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ePay Advantage


									                                                 DATA SHEET

                                                   ePay Advantage
Advanced Architecture
                                                   Improve Cash Flow with Online Bill Pay for Microsoft Dynamics GP
ePay Advantage leverages SOA with web
service architecture to ensure flexibility of
                                                   ePay Advantage offers the latest online payment technology for enterprises that want to provide
deployment and extensibility of the
application to collaborate with other              their customers with the convenience of online billing and payment collection. It supports both
applications.                                      Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) for the Biller Direct Model within
                                                   Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Models. This means that the vendor will send invoice
Seamless Integration                               notifications directly to the customer. The customer can login to the vendor's website, browse their
                                                   invoices, process payments, and confirm payments.
Secure web-based billing solution integrated
seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP to
                                                   ePay Advantage provides real-time payment processing, eliminating double data entry. It automatically
provide real-time A/R and cash receipts
                                                   applies payments to the invoices and integrates directly with cash management for better cash position
information ensuringeffective financial
management.                                        visibility. It lets businesses interact with their customers on payment shortfalls or overcharges with
                                                   complete document trails and gives their customers the ability to check invoices and payment history at
Compliance with PA-DSS                             their leisure. It can also be easily integrated with an existing website or Nodus' eStore Solution Stack,
                                                   and it is available for both on-premises DSS or off-premises Tokenization to facilitate PCI Compliance.
All Nodus software is designed to meet
PA-DSS requirements. Customers using
                                                   Go Paperless with Electronic Billing and Payment Collection
ePay Advantage for their online bill payment
application can rest assured that the
                                                   For many companies, handling invoices is still an old-fashioned paper process despite the fact
application meets the highest data security
standards.                                         that customers' experience is becoming more web-based every day. With ePay Advantage, Microsoft
                                                   Dynamics GP users can send invoice notifications electronically to their customers and direct them to
Expandable                                         the secured ePay Advantage site to pay for their invoices electronically. The result is a streamlined,
                                                   automated process that reduces the billing cycle and collection costs and improves efficiency and cash
ePay Advantage can be expanded to include          flow.
an e-Commerce website or work as an
extension to an existing e-Commerce
website or web portal with single sign-on. Its
                                                   Recurring Payment Options for Subscription Based Service Businesses
advanced features allow for the support of
recurring contract billing, installment            With this easy add-on, ePay Advantage offers a fast and easy process for subscription based service
payments and web-based sales order entry.          businesses to generate recurring invoices and automatically accept payments based on a specified
                                                   frequency. Customers can set up their preferences to automatically take the payment periodically or
Convenience for Customers,                         sign in to the site to pay electronically with a credit card or electronic check. The transaction data is
Lower Cost for Company                             then seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP for posting to the cash management system.

ePay provides customers with control,
transparency and document trails for their
                                                   Installment Plan Payments
payments. It allows them to pay at their
convenience, and access their complete             ePay Advantage’s optional Installment Plan is another easy add-on to allow organizations to set up
payment history at their leisure. For the          installment plan payments for customers. Organizations can specify the down payment requirement,
company, it helps streamline the billing           the number of payments and the interest rate. The software will automatically calculate the amount of
processes, improve customer interactions,
                                                   each installment payment, and customers can log into the secure site to make each installment
minimize printing, paper, mailing costs and
                                                   electronically. The transaction data is then seamlessly sent to Microsoft Dynamics GP for auto-posting
helps conserve the environment.
                                                   to the cash management system.
System Requirements
                                                   eSOP Option
• Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 to GP 2010 R2
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or                 For businesses with field sales personnel or remote customer representatives that prefer to accept
  Windows 2008                                     payments with field orders or sales orders over the Internet, this option is the perfect solution. The field
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008                sales person or the customer service rep can create a customer information record, check product
• Internet access required
                                                   inventory status and pricing information, generate the SOP along with the payment and send every-
                                                   thing to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES                        ePay Advantage Product Features:
“Nodus’ ePay Advantage empowers our                                                                                                                      Available
customers to schedule recurring
payments or login monthly and use the            Full Featured Online Bill Pay Website Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP
payment method of their choosing. On             Real-Time Electronic Payment Processing
the back end, ePay Advantage automati-
                                                 Accept Multiple Payment Types Including Credit Cards, eChecks and ACH
cally applies payments to invoices and
integrates directly with cash manage-            Full Fraud Protection features, such as AVS and CVV2 support for credit card payments
ment for better cash position visibility.        NEW Support latest Credit Card Tokenization Technology for Off-premises Storage to
This gives us much needed insight into           Reduce PCI Compliance Burden
our financial situation.”                        Fulfill B2B and B2C Online Bill Pay Requirements
–Dave Stevens, Credit Manager, Latisys
                                                 NEW Secure Customer Login and Account Management with CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Protection

                                                 Secure Credit Card Wallet for the Storage of Payment Accounts for User Convenience
                                                 Ability to Drill Down on Invoice Details, View and Download Invoices in PDF Format

ABOUT NODUS                                      Send Payment Confirmation Email Including Payment Details
                                                 Support Unapplied Cash Receipt for Deposit
Nodus Technologies, Inc. is a leading
provider of electronic payment and               NEW Send Email Reminders for Outstanding Invoices and Past Due Invoices

business process automation software             Option to Export List of Outstanding Invoices to Excel
for small and mid-size companies. Nodus
                                                 Schedule Individual Payments to be Processed on a Later Date
leverages Service Oriented Architecture
and web services technologies to provide         Track Payment History and Scheduled Payments from Recent Activities
cost effective, comprehensive:                   Auto-Create Microsoft Dynamics GP Cash Receipts and Apply Payment to Invoices
e-commerce, electronic payments &                View Invoice History and Search Invoices by Number, Date and Source
retail management solutions for Microsoft
                                                 Optional Auto Payment Contracts Generation with Ability to Specify Terms & Payment Frequency
Dynamics® ERP. Visit
for more information on Nodus®                   Optional Integrated Web-Based Sales Order Entry for Microsoft Dynamics GP
business solutions - eStore Solution             Transaction Reports Available for All Types of Contracts
Stack, ePay Advantage, Credit Card
                                                 Single Sign-On Available to Pass-Through User Credentials for Integration with Existing Sites
Advantage Retail Advantage, & other
products & services.                             NEW Allow Customers to Apply Credit Memo to Pay for Outstanding Invoices

                                                 NEW Add Multi-Level Permission for CSR for Certain Administrative Functions

                                                 Optional Add-On for Installment Payment Contracts to Payoff Outstanding Invoices through Installments

                                                 Optional Add-on for Recurring Billing for Contracts with Ability to Specify Terms and Billing
Contact Info:                                    Frequency Including Line-Item Based Contracts with Individual Start and End dates
2099 S. State College Blvd., Ste 250
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 909.482.4701
                                                Do you know the cost for processing a paper check?
Fax: 909.482.4705                               According to a study by NACHA, the Direct Cost per payment using a paper check is $2.60. Also according                                   to Institute of Management & Analysis and Gartner Group’s benchmark studies, the indirect cost per
                                                payment including dispute resolution is between $10 to $20.

                                                What is PA-DSS?
                                                Growing concerns over the increasing number of incidents involving mass compromises of sensitive credit card
                                                information led to the formation of a data security council for the payment industry. Tasked with ensuring
                                                adoption of Visa’s PABP (Payment Application Best Practice) security initiatives, this group mandated that all
        N I                                     electronic payment applications with credit card processing MUST meet PA-DSS (Payment Application – Data
        A T                                     Security Standards) to guard against cyber data thefts.


Get the free app for your phone at              As a leading provider for electronic payment applications in the Microsoft Dynamics market place, Nodus is                              committed to offering only the most secure credit card processing applications. All payment software from
                                                Nodus complies with PA-DSS security standards.

                                     NOV 2011

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