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					                                                            love andorderof the Holy Trinity in our homesand
EAR|I'I{                     & AL||AR                       in our lives.
       NewsletteroJ Saint Bartholomew'sAnglican Church
                                                                       (rinitl Season, I
                                                            June 3nTrinity Sunday 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
                                                                         10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                                                            June 5, Summer Wednesday Series 5:30 Evensong
                                                                         5:00 Supper7:00 Howto shareyourJaith
                                                            June   10, Trinity I 8:30 Matins 9:00 Bible Study
         TRINITY                 SUIVDAY                                 l0:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                                                            June 13, St. Barnabas (transferred) and Wednesday
                      June 2007                             Series 5:30 Evensong Holy Communion
        Holy, holy, holy, is the LOFD GodoJ hosts. VI. 8
                                                                         6:00 Supper7:00 How to shareyourJaith

           ity Sunda/ is a watershed   momentin             June 17, Trinity II 8:30 Matins 9:00 Schola  Cantorum
                                                                         10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                      the Church Year. The 30
                                                            June 20, Wednesday Series 5:30 Evensong
                      or so weeks leading up to                          6:00 Supper7:OO   Howto shateyoutfaith
                      now have mostly focused               June   24, Nativity ofJohn the Baptist 8:30 Matins
                      our attentionon our Lord              9:00 BibleSrudT  10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                      JesusChrist in his Advent,            lune   27, St. Peter (transferred) and Summer
                      his Nativity, his Epiphany,           Wednesday Series 5:30 Evcnsong Holy Communion
                      Passion, Resurrection &                            5:00 Supper7:OO   Howto shareyourJaith
                      Ascension.Now on Trinity              July 1, Trinity IV 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
  triquetra, a Celtic                                       10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                      Sunday we worship the
   ChristianSymbol Most Holy Trinity, One                   July 4, Independence Day, Summer Wednesday Series
                                                                 5:30 Evensong  5:00 SupperT:O0  Howto shareyourJaith
  of Trinity in Unity God, the Father, the Son
                                                            July  8, Trinity V 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
       (see 3)        andthe Holy Spirit. That is           10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                      to soy, we worship and                July 15, Trinity VI 8:30 Matins 9:00 Schola  Cantorum
enjoy God as God IS in his being. From the                  10:00 Holy Communion5:30 Evensong
beginning, the people of God have proclaimed that           luly 22, Trinity VII 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
the Lord our God is One. Yet the Bible is also the          10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
record of a God in three Persons,a Trinity in Unity.        July 29, Trinity VIII 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
It tells us how God the Father has made the world,          10:00 Holy Communion5:30 Evensong
how God the Son became Incarnate to Redeem the              August 5, Trinity IX 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
                                                            l0:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
world; and how God the Holy Spirit has spoken to
                                                            August 6, Transfiguration of our Lord 8:30 Matins 9;00
the world by the Prophets, the Apostles, the
                                                            BibleStudy10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
Martyrs, and the Holy Church. Anglican divine
                                                            August 7,8 & 9 Giils' ChoirCamp
Richard Hooker writes, o'we adore the Father as             August 12, Trinity X 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
being altogether of Himself we glorify that                 l0:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
ConsubstantialWord which is the Son, we bless and           August 19, Trinity XI 8:30 Matins 9:00 B;bleStudy
magnify that co-essentialSpirit etemally proceeding         10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
from Both, which is the Holy Ghost." Here Hooker            August 23, St. Bartholomew (vigil) 5:30 Solemn
echoesthe Nicene Creed, the greatest statementof            Evensong,Potluck Supper, Story Telling and Music
Trinitarian Mono-theism and thus of orthodox                August 23, St. Bartholomew, our Patronal festival
Christianity. For Christians, Trinity Sunday is the                10:00 Matins & Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                                                            August 26, Trinity XII 8:30 Matins 9:00 BibleStudy
best chanceeach year to enjoy and worship this One
                                                            10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
God in Trinity of Persons. Of course each of us is
                                                            September 2, Trinity XIII 10:00 am Service
baptized in the Name of the Holy Trinity and is thus
                                                            September 9, Trinity XIV 10:00 am Service
marked as belonging to God. Throughout Trinity              September 15, Trinity XIII 8:30 Matins 9:00 Schola
Season we will leam what it means to reflect the                Cantorum   10:00 Holy Communion 5:30 Evensong
                                                                         I b;"d unto mgsel|
      F"ethYi^dt                                           fh. po*., of (-1"dto hold,nd l.rd,
                                                                          to watch,his mightto stag,
               (th. deedscry)                                        "g"
                                                                  fl;u..r to hear Len mgn e.d;
  u/uoLno*n as"$|latricL's            $reastplate "             fhe wisdor of    Cod to teach,
                             +                                               -g
                                                           l-J;" hund to guide,h;s        to warJ;
               lbind unto mgsel{tod^g                      -fh.                    "hield
                                                                 *ord     God b give r. up...h,
       fhe strong Nur- o{ thef rinity,                                 "{
                                                             fJis heav'nlg host to be *g gu^rd.
             bg inuoc"tiono{ the
 Th. Thr"e in Qne, .rd Qne in fhree.                        Ch;"t be with mc,fhrfst within mc,
                                                            Ch;stb"hind           me,fhrist bcfore mc,
      I b;nd unto mqsel{For"u.r,
                                                                Ch;st bcside me,fhrfstto win me,
 bg po*.r of {aith, (hrist's Incarnation;
                                                                (h;stto  com[ot*and restore me,
         l]is baptism in the Jordun river;
                                                           Ch;ttbcncath            r", fhri"t    above mc,
      f-f is death on cross [o, *y salvation;
                                                            Qh;stin quic! fhritt in danger,
      fJis bursting{romthe upiceJtomb;
                                                           fhrist in heartsof           lovc mc,
        lJis ridingup the heavn'lgwag;                                          "llthat
                                                          Chri"t in mouth o[fri,e"d and skangcr.
                 gat.the d^g of door,
              I bind unto mgselft'r,d^g.                               I b;nd unto mgse the \r.",
                                                                fhe strong Name of th" [rinity;
            l b ; "d u nto mg se lth " p o w e r
                                                                   bg inuo."tiono{ the same,
        Qf th" greatlou" of .h"rubir;
                                                        Th. Three in Qne, "r'J Qn. in fhree.
 l-h. u*e.t "!!ell done" injudgment
                                                           Qf *hor all naturehath creation;
         fhe re*ice o{ the seraphim;
      (c,n{.. ssor s' { aith,apostles'*ord,                       fternal father, Spirit,lford,
f he p atn rch pragers,the prophets'
          a s'                                             fraise to the Lord o{     salvation,
                                 ".rolls;                                         -g
  ,A,llgoodde"du done unto the l*ord,                   .$alvation is o{ (hrist the L"td. dr"n.

            And puritg of virginsorls.
                                                        Saint Patrick (c. 373-?) was a Christian missionary,
              I b;nd unto mgselt"
                               t"d"g                   deacon and bishop, and is the pafton saint of lreland.

       fhe virtu o{ the starlit heav'n,                 lhile    conquering lrelandfor Christ, PatrtckJaced olf
                "u                                    against the pagan druids and other deadly enemies. This
      fhe  glo.ious sun's lite givingrag,
                                                      poweyful praler was writtenfor the protection oJhimself
   Th" *hit"n"su of the moonat even,                  and his monksagainst ambush andJor the protection of

      fh"     fl"uhi"go{ the lghtn;ng{r..,            body and soul agoinst demonsand men and vices. This
                                                      porcphrase wos madefor Saint Patrick's Day in 1 8 89 by
fh.     *hirling wind'ste
                                   uho.L",             Ifish Anglican hymnogrupher and poetess,Cecil Frcncis
   The stable earth,the deep s"lt re",                                    Alexander(1 81 8-1 895).

        /,rornd the old eternalrocks.
                {n   "xplanation
                     of th"

              Triluetra                                             ParishNotes
                                                      o Evangelism for Anglicans First of alf you
                                                      might never have expectedto seethesetwo
                                                      words (Anglicans & Evangelism) in the same
                                                      sentence! This is a recent and localized
                                                      phenomenory for throughout history and
The triquetra                        (often,
triqueta) is a tripartatesymbolmarkingthe             throughout the world, our people have been
intersectionof three circles. The word itself (IPA:   very excited about sharing the Good News
[t.rar'kwetre])is derived from the Latin fr-          with others. It's true that Anglicans are far too
("three") and quetrus("cornered").  The original
meaningwas simply "triangle"and it has been           polite to go out and ring doorbells, engagein
used to refer to various three-cornered  shapes.      telemarketing or make use of mass-mediato
It is most commonly a symbol of the Holy Trinity      share their faith, but does that mean that we do
(Father,Son, Holy Spirit) used by the Celtic
ChristianChurch,sometimesstylizedas three             not have a good and effective way of sharing
interlacedfish:                                       the gospel? Come and learn about Evangelism
                                                      Anglican-Style: a way that emphasizesthe
                                                      importance of friendship, trust and
                                                      relationship. Wednesdays,7pm . Bible
                                                      Study Notes Our Bible Study will resumeon
                                                      Trinity Sunday, and will meet on Sunday
                                                      mornings at 9:00throughout the summer. We
The triquetra symbol predatesChristianityand
                                                      will focus on the lessonsappointed for
was common in Celticmyth and legend,one of
the possiblereasonsChristianbeliefswere so            Morning Prayer from eachSunday morning.
easily adopted by the Celtic people.                  On the third Sunday of each month, Fr. Daniel
                                                      will offer the Schola Cantorum,so on those days
                                                      the Bible Study will more of a "Hymnal
                                                      Study". . Our Patronal Festival St.
                                                      Bartholomew's Anglican Church met for the
                                                      first time 29 yearsago on August 24,1.978.   Jorn
                                                      us on the Vigil of St. Bartholomew, August
The triquetra is often found in Celticart, most
notablymetal work and in illuminated                  23'd,to have a birthday party for our parish.
manuscriptslike the Book of Kells. While it is        There will be 5:30Solemn Evensong,potluck
uncertainwhat the symbol may have meant to            supper, storytelling and specialmusic. Then at
pre-Christian Celts, it was later used by
Christiansas a symbol of the Trinity (Father,Son      10:00on the Feastof St. Bartholomew (the 24ft)
and Holy Spirit).This appropriation  was              we will celebrateHoly Communion in honor of
particularlyeasy becausethe triquetra                 our patron saint. . Acolytes please take note
convenientlyincorporates   three shapesthat can
be interpretedas Christianly0ug (fish) symbols.       of the new Serving Rota and of Training Days.
                                                      We look forward to welcoming some new
                                                      Junior Acolytes to carry a banner in procession!
 "I BELIEVE IN ONE GOD...?''                            was incorrect and even blasphemous to worship
  A very brief survey of contemporary mono-theism       JesusChrist as God the Son. Mohamrned said that
                   b f^ H&4all                          Jesus Christ was a good man and a great prophet
                        +                               worthy of reverence, but not the Son of God.
     'We all worship the same god anyway!" This is      Over the doorway of the Hagia Sophia, the once
 a statement that one often hears in reference to       great Christian Cathedral in Constantinople (now
 the world's monotheistic religions, Christianity,      a mosque) the conquering Muslims carved t}e
 Islam and Judaism. It is essentiallya statement of     words, God doesnot be7et not is he begotten- a
 goodwill that is made out of a senseof toleration      direct denial of the divinity   of JesusChrist. Islam
 and sincere respect for people of other faiths.        not only denies that God        has an only begotten
 Yet, does the fact that a religion professesbelief     Son, but also that this      Son of God became
 in one god really mean that the adherents to tlrat     Incarnate as a man for our   sake. Islam maintains
 religion bow in worship and devote their lives in       instead that Allah is transcendent (far above and
 service to the "same God" of Christians? If we          beyond us), and that he has never entered his
 each have a god of our own making, does that            creation. Submissionto Allah is the duty of every
 mean that our worship of this god counts the            human being and /s1ammeans "submission" (not
 same as the worship of everyone else's god, or of       "peace", as President George W. Bush claimed in
 the true God (if there is one)? These are               a famous speechto the Congress)!
 rhetorical questions that I invite the reader to               Let us now turn to modern Judaism.
 consider while reading this essay.                      The reason I call it 'modern' Judaism is
      It must be said at the outset, that expressing     important, because that which is today called
 disagreementwith someone's stated beliefs is not
                                                         Judaism, i.e., the religion of the Synagogue, is
 equivalent to disrespectingthat person's worth or       not the same religion as that of the Old
 value as a human being and does not need to be          Testament. You will recall from reading the Old
 taken personally.         On the contrary, the          Testament that the worship of Almighty God
 responsibility of the Church is to speak Truth in       then consisted of a system of sacrifice in the
 Love. We do not seem to show very much                  Tabernacle (and later in the Jerusalem Temple).
respect for other people when we gloss over their        God's People were expected to live in obedience
most cherished beliefs and portray them in the          to God's Laws, and to atone for their sins with
 same light; indeed, we seem to show how very           plant and animal sacrifices. God would then
little we care about others by not bothering to         enable them to live in their own Promised tand
come to a real understanding.                           in covenant with him. Huppy as they were in the
     We are here concerned with TheoIoW,or the          Promised Land, the Patriarchs, Prophets and
study and doctrine of God: who God is, how God          Kings of the Old Testament did not look merely
is to be worshipped. Of course this in turn             for transitory promises, however.        The Old
impacts how we are to order our lives. Let us           Testament fathers believed and professed that the
begin with Islamic theology. The god of Islam,          Son of God himself would one day come to save
called Allah, is trnitary or monadic - that is to say   them from their sins, and that he would be the
that he is alone. He is not only one in the sense       Saviour of the people of all the nations, not just
that he is a substantial unity, but he is also only     of the Jews. After JesusChrist came, many Jews
one person. Islam denies the record of Holy             believed that the Temple system of sacrifice was
Scripture and the testimony of the Church, that         then summed up, fulfilled and completed in the
there is a Holy Trinity of Persons, a Unity of the      sacrifice of Christ upon on the cross. The veil
Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Secondly, Islam        within the Temple separating God from man was
was founded in the conviction that Christianity
torn in two. And, as if that were not enough, the      Saints (LDS).        Mormons are particularly
Temple itself was then also completely                 numerous and influential throughout Western
destroyed! Those Jews who proclaimed Jesus             Washington, including King County.        With
Christ as Son of God and Messiah, were formed          Mormon Republican candidate Mitt Romney in
(together wit} non-Jews) into Christ's catholic        the 2008 Presidential Election, a lot of public
and apostolic Church, while those who did not          attention will be brought to bear upon Mormons
accept him formed modern Judaism. Modern               and their faith. Here we are most concerned
Judaism is a strain of the old religion that           with their doctrine of God. Mormons hold to an
endured; basically it is the religion of the           alternative view of the Trinity, called Tritheism:
 Pharisees which is focused on the study of and        the father, the son and the holy spirit, they say,
adherence to the Torah. As with Islam, this form       are three gods, rather than One God in Trinity of
of religion regards its god as alone, not in Trinity   Persons. Also important is their teaching about
of persons. It is a religion basedin ritual, strong    who Jesusis. For Mormons, Jesuswas a man like
ethnic pride, family ties and material success. It     you and I; but, having found favor with the father
is quite common to lapse from Judaism into             god, he was pennitted to progress to become
Atheism. A variation of Judaism called Zionism         divine himself. Jesus' development from human
actively seeks to maintain the Jewish State and        to god is a journey that each Mormon believer
would presumably like to reestablishthe Temple         will make as well. Mormons hope to eventually
and the system of sacrifices. Whether God will         become gods and to reign over worlds or planets
allow this or not is uncertain, but for the time       of their own. "As he fiesus] once was, so we are;
being, it certainly seems impossible because of        and as he now is, so we shall become" is a
the mosque that is built on the Temple Mount. I        fundamental Mormon slogan. This tritheistic
would be remiss if I didn't point out here the         faith, which seems to hint at polytheism, also has
very real difference between 'Jewishness" as an        a unique view of marriage and the family. It is
ethnic identity (along the lines of "l'm Irish" or     worthwhile noting that while most (but not all)
"l'm Chinese") and 'Judaism" ("r a modern              Mormons have repudiated polygamy for now, it
religious identity basedin rejection of Jesusas the    remains Official Mormon teaching that when
One Who would come). Modern Judaism still              Jesus comes again, he will reinstate polygamy,
waits for something, or someone, else.                 which is the marriage of one man to multiple
However, many Jews (here I am speakingof Jews          women         simultaneously.          Now        for
as an ethnic group) have found fulfillment in the      Unitarianism.       Unitarians too, worship a god
Church, and in welcoming the Jewish Messiah,           who is Unitary rather than a Holy Trinity, and
JesusChrist. In fact, one of my colleagues,a fine      they too reject Christ as Son of God. I think the
Anglican priest and the rector of our parish in St.    reader will begin to distinguish a pattern here, of
Stephen's, Napa, CA is just one notable example!       rejection of the Holy Trinity going hand in hand
        Moving on from Islam and Judaism, I must       with rejection of the Incarnation of God's only
say a few words about two para-Christian groups        Son. Unitarianism has no formal creed. Beyond
which have influence today, Mormonism           and    the rejections of Christian doctrine listed above,
Unitarianism.      The word paru means 'alongside      it is based solely upon the reason and conscience
of , and these sects exist alongside the Church        of the individual, as expressed in his or her own
and maintain some semblance of Christianity, but       personal'credo'. Faith is not a matter of public
are not a part of the Church, nor do tJrey wish to     record, it is not basedin historical facts or in eye-
be. Mormon is the most common name used                witness accounts or Spirit-inspired holy writings.
for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day           For Unitarians, faith is a purely personal matter
and each person struggles toward god in his or
her own way.        Come to think of it, this is
probably the most prevalent view of religion in
                                                      St. Bartholomew'sAnglican Church
America today, whether it is called by the name
                                                      14821Avondale   Road NE    Woodinville, W/.98072
'Unitarian' or not.                                         email:
       What is the point of this exercise? It is to       online at:
state in simple terms what is believed about who         weblogs:
God is, how God is to be worshipped, and "what    
this means for us" - how we are to order our
                                                           The Rev'd Dr. Daniel J. McGrath, Rector
lives. By saing a little (and only a very little)
                                                           The Rev'd Dr. Edward H. Miller, Deacon
about other monotheistic religions and about
                                                                     Worship Services
para-Christian groups, I hope I have been able to
                                                      The Daily Prayer Offices
clarify for the reader Who the God of the Church
                                                                  Matins 8:30,Evensong5:30
Is. "I AM WHO I AM", he told Moses. This is
                                                      The Litany
his Name, and he further has revealed to the                   Wednesday & Friday after Matins
world as the Most Holy Trinity, One God, the          Holy Communion
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who made us and all              Sunday, and other FeastDays, 10:00
the World, Who redeemed uS, and Who
sanctifies us for fellowship with him. It is all
about Him and what He means to the World's
Christians during this Trinity Season!

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