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					MINUTES - Village of Black Earth Parks, Grounds & Recreations Committee

 Thursday, April 21st, 2011 – Black Earth Municipal Building, 1210 Mills Street, at 6:00 p.m.

 1. Call to Order Parks, Grounds and Recreations Committee member by Chair Beth Marty,
    Roll Call of Members of the Parks, Grounds & Recreations Committee and Confirmation of

 2. Confirmation of Public Notice and Compliance with Open Meetings Laws

 3. Discussion/action on Minutes from the Previous Meeting on September 22, 2010 – Motion
    to approve the minutes from September 22, 2010, by J.Coyle and seconded by R.
    Bratton. Motion carries.

 4. Discussion by Dennis Wood – Motion to postpone the discussion by Dennis Wood until he
    appears, by J.Coyle and seconded by B. Marty. Motion carries.
          Dennis Wood discussing his proposal for the project for Veterans Park. The panels
          have been ordered and the 800 or so names have almost been set. Discussion of
          the people on the list. Discussion of the landscaping for the park with the panels
          proposed. Anything in the cost of landscaping that would go above the funding
          limit the Legion would help out with. The panels will be on both walls. The
          landscaping should be taken out. Discussion of crushed red granite and cement
          stepping stones to be placed next to panels. Panels would be five foot high and 30
          inches wide. Discussion of the size of the lettering and space on the panels for the
          names. Discussion of adding names to the list. Every two years the panel would
          be taken down to add names which costs $4.50. The project costs $20,000.
          Discussion of funding for the project and fundraising projects. Discussion of a
          concert in the Park event before or after the TDS scheduled event. Discussion of
          Village insurance covering the Veterans Park Memorial. The Memorial event
          occurring on September 11, 2011. Discussion of Vanguard installing lights for the
          memorial. Discussion of having a history of the wall placed on CD’s and given to
          the historical society, library and those who want them.

 5. Discussion/action on Veteran’s Park Memorial – No action.

 6. Discussion/Action on Veteran’s Park Landscaping – Discussion of the Legion giving money
    to the Village of the landscaping cost more than budgeted. Discussion of the cost of the
    landscaping proposed. Discussion of priorities for funding. Discussion of phases that had
    been planned for the parks. Discussion on waiting to see what the memorial costs and
    then planning the Parks landscaping projects that need to be addressed. Discussion of the
    baseball park diamond maintenance.
           Motion to table the Veteran’s Park landscaping until Dennis is prepared to show the
           Committee the landscaping around the bath house by R. Bratton and seconded by
           J. Coyle. Motion carries.

 7. Discussion of Wish List – Discussion of the wish list and items that may have been
    completed on it and refreshing themselves with the issues. Discussion of the top priorities
    Tony feels that have to be done this year. Discussion of organic in the park and using a
    four step process. Tony will get the committee a quote on the organic process.
    Equipment boxes at the ball diamond were eaten by the mice. Won’t have equipment
    boxes there anymore. Discussion of funds and donations for the garbage cans in the
    park. Discussion of costs for new garbage cans and cementing around them. Discussion
         of recycling and garbage cans during concerts in the park. Discussion of grills in the parks
         and purchasing a new grill to place in a park. Will replace a damaged grill in Veterans
         Park with a small one. Discussion for collections in the Park going to NWDSS. Tony will
         take the Cans for Cans money and purchase as many garbage cans as possible with it and
         install them at the parks. Some of the money will be used to purchase a grill and place it
         at Veterans Park to replace an old one. Discussion of picnic tables for Village use.
         Discussion of aluminum bleachers, not a hazard, but they are getting beaten up. Look at
         them at the end of the summer season to see if new ones need to be purchased.
         Discussion of roofs on shelters and bids to re-roof them. Discussion of shingles vs. tin for
         roofs. Discussion of bathrooms at Community Park and the road around the park being
         really shot. Discussion of patching and cost for new road. Discussion of the path being
         used as a road for garbage trucks, pepsi trucks and other large vehicles. Discussion of
         getting tile to drain the area and using a culvert to get water under the road and road
         design. Discussion of a Legion building and making it a Legion and community building.
         Discussion of funding for the building. Discussion of a walking path to Ripp’s. Discussion
         of playground equipment at Ripp Meadow’s park. Discussion of costs of playground
         equipment and attending a playground equipment auction. Discussion of the concession
         stand at the ballpark. Need to paint the other door and put tin on the siding. Discussion
         for chips to be placed at the playground on Veterans Park. Discussion of timbers for
         Veterans Park. Discussion of port a potty at Red Hawk park. Discussion of a pop machine
         in Veterans Park. Discussion of banners and signs around the playground area as well as
         decorative lights. Discussion of the costs of decorative lighting. Discussion of using
         money to pay for projects instead of using it to pay off debt.

    8. Additional Information that can be brought before this committee – Nothing.

    9. Setting of Next Meeting – May 25, 2011 at 6pm.

    10.      Adjournment of Parks, Grounds and Recreations Committee @ 7:20pm by R.
       Bratton and seconded by B. Marty.

Proof of Posting: A copy of the notice was delivered on April 19, 2011 at the following: by fax to the News Sickle Arrow, the official
                newspaper for the Village; posted at the Black Earth Municipal Building and Black Earth Post Office, Black Earth Web
                Page; and faxed for posting to the Black Earth State Bank.

Please Note:
       It is possible that members of and possibly a quorum of members of other government bodies of them municipality may be
        in attendance at the above stated meeting to gather information. No action will be taken by any governmental body at the
        above stated meeting other than the governmental body specifically referred to above in this notice.
       Upon reasonable notice, all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities
        through appropriate aids and services. For additional information or to request this service, contact the Municipal Clerk at
        (608)767-2563, ext 222 or 1210 Mills Street, Black Earth, Wisconsin, or by fax at 608-767-2064.
       This notice may be amended in order to comply with Wisconsin’s Open Meetings law. If this notice is amended, the final
        notice will be posted and provided to the media no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting or no later than 2 hours prior to
        the meeting, in the event of an emergency.
       All items on the agenda may result in a recommendation for action to the full Village Board.

PARKS, GROUNDS AND RECREATIONS COMMITTEE MEMBERS: James Coyle, Renee Bratton, Beth Marty, Rod Howard and Lisa

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