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Birthday Party. Saturday_ June 7th



    PACIFIC MARINERS YACHT CLUB         Volume 46 Number 6

                                       June 2008

       PM YC’s
              Birthday Party.

                                  Sa turday,
                                   June 7th

     CINCO DE MAYO: The trip was just great. All the people that I talked to said the same thing. We had a great time,
the food was super and the booze flowed like always. There were a few that got ahead of their drinking capacity, but
then again, that is PMYC. Of special note is the hard work done by Tina and Dave who were the Chairpeople for the
event. I especially liked the mural of early California, the sombreros and other decorator items, as well as the piñata.
WELL DONE!! Our Fleet Captain was there and monitored everything which was also a lot of work. Thanks to Kim for
her hard work. For the food department, Gonzo once again performed a culinary delight with carne asada and all the
fixings. Really good stuff and we all appreciate it a lot.

 Friday night we were without the tamales. Patty G. had a problem getting over with the food since the boat she was go-
ing on had to turn back due to mechanical problems. BUT, she more than made up for it with the winning of the guaca-
mole contest. I personally can attest to the super sauce since I was a judge and she got my vote. That extra little added
item was a diced cucumber, it really did the trick. Good show for Patty, she really won. By the way, she also won the
dinghy rowing contest. Our new member Nick came to the rescue Friday night by going back to his boat and getting
meat for the crowd. What a life saver. Kim had a variety of veggies on the BBQ which really rounded out the pot luck. I
brought that special cake that said "Cinco De Mayo, 2008, PMYC" We did not finish it Friday so we had it Saturday
also. The Taco toss and the Margarita winners will be announced in another part of the Log.

     FATHER'S DAY: I am sure that Kim will make reference to the next cruise, but I really like this cruise. Father's Day
at Avalon is a must. If you pick only 1 trip a season, this is the one to go on. Cruise Chair Fred W. and SuperChair per-
son Ellen have let everyone know that they really want this cruise to be the most enjoyable for the club. By the way, it is
not a contest to see which cruise is the best or to compare it to cruises in the past. It only hurts feelings to do that. So I
suggest we all enjoy each trip and be thankful that we have people that will do the job and set up a fun weekend. We will
be having a BBQ on Saturday night at Descanso Beach (at Avalon). For the people that arrive early like Thursday or
Friday, we should have a plan so that we can get together and this information will be available by the end of the month

     NEW OD PLAN: Effective June 1, 2008, the Friday night OD will not be handled by an associate but a regular mem-
ber. In addition, new members will not serve as OD by themselves. A new member that is assigned to be OD will serve
with a regular member for at least one time so that the new OD gets some training. I hope you like this plan as it is in-
tended to assist the new OD.

   FRIDAY NIGHT GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: I will look forward to seeing you all on the 2:nd Friday each
Month at 7:00 PM for the meeting and then for the Friday night dinner.

     I took 3 extra passengers back from Catalina. I am sure they now know where I keep the PFD's. All kidding aside,
we stopped at San Pedro to put in for fuel. I put in 200 gals. of fuel and saved $150 as compared to the Marina Del Rey

Be Safe,
Irv Osser, Commodore

                                                                   4th of July Weekend

                                                              Dinghy Raft-up
                                                               Pot Luck BBQ
                                                              Jeff Jeffries Band

The Rear View
Hello Mr. Broise,

My name is Kent Andersson and I'm the rear commodore at the
Pacific Mariners Y.C. in Marina del Rey, CA.USA (Los Angeles).
One of our members, Mr. David Baker went to visit your club but it was closed. I'm
sending your club one of our burgees and i was
hoping that you can send us one of yours for our club house.

G'day Mr Kent Andersson,

Thank you for your kind message and to David Baker who has proven the existence of an almost mirror universe. Our
PMYC has some similar features to your club it appears. Some quick points about PMYC:
1.     We are a volunteer based and managed club, with about 180 memberships and about 350 members.
2.     The club is one of the oldest continuing sporting clubs in the State of Victoria, having been established in 1889 by
members who (allegedly) acquired too much silverware at another racing club. However, their sailing prowess may
have been more myth than fact.
3.     Since inception we have always had an open, unrestricted membership for bona fide males and females.
4.     Originally the club had fixed keel boats which were moored in a now infilled inland lagoon adjacent to the club.
About 15 years ago the last of our trailor keel boats (flying fifteens) left the club. Since then the club has developed into
being purely for "off-the-beach" (OTB) boats, both monos and cats. Popular classes include Laser, Hobie, and Taipan.
5.     We too have a vintage wooden boat class, the Jolly Boat (JB), an 18 foot mono with 3 crew.
It is a pity that the club was closed at the time David passed by. I have attached a series of photos of the club including
an aerial shot that takes in Hobson's Bay, Station Pier and a view looking southeast down the Bay, plus a few others.
We are looking forward to receiving your burgee and naturally we
will reciprocate.

Michael Broise, Rear Commodore
Port Melbourne Y.C. Australia

The burgee is now in our club house.

That’ it from me.
Kent Andersson, Rear Commodore

                                                                                          Trip to King Harbor Yacht Club

                                                                                          Me, Candy, Fred and Ellen took Snitzy
                                                                                          out for her first real run this year. Sun-
                                                                                          day, the 25th, we made the run down to
                                                                                          Redondo Beach and the King Harbor
                                                                                          Yacht Club. It was a fairly nice ride
                                                                                          down, with sea lions appearing here
                                                                                          and there. Arriving at the dock we saw
                                                                                          several big boats taking up most of the
                                                                                          pier space but a member came down
                                                                                          the dock and pointed out where we
                                                                                          could tie up.
                                                                                           We signed into the guest log and then
                                                                                          walked over to the Blue Water Grill for
                                                                                          a great lunch and assorted cock-
                                                                                          tails. Heading back we had some
                                                                                          choppy water but with our new canvas
                                                                                          and eisen glass, we were buttoned up
                                                                                          and stayed dry through the bow spray.
                                                                                           Fred suggested stopping into PMYC
                                                                                          and there was a spot open so a drink or
                                                                                          two was in the plan of the day. We
                                                                                          headed back to "A" basin, tied Snitzy
                                                                                          up and washed her down.
                                                                                          She ran great.
                                                                                          Mike Blumenthal

                   Congratulation Team Oasis.
                    Mr. Church Mouse , Bob Butte and his team placed 5th overall at the Western
                   Outdoor News Crocker Jackpot in Catalina with a 39.6 lb White Seabass.
                   Team Prowler was testing the water a day early as usual and landed what could
                   have been a money fish.
                   Team Porch Pass had fun burning some fuel.

    The water is warming up and over 50 Seabass was weight in and I hear it was very good fishing
    of the moorings in Cat Harbor.
    The winnier received a check $10.600 for a 51.4lb Seabass.

 We have been having a lot of great events this year and more are still
being planned!                                                                          Friday Night Dinner
 Special thanks to Kimberly LeVern and the Cinco de Mayo Cruise Chair,
Tina and Dave Smith for putting together a great cruise!!! Don’ miss the
                                                                                             June 20th
Avalon Father’ Day Cruise on the weekend of June 13 thru 15. Please sign
up so we have a head count and to make sure you get a mooring.                         Welcome Summer BBQ
 If you have not signed up and paid by now, it may be too late to participate in        And birthday cake.
the Alaskan King Crab Night on Friday, June 6th. Please check with Trevor
Bazeley or Steve Cordova. If you missed this one, I’ hoping that Trevor will       2 – John Grote, Karen Seymour
put together another crab dinner in the fall.
                                                                                   6 – Margaret dePalma
 Saturday, June 7th is the PMYC Birthday Party with the Robert Heft Blues
Band starting at 2 PM. Thanks to Rhonda Breum and Tony Millazzo for coor-          8 – Randy Goslee
dinating this special event.                                                       16 – Liz Fox
 Kimberly and Tony have big plans for the July 4th weekend!!! Raft-a-rama,         17 – Fred Whitman
BBQ, the Jeff Jeffrey’ Band, and fireworks!!!                                      20 – Scott Dow, Karin Hall
 Tony Milazzo and Tom Hall have been organizing special events and club            21 – Lauren Delaney,
mixers at the club for us. Keep checking the schedule for the upcoming events
and bring your friends. The more the merrier!                                           LaTrenda Tymchak
 Thank you to all the members that have been preparing our Friday night din-       24 – John Modesti, Karen Otterbein
ners and helping with the other club events. I want to encourage everyone to       26 – Deborah Pitt, Chloe Russell
get involved with club projects. We have a lot of events being planned for this    27 – Luann Norris
year and all your help is greatly appreciated!
 Trevor, Dr. John, and I went to Austria in May. We had a great time!

See you at the club!
Leslie Bond,
Vice Commodore

               There ‘ a “new” sheriff back in town.
     Goal: To publish The Log on or as soon after the 1st of each month as possible.
Deadline: 3 days before end of month (this month, May, articles and other content
are due on 28th, 5.59pm).

1.   (see deadline)
2.   Pictures must be accompanied by description or written article. Pictures without will be discarded.
3.   CDs left in glass box will be ignored, unless you make prior arrangements with Editor.
4.   Pictures left on disc in Internet Work Station will be ignored.
5.   Submit articles inside e-mail or in WORD or PUBLISHER format. Submit to:       

Thanks, Kent Andersson. Many thanks to Ehren for doing a great job with the Log for past 12 months.

     The Vice commodore Leslie and Me ( Trevor ) and John Terrence
    have just returned from a great holiday in Austria where we were invited by Gerda the baroness friend of ours to stay at her small
    farm. The house is a 300-year-old building now changed into a beautiful farmhouse. The baroness has a wine cellar, which was
                                                             used extensively buy us, as it was also where the cold beer was kept. We
                                                             really enjoyed Salzburg, which is a very old city and has a lot of charac-
                                                             ter and was where Mozart was born. The local beers were all good and
                                                             the schnapps was great too. We were taken to a lot of local little restau-
                                                             rants where the local dishes were served and they were all excellent and
                                                             the Austrian people were so nice to us and John got to practice his rusty
                                                             German and yodel whenever he could even though they do not yodel in
                                                             We also went to Wachau which is on the Danube river near Vienna and
                                                             is a 1000 year wine region and very beautiful. The wines are rather good
                                                             Vienna is very old, and the old buildings were very interesting and being
                                                             cleaned which they did need.
                                                                   We stayed in a little hotel just outside the old district and we had, on
                     s                    s
               John’ insisting see Freud’ house so he could bond with the dead fellow and lay on his couch for much needed therapy.

                                                Leslie and I toured the oldest salt mine in the world. It was an interesting tour and
                                                guided and explained how it worked years ago. It was thought to be started in 700 AD
                                                and still working today but now they remove the salt with a hydraulic water method but
                                                before they had to dig it out by hand. The little town on the lake below was quite stun-
                                                ning and of course had a restaurant with beer after the long tour, John and Gerda would
    not do the tour so had been at the restaurant for a while.
    The flight there and back to Munich was long but one of the better flights with good service and smooth.
    Its good to be home though.

    Trevor Bazley

Fleet Report
 So, we officially kicked off our summer cruise season with The Cinco de Mayo cruise, which was a big success and if you didn’t
make it over to the Isthmus, you missed out on a great time! The weather, food, drink and company were all wonderful!

 First, let me congratulate the winners of all the contests! The very competitive Margarita Contest was won by our resident chef,
Candy Brown, an always tough act to beat! One of our soon-to-be members, Nick Lee, “out threw” the rest to take first place in
the Tortilla Throwing Contest. And last but not least, Patty Garcia took top honors in the guacamole contest, the sombrero deco-
rating contest and the dinghy race – what an overachiever! Of course, being the only entrant in the race definitely upped her
chances – Kudos for getting out there and showing off your brawn, girl!

 Second, I want to thank everyone who helped to make the Cinco cruise a success.
  m         ll
I’ sure I’ forget someone, but here it goes anyway. Many, many thanks to
Tina and Dave Smith for agreeing to run the show! Great job on all the contests, decorating, etc.! Special thanks to Glen Solomon
for helping to schlep the multitude of items needed on shore and to Gonzo for the carne asada meal – delicious as usual! I would
be remiss if I didn’ send out a heartfelt thanks to Kent Andersson who kindly ferried all the booze for the trip last minute after
                 s                                     t                               t
Patty and Peter’ boat had engine trouble and couldn’ make it. The party just wouldn’ have been the same without the yummy
margaritas, etc.! And thanks to all who pitched in with setting up and cleaning up and everything in between – without everyone’   s
help, this cruise never would have happened!

 Always looking ahead – I hope everyone has marked their calendars for the fun-filled Father’ Day Cruise (June 13-15). You
don’ have to be a dad, or bring a dad to participate – everyone is welcome!! We will be following the same fun schedule as last
year. On Saturday morning at 11am we will have the 3rd Annual Miniature Golf Tournament and Saturday night at 7pm we will
dine at the Descanso Beach Club on their Saturday Night BBQ Under the Stars. (You can bring your own entrée or buy one from
them) The sign up sheet is at the club – don’ be the last one on it!!

 The Annual July 4th Dinghorama is definitely something you should make sure is on your calendar.
We’ follow the fun on the water with a BBQ, and who knows what else?!? Also coming up, July 13th
is the Chuck Stein Regatta Series – I need some volunteers for Committee Boat and Galley PLEASE!!

Kim LeVern, Fleet Captain,

Cruise news from the Sea of Cortez

I have Jim Conti, Sparky and Janet on GITANA who just left from San
Carlos two days ago to do the crossing to Baja. Their plans are to go
south along Baja. Then I heard from Alex and Sue on MAITAIROA who
are south of me at Los Gatos and are traveling north. I am in the middle
at Isla Monseratte, near Escondido, but soon we will all be together. The
PMYC gathering of people meeting in the Sea of Cortez. I don't think
there is another yacht club this well represented in the Sea of Cor-
tez. Imagine that. Does this mean the yacht club will be providing us
free refreshments for this cruise? I am sure there are some stories to
tell and some laughs to enjoy. I will write more when we all meet up...
           Jim Barden

    Many thanks to Fleet Captain Kim LeVern and Tina / Dave Smith for an outstanding cruise.

     Mothers Day was a great success with over 80 people served.

                                     Memorial Day BBQ
                                        at the Club.

                                              After Hours:
                                      Your Scoop on the Yacht Spot

     I would like to start off by thanking all of the club members who came down on April 26th to support this
     Membership Mixer. Some of you brought friends or dock neighbors. We need to see more of that at the

     Tom Hall our new Membership Chair has been off to a running start. It looks like he will be a busy man in
     the months ahead.
     Events take a lot of work and a heavy time commitment from a team of dedicated PMYC members. The
     Budde’ Carol and Bob, were serving up cocktails for most of the night and doing a fine job of it! Once it
     was past Bob’ bed time, Kim LeVern stepped in and shook it up, serving 'em to the wee hours of the morn-
     ing. DJ Jim Maines and DJ Kerry Maines mixed music from yesterday and today all night and kept the
     dance floor moving. Greeting girls Tina Dinsmore and Karin Hall were looking good on the door. Tina
     looked so good she won Hottest in Tom’ Hawaiian Contest, while some guy with a skirt won for… well,
     we’ really not sure what he won for! And then the guy in the jacket won Worst. Our Commodore, Irv
     Osser, worked the room as always, and seemed to be having way too much fun!

     With our 45th Birthday coming up, and the club successfully chugging along, it’ time to celebrate our club,
     our house, and our history. Saturday, June 7th at 2pm PMYC is proud to host its 45th Birthday Party.
           n                n
     Rock’ Roll & Rhythm’ Blues dance music with the Robert Heft Blues Band is just one of the many high-
     lights of the evening.
     Rhonda Breum has some surprises for us I’ sure!
     Members, PLEASE bring family, friends and boat neighbors so you can show them that we party like it’
     1999 all the time!
     PMYC Membership Mixer Saturday, June 28th at 7:30pm is another event to make sure you introduce others
     that share your interest in boating to PMYC!

     We are already planning Friday, July 4th and Saturday, July 5th. Live music and BBQ’ all weekend long, and
     we will keep you posted on all the upcoming events!

     Steady as she goes…

     Tony Milazzo
     Director/ Special events chair

Heal the Bay Release Encouraging Statewide Beach Report Card.

Heal the Bay released the 18th annual Report Card for California Beaches earlier this week and some of
the news was good: dry weather has helped in keeping waters off California's coast cleaner and safer for
swimmers and surfers.

Environmental organization Heal the Bay ( released a new
"report card" Wednesday, appraising the California coast with letter grades from A to F, based on daily
and weekly pollution level tests in 517 locations.

The lower the grade, the riskier the respective beach is for swimmers and surfers, exposing them to
health risks such as stomach flu, ear infections, dermatological problems etc.

The environmental report said the waters are cleaner than they have been in years. "Dry" is the key
word though, as rainy conditions led to poor test results. Storm water runoff still poses challenges, as it
can contain a long list of dangerous substances: pesticides and fertilizers, petroleum byproducts, trash
and human sewage etc.

PMYC’ Karin Hall, Executive Director of the Santa Monica-based nonprofit group, commented that little
progress has been made in handling the situation: "The beaches are just as polluted today during rain-
storms as they were 15 years ago."

During the April 2007- March 2008 period, 87 percent of beaches statewide and in the Southland re-
ceived A or B grades during dry weather. Only 71 percent of beaches in Los Angeles County scored that
high, but this was a significant improvement from last year.

Last year, seven of its beaches were on the Beach Bummer list, while this year, only five made the
dreaded list.

Another considerable difference was noted in the water quality of Santa Monica beaches, with 92 percent
receiving A or B grades during dry weather months, a far cry from the past two years.

This year's report card also included all beaches in San Francisco Bay, with more than 80 percent of
these receiving A or B grades throughout the year.

The Top 10 Beach Bummers, 2007-2008

1. Avalon Harbor Beach on Catalina Island (Los Angeles County)
2. Santa Monica Municipal Pier (Los Angeles County)
3. Poche Beach (Orange County)
4. North Beach Doheny (Orange County)
5. Marie Canyon Drain at Puerco Beach (Los Angeles County)
6. Cabrillo Beach harborside (Los Angeles County)
7. City of Long Beach -- multiple locations (Los Angeles County)
8. Campbell Cove State Park Beach (Sonoma County)
9. Clam Beach County Park near Strawberry Creek (Humboldt County)
10. Pismo Beach Pier (San Luis Obispo County)

Tom Hall, Membership Chair

 June             EARLY SHIFT         LATE SHIFT
                  1200-1600 HRS      1600-2000 HRS
                                                         Officer Of The Day
 1 Sunday         Nancy Cohn           Tom Hall

 6 Friday                  Andy Kopetzky
                                                              Please, wear your nametag
 7 Saturday      Debbie Jefferies    Jack Barrish /
                                                            when you are in the Club House.
                                      Greg Belda
                                                            PMYC members guest policy.
 8 Sunday         Chloe Russell      John Modesti
                                                          As a member you are entitled to invite
 13 Friday                Peter Czarnowski                           guests to your club.
                                                                  But you must be present,
 14 Saturday      Vicki O’Shea      Aaron Hassman /
                                                                 and issue a guest nametag.
                                     Vic Magness
                                                          Sign them into the guest register under
 15 Sunday        Brenda Eiden        Gary Panas
                                                                   your name as sponsor.
 20 Friday                Kenneth Havard                  Visitors from other Yacht Clubs should
                                                          also be signed in and issued a nametag.
 21 Saturday     Kim Woodring       Linda Thoresen /
                                     Nicholas Lee
 22 Sunday        Brenda Grote      Howard Wikoff

 27 Friday                  Peter Bruem

 28 Saturday     Terry Bindman       Tony Milazzo /
                                      Carl Berry
 29 Sunday         Fay Haverly         Bob Butte

                                                                       To all PMYC Members:

       It’ time to get some new hats and shirts
          s                                            If you have any old VHS Tapes , or DVD'S
                   with the PMYC logo                  that you now longer want to watch and wish to
                                                       donate to the club, please feel free to bring
            for the upcoming boating season.
                                                       them in and place them in the lending li-
     Get hold of Rex, (Quartermaster) he can open      brary. We have a good selection, but would
     the cabinet and show you the latest swag and      like to improve on it if possible. DVD'S would
       Don’ forget to check out the website
           t                                           really be great if you are done with them and
                                                       would like to share with your fellow members.

                                     Welcome new members

      Greg Belda/ his son Jonathan                                   Shimon Bitton
        45 Viking Sport Fisher                                     456 Hunter Marine
                                         Pat Deel & Lynn Leigh
                                          48 Uniflite Yachtfish

           Adam Corlin                                                 Nicholas Lee
                                              Vic Magness               30 Ericson
       46 Searay Sundancer
                                               30 Ericson

     Barry & Claudia Moore                   Henry Adams               Carl Berry
                                              25 Catalina         26 Trawler Nordic Tug

     Vic Montone & Kim Cas-                   Nancy Young         John & Kay Robertson

                              June 2008
             SUN        MON        TUE        WED        THU      FRI         SAT
         1         2          3          4          5 Single 6 Crab      7 B-day
                                                    Mariners Night       Party

         8         9          10         11         12         13        14 Day
                                                               Fathers   Cruise

         15 To     16         17         18         19 Single 20 FND     21
         Avalon                                     Mariners Members

         22        23         24 Board 25           26         27 FND    28

         29        30

                                  July 2008
          SUN          MON         TUE       WED         THU      FRI         SAT
                              1          2          3 Single 4           5

     6             7          8          9          10         11 FND    12

     13 Chuck 14              15         16         17 Single 18 FND     19
     Stein                                          Mariners Members

     20            21         22 Board 23           24         25 FND    26

     27 CYC        28         29         30         31

         Race Report

          PMYC’ Inaugural Inverted Start Race featured an eclectic fleet, a couple of racing clinics, some big boats and
a taste of Murphy’ Law. The event took place on April 12.
                     2008 marked the first year PMYC ran the annual Inverted Start Race of the Chuck Stein Series without Santa
Monica Windjammers’assistance or race committee. We added the intra club cruising race and primer to increase participation and
that brought out some of PMYC’ finest. Unlike the same-day Stein Race, the club race was run so that all boats could start simulta-
neously and compare finishes based on handicaps. It was inverted in that all racers started on a down wind leg.
          This race committee had assured competitors ‘        t                t            .
                                                           don’ worry, it won’ be light air’ In past years we have had to abandon the
Inverted Start race or shorten course due to excessive winds and seas. One year we had dishes and glasses in the galley declaring all
out war on each other. We have witnessed some open cockpit ultra-lights going by the committee boat like freight trains. The latter
is certainly thrilling to watch, but was not to happen during the 2008 version.
                                                                                                                       S’ SS’
          The wind seldom exceeded ten knots, especially close to Venice beach. The course took the cruisers from ‘ to ‘ (by
the breakwater) to the Santa Monica Buoy then the finish line back at ‘ mark.
Many of the boats just sat en route to Santa Monica and didn’ make up the time until the reach to the committee boat start/ finish. It
is a testimonial to their fortitude (or penchant for punishment) that there were no dropouts or DNf’   s.
          Meanwhile the Stein Series was underway with a few laps around the Olympic Circle taking the boats to and from the
breakwater buoy and committee boat with weather and leeward legs and no reaches. The light air didn’ seem to affect the high tech
boats, as French Kiss, skippered by Gini Chilton, started last and proceeded to eat all her class competitors en route to the first place
finish in PHRF ‘ . The committee boat was poised for photos and the big blue ‘        Kiss’put on a show.
          In PHRF ‘ Jim Durden and Zip put on a race clinic and blew away the competition. Zip was the first Stein Series boat to
finish and made very few mistakes.
          When all the light air had cleared and the club boats finally made their way to the finish line, Trevor Bazeley and Dind-
ingwe had blown away the competition. Dindingwe accomplished this despite being a heavy wooden vessel and having to exonerate
herself from an over-early by performing a 360. Bazeley and crew finished a full fifteen minutes ahead of the fleet. Dindingwe’      s
performance illustrates that large heavier vessels can do well in light air if sailed well.
          Flying Tiger, driven ably by Peter Leffe, finished second and managed to get around the ultra low-wind 7.5 mile course in a
little under two hours.
          Tony Milazzo and Bella Notte was a surprise third place finish, correcting ahead of SC Steve Cordova and Enchantress.
We’ have to re-evaluate a handicap for Tony for next year.
Larry Koch and Fiddlers Green finished fifth. Don’ worry, Larry, next year we will have enough weather to make it exciting.
          Dave Smith and ‘  Tina Marie’finished last, but still got in before the 1600 deadline.
          There will be more race clinics and the next one (date TBA) will deal with weather legs, weight distribution and tactics.
          The race committee had a great deal of help and would like to thank Leon Milhon for stepping up and supplying the com-
mittee boat. Prowler is a great platform and Leon has done this countless times in the past. Thanks again Leon.
          The race committee was accompanied by Al and SC Mary Wischer, Candy Brown and Mike Blumenthal, who took some
fantastic snaps, and erstwhile race committee helper and pal Brian Risner.
         Thanks for all your help in recording, loading gear and keeping the racers ‘honest’.
         Jack Barrish and John Grote did their usual fantastic jobs as club race committee PRO and cannoneer, respectively.
         Patty Garcia once again performed galley duty, this time with some tasty spaghetti dinners. The race committee is so lucky
to have her back at the ‘fort’.
         Thanks also go to Kim LeVerne for all her assistance in making this event a success. Kim came out and spectated briefly
with the Oasis crew and did a superb job when it came to logistics.
         We had a nice turnout for this event and will plan more in the future with some pre-race seminars and hopefully some de-
cent winds. Thanks to all who participated and kept the air-waves on VHF 68 lively.
         The weather is always a crapshoot and hopefully it will cooperate next time.

         Andy Kopetzky, Race Committee

          1:st Trevor / Dindingwe                  2:nd Peter / Flying Tiger               3:rd Tony / Bella Notte

            2nd Annual Venice Whaler Open Charity Golf Tournament Raised $5000
                                              s         s
                           for the Saint Jude’ Children’ Hospital.

     12 PMYC members (Larry, Mike, Steve, Scott, Fred, Jim, Kent, Tom, Trevor, Bob, Jeff, and Barrie ) participated.

             Larry Laurino ,
     won of the club challenge.

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     Advertise in The Log.
       Contact the editor.
        Kent Andersson
         (310) 463-0077

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     P   a   c   i f i c M a r i n e r s
     Y   a   c   h t C l u b

                       13915 Panay Way
                   Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

                    Phone: 310-823-9717
                     Fax: 310-823-4011

                 T h e    O b j e c t         o f
             t h i s     C l u b     s h a l l
         b e       t o     e n c o u r a g e
                 t h e    S p o r t        o f
                     Y a c h t i n g

                         Check out our
                          Web Page

                           Fathers Day Cruise
                                    to Avalon.
                                                       Miniature Golf Tournament
                                                   BBQ at Descanso Beach
                                           Bloody Mary Breakfast
                                         Lots of other fun and games
                                                  June 13-15
                                          Sign up sheet at the club.

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