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					                          Induction Policy and Procedure
                 Risk Management, Statutory and Mandatory Training

1     POLICY

1.1   This policy sets out the principles that the Trust has adopted for the induction of new
      employees and provides a framework through which new employees are introduced to the
      organisation and their role in a structured manner.

2     SCOPE

2.1   This policy applies to all employees who are new to the organisation and to staff who may
      transfer or be promoted within the Trust. This policy also applies to those who are
      appointed as Non-Executive Members of the Board, Board Members, Professional
      Executive Committee members and Executive Directors.


3.1   Induction contributes to the retention and development of staff within a clear risk
      management culture and is needed by staff entering the organisation at all levels.

3.2   Clear and comprehensive induction training is a key aspect of any persons early
      experience of working in the NHS and is crucial to ensuring that all staff are familiar with the
      organisation, its value, policies and procedures to enable effective integration into the Trust.

3.3   This policy includes Risk Management, Statutory and Mandatory Training requirements for
      new and existing employees and provides a framework through which employee’s gain
      training relevant to their role.


4.1   The provision of information and training are important measures to help staff to achieve
      the required level of competence and to help to ensure compliance of safe working
      practices. It is important that organisation-wide guidance together with targeted support for
      individual members or groups of staff is provided.


5.1   In some instances where staff are appointed from outside of the UK it may also be
      appropriate to further enhance the induction programme to include information about the
      system of healthcare provision across the local health economy, the wider NHS and key


6.1   Some elements of the induction programme will be required for staff on short contracts
      including agency staff and staff seconded from other agencies or NHS organisations to
      ensure the health and safety of that person and their effective contribution to the Trust.

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7.1    The NHS Risk Management Standards for the Trust and other mandatory and
       recommended issues are key underpinning features of this policy. The responsibility for the
       implementation of induction and risk management, statutory and mandatory training rests
       primarily with the Line Manager or Supervisor. Records of induction and risk management,
       statutory and mandatory training will be maintained by the Trust, and will include
       attendance and reminders for re-training.

7.2    In order to be effective all induction and risk management, statutory and mandatory
       arrangements must be continuously reviewed and improved. This policy and procedure will
       be reviewed through the Joint Consultative and Negotiating Committee (JCNC) 12 months
       after Board approval and 12 months thereafter or as becomes necessary.


8.1    Once a successful candidate has accepted a formal offer of employment an induction
       programme will be implemented. This induction will be provided at three levels:

           Corporate induction
           Directorate or Shared Service induction
           Service induction

8.2    The Corporate level of induction is set out in this policy and must be used for all new
       employees. It is important to understand that different groups of employees may have
       different needs; some considerations are included within Appendix 1.

8.3    The remainder of the induction must be completed but forms a flexible framework according
       to each individual’s specific job role and should in all instances be managed, planned and
       coordinated by the person to whom the new employee will be accountable, see Appendix 2.

8.4    All staff must be inducted following the same procedure, however depending upon specific
       roles further information may be required as part of additional induction needs. Refer to
       Appendix 1 and Appendix 3 for details.

9      TIMING

9.1    The formal induction process will be conducted at a number of stages. These are:

                  First day
                  First and second week
                  First and second month
                  Sixth month

9.2    An overview of the induction process can be found at Appendix 2.


10.1   Induction must be managed, planned and coordinated by the person to whom the new
       employee will be accountable. Ensuring that staff undertake the required induction is the
       responsibility of the Line Manager or Supervisor.

10.2   Responsibilities include:

       a)      All necessary preparations and enhancements to the induction take place

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       b)      Outline all aspects of the job role, placing it into a directorate and organisational
       c)      Arrange for any formal training to take place
       d)      Nominate a mentor for work shadowing and instruction, where appropriate
       e)      Ensure that new employees are fully occupied but are not overloaded
       f)      Ensure that a balance is maintained between instruction and supervision and
               allowing employees an opportunity to learn by through practice and to consolidate
               knowledge and skills that have been acquired
       g)      Undertake an initial objective setting appraisal with the new employee and ensure a
               Personal Development Plan (PDP) is developed
       h)      Review the induction programme after the review at two weeks, two months and
               one year

10.3   Throughout the induction period informal and formal reviews will be conducted. These
       reviews will be used to monitor the progress of the employee by the Line Manager and to
       ensure that the induction process and necessary training has been delivered.

11     REVIEW

11.1   Reviews for the effectiveness of the programme should take place at the following points,
       with Appendix 4 and 5 providing templates for completion:

                  Two weeks informal review
                  Two months formal review
                  Six months formal review


12.1   During the induction programme the new employee should be gradually integrated into their
       role and the organisation as a whole.

12.2   The Line Manager must ensure that all essential information is communicated to the
       employee and that that it is recorded on both the Standard Induction and Directorate
       Specific Induction Checklist. Both employer and employee upon completion should sign
       each checklist.

12.3   One copy should be given to the employee, the original should be placed on the
       employee’s personnel file and a copy should be forwarded to the Human Resources
       department. Electronic or paper copies are available for recording purposes. When using
       electronic copies these should be printed and signed.


13.1   Employees transferring or being seconded to a new Directorate within the Trust should be:

           Introduced to colleagues and their roles within the Directorate
           Provided with relevant information relating to their new job role and Directorate,
           Made aware of any policies and procedures relating to their job role and Directorate,
           Given the opportunity of any training or work shadowing to enable them to fulfill the
            requirements of their new job role.

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14.1   Re-integration of employees returning to work from maternity leave, long-term sickness,
       career breaks or other long-term absence from the workplace, must be updated on new
       developments and changes that have occurred during their absence.

14.2   Whilst these groups of employees will have had a communication strategy agreed during
       their time away from the workplace and should be relatively up to date with developments in
       the workplace employees should be made aware of any changes relating to:

               their Directorate,
               the Trust,
               changes or amendments to Trust policies and procedures,
               new staff within the Directorate and
               new staff within the Trust that they will be required to liaise with,
               relevant new initiatives.

       Further guidance about induction for particular groups or individual circumstances can be
       found at Appendix 1.


15.1   The procedure sets out the process that Line Managers and the Human Resource
       department must follow to ensure that a structured induction programme is delivered.

15.2   Key Stages of Induction include:

           a)   Preparation
           b)   First Day
           c)   Second Day
           d)   First and Second Week
           e)   1 month – 2 months
           f)   6 months


16.1   Induction is a standard process, however consideration must be given to employees on an
       individual basis in order to build in appropriate job specific information and training.
       Additionally, the individual conducting the induction must ensure that any necessary
       adjustments to the induction process have been accounted for prior to its commencement.
       As a minimum, the inductor should:

       -   Ensure that work station and equipment are available from first day
       -   First day pack is available for employee on first day (these will be held by the Human
           Resources department)
       -   Induction Checklists are prepared
       -   Induction Training Checklists are prepared
       -   Relevant handouts are prepared

16.2   First Day – Corporate Induction

16.2.1 On the employee’s first day it is the responsibility of the Line Manager to set aside sufficient
       time to deliver the following information:

           a) Introduction and welcome to the workplace.
           b) Explanation of the induction programme.

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            c) Issue the relevant Employee Induction Checklists, provide or direct the employee to
               the on-line induction tool along with relevant documents highlighting and explaining
               the key areas, particularly those marked as mandatory.
            d) Ensuring that new starter papers are completed, with the member of staff, in order
               that payroll information can be forwarded to the Payroll department for inclusion in
               the payroll on the first day of employment.

16.2.2 An overview of the Trust, Directorates and Key Service areas along with an introduction to
       Health and Safety will be offered to new employees, as a two-day event on a quarterly
       basis. New employees will be given the opportunity to attend this event although in most
       cases they will have been through a local induction prior.

16.2.3 Upon completion of the standard induction checklist both the Line Manager and new
       employee should sign and date the relevant section of the Checklist. The original should be
       retained on the personal file to ensure that a record of the induction process and necessary
       training has been delivered.

16.3    Day 2 – Directorate Induction

16.3.1 The second day of induction introduces the new employee to the Directorate within which
       they will operate and specifically focuses upon its functions and processes. The new
       employee will also be introduced to their job role, its objectives and responsibilities. Day
       two of the induction therefore focuses on:

       a)   The overall function of the Directorate.
       b)   The key services and programmes and how they link to the Trust plan.
       c)   How service fits with other Directorates.
       d)   Links with shared services, other Trusts and external agencies.
       e)   Directorate specific issues such as, team meetings, ordering arrangements and
            awareness of key policies and how to access them.

16.3.2 Locally the induction will concentrate on:

       a) Employee’s job description, roles and responsibilities, accountabilities and key
       b) Agreement for the rollout of the new employee’s mandatory and job specific training.
       c) Refer to the training matrix at Appendix 3 for details.
       d) Supervisory/Line Management arrangements.
       e) Arrangements for work shadowing where appropriate.
       f) Meetings with relevant key personnel.
       g) Date setting for Personal Development Plans.
       h) Miscellaneous issues such as authorisation of expense claims forms, guidance on
          where further information can be found and issue of documents for self-directed
          learning, attention should also be drawn to the Trust Staff Charter (Appendix 8)

16.3.3 Upon completion of the directorate induction checklist both the Line Manager and new
       employee should sign and date the relevant section of the Checklist, returning the original
       to the personal file to ensure that a record of the induction process and necessary training
       has been delivered. Refer to the training matrix at Appendix 3 for details.


16.4.1 Within the first two weeks of the employee commencing employment it is the responsibility
       of the Line Manager or designated person to arrange the following:

            a) Arrange for the structured ‘shadowing’ of key staff where appropriate.

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           b) Arrange for scheduling of mandatory and job related training. Refer to the training
              matrix at Appendix 3 for details.
           c) Arrange for any necessary ‘on-the-job’ training under supervision.
           d) Depending upon role and where appropriate, arrange for the employee to visit /
              work with GP Practices / community nurses or other key people and services.
           e) If the new employee is not based at the Trust Headquarters then arrangements
              should be made to offer the new employee the opportunity to join key Directorate
              staff meetings.

16.4.2 After the first two weeks, the Line Manager will meet with the staff member to conduct an
       informal review. This review should not place emphasis on work performance but on how
       the employee is settling into the organisation and role. The Line Manager should actively
       listen and if appropriate take relevant action to the new employee’s comments.

16.4.3 It is not necessary to record the process at this stage unless the comments of the new
       employee warrant such action, although it is good practice to do so. The meeting should
       also be used to ensure that all training required at this time is ongoing or has been
       delivered. A record of this should be made on the induction checklist.


16.4.4 Within the first and second month of employment the key training should have been
       scheduled or already attended. Refer to the training matrix at Appendix 3 for details. This
       should include:

           a) Appropriate Health and Safety Training
           b) Specific job related training.
           c) Any other training, appropriate at the induction stage.

16.4.5 All training undertaken should be recorded on the Induction Training Checklist. After the
       appropriate training has been delivered it is the responsibility of the Line Manager to ensure
       that all relevant sections of the checklist are signed and dated by themselves and the new

16.4.6 At the end of the first 2 months a Formal Review will take place. The meeting will provide
       the opportunity for the Line Manager and employee to discuss any issues with regard to the
       role or the organisation. The meeting should also be used to ensure that all training
       required at this time has been delivered. Additionally this meeting will afford the Line
       Manager and employee the opportunity to discuss the Personal Development Plan and set
       objectives for the next 12 months.

16.4.7 When conducting the 2-month review the Review Pro-forma should be completed Appendix

16.4.8 Upon completion of Review Pro-forma the original must be retained in the personal file, a
       copy given to the employee and a copy returned to the Human Resources department to
       ensure that a record of the induction training is maintained and other necessary training has
       been delivered.


16.5.1 At the end of 6 months of commencing employment a formal review should be conducted.
       This review should be used to monitor how the new employee is progressing in the role and
       to evaluate and amend the PDP where necessary. After a 12-month period a formal
       appraisal will take place in accordance with the Appraisal Policy and Procedure.

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16.5.2 Upon completion of the Review Pro-forma at Appendix 2 the original must be retained on
       the personal file, a copy provided to the employee and a copy returned to the Human
       Resources department to ensure that a record of the induction training is maintained and
       other necessary training has been delivered.


17.1    The Trust recognises that statutory and mandatory training is of vital importance to
        adequately protect patients, employees, visitors and the public. It is also committed to
        ensuring that adequate provision is made for training and for staff to be released to attend.

17.2    The Trust is required to ensure that all requirements relating to mandatory and statutory
        training are in place and upheld by all employees. Appendix 3 identifies requirements for
        risk management, statutory and mandatory training.


17.3.1 Statutory training relates to that which is required by law. This would be key areas such as
       Health and Safety and Fire Training: where it is the legislative requirement for the Trust to
       ensure that all employees have a minimum of initial instruction on appointment to the
       organisation, as well as to provide regular updates.

17.3.2 Mandatory Training relates to the training that is deemed compulsory by the employer. It
       may have implications for the Trust as an employer in terms of liability or litigation, but this
       does not make it a legal requirement. Examples of this could be Child Protection or Manual
       Handling Training.

17.3.3 Any profession specific mandatory training will be provided for the relevant employees at
       appropriate intervals. Other employees may be included in this training if a need is
       identified in their current role.

17.3.4 Students and agency employees must be given a work place induction on their first day by
       the member of staff with line responsibility for them and a check must be made to ensure
       that any mandatory training required for the post has been completed and is in date.
       Training not completed should be arranged as soon as possible with appropriate measures
       taken until such training is carried out.


18.1    The Trust has a duty to employees, patients and visitors to ensure that:

       • Adequate mandatory training is provided for all employees to meet the needs of their role;
       • All employees attend mandatory training sessions at the required time interval;
       • Accurate records are kept of all mandatory training undertaken;
       • Procedures are in place to follow up those who fail to attend mandatory training;
       • Procedures are in place to follow up employees who are overdue mandatory training.

18.2 To achieve and maintain a proper standard of mandatory training, all new employees with
     outstanding mandatory training requirements will receive relevant training within two months
     of commencement of duties.

18.3    All employees will receive mandatory training updates in line with their duties.

18.4    It is the responsibility of Line Managers and Supervisors to ensure that all employees have
        attended and are up to date with the relevant mandatory training for their role. The Trust
        will facilitate the acquisition of mandatory training as required.

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18.5   It is the responsibility of Line Managers and Supervisors to ensure that all agency staff
       employed by the Trust have completed the required mandatory training for the post and
       that this training is in date.

18.6   Line Managers and Supervisors must ensure that employees are given the opportunity and
       protected time to attend mandatory training sessions.

18.7   All mandatory training attended must be recorded on Appendix 3 and a copy sent by the
       employee to the Human Resource department. A copy must also be sent to the relevant
       department administrators for entry onto the Human Resources Information System (ESR).

18.8   Non-attendance of employees who are pre-booked to attend a mandatory training session
       will be highlighted to the HR department by the course organiser. The HR Department will
       advise the relevant department administrator who will forward Appendix 7 to the non-
       attending employees’ line manager for completion.

18.9   All managers will follow up those who have not attended mandatory training to investigate
       why and to ensure another training date is arranged as soon as possible. Appendix 7.

18.10 All employees will be expected to set a high priority to mandatory training and to make
      every effort to attend training events provided and arranged for this purpose.

18.11 All employees will be responsible for keeping their own mandatory training up to date and
      alerting their line manage when mandatory training is due to expire.

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                                                                                     APPENDIX 1
                                  GUIDANCE NOTES

Directors (Non Executive PEC appointments)

   Chief Executive should be responsible for ensuring any new director is inducted effectively.
   Induction should be geared towards understanding of corporate and strategic nature of their
    appointment and that they are equipped to deal with any financial or legal responsibilities.
   Define clear responsibilities, objectives and review procedures are agreed.
   Understanding of formal protocols and major issues, but enlighten individual about informal
    aspects of organisation such as internal politics.
   Risk Management Strategy and responsibility.

Managers and Senior Staff

   Arrange for awareness of key service areas including ‘partnerships’ to establish the wider
    context of organisation
   Awareness of full scope of induction but discussion to identify relevant input tailored to
    manager’s level of experience.
   Ensure any extra documentation is received included i.e. annual report, policy summaries,
    minutes of previous meetings etc.
   Agree mentoring arrangements, if appropriate.
   Risk Management Strategy and responsibility and associated policies and procedures.

Returners to the Organisation

   For those returning from career breaks arrange extra sessions to explain initiatives such as
    Improving Working Lives.
   Ensure women returning from maternity leave, men returning from paternity leave or
    employees returning from adoption leave are fully aware of facilities i.e. childcare provision,
    healthcare and flexible working arrangements and any supporting legislation through the Work
    Life Balance Policy and Procedure
   Update IT skills if applicable.

Part-Time Employees / Job Share / Nightworkers / Bank Staff

   Arrange for the induction programme to fit appropriately with their hours of work wherever
   Arrange for night workers to have regular assessments with OH in accordance with the
    Working Time Directive.
   Arrange for overlap sessions so new job-sharers can get to know each other and plan how they
    will operate.

People with Disabilities

   Ensure workplace adjustments are completed in good time.
   If necessary, discuss any special arrangements that other members of the team might need to
   Arrange for access to training facilities.
   Make any necessary adjustments to induction material that might be appropriate e.g. larger
    print or enhanced audio/visual facilities.
   Ensure that the newcomers’ abilities and limitations are discussed objectively with them and
    not assumed.

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Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Groups and Staff Coming from Overseas

   Monitor workplace situation to ensure employee is welcomed and integrated.
   Arrangement of religious observance, dress code (where applicable).
   Tailor induction and training delivery if English language skills are limited.
   Ensure information regarding culture of healthcare, nationally, regionally and locally is given
    together with relevant key legislation.

Professional and other Specialist Skills groups

   Indicate protocols and support for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and how they
    will be updated.
   If applicable, some emphasis on the culture/value system should be apparent.

Non-Executive Members

   Arrange for awareness of key service areas including ‘partnerships’ to establish the wider
    context of organisation
   Awareness of full scope of induction but discussion to identify relevant input tailored to level of
   Meet key individuals
   Ensure any extra documentation is received included i.e. Annual report, policy summaries,
    minutes of previous meetings etc.
   Risk Management Strategy and framework.

School Leavers

   Consider their training provision and discuss how or if this is to be applied.

Promoted / Seconded Staff

   Awareness of full scope of induction but discussion to identify relevant input tailored to
    individual level of experience.
   Ensure awareness of their new terms and conditions, levels of pay, any additional benefits,
    equipment etc.
   Define clear responsibilities, objectives and review procedures are agreed.
   For seconded staff only, clarity on length of secondments and process upon completion
    understood and agreed.
   Risk Management Strategy related to new responsibility.

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                                                                                  Appendix 2
                                 INDUCTION TIMETABLE

 TIMING    INDUCTION                        TASK                         PERSON
              TYPE                                                     RESPONSIBLE
Day 1      Corporate       Introduction & Welcome                  Line Manager

                           Housekeeping, communications and on-    Line Manager
                           site facilities
                           Tour of Workplace                       Line Manager
                           Health & Safety                         Line Manager
                           Overview of Trust                       Line Manager
                           Payroll                                 Line Manager
                           HR Procedures                           Line Manager
                           Risk Management / Incident Reporting    Line Manager
                           Miscellaneous                           Line Manager
Day 2      Directorate /   Function and processes of directorate   Line Manager
                           Job Role, responsibilities and          Line Manager
                           Induction Training                      Line Manager
                           Work shadowing & Attachments            Line Manager
                           Meeting Key Personnel                   Line Manager
                           Personal Development Plan discussed     Line Manager
                           Miscellaneous                           Line Manager
Day 2 –    Service /       Visits to PCT HQ/GP practices etc (if   Line Manager/Work
2 months   Locality        applicable)                             Mentor
                           Work Shadowing begins                   Work Mentor
                           Training commences                      Relevant Trainer
                           2 weeks’ informal review                Line Manager
                           2 months’ Formal Review and PDP         Line Manager
                           FORMAL INDUCTION ENDS
6 months   Formal          6 months Formal Review and PDP          Line Manager
           Review          setting

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                                                       NHS County Durham Mandatory/Statutory Training Matrix                                                            Appendix 3

                                                All Staff Groups

                                                                                                                                                                                        Delivery Methods and
      Training                                        Nursing &                          Therapeutic &

                      Incl. Admin. & Clerical
                      Managers - see foot
                                                      Health Visiting                      Technical


                       Managers + Line

                                                                      Non - registered

                                                                                                       Non - registered

                      Other Staff


Corporate Induction                                                                                                       Organisation         Once on joining    Workforce,    Corporate Induction
                                                                                                                    Induction Policy         PCT            Learning &    Programme
                                                                                                                                                                                Individual support for local
                                                                                                                                                                                induction via Line Manager
                                                                                                                                               Once when                        or Preceptor (registered
Local Induction                                                                                                     As above             joining any new                  staff).
                                                                                                                          HASAW Act and        Full Day non        Health &     Classroom
Core Mandatory            –                                                                                          Management           clinical (or         Safety      Not required by Senior
Health & Safety:                                                                                                          Regs.                Half day for          Dept       Managers who undertake
                                                                                                                                               clinical who                     specific H&S and IOSH
 Awareness
                                                                                                                          DSE Regs.            need to attend                   training.
 Fire Safety                                                                                                             Man. Handling        F/D annual MH
 Display Screen                                                                                                          Operations Regs.
                                                                                                                                               course)                          Includes awareness of
  Equipment                                                                                                                                    every 3 years                    accident/incident reporting,
 Non-Clinical                                                                                                                                 or when risk                     COSHH and Lone Worker
  Manual Handling                                                                                                                              assessment                       Policy.
                                                                                                                          HASAW Act and        Full Day then       Health &     Classroom                      Mandatory
Conflict Resolution                                                                                                 Management           ½ day every 3        Safety      for all staff
                                                                                                                          Regulations          years or when         Dept
                                                 Page 12 of 29                                                                                 2 hrs once with    IM&T team     Classroom
Information                                                                                                                Data protection     3 yearly                         All staff
Governance                                                                                                                 act           refresher                        Includes Caldicott
                                                                      All Staff Groups

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Delivery Methods and
      Training                                                              Nursing & Health                   Therapeutic &

                                           Incl. Admin. & Clerical
                                                                            Visiting                             Technical

                       Managers and Line


                                                                                            Non - registered

                                                                                                                             Non - registered
                       Managers - see


                                           Other Staff

                                                                                                                                                 Department of         1 day           Workforce,    Classroom
                                                                                                                                              Health         Once for new        Learning &    Mandatory for all
KSF/Appraisal &                                                                                                                                                                       Development
                                                                                                                                                                    reviewers &                      Reviewers/Appraisers
PDR for Reviewers/                                                                                                                                                refresher when
Appraisers                                                                                                                                                           necessary
                                                                                                                                                 Department of                         Workforce,    Classroom
                                                                                                                                              Health              ½ day          Learning &    Mandatory for all
KSF/Appraisal &                                                                                                                                                                       Development
                                                                                                                                                                   Once for new                      staff
PDR Awareness for                                                                                                                                                 staff & refresher
Reviewees/                                                                                                                                                                            (WL&D Dept)
                                                                                                                                                                  when necessary
Customer Care,                                                                                                                                  PCT Requirement                         WL&D         Classroom
Communication &                                                                                                                                                  1 day            Dept,        Mandatory for all
Complaints                                                                                                                                                            Once &            PALs/        staff
Management                                                                                                                                                        refresher when      Complaints
                                                                                                                                                PCT Requirement                       WL&D Dept      Classroom
Equality & Diversity                                                                                                                                             1 day                         Mandatory for all
                                                                                                                                                                      Once &                         staff
                                                                                                                                                                  refresher every
                                                                                                                                                                      3 years
CPR and                                                                                                                                                                               ProCPR &       Classroom
                               –                   –                                                           –            –                                    2 hrs Annually       CD&D         Mandatory for all
                                                                                                                                                                                      Foundation     clinical staff
                                                                                                                                                PCT Requirement                         Trust
CPR – for staff with           –           See                                  –                                                                                 2 hrs once every                   Mandatory for staff
First Aid                                  NB                                                                                                                          3 years         As above      with First Aid roles
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                                                       All Line Managers

                           Managers - see foot note

                                                                                                                                                                                             Delivery Methods
                                                                                                                                                                                        Delivery Methods and
                           Incl. Clerical & Clerical

                                                             Nursing &                       Scientific,

                           Senior Managers and

                                                                                                                                                                                                and Notes:
                                                             Nursing &                     Therapeutic &

                                 Incl. Admin. &

                                                             Health Visiting               Therapeutic &

                                 Managers **

                                                             Health Visiting                  Technical


                                 Other Staff





                                 All Line

                                                                               Non -

                                                                                                            Non -
                           Other Staff
                                                               Registered                   Registered
                                                                    and                         and
                                                             Non - registered             Non - registered
 Core Management:                                                                                                      HASAW Act and         Full day            Health &       Classroom
  Health and Safety                                                                                             Management                                 Safety        Managers are legally
  Risk Management                                                                                                     Regulations            refresher
                                                                                                                                         Annual half day           Dept
                                                                                                                                                                    Child        Mandatory for all H&S
                                                                                                                                                                                obliged to manage staff who
                                                                                                                                   training for HV and
                                                                                                                                                when                            daily with children
                                                                                                                                                                 Protection      deal
  Incident
Child Protection                                                                                                                         Sch. Nursing
                                                                                                                                            identified at
Level One                                                                                                                  PCT           Services.                  Team
   Investigation &                                                                                                      Requirement       KSF/appraisal/                          NB: targeted training will
   Reporting                                                                                                                                  PDR                 PUBLIC          also be developed for
                                                                                                                                         Every 3 years
  Root Cause                                                                                                                            for other                HEALTH          different staff groups
   Analysis                                                                                                                              services.
 Management Adults
Safeguarding                                                                                                                              Half Day Every           WL&D           Recommended for all staff
(POVA)                                                                                                               PCT                3 years              Dept &         with patient contact.
 Programme (MDP)                                                                                                        Requirement                              Multi-Agency
(To be advertised
separately – presently
Mental Capacity                                                                                                                                                                   Recommended for all staff
under development)                                                                                                   PCT                 ½ day               WL&D           involved in the
Act Awareness
 To include topics such                                                                                                 Requirement                                Dept           direct/indirect care &
 as: Rec & Sel,                                                                                                                                                                   treatment of adults who
 Managing Absence,                                                                                                                                                                need support to make
 Discipline & Grievance,                                                                                                                                                          decisions
Introduction to
 Financial Management,
                                                                                                                     PCT                 ½ day              Health &        Classroom
 Project Management
Stress Management,
 Leadership/Lean                                                                                                        Requirement                                Safety
 Principles etc,                                                                                                                                                    Dept
C3 Lookout – Lone                                                                                                                                                                 Recommended for all
                                                                                                                     PCT            2 hours once            WL&D            clinical staff that are
                                                                                                                        Requirement                              Dept/Corp        required to use this system.

          NB: Specific training for staff designated as risk assessors (several categories) example: first aiders, fire marshals – contact Health
          & Safety Team
          NOTE: Senior Managers/Line Managers - All managers with direct responsibility for staff

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* *Line Managers - All managers with direct responsibility for staff

Clinical Staff – Clinical Mangers to identify requirements for clinical roles using Job profiles/KSF Post Outlines.
Clinical Managers are required to attend sessions to retain their own clinical registration/competence.

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                                                                                                                                                                                        Delivery Methods
                                                              Nursing &                    Therapeutic &

                                                              Health Visiting                Technical


                                               Incl. Admin.

                                                & Clerical

                                                                                                                                                                                        and Notes:
                                               Other Staff




                               All Line

                                                                                Non -

                                                                                                           Non -
                                                                                                                                                           Public Health             Classroom
Infection Control                                                                                                      PCT             1½ hours          Infection               Mandatory for all staff with
                                                                                                                        Requirement        annually        Control Team              patient contact

                                                                                                                      HASAW Act and      Annually or        Health &                 Classroom
Moving & Handling                                                                                                     Manual Handling     when risk        Safety Dept               All staff who are involved
(clinical)                                                                                                        Operations         assessment                                  in moving and handling
                                                                                                                      Regulations          dictates                                  patients must attend
                                                                                                                        Nursing &         Once with           Adult                  Classroom Recommended
Syringe Drivers                                                              –             –            –              Community          annual            Services                for all Clinical Staff
                                                                                                                         Services         refresher                                  responsible for syringe
                                                                                                                                                                                     driver use

                                                                                                                       PCT             1½ hours            TBC                   Classroom
Domestic Violence                                                                                                       Requirement        annually
                                                                                                                                         Annual ½ day         Child                  Classroom
                                                                                                                                     training for HV
Child Protection                                                                                                                         and Sch
                                                                                                                                                            Protection               Mandatory for all staff who
Level Two                                                                                                                  PCT           Nursing              Team                   work directly with children
                                                                                                                        Requirement      Services            PUBLIC
                                                                                                                                         Half Day                                    Classroom
                                                                                                                                        Annually
Immunisation and                                                              –             –            –                 PCT                             Public Health             For all staff administering
Vaccinations                                                                                                            Requirement                                                  imms & vacs
Clinical Records                                                                                                           PCT           Half Day           Nursing &                Classroom
                                                                                                                                     Annually
Management                                                                                                              Requirement                          Patient

        The mandatory/statutory training matrix is intended to be a simple guide for all Primary Care Trust employees. All other topics will
        come under essential training and will be role specific, for example: you will be unable to fulfill your job description/role without this
        training. There is a need to ensure that this information is captured within KSF post outlines and evidence identified within examples
        of application and preceptorship competencies. Rolling programmes will be required to meet these requirements.

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Please Note: this is a working document and all courses are presently being mapped across to the Knowledge and Skills Framework and
National Occupational Standard competencies.

COSHH                Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
CPR                  Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
DSE Regs             Display Screen Equipment Regulations
E-LEARNING           Electronic-learning (online) packages will be available soon for all staff to access
ESSENTIAL            Essential – necessary for job roles
F/D                  Full Day
HASAW Act            Health and Safety at Work Act
HV                   Health Visitors
IOSH                 Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
KSF                  Knowledge and Skills Framework
MANDATORY            Required by the PCT
                     Mandatory training is essential, service-specific training that all or identified groups of staff must undertake to enable them
                     to work to required standards and for the organisation to achieve its objectives as determined by national, local and
                     professional guidelines, organisation policies and legal or accreditation requirements.
MAN HANDLING         Manual Handling
PDR/PDP              Personal Development Review/Personal Development Plan
PRECEPTORSHIP        A process of support and guidance during the early months of your career or at times when your role changes
SCH. Nursing         School Nursing Services
STATUTORY            Required by law
                     Statutory training is training that is required by law and is governed by a statutory instrument. It is part of a package of
                     measures to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees when carrying out their professional duties.
TBC                  To be confirmed

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                                                                                     Appendix 4

                                    INDUCTION REVIEW SHEET

Name:                                        Job Title:

Directorate:                                 Line Manager:

Review: (indicate as appropriate)             2 Month Review           6 Month Review



How do you feel the induction process has helped you to integrate into the Trust?

Do you have any concerns or are you experiencing any problems at this stage?

From your experience to date, do you feel that the induction process needs to be improved
and if so how?

Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

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What knowledge and skills have you learnt in the first 2 months of your employment with the


 Has your training and development plan been discussed with you and implemented?

Have you successfully completed your induction-training programme? If no, please state
what training you still have to undertake

Can you describe any areas in your new role that you feel would benefit from further training?

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  Manager’s Comments
 (to be completed by employees Line Manager)

I agree that this review is a fair summary of the discussions and agreements made between myself
and the Line Manager.

Line Manager’s Signature: ............................................   Date: ...................................

Employee’s Signature: ................................................   Date: ...................................

A copy of each review should be retained by the employee and a copy placed on his/her personnel file.

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                                                                                    Appendix 5

                                     INDUCTION CHECKLIST
Employee Name:                                              Start Date:
Manager/Designated Person:                                  Induction Date:

Directorate:                                                Target Date for Completion:

                                          FIRST DAY
               Task                  Person          Key            Employee     Employer
                                     Respon-      Documents         Signature/   Signature/
                                      sible                            Date         Date
Overview of Induction                 Line
process                              Manager
Housekeeping                          Line
Immediate security                   Manager
  Fire safety procedures *
  Fire drills, tests and
   evacuation procedures *
  Issue of identity badges /
   security codes / keys for
Passwords /e-mail accounts
Smoking Policy
Parking Facilities
Onsite Facilities - toilets*, rest

Tour of Workplace                     Line      Floor Plan for
  Key sections                      Manager    base location
  Introduction to
   colleagues/TU reps etc
   (where applicable)
  Issue location plan of
Health & Safety                       Line      First Aiders
  First Aid *                       Manager    Fire Wardens
  Fire Procedures*
   Accident Reporting *                        incident/near
                                                miss reporting
                                                Accident Book

   Mandatory training provision                Training Plan
    (discussed and arranged)

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                                                                             Appendix 5 continued

                                   FIRST DAY CONTINUED
             Task                  Person             Key             Employee        Employer
                                   Respon-         Documents          Signature/      Signature/
                                    sibile                               Date            Date
Overview of Trust
Brief overview of                   Line       Background to
Trust/Directorates to include:     Manager     Trust
   The area – health profile                  Org Charts
   The Trust, strategy,                       Meeting
    mission, values, key                       Timetables
    objectives                                 Handouts re Trust
   Organisational Structure                   Strategic and
   Introduction to Primary                    Financial info
    Care; Shared Services;                     Overview of
    PALS; and Caldicot.                        Directorates
   Overview of Directorates
   Key policies and procedures
   On call procedures
   Complaints / compliments                   Complaints Policy
    and the Media*                             / Media Handling
HR Procedures
   Collect and initiate payroll    Line       Payroll Starter
    details                        Manager     Forms
   Refer individual to web site               Payroll Overview
    for access to HR policies                  Document
    and procedures                             Pensions Opt Out
   Team/Directorate                           Contacts Lists
    telephones and e-mail
   Trade Unions and the Trust      Line       Library Services
   Check understanding of day     Manager     Action for Life
   Q & A and any outstanding                  Delivery. Quality
    issues                                     Healthcare
   Guidance on where                          Moving Childcare
    additional information can                 Forward
    be found                                   PALS information
   Issue supporting handouts                  Your guide to
    for self-directed learning                 NHS

* These items are mandatory for all staff including temporary workers irrespective of length of

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                                                                          Appendix 5 continued

                                   WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF START DATE

              Task                    Person          Key           Employee         Employer
                                      Respon-      Documents      Signature/Date   Signature/Date
Visit to Trust HQ                      Line
(If applicable)                       Manager
Arrangements for shadowing             Line
key staff                             Manager
Commence any mandatory and             Line            Training
job related training                  Manager           Matrix
Visit GP Practices/community           Line
nurses (if applicable)                Manager
2 week informal review                 Line

                                   WITHIN 4 WEEKS OF START DATE

             Task                   Person          Key             Employee         Employee
                                    Respon-      Documents        Signature/Date   Signature/Date
Ensure mandatory and job             Line
related training is scheduled in    Manager
Introduction to Library Service      Line
2 month Formal Review                Line
Personnel Development               Manager
Plan Setting
Induction Evaluation

                                          6 MONTH REVIEW

             Task                   Person          Key             Employee         Employee
                                    Respon-      Documents        Signature/Date   Signature/Date
Ensure mandatory and job             Line
related training has been           Manager
6 month Formal Review                Line
Personnel Development               Manager
Plan Setting
Induction Evaluation

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                                                                                                           Appendix 6

                                          DIRECTORATE SPECIFIC INDUCTION CHECKLIST
                 Task                         Person           Key                Employee         Employer
                                            Responsible     Documents           Signature/Date   Signature/Date


   Overall function of the Directorate    Line Manager   Directorate
                                                          specific info
   Key Services and                                      (where
    programmes/links to Trust plan                        applicable)

   How service fits with other                           Aims/Objectives
    Directorates, PEC etc                                 of Directorate

   Links with shared services, other                     Directorate
    Trusts, external agencies and/or                      Structure
    voluntary sector
                                                          List of regional
   Directorate/Team Meetings                             Health
   Ordering arrangements/petty cash
    and budgets

   Awareness of key policies and
    how to access them and Trust
    Staff Charter
(And any other appropriate directorate
led information as defined by Line

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                                                                                                                           Appendix 6 cont.

                                        DIRECTORATE SPECIFIC INDUCTION CHECKLIST
                         Task                               Person           Key Documents                  Employee           Employer
                                                          Responsible                                     Signature/Date     Signature/Date
LOCAL INDUCTION                                              Line
Job Description                                            Manager
  Roles & Responsibilities *                                             Job
  Accountabilities                                                       Description
  Flexible Working *
  Key Objectives/KPI’s                                                   Key Objectives
  1:1 Supervision/Line Management arrangements
  Mandatory training checked & agreed                                    Key Services
  Job related training checked & agreed
  Set date for Personal Development Plan
  Arrangements for work (including transportation                        Training Plan
   provision where applicable)
  Meetings with key people – internal and external
  Arrangements for ‘on the job’ attachments specific
   to Directorate

(And any other appropriate job-related information as
defined by Line Manager)
   Issue financial claim forms (if applicable)                           Expenses/ Mileage
   Check understanding of day                                            Forms
   Q & A and any outstanding issues
   Guidance on where additional information can be
Issue directorate and local information handouts for
self-directed learning

These items are mandatory for all staff including temporary workers irrespective of length of contract.

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                                                                  Appendix 7

                    NON-ATTENDANCE FORM
This form is to be completed when individuals have not attended a booked
mandatory training session/course/event and have:

 failed to cancel
 cancelled at short notice (less than 1 week before)

Name of employee:



Course Title:

Course Venue:

Attendance Date:

Reason for non-attendance:

Arrangements made to attend
another course and dates if

……………………………………………………………..                           …………………………...
Employee Signature                                  Date

……………………………………………………………..                           …………………………...
Line Manager Signature                              Date

                     BUSINESS PARK, PETERLEE, SR8 2RR

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                     Appendix 8

NHS County Durham

   Staff Charter

     Page 27 of 29
The Staff Charter outlines what you can expect from the PCT as your employer, and the
principles and responsibilities that all staff will work within.

Organisational principles & responsibilities
All staff working within the PCT will be entitled to:

   be treated with respect and dignity, free from unreasonable behaviour, discrimination,
    harassment, bullying and violence

   be treated fairly and consistently

   be respected as individuals and have their needs and wishes taken into account

   contribute ideas and voice concerns without fear of victimisation

   contribute to decision making on service changes and modernisation plans

   acknowledge stress without fear of stigma or reprisals

   be treated with care and consideration for their welfare when unfit for work

   given information and advice about their rights

   a safe and secure working environment

   be represented fairly over issues that affect their pay and conditions, and to join a recognised
    trade union or staff association

   receive appropriate remuneration according to agreed terms and conditions of employment

   have equal opportunities for employment and advancement with their diversity being accepted
    and valued

   have access to adequate, clean efficient facilities

   be encouraged in an open and honest approach at the earliest stage in order to influence
    decisions that affect both the organisation as a whole and staff as individuals

   have their performance appraised objectively

   be treated with fairness in discipline or dispute, and to have the right to appeal

   be treated with fairness and dignity when they leave the organisation

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Staff principles and responsibilities
All staff are required to:

   treat colleagues with respect, regardless of grade or position within the trust, respecting
    differing views and opinions

   be open to constructive feedback

   be committed to their personal development

   be accountable for their professional conduct

   behave with honesty and integrity – openly sharing ideas and concerns with managers

   recognise and thank colleagues for jobs well done

   work individually and collectively to provide the most cost-effective, high quality service

   treat confidential personal information about colleagues with the same respect given to patients
    and their relatives

   work flexibly and adapt skills and attitudes to meet the Trust’s needs as they change and

   report any mistakes in practice in order to protect the welfare of patients and to improve the

   contribute to and show commitment to the achievement of the Trust’s objectives

   adhere to the Trust’s policies and procedures

   take responsibility for their own and others safety

   adopt a positive attitude and promote a positive image of the Trust

   Challenge unacceptable behaviour and language

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