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新编大学英语 Book I Unit 6 教案


									                           Unit Six a World of Mystery

Teaching Aims:
In this unit students are required to:
1) get to know some useful information concerning the topic of the reading passages
   in this unit and to know more about English culture;
2) do some preparation activities such as discussion, group work, etc. to practice
   their spoken skill and communicative skills;
3) grasp some new words and try to use these words which help them to enrich their
4) read the in-class reading passage in a limited time and grasp some expressions
   and grammatical points in the in-class reading passage to improve their reading
5) do some post-reading exercises and some after-class reading to practice what they
   have got to know in class to improve their English comprehensive skills.;
6) translate some typical sentences into Chinese or English by using some
   expressions learned in the reading passages to acquire some translating skills and
   better their translating abilities.

Useful Information:
    We humans have found countless mysteries of the universe with which to occupy
our minds over the centuries. We not only ask about what something is but we also
want to know why is. Ancient people invented elaborate mythological explanations
to account for the mysterious things they saw. Both the sky with its heavenly bodies
and seemingly never-ending vastness and the seas with their great depths and power
were, and still are, capable of filling people with feelings of awe and wonder.
    The Bermuda Triangle, a section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America
in which many ships and airplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared over
the years, still remains mysterious to many people. While there are plausible theories
today, they have yet to be proved. This vaguely triangular-shaped area of ocean has
countless stories and some people actually believe its mystery will never be
satisfactorily explained. Even if it is, there will still remain many things in this world
of mystery that will keep us asking,“Why? ”
Part One Preparation
1. Mysterious Circles
Sample 1

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    I guess these crop circles were man-made. Some teenagers may have made them
as a joke, or farmers may have made them to attract tourists because a lot of people
would go there to have a look at the so-called mysterious crop circle.
Sample 2
    Beings from outer space may have made the circles. I believe there must be
other creatures in outer space. These creatures have been trying to communicate
with us from far away and the crop circles must be messages from them. Or the
creatures may have actually landed on the fields and the circles were marks left by
their spaceship. Anyway, it is hard to believe that any natural force could have
created a perfect circle in a field of wheat.
Sample 3
    The magnetic properties of the area might be responsible for the mysterious
appearance of the crop circles.
2. Life in Outer Space?
Sample 1
    Yes, I believe there is life in outer space. Since the universe is so immense and it
contains so many heavenly bodies, other forms of life have probably evolved on
some other planets as well. Creatures in outer space may be tall and slender, perhaps
with a huge head. They might have no hair or teeth. They are probably far more
intelligent than people on the Earth so they can visit the Earth by UFOs. They are
likely neither friendly nor hostile to human beings. They are simply in interested in
us so they visit the Earth and even take some humans away to their planet to
experiment on.
Sample 2
    No, I don’t think there is any space. Despite those amazing stories told by
popular science fiction books and films, so far there has been no scientific evidence
of life in outer space. Certainly, there have been stories of UFOs. But almost all of
them have been traced to natural or man-made causes.
3. The Mystery of the Twenty-Third Floor
    Mr. X was a very short man. He could not reach the button for floor twenty-three
since it was at the top of the panel. He could only reach the buttons for floor one,
floor two and floor three. Since he was too shy to ask for help, on sunny days he
would take the elevator to floor three and three climb the stairs to floor twenty-three.
But on rainy days, he had an umbrella with him, so he could reach the button for
floor twenty-three with his umbrella.

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Part Two Reading-Centered Activities
In-Class Reading
1) The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Western Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda,
    Florida, and Puerto Rico.
2) The Bermuda Triangle is known for its being mysterious. Many airplanes and
    ships have disappeared in this very mysterious part of the world. The people on
    board also disappeared and have never been found. For years now, scientists and
    others have been puzzled by this mystery. Many people believe that area has a
    special, magical force, making it very dangerous to go into the area. Some people
    even believe that those planes and ships were kidnapped by creatures from outer
Words, Phrases and Grammatical Points
1. take off (ll.1--2)
The phrase “take off” has several meanings when it is used intransitively.
1) (used for an airplane, etc.) leave the ground and start flying
The airplane took off from the airport.
We took off in the jet airliner and soon had crossed the country.
2) become successful, popular, or well-known
It was at this point that her acting career really took off.
Her singing career took after an appearance on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight” show in
3) go away, often suddenly and unexpectedly
When he saw me, he took off in the other direction.
She just took off without saying goodbye to anyone.
The phrase “take something off” has the following meanings when it is used
1) remove(especially clothes)
Take your shoes off before you come in.
He took off his clothes and got into the bath.
2) have the period of time mentioned as a holiday

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I’m going to take a week off.
It’s difficult for me to take time off during the summer.
2. happen / occur/ take place (l22).
“happen” and “occur” are usually used with events that are not planned. The word
“occur” is more formal than “happen”. The phrase “take place” sometimes suggests
that an event is planned.
Could you describe to the police what happened after you left the party?
The accident happened/occurred at 10:00 a.m.
The next attract took place four hours later.
3. result in (l.38) result from
The phrase “result in” means “cause something to happen or exist” and “result
from” means “happen or exist because or something.”
The accident resulted in the dearth of two passengers.
The talk has resulted in better understanding between the two countries.
Ninety per cent of deaths resulted from injuries to the head.
His difficulty in walking results from a childhood illness.
1) Her hard work resulted in a big bonus for her.
2) Children were watching the planes take off and land.
3) As soon as I’m on board a ship I always feel sick.
4) A total of 20,000 people visited the museum on the first day it was open to the
5) The committee consists of scientists and engineers.
6) I wouldn’t dare to go home with the job unfinished.
Part Three Further Development
1. Grammar Review
     There can’t be any life on Mars as there is very little oxygen and water on the
planet. What’s more, the temperature at night is as low as 50 and such severe
conditions make Mars uninhabitable. But there may have been some form of life on
Mars a long time ago because the surface of the planet seems to show that water
plowed across it. At that time, the plane might have had volcanoes; the atmosphere
might have been thicker and warmer; and there might have been water on Mars.

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Now some people believe that Mars could support life in the future if the right
conditions were produced. With warmth, water and carbon dioxide, simple plants
could begin to grow. These plants could slowly make Mars habitable.
Other Mysteries That You Know
      In the Tarim Basin in China, some mummies were unearthed. They were not
Chinese. They were not even Asian. They were Caucasian. Evidence shows that
these people lived in the Tarim Basin four thousand years ago and thrived there for
at least 1, 5000 years but then disappeared. So who were they? What language did
they speak? Where did they come from? Why did they disappear? These questions
have puzzled many scientists and scholars. Some believe these people probably
migrated to Asia from southern Russian, and they have come from Iran or Turkey.
These mummies remain a mystery to us.
Part Four Listening-Centered Activities
Viewing, Understanding And Speaking
Play the video for at least three times. For the first time, the students are expected to
only watch and enjoy it, then the second time to do exercises, the third time the
teacher can stop the video appropriately with explanation about the difficulties.
For listening exercises One, Two, Three, the teacher can play them several times
with relevant explanations as well. Besides, More Listening exercises can be chosen
if time permitted.
In-class reading

Part Five Writing and Translation
Translation Practice:
1) 酒后驾车严重威胁其他道路使用者。
2) 你能扼要地向我解释一下它的工作原理吗?
3) 她义无反顾地离开了这座她生活了一辈子的城市。
4) 晚餐后他偶尔抽支雪茄。
5) 简望着我,的确很惊奇。        “你真的要去?”她说。
6) 他把这件事彻底搞砸了。
7) 他度假期间突然心脏病发作。
8) 他的婚姻很美满,还有两个孩子。
9) 他有许多激动人心的点子,所以迫不及待地想付诸实施。
11)过去 50 年中社会发生了深刻的变革。

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12) 这次晚会筹备得体挺匆忙。
Mysteries Solved?
Sample 1
      The Sphinx in Egypt is one of the greatest mysteries in history. It has the face
of a man, and the body of a lion, and it faces east. It was carved out of a single piece
of stone weighing hundreds of tons. Who built it and for what purpose? When and
how was it built? It has long been argued that Egyptians couldn’t have built the
Sphinx. An advanced civilization 8,000 to 10,000 B.C. may have built it. Whatever
the origin of the Sphinx, it has been a symbol of strength and intelligence of
Egyptian culture.
Sample 2
      The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the western Atlantic Ocean between
Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. In the past 100 years over 70 ships and planes
have disappeared mysteriously in this area. The most famous disappearance was the
loss of Flight 19. Five US Navy planes and fourteen men on the planes disappeared
without a trace. A search plane was sent and also disappeared completely. Many
theories have been offered to explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Some
people believe that the ships and planes were taken away by creatures from another
planet. Another theory is that the strange magnetic properties of the area result in the
disappearances. The latest theory is that the escape of large amounts of methane gas
from the seafloor of the Bermuda Triangle is responsible for the disappearances in
that area. But all these theories have yet to be proved.

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