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									                      The New England College of

2008 Annual Report Issue

NECO Pioneers in the Building
of the VA Optometry Service

The Alaskan Optometrist
Frank Thorn: Vision Science to China
Commencement 2008
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                              The New England College of


In 1974, when Kenneth Myers, OD
                                       Edward C. Godnig, OD ’76 spends
                                                                             The commute to work sometimes
’74 became the first director of       a fair amount of time in the air –    runs 30 hours or more for Frank
optometry with the U.S. Depart-        flying into remote Native American    Thorn, OD ’79, who regularly
ment of Veterans Affairs, there        settlements in Alaska where he        travels to China and other coun-
were only nine optometrists serving    provides eye care to children and     tries in Asia, South Africa, South
patients at VA hospitals. Today, the   adults, many of whom have never       America, and Europe educating
VA is one of the largest employers     previously seen an optometrist. The   optometrists. This scholar, scien-
of optometrists in the country.        NECO adventurer has also taken        tist and renowned expert on
Most of the individuals responsible    a dip in the Arctic Ocean, skied on   the causes and development of
for building the VA’s optometry        the Iditarod Trail, and fished for    myopia also heads NECO’s grow-
service are NECO alumni.               salmon and Dolly Varden.              ing Vision Science Department.

Letter from the President          2   The Class of 2012              16
Commencement 2008                  3   Annual Report                  17
Building VA’s Optometry Service    4   Alumni Perspective             27
The Alaskan Optometrist            8   Alumni Classnotes              28
Frank Thorn: Vision Science            Faculty News                   32
to China                          12
                          letter from the

                          Dear Alumni,                                                     When it comes to offering care to underserved
                                                                                       populations, there are few better examples than our
                              One of my favorite themes when I visit with alumni       own New England Eye Institute (NEEI). Our students
                          and corporate leaders is that our College has a signifi-     and faculty are working in 42 locations, including
                          cantly greater impact on eye care delivery, research and     community health centers, specialty schools, homeless
                          education than many realize.                                 shelters, public schools and senior living communities.
                              This special annual report issue illustrates how             As one of the largest non-profit eye care providers
                          some of our alumni are making a major difference in          in Massachusetts, we are particularly proud that NEEI
                          the lives of so many individuals in this country and         and our partners handle more than 80,000 visits annu-
                          abroad through their generous contributions, both            ally from many individuals who might not otherwise
                          professionally and financially.                              have access to quality eye care. Not incidentally, our
                              The lead story (Page 4) is an inspiring tale of how a    new First Years (Page 16) say our clinical program is
                          number of our outstanding alumni are largely responsi-       one of the major reasons why they decided to study
                          ble for the success of the country’s largest employer of     at NECO.
                          optometrists – the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.          And finally, anyone who has been associated with
                              Virtually all of the first optometrists to join the VA   our College during the last three decades will surely
                          Optometry Service were NECO graduates and many               enjoy the story (Page 12) about Frank Thorn, OD ’79,
                          later moved on to leadership positions in the VA or          PhD, a distinguished scientist who has carried the
                          back here at the College. A new generation of alumni         NECO banner and improved the quality of optometric
                          is continuing to play major roles in VAs throughout          education internationally through his teaching assign-
                          the country.                                                 ments in South America, Western Europe, Africa
                              Another wonderful example of how an individual           and Asia.
                          optometrist can make a difference in the lives of
                          individuals is the story (Page 8) about Dr. Edward C.           Elizabeth Chen
                          Godnig ’76. He gave up a comfortable life and practice          President

                          in Kittery, ME and moved to Alaska to provide eye
                          care to Native Americans in remote settlements – set-
                          ting up clinics in local halls and schools.

commencement                                 ’08

                                           David W. Ferris, OD ’66, a           Dr. Ferris is the founder of
                                       former president of the American     Dr. David Ferris & Associates in
                                       Optometric Association and           Warwick, RI and is a third genera-
                                       the Rhode Island Optometry           tion optometrist
                                       Association, as well as Chairman         Janet LaBreck, the MCB com-
                                       of the Rhode Island State Board      missioner, is a national expert on
                                       of Optometry, was honored for        vocational rehabilitation issues
                                       more than 40 years of contribu-      and facilitated the development
                                       tions to the profession.             and implementation of a national
David Ferris, OD ’66                       He is credited with playing      employment network for the blind.
                                       the lead role in obtaining Federal   She is the first legally blind individ-
    An alumnus who has played a        approval for optometry to be cov-    ual to receive an honorary degree
                                                                                                                      NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

major national role in the optometry   ered by Medicare. Along with his     from the College.
profession and the Commissioner        colleagues in Rhode Island, he was       The Commission for the Blind
of the Massachusetts Commission        also instrumental in obtaining the   was created in 1906 to provide “the
for the Blind (MCB) were awarded       first state legislation to approve   highest quality rehabilitation and
honorary degrees at the College’s      the use of pharmaceuticals by        social services leading to independ-
114th graduation exercises.            optometrists – landmark legisla-     ence and economic self-sufficiency”
    Some 114 graduates were            tion that changed the course of      for blind and visually impaired
awarded degrees.                       the optometric profession in the     individuals. Helen Keller was one

                                       early 1970s.                         of the original commissioners.             3
                            Building the VA’s Optometry Service

                            BY EILEEN MCCLUSKEY

                            When Kenneth Myers, OD ’74, arrived for his first day
                            as the founding director of optometry with the U.S.
                            Department of Veterans Affairs, he was shown to an old

                            wooden desk in the corner of his boss’s office. “My only
                            job was to keep track of eyeglasses contracts,” Dr. Myers
                            recalls of that inauspicious beginning in 1974.

    No office and minimal responsi-
bility aptly underscored the fact that
optometry had a way to go before
it was to become the respected, med-
ically integrated service it is today.
Indeed, when Dr. Myers arrived in
Washington, there were only nine
full-time optometrists in the VA
nationally, and only one teaching
affiliation at a single VA site.
    Today, in large part because of
the leadership of NECO faculty and
alumni, the VA Optometry Service
is a major employer of optometrists
in the United States and provides
the largest clinical training program
for the next generation of eye care

There are more than 525 ODs working on VA medical staffs who
conduct 1.2 million eye care visits annually, train 950 optometry
students and more than 100 optometry residents and fellows each
year at 180 medical facilities throughout the country. Every NECO
student participates in a VA externship.

    Dr. Myers began laying the           and a member of the NECO Board
groundwork for optometry’s rise at       of Trustees. “I had been trained at
the VA early in his fruitful career      NECO to view optometry as com-
there. In 1976, he and the American      parable to medicine,” Dr. Myers
Optometric Association (AOA) won         says. “This new model, created by
Congressional approval for Public        Charlie Mullen, made eminently
Law 94-581 which established             good sense to me.”
the VA Optometry Service. Most                Dr. Mullen – who from 1990 –
importantly, the law provided him        96 served as director of the VA
with the authority and the budget        Optometry Service, and then went
to transfer optometrists from Civil      on to become president of the
Service onto a level playing field       Illinois College of Optometry –
                                                                                                         NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

with the VA’s physician-dentist’s        was NECO’s special assistant to        Charles Mullen, OD ’69

salary and privileging system.           the president for clinical develop-
    When Dr. Myers considers the         ment from 1970 – 76 where he
struggle to usher optometry into the     created and implemented a new
VA’s medical fold, he gives central      model of clinical training – placing
credit to Charles Mullen, OD ’69,        optometry students in settings
Chairman of the Board of Directors       where they are integrated with the
of the New England Eye Institute         other health care providers.

                                                                                          issued a report supporting Dr.
                                                                                          Myers’ position. “Soon after that
                                                                                          report came out,” he says, “I
                                                                                          found a memo on my desk saying
                                                                                          I could hire 30 optometrists.”

                                                                                          ALUMNI MAKE THEIR MARKS IN
                                                                                          THE VA OPTOMETRY SERVICE
                                                                                              Nearly all of those first hires
                                                                                          were NECO graduates, all of whom
                                                                                          later moved on to leadership posi-
                                                                                          tions in the VA and/or the College.
                                                                                          They included Barry Fisch, OD ’71,
                                                                                          Rodney Gutner, OD ’73, Cliff
                                                                                          Scott, OD ’68, and Gerald Selvin,
                                                                                          OD ’73. “To them and to me, the
                                                                                          VA was another place to implement
                                                                                          the NECO model,” Dr. Myers says.
                                                                                              Each of these alumni made
                                                                                          great strides with the VA, and
                          Gerald Selvin, OD ’73
                                                                                          continue to make their mark. Dr.
                                                                                          Selvin, whose VA career began
                                                                                          in 1976, is now chief of the
                                                      “I believed that quality clinical
                                                                                          optometry section at the VA’s
                                                  training could only be achieved in
                                                                                          Boston Health Care System.
                                                  a quality health care setting,” he
                                                  says. He moved students from the
                                                  relatively isolated training environ-   “The NECO alums
                                                  ment of the Kenmore Square clinic
                                                  – which saw only students and a         were among a few
                                                  smattering of local residents – into    optometrists who were
                                                  bustling community health centers
                                                  throughout the Boston area and          trained to do the type
                                                  later into VA facilities.
                                                      Says Dr. Myers, “I was part of
                                                                                          of advanced care the
                                                  that model when I was a student         VA needed,” he notes.
                                                  at New England. We students had
                          Kenneth Myers, OD ’74   no fear about operating in medical      “Charlie Mullen trained
                                                  settings, thanks to Charlie.”
                                                                                          us in a way that was
                                                      After Dr. Myers saw the pas-
                                                  sage of PL 94-581, he and David         years ahead of its time,
                                                  Danielson, the AOA’s lobbyist,
                                                                                          and we took the model

                                                  pressed on for another four years
                                                  to raise optometrists’ pay on par       and ran with it.”
                                                  with other medical professionals.
                                                  The General Accounting Office

    Dr. Scott, professor of optome-    access to a diverse and challenging    2006, and since its inception, we
try and dean of academic affairs       patient population. And patients       have trained 200 imagers and
at the College, points out another     appreciate the quality of the exams.   nearly 100 readers. Additionally,
NECO innovation. “The College          It’s a very rewarding partnership.”    since 2006, almost 200,000 VA
recognized the advanced training                                              patients have been screened for
opportunities available at the VA      NEW FRONTIERS                          diabetic retinopathy and related
hospitals,” he says, referring to          Though not among the first 30      ocular and systemic disorders.”
the fact that optometrists at the      alumni to forge new paths at the           Another trail-blazer is Dr.
VA practice under the rules of the     VA, Anthony Cavallerano, OD ’72,       Fisch, who worked with the VA
state in which they receive their      who serves as the director of the      Optometry Service from 1981 –
license, not under the more restric-   Store and Forward Training Center      2008 as chief of optometry at the
tive Massachusetts regulations.        at VA Boston, played a pivotal role    Brockton, Massachusetts VA and
“The College and the VA formed         – with Drs. Fisch and Selvin – in      later as chief of optometry at the
an alliance with Boston, West          starting the VA Boston Ocular          VA Boston Health Care System.
Roxbury, Brockton, Lowell, and         Telehealth Center and its Diabetic         Dr. Fisch now serves as a pro-
Worcester. Every NECO student          Teleretinal Imaging Program in         fessor of optometry at NECO and
is required to rotate through a        2003.                                  as Director of the VA’s five-year-old
VA teaching facility.”                     Dr. Cavallerano is also a pro-     optometric research fellowship
    Dr. Gutner, professor of           fessor of optometry and teaches        program. In 2003, he spearheaded
optometry at NECO, worked with         advanced ocular disease at the         the VA’s successful bid to start
the Bedford, Massachusetts VA          College.                               this research fellowship in collabo-
as chief of optometry from 1981            “Our Store and Forward             ration with NECO, “to train the
to 2008, significantly building        Training Center is responsible         next generation of optometrists in
the extern and residency programs      for certifying teleretinal image       clinical research.”
that operate there today. “All         acquisition technicians and image          “This program, which repre-
parties benefit by this clinical       review specialists from VA facili-     sents a significant investment by the
training,” he says. “The VA, from      ties nationwide,” he explains.         VA, recognizes optometry within
having externs and residents           “Teleretinal imaging for diabetes      the medical research community.
involved, the school by having         became a national program in           And NECO was integral in this,
                                                                              because of its role in providing the
                                                                              strong didactic component through
                                                                              its graduate program in research,”
                                                                              Dr. Fisch says.

                                                                              “You have to have an
                                                                              excellent didactic com-
                                                                              ponent to build an
                                                                              outstanding research
                                                                              fellowship program. Our
                                                                                                                      NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

                                                                              VA fellows will be the
                                                                              pioneers for new fron-
                                                                              tiers in optometry.” I

                          The   Alaskan
                                  BY CAROL STOCKER

A few generations ago hardy
souls looking for the chal-
lenge of a new world would
move west to California.
Now such people head north
to Alaska, and Edward
C. Godnig, OD ’76 is one
of them.
    A native of Staten Island, NY, Dr. Godnig
had already made a life for himself in Kittery,
Maine, where he had operated his practice,
raised his family, and done so much hiking
and canoeing that he was running out of new
terrain to explore.                                 Edward C. Godnig, OD ’76
    Turning 50 brought a restless feeling and
when a fellow optometrist he kept meeting at        35 trips into native villages, mostly along
conferences lauded Alaska’s unlimited oppor-        the western and arctic coast of Alaska.
tunities for adventure, Dr. Godnig was ready            Available from the publisher,
to listen. And the professional prospects were      Northbooks. com, or from, it
promising, too!                                     records the curiosity, awe and joy of a man
    So in his 53rd year, full of a sense of         who knows he is having the greatest adven-
adventure, Dr. Godnig set out for the 49th          ture of his life – one long extended peak
state. He signed up with an Anchorage based         experience – and earning a living and serv-
optical company which arranged to fly him           ing his fellow man at the same time.
and his equipment and one of their own opti-            By the end of the book, Dr. Godnig’s
cians to remote Native American settlements         sense of wonder almost levitates off the
where he set up short-term clinics in local         page as he switches format from prose to
halls and schools.                                  poetry in his attempts to convey his enthu-
    The spirit of 21st century Alaska proved        siasm for Alaska’s beauty.
a perfect match with Dr. Godnig’s natural               Dr. Godnig has relished his exposure to
optimism and vigor. After visiting 80 differ-       the traditional dancing, music and lifestyles
ent villages over the last five years, he is used   of his patients’ five different Alaskan cul-
to unrolling his sleeping bag and living with-      tures and traditions: Inupiat, Aleut, Yupik,
out either a bed or plumbing.                       Athabascan and Tglinkit. He has shared
    The biggest risk continues to be flying in      their food, sampling whale, caribou, seal,
                                                                                                     NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

and out of these settlements in small planes,       fresh king crab and Yukon king salmon.
which is why he dedicated his 2006 book in          They have shown him wild polar bears and
part to the bush pilots who got him safely          grizzlies and told their stories of bear hunt-
there and back.                                     ing and arctic survival, taught him about
    “New Eyes on Old Alaska; A Bush-Wise            ivory carving and drying fresh caught salmon
Optometrist’s View of 21st Century Alaska,”         on racks, sold him their art, and in one
is Dr. Godnig’s two-year journal of his first       case offered to trade a lynx fur for a pair
                                                    of glasses.

                          Dr. Godnig has also heard the                         Hygiene is a problem particularly in the
                                                                            ‘honey bucket’ villages where there is little
                          crash of calving glaciers, boat-                  or no plumbing available. Packaged cleaning
                                                                            towels and isopropyl alcohol need to be
                          ed on the Yukon River, cross                      used to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in
                          country skied on sections of                      many of the portable clinics. Of particular
                                                                            concern is the lack of hygiene among many
                          the famous Iditarod Trail,                        contact lens wearers who feel it is alright to
                          stood next to the world’s high-                   share contacts and solutions among friends.
                                                                            Dr. Godnig often must educate contact lens
                          est totem pole, and swum –                        wearers on the importance of hygiene in pre-
                                                                            venting potentially serious eye disease.
                          very briefly – in the Arctic                          And since he is usually only at a village
                          Ocean. And who wouldn’t                           for two to three days at a time, follow-up
                                                                            care in treating certain ocular disorders
                          envy his opportunities to fish                    becomes difficult. He must often refer patients
                                                                            to regional clinics for proper follow-up care.
                          for salmon, halibut and Dolly
                                                                            As a Fellow of the College of Optometrists
                          Varden in some of the world’s                     in Vision Development, Dr. Godnig is con-
                                                                            cerned about patients that can benefit from
                          last unspoiled rivers?                            visual training but often his only course of
                                                                            action is to prescribe home-based computer
                             The work itself is serious, steady and in
                                                                            training programs which are usually not
                          some ways different than what is typically
                                                                            widely accepted by bush patients.
                          found in the Lower 48. Dr. Godnig is some-
                                                                                Outsiders can be viewed with skepticism

                          times the first OD his patients have ever seen.
                                                                            by Native Alaskans. Dr. Godnig theorizes
                          Some of them hunt for food and depend upon
                                                                            this may be because of the abuses that the
                          their long distance vision. Most care revolves
                                                                            Russian traders inflicted on them before
                          around preventive education, hygiene and
                          arranging follow-up care. Many in the bush
                          population seek eye care only when they lose
                          or break their glasses or contacts, or when
                          they have an active eye disease.

Alaska was purchased by the U.S. after the
Civil War. On occasion, a drunk or unstable
person has a prejudice against ‘outsiders’
and a couple of times Dr. Godnig has been
threatened and asked to leave a village. But
basketball, along with bingo, is a social
mainstay in most villages and the NECO
alumnus often uses his court skills in pick-up
games with the Native men to win accept-
ance in a new village.
   Despite problems with alcohol, diabetes,
and drug abuse, not to mention possible pro-
found environmental changes due to global
warming, Dr. Godnig emailed from Alaska,
“good will, good humor and the respect for

one another has been a long and enduring
part of the Native Alaskan way of life.”
    Today, Dr. Godnig owns an optometry
practice called The Eye Guys which has
evolved into a family enterprise. Both his
sons, Cedric and Oliver, plan other careers
but their father is enjoying the fact that they
have stepped in as apprentice opticians in the
meantime and shared some trips with him.
Cedric is also a photographer for Binge, a
                                                  NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

group of extreme winter sports enthusiasts
looking for the perfect powder in remote
Alaskan mountains (see
    In 2006, Madeleine, his wife of 34 years,
signed on as business manager. Their new
home sits high on a hill with views of three
mountain ranges and the Cook Inlet in
Wasilla, where The Eye Guys is based. I

                          Frank Thorn:

                          Vision Science
                          to China
                          BY ELIZABETH MEHREN

                                          In his new office in the leafy Back Bay home of The
                                          New England College of Optometry, Frank Thorn, OD
                                          ’79, PhD, sat with fingers interlaced and legs out-
                                          stretched. With his white beard and quick, easy smile
                                          behind shiny metal eyeglass frames, he had the com-

                                          fortable presence of a scholar with a hint of Santa
                                          Claus. He announced his plans with a calm sense of
                                          purpose. “And so,” he said in a voice that was disarm-
                                          ingly matter-of-fact, “I’m off to China tomorrow.”

    It was, after all, his fourth trip to China
in less than a year. So, the next day was to
be the familiar 30-hour commute rather than
the daily 15-minute commute from his home
in Newton.
    Dr. Thorn exudes a sense of restless energy.
He makes no secret of his tendency to bore
easily. Colleagues call him a ferment of ideas,
someone who freely speaks his mind and
has little patience for bureaucracy. In the
tradition of many academics, he also loves
new ideas and opportunities for change,
co-workers say, hoping they shake up institu-
tional cobwebs and reveling in the fallout.
    He thinks it is ironic that he has just
become the Vision Science Department chair-
man after showing such disdain for adminis-
trative chores all his life. But, he says, “It’s
relatively easy because our vision science
department is already so strong.

“We have a great faculty. My
administrative job is to make
it easier for them to succeed
                                                   Frank Thorn, OD ’79
and to get out of their way.
The fun part is to try to make                     some convinced that he was not human,
                                                   with monster and god being possible alter-
the department even stronger                       natives. Working with a population that
                                                   had neither schooling nor written language,
in the future.”
                                                   Dr. Thorn demonstrated that “illiterate
    Dr. Thorn’s multi-page resume includes an      people rarely become myopic.” So broad-
NIH fellowship at the UCLA Brain Research          branched is his work in Brazil that he has
Institute, a staff position at the Brain and       often been introduced as an anthropological
Cognitive Sciences Department at MIT and a         ophthalmologist.
stint while a college student portraying a             He was one of the first NECO faculty
Mississippi gambler at a Bronx theme park.         members to teach in Italy, Spain, France and
Among his daily assignments at Freedomland         South Africa and the only one to teach in
USA was “a spectacular gun fight in the            Thailand. Dr. Thorn quickly volunteered
OK Saloon.”                                        when the college set up a twin-colleges’ rela-
                                                                                                    NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

    As an expert on the causes and develop-        tionship with the Wenzhou Medical College
ment of myopia, Dr. Thorn journeyed in 1997        in 1992. “They wanted some faculty to come
to a remote region of the Amazon rainforests       over and teach,” he remembered. “And at
with a team of Brazilian ophthalmologists          first there were no volunteers, except me.”
and bacteriologists to study primitive rain-           Arriving at a small dilapidated campus
forest Indians. Many villagers had never seen      near the city center of Wenzhou a year later,
anyone so tall, round, bald, or with eyes the      Dr. Thorn and James Comerford, OD ’78,
color of the sky. They were afraid of him,         PhD, also a professor of vision science at

                          NECO, became the first U.S. optometrists          England College of Optometry is perceived
                          to teach courses in China. Ophthalmology          overseas,” said Bina Patel, OD, associate
                          was a familiar field in China at that time,       professor and director of international pro-
                          Dr. Thorn said. But optometry did not exist.      grams at NECO. “He is very innovative
                          The Wenzhou Medical College in collabora-         with his ideas and concepts. He comes up
                          tion with NECO created the first modern           with good ideas, and he is not afraid to try
                          optometry curriculum in China. In fact, a         them, even if funding would be an issue.”
                          new set of characters had to be devised to            The whirlwind of teaching and research
                          describe the new profession.                      marks a career that came about rather unex-
                                                                            pectedly. As an undergraduate he signed up
                                                                            to study chemical engineering at Rensselaer
                                                                            Polytechnic Institute. But engineering bored
                                                                            him, so he switched to experimental psy-
                                                                            chology. His PhD research at the University
                                                                            of Rochester examined the brain waves of
                                                                            cats that showed the brain mechanisms they
                                                                            use to detect things in the visual world.
                                                                                Pursuing his early research interests,
                                                                            Dr. Thorn packed up a family that had rap-
                                                                            idly expanded to four young daughters and
                                                                            moved them to Los Angeles, then Oregon,
                                                                            then back to Rochester. In 1977 he went
                                                                            through the Accelerated Doctor of Optometry
                                                                            Program at NECO while also creating new
                                                                            courses in the neural basis of vision and the
                                                                            development of vision.
                                                                                Dr. Thorn then joined forces with Dr.
                                                                            Comerford and fellow professor Mark Zorn,
                                                                            OD ’80, PhD, who were all graduates of the
                                                                            accelerated program for people with PhDs, to
                                                                            “make quiet changes” at NECO. They helped
                              The Wenzhou Medical College now has           set up a system of faculty governance, intro-
                          two large gleaming new campuses with hun-         duced the faculty tenure system, and lobbied
                          dreds of researchers. Dr. Thorn partners with     for changes in the college’s infrastructure.
                          them to study how eye clarity relates to the
                          development of myopia in very young chil-
                          dren. He also launched an investigation into
                                                                            “Frank has been sort of a men-
                          whether a child’s reading style affects the       tor for a whole department
                          development of myopia. His third Chinese
                          research project looks at refractive errors in    of researchers at the Wenzhou
                          newborn infants, starting when the infant
                                                                            Medical College,” said Dr.
                          subjects are just three to six days old. And he

                          has been “adopted” by several other groups        Comerford. “The program
                          with whom he works. Dr. Thorn is particu-
                          larly proud of a special friendship award he
                                                                            there has blossomed, and
                          recently received from the city of Wenzhou.       Frank’s part in it is probably
                              Dr. Thorn’s work in China has been
                          “important in shaping how The New                 the most vibrant part of all.”

                                                  L IBRARY G RANT
                                                      The NECO Library has received a
                                                  $14,500 grant to develop a formal
                                                  College archive, including documentation
                                                  of the school’s history and contributions
                                                  of local scholars and practitioners to the
                                                  field of vision science.
                                                      The grant will enable the library
                                                  to preserve an historical record of the
                                                  College’s growth and role in the develop-
                                                  ment of the profession, as well as the
                                                  work of faculty and graduates.
                                                      The funds will enable the Library to
                                                  preserve, store and organize archived
    Dr. Comerford said their unstated goal        materials for the use of researchers and
was to infuse the school with a more aca-         scholars.
demic culture. “We were able to set a higher          This project is being funded through
                                                  the Massachusetts Board of Library
scientific bar. We came in with a different
                                                  Commissioners with funds from LSTA
spirit, and with a different view of what we      (Library Services and Technology Act), a
wanted to see in an institution.”                 Federal source of library funding provided
    It was Dr. Thorn’s drive that set many of     by the Institute of Library and Museum
the changes in motion, Dr. Comerford said.        Services.
“Frank has the energy of somebody who is
20 years younger. He’s a very bright man,
and one of the things about these very bright
people—they can see the future more clearly,
the consequences, what is possible. When I
would come up with some problem that was
a real knot for me, if I could define it for
Frank, I could depend on him to come up
with an answer.”
    Dr. Thorn thinks their biggest coupe was
in research in which they reestablished bio-
logical research at the college and then went
on in 1995 to create the framework for the
Myopia Research Center, starting a new era
at the College. Jane Gwiazda, PhD, David
Troilo, PhD, Richard Held, PhD, and Debra
Nickla, PhD, were brought in to create
the center.
    Gazing at a desk clock whose face bears
Chinese characters, not Western numerals,
                                                                                               NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

Dr. Thorn said he feels certain that he could
not have had such interesting and productive
research opportunities anywhere else.
    “I have set up collaborations with some
of the greatest people in the world,” he said.
“I’ve had a great life here, I really have. But
my thoughts are on the things we hope to do
in the future.” I

                          class of
                                                                                                               biology and won a scholar-
                                                                                                               ship awarded on the basis of
                                                                                                               her potential in the health
                                                                                                               care field.
                                                                                                                   After graduation, she
                                                                                                               worked as a researcher at
                                                                                                               Carnegie Mellon University in
                                                                                                               Pittsburgh in the Department
                              The College this fall enrolled one of the                                        of Biological Sciences, investi-
                                                                                                               gating the secretory pathway
                          largest, brightest and diverse incoming classes   Mirage Shah ’12
                                                                                                               and its response to changes
                          in its history, according to Taline Farra, OD,    Montreal, Quebec                   in cell physiology.
                          director of admissions.                                After Mirage graduated            She has also studied abroad
                              The Class of 2012 is composed of 115          from College, he visited a         in Spain and Costa Rica,
                                                                            hospital in India where his        focusing on language, culture
                          students from 28 states, Canada, Syria and
                                                                            grandfather worked. He spent       and environmental science.
                          India who are graduates of such outstand-         some time in the eye bank and
                          ing institutions as Brown, Colby, Oberlin,        corneal grafting departments
                          Bowdoin, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Bucknell,             where hundreds of people
                          Boston College, and the University of             every week regained much
                                                                            of their eyesight. The light
                                                                            clicked on for him as well.
                              The students scored higher on their OATs           Upon returning, he
                          (332) and GPAs (3.34) than any other class        interned at a private optome-
                          in recent years. Some 739 students applied        try practice and, most recently,
                          for admission and only 28% were accepted,         spent six months working
                          an indication that the College is becoming        as an ophthalmic technician
                                                                            with a corneal specialist near
                          increasingly competitive, Dr. Farra said.
                                                                            Annapolis, MD.
                              She attributed the increase in highly qual-                                      Sneha Kataria
                                                                                 Mirage, a NECO presiden-
                                                                                                               Mumbai, India
                          ified applicants to a number of factors,          tial scholar, is a graduate of
                                                                                                                   The daughter of a well-
                          including greater awareness of optometry as       Georgetown University where
                                                                                                               known optician in India, Sneha
                          a valued career option, increased participa-      he won the school’s Research
                                                                                                               learned about optometry at
                                                                            Opportunities Program
                          tion by alumni, faculty and current students                                         an early age and earned a
                                                                            Award for his commitment
                          in the recruitment effort, and a sharper focus                                       Bachelor’s degree in optome-
                                                                            to scientific research. He is
                          on select colleges, particularly in New                                              try at the Bausch & Lomb
                                                                            the co-author of a paper in
                                                                                                               School of Optometry at the
                          England and Canada.                               Tetrahedron Asymmetry on
                                                                                                               L.V. Prasad Eye Institute in
                              Alumni volunteers and some current            organic chemistry research.
                                                                                                               Hyderabad, India. She was
                          students visited their alma maters or colleges                                       one of only two students
                          in communities where they live or work to                                            from her class selected for
                          participate in career fairs and to speak before                                      an exchange program with
                                                                                                               the Optometry School at
                          pre-optometry clubs.
                                                                                                               Singapore Polytechnic.
                                                                                                                   Sneha has worked as an
                                                                                                               optometrist in the ophthal-
                                                                                                               mology department of P.D.
                                                                                                               Hinduja National Hospital in
                                                                                                               India where she did work in

                                                                                                               low vision and contact lenses.
                                                                                                                   In her search for an
                                                                            Jacqueline Pokusa ’12              optometry school in the
                                                                            Lower Burrell, PA                  United States to enhance her
                                                                                A NECO Presidential            education and training, she
                                                                            Scholar, Jacqueline graduated      said she selected NECO
                                                                            from Oberlin College in Ohio       because of “the (academic)
                                                                            where she received high            standards they set and the
                                                                            honors in biology for a senior     clinical exposure.”
                                                                            research thesis in cellular

                          Annual Report          ’08
                          The New England College of Optometry

Board Chairman's Letter
Donor Report
Financial Statements
                            letter from the

                            Dear Friends,                                                   Building a culture of philanthropy involves generat-
                                                                                        ing greater understanding of how we fulfill our mission,
                                The New England College of Optometry’s annual           why it is so important, and encouraging all those
                            report is more than graphs and balance sheets that          committed to the College to support it to the best of
                            show the financial condition of this distinguished insti-   their abilities.
                            tution. It is a tribute and reflection of the belief in         It is our responsibility to demonstrate to you that
                            the mission of the College by alumni, friends, faculty,     we are careful stewards of your charitable giving
                            staff, foundations, corporations, and the Board of          through fiscal prudence and an unrelenting effort to
                            Trustees.                                                   provide our students with the finest education possi-
                                While these difficult economic times create new         ble. I believe President Chen and her colleagues are
                            challenges for the College and many of us, it is heart-     doing an excellent job of tightening their belts without
                            ening for me to see that we are beginning to embrace a      sacrificing the quality we expect and demand.
                            culture of philanthropy in which an increasing number           The College is in sound financial shape, the physi-
                            of individuals understand the need for support and          cal plant is in excellent condition, student academic
                            have taken the responsibility to give generously.           achievement is on the rise thanks to an excellent faculty,
                                Philanthropy at NECO has always been about giv-         and we are delivering outstanding eye care to more
                            ing back, supporting those less fortunate, and strength-    men, women and children than ever. This is a wonder-
                            ening the institution so we can serve the public good       ful time to be associated with NECO.
                            by training the next generation of optometrists and
                            providing the highest level of eye care to those in need.      Steven P. Manfredi
                                                                                           Chairman of the Board

(Cumulative Giving of $50,000 or More)
Members of The Philanthropist’s Society are recog-
nized for their cumulative giving to The New England
College of Optometry and New England Eye Institute.
This distinguished group has demonstrated their excep-
tional commitment. We are pleased to express our
gratitude for their philanthropic leadership.

Visionary                   Leader
($500,000 and greater)      ($50,000-$99,999)
Bausch & Lomb               Anonymous
Lester Marcus, OD*          B&R Foundation
                            The Boston Foundation
                            Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro
Alcon Laboratories
                            Friends of the Disabled
Stella Beider*
                            Gould Family Charitable
CIBA Vision Corporation      Foundation
G. Burtt Holmes, OD         Edith Hochstadt*
Marco Family Foundation     Juvenile Diabetes Research
Maurice Saval*                Foundation
The Vision Care             Monthe Kofos, OD*
 Institute,TM LLC           Donald Korb, OD and
Clinton Wilson, OD*          Joan Exford-Korb, OD
                            Arnold Katz, OD
Benefactor                  Ludcke Foundation
($100,000 – $249,999)
                            Joseph Molinari, OD
American Diabetes
 Association                William Tolford, OD*

Edith Heymans*
                            (*) Indicates that the donor
Mass Lions Research         is deceased.
 Fund, Inc.
Polymer Technology
State Street Foundation
                                                           NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

Vision Service Plan
The Whitaker Foundation

                          THE PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE
                          The President’s Circle recognizes alumni and friends
                          whose gifts totaled $1,000 and more to the 2008
                          Annual Fund. Members of this prestigious group are
                          among the College’s most loyal supporters. They are
                          recognized at the following levels of giving.

                          Ruby                         Gold                        Bronze                     David Higgins, OD
                          ($50,000 – $99,999)          ($5,000 – $9,999)           ($1,000 – $2,499)          Celia Hinrichs, OD
                          Alcon Laboratories           Donald Higgins, OD          Advanced Vision Research   William Huth
                          Gould Family Charitable      Robert Hormats              Christopher Agro, OD       Daniel Jandreau, OD
                           Foundation                  Lynette Johns, OD           Linda Bennett, OD          Arthur Jankolovits, OD
                          Emerald                      Benjamin Lambert, III, OD   Nancy Broude               Jenzabar
                          ($25,0000 – $49,999)         The Agnes Lindsay Trust     Mile Brujic, OD            Reginald Jones, OD
                          Blue Cross Blue Shield       MetroWest Community         Nancy Carlson, OD          Barbara Kamens
                            of Massachusetts            Healthcare Foundation      Donald Chen                Donald Korb, OD
                          Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro     Transitions Optical Inc.    A. Robert Child Jr., OD    Richard Laudon, OD
                           Family Foundation
                                                       Silver                      Citizens Financial         Ernest Loewenstein, OD
                          Platinum                                                   Group, Inc.
                                                       ($2,500 – $4,999)                                      John McCann, OD
                          ($10,000 – $24,999)                                      Harold Curtin, OD
                                                       American Optometric                                    Doyle McWhorter
                          William Baldwin, OD           Association                Francis DiMella
                                                                                                              Ronald Millman, OD
                          Boston Center for Blind      Rochester Area Community    Dominion Foundation
                                                                                                              Joseph Molinari, OD
                            Children                    Foundation                 Joseph Donatelle, OD
                                                                                                              Charles Mullen, OD
                          Elizabeth Chen and           The Sallie Mae Fund         Ralph Eaves, OD
                            Richard Edmiston                                                                  Steven Pinson, OD
                                                       Norman Spector              Matthew Elgart, OD
                          Citizens Bank                                                                       James Prince, OD
                                                                                   Lauren Engel, OD
                          Community Foundation of                                                             Peter Roblin
                           Collier County                                          Joan Exford-Korb, OD
                                                                                                              Philip Rosen
                          John W. Alden Trust                                      Ronald Ferrucci, OD
                                                                                                              Mary Scott, OD
                          Steven Manfredi                                          Fidelity Charitable
                                                                                     Gift Fund                Irwin Shwom, OD
                          Marchon Eyewear, Inc.                                                               Vision Service Plan
                                                                                   Edward Fitch, OD
                          Mass. Lions Eye Research                                                            Theodore Voss
                           Fund, Inc.                                              Emanuel Glasser, OD
                                                                                   Randy Goldman, OD          Waber Fund
                          ZVI Construction Co., LLC

                                                                                   Howard Greenberg
                                                                                   David Helfman, OD
                                                                                   James Herring, OD

PATRON                         George Montminy, OD      FRIEND                   Lawrence Kline, OD
($500 – $999)                  Frank Myska, OD          ($250 – 499)             Terrence Knisely, OD
Daniel Appleton, OD            Padmini Nathan, OD       Steven Ali, OD           Rosanne LaBollita
Archstone Law Group P.C.       Network for Good         Kayla Baker, OD          Steven Leighton, OD
Sally Austin-Fitzpatrick, OD   Northeast Congress of    Douglas Benoit, OD       Canton Lions Club
Barry Barresi, OD               Optometry Fnd           Henry Boroyan, OD        Anne Lynch
Benefit Strategy               Robert Parks, OD         The Boston Foundation    Steven Markow, OD
  Partners, LLC                Eliezer Peli, OD         Stephen Byrnes, OD       Thomas Maselli, OD
Randolph Brooks, OD            John Petrowski, OD       Jane Chen                Mass. Society of
Hugh Calkins                   Kathleen Prucnal, OD     Yiu-Kin Gary Chu, OD      Optometrists
Chicopee Eyecare               Alan Rapoport, OD        Marguerite Cote, OD      John McIntyre, OD
Terry Chin, OD                 Reading Eye Associates   Richard Crinigan, OD     Bruce Moore, OD
James Comerford, OD            Jack Richman, OD         Donald Czelusniak, OD    Satpal Multani, OD
Sally Deane                    Donald Salmanson, OD     Jennifer D'Amico, OD     Steven Nassoura
Doctors Vision Center          Clifford Scott, OD       Glenda Denham, OD        Mark O'Donoghue, OD
Sylvio Dupuis, OD              Herbert Shuer, OD        David Ferris, OD         Edward G. Pelham
Elizabeth Edgell               Solomon Slobins, OD      Peter Fleming            Michael Phillips, OD
Caroline Marten-Ellis, MD      Cathy Stern, OD          Irving Fradkin, OD       Anthony Regonini, OD
Stephen Feltus, OD             Kenneth Taylor, OD       Russell Fradkin, OD      Patti Richard, OD
Richard Gallerani, OD          Ronald Tishler, OD       Kevin Gasiorowski, OD    Susan Rodgin, OD
Alan Gold, OD                  Timothy Tolford, OD      Lawrence Ginsberg, OD    Gerard Roubichou
Tammy Gray, OD                 Barry Wanger             Herbert Gleason          Mary Ann Rubis, OD
James Haas                     Frank Winski, OD         Edward Goldberg, OD      Neil Schram, OD
Robert Honnors, OD             Lynn Wittman, OD         Steven Goldstein, OD     Herbert Schurgin, OD
Catherine Kennedy, OD                                   Amanda Hale, OD          Anupama Sehgal, OD
Brian Klinger, OD                                       Harvard Pilgrim Health   Anthony Seymour, OD
Colin Leitch                                             Care, Inc.              Hayes Sogoloff, OD
Sherborn Lions Club                                     Carl Hirsch, OD          Nathan Starr, OD
Brian Lynch, OD                                         John Holdsworth, OD      Bernard Stecher, OD
Norman MacLeod                                          Emil Horowitz, OD        Edward Steinberg, OD
Annie McGuire                                           Ann Hudson               Philip Sutherland, OD
Robert Miller, OD                                       James Hunt               Ethelanne Trent and
David Mills, OD                                         Lioe Kiong, OD             Charles Silver
                                                                                                         NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

                                                                                 David Wright, OD

                          SPONSORS                 Michael Flynn             Wayne Levasseur, OD         Jeffrey Rose, OD
                          ($100 – $249)            Philip Friedman, OD       Alan Lewis, OD              Rosemore Family
                          Mario and Patricia       Roger Gagnon, OD          Candy Liang                  Foundation, Inc.
                           Albanese                C. Farrell Gallaway, OD   Quincy Lions Club           Jay Rosen, OD
                          Myron Allukian           Emily Garrison            Medway Lions Club           Richard Rosenthal, OD
                          Theresa Bacaris, OD      Robert Gels               Sharon Lions Club           Lucille and Paul Rossignol
                          David Baron, OD          Louis Giglietti           Lawrence Lupo, OD           Ronald Roy, OD
                          Thaddeus Bartles, OD     Edward Godnig, OD         Stacy Lyons, OD             Steven Saramanidis, OD
                          Marvin Baum, OD          Fred Goldberg, OD         Monica                      David Sattler
                          Dorothy Bell             Bruce Goldin, OD           Martocci-Miller, OD        Schenkel/Stegman
                          Andrew Berger, OD                                  Suzanne                       Communications Design
                                                   Arthur Goldman, OD
                          Max Berman, OD                                       Massicotte-Ward, OD       Robert Sekuler, OD
                                                   Harold Goren, OD
                          Joseph Bickford, OD                                MassMutual Life Insurance   Arnelda Shapiro, OD
                                                   Rhonda Greifinger, OD
                          Michael Billig, OD                                 Susan Matteson              Terry Smith, OD
                                                   Kristen Griebel, OD
                          Peter Bird, OD                                     Barbara McGinley            Harvey Snetsky, OD
                                                   Peter Guhl, OD
                          Joseph Bistricer, OD                               Janna Mendenhall, OD        John Streff, OD
                                                   Rodney Gutner, OD
                          David Caban, OD                                    Roxanne Metayer, OD         Irwin Suchoff, OD
                                                   Anne Hall, OD
                          Amy Carlyle, OD                                    Murray Miller, OD           Michael Sullivan, OD
                          Ronald Cedrone, OD         Hazelwood-Ugarte, OD    Kathleen Mitchell           Joseph Taddonio, OD

                          Parise Chamberland, OD   Douglas Hoffman, OD       Stephen Morris, OD          Marie Tartibi, OD

                          Beth Chenier, OD         Richard and Pat Hughes    Anne Moskowitz, OD          Keith Taylor, OD

                          Jason Chin, OD           Dolores Kahan, OD         Yanna Nachtigall, OD        Ruth Trachimowicz, OD

                          Kenneth Ciuffreda, OD    Steven Kaplan, OD         Terrance Neylon             Myhanh Tran, OD

                          Elissa Contillo, OD      Patricia Kus              Thomas O’Brien              Lena Triola

                          John Corvese, OD         Ann and Charles Lagasse   Gerard and Benita           David Troilo
                                                                              Ouellette                  Peter Violette, OD
                          Margaret Costa, OD       John Lamers. OD
                                                                             Dennis Pardo, OD            Richard Wallingford, OD
                          Peter Cottone, OD        Cheryl Landry, OD
                                                                             Ruth Parlante               Alan Weinstock, OD
                          Michael Cozzetta, OD     Mark Lappin
                                                                             John Paskowski, OD          Matt Weinstock
                          Eileen Curtin, OD        Camille Latka, OD
                                                                             Adolfo Patron               Bernard Weitz, OD
                          Melvin S. Cutler         Vincent Lau, OD
                                                                             Elmer Pelletier, OD         Mary Whalen
                          Han Dong, OD             Shelia Lawler
                                                                             Patrick Phelan, OD          Roger Wilson, OD
                          Robert Doty Jr, OD       Jean Lawrence
                                                                             Francisco Pimentel, OD      Linda Wirth, OD
                          Lyndia Downie            Natalie and David

                                                    Lederman                 Diane Portnoy               Pano Yeracaris, MD
                          Alma Dugas
                                                   Edward Lee                David Quartz, OD            Michelle Zalaznick, OD
                          George Ehlert, OD
                                                   Helios Leung, OD          Dimitri Racklin             Ross Zeldes, OD
                          Claudia Evans, OD
                                                   Hsias Leung               David and Nancy Reynolds    Stephen Zigman, OD
                          Michael Feinberg, OD
                                                                             Frederic Rose, OD
                          John Flaherty, OD

CONTRIBUTORS                Leon Fishlyn, OD          Ken Landesman, OD           Charles San George, II, OD
($25 – $99)                 Jennifer Fleming          Kenneth Lee, OD             Steven Santos, OD
John Archibald, OD          Stuart Frank, OD          Stanley Levine, OD          Pat Sargeant
Barbara Babigian            Gary Galante, OD          Ronald Levitt, OD           Richard Sarlitt, OD
Arthur Baker, OD            Raul Gamarra              Lockheed Martin             Manish Shah, OD
Rhoda Barker                Barbara Gentes              Corporation               Louis Siegel, OD
Alfred and Helen Baum       Pat and David Gentes      Jillian Lombardi, OD        Mary Ellen Simmons
Michael Bellucci, OD        Susan and Peter Gentes    Lois and Myles Lopatin      Tom and Kathy Simolaris
Saul Benowitz               Yuri Gentes               James Luccio, OD            William Sleight, OD
Annette Blanchard           Gloria Gerrig             Saul Luria                  Richard Snow, OD
Robin and Dan Boucher       Jo Ann Gershaw            Luxottica Group             Jeffrey Sonsino, OD
Jimmy Bower                 Andrew Goldstein          Sharon Magill, OD           Steven Squillace, OD
Russell Broude              Bernard and Deena         Naheed Malik, OD            Alicja Stoeger, OD
Paul and Nadine Broude        Goldstein               Barbara Manburg, OD         Margaret Strumski, OD
Joseph and Joan Broude      Mark Gonzales             Maureen Marinelli           Garrett Sullivan, OD
Robert and Michelle Brown   Catherine Grant           Barbara Meltzer             Mindy Thanh Ta, OD
Marica Cabral               Corinne Gray              Bernadette and Stephen      Kristin Tallman, OD
                            Debra Gray                  Menz
Cynthia Cahill                                                                    Jiaqi Tao
                            Krista Gray               Michell Menz
Linda Cameron, OD                                                                 Sarah Taylor, OD
                            Marcia Green, OD          Joan Moore
Sheila and Cliff Campbell                                                         Kristie Teets, OD
                            Rosa Guerreiro, OD        Salvatore Musumeci, OD
Kathleen Caple, OD                                                                Frank Thorn, OD
                            Viktoriya Gutkevich, OD   Helen Lydia Bell Necevski
Bruce Chase, OD                                                                   John Toscano, OD
                            Susan Hankin, OD          Matthew Needle
Paul Chorney, OD                                                                  Lisa Traveis, OD
                            Sherri and Joe Hussar     Pam Oliveira
William Chu                                                                       Tierry Tzau
                            Matthew Ivey              Regina Panzone, OD
Dave Chused                                                                       United Commercial Bank
                            Richard Jamara, OD        Dennis Pardo
College of Optometrist in                                                         Paul Vaccarella, OD
 Vision Development         Catherine Johnson, OD     Marie Jean Perry
                                                                                  Bill and Ann Warmington
Robert Connelly, OD         David Jordan, OD          Ida Plotnick
                                                                                  Kevin Whalen
Nita and Larry Cooper       Suzi Kahn                 Donald Plum, OD
                                                                                  Tom and Etta Whalen
Thomas Davis                Harry and Laura Kanter    Walter Potaznick, OD
                                                                                  Laureen Williams
Carol DeCourcey             Shirley Kaplan            John Pugliese, OD
                                                                                  Beverly Wilson, OD
Christine Dodge, OD         Kate and Randy Kellog-    Steven Rafalowsky, OD
                                                                                  Sara and Marc Winer
Nina Nghi Doyle, OD          Peeler                   Haskell Rapoport, OD
                                                                                                               NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

                                                                                  Bryan Wolynski, OD
Walter Drag                 Stanley Koehler, OD       Roseanne Ricciardi, OD
                                                                                  Alice Wong
Paul Elliott, OD            Nicholas Kofos, OD        Diana Risco, OD
                                                                                  Marlene Woodman
Karl Erdmann, OD            Lisa Kralian, OD          Robert Rodman, OD
                                                                                  Cynthia Yee
Peter Everett, OD           Steven Kurlansik, OD      Rolande Foley Trust
                                                                                  Beverly Young, OD
Victor Finnemore, OD        Michele Lagana, OD        Daniel Roy, OD
                                                                                  Benjamin Zeldes, OD
Barry Fisch, OD                                       Rotislav Ryvkin, OD
                                                      Dana Salgado, OD

                          THE FOSTER                     NEW ENGLAND                 Low Vision and                New England Eye
                          NAMIAS SOCIETY                 EYE INSTITUTE               Geriatrics Service            Staffing and Best
                                                                                     New England Eye at            Practices Support at
                          The Foster Namias Society      The New England Eye
                                                                                      Hebrew Senior Life           Community Health
                          honors individuals who         Institute, the clinical                                   Centers
                                                                                     New England Eye at
                          have remembered The            system of the College,       Greater Boston Aid to        Codman Square Health
                          New England College of         is a network of eye care     the Blind                     Center
                          Optometry in their estate      centers and programs        New England Eye at MAB        The Dimock Center
                          plans. We recognize this       that reach out to the        Springfield                  Dorchester House Multi-
                          esteemed group of individ-     community with tailored     New England Eye at MAB         Service Center
                          uals, with deep gratitude,     programs for diverse         Worcester                    East Boston Neighborhood
                          for their commitment           populations.                Mobile care teams at:           Health Center
                          to the future success of                                   Elder Service Plan of         Geiger-Gibson Community
                                                         Flagship Practice             Mutual Health (ADC)          Health Center
                          the College.
                                                         Locations                   Elder Service Plan of         Greater Roslindale Medical
                          Arthur Baker, OD               New England Eye               Harbor Health (ADC)          and Dental Center
                                                          Commonwealth                                             Joseph M. Smith
                          Stella Beider*                                             Boston University Geriatric
                                                         New England Eye               Service (Home Care)           Community Health
                          Larry Clausen, OD               Roslindale                                                 Center
                                                                                     Upham’s Home Care
                          Carl Doughty, OD                                                                         Martha Eliot Health Center
                          Gerald Feldman, OD             Homeless Service
                                                                                     Pediatric School Health       North End Community
                                                         New England Eye at Pine     Program and
                          Joseph Feldberg, OD                                                                       Health Center
                                                          Street Inn
                          Marian and Dr. Eugene                                      Rehabilitation Programs       South Boston Community
                                                         New England Eye at          New England Eye at
                           Fischer*                                                                                  Health Center
                                                          New England Shelter for     Framingham Public
                          Edith Heymans*                  Homeless Veterans           School                       South End Community
                          Edith Hochstadt*                                                                           Health Center
                                                         Mobile Care for Rosie’s     Mobile Care Teams at
                          G. Burtt Holmes, OD             Place                       Boston Public School         Upham’s Corner Health
                                                                                      Screening Program             Center
                          Arnold Katz, OD                Women’s Lunch Place
                          Andrew Portoghese, OD          St. Francis House           Head Start and Early Head     New England Eye
                                                                                      Start Programs               Staffing Support at
                          Benjamin Lambert III, OD       Barbara McGinnis House
                                                                                     New England Eye at            Hospital Based
                          Lester Marcus, OD*             Father Bill’s Place
                                                                                      Perkins School               Programs
                          Joseph Molinari, OD            Boston Healthcare for the
                                                                                     May Institute                 New England Eye provides
                          Harry Rappoport, OD                                        Cotting School for Multi-     professional staffing
                                                                                      handicapped Children         support for Department of
                          Maurice Saval*                                                                           Ophthalmology, Boston
                          Gilbert Sellars, OD *                                      Cardinal Cushing Centers      Medical Center and Tufts
                                                                                      at Hanover                   New England Medical
                          Norman Spector
                                                                                                                   Center and Floating

                                                                                     Renaissance School,
                          Melvin Stack, OD                                            Boston                       Hospital for Children.
                          William Tolford, OD*

                          (*) Indicates that the donor
                          is deceased.

Years Ended June 30                                                 2008                        2007
Cash and cash equivalents                                $      978,708                 $ 1,202,308
Cash on deposit with trustee                                    155,962                   1,363,634
Accounts receivable, net                                        637,030                     553,603
Prepayments and other assets                                    360,353                     316,810
Contributions receivable, net                                   192,348                     222,635
Student loans, net                                            6,583,372                   6,092,595
Investments, at market value                                 12,462,656                  12,512,096
Property, plant, and equipment, net                          13,569,232                  12,866,915
Total assets                                             $ 34,939,661                   $ 35,130,596

Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts payable and accrued expenses                    $ 1,200,703                    $ 1,609,064
Annuity obligations                                           85,398                        115,766
Deferred revenue                                           2,058,998                      1,693,124
Bonds payable                                              9,860,000                     10,055,000
Refundable U.S. government grants                          6,092,767                      5,974,665
Total liabilities                                            19,297,866                  19,447,619

Net assets:
Unrestricted                                                  9,140,945                   8,870,043
Temporarily restricted                                        4,496,755                   4,792,178
Permanently restricted                                         2,004,09                   2,020,756
Total net assets                                             15,641,795                  15,682,977
Total liabilities and net assets                         $ 34,939,661                   $ 35,130,596

NECO Operating Revenues                          NECO Operating Expenses

           Other Sources                                 Auxiliary Enterprises              Clinical Instruction
                                                                                                                   NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

Grants and Contracts                  Tuition                                               and Patient Care
  Interest Income                     and Fees   Institutional Support

  Patient Care

                                                    Student Services
                                                       Academic Support

                                                                             Research                              25
                          Years Ended June 30                                                         2008           2007
                          Change in unrestricted net assets
                          Operating revenues:
                          Tuition and fees                                                     $14,451,766    $13,400,164
                          Less scholarships and grants                                            (387,209)      (400,752)
                          Tuition and fees, net                                                 14,064,557     12,999,412
                          Contributions                                                            270,019        165,668
                          Patient care                                                           2,592,235      2,012,920
                          Grants and contracts                                                   1,613,084      1,434,727
                          Interest income                                                           64,660         90,078
                          Other sources                                                            195,531        124,021
                          Total operating revenues                                              18,800,086     16,826,826
                          Net assets released from restrictions                                   434,043        170,483
                          Total operating revenues and net assets released from restrictions    19,234,129     16,997,309
                          Operating expenses:
                          Clinical instruction and patient care                                  5,984,644      5,194,187
                          Instruction                                                            4,204,256      4,578,448
                          Research                                                               1,660,666      1,461,776
                          Academic support                                                       1,236,297      1,381,594
                          Student services                                                       1,086,921        965,666
                          Institutional support                                                  4,609,672      4,090,907
                          Auxiliary enterprises                                                    202,831        218,780
                          Total operating expenses                                              18,985,287     17,891,358
                          Change in net assets from operating activities                          248,842        (894,049)
                          Nonoperating activities:
                          Investment return                                                         22,060       575,825
                          Clarification of donor intent                                                 —         95,498
                          Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets                          270,902        (222,726)
                          Change in temporarily restricted net assets
                          Contributions                                                             92,044        160,837
                          Interest income                                                            4,749             —
                          Investment return                                                         41,827        568,176
                          Clarification of donor intent                                                 —        (207,016)
                          Net assets released from restrictions                                   (434,043)      (170,483)

                          Increase (decrease) in temporarily restricted net assets                (295,423)      351,514
                          Change in permanently restricted net assets
                          Contributions                                                              7,375         2,660
                          Change in value of life income funds                                     (24,036)       23,409
                          Clarification of donor intent                                                 —        111,518
                          Increase (decrease) in permanently restricted net assets                 (16,661)      137,587
                          Change in net assets                                                     (41,182)      266,375
                          Net assets as of beginning of year                                    15,682,977     15,416,602

                          Net assets as of end of year                                         $15,641,795    $15,682,977
                                                                                             Dr. Schaffer received the
                                                                                         Alumna of the Year Award. She
                                                                                         has made significant contributions
                                                                                         to the profession in Florida where
                                                                                         she works at LensCrafters. She is
                                                                                         a former Florida Optometrist of
                                                                                         the Year and past President of the
                                                                                         Palm Beach and Broward County
                                                                                         Optometric Associations.
                                                                                             The Young Alumnus of the
                                                                                         Year Award was presented to Dr.
                                                                                         Swenby who serves as a Board
Phil Sutherland, OD ’86 welcoming Martin   David Heath, OD ’83 accepts the               member of the Connecticut
Baer, OD ’57 into the Half Century Club    Distinguished Service Award
                                                                                         Association of Optometrists where
                                                                                         he is active in the membership and
    Three alumni who have demon-                                                         legislative committees. He and his
strated outstanding leadership to                                                        wife, Betsy Cabanillas Swenby, OD
the profession – David Heath, OD                                                         ’00, are opening a private practice
’83, Judi Schaffer, OD ’93, and                                                          in Guilford, CT.
Christian Swenby, OD ’00, – were
honored at Alumni Reunion earlier
this fall.
    The annual event, which
brought alumni from the Classes
of 1948 to 2008, featured the first
alumni-student tea, a continuing
education program, the annual
dinner, a meeting of the Alumni            Judi Schaffer, OD ’93 accepts the Alumna of
Association, and a number of               the year Award

social events.
    President Elizabeth Chen also          about NECO today and what it
hosted the inaugural reception for         was like years ago.
the Golden Grads Society for alumni           Dr. Heath, the president of
                                                                                         Christian Swenby, OD ’00 accepts the
who graduated more than 40 years           the State University of New York              Young Alumnus of the Year Award
ago and the Half Century Club for          College of Optometry, was hon-
                                                                                                                                NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

alumni with more than five decades         ored with the Distinguished Service
of service to the profession.              Award. He previously served for
    The alumni-student tea brought         more than 20 years at NECO, most
together some 30 students from all         recently as Vice President/Dean
four classes at the College with           of Academic Affairs. He has more
alumni where they shared stories           than 90 scholarly publications and
                                           or presentations to his credit.

                                                                            Frank Kozol, OD ’48, a
                          Max Berman, OD ’39                            respected and honored professor,
                          Romeo Noury, OD ’39                           administrator and active alumnus
                          Harold Cline, OD ’42                          for more than six decades, passed
                                                                        away on Nov. 7.
                          Robert Rodman, OD ’42                             “The College has lost a very
                          Monthe N. Kofos, ’43,                         special alumnus and I feel a per-
                          Norman Riley, OD, ’49                         sonal loss,” President Elizabeth
                                                                        Chen said. “Frank was always
                          Melvin A. Richmond OD ’49
                                                                        quick with a compliment and a
                          John Musserian, OD ’50                        smile and provided a bridge for us
                                                                                                                Howard Coleman, OD ’57,
                          James Casey, Jr., OD ’53                      across generations of alumni.”
                                                                                                                Benjamin Lambert II, OD ’62
                                                                            “Uncle Frank” enrolled at the
                          William Coniaris, OD, ’53
                                                                        College after serving with distinc-
                          Eugene Fischer OD ’61                         tion in the military during World       1930’s
                          Charles “Ted” Bayshore, honorary              War II, and remained active and
                                                                                                                     Frederick Wagner, OD ’39 retired
                          degree recipient                              committed to his alma mater and
                                                                                                                last year at age 92. During his career he
                                                                        profession throughout his life.
                          Morton Silverman, OD, former faculty                                                  served as the President of the Boston
                                                                            He was a professor of
                          member                                                                                Society of Optometrists, as a member of
                                                                        Ophthalmic Optics and served
                                                                        the College with distinction as         the MSO and AOA, and on the Board
                                                                                                                of the Registration in Optometry. He also
                          Engagements                                   the longtime Registrar and as an
                                                                                                                served as a member of the Advisory Board
                                                                        active member of the Alumni
                          Kara Silverberg, OD ’07 to Adam               Association.                            of the Metropolitan Bay Transportation
                          Feldberg                                          He was the recipient of the         Authority, Metropolitan Area Planning
                          Nathaniel Graham, OD III to Heidi             1975 Alumnus of the Year Award          Council, the Board of Selectmen for the
                          Madson                                        and recently agreed to serve            Town of Saugus, and as Chairman of the
                                                                        another term on the Alumni              Town of Saugus Youth Commission.
                          Marriages                                         Dr. Kozol was the co-author
                                                                        of a classic textbook on eyeglass
                          Angela Bernardo, OD ’99 to Dennis
                          Lehane on February 23, 2008.                  dispensing and wrote numerous                Jack Goldstein, OD ’48 is still provid-
                                                                        articles for both optometry and         ing eye care in Union City, NJ at the same
                          Melissa Hergan, OD ’02 to Jason
                                                                        ophthalmology journals.                 practice he founded almost 60 years ago.
                          Simmons on April 26, 2008.
                                                                                                                     Sanford Monsein, OD ’49 is still in
                          Brian Walborn, OD ’02 to Heather                                                      active practice. His wife, a registered
                          McCullough on May 31, 2008.                                                           pharmacist, manages his office. Sandy has
                          Candice Cain, OD ’07 to Christopher Fix   Births                                      held the presidency of the New England
                          on September 29, 2007.                    John Rathjens, OD ’96 and Robin             Council of Optometrists, the presidency of
                                                                                                                the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists,

                          Maria Sampalis, OD ’07 to George          Rathjens, OD ’99 a daughter, Eliza Grace,
                          Masganas on July 12, 2008                 on April 3, 2008                            and was the AOA national chair for mem-
                                                                                                                bership. In addition he headed the health
                                                                    Aileen Maria-Cruz, OD ’02 and Ramon
                                                                                                                planning council which represents 17
                                                                    Cruz a son, Noah Alexander, on June 14,
                                                                                                                cities on the North Shore.
                                                                                                                     Richard Snow, OD ’49 continues to
                                                                    Jennifer Shanley, OD ’04 and Bao Che,       volunteer at the Eye Clinic of Bay Pines
                                                                    OD ’04 a son, Sebastian, on March 29,       Veterans Administration Medical Center.
                                                                    2008                                        He and his late wife have two sons, five
                                                                                                                grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

1950’s                                                                                              The Rev. Arthur MacKay, OD ’79
                                                                                                delivered his first homily as an ordained
     Burton Gerson, OD ’50 is enjoying                                                          Catholic priest in May 2008.
his retirement and keeps busy singing in
his temple choir and playing golf.
     Melvin Kranseler, OD ’50 is retired
and living in California. He is the past                                                            Bill Chauncey, OD ’80, PhD served
president of the California Optometric                                                          on the NECO faculty from 1980-2004
Association Tri County Society.                                                                 and as Clinic Director at Pine Street Inn, a
     Allan Kurlan, OD ’53 will be celebrat-                                                     homeless shelter. He currently spends his
ing his 55th wedding anniversary with                                                           time playing golf, hiking, traveling, and
wife Marilyn on November 29, 2009.                                                              studying Spanish.
They have two children and three grand-                                                             Ken Landesman, OD ’82 is a partner
children. Allan enjoys playing tennis,                                                          in two private practices in Westchester
                                              Mary Scott OD ’68, has retired from the           County, NY as well as an assistant clinical
gardening, and playing the piano.
                                              Board of Trustees after a long and distin-
     Martin Baer, OD ’57 sold his practice                                                      professor at SUNY College of Optometry.
                                              guished service to the College. She remains
in 2007 to Zoya Tolchin, OD ’07. He           active in her private practice at the Southboro
now spends time playing golf, vacation-       Medical Group in Southboro, MA.
ing in Florida, and babysitting for his
grandson. His wife, Ruth, wrote and pub-           John Maurillo, OD ’73 is married and
lished the book Samantha Rose which           has two children.
addresses how to help children express             Joseph Osmanski, OD ’74 reports
grief. She wrote this because their grand-    that son Jad, who graduated from NECO
daughter, Samantha Rose, suddenly             last June, will be married this December.
passed away at 16 months of age. The               Mitchell Scheiman, OD ’75, Daniel
book is available in bookstores and via       Kurtz, OD ’82 and Jane Gwiazda, PhD Profits go to The Children's      were recently published in Review of
Hospital in Boston.                           Optometry for Correction of Myopia
     Richard Susskind, OD ’57 lives on        Evaluation Trial Study Group on the topic
Cape Cod and spends his days writing,         of progressive addition lenses.
reading, golfing, and traveling since his          Walter Potaznick, OD ’76 was
retirement from private practice. He has      inducted in July as President of The
four children and six grandchildren.                                                            Guang-Ji Wang, OD ’92, MD and
                                              MD-33 S, Lion’s International, Eyemobile
                                                                                                Thomas Little, OD ’08
                                              Committee. The Eyemobile provides
1960’s                                        vision, hearing and blood pressure
                                              screenings for all of Southeastern                     Padmini Nathan, OD ’82 continues
    Frank Pimentel OD ’67 retired as of                                                         working in a group practice in Maryland
June 30, 2007.                                                                                  and has two daughters currently attend-
                                                   Joe Taddonio, OD ’76 continues his
    Harrison Smiley, OD ’68 is in the                                                           ing the George Washington University
                                              work (and is in his 19th year) with
process of selling his practice in E.                                                           School of Medicine.
                                              Nationwide Vision Center, the largest
Providence, RI but will continue providing                                                           Alan Rapoport, OD ’86 has com-
                                              optometry employer in Arizona.
exams at the state prison and nursing                                                           pleted his term as the president of the
                                                   Phyllis Andrekjo, OD ’77 has been
homes. He and his wife have five children                                                       Massachusetts Society of Optometrists.
                                              named Director of Eye Care Services at
and four grandchildren.                                                                              Denise Dobbins, OD ’89 is the cur-
                                              New England Eye Roslindale which is part
                                              of the New England Eye Institute Network          rent president of the Kentucky Board of
1970’s                                        at NECO.                                          Optometric Examiners and the Danville
    Anthony Cavallerano, OD ’72 was a              Fred E. Goldberg, OD ’77 is cur-             Christian Academy Parent Teacher
                                                                                                                                               NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

speaker at the Maine Optometric Associa-      rently the President-Elect of the Virginia        Fellowship. Denise also serves as a COPE
tion's December 2007 Conference.              Optometric Association and President              reviewer for ARBO and is on the nom-
                                              of the McLean Lion’s Club. He and his             inating committee for ARBO. She and
                                              wife Maria have five children and seven           husband, Barry Kowali, OD ’89 have
                                              grandchildren.                                    one daughter.

For more photos and alumni stories go to

                                                                                                                            Dana Dean, OD ’00 opened a private
                                                                                                                       practice in San Diego, CA specializing in
                                                                                                                       vision therapy in 2003 and only practices
                                                                                                                       developmental eye exams. She works
                                                                                                                       with charter schools regarding vision labs
                                                                                                                       as a class for all students. She and her
                                                                                                                       husband have two sons.
                                                                                                                            Maria Florio Jablonski, OD ’00 has
                                                                                                                       been working for Koch Eye Associates in
                                                                                                                       Johnson, RI since completing her OD IV
                                                                                                                       rotation with them. She is a member of
                                                                                                                       the RIOA and a “special eyes” Special
                                                                                                                       Olympics volunteer each year, providing
                                                                                                                       free exams and glasses to Special Olympics
                                                                                                                       athletes. She has served as an examiner
                                                                                                                       for Part III of the National Board Exam for
                                                                                                                       the past two years and received the 40
                                                                                                                       Under 40 Award from Providence Business
                                                                                                                       News for her commitment to community
                                                                                                                       and career. Maria is married and has
                                                                                                                       two sons.
                          1990’s                                             Karen Grucci Brown, OD ’96 has
                                                                                                                            Curtis Newcomb, OD ’00 is married
                                                                        been in practice with a group of ophthal-
                               Kenneth S. Lee, OD ’91 is currently                                                     to Janet Schroeder Newcomb, OD ’02
                                                                        mologists for 12 years. The practice
                          practicing at Straub Clinic and Hospital in                                                  and they have a two-year-old son. They
                                                                        includes a corneal specialist, three general
                          Honolulu, HI.                                                                                work together in a private practice in
                                                                        ophthalmologists, and retina services. She
                               Antoinette Parvis, OD ’91 has                                                           Reading, CA.
                                                                        specializes in contact lens fittings includ-
                          obtained the following honors: Official       ing keratinous and corneal transplant.
                          citation from the Massachusetts State         She and her husband have two children.
                          Senate and Certificate of Congratulations          Cristina Rouiller, OD ’96 has been
                          from the Massachusetts House of               working for The Medical Eye Center oph-
                          Representatives. The Oxford Board of          thalmology practice in Olney, MD for 12
                          Selectmen declared May 5, 2008 as Dr.         years. She is the contact lens and kerati-
                          Antoinette Parvis Day in Oxford, MA.          nous specialist in the area.
                               Robert Aube, Jr., OD ’92 owns one             Holly Jacques, OD ’99 is newly
                          Visual Perceptions practice in Rocky          licensed in Rhode Island and works with
                          Hill, CT and is a partner in another in       former classmate Eric Hall, OD ’99 in
                          Vernon, CT. He and wife, Liz, have four       Woonsocket. She has two children.
                          children.                                          Rebecca Voorthuis-Goldman, OD
                               Sheiva Pousti, OD ’94 has retired        ’99 married Seth Goldman in 1999 and
                          from her private practice after over 10       they have a son Jack and another boy
                          years to be a stay-at-home mom for her        due in September. She provides primary
                          one and a half year old daughter. She         optometry care at Voorthuis Opticians,
                          and her family reside in La Jolla, CA.        Inc., the company her father started over
                               Michelle Bouchard, OD ’96 is finaliz-    30 years ago. She oversees the optometric
                          ing the purchase of a private practice for    practice in their seven offices while her

                          which she and another NECO graduate,          husband and sister oversee the business
                          John McCormick, OD ’88 are partners.          management and optical operations.
                          Michelle has three children and lives in
                                                                                                                       Mark O’Donoghue, OD ’82 receives the Carroll
                          Boothbay, ME.
                                                                                                                       Maretus Award from Scott Chamberland, OD ’08.

     Donna Reed, OD ’00 purchased her
own practice in New London, NH in 2007.
     Joseph Russo, OD ’00 is working for          Classnotes are Going On-line
Eye Health Vision Centers of Dartmouth
                                                       Starting this spring, alumni will have the opportunity to read classnotes
as well as conducting nursing home
                                                  more often and in more depth as the Alumni Office will be sending them out
exams for Medical Eyecare of Norwood.
                                                  four times a year on-line as part of a new e-newsletter.
     Melissa Hergan, OD ’02 was pro-
                                                      If you do not have an e-mail account, please contact the Office of Alumni
moted to Major on April 1. She is the first
                                                  and Student Relations at 617-587-5575 and you will receive printed copies of
Flight Commander of Optometry Services
                                                  future newsletters. If the Alumni Office does not have your latest e-mail
for the 2nd Medical Group at Barksdale
                                                  address, please forward it to
Air Force Base
                                                      The new on-line community for alumni will include a password protected,
     Jodee Perretta Price, OD ’03 and
                                                  searchable alumni directory that you can update, listings of upcoming events,
Richard Price, OD ’03 have a one-year-
                                                  on-line event registration, links to social network pages, and enhanced broad-
old daughter.
                                                  cast e-mail messages.
     Tim Eggimann, OD ’04 is working
at the Aspen Medical Group in Hopkins,
MN. He and his wife have two young
     Barbara Cohn, OD ’05 is the sole
eye care provider with the Indian Health
Service in Montana, a critical access
hospital that serves a population of over
5,000 Native Americans. She has been
there since she graduated from NECO.
She and her husband have a one-year-old
     Deborah Lee, OD ’06 has been
appointed to the position of attending
optometrist in the Department of
Ophthalmology at Boston Medical
     Andrew McLeod, OD ’06 has been
appointed to the position of attending
optometrist in the Department of
Ophthalmology Services at Boston              Erik Weissberg, OD ’97, Jazmintha Ellaurie, OD ’08, and Terrance B. Neylon, EdD
Medical Center.
     Jennifer Stewart, OD ’07 is serv-
ing as a member of the AchieveVision
Program through The Vision Care
Institute, LLC a Johnson & Johnson
company. This council explores ways to
best work with Olympic athletes. An
article about her work with Olympic
athletes appeared in the July 2008 issue
of Contact Lens Spectrum.
                                                                                                                                   NECO ANNUAL REPORT 2008

                                              Andrea Murphy, OD ’08, Noemi Guemes, OD ’08, and
                                              Hetel Bhakta, OD ’08

                          New Faculty                                  Leaving                                        Presentations
                               Stacy Choi and Nathan Doble have                                                            Four faculty members presented their
                          joined the faculty of the Department of                                                     research work at the 12th International
                          Vision Science. They are a husband and                                                      Conference on Myopia in Cairns, Australia.
                          wife research team doing state of the art                                                   Jane Gwiazda, PhD, presented a key-
                          research on the study of retinal and optic                                                  note address on how progressive addition
                          nerve diseases using ultra high resolution                                                  lenses slow myopic progression in some
                          retinal imaging systems such as adaptive                                                    children. She also presented research on
                          optics (A.O.) flood illuminated fundus                                                      how time spent on visual activities differ
                          cameras and A.O. Fourier-domain O.C.T.                                                      between myopic and non-myopic children.
                               For the past three years, Choi has                                                          Debra Nickla, PhD, presented an
                          used ultra-high resolution fundus imaging                                                   invited address on “The middle of the
                          systems at the University of Rochester to                                                   signal cascade in emmetropization: The
                          study in detail the anatomical changes       President Alan Lewis, OD ’66                   choroid and the effects of nitric oxide
                          that occur in the retinas of patients with                                                  synthase (NOS) inhibitors, muscarinic
                          various retinopathies. She will teach oph-        Alan Lewis, OD ’66, PhD, who              antagonists and dopaminergic agonists.”
                          thalmic optics.                              served as the College’s president from
                               Doble is an engineer/physicist with     1999 to 2006, will retire at the end of
                          degrees in applied optics, laser physics     this academic year. He has been teaching
                          and optoelectronics. As a post-doc at the    courses in the Department of Vision
                          University of Rochester, he helped design    Science for the past two years.
                          the first A.O. system to allow individual         David Troilo, PhD, professor of
                          rod receptors to be seen. He also co-        Biomedical Sciences and Disease, has
                          founded Iris A.O., Inc., a company that      been named Vice President and Dean of
                          manufactures microelectromechanical          Academic Affairs at the SUNY School of
                          deformable mirrors and builds adaptive       Optometry in New York. Dr. Troilo, for-
                          optics systems for defense, surveillance,    mer faculty chair and director of graduate
                          and biomedical applications.                 studies, was a professor for 15 years and
                               Rodney Gutner, OD ’73, has recently     a prolific researcher. He was a past win-
                          become a full time faculty member in         ner of the student-selected Faculty of the
                          the Department of Community Health.          Year Award.                                    Debra Nickla, PhD
                          He has been affiliated with the college           Marjorie Rah, OD, PhD has resigned
                          for over three decades through his work      and accepted a position in the contact lens         Elise Harb, OD ‘04, presented a
                          at the Bedford V.A. He is a nationally       department at the Massachusetts Eye and        poster on “The accommodation response
                          recognized ocular photographer and is        Ear Infirmary. She has been a member of        in marmosets with imposed anisome-
                          currently a lecturer and lab instructor      the Department of Specialty and Advanced       tropia.” Her collaborators were Sanbrita
                          in the P.P.O. courses and a facilitator in   Care since 2000. She is a nationally           Ghosh, OD ’09, Mark O’Connor, OD
                          the Clinical Reasoning course series.        known researcher in the area of contact        ’09, Kristen Totonelly, former animal

                               Cherie Farkash has joined the           lenses, with specialization in corneal         facilities manager, and David Troilo.
                          Department of Biomedical Sciences            refractory therapy. She served as a clinical        Frank Thorn, OD ’79, PhD, presented
                          and Disease and the Department of            instructor in NEEI’s contact lens clinic.      posters on “Mathematical modeling of
                          Community Health. Cherie is course                Jennifer Hazelwood, OD ’00, an            longitudinal data for myopia progression”
                          master for two Neuroanatomy courses.         assistant professor since 2001, has            as well as on his work with numerous
                          She formerly was a fellow at the Eye         resigned to open a private practice in         collaborators at the Wenzhou Medical
                          Institute at PCO.                            Ohio. She has served as attending              College.
                                                                       optometrist and clinic director at the
                                                                       South Boston Community Health Center
                                                                       and has been course master.

NEW ENGLAND                                                     NEW ENGLAND                    NEW ENGLAND EYE
COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY                                            COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY           INSTITUTE BOARD OF
BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                               CORPORATORS                    DIRECTORS

Chairman                        Emeritus Members                Richard C. Angelone CPA        Chairman
Steven P. Manfredi                                                                             Charles Mullen, OD ’69
                                Joseph J. F. Bickford, OD ’65   William R. Baldwin, OD, PhD
Vice Chairman                                                                                  Vice Chairman
Ronald R. Ferrucci, OD ’74      Lester M. Brackley, OD ’68      Linda Bennett, OD ’80          Pano Yeracaris, MD
Secretary                       G. Burtt Holmes, OD ’52         Lester M. Brackley, OD ’68     Treasurer
Brian S. Klinger, OD, FAAO      Adelbert Parrot, OD ’34*        Edward L. Burke, JD            Jiaqi Tao, MSC
Treasurer                       Paul Taylor, OD ’55             David J. Caban, OD ’77         Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS
Joan Exford-Korb, OD
                                                                Charles Clark                  Elizabeth Chen, MBA
Chairman, By Laws               *deceased
Committee                                                       Michael Cohn, OD ’77           Sally Deane, EdM
Norman C. Spector, JD                                           Sylvio L. Dupuis, OD           Joan Exford-Korb, OD
Chairman, Academic Affairs                                      David Ferris, OD ’66           Herbert Gleason, JD
Robert W. Sekuler, PhD                                          Elmer Freeman                  Interim President
                                                                                               James Hooley
Chairman, Finance/                                              Philip E. Friedman, OD ’62
Investment Committee                                                                           James W. Hunt, Jr., MUA
Richard N. Small, CPA                                           Elaine S. Garrett
                                                                                               Caroline Marten-Ellis, MD
Chairman, Institutional                                         Carl F. Gruning, OD ’66
                                                                                               Annie McGuire
Advancement and                                                 Fernando Hidalgo Santa Cruz,
Development Committee                                           OD ’87
Charles F. Mullen, OD ’69
                                                                Donald Higgins, OD ’82
Chairman, Institutional
Planning Committee                                              Celia Anne Hinrichs, OD ’79
Brian Klinger, OD                                               Robert H. Honnors, OD ’63
Chairman, Audit/                                                Barbara Kamens
Compliance Committee
Ann Hudson, CPA                                                 Cynthia P. Macdonald, JD
Chairman, Physical Facilities                                   Norman A. MacLeod
Steven P. Manfredi                                              Shawn Mahoney

Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS                                        David Mills, OD ’80

President                                                       Joseph F. Molinari, OD ’74
Elizabeth Chen, MBA                                             Mark W. O’Donoghue, OD ’82
A. Robert Child, OD ’78                                         Joseph F. Osmanski, OD ’74
Francis L. DiMella, AIA                                         Gerard Phelan
Howard I. Greenberg                                             Qu Jia, MD
Colin Leitch, MDiv                                              David A.V. Reynolds, DPH
Irwin M. Shwom, OD ’80                                          Ronald J. Serra, OD ’70
President, Alumni                                               Thomas M. Sheehan, OD ’64
Philip Sutherland, OD ’86                                       Solomon K. Slobins, OD ’50

Student Representative                                          John A. Stefanini, Esq.
Jennifer Chen, OD III                                           Irwin B. Suchoff, OD ’59
Faculty Representative                                          Michael R. Taylor, MEd
Erik Weissberg, OD ’97
                                                                Thomas F. Terry, OD ’75
                                                                Alison Bibbons Ward
The New England
                                       Non-Profit Org.
College of Optometry
                                        U.S. Postage
424 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
                                        Augusta, ME
Address service requested              Permit No. 121


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