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									                         The Bark
                         2nd BN 27TH IN REGT WOLFHOUNDS

Volume 1, Issue 9                                                              November 2004
                                                             It has become traditional for our
                                                     sitting presidents to annually proclaim
                                                     that the nation celebrates Veterans Day,
                                                     and in a separate proclamation,
                                                     Thanksgiving Day. In his Thanksgiving
                                                     Proclamation in 2001 President Bush
                                                     said, in part:
                                                             “Nearly half a century ago,
                                                     President         Dwight        Eisenhower
                                                     proclaimed Thanksgiving as a time when
            Veterans Day                             Americans should celebrate ‘the
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night       plentiful yield of our soil . . . the beauty
only because rough men stand ready to do             of our land . . . the preservation of those
violence on their behalf." -George Orwell
                                                     ideals of liberty and justice that form the
        The month of November gives us               basis of our national life, and the hope
both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving                   of international peace.’ Now, in the
Day. In the minds of many, these two                 painful aftermath of the September 11
days have no connection with each                    attacks and in the midst of our resolute
other. Those who think that are, of                  war       on       terrorism,      President
course, wrong. We, as a people, have                               s
                                                     Eisenhower' hopeful words point us to
reason to give thanks for our bounty                 our collective obligation to defend the
only because of the men and women                     (Veterans continued on page 5)
we honor on Veterans Day. And, when
we speak of our bounty we are talking
about more, - much more - than our
food and comforts. In his State-of-the
Union address in 1941, President
Roosevelt spoke of the Four Freedoms:
which he argued were fundamental
freedoms all humans ought to enjoy:
Freedom of Speech;         Freedom of
Religion; Freedom from Want; and,
Freedom from Fear. These are what we
give thanks for. These are what our
veterans did - and do - provide. These
and more, are what we, tomorrow’s
veterans, are providing to our country,
and to the people of Afghanistan.

                                                  LTC Piatt and the Orgun-e FOB Devil Dogs
Commander's Forum                                 gather around the Marine Corps' birthday
By: LTC Piatt, NF6                                cake.

                                                 Devil Dogs Celebrate Birthday
        November is a time to give               By: SSgt Terrance M. McGowan, USMC
thanks. This month I wanted to share
with you a letter I wrote for our families               On November 10, 2004, the
and loved ones back home.            This        small detachment of eleven FOB Orgun-
Thanksgiving I will give thanks for the          E Marines from MWSS-473 and
mothers who have children serving in             HMLA-773 celebrated the 229th birthday
the military.                                    of the United States Marine Corps. The
                                                 observance was informal, but was filled
Dear Family and Friends of the                   with traditions that make the Marine
Wolfhounds:                                      Corps birthday celebration truly unique.
        On October 27th, 2004 Corporal           To help commemorate the event, in
Billy Gomez died of wounds he suffered           attendance were LTC Piatt, SGM
from combat action in a small town near          Marrero, other soldiers from the 2-27
the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Billy           Wolfhounds, 3/5 soldiers, as well as
Gomez was a very special person, a               representatives from the FOB' others
dedicated soldier and loving son. He             conventional       forces    (OCF)      and
made everything and everyone around              employees of Kellog, Brown and Root
him better.                                      (KBR).
        Billy was wounded on October                     The ceremony started with a
21      when a remote controlled                 brief history of Tun Tavern in
improvised explosive device struck his           Philadelphia, PA.        It was here, on
vehicle. Three others were injured when          November 10 1775, that the Marine
their vehicle hit the mine, SFC Martin           Corps was born. On that day, the
Delarosa, PFC Ryan Sergeant and one              Continental Congress meeting at the
local national interpreter. Their mission        tavern commissioned Samuel Nicholas
was to deliver medical care to a remote          to “raise two Battalions of Marines” as
village that has no doctors or clinics.          the American colonies prepared for
Because of their actions the people in           independence from the English.
this area are no longer intimidated by the               Next, attention was drawn to a
enemy. Billy helped bring hope to these          circular table set with a white table cloth,
people and the enemy’s only course of            a red rose in a vase tied with a red
action was to try and destroy that (NF6          ribbon, a plate with a slice of lemon and
continued on page 3)                             (Birthday continued on page 7)

                                                (NF6 continued from page 2)
                                                hope. In a desperate attempt to refute
                                                the progress Billy, Martin and Ryan
                                                brought to this small town, the enemy
                                                struck in this cowardly way. In spite of
                                                the enemy’s actions their service and
                                                sacrifice continues to make a difference
                                                in this once extremely hostile area. We
                                                will not let the enemy win. Billy
                                                believed in what he was doing and we
 SGM Marrero, along with local police,
 distributes Humanitarian Aid.
                                                will continue to bring stability to this
Thank You America                               remote area; Billy would have wanted it
                                                this way.
Thank You, America                                      Billy was evacuated to Germany
By: SGM Marrero, 2-27 INF                       as he clung to life. His mother, sister
                                                and two brothers traveled to Germany to
        The last couple of months I have        be with him during his last days. The
been truly touched by the patriotism,           trip his mother made is every mother’s
support, and admiration of the American         worst nightmare. As I prayed for Billy I
people. I have personally received over         could not help but cry for his mother.
one hundred care packages and letters           Every soldier is prepared to face the
from all over the country.         These        sacrifices that our country asks of us but
packages and letters are from you,              we often forget the human toll on those
Americans trying to do their part in the        we leave behind. Recently Mrs. Joan
Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).                 Neal, the mother of CPL Wesley R.
These items include used clothes, toys,         Wells, wrote me and shared these words:
cookies, candy, toiletries, books, music                “Each and every one of you
CDs, DVDs, cans goods, razors, and              deserves to be honored for all you
school supplies.     Most of the care           sacrifice for our freedom here.
packages have come from people or               Unfortunately for human nature it takes
organizations like,           such a tragedy to open the eyes of all to
Family Readiness Groups, Boy Scouts,            see what it takes to make our country
Girl     Scouts,      United      Service       what it is, America the beautiful, land of
Organizations (U.S.O), family, and              the free and home of the brave.”
friends. In most instances letters of                   I was very moved by these
encouragement and praise have really            words. I realize now that mothers, not
touched us. Every letter or care package        soldiers, pay the price for our freedom.
has been evenly distributed throughout
the Paktika Province to the Task Force          "NO FEAR!"
Soldiers or the local nationals. Believe        NF6
me when I say it is like Christmas when
we receive your mail or when we
conduct patrols to hand out (Thanks
continued on page 6)

Flanders Fields
By: SPC Sturgeon, HHC

         In the spring of 1915, possibly         We are the dead. Short days ago
what is the most famous war poem of              We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
our time was written. LTC, then MAJ,             Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
John McCrae, M.D., of the Canadian                      In Flanders Fields
Army wrote “In Flanders Fields.” In this
work he details the devastation he               Take up your quarrel with the foe:
witnessed in the battle for Ypres Salient        To you from failing hands we throw
in the western part of Belgium.                  The torch; be yours to hold high.
         Almost 90 years later this poem         If ye break faith with us who die
still inspires generations, serves as a          We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
rallying cry for the fallen and has served               In Flanders Fields
as the inspiration for the VFW’s poppy
sales, the proceeds of which go to                      “America’s Answer”
support disabled Veterans.                              By R.W. Lillard
         I remember hearing this poem at
every Remembrance Day (What the                  Rest ye in peace, ye Flanders dead
Canadians call Veterans Day) assembly I          The flight ye so bravely led
attended in school as a child but never          We’ve taken up. And we will keep
fully grasping the significance of the           True faith with you who lie asleep
emotions it evoked.                              With each a cross to mark his bed.
         It wasn’t until this deployment
with its highs and lows that I truly             In Flanders Fields
learned to appreciate the power of “In           Fear not that ye have died for naught
Flanders Fields”. With a new sense of            The torch ye threw to us we caught
duty I will proudly wear a poppy every           Ten million hands will hold it high.
11th of November.                                And Freedom’s light shall never die!
         What follows is the poem “In            We’ve learned the lesson that ye taught
Flanders Fields” and a poem written as a                In Flanders Fields
response to Flanders referred to as
“America’s Answer” written by R.W.

         “In Flanders Fields”
                                                            HELP WANTED
         By LTC John McCrae                         Anyone that wants to submit an
                                                    article for The Bark, please have it
In Flanders Fields the poppies blow                 turned in to SPC Hennigan or SPC
Between the crosses, row on row                     Robeck no later than the 12th of the
That mark our place; and in the sky                 month.
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

(Veterans continued from page 1)                 Behind the Scenes of Bravo
enduring principles of freedom that form         By: SPC Kelly, B Company HQ
the foundation of our Republic.”
        In 1789, President Washington,                    It’s 1930 Zulu and the Bravo
recollecting the countless blessings for         Company conference room looks like
which our new Nation should give                 the scene of the Dallas Cowboys war
thanks, declared the first National Day          room on draft day. Charts, maps and
of Thanksgiving. …President Abraham              paper are strung all over the table as the
Lincoln revived what is now an annual            leaders prep for the next days mission.
tradition of issuing a presidential                       Having only arrived four hours
proclamation of Thanksgiving. President          ago and the patrol set for 0300 Zulu the
Lincoln asked God to "heal the wounds            following day the mood is strained.
of the nation and to restore it as soon as       Personnel are running frantic making
may be consistent with the Divine                sure last minute pre-combat inspections
purposes to the full enjoyment of peace,         (PCI) are completed and the convoy will
harmony, tranquility, and Union."                be ready to roll.
        In his proclamation for Veterans                  As it has happened countless
Day 2004 President Bush said, again in           times, Bravo Company exceeded
part:                                            expectations and are lined up fifteen
        “Americans live in freedom               minutes prior, in full spirit and ready to
because of our veterans' courage,                accomplish the mission.
dedication to duty, and love of country.                  This has been the scene on many
On Veterans Day, we honor these brave            days since our commander, Captain
men and women who have served in our             Sego, led the first platoon into Orgun-E
Armed Forces and defended our Nation.            last March. That platoon wasn’t on the
Across America, there are more than 25           ground a week before they made a push
million veterans. Their ranks include            into Sharona and established the
generations of citizens who have risked                      s
                                                 company' second home.
their lives while serving in military                     Bravo Company has continued a
conflicts, including World War II,               steadfast pace throughout the eight
Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and            months in theatre. Having only been
the War on Terror. They have fought for          together as a company twice since
the security of our country and the peace        arriving, it is a testament to the leaders
of the world. They have defended our             abilities to keep their soldiers motivated,
founding ideals, protected the innocent,         focused and constantly ready for the next
and liberated the oppressed from                 mission.
tyranny and terror. They have known the                   Having a place to stage with all
hardships and the fears and the tragic           the comforts of home has allowed for the
losses of war. Our veterans know that in         platoons to focus on delivering
the harshest hours of conflict they serve        Humanitarian Aid and conducting
just and honorable purposes.”                    combat patrols. No longer is the concern
        As the Wolfhounds continue our           about sleeping conditions, hot chow and
mission we not only bring the Four               staying warm.
Freedoms to Afghanistan, we also                          Having secured the entire
preserve them in our Homeland. A free            province of Paktika during the country'   s
(Veterans continued on page 8)                   first (Bravo continued on page 6)

(Thanks continued from page 3)
Humanitarian       Aid      with     your
contributions. The faces of the Soldiers
and local nationals are a sight to see,
thanks to you! Everything that you have
sent has made a difference on our base
camps or local villages.
         What I have learned through this
experience is that the news media has it
wrong, it is not all negative. Americans
                                                  The 2-27 Scouts on patrol in Marzak, with
really do care and support their military         snow capped mountains as the backdrop.
members serving all over the world in
harm’s way. Americans want to do their           (Bravo continued from page 5)
part in this war and help any way                democratic elections in early October,
possible. I consider myself your tool to         Bravo Company is now focused on
share your love and support throughout           continuing to build a rapport and take
our area of operations. And for this I am        care of the citizens who have come to
truly blessed and honored to serve our           trust us.
nation.                                                   Nearly every convoy that leaves
        Again, thank you for caring and          Orgun-E is followed in tow by a jingle
all of your support to our nation’s cause.       truck filled with Humanitarian Aid for
Without you or the support, we cannot            the various towns. Bravo Company has
win this Global War on Terrorism.                passed out nearly 500 blankets (with
                                                 hundreds of more to come), clothing for
Sincerely,                                       the women, children and men of the
                                                 region. SPC Buskirk of second platoon
SGM Anthony Marrero, Operations                  has had delivered to him personally a
Sergeant Major, a proud American and             dozen boxes of shoes for the
Wolfhound!                                       communities. It is this dedication to
                                                 what we are here doing that exemplifies
                                                 the attitude of all Bravo Company.
                                                          Behind all that the platoons in the
                                                 company have accomplished and will
                                                 continue to accomplish throughout the
  All previous full color editions of            deployment, the planning is what takes
      The Bark can be found on                   place behind the scenes here in Orgun-E.                                   Before a patrol can take place the
   Click on the 2nd Battalion page.              logistics have to be set and the
                                                 preparation for the mission organized.
                                                 This is to include the numerous hours
                                                 spent at the motor pool making sure
                                                 (Bravo continued on page 7)

(Bravo continued from page 6)
vehicles are mission capable, patrols are
organized at battalion level, and
weapons systems are up.
        SGT Bartlett is like a puppet
master who pulls the right strings every
time and makes things happen. As the
platoon sergeant and training room
NCOIC his job is never done. He is in
charge of making sure the platoons have
ammo, get their mail, have a constant
supply of fresh batteries, food and water.        The Marines on OE celebrated the 229th
                                                  birthday of their beloved corps with a
One of his most important jobs and the            colorful cake!
one that everyone has appreciated the
most is planning and sending the soldiers
home for leave.                                  (Marines continued from page 2)
        Entering the latter stages of            pinch of salt, a bible, an inverted glass,
November, Bravo Company has lead the             and finally an empty chair. Each item
battalion in sending soldiers home on            carries its’ own solemn POW/MIA
leave. This dedication to the soldiers           symbolism. The round table with white
welfare, led by 1SG Gentry and Captain           cloth shows the everlasting concern for
Sego, has made Bravo Company a                   our men still missing and the purity of
success in the first eight months and is         their motives while answering the call of
why we will be a success in the last four        duty. The red rose and vase with a red
months.                                          ribbon symbolize the life of each of the
        As we push on into the holiday           missing, our determination to account
season we begin to realize it' the time
                                s                for them and their families and loved
we miss being home the most. The                 ones who still await answers. The slice
temperature here is dropping and we              of lemon and pinch of salt reminds us of
sometimes feel we just don’t know how            the bitter fate of those captured and the
we are going to continue. However, we            tears endured by the missing and their
will continue looking to our leaders to          families.      The bible represents the
guide and continue to motivate us so we          strength gained through faith.         The
can accomplish the mission we came               inverted glass symbolizes their inability
here to do.                                      to share in the nights’ toast. Finally, the
        As Bravo Company has done                chair – it is empty – they are not here.
and, will continue to do, we will                        The memorial proceeded with a
complete all the missions we are tasked          reading of then Marine Commandant
with. There will be a convoy lined up            John A. Lejeune’s 1921 birthday
outside fifteen minutes prior to departure       message to the Corps. This original
ready to embark on yet another                   birthday message is read every year at
adventure.                                       each observance of the Marine Corps
                                                 birthday. The next tribute is read from
                                                 General Michael W. Hagee, present
   Comments or Suggestions? E-mail               Commandant of the Marine Corps.
    them to                          The birthday celebration was
                                                 (Marines continued on page 8)

(Marines continued from page 7)                  as fast as they can to the city. What does
concluded with a cake cutting ceremony.          the wise man say to the brothers?
In this unique tradition the first two
pieces of cake are presented to the oldest       #3.     Honest Joe says: "What I don'     t
Marine and youngest Marine present.              know about milk is scarcely worth
This is symbolic of the passing on of            mentioning," but he was flabbergasted
Marine Corps knowledge and traditions            one day when each of two ladies asked
from the old to the new.                         him for two quarts of milk. One lady had
        Final inspirational words were           a five-quart pail and the other had a four-
offered by LTC Piatt, who then                   quart pail. Joe had only two ten-gallon
presented the oldest and youngest                cans, each full of milk. How did he
Marine with a Wolfhound unit coin. The           measure out exactly two quarts of milk
Marines followed suit by presenting              for each lady?
their own unit coins, plus cigars, to LTC
Piatt and SGM Marrero. Everybody
present then shared in some cake. The
celebration was a resounding success
and a good time was had by all!

Exercise for the brain...
        Try your luck at figuring out
these riddles. The first person with all
three answers wins a free meal at the
Hard "Rocket" Café!

#1.    Below, 10 nine letter words have
been broken into chunks of three letters.
These chunks have been mixed up, no
chunk is used twice and all chunks are
used. Can you determine what the 10              (Veterans continued from page 5)
words are?                                       Afghanistan, a democratic Afghanistan
   rbr   tim   sag   tel   lig    ent            will not be a place from which comes a
   hea   dli   ble   whi   htn    fer            sinister, sub-human evil to do harm in
   car   age   esc   ing   ind    wat            America. Our countrymen honored our
   til   hai   ush   dif    eta   new            brothers on Veterans Day and we give
   rlw   all   erf   ope    ent   ght            them a world to be thankful for on
                                                 Thanksgiving Day.
#2.     A man tells his two sons to race                 Our families will indeed sleep
their camels to a distant city to see who        peaceably because we do stand more
will inherit his fortune. The one whose          than ready to do violence on their behalf.
camel is slower will win. The brothers,          More than ready…
after wandering aimlessly for days, ask a
wise man for advice. After hearing the                                             -HM
advice they jump on the camels and race

                                                one of the most competent medics in the
                                                         “If I had a platoon of medics like
                                                him I’d have no worries," said 1LT
                                                         CPL Gomez entered the United
                                                States Army on 11 August 1997. He
                                                was assigned to Schofield Barracks in
                                                July of 2001. In March 2004 he was
                                                deployed to Afghanistan in support of
                                                Operation Enduring Freedom as part of
                                                the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.
                                                         During his combat tour in
                                                Afghanistan, CPL Gomez earned the
                                                Global War on Terrorism Service Medal,
                                                the Global War on Terrorism
                                                Expeditionary Medal, the Combat
                                                Medical Badge, and the Purple Heart.
       The Loss of a Friend                     Previous awards include the Army
                                                Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service
        Wolfhounds of the 2nd Battalion,
  th                                            Ribbon, the Army Good Conduct Medal,
27 Infantry Regiment remember a
                                                the National Defense Service Medal, and
fallen comrade at a memorial service
                                                the Expert Field Medical Badge.
held at Orgun-e FOB on 30 October.
                                                          PFC Jerry Little said his co-
        CPL William Gomez, 25, of
                                                worker was a true friend and type of guy
Perris, California died on 27 October at
                                                you could always count on.
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in
                                                         “He was a great person. If you
Germany of wounds sustained from an
                                                needed something he was there,” PFC
IED attack.
                                                Little said. “He was liked and respected
        CPL Gomez, a Combat Medic
                                                by everyone who knew him.”
assigned to HHC 2-27IN, was critically
                                                         SPC Visala Tui spoke at the
wounded when an improvised explosive
                                                memorial service paying tribute to his
device destroyed his Humvee while on
                                                best friend.
patrol in Paktika Province, Afghanistan
                                                         “I’m thankful to have had him as
on 20 October.
                                                a friend in my life the last three years,”
        Two other 2-27 soldiers seriously
                                                he said. “I can look back at all the
wounded in the same attack are
                                                memories of the good times we had.”
                                                         “I will never forget him. He will
        CPT Daniel Beard, Headquarters
                                                always be in my heart now and forever.”
Company Commander, described CPL
                                                         SPC Tui shared how he would
Gomez as a quality soldier and dedicated
                                                tell his children about CPL Gomez.
                                                         “He’s the person who helped
        “There was nothing CPL Gomez
                                                their daddy…the hero who fought for
would not and could not do for the good
                                                their freedom,” he said. “They will hear
of the mission,” CPT Beard said.
                                                (CPL Gomez continued on page 10)
        Medical Platoon Leader, 1LT
William Curtis, said CPL Gomez was

(CPL Gomez continued from page 9)
stories of how great he was, how tough
he was, and how he inspired others to
fight on.”
         "Because of CPL Gomez,
America is America today. I will always
miss you, Billy, my friend.”
         All soldiers of the 25th Infantry
Division will miss his presence and
friendship both on and off the battlefield.
His      dedication     to    his    duty,
professionalism and faith is a model for
all to follow. His love for country,                The Task Force 2-27 Medical Platoon gathers
family and friends is an inspiration to us                             s
                                                    around CPL Gomez' field cross after a touching
                                                    memorial ceremony.
         CPL Gomez was the youngest of
triplets. He is survived by his two
brothers, Army SGT Mark Gomez who
is currently deployed to Afghanistan                       Congratulations!
with the 2-35IN, 25th ID(L), and Army                     The following personnel have
SGT Joey Gomez who is assigned to                  taken the necessary step in their
Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He is also survived           continuing service to the US Army and
by his sister Debbie Gomez, and his                their nation during the Global War on
mother Maria Rivas.                                Terrorism. By reenlisting some of these
                                                   Soldiers are entitled to a tax free bonus,
                                   -MH             EArmyU College Program, and their
                                                   choice of duty station. Most recently
                                                   these soldiers have been offered the
                                                   opportunity to serve in Hawaii as part of
             Bark Staff                            the new Unit of Action or Stryker
                                                   Brigade. -SGM M
 SPC Hennigan - MH
                                                       1ST QTR FY 05 Reenlistments
                                                      SSG Stanley Hogan        HHC
 SPC Robeck - BR                                      SSG Jay Webb             HHC
                                                      SSG Don Quiambao         HHC
                                                      SSG Jeffery Owens        HHC
                                                      SSG Hugh Jones           HHC
                                                      SPC Kenneth Labutis      HHC
                                                      SSG Kenneth Parent       A Co
                                                      SGT James Chandler       A Co
                                                      SPC Jason Latham         A Co
                                                      SSG Donald Workman       B Co
                                                      SGT Derek Wood           B Co
                                                      SPC Daniel Olcott        C Co
                                                      SPC Daniel Wren          C Co
                                                      SPC Christopher Harlan   C Co


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