                                               that would be designed in teams. We met with the Mall of America to
                                                                               determine if we might build a Showcase Home within the Rotunda.
                                                                               Each and every one of these ideas fell apart in three places. The level of
                                                                               interest the public would have in the project, limitations within each of the
                                                                               sites proposed and budget. Who would pay for finishing out the spaces?
                                                                               Who would purchase the containers needed for a modular neighborhood,
                                                                               and how would a Showcase Home in the rotunda be any more or less
                                                                               interesting than the previous homes that have been built within it?
                                                                               By February we knew that our deadlines with our publisher could
                                                                               not be met, nor could we complete a house in less than three months.
                                                                               We decided as a committee that this year was not meant to be and
                                                                               that we had done our very best work to make one of the twenty-six
                                                                               prospective homes a fit.
                                                                               We didn’t stop our search. We continued on, utilizing our social media
                                                                               outlets and spreading the word near and far. In fact, while I type this
                                                                               article we have secured a knock-out of a project that will be our ASID
                                                                               Showcase Home 2012. It is exciting to know that we will be knee deep in
                                                                               the project by the time you read these words. In the end, our search paid
                                                                               off and we appreciate all of your efforts as an ASID member in helping us
                                                                               find the next ASID Showcase Home.

                        page 10 • FALL 2011
                                                                                                                                              CHAPteR neWs

                                  Date: Thursday, November 10th, 2011
                                              Venue: International Market Square Atrium
9 DiamonD SponSor: Francis King, Ltd., Industry Partner of ASID                           9 goal: We wish to grow this event each year. Inviting the public will increase
9 meDia partner: Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Industry Partner of ASID                            general awareness of ASID, the showrooms at IMS and our fantastic Industry
                                                                                            Partners. It’s the perfect atmosphere and place to showcase the talents of the
9 FooD: We are happy to have D’Amico catering again this year. The menu is in the
                                                                                            local design industry.
  final stages of decision making.
                                                                                          9 You: We hope to see you there at this exciting key ASID event. The ticket price
9 Floral arrangementS: We are excited to have Wisteria on board with
                                                                                            is $75.00/person. This includes the cocktail hour (cash bar), D’Amico dinner,
  us again this year. We are in cahoots with them to come up with some snappy
                                                                                            awards presentation, and the after party hosted by Baker, Industry Partner of
                                                                                            ASID. We would love to see you all there!
9 ConCept: The Atrium at IMS is such a great blank canvas for our committee
                                                                                          PlAnning CoMMittee:
  to work with. This year we are running with the theme of bold jewel tones,
  contrasts of black, and flickering candle light. There will be splashes of color in     > Co-chairs: Lisa ball, Allied Member ASid; Amber ranzau, Allied Member ASid;
  the centerpieces, table runners, and special lighting effects. It will be an event to     Susan Thayer, industry Partner representative for hickory Chair.
  be seen (and heard) at, so come out with your best on. It is the perfect time to        > Committee members: bud Cleator, industry Partner representative for the
  mix and mingle with colleagues, clients, business associates and potential clients        international Market Square; bonnie Folkerts, industry Partner representative
  alike. The cocktail hour and after party will feature live local music. It’s sure to      for kravet, inc.; kim kangas, Allied Member ASid; nancy kloehn, industry
  be an exciting and fun night!                                                             Partner representative for Fiber-Seal; Tarry Logsdon, industry Partner Member
                                                                                            for rbC Tile & Stone; Jackie Maher, industry Partner representative for kohler;
                                                                                            and Stephanie Mortenson, Allied Member ASid.

aSiD Sample Sale
new dates and extended hours                                                              by ChArLene ACkLey, ALLied MeMber ASid
The 2011 ASid Sample Sale dates have been changed to September this year to               ASid Members — both interior designers and iP Members — have an opportunity
better accommodate the showrooms before they go to market.                                to sell some of their designer pieces at the sale also. The designer Flea Market is
                                                                                          set up for the interior designer to bring their items to the third floor balcony area
The new dates and times are:
                                                                                          for resale. They are asked to volunteer for one shift at that location. Please contact
thursday, september 22 from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm                                            Petra Scroggins if you wish to participate.
Friday, september 23 from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
                                                                                          This is a great opportunity for interior designers and interior design students
saturday, september 24 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
                                                                                          to get involved in their local ASid chapter. Volunteers are needed for the days
The Sample Sale offers many one-of-a-kind designer quality pieces at deeply               of the sale to greet, cashier, assist in the office and help in the Designer Flea
discounted prices. Luxury items are marked at 50% – 80% off the retail prices. it         Market. Please contact Charlene Ackley or the ASID office if you are interested in
is an event for the public and interior designers as well.                                participating.
The Sample Sale committee will again be working with Lola red, a local marketing          CoMMittee MeMBeRs:
firm to get maximum publicity for the event. Some of the media coverage will
                                                                                          > Co-chair: Charlene Ackley, Allied Member ASid
include Facebook, TV spots, Twitter, radio, local papers and the Star Tribune, to
                                                                                          > Crista bartholomew, industry Partner representative for Crista Maree
name a few.
                                                                                          > Christina burr, C.S. Media, inc, industry Partner of ASid
Last year, the committee and Lola red introduced roving interior designer                 > bud Cleator, industry Partner representative for iMS
volunteers to the mix to assist customers in their selections. Customers can              > Jackie Cox, industry Partner representative for Tapis décor dba weskuske
sign up for a 30 minute time slot to work with a professional interior designer.          > Lolita nikolai, Allied Member ASid
This experience gives the consumer a taste of the value of an interior designer’s         > Petra Scroggins, Allied Member ASid
expertise. it is also a great opportunity for interior designers to market themselves
and potentially pick up new clients. if you are an interior designer and would like
to volunteer for a shift at the sale, please contact Chrissy Burr or the ASID office.

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                                                                                              DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   CHAPteR neWs

Just Facts
by deSi CreSweLL, ASid, Cid, Leed AP & ShAron GibbonS, Cid, Leed AP

YOu MAY HAVE HEARD THE ACRONYM MIDLAC, BuT YOu MAY                                The Interior design licensure bill was not heard in Committee this year. A
not know what the organization does and how their efforts affect the              few things to note: licensure for any profession typically takes 10-12 years
interior design profession. MIDLAC, which stands for Minnesota Interior           minimum; each state is unique and what is happening in Minnesota does
Design Legislative Action Committee, functions as the joint “legislative          not exactly mirror what is happening in other states.
committee” for ASID Minnesota and IIDA Northland. MIDLAC was
                                                                                  The work being done by ASID members in the state of Minnesota is fully
originally formed to work on what became the CID Title Act.
                                                                                  supported by ASID on a national level. In a letter from Bruce Goff, FASID,
At present, the CID Title Act with the stamp and seal provision does not          Chair of the ASID Legislative Codes and Advisory Council, Goff writes
always function as first intended when passed in 1992. MIDLAC is working          that “The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and members
to ensure that interior designers are able to practice to the full extent of      of its Legislative and Codes Advisory Council (LCAC) have reviewed the
their education, experience/training and examination (EEEs) and to not            proposed Minnesota Licensed Interior Design Legislation and fully endorse
allow other professions to dictate restrictions. All residential spaces are now   the proposal and the efforts of ASID members in the state to realize the
exempt and will remain exempt in the future.                                      right to work to the fullest extent of their ability in the state of Minnesota.
MIDLAC’s mission statement is to “advocate for the public’s safety and            Importantly, the legislation complies with ASID’s national legislative policy.
health by educating the public about the need for and the value of interior       The policy states that legislation may not restrict the ability of anyone from
design.” During each legislative year MIDLAC, utilizing professional              using the professional title interior designer or from practicing interior
lobbyists, monitors all legislation that could affect interior designers.         design as they currently do. Rather, the legislation only provides interior
Examples of such issues include potential sales tax on professional services,     designers, after demonstrating to the state knowledge, skill and ability, the
building code changes (IBC and local adoption, thereof), right to practice        right to create and submit non-structural, non-seismic drawings for the
issues as they might affect interior designers, “sunsetting” issues for           purpose of seeking permits and managing related design projects.”
professions, “statute of repose” and “statute of limitations” issues.             As the issue of interior design legislation progresses, rest assured that
MIDLAC also sponsors seminars featuring important health, safety, and             ASID will continue to strive to make certain that all interior designers
welfare content. Topics this year will include LEED Credentialing, Means of       can practice to the full extent of their EEEs and establish clear
Egress and a series of lighting seminars. A legislative kick-off event was held   exemptions to allow others to work without restraint.
in February 2011 featuring Janice Young, a prominent leader for interior
design licensing in the state of Florida.                                           ADDitionAl ResouRCes FoR legislAtiVe inFoRMAtion:
                                                                                    :: AsiD national Website:
The 2011 legislative session brought many changes. Republicans took
control of both the House and the Senate for the first time since 1971 and   
Minnesota elected its first Democratic Governor in two decades. With all            :: the Mn Board of Architecture, engineering, land surveying,
of these changes, the session started very slowly. Very few bills were passed          landscape Architecture, geosciences and interior Design
in 2011, and many of those that were met the Governor’s veto pen quickly.    

                         page 12 • FALL 2011
                                                                                                                        CHAPteR neWs

by Terry GuSTAFSon, ALLied MeMber ASid

IT IS A BuSY TIME FOR THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE LATELY,                     but assist to build the entire organization over time. A student can save
as they have taken on a renewed commitment to informing Designers,         substantially by joining as a student and then advancing to Allied ASID
Industry Partners and Design Students about the importance of joining      upon graduation, an exceptional financial benefit.
ASID as a professional organization. During difficult economic times       A new focus for the Committee is the area of Emerging Professionals.
it is essential to maintain members. People look for ways to cut costs,    Emerging Professionals are designers that are in the first five years of
and often memberships to organizations can be the first to go. In          their new career. During this critical time some of the great benefits of
reality, that could be the worst thing to do. Now more than ever, it is    membership in ASID is the guidance for developing and expanding
important that members take full advantage of what ASID has to offer       a business, increasing knowledge in the field and creating endless
to become connected to other designers, industry partners and various      networking opportunities. In the future the committee hopes to host
trades people, giving them a wider base from which to serve their          a social event specifically for these individuals where they can meet
customers. Along with increased visibility, the Membership Committee       other designers to build their network and see the importance of
is systematically reaching out to potential and existing members and       aligning with a professional organization throughout their career.
working closely with the local Interior Design education programs to
build and strengthen the organization.                                     The Membership Committee is also working closely with the Industry
                                                                           Partners Committee. Through the organization Industry Partners are
You may have seen the “Share the Love” campaign from the National          able to connect with local designers who will assist them in building
ASID organization. This outreach program encourages current                and growing their business.
members to recruit other interior designers and industry partners
to join ASID. Doing so will enable a current member to receive a           Outreach to individual members continues to take place in between
$50 voucher that can be used towards dues or in the ASID store online.     these group-focused events. Every month the Committee receives a
To increase local visibility, the Membership Committee is supporting       list of new members and contacts each one to welcome them into the
this campaign, along with providing staff for ASID recruitment tables      Minnesota Chapter. New members are encouraged to attend some of
at local industry events. Recently, they hosted tables at the IMS          the extremely informative Lunch and Learn and Business Development
Design Day and at Greenprint Day, providing potential members the          programs that are offered by our Programming Committee.
ability to ask questions about the advantages of and opportunities for     Additionally, the Committee checks in with our members who have
joining the local ASID chapter. ASID offers assistance in expanding        not renewed their membership. Occasionally errors occur and this is
your business, increasing your knowledge and creating endless              time to catch them, but the chapter does still lose members from time
networking opportunities.                                                  to time. The feedback obtained from these members is very helpful in
                                                                           creating tactics to retain members in the future and to create a better
Every fall and spring the committee attends local colleges with Interior   organization overall.
Design programs to make certain that the design students understand
the benefits of joining ASID. Additionally, every fall our local chapter   ASID is the largest and oldest professional organization for interior
hosts a Student Affairs Day at IMS. The morning is spent teaching the      designers, and Minnesota enjoys a strong chapter. As members, we
student chapter leaders about running a successful student chapter.        all have a vested interest to disseminate the information regarding
The afternoon is open to all design students. It usually consists of a     the importance and benefits of belonging to ASID. The Membership
panel discussion and a visit to several showrooms and design studios.      Committee is working hard to continue to build the Minnesota
The Committee hopes to build upon this program so students begin to        Chapter and hopes you will work with them to “Share the Love”
understand the importance of belonging to a professional organization.     by encouraging other Design Professionals, Industry Partners and
Becoming a member of ASID early on and actively participating in           Students to join our great organization.
student chapters will not only help a student through their education,
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   BuilDing ConneCtions

fashion,color & interior                                                                               n
by AnGeLA PArker, ASid

One cannot experience the other without first digesting the local fashions
whether at the Edina Art Fair, Art-A-Whirl or the local mall. People-
                                                                                             wHat's ne
watching is fascinating and part of the sociology of interior design.
Interior and fashion design trends used to be forecast in the spring and the
fall with new showrooms launching the new lines with flowers, parties and
grand affairs. Technology has changed all that. Emerging trends are now on
blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Frankly, there was time to enjoy the fashion
migration. Trends emerged from London, hit the Coasts, and finally; the
Midwest. Now trends can be tracked around the globe from anywhere,
shrinking the migration timeline. The following are key trends in the
interior design industry to watch for.
wALL CoVerinG TrendS:
Kathy Basil, Industry Partner Representative of ASID for Hirshfields, states,
“Wall covering selections have never been better! In the past, it has been
difficult to find the right design to meet all the criteria (i.e. safety, durability,            Photo provided by: Hirshfields, Industry Partner of ASID; Designer's Guild: Tricia Guild
texture, image) for the designer and the space. Now, the selections are
awesome with a wide range of options. Typically, a designer would search for                     Large graphics are another emerging trend. The idea starts with a traditional
hours and not find the right product. Today, there are so many great choices                     design such as a damask pattern, but the motif is enlarged and edges are
it can be difficult to pick! People under 30 are enjoying wall covering and                      refined, and then the final product is applied as an accent wall. Designers
applying it to their homes. People over 40, who stripped all the not-so-                         Guild has some vibrant examples of this design.
attractive wall coverings from their homes, are slow to apply coverings again.                   Mid-Century Modern is
However, all the magazines and websites are featuring great product, so be                       another hot influence in
sure to include a wall treatment in your next interiors project.”                                the market today. Studio
                                                                                                 Printworks offers a custom
                                                                                                 color line in which a designer
                                                                                                 can select the color from a
                                                                                                 paint chip, order a strike off
                                                                                                 and then view his/her custom
                                                                                                 design. Studio Printworks
                                                                                                 offers unique patterns with a
                                                                                                 low-minimum order. Kathy
                                                                                                 also stated that there is no lack
                                                                                                 of traditional wall coverings to
Photo provided by: Hirshfields, Industry Partner of ASID; Phillip Jefferies: Texture "Geology"   suit any home.
                                                                                                 How does an interior
One of the strongest trends is textures. Kathy states, “These textures range                     designer track the new trends,
from organic glass beading, which is very glamorous, to natural sand and                         emerging colors, and keep
hand crafted papers, to sisal, grasses and bamboo. Phillip Jefferies Natural                     his/her interior color fashion
textures book offers a beautiful line with a consistent color throughout the                     sense? There are so many
product. From a manufacturing end, this is difficult, but Phillip Jefferies has                  options and so little time,
mastered this for a high-end look.”                                                              why not attend a Color Pulse
                                                                                                 Seminar by Benjamin Moore
                                                                                                 or the CEu by Pittsburg Paint?
                                                                                                                                               kravet, inc., industry Partner of ASid

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                                                                                                                 BuilDing ConneCtions

Furnishings trends                                                                 • Limit rooms to one or two pieces of leather furniture
The Green Committee and Francis King, Ltd., Industry Partner of ASID,              • Nailheads and pipping on soft goods
recently featured Lee Industries at an ASID Lunch and Learn. Excitement            • Decorative accents:
was in the air as Laura Slane of Lee Industries showcased the highlights               > equestrian and hunting dog accents, antlers on pillows, crests, kilim
from their recent collection for Highpoint featuring custom rug-covered                  rugs, globes and city maps, skyscraper, binoculars and vintage game
ottomans, shin toaster chairs for your outside grill and the fresh vibrant               pieces and boards
organic cotton line of fabrics. Visit for a personal
tour of their “uncovered” upholstery.                                              eCo VinTAGe
KeY tRenDs FoR 2012, As FoRCAsteD BY                                               • Frayed and faded
Michelle lamb, Marketing Directions, inc.                                            personality
                                                                                   • Factory floor pieces with
Key overall Color trends
                                                                                     reclaimed or salvaged
Bright saturated colors are emerging as a trend. Think tropical greens and           materials
neon green as accents perfect for kids’ rooms and patios. Mid-tone orange          • Stencils, burned in text,
and corals with a rusty hue will move to neon in-your-face tones in 2013.            uneven washes and
Look for tropical pink with a coral tone. Fuchsia with more blue in it serves        cerusing on casegoods
as a bridge to purples. Purple is trending down, moving towards smoky              • Some metal — iron, aged
gray and blue tones rather than red tones. Fire reds reaching out to orange          finishes, metal mesh and
will appear, while blood red taunts brown. The military olive and khaki              chicken wire accents
that have been hot in the fashion industry the past couple of years are            • Glass in all forms, even
moving into home décor. Instead of gold, camel is rising, influenced by the          colorful mercury glass
military trend. Blue and white combinations are jumping forward again.             • Spit tacks instead of
Denim and turquoise also make an appearance, while the spa blue evolved              nailheads
to a warmer blue with green and gray undertones for a sophisticated feel.          • Indian paisley and
                                                                                     toile, linen
LibrAry Lux                                                                        • Decorative accents:
• Pared-down details, sleeker lines on classic forms, i.e. Camelback sofa              > birdcages, postcards,
  with less curving along the back, harps in chair backs are simplified,                 worn leather suitcases
  Queen Anne legs are less clunky                                                        stacked, croquet,
• Circles, ovals and quatrefoil shapes                                                   small tropical birds,
                                                                                                                     Products by Cisco brothers, photo provided by Francis
                                                                                         butterflies and
• Xs in forms and details                                                                                            king, Ltd., industry Partner of ASid
                                                                                         dragonflies, bulldogs
• Medallions are simplified                                                              and pugs, clocks,
• Walnut becomes more popular, mahogany less popular                                     watches, roman numerals
• Two-tone finishes with two woods on the same casegood
• Low-luster finishes where you can see the grain                                  MAd Men

• Metal pieces have a layered treatment, i.e. speckled finish over hammered        • 1960s mid-century design rather than 1950s
  texture on antique gold                                                          • Further explosion of color and space age influences vs. 1950s
• Bronze is growing as a trend, silver is dropping                                 • Trapezoid and other geometric forms in furniture, fabrics and decorative
                                         • Alabaster is beginning to emerge          accents like vases

                                         • Glass is still popular in many          • Overlapping discs for futuristic feel, bow ties, teardrops, atomic forms
                                           styles: clear, beveled, mirrored        • Leaf patterns with Scandinavian influence
                                         • Fabrics: wools, mohair, linen,          • Cantelivered forms
                                           velvets with cut patterns like          • Chrome, chrome-frosted mix, black nickel finish is emerging
                                           plaids and florals with texture in      • Ceramics with perfect form and light reactive glaze. See Arteriors.
                                           the ground, felt, leather, smooth,
                                           snakeskin in small scale but            • Glassware with etched stripes and ovals for barware
                                           saturated colors. Glen plaids,
                                           houndstooth, window pane, argyle,
                                           and textured solids. Pair plaids in a
                                           room. Ticking stripes and tweeds.

                                   hickory Chair, industry Partner of ASid
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   BuilDing ConneCtions

                                                                                      (was decided Two years Ago)
By Colleen Fox SlaCk, allied MeMBer aSid

MANY INTERIOR DESIGNERS HAVE ATTENDED COLOR PuLSE                             years on average. Since product design such as car color selections and fabrics
presentations by Benjamin Moore and Colormix presentations by                 for furniture are developed years ahead of when they reach the consumer
Sherwin-Williams that elucidate the trend forecasts for the design            market, this trend forecasting is essential for companies to be on trend when
industries for the next couple of years. But how are these trends             their product is released, rather than being behind the curve.
determined? Why does a trend appear in products as diverse from               So how does an influence evolve into a trend resulting in mass consumer
Kleenex boxes, to dresses, side tables and pillows? Why do cobalt blue        sales? A good example would be Mad Men, the TV series on AMC that first
and Yves Klein blue seem to appear on everything from dresses and             aired in 2007, which grabbed hold of the nation’s collective consciousness.
necklaces to dinnerware at the same time? How does the trend message          Its influence can be seen in both the resurgence of 1960s curve-hugging
get translated across multiple design professions ranging from product        lady-like fashions on
to fashion design, automobiles, interior furnishings and fabrics, to          the runway in recent
decorative accessories? And why does it matter for interior designers?        years, and the shift
Trends are influenced by the quickly moving global influences we              from 1950s Danish teak
are all being exposed to on a daily basis. Clients are exposed to these       mid-century modern
influences as well, so designers need to be up to date on the latest          furnishings to 1960s
trends in order to discuss and execute these trends for their clients         influenced trapezoid and
when requested. understanding the current color directions is essential       other geometric forms
for designers in every industry because clients will compromise on form       in furniture and fabrics.
but not color.                                                                Chrome, ceramics, and
                                                                              etched barware perfect for
Mark Woodman, an internationally known design and color specialist,
                                                                              that drink cart in almost
explains that “trends and forecasts are often considered one and the
                                                                              every Mad Men scene are
same, but there are some fundamental differences. Trends tend to be
                                                                              also making a resurgence.
evolutionary, as their directional movement is often strongly linked to
                                                                              Consumers want an escape
a prior trend. In the realm of color, the nuances of a particular hue will
                                                                              from the gray reality of
evolve within the trend’s time cycle.” For example, gray has become
                                                                              the economic downturn,
more popular in recent years, but now it is evolving from cool tones to
                                                                              so nostalgia for the space
warmer brown-grays and then it will move towards grey with blue in it
                                                                              age optimism of the 1960s
by the end of 2013.
                                                                              accounts in part for the rise
Forecasts look ahead to what has not happened yet, but can be                 of this trend.
anticipated. Mark Woodman describes it as “Seemingly disparate ideas
                                                                              So who determines what
merge to predict accurate direction in design and color.” For instance,
                                                                              the next trends will be?             Villa romo, provided by kdr, industry Partner of ASid
London’s Global Color Research sensed the expected mood of the new
                                                                              Color Marketing Group
economy and the heavy feelings associated with a new world order and
                                                                              is an international association for color design professionals who forecast
formulated the concept of “Ransom,” reported in the 2010 issue of Mix
                                                                              color directions one to three years or more in advance for products and
magazine, as an upcoming trend. Their sources included Hitchcock
                                                                              services. They focus on identifying color and design trends and then
heroines and film noir, resulting in a palette of deep blue, black and
                                                                              translating those into salable color options. Their motto is: “Color sells, and
gray for a classic, accessible feel with a touch of foreboding.
                                                                              the right color sells better.” Color forecasters from around the world and
Trend trackers in each design field are watching patterns emerge around       different areas of expertise get together semi-annually to develop annual
the globe and condensing the information they take in into key trend          forecasts that are used in industries as diverse as fashion, interior design,
messages that they can apply to their industry. The trends they spot are in   transportation, industrial design, graphics, cosmetics and more. The value
the formative stage and won’t reach widespread popularity for two to three    of this information is seen in the experiences of their members.

                         page 16 • FALL 2011
                                                                                                                 BuilDing ConneCtions

    “Color Marketing Group has helped tremendously as a
    resource for up-coming color directions. I have found the
    input from so many different industries very beneficial. It
    helps me stay on top of diverse viewpoints, again, looking
    at the big picture of what the leading influences may be.”
    – Leatrice Eiseman, CMG, International color authority.
      Clients include Pantone, Schick and Leatherman Tools.
In order to guide professionals in the use of trends, Global Color
Research was formed in 1999, and created Mix Trends and Mix
magazine. These publications provide an overview of the design trends two
years out, while those looking for more detailed information tailored to their
industry can work directly with the GCR team. One fascinating feature in
each issue of Mix Trends is Retroflow, a palette showing how the dominant
colors in each sector of the color wheel will evolve in three phases over an      Cross marketing relationships between brands further proves the value of
18-month period.                                                                  understanding the style and trend preferences of a brand’s client base. This
The color forecasts prepared separately by Benjamin Moore (Color                  is exemplified in a recent four page ad campaign for the Volkswagen 2011
Pulse) and Sherwin-Williams (Colormix) concisely distill influences from          Jetta that showcased clothing, jewelry, make-up, accessories and even a
around the globe into several easy-to-understand trend directions. They           teapot to connect with their desired demographic that appreciates great
utilize images from diverse sources, ranging from designs by indigenous           design, but does not want to spend a lot to achieve the look. The ad copy
populations to scientific imagery, to illustrate the patterns and then explain    tells the story.
how these influences are being translated into early product designs at the           “We’ve scoured the marketplace for truly great things you can get right
front of the trend curve.                                                             now for very good prices. If you’re looking for deals, steals and even
Trend trackers often consult with companies in multiple design-related                great wheels, you’re getting hotter.”
industries, which in part accounts for trends showing up in different             The message is clear that the Jetta is great style for the price of good style, just
industries at the same time. When a trend starts to connect with consumers        like the high-style, reasonably priced items they featured. Here one’s car is
in one industry, companies in other industries will embrace it as well.           seen as an extension of both one’s personal style and financial priorities.
Consumers are interested in showing their personalities across all platforms
of their lives. One’s car, clothes, jewelry, shoes, kitchen accessories,          The inspirations for the next wave of design trends are out there all
furniture, house color, and art are all a reflection of personal style.           around us, so keep your eyes and mind open. Even easier, utilize the
Companies recognize that, and by embracing the trends already gathering           resources developed by the trend tracking experts to stay ahead of the
steam in another category, they are giving consumers the opportunity to           curve. Then you too can say “I saw that coming.”
show their style in this aspect of their life as well. If a company does not      Check out a sample issue of local color expert Michelle Lamb’s publication
pay attention to the trends they run the risk of losing customer base. For        The Trend Curve online at
instance, a manufacturer can develop a great washing machine, but if they
                                                                                  Copies of Mix Trends and Mix magazine are available to purchase at
do not understand the increased importance consumers have placed on the
role of the laundry room in their homes and the desire for color on
large appliances, their efforts might fall flat. Research and sales have proven
                                                                                  Color Pulse 2012 by benjamin Moore is available for purchase at the
                                                                                  benjamin Moore website.
over the years to Christine Mau, Associate Director of Packaging Graphics
for Kleenex, that “color is just as important as pattern when trying to win       Colormix 2012 by Sherwin-williams is available for download at the
the purchase interest of consumers.”                                              Sherwin-williams website.

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                                                                                      DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
  BuilDing ConneCtions


                                                   by bonnie birnbAuM ASid, Cid

           page 18 • FALL 2011
                                                                                                                BuilDing ConneCtions

ONE OF THE BIGGEST TRENDS IN KITCHEN                            Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet says, “Trends in outdoor             Photo Credit: roth distributing,
                                                                                                                               industry Partner of ASid
design is the movement of the kitchen to outdoors.              kitchens typically begin at the most upscale end of the
In today's homes, the backyard has truly become                 market and then permeate their way down. Outdoor
an extension of your living space. The continuing               kitchens began as a trend of bringing the indoors outside,
craving for a connection to the outdoors and nature,            but now homeowners are bringing the outdoor kitchen
and the desire to extend living space to the outdoors,          inside, or at least under a roof. More and more outdoor
especially for socializing is driving this trend. There         kitchens are sheltered by an architectural structure —
is also an interest in healthy foods, and grilling is a         either attached to the home or as a freestanding pavilion.”
healthy cooking option. With entertaining in mind, the          A full roof on an outdoor kitchen provides a number
outdoor kitchen is no longer just a built-in grill, but an      of advantages:
outdoor reflection of your indoor living essentials.
                                                                > Keeps out the rain.
The consensus seems to be that with homeowners
reluctant to move, there is still a desire to add value         > A convenient attachment point for outdoor kitchen
to their property. The popularity of food cooking                 lighting, which is often a design challenge.
shows on TV seems to be adding fuel to the trend. It            > Hanging ceiling fans to cool the kitchen in the summer
is not just about the barbecue anymore. It’s about the            and help discourage insects.
entire experience of outdoor entertaining. It is about
                                                                > A roof partially contains the heat from radiant heaters so
cabinetry and the wide array of ancillary items now
                                                                  the kitchen is more comfortable in the spring and fall.
available. After watching a number of YouTube videos,
it is obvious that the outdoor kitchen is the perfect           > Curtain-like roll-down or retractable screens can help
“man toy.” It’s like having the nicest or fastest car on the      with insects.
block. Every guy aspires to have the biggest, “baddest”         > A roof can keep die-hard outdoor cooks from having to
outdoor kitchen to show off to all his friends.                   clear off snow before grilling in the winter.
Entertaining at home with friends and family is                 The first wave of roof structures were pergolas, which
becoming more popular. An outdoor kitchen is                    provided not only shade but also increased definition of
                                                                                                                                     an outdoor
the perfect way to entertain family and friends in a            the space. Pergolas have now saturated the market all the           kitchen is the
casual way. In the current economy it is much more              way to entry-level outdoor kitchens and prefabricated
economical to entertain at home. In some areas                  spaces. Full roofs have taken over at the upscale end of
                                                                                                                                    perfect way to
“recession parties” are becoming popular where                  the market; some even have a retracting roof.                     entertain family
everyone contributes food and drink, even pitching in
taking turns bartending or grilling.
                                                                The trickledown effect still continues from the top end of           and friends
                                                                the market. Built-in grills have predictably filtered down
The outdoor kitchen is where the kitchen designer               to the less expensive end of the market, while the top end
                                                                                                                                   in a casual way.
must coordinate with the landscape architect to                 of the market has continued to add functionality. Some
smoothly integrate the kitchen “room” into the overall          of the new luxuries added are separate wine chillers
backyard setting. The kitchen designer needs to know            for white wines versus reds, each maintaining the right
about specialized equipment for cooking outside.                temperature, freezers and freezer drawers — with the
It is still first “all about the grill,” so kitchen designers   right units, ice cream can be served from the outdoor
must know what is out there and be able to match                kitchen, keg tappers serving multiple kinds of beer
client needs to equipment. Second, the social aspects           with up to three taps and pizza ovens continuing to
of the space are important and attention to that is             grow in popularity. Wok burners are broadening the
growing. Kitchen designers will need to determine how           types of outdoor cooking possible, as are lobster and
and by whom the space will be used and design with              crab boilers. Specialized storage and a broader variety
safety and function in mind.                                    of outdoor kitchen cabinets continue to broaden the
                                                                array of choices.
If bringing the kitchen outdoors is the goal, then any
feature that a good indoor kitchen requires will be a           The outdoor kitchen is an addition to outdoor living.
must for the outdoor kitchen as well. A good design             Kitchens are high-tech and fully equipped and are sure
in the Midwest should include protection from the               to please any chef, no matter what their talent, but best
elements without losing the outdoor feel.                       of all it provides a great business opportunity for the
                                                                kitchen designer.

                                                                                                               page 19 • FALL 2011
                                                                                        DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   BuilDing ConneCtions

                                                                                                                   by deSi CreSweLL, ASid

Volunteering ithinAsiD
 ON A BASIC LEVEL, VOLuNTEERING IS AN ALTRuISTIC ACTIVITY                       While waiting for her shift to begin, Sooijan happened to connect
 where people work on behalf of others or a particular cause without            with Matt Halley, Executive Director of Cookie Cart, who was also
 payment for their time and services. While these efforts certainly benefit     volunteering that evening. Soojian says “Matt and I hit it off and later
 the community, those that are served are not the only ones that stand          became partners for registering guests. We had a lot of fun greeting the
 to benefit. Developing a new skill set, networking, or just having fun         guests and explaining how the silent auction worked. During the course
 are all great reasons to volunteer! ASID Minnesota’s Community Service         of the evening we discussed our roles in our organizations and decided we
 Committee strives to provide our membership with a variety of both short       would keep in touch. Later on Matt contacted ASID seeking a volunteer
 and long term service opportunities.                                           to do renderings for their Capital Campaign brochure. Fortunately, one
                                                                                of our young and talented designers Natasha Gaffer took on this rather
 Pro-bono design services are a natural fit for our organization. The
                                                                                extensive task. How exciting for her to obtain such great exposure!”
 Community Service Committee has been working with Aeon on an
 expansion and remodel project of the Alliance Apartments, housing units        Not only was this a great opportunity for one of ASID’s members, Cookie
 for single adult men and women who want to remain chemical-free and            Cart was very impressed by the process of working with an ASID member.
 live in a drug-free community. The ASID Committee was asked to help            Executive Director Matt Halley states "We were preparing one of the most
 upgrade the existing Alliance Apartments to make the property feel like        important documents that Cookie Cart has ever produced. We realized
 one, not the old and the new. The committee has focused on the public          that we did not have the skills or resources internally to produce the
 areas; the lobby and front desk, corridors and community room, selecting       conceptual drawings that the project required. I reached out to ASID and
 new finishes, custom millwork, light fixtures, furnishings and rugs.           a few days later Natasha contacted me and offered to share her talent. The
                                                                                work she gave us was better than anything we ever imagined."
 The Committee has also agreed to provide design services for one
 of Catholic Charities’ sites, St. Joseph’s Home for Children. With the         As evidenced by the above example, participation in volunteer activities
 expertise of ASID designers, the organization hopes to turn an institutional   is a great way to not only give back to the community, but to also make
 looking lobby into a warm and welcoming space.                                 new connections with professionals outside of our industry, to build
                                                                                relationships with fellow designers and Industry Partners, and to increase
 In April ASID partnered with CommonBond Communities to assist with
                                                                                public awareness of our organization. Thank you to everyone who has
 their 2011 GrandeGala, the organization’s signature fundraising event
                                                                                volunteered in the past and to those who will volunteer in the future.
 and charity gala. Several ASID designers and Industry Partners were able
                                                                                Keep an eye out for new opportunities in the bi-monthly ASID Minnesota
 to assist with silent auction set-up and guest registration. Karen Soojian,
                                                                                Chapter E-Blasts.
 current ASID Minnesota President, was one of these volunteers. Soojian
 admits that at first she was hesitant to volunteer; between personal and
 professional obligations it was a busy time in her life and she would be         the Community service Committee is co-chaired by Desi Creswell,
 stepping out of her comfort zone. Despite her reservations, she signed up        AsiD, and luAnne silvia, AsiD.
 anyway and was so glad that she did.                                             :: For more information, contact desi at
                                                                                     or LuAnne at

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