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                                 Chapter 1
                        Edwin Clement Payne Junior
                                   By Morris Fey Payne and Doris Lula Payne Forsman

  A Loving Father                                                     Edwin enjoyed hiking and climbing in the rocks at 
                                                                  the Granite Dells.  He talked a lot about horses,  so it 
  Edwin Clement Payne Junior, or Ed Jr. as he was called 
                                                                  is assumed that he liked to ride and care for them.  He 
by his brothers and some friends, was born in the Arizona 
                                                                  spent a lot of time helping with the harvest of fruit and 
Territory August 13, 1886 to E.C. Payne and Marcia 
                                                                  vegetables.  He helped bring the produce to market in 
Anna Wing.  
                                                                  Prescott by wagon pulled by a horse named Dan.  He 
  Part of the time, Edwin lived at the ranch house at             spent a lot of time with his Wing cousins and his uncle 
Granite Dells; but most of the time, he lived at the old          George Wing.
Wing home at 300 S. Cortez.  A story was told about                  He did not talk much about his brothers as youngsters, 
Edwin when he was very young.  He decided to walk to              although he was very fond of his sister, Mary Ruth.  He 
Granite Mountain, which was more than 20 miles away.              did seem to enjoy all their company as an adult. 
Fortunately he was rescued before he hiked very far.                 He did not like parsnips, and this dislike carried over 
   Edwin was bitten on the little toe by a rattlesnake            into his adult years.  He did like chicken and chicken 
when he was about age eight.  He had been running                 dishes, and he loved chocolate.
barefoot through a rhubarb patch when he was bitten.                 We don’t know when he began to take pictures but we 
He was taken to see a doctor in town via a horse drawn            have some glass plates that he had taken and developed 
cart.  There, they made him drink whiskey for medicinal           “in the field.”  He had a photo of 300 S. Cortez.  He was 
purposes.  His leg became very swollen and purple/red in          interested in photographing bridges, locomotives and 
color, and he was very sick for a long time.                      train wrecks.

                                                             61         Branches  •  Chapter  1  •  Edwin Clement Payne Jr.
   Edwin went to school in Prescott, Arizona but did                    In Montana he worked for the Anaconda Copper 
not continue with school after he graduated from the                Company in its round house and machine shop.  It  was 
eighth grade.  He would have been 13 years old when he              while he was working there that he met Lula Hazel Fey.  
graduated, probably about 1899 or 1900.  The depression             They met at the “Christian Church.”  He attended the 
of that period may have contributed to the decision not             services there, and some other gatherings and socials.  
to go to high school.                                               Lula Hazel Fey was working for a dentist in Andaconda, 
  He worked as a Western Union Messenger, but we                    living with her sister, Lillie, and her husband Dr. Clifton 
don’t know when or for how long.  He also worked at a               Albright.
bank as a clerk, but did not care for banking.
                                                                       Edwin Clement Payne Jr. and Lula Hazel Fey were 
   He served as an apprentice machinist from 1904                   married September 3, 1916 in Anaconda, Montana.  On 
to 1908 at the Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Railway                 their honeymoon, they went to Yellowstone Park, and 
Company machine shop.  He became a journeyman                       some of their relatives went with them.  (This is really 
machinist.  His Clearance Card states that he resigned 
                                                                    quite comical.  How would you like your relatives to go 
from the Prescott railroad machine shop in 1908, in good 
                                                                    on your honeymoon with you?)  When they returned 
standing when he was 22 years old.
                                                                    home, Lula’s father built a house for them on the back of 
   He became a guard at the state prison in Florence,               the lot where he lived.
Arizona.  He told a story about a man-hunt while he was 
                                                                       A son, Morris Fey Payne, was born July 29, 1917.  
working there.  A prisoner escaped and he was one of the 
guards who went to search for him.  He did not really like          The three returned to Arizona when Morris Fey was 
being a prison guard, so he quit.                                   about two years old and they lived in Prescott.  Edwin 
                                                                    drove a taxi for awhile, and then went to work at the 
    He was “drawn to far places,” and in the Spring of 
                                                                    Santa Fe Railroad machine shop.  Edwin and his family 
1911, he began a trip that would eventually take him 
                                                                    moved to the Verde Valley to work as a machinist for 
thousands of miles.  He traveled by rail most of the time.  
                                                                    United Verde Company at Clemenceau.  Later he 
As he traveled, he worked in many railroad machine 
shops, and he usually stayed in a ‘Harvey  House.’                  became a machinist in the “Round House” and railroad 
Among the railroad machine shops that he worked for                 machine shop in Clarkdale while working for the Phelps 
was in Mexico, probably Mexico City.  He was hired                  Dodge Corporation.
to help assemble a locomotive that the railway had                     A daughter, Marcia Mary Payne, was born in Prescott, 
purchased from a United States company.  He was there               Arizona, on August 24, 1919.
when the Mexican Revolution took place.  He and his 
                                                                       Birth certificate records indicate that twin daughters 
fellow machinists had to hide behind thick, steel plates in 
                                                                    Dora Paulina Payne and Doris Lula Payne were born on 
the machine shop to avoid the bullets.
                                                                    May 24, 1927 at Clemenceau, Arizona.  But actually, 
   He traveled on most of the railroad lines: Santa Fe, 
                                                                    they were born at home in Smelter City.  This area is a 
Southern Pacific, and Great Northern, just to name a 
                                                                    part of present day town of Cottonwood.  
few.  He traveled across the Southern United States and 
up the Eastern States.  While there, he visited his Cape               Lula was very ill for more than three years while the 
Cod relatives.  Then he journeyed across the Northern               family lived in Clemenceau.  So Edwin, Morris Fey, and 
States and into British Columbia.  Then he went south to            Marcia Mary held the family together by doing all of the 
Montana.                                                            chores.

I Must Go There Someday                                        62
   The family lived in the Verde Valley until early 1940 
when Edwin was hired by the Bremerton Naval Yards in 
the Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington.  He worked 
in the machine shop, running lathes, planers, and milling 
machines that were large enough to handle large pieces 
needed to repair battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and 
    The depression affected Edwin’s outlook on credit.  
He had to use credit at the grocery store during these lean 
years and that was why in later years he desired to always 
pay cash for what ever he purchased.  In spite of the low 
income,  the family always had enough to eat, and a roof to 
sleep under.  Both parents were warm and loving.
    Edwin was a quiet man, friendly, jovial, and concerned 
about his family and their welfare.  He loved telling funny 
stories.  The family enjoyed taking walks with him and 
listening to him read.  One of the family favorites was 
from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.  He enjoyed 
reading newspapers, the National Geographic, other news              Edwin C. Payne and Lula Fey Payne.
magazines, the Machinist Journal, and of course, the Bible.  
                                                                        He retired from the Bremerton Navy Yard after World 
He enjoyed corresponding to a number of his friends.  He 
                                                                     War II.  Edwin and Lula traveled to Arizona, stayed 
wrote faithfully to ‘Gussie’ Paine on Cape Cod and to 
                                                                     for a while and then returned to Seattle.  He worked at 
Dora Sessions Lee.  Of course he wrote to the Payne family 
                                                                     several machine shops.  The last shop was in Auburn, 
in Prescott.
                                                                     Washington, at the Northern Pacific Railroad.
   On Sunday afternoons he took the family on rides 
around the country:  Sometimes we went to visit friends,                After he finally retired, he volunteered at his church as 
and sometimes we went on rides just to look.                         a “handy” man repairing things and working with a group 
                                                                     of other men.  He traveled with Lula until they finally 
   Edwin enjoyed playing the harmonica.  He played 
                                                                     settled down in Stayton, Oregon, where Dora and her 
by ear, and he did it very well.  The family loved to 
                                                                     husband, Bill Mitchell, lived.
hear him play.  He played mostly hymns.  He enjoyed 
going to church.  He probably attended many church                      After Lula had a stroke, she was put in a nursing home 
and community socials as a young adult, but as he grew               in Salem, Oregon.  Edwin continued to live in Stayton, 
older, he was simply content to go to church or church               but went to see her every day.  Lula died at the nursing 
gatherings.                                                          home on January 26, 1973.  Edwin continued to live 
   Of course, while the family was still living in the Verde         in Stayton until about 1980 when he moved to Seattle, 
Valley everyone enjoyed going to the picnics up at the               Washington, and stayed with Doris and Bert Forsman.  
Potato Patch on Mingus Mountain.  The family especially              He died at the Foss Nursing Home on May 21, 1983.  
enjoyed traveling to see beloved aunts, uncles, and cousins          Cause of death?  Old age.  He was almost 97 years.  He 
from Prescott.                                                       had been in a good health most of his life.  He suffered 

                                                                63          Branches  •  Chapter  1  •  Edwin Clement Payne Jr.
with some small strokes, bladder troubles, and a little 
arthritis, vision loss:  you know  - “old stuff.”  He still 
recognized his family even at 96 years of age.  He had 
some memory loss about past events.  He fell once and 
suffered a fractured hip bone.  That slowed him down 
quite a bit.
   Our family wants everyone to remember Edwin 
Clement Payne Jr. as a kindly man -- full of courage.  He 
loved the Lord and desired to serve Him.

                                                                             Marcia Mary Payne (Fitch), husband Harold Fitch, and son
                                                                             Rickie, age 8, at home in Seattle, 1962.

     Pauline Payne Ranson and her parents, Morris Fey                             Cousins “Sherm” and “Morrie” trade stories:
     Payne and Bonnie Wolfe Payne.                                                Sherman Rodgers Payne and Morris Fey Payne,

Sharon Grace Payne (Barber),                      Dora Paulina (Payne) Mitchell                         Morris Fey and Bonnie Payne
November, 1966.                                                                                         celebrate their wedding anniversary.

I Must Go There Someday                                             64

Article and advertisement
reproduced from the Stayton
Mail (Oregon), newspaper
September 15, 1966.

                              65   Branches  •  Chapter  1  •  Edwin Clement Payne Jr.
The Edwin C. Payne Jr. Family, circa 1950: Standing, Morris Fey Payne,        Family gathering, circa 1951, includes from left: Doris Lula Payne
Marcia Mary Payne Fitch; seated, Doris Lula Payne Forsman, Edwin C.           Forsman, Sharon Payne (age 2), Morris Fey Payne (holding daughter),
Payne Jr., Lula Fey Payne, Dora Paulina Payne Mitchell.                       Bonnie Wolfe Payne (wife of Morris Fey), Edwin C. Payne Jr., Dora
                                                                              Paulina Payne Mitchell, Lula Fey Payne.

                                                                              Edwin C. Payne Jr. and Lula Fey Payne, in a photo taken on Mother’s
                                                                              Day, May 13, 1945

Lula Fey Payne and Edwin C. Payne Jr. at their home, circa 1950.              Cousins Marvin E. Todd and Morris Fey Payne enjoy a good laugh,
                                                                              summer, 2007.

I Must Go There Someday                                                  66
                                           Chapter 2
                                       Morris Wing Payne
                               By Sherman Rodgers Payne and Janet Louise Payne McCarroll

   The Second Son, by Sherman Rodgers Payne                        was named Mary Ruth Payne.  The wisdom of having a 
   On February 2, 1889, a second son was born to E.C.              four-bedroom home was apparent.
Payne and Marcia Anna Wing.  They named him Morris                    There is no documentation that Morris graduated from 
Wing Payne.  At the time of Morris’ arrival, the oldest            high school, although insight indicates that he probably 
son, Ed Jr., was three years old.  We can only guess that          did.  Both of his younger brothers were active in high 
the arrival of a rival sibling had much the same effect in         school.  His penmanship was very good and his command 
1889 as it does today.                                             of the English language was above average for his time.
   Except for photographs, there is little record of what             One thing is certain, Morris and all the boys spent 
went on in the family home in the early years.  One                as much time at Granite Dells as they possibly could.  
assumption can be made with a high degree of certainty:            Morris always spoke fondly of his Grandpa Thomas 
when the children were old enough, they went to Sunday             Wing and Uncle Jimmy Wing.  At the Granite Dells, the 
School.  Both father and mother had firm roots in the              Payne boys learned a lot of things that city boys did not.  
First Congregational Church.                                       They learned to fish, hunt, and trap.  They also learned 
   When Morris was one-year old, a third son arrived at            how to grow vegetables, fruit and alfalfa.  They learned 
the Payne home.  The son was named Stanley Thomas                  to care for livestock and poultry, and of course, how to 
Payne.  Two years later, in 1892, a fourth son was born            climb rocks and trees.  In addition they learned about 
and named Howell Sherman Payne.  Finally, in 1899,                 farm machinery, all kinds of tools, and about pumps and 
when Morris was 10 years old, a baby girl was born.  She           engines.

                                                              67              Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
                                                                  either editor or on the staff of The Tattler and his writing 
                                                                  style shows through clearly.  Writing interesting letters 
                                                                  and documents was a skill shared by both Morris and 
                                                                     During this same period, photographs and passes 
                                                                  showed that Morris was employed as a clerk in the 
                                                                  Prescott office of the Santa Fe Railroad.  It was also 
                                                                  during this period that he became the first Scout Master 
                                                                  in Yavapai County for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  
                                                                  His Troop was Troop 1, headquartered at the First 
                                                                  Congregational Church.  The close association with the 
                                                                  Crescent Bible Class, the Boy Scouts of America, and his 
                                                                  employment with the railroad ended abruptly with the 
                                                                  advent of World War I.
                                                                     Some of the following is conjecture on the part of 
                                                                  the author.  At the time of WWI, what we now refer 
                                                                  to as The Draft was properly known as Conscription.  
     Morris Wing Payne in his World War I uniform, 1917.
                                                                  Somewhere in the author’s memory is the notation that a 
    As was common then, boys often had nicknames.                 man with multiple sons was allowed to keep the oldest at 
We don’t know about Ed Jr., but the other three all had 
nicknames.  As a result of one of his mother’s comments 
about his antics, Morris was known as “Goat.”  Since 
Stanley played varsity football, he was called “Tuffy.”  
Howell was referred to as “Heavy.”
   It is probable that Ed Jr. temporarily left the nest 
around 1904 when he was 18 years old.  That would 
have left Morris as the oldest son at home and, no doubt, 
accounts for the fact that the majority of family photos 
after that time do not include Ed Jr.
   The next documentation of Morris’ activities show up 
in the files of the Crescent Bible Class, the young adult 
group of the First Congregational Church of Prescott.  
The Crescent Bible Class had an annual publication called 
The Tattler.  In the first issue in 1910, Morris Payne was 
the editor.  The files also show that at one time, all four 
of the Payne boys were members. They also show that 
Belle Rodgers was a member.  The mentor of the class 
was Moses B. Hazeltine.  From 1910 to 1916 Morris was                 Morris Wing Payne – “the executive” – circa 1920.

I Must Go There Someday                                      68
home.  This was done to assure that farms (the American 
breadbasket) were not totally stripped of a workforce.  
Another assumption is that jobs vital to the American war 
effort were exempt.  Whatever the reason, Ed Jr. came 
home from Montana during WWI to manage Granite 
Dells, while Morris, Stanley and Howell were conscripted 
and served in the U.S. Army in France.
   It is interesting to note that the man who signed 
Morris’ conscription was a local official by the name of 
E.C. Payne.  It was doubtful that any eligible son of E.C. 
Payne was going to avoid doing his duty for his country.
   Morris started work for the Santa Fe, Prescott and 
Phoenix Railway Company around 1910.  In a letter from 
his grandmother, Deborah Sherman Paine, dated August 
11, 1911, she asks him to tell about his railroad work.  
We also have railway passes made out in his name.                           June 14, 1922: Wedding day for Morris Wing Payne and Belle Rodgers
                                                                            (left to right), shown with their attendants, friend Emma Reibling and
   There are several references in the Crescent Bible Class 
                                                                            broher Howell Sherman Payne Sr.
publication about him going to Phoenix to see his very 
                                                                               He also liked kids and a 1985 story in the Prescott
good friend, Claude Yount, nephew of Dr. Clarence 
                                                                            Courier reports: “The history of Boy Scouts of America, 
Yount.  There was also reference to the fact that there 
                                                                            Troop 1 begins in 1916 when a young man by the 
were certain girls in Phoenix that he might be visiting.  
                                                                            name of Morris Wing Payne wrote to the Boy Scouts of 
As a young man in his early twenties, who had a good 
                                                                            America National Headquarters and procured a charter 
job as stores clerk with the Santa Fe Railroad, he was 
                                                                            to start a Boy Scout troop in Prescott.”  Except for his 
undoubtedly classified as an eligible bachelor and it would                 stint in the Army, Morris continued as Scoutmaster until 
seem that he thoroughly enjoyed his status.                                 1922, when he retired to devote full time to running the 
                                                                            Granite Dells Resort.  Dr. Taylor Hicks, dentist, civic 
                                                                            leader, and one-time Mayor of Prescott, reported that 
                                                                            “Morris taught every one of his Scouts to drive the 1917 
                                                                            Model T truck.”  The truck was an important factor in 
                                                                            the development of Granite Dells.
                                                                               During the war, Ed Jr. moved back to Arizona to 
                                                                            keep the Granite Dells operating, but when the younger 
                                                                            three brothers returned from the war,  Ed Jr. wanted 
                                                                            to strike out on his own and that’s exactly what he did.  
                                                                            Stanley returned from the war to a wife who needed a 
                                                                            steady income.  So he went to the University of Arizona, 
Howell S. Payne Sr., Morris W. Payne, Belle Rodgers (Payne) and Emma        obtained a degree in horticulture and went to work for 
Reibling celebrate memories at the 25th wedding anniversary.                the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  This left Morris 

                                                                       69                Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
and Howell as the operators of the Granite Dells.  They              faculty and is of the best.  A bathhouse containing 75 
formed a corporation: Granite Dells Outing Association               dressing rooms has been completed by H. H. Keyes and 
and they took turns being the President and the Vice-                includes modern bathing conveniences.” 
President every other year.                                             Twenty dressing rooms were assigned to women 
    There is very little record of activity from the end of          and the rest to men.  This pretty well represents the 
WWI until 1922, when Morris married Belle Rodgers                    breakdown of men-women swimmers of the day.  From 
and they set up housekeeping in the barracks-type                    the early ‘30s, this was a totally inadequate allocation for 
building that had been hastily constructed when the                  the women. 
major resort buildings burned in 1905.  Belle kept a daily 
diary from the time she started teaching until her death.  
It is her diaries that enable us to track the life of Morris             Belle reports that July 1 was opening day and there 
Payne through the later years.                                       was a big crowd.  Tragedy stuck in the opening month 
                                                                     when, on July 13th, a man drowned in the lake.  Morris 
   Morris married Emily Belle Rodgers on June 14, 1922, 
                                                                     reported that the man was drunk, swimming behind the 
and the couple honeymooned at Soda Springs.  Their 
                                                                     island, and was not observed.
honeymoon was shortened by the fact that Morris needed 
to be back at the Granite Dells.  The Prescott Journal                  September was not a good month.  Morris was taking 
Miner of Sunday, June 18, 1922 announced that the new                a team of mules and the wagon to town when the mules 
Granite Dells Resort was expected to open about July 1.              spooked and threw him from the wagon.  He sprained 
                                                                     his shoulder and his knee.  His knee was in a splint for 16 
Morris would need to be on the job with Howell as they 
                                                                     days and troubled him for the rest of his life.
launched the “new” Granite Dells. 
                                                                        On September 16 they drained the lake for the winter.  
    I was told in later years that Belle was not thought to 
                                                                     This was the last time they drained it for the winter.  They 
be capable of bearing children.  However, she announced 
                                                                     discovered that water seeped under the concrete bottom 
in her diary that “motherhood is a possibility,” and on 
                                                                     and latter froze, causing small eruptions and cracks.  They 
September 11, 1924, a son was born in the old Mercy 
                                                                     kept water in it all winter from then on.
Hospital on Grove Street.  They named him Sherman 
                                                                        From this point forward, the personal histories of 
Rodgers Payne.  The attending physician was Dr. C. E. 
                                                                     Morris and Howell, and the corporate history of Granite 
Yount.  The fact that no more children arrived pretty much 
                                                                     Dells are closely intertwined.  The first indication of 
affirms that she could not bear any more.  I am sure that 
                                                                     corporate history appears in the Prescott Courier quoted 
Morris and Belle would have loved to have more children.
                                                                     above in which Herndon Norris is listed as the attorney 
   The Prescott Courier announced that the new dance                 for the Payne Brothers.
hall at the Granite Dells would be “under the supervision               The resort was an early day success.  The swimming 
of the Tully Sisters Orchestra.”  Other attractions,                 lake was the only defined and dedicated swimming 
according to Herndon J. Norris, attorney for the Payne               facility in Yavapai County, and the dance pavilion was 
brothers, include the swimming pool, which had been                  large enough to accommodate any crowds Prescott could 
walled and provided with concrete flooring.  Work of                 produce.  The limiting factor was the weather.  Cool 
completing a well and pipeline to furnish water for the              nights and flying cotton from the many cottonwood trees 
pool is under way.  “This water,” Norris said, “has been             made opening day prior to June First an impracticality.  
tested by members of the University of Arizona scientific            When school opened in September, the lake was basically 

I Must Go There Someday                                         70
deserted.  Dances could start in late April and run until              town to be with his family and traveled back and forth to 
early October.  However, the hall was unheated, so cool                the Granite Dells as necessary.  
nights were a deterrent to this activity early and late in the 
season.                                                                                           1925
                                                                          Everything was reasonably normal until February 17, 
  A curt entry in Belle’s diary on Thanksgiving,                       when Grandmother Rodgers suffered another stroke.  It is 
November 30, simply said, “Ground white, bad roads.”  
                                                                       not known how long she was in the hospital, but on April 
Dirt roads were customarily bad roads in the winter time.              17, everybody moved to the Granite Dells.  
                           1923                                           On the 28th of April, Belle reported, “Lovely day, 
   On February 8,  Morris and Howell discovered a                      everything a mess.”
skeleton of an Indian child while working on the road.                    October 17, was a good day because Morris brought a 
This find was reported in the newspaper.  The skeleton                                                                          
                                                                       deer home from a hunt and that meant meat for the table. 
was eventually given to the scientists of the National                 On October 21, Morris went to work for the Bashford 
Geographic magazine.  (See page 133 for full story.)                   Burmister Company.  This would be an on-going winter 
   In summer,  Morris and Howell contracted with a                     time practice as long as the company lasted.  B&B Co.  
                                                                       President Jimmy Whetstine liked Morris, and was always 
construction company in Prescott to drain the swimming 
                                                                       good to him.
lake,  clean out the mud and pour a layer of concrete.  
They also put in a drain system so the lake could be                                              1926
drained and cleaned.                                                      The highlight of the month came on July 10, when 
                                                                       Morris drove home a brand new Dodge truck.  September 
                                                                       brought the first mention of Karl and Lillian Heinrich in 
   January started with bad news for the family.  On 
                                                                       the diary.
January 4, Grandmother Harriet Rodgers suffered a 
stroke and was not home from the hospital until January                     1927
23.  Belle moved back to town to care for her mother, and                 January 
didn’t move back to the Granite Dells until April 14.                  brought big 
   The first Bathing Beauty Show was held at the Dells on              rains to the 
June 15 and was acclaimed a gorgeous success.                          area.  Lake 
   Belle went to the Mercy Hospital for the big event 
on the morning of September 11.  She did not go home 
                                                                       and both the 
for 15 days.  It is not known whether it was simply the 
                                                                       barnyard and 
custom of the day, or if mother or son needed extra care.  
                                                                       picnic grounds 
On  September 29, Dr. Yount said the baby was not 
                                                                       were flooded.  
gaining and changed the boy to cow’s milk on October 
                                                                       The Heinrichs 
                                                                       were living in 
   On October 30, Sherm was taken to see the Granite                   a tent on the 
Dells for the first time.  When Belle left the hospital,               picnic grounds 
she took Sherm home to her mother’s house on North                     and Morris was  Sherman Rodgers Payne, age three (1927).
Pleasant Street.  On December 15,  Morris moved to 

                                                                  71               Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
able to rescue them in his new Dodge truck.  The bridge            and filled the lake with mud.  They tried to clean it but 
went out, so it was later in the month before it was fixed         had to give up and drain it again on July 29.
and Heinrichs could get back to their tent.                           In late July, Belle reported going to an “aluminum” 
   First mention of Tom Holcomb also came in late                  party at the Bianconi ranch.  This was part of a national 
January.                                                           campaign to introduce aluminum cookware to American 
   In June, Mary Ruth, Grandmother Payne,                          housewives, who, for the most part, were very skeptical of 
Grandmother Rodgers, and Belle went to Clarkdale to see            the new product.
the twins, Doris and Dora Payne.                                      The 7th of August saw the installation of a new three 
   On August 15, another big rain filled the swimming              horsepower (3hp) electric motor for pumping.  Later the 
lake with mud.  This required a lot of work and extra              electric motor was deemed to be too expensive and they 
cleaning.                                                          resumed using the gasoline powered Galloway engine.  
                                                                   On the 26th, Morris, Belle, Effie, Stanley, Grandfather 
   November was filled with the chores of the season such 
                                                                   Payne and Grandmother Rodgers attended the Prescott 
as putting up the stove and picking turkeys.  Chickens 
                                                                   Airport dedication. 
and turkeys were always a part of the Granite Dells 
rural atmosphere.  There were always Prescott people                 Mary Ruth and Joe Todd returned from their 
who wanted a fresh turkey.  That meant delivering them             honeymoon on August 29.
dressed and oven-ready.  For instance, on December 20,                 In December, the Old Professor left for Castle Hot 
Tom Holcomb picked 24 turkeys and on the 22nd he                   Springs.  This was the first mention of Louis Schloss, 
picked more.                                                       commonly called “The Old Professor.”  Lillian and Karl 
                                                                   left for Phoenix, and Tom Holcomb was moving back and 
                                                                   forth from his homestead.  Christmas dinner at Granite 
  February was a rough month.  Grandmother Marcia 
                                                                   Dells served 12, and Joel Todd brought his Radiola out.
Wing became quite sick on the 11th and passed away on 
February 17.  At three and one-half years of age, Sherm                                      1929
was too young to go to the funeral, so he stayed with                 January started off with Sherm’s big adventure.  The 
“Uncle” Tom.                                                       Highway Department had been working on U. S. 89 – 
   The big event in April was the purchase of a new                paving it.  They had a crusher plant where the road curves 
sewing machine.  June started off with a big day at the            by Watson Lake.  The indentation on the hill can still be 
pool and a wedding shower for Mary Ruth.  On the 11th,             seen today.
Morris and Howell went to town to sign up for electricity.            Sherm was awed by the large machinery.  Belle and 
Up to this point electricity had been supplied by a DC             Sherm had often walked up the Granite Dells road to 
(direct current) generator.  The DC unit was kept as               meet Morris as he came home from working at the 
a back-up and frequently used in the summer time.                  B&B Co.  On January 4, Sherm decided that their 
Summer storms often interrupted the service supplied by            dog, Betsy, should escort him to go for a walk to meet 
The Arizona Power Company.                                         Morris.  Sherm got to the bend in the road at Watson 
   Prescott’s first American Red Cross “Learn-to-Swim”             Lake and still no Morris.  So Sherm took off up the hill to 
program took up the last part of June.  On July 8, the             inspect the machinery.  In the meantime, Belle frantically 
lake was drained and cleaned.  On July 17, a big rain hit          reported that Sherm was missing and Morris came flying 

I Must Go There Someday                                       72
home.  Sherm thought he saw the top of his truck go                   It was sometimes obvious that Sherm was not a stay-at-
by but was not real sure.  So Sherm went back down                home type kid.  On June 3, it was reported that Sherm 
to the highway to continue his journey.  Two B&B Co.              fell into the boating lake.  Sherm remembers grabbing 
employees, on their way to look for the lost kid, picked          on to the pier and hauling himself out.  Keith Storm 
Sherm up and took him home.  The two employees were               was supposed to be watching the lake but he was in the 
Otis (Oat) Crosse and Roy Gilbert.  Belle said she “sure          boathouse reading a comic book.  Wet clothes made it 
was scared.”                                                      impossible to hide the fact that Sherm had fallen into the 
   The thermometer hit minus eight degrees on January 
24.  On the 29th, Cousin Frank Paine died at the Mercy               Douglas Payne Todd arrived on July 24.  Later in 
                                                                  the month, Belle’s Uncle Jim Reeves visited.  Jim was a 
                                                                  half brother to Belle’s father (Mack Rodgers) and kept 
   February afforded another bit of country style                 in touch.  He owned the Flower Pot Ranch out toward 
adventure.  The Santa Fe Railroad was less than a half            Cherry Creek. 
mile from the house.  One evening, two hobos decided 
                                                                     Some excitement in August. On August 10,  Opal 
to raid one of the chicken coops.  What they didn’t 
                                                                  Lines broke the lock on the woodshed with an ax.  The 
know was that Tom Holcomb had eight of his hunting 
                                                                  next day, she drew a knife on Effie and Stanley, and the 
dogs there and the minute the chickens set up a fuss, 
                                                                  Sheriff was called.  Effie made a call to Socorro, New 
the hobos found themselves hunkered in the chicken 
                                                                  Mexico on August 12, and confirmed that Opal had been 
coop surrounded by squeaking, fluttering chickens and 
                                                                  in an asylum there. 
surrounded outside by barking dogs.  Morris and Tom 
grabbed their shotguns and headed for the coop.  The                                        1930
poor hobos were not sure how secure their future was.                The year 1930 came in like a lion.  It snowed all 
Morris and Tom made them run all the way to the                   day on January 10, making it almost impossible for 
highway and told them never to come back.  The Dells              Morris to get home from town.  The following day, 
never had any visits from hobos after that.                       there was so much snow Morris couldn’t get to town.  It 
   On March 26, Mary Ruth Payne came out to the                   was the biggest snow in 15 years and roads were closed 
Granite Dells to cut cloth for baby clothes.  Douglas             everywhere.  They tried to get to town on the 13th but 
Payne Todd was on his way.                                        had to turn back.  On the 16th, the dance hall roof fell in 
                                                                  from the weight of the snow.
   The next month was also eventful for the family.  On 
April 7, Howell brought his new wife, Opal Lines, home.              Winter would not give up.  On May 5, there was snow 
On the 10th, the Old Professor returned from Castle Hot           and a freeze, and on the 8th there was more snow.  On 
Springs, and on the 11th, the swimming lake was cleaned           May 20, Effie and Stanley reported the arrival of June — 
for summer opening.  On April 15 and 16, Morris and               although it was still May — it was June Patricia Payne. 
Howell spent all day with T. G. and Herndon Norris.                   September was school time and Sherm started first 
The Norris’s had an interest in the Dells and they wanted         grade.  Sherm’s teacher was Mata Dexter, who was a good 
out.  This is when the borrowing began.                           friend of Belle’s when Belle was teaching at Washington 
  On April 28, Belle reported Howell and Opal were                School.
angry, and on the 29th, “Opal and I--a fuss.”  Good news             In October the family went to see the new high school 
came on the 30th when a new Easy Washer was brought               on Gurley Street.  Then, on October 10, the 1926 Dodge 
out for demonstration.                                            truck was loaded up and headed for Venice, California, 

                                                             73              Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
to visit Marion and Novella Rodgers.  Sherm remembers                  On October 20, the family went to see the wrecked 
swimming in a pool in Venice.  It was salt water and                locomotive at P. & E. Junction (later changed to Entro) 
Sherm learned a bitter lesson about opening his eyes while          and on the 25th the family went to see an oil well with 
under water.  On the 18th, the family was on the way                E.C. Payne and Mary Ruth.  This was in the Pauldin area.  
home and stopped in Gila Bend.  Belle reported it as “a 
                                                                       For November, Belle noted that only Mary Ruth, 
miserable place to stay.”
                                                                    Douglas, and E.C. Payne were out for Thanksgiving 
   Picking, cleaning, and delivering turkeys was the big            dinner.  This would indicate that Joel Todd was spending 
job in December.  With Morris working at the B&B Co.,               some time in the Veterans Administration Hospital (Ft. 
Billy and Keith Storm helped pick the turkeys.                      Whipple) during the fall months.  Effie and Stanley came 
                          1931                                      down from St. Johns to be with the family for Christmas.
  March saw visits traded between Sherm and Merrill                                           1932
Windsor, who were to become lifelong friends.                          On February 9, Watson Dam overflowed because of 
   May 9 brings the first mention of Wayland Potter.  He            the winter storms.  Assuring an ample egg production 
served as a lifeguard for several years and became an avid          and fried chicken for the future, 100 baby chicks arrived 
hunter and good friend of Tom Holcomb.  On March 20,                February 29. 
Morris hurt his knee again and was hospitalized for six                March was time for plowing and making preparations 
days.                                                               for planting.  On the 5th, work started on rebuilding the 
  Howell moved a cabin to the boating lake on June 3.               dance hall.  The following day, Howell announced he and 
This brought the number of original rental cabins at the            Opal were getting a divorce.  
Dells to seven.                                                        On July 4, Sherman and Douglas and the twins, 
   Back in May, Belle had hired a Mrs. Butler to                    Doris and Dora, were entered in the kiddies’ parade and 
cook for the “gang.”  On July 27, Mrs. Butler went to               won second place.  Another step toward modernization 
Phoenix.  Belle reports washing dishes all day.  “Sure a            happened in October, as a new electric stove was installed 
dirty kitchen.”  They were still cleaning the kitchen the           to replace the old wood range.  In late November, most 
following day and Morris and Tom cleaned the floor                  everybody was miserable with the flu but all were well 
                                                                    recovered by early December.
and walls.  Sherm remembers that Mrs. Butler baked a 
pumpkin pie and Tom said he couldn’t taste any pumpkin                                        1933
because it was mostly cornstarch.                                      The year 1933 was not good for the Payne household.  
    October was a vacation month — rare for the family.             Freezing weather made it possible to walk across the 
Morris, Belle. E.C. Payne and Sherm visited the Grand               boating lake on the ice.  On January 17, E.C. Payne was 
Canyon, then went to St. Johns to visit Effie, Stanley and          treated for cracked ribs.  On the 20th, Dr. Yount made 
June,  The family left St. Johns early on the 6th, visited          a house call and reported that Sherm had bronchial  
the Petrified Forest and Meteor Crater, and arrived in              pneumonia.
Flagstaff that evening.  Belle reported that Sherm was sick             February was worse than January.  Grandma Rodgers 
all the way home.  He was not a good traveler and always            fell on February 2, and on the 5th, her dress brushed 
got sick going over Mingus Mountain, or down Yarnell                against a small electric heater and caught on fire.  Belle 
Hill.                                                               was able to throw her to the floor and smother the flames 

I Must Go There Someday                                        74
with a blanket.  She was miserable all month and required           because grandfather E.C. Payne paid for much of Stanley’s 
doctor calls twice during the month.  Also, E.C. Payne              education at the University of Arizona.  Stanley felt that 
was very ill and Effie and Stanley were here to visit him           he should have received an equal share in the Granite 
February 9-11.  This indicates the seriousness of his               Dells and he filed a law-suit contesting the will.
condition.  On February 22, Belle reported that “Dad” 
passed away at 6:00 p.m.  On February 26, the “folks 
were all out for the reading of the will” and the funeral              January was fairly busy.  On the 11th, Charles Franklin 
was held.  E.C. Payne was buried next to Marcia Anna                Parker preached his first sermon in Prescott.  On the 
Payne in the Mountain View Cemetery.                                12th, there was a family meeting in the lawyer’s office 
                                                                    discussing the law-suit, while Lula and Belle took care of 
  Big news in the heat of the summer was the birth of 
                                                                    the kids and fixed supper for the gang.
Marvin Edwin Todd on August 20. 
                                                                       On March 11, the Todd family visited the Granite 
    Sherm’s birthday celebration in September included 
                                                                    Dells.  Morris, Mary Ruth, and Howell all talked to 
friends Bill Ellis, Bill Orthel, John Deming and Merrill 
                                                                    Stanley but with no success.  On the 23rd, a jury issued 
Windsor.  On the 14th of October, Sherm was taken to 
                                                                    the decision that the will should stand as written.  On 
town to attend the Mickey Mouse Club.  It was held at 
                                                                    April 14, 1934, Stanley gave legal notice that he was 
the old Studio Theater.
                                                                    appealing the court decision.
    Winter began in November.  On the 12th, Sherm’s 
                                                                        A new electric refrigerator, a Leonard, came to stay 
first dog (Mugs), given to him by Mary Ruth, became 
                                                                    at the Granite Dells on April 20 and on the 30th a new 
the mother of six.  The Old Professor, Louis Schloss, took 
                                                                    piano was purchased for the dance hall.  (As of this 
one of the pups and named it Pupski.  This is mentioned 
                                                                    writing, Janet Louise Payne has this piano in her home.)
because in later years, when the Old Professor left for 
Mexico, he left Pupski behind with the request that                    It was reported twice in August, Sherm and Tom 
Sherm shoot Pupski.  The dog would have otherwise died              went on early morning hunts.  Tom tried hard to make 
waiting for his master to return to the cabin.  Sherman             a hunter out of Sherm.  Tom did pretty well until Sherm 
recalls this as being a very difficult task.                        discovered girls.

   November 15 was the date of the “famous” bobcat                     September 14, saw Howell leave for Tulsa, Oklahoma, 
episode.  With help and teachings from Tom Holcomb,                 to marry Alice Crank.  Winter activities marked 
Sherm had a trap line which was run every morning                   November.  The stove was put up and Morris worked 
before school.  Usually, a skunk was all that could be              some at the B&B Co. On the 19th, school was closed due 
expected, but lo and behold, he had a bobcat!  The bobcat           to a scarlet fever epidemic.  Sherm was required to take 
jumped at Sherm (scared the what-cha-ma-call-it out of              four scarlet fever injections.
him) and he pumped three slugs from the old 25-20 into                                        1935
the cat and left it for Tom to remove from the trap.                   On May 4, the Gardens Resort opened its dance hall 
   On December 30, a long talk with Stanley was the                 directly across the road from the Granite Dells Boating 
order of the day.  E.C. Payne’s will left the Granite Dells         Lake.  This was the first major competition for the 
property (James E. Wing homestead) to Ed Jr., Morris,               Granite Dells Outing Association.  The weather was hot, 
and Howell.  Mary Ruth was to receive the family home               and Alice and Howell were getting a divorce was the 
in Prescott.  Stanley did not receive an inheritance                report on June 21.  Another modern convenience came 

                                                               75              Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
                                                                                 Then, in December, Belle had to go to the hospital 
                                                                                 to have an abscess in her throat lanced. 

                                                                                    Belle was still in the hospital on New Year’s Day, 
                                                                                 and on January 2, Joe Todd took her to 300 S. 
                                                                                 Cortez to stay awhile.  Also, on the 2nd, Ed Jr. and 
                                                                                 the twins visited.  On the same day, it was reported 
                                                                                 the E.C. Payne estate was finally settled.  The 
                                                                                 Arizona Supreme Court upheld the Yavapai County 
                                                                                 Superior Court decision:  Stanley lost the law-suit.  
                                                                                 As a result, Stanley and his family did not interact 
Swimming Lake, 1940. Looking south: Floating platform and dance hall are
                                                                                 with the rest of the Payne family for over 10 years.
viewed.                                                                             On January 5, Emma Reibling took 
                                                                                 Grandmother Rodgers to the Pioneers Home, and 
                                                                                 finally, on January 12, Belle returned home.
                                                                                    In early March, a couple of trips were made 
                                                                                 to view Willow Creek Dam which was under 
                                                                                 construction by the Works Progress Administration 
                                                                                 (WPA).  On the morning of May 2, Grandmother 
                                                                                 Rodgers passed away.  Son Marion Rodgers and his 
                                                                                 wife, Novella, came on the 3rd and the funeral was 
                                                                                 held on May 5.  Grandmother Rodgers is buried in 
                                                                                 Mountain View Cemetery. 
                                                                                    In mid-month, May, the Clem Cruse family 
View from top of boulder overlooking the Swimming Lake shows bathhouse and
                                                                                 arrived for a two week stay.  The Cruses were to 
dance hall but no slide.
                                                                                 become close lifelong friends of Morris and Belle.  
to the Dells on July 25:  Belle started ironing on a “new 
                                                                              Sherm’s heifer had a calf on July 28, and it died on July 
fangled” mangle.
                                                                           31.  (Heck-of-a-way to start in the cattle business!  Sherm 
   August 15 saw the Todds leave for Missouri, and on                      wondered if he was following in Grandfather E.C.’s 
the 26th, Howell’s divorce was final and Alice Crank left                  footsteps?)
                                                                             An interesting note on October 11 reports that Frank 
   Through the summer and early fall several references                    Skemar visited in the evening.  Frank was a Chinese boy 
were made about a Mr. Anderson.  This would be Andy                        who worked as a lifeguard at the swimming lake.
Anderson, a top-notch carpenter and cabinet maker who 
                                                                              It turned cold in November and several hunting trips 
became a fixture at the Granite Dells for many summers                     were unsuccessful.  On November 27, Howell married 
to come.                                                                   Jennie Mildred Newcomb.  The Ed Jr. family came from 
   From October through the end of the year, there were                    Clemenceau for Christmas dinner and the year ended 
few entries in the diary due to some serious eye problems.                 with lots of snow.

I Must Go There Someday                                            76
                          1937                                       October 19 saw Tom come home from a hunt with 
    The year 1937 was a year of bad weather.  On January          a young bear, all fattened up for hibernation.  Sherm 
3, it was two degrees above at the Granite Dells, and             remembers it as the best tasting meat he had had in a long 
Prescott reported 15 degrees below zero.  No temperature          time.  A trip to Phoenix by way of Black Canyon was 
readings above 10 degrees were reported during the                noted on October 30.  Sherm doesn’t think that he went 
month.                                                            because he surely would have remembered that road in 
                                                                  1938.  Morris and Belle came back the same day by way 
   The rains started on February 6, and by the next day 
                                                                  of the White Spar Road. 
the bridge to the Granite Dells had been undermined 
making it unusable by cars.  The big well caved in, and                                      1939
the picnic ground was flooded.  More rains came again                In January, Belle reported that she finally finished 
on February 13, bringing more floods and more damage.             crocheting a table cloth.  She had worked on it for one 
February was not pleasant!  March was warmer, but still a         year, six months and 16 days at a cost of $8.75.  February, 
winter month.                                                     March and April were pretty much taken up with hauling 
                                                                  Sherm and John Deming to Scout meetings and school 
  Andy Anderson gave up on the Phoenix summer heat 
                                                                  affairs.  In July, Belle was still reporting “going after 
and arrived at the Granite Dells on June 18.  A son was 
                                                                  Morris.”  December 3 called for a visit to Uncle Jim 
born to Howell and Mildred on July 30, and they named 
                                                                  Reeves’ Flower Pot Ranch.
him Howell Sherman Payne Junior.  
   All was normal through the 1937 Thanksgiving and                                          1940
Christmas season.  Sherm was particularly happy because              In 1940 Sherm was 15 years old and a sophomore in 
Santa brought a long awaited electric train.                      high school.  Since he was an only child, most of Belle’s 
                                                                  entries had to do with his activities.  It was either going to 
                          1938                                    basketball practice, games or other school activities.  This 
   The most exciting news for the family in January was           was true throughout the school year.
the purchase of a new Ford.  Sherm was active in the Boy             On March 13, the upper story of the old family home 
Scouts Troop 1, which Morris had founded.  The troop              at 300 South Cortez Street burned.  Tom Holcomb was 
made a trip to the Grand Canyon in April.                         a professional lion and bear hunter.  On the 16th, Tom 
   On May 31, Belle reported taking Joel Todd to                  came home with a lion.  
the hospital.  For reasons not explained, Morris went                Belle took the bus to Phoenix on March 27, and 
to California on July 21, and returned on July 24.  It            returned on the 31st.  It is suspected that this may have 
was highly unusual for Morris to leave the Dells in the           been one of her early doctor visits regarding what turned 
summer but it may have been B&B Co. business.  All                out to be cancer.  The extent of her illness was never 
year long, Belle had reported going to town after Morris,         discussed around Sherm. 
which indicates he worked most of the year at the B&B 
                                                                     On April 13, Sherm started a brief stint as a carry-out 
                                                                  boy for The Piggly Wiggly store.  The old Mercy Hospital 
   The only thing of note in August, 1938 was that                on Grove Street burned on June 9.  On June 25, Sherm, 
Sherm won two first place medals at the Granite Dells             John Deming and Jack Snyder went camping.  On June 
swim meet.  It was a repeat of his performance the year           26, a big rain was reported and three wet boys came home 
before.                                                           from their camping trip.  

                                                             77               Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
   The Globe High School Band was in town for the 4th 
of July celebration.  The swimming lake was always closed 
about 6:00 p.m. on dance nights, but Morris succumbed 
to the pleading of the band members and allowed them 
to swim for an hour.  Band member Donald Olives had 
a collapsed lung and was not supposed to go swimming, 
but he did.  Donald drowned about 8:45 P.M.  Sherm 
found him and pulled him off the bottom.  
   The only thing reported in August was that Sherm 
won the diving meet at the lake.  Sherm also won the 50- 
yard freestyle, and that was expected.                              Morris W. Payne, Sherman R. Payne, Belle R. Payne, 1944.

                                                                      Tom’s oldest hunting dog, Old Red, died on July 13. 
   October saw Charlie Niehaus visiting for a coon 
                                                                    Red was the same age as Sherm and that would have 
supper.  Like young bear, fat coon was really good eating.  
                                                                    made him 119 years old in dog years.
Ed Jr. and Lula and children were moving to Washington, 
so Belle inherited their canary.  School activities filled                                        1942
November and December.                                                 January was calm.  Sherm’s dog, Mugs, died and 
                                                                    Sherm started working Saturdays at Safeway.  At that time 
                                                                    Safeway occupied a brand new building across the street 
   Belle noted a trip to Flagstaff on February 26, for the 
                                                                    from the Catholic Church.  As of the date of this writing, 
Northern Region Oratorical Contest.  It was reported as a 
                                                                    the old Catholic Church houses the Prescott Fine Arts 
disaster, which is exactly what it was.  The speeches were 
                                                                    Center, and the old Safeway building houses the Social 
to be memorized---no notes allowed.  About half way 
                                                                    Security Administration.
through, Sherm’s mind went totally blank and leaving the 
stage was the only option.  Sherman’s speech and drama                                            1943
teacher accompanied the family on the trip.  There was                 January was similar to other Januarys before and after.  
very little conversation on the way home.                              On May 27, Sherm went to Phoenix to be inducted 
  Sherm was given a suspended fine for speeding on                  into the Armed Services for World War II, and he 
April 28.  Those were the days when it was helpful if Dad           returned home as a Navy man.  He was accepted into the 
was a friend of the Judge.                                          V-12 Officer Training Program and went home to await 
                                                                    an official call-up.  This came in October and on the 24th 
    Sad news came when the Bashford Burmister 
                                                                    there was a big dinner to send Sherm off to Flagstaff to 
Company sold to a liquidator on May 31.  Prior to 
                                                                    start his naval career at what was then called The Arizona 
that time, Morris had been manager of the furniture 
                                                                    State Teachers College.
department, a job he had held for several years.  On June 
28, Morris was fired from his job at the B&B Co., and on                                          1944
June 30, he went to work for Jimmy Whetstine (formerly                 June 17 recorded a cool 34 degrees in Prescott.  “Very 
President of the B&B Co.).  Apparently, Jimmy was                   few swimmers.”  Sherm finished school in Flagstaff, so 
allowed to keep the accounts receivable so whatever they            Morris and Belle brought him home for a few days.  On 
could collect was theirs.                                           June 30, Sherm left again for a semester at the University 

I Must Go There Someday                                        78
of Southern California.  A robbery was reported on June               This was preparatory to selling Belle’s house.  
28, but apparently the robbers were not very good at a                    Elbert and Laura Paine were visitors on February 
getaway because Morris and Belle attended their trial on 
                                                                      5.  The temperature on the morning of the 5th was two 
August 4.  
                                                                      below zero.  Karl Heinrich died the end of April and his 
   By the end of October, 1944, Sherm was through at                  funeral was held on May 2.  
USC and headed home via Tucson.  Morris and Belle 
                                                                        On May 23, a daughter was born to Howell and Mary.  
picked Sherm up in Phoenix on October 25 and then 
                                                                      She was named Myra Louisa Payne.
delivered him to Ash Fork to catch a train to Asbury Park, 
New Jersey.  Asbury Park was billed as a pre-midshipman’s                Max Gartner, Del Deming, and Larry Baker were 
school but was actually just a holding point until billets            gassed in a well they were digging for Del on July 3.  
opened up at a midshipman’s school.                                   The funeral for Max was held on July 8.  Sherm arrived 
   Sherm will never forget the train ride from Ash Fork to            home from the Navy in July, and on September 3, he and 
Chicago.  Being war time, it was standing room only for               John Deming took off for the North Rim of the Grand 
the first half of the trip, and chair car for the second half.        Canyon under the pretense that they deserved a post-war 
                                                                         Louis Schloss, “The Old Professor,” chose September 
    VE Day (Victory in Europe) was recorded on May 
                                                                      12 as the day he would leave Granite Dells and return 
8.  It was the same day the Arizona Fish and Game 
                                                                      to Mexico.  Sherm took him to town, where he began 
Department put in a pair of beavers at the Jimmy Wing 
diversion dam on Granite Creek  It was also the same day              his trip by bus.  Sherm left home to return to college at 
Sherm received his commission as a Ensign in the Navy.                Arizona State College, Tempe, on September 16 and that’s 
                                                                      the day that Belle reported that she sold her house in 
   On May 28, Howell married Mary Rogers in Mesa, 
                                                                          On Tuesday, December 31, Walter “Red” Levi came 
   On May 31, Morris and Belle drove to Phoenix to 
                                                                      to visit and presented a bit of a challenge to the “school 
pick up Sherm from midshipman’s school in Chicago 
                                                                      marm” imbedded in Belle.  However, she was very capable 
(Northwestern University).  The next training stint for 
                                                                      of handling the situation and put both Red and Sherm 
Sherm was at Advanced Line Officers School in Miami, 
                                                                      “in their places” when needed.  Sherm and Red became 
Florida.  About the time of the Japanese surrender on 
                                                                      lifelong friends, fraternity brothers in college, both went 
August 14, the new Ensign was on the way home with a                  to work for Central Arizona Light and Power Company, 
stop in Phoenix.  The Cruses hauled Sherm to Prescott                 and both became Masons.  They kept in close contact up 
for a stay until September 7, when he took off for amphib             until the time of Red’s death in the spring of 2004.
training in San Diego.
    The big news on December 6, was the receipt of the 
                                                                         On January 2, Sherm had a wisdom tooth pulled.  
first letter from Sherm in the Philippines (South Pacific 
                                                                      Then he and Red Levi headed back to Tempe, stopping 
Theater of War).  
                                                                      at Red’s house long enough to have steak and eggs.  (Ah, 
                           1946                                       youth!)
   On January 11, 1946, Belle reported that they went to                Belle reported ironing 14 shirts on June 4.  This 
the house in town and brought out two loads of dishes.                was, no doubt, the result of Sherm coming home from 

                                                                 79              Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
                                                                     Sherm’s friends visited over the 4th of July and were 
                                                                  reported to have been “some” help.  They included Red 
                                                                  Levi, Keith Turley and Chuck Kohlberg.  
                                                                      Starting in late October, 1948, Belle began to talk a 
                                                                  little about her illness in her diary.  She reported going to 
                                                                  the doctor and being put on a milk diet.  On October 29, 
                                                                  she went to the hospital for a blood test.  One trip to the 
                                                                  doctor in November resulted in more milk and another 
                                                                  resulted in “more to eat.”  
                                                                     Sherm and Red arrived on November 24, anticipating 
                                                                  the Thanksgiving meal to be held in Skull Valley on the 
                                                                  25th.  Isabel Buse was teaching in Skull Valley, and it was 
                                                                  a half-picnic-half dinner affair with the Paynes and Todds 

                                                                      The weather report for January 3 is worth noting.  It 
                                                                  was six degrees above zero in the morning and reached 
                                                                  only 20 degrees by noon.  Snow everywhere.  Topping 
                                                                  that, the A.M. temperature on January 4 was zero degrees!   
                                                                  It snowed almost every day through January and on the 
Morris W. Payne in later years, circa 1975.                       30th, the thermometer fell to five below.  
college.  Morris and Belle celebrated their 25th Wedding             The year 1949 was primarily consumed with concerns 
Anniversary on June 14.  On the 25th, a big crowd was                                                for Belle’s health.  
reported at the Red Cross Aquatic Show.                                                              On March 11, Belle 
   For the first time, Sherm became a car owner on                                                   visited the doctor in 
August 2.  It was a 1937 Ford convertible (with a rumble                                             Phoenix and reported 
seat, no less).  Sherm bought it from classmate George                                               that an operation 
(Gubbie) Lebsch.  Vets were grabbing up cars and Gub                                                 would be necessary.  
got $500 for this V8 that had seen better days.                                                      She reported that the 
                                                                                                     operation on March 
   All through the last half of 1947, Belle complained of                                            18 involved the 
being tired more and more often.                                                                     removal of one-third 
                                1948                                                                 of her stomach.  
    On February 6, Belle went to Phoenix to spend a few                                                    During this time, 
days with the Cruses.  It is not known whether a doctor                                                 a good deal of trouble 
visit was involved or not.  Belle never talked about her                                                was brewing at the 
illness.                                                                                                Ned and Ellen Palm 
                                                                                                        house.  On May 
  On May 1, a son was born to Howell and Mary.  They 
                                                                  Morris on the shoulders of his son    17, a short warning 
named him Robert David Payne.                                     Sherman.

I Must Go There Someday                                      80
said “trouble at the 
Palms.”  On June 
23, it was said that 
Ned Palm was on a 
drunken rampage 
and Ellen stayed 
all night at Granite 
Dells.  Ellen had Ned 
arrested on July 11, 
following another 
drunken rampage.  
(The Palms lived 
nearby, and Ellen 
and Belle were good 
   Again on August  Belle and Morris Payne welcome their
5, Belle had X-rays      daughter-in-law, Charline Gehres, 1950.

and the doctor said 
everything was okay.  However, on September 6 (her 
birthday), she had more X-rays and a second operation 
was ordered.  She went to the hospital on September 
                                                                          Robert Palm and his mother, Ellen Cox Payne, 1986.
10 and didn’t get back to Prescott until October 4.  A 
checkup in late October sent Belle to Phoenix, and once                     More and more often now, Belle reported that she was 
again the doctor said “everything was okay.”                            very tired.  On June 3 and 4, Sherm and Charline visited 
                                                                        at the Granite Dells.  Mr. and Mrs. Gehres were dinner 
   A terse report on December 16 said “Ned to jail” 
and on the 19th said simply, “Took Ned to the State                     guests.  A call came through from Belle’s brother, Marion, 
Hospital.”  On December 29, Belle took a trip to Phoenix                on June 9 (first in eight years).  
for a checkup and again the doctor said everything was                     At this time Belle’s illness was beginning to affect both 
okay.                                                                   her handwriting and her memory.  On June 30, Charline 
                                                                        and Sherm and Lila and Red arrived at the Dells to help 
   March 22 called for another Phoenix trip to see a                    out over the 4th of July.  On July 6, Morris bought Belle a 
doctor about an ear infection.  On the 27th, “Sherm took                new Ford V8.  
us to see Mr. and Mrs. Gehres.”  Belle, Pauline Sandholt,                  The last entry in Belle’s diary was made on July 8, 
Isabel Buse, and Mary Ruth traveled to Phoenix to attend                1950.  She simply reported, “Cold--more rain,  Morris to 
a shower for Charline.  (Nowhere did Belle ever mention                 town.”  
that Sherm and Charline Gehres were engaged.)  
                                                                           There were no more entries in the diary and 
   May 5 was a busy day.  Morris and Belle drove through                consequently no records were kept in any form.  Belle’s 
Litchfield Park to the Cruses, and then back to Litchfield              health deteriorated rapidly until her death on October 15, 
for Sherman Rodgers Payne’s wedding to Charline Ruth                    1950.  She became “more” than Morris could handle, and 
Gehres at 8:00 P.M. 

                                                                   81              Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
stayed awhile with Mary Ruth.  In the final days, she was          share, and Douglas Payne Todd would get the Ranch’s 
transferred to a single patient care home.  The house in           Model-T Ford truck.  Sherm’s response to the offer 
which she died was the same house she lived in from the            was, “What’s a poor boy to do?”   So Morris and Sherm 
time the family moved from Camp Verde until she quit               reluctantly agreed to the offer.  Morris and Sherm now 
teaching school and married Morris.                                together owned the entire Granite Dells homestead of 
   It was quite a setback for Morris when he lost his              Jimmy Wing.  Doug Todd took the Model-T Ford truck 
love, who was also his companion, helpmate, partner                to Tempe where he had a great father-and-sons experience 
and advisor.  More than anything or anybody, Belle was             rebuilding the truck.
responsible for the continued existence of the Granite                In November of 1965, a destructive flood took out 
Dells Swimming Lake.  She provided financial support               the headset pipe and flume, and the pipeline across the 
in the following forms: sold her Flower Pot Ranch cattle;          creek south of the old house.  Another flood struck in 
used her bequest from the Jim Reeve’s estate; sold her             December, 1965 but since repairs had not been made to 
house in Prescott.  Morris also dug into his savings by            the previous damage, the new damage was slight.  
cashing in a matured life insurance policy and using the 
                                                                      In January of 1966, flood Number Three hit.  
money from his bequest from the Horning estate.  There 
                                                                   Everything went out again except the bridge, but 
was just never enough money to afford all of the things 
                                                                   the approaches to the bridge were unusable.  Sherm 
they needed and deserved.  Of course, after all Belle’s 
                                                                   purchased 640 feet of surplus six-inch PVC (plastic) 
doctor and hospital bills were paid, there was very little 
                                                                   pipe from Arizona Public Service in August, 1978.  Red 
money left.
                                                                   Levi, Rodger Payne, and Sherm replaced several sections 
   After Belle’s death, Morris was a pretty lonely guy.  
                                                                   of ditch line with this pipe.  Several pictures of the 
Along with loneliness there is often some accompanying 
                                                                   improvements that had been made were taken to show 
depression.  Ellen Cox (Palm) had divorced Ned, and, 
                                                                   to Morris who, by this time, was confined to his lounge 
having been good friends before, she proceeded to 
                                                                   which was kept in the shade of the apple tree in the 
help Morris with the swimming lake and all the other 
problems that can be a part of operating a venture such as 
Granite Dells.  By 1958, Ellen Cox (Palm) had become a                The pipe served well for a couple of years with the 
capable partner in operating the Dells, and on February            water flowing easily without the interruptions caused by 
27 of that year, Ellen and Morris were married.  This              gopher holes in the bottom of the old dirt ditch.  Then 
turned out to be a very beneficial union for both of them.         came another “gully washer.”  Watson Dam was full and 
                                                                   overflowing, and the flood was just too much for the 
   On September 1, 1962, Morris and Sherm purchased 
                                                                   pipe at the headset, and also the pipe that crossed the 
the one-third interest in the Granite Dells owned by Ed 
                                                                   creek just south of the old house.  The pipeline was never 
Payne Jr. for $11,500.  This amounted to approximately 
                                                                   repaired after that flood.  
$261 per acre for his 44-acre share.  This was all quite a 
deal at the time.  However, Mary Ruth’s husband, Joel                 August 15, 1971, was the final day Morris was able to 
Todd was the realtor handling the transaction and he               operate the Granite Dells Swimming Lake.  Cancer was 
made Sherm a constrained offer on the Granite Dell’s               beginning to take its toll.  With water no longer running 
Model-T  Ford truck.  The offer?  Joel Todd would not              in the irrigation ditches, the curtains were closed on the 
try to get Ed Jr. to ask for more money for his one-third          Granite Dells Swimming Lake of decades past.  

I Must Go There Someday                                       82
   On October 3, 1978, four months before his 90th                     In late 1985, Sherm sold approximately 80 acres to 
birthday, Morris lost his battle with cancer.  He is buried         Ray Roles.  Ray operated a few recreational vehicle parks 
in Mountain View Cemetery next to Belle.                            in the Phoenix area and planned such a park in Granite 
   Following the death of Morris, Sherm devoted his                 Dells.  The Yavapai Board of Supervisors gave him a bit 
attention to finding someone to lease the swimming lake             of a hassle over the density of his plan and he decided 
and dance hall area.  The tax burden was substantial and            to back off entirely.  (There may have been other factors 
some income was needed to help with the taxes.  Such a              involved such as the ready availability of water.)
party was found in the person of Jim Ettinger.  With the               With the tax burden appreciably lifted, Sherm 
help of lawyer Phil Toci, an airtight lease was drawn up            decided retirement was his next best move.  At age 62 
and executed in 1978.  In his haste, Sherman neglected to           his employment with APS had spanned 37 years.  The 
complete a thorough background check on Jim Ettinger,               Granite Dells was pretty much a guarantee that this 
and it was soon apparent that he was woefully under-                would not be the end of his working days and Charline 
financed.  Also, it was apparent that his temperament did           had some good ideas about places to go and things to 
not help him in his attempt to manage a resort.  After              see.  Mark Wirth bought the 80 acres (formerly owned by 
four years, Sherm canceled the lease.                               Ray Roles) from Grand Canyon College in 1998.  Mark 
    In August of 1980, Sherm was able to transfer to                and wife Margie have refurbished both the dance hall 
Prescott and still continue his employment with APS.                and bathhouse buildings, turning one-half the dance hall 
This allowed him to be on hand to deal with the problems            into living quarters and the bathhouse into an equipment 
that arose at the Granite Dells.  Fulfilling a lifelong             storage facility.  Their plans for the area are recreational 
dream, Sherm was able to return to the Granite Dells to             oriented but have not been finalized at the time of this 
live.  In 1983, Sherm and Charline were able to move                writing.  Sherm and Charline feel fortunate in having the 
into a new home that had been constructed on top of the             Wirths as stewards of the Granite Dells recreational area.
hill where the old water tank stood.  There were some                  As developers and home builders began to move closer 
small Indian ruins on the site and Sherm reasoned that              and closer to the old homestead, Sherm came to espouse 
if the Indians were smart enough to build well above the            the old American lament, “Not In My Backyard.”  In 
Granite Creek flood plain, it was a good place to build a           2001 Sherm began negotiations with The Trust For Public 
home.                                                               Land, headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  His 
   Having learned that leasing was not an ideal situation           hope was that at least the heart of the old homestead 
regarding the Dells property, Sherm had to face up to the           could be saved from the bulldozers and backhoes.  The 
fact that selling some of the property might be his only            Trust offered a way this could be accomplished.  Sherm 
choice.  Turning loose of some of the property where he             deeded to each of his children slightly more than an acre 
was born and raised was not something Sherm wanted to               of land, and saved about two acres for his own home.  
do.  However, in early 1985, he arranged with a real estate         Rodger, Janet, Beth, and Mark are free to sell their lots 
agent to list the north 80 acres for sale.  When his real           but the lots can only be used for residential purpose and 
estate agent mentioned that she “could just see condos              no additional lots are allowed.  
along Granite Creek,” Sherm yanked the property off the                In 2002, Sherm signed the papers that deeded 
market until the sales terms were changed to allow for              approximately 26 acres of the Granite Dells homestead 
recreational use only.                                              to the Trust For Public Land.  The result is that less than 

                                                               83              Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
10 acres of the original homestead remains in the Payne           kiddies.”  His favorite poem to tell children was:
family.  In 2007, the Trust For Public Land sold these            Ooey Gooey was a worm, a little worm was he,
26 acres to the City of Prescott to be used for a public          He climbed upon the railroad track, the train he did not see.
accessible riparian open space.  It can not be developed,         OOOEEEY -- GOOEEEY!
but it will be open to the public as a nature trail.                 In the summer evenings, after the pool was closed, 
   May the Granite Dells Rest In Peace.                           Morris would usually relax on his screened-in front porch, 
   Memories Of Morris by Janet Louise Payne                       smoking his pipe and listening to the sounds of nature: 
                                                                  locusts, birds and the wind.  Sometimes he would play a 
   In 1978, Morris Wing Payne passed away at the age 
                                                                  game of cards or Snooker.  Root beer floats and big dishes 
of 89, but he lives on in the memories of all those who 
                                                                  of ice cream were among his favorite desserts.
were lucky enough to have known him.  He spent most of 
his many years living at and caring for the land he loved:           Morris was a religious man, attending the 
Granite Dells.                                                    Congregational church nearly every Sunday.  His 
                                                                  dining room table always had two small books on it:  a 
   Morris was a very hard-working man; he managed 
                                                                  daily devotional guide and a bird-watching guide.  He 
the swimming lake, the dance pavilion, the picnic/camp 
                                                                  especially loved watching hummingbirds and quail.  He 
grounds, two large vegetable gardens and all the rest of 
                                                                  fed the quail in his garden every evening just at dusk.
the Dells property.  During the summer, he enlisted the 
help of family, friends, and young lads from town who                In the fall, winter, and spring, Morris enjoyed going 
were eager to earn a free swim.  Morris was an excellent          on car trips throughout Arizona, Colorado, and the 
delegator of chores and a patient teacher of everything           Southwest.  Every Christmas Eve, he and Ellen would 
                                                                  drive to Phoenix with their car filled with gifts and food 
from proper sweeping technique to safe disposal of pests 
                                                                  goodies for the grandchildren.  They would often return 
such as squirrels and skunks.  The most fortunate of his 
                                                                  to Prescott with one of the kids for a short visit.  
helpers were allowed to eat a delicious mid-day dinner 
prepared by Ellen and served at either First Table or                Everyone who knew Morris has different memories of 
Second Table.  This meal always included fresh-from-the-          bits and pieces of his life, but all will agree that he was 
garden vegetables and Morris’ wise advice to “take small          one of the happiest, sweetest, finest men they ever met.
bites and chew.”
   Morris was most often seen bustling from one end of               Short Stories [Vignettes, Anecdotes, Etc.]
the Dells to the other in an old grey Chevy pickup truck, 
                                                                       About Granite Dells, Prescott, Arizona
and then in his later years, a green cart, “Old Smokey.”  
He was always with his trusty beagle, Snoopy, but                          Told by Sherman R. Payne, July 30, 2003
occasionally he would take a short break from his summer 
work to visit with folks.  He liked to sit on a shady bench       Names of the Various Buttes Within Granite Dells Area
by the pool, smoke his pipe, and talk with old friends and           One of the most favorite buttes to climb when Sherm 
new acquaintances.  His cane would double as a both a             was a kid is Sunset Butte.  His father, Morris W. Payne, 
pointer and a prop for his bum leg.  The summer potluck           named it because the setting sun reflects a warm glow on 
picnics at Granite Dells were grand occasions to keep in          the rocks.
touch with beloved family and friends.  Morris enjoyed               Some of the points of interest on the butte:  One rock 
people young and old, but was especially fond of “the             formation appears as “Snoopy” (Charlie Brown’s dog in 

I Must Go There Someday                                      84
the comic strip “Peanuts”).  On another level near the              finding out about the movie in Time magazine’s overseas 
bottom is the “Fallen Indian.”  The story is that he was            (smaller) edition: “I opened up the magazine, and there in 
the last defending Indian (Native American) as the white            the center spread, was a picture of Jeanne Crain on ‘my’ 
settlers came in and took over the land.  He was shot and           swimming pool back home.  And – I didn’t get to see her 
fell to the base.                                                   in person!”
   At the entrance to the Dells is the image of a bear                 “The Boiler”
looking down at Granite Dells.  Sherm’s name for this                  For many years following World War I, a large steel 
rock is “Watch Bear.”
                                                                    boiler was by the chicken pen in back of the house.  In 
   Potato Patch Butte was at the boating lake.  The level           World War II, it was finally donated to the used metal 
area was originally farmed in the early days, around the            drive.  Edwin Jr., the eldest of the Payne sons who 
1930’s and may have been cultivated even earlier.  This             remained in Prescott to help with the war effort at home, 
area was pasture for Sherm’s horse, Mars.                           had purchased the boiler to be installed at the swimming 
    Indian Mountain is bordered by State Highway 89 on              pool to heat the pool water.  The practical standpoint 
the west.  There were two “forts” on top that were used             was that it was a danger to the swimmers, so the boiler 
by the Yavapai Apache Tribe before the white man came.              was moved.  The boiler’s purchase was quite costly, and 
Lookouts could see dust of an on-coming warrior band                Morris, Stanley and Howell (when they returned from 
from north and west and from east and south.  There are             WWI) were very upset with Ed for the expense.  Many 
still smoke marks on the Indian Mountain rocks.  Stanley            tubes from the boiler were used later for water pipes 
T. Payne’s cremains are interred there as well as those of          around the Dells.
his dog Ponto.                                                         Those Cottonwoods!
   Wild Animals Vignette                                               The Granite Dells swimming pool was opened for 
   “Stinky” routed out “Snoopy” and “Stinky” got shot.              the summer season when the cottonwood trees quit 
(Snoopy was a dog; Stinky was a skunk.)  Chickens and               producing the flying “cotton.”  Because of the “mess,” 
trukeys were killed by bobcats, as were ducks on the lake.          the pool had to be cleaned of the cotton fluff before the 
There were always coyotes (they generally didn’t come               patrons could swim.
in too close) and raccoons.  Most of the trapping and                  The cottonwoods were natural to Granite Creek, which 
hunting was done by Tom Holcomb and his dogs.  He                   flows through the Granite Dells property.  The fruit trees 
trained the dogs to trail the bobcats.  There were lots of          were brought in by the original homesteaders – the Wings 
skunks, which dug lots of holes.                                    and the Paynes.  The cottonwoods made great shade but 
   Leave Her To Heaven                                              were messy, and were treacherous when old limbs fell.  
   Leave Her To Heaven, the motion picture starring                 [In the last decade of the 20th Century, i.e., 1990-2000, 
Gene Tierney, Jeanne Crain and Cornel Wilde, was made               the cottonwoods reached their age zenith and now fall 
during World War II.  The producers chose an “alcove” of            regularly.]
the Granite Dells swimming lake for several scenes.  They              As Sherm explains, if you plant a cottonwood branch 
temporarily modified the pool, building a false facade              into sandy soil, it turns into a tree.  There was almost a 
of a house.  The sandstone decking was done so well                 straight row of the trees from the old home area down to 
that it remains a half century later.  Sherm remembers              the boating lake.  This was because cottonwood branches 

                                                               85              Branches  •  Chapter  2  •  Morris Wing  Payne
were used as fence posts, and fence posts grew into trees.             The Dance Hall
In dissecting a stump from one of the trees, you will find             The original dance hall was built about 1922.  Sherm 
barbed wire!                                                        doesn’t know where the money came from for this 
   Indian Stories                                                   adventure.  The original dance hall burned in the 1930’s.  
    Sherm’s present home is built on an old Yavapai                 However, it was a popular place for Prescottonians from 
Apache Tribal site, two levels above Granite Creek.  It             the 1920’s through the 1950’s to spend a happy Saturday 
sits above the original home area on the first level above          night dancing to a local band, and so it was rebuilt.  A 
the creek.  When Sherm was young, the rocks on the                  huge granite boulder was the center of attention near 
second level were in a square form, obviously a structure.          the bandstand.  Rows of tables and benches ringed the 
The base structure for the present water tank back of his           interior so that patrons could ‘sit out a dance’ and enjoy 
house was made of rocks from the Indian house.  Down                a soda pop or beer.  Because it was used only in summer, 
below, they found a lot of Indian pottery shards and other          the building had screens to let in the breezes.
evidence of occupation when building the present home 

                              Charline and Sherman Payne, 1999.

I Must Go There Someday                                        86

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