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					Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island                                                            
32 Stars of Smooth Jazz will step off        she has toured & recorded with.
Boats in the tiny seaport village of         Backstreet Boys, Duran Duran, Mandy
Avalon this October. 5 are Women.            Moore, Josh Groban, Adam Sandler,
The international flavor includes one        Keb Mo, Lalah Hathaway, Teena
coming from Japan. 1 originally from         Marie, John Tesh, Bobby Lyle,
Denmark who just became a U.S. citi-         Jonathan Butler, Lee Ritenour, Peter
zen. 3 are British. 1 Frenchman, but         White, Rick Braun…and Her Dad.
who lives in Spain. 1 born and raised        Having spent much of her early life,
in Puerto Rico who is also a former          including as a baby in a bassinet, on
New York Yankee outfielder. 1 is             the road with her father’s band.
German. 2 from Canada. 7 are mak-            Watching Dad onstage. Spending
ing their 1st ever JazzTrax Festival         time with her grandmother, an opera
appearances. 5 we’d never heard of           singer while herself playing piano at
before when Summer began. 1 the son          age 5, but then copying her father by
of a world famous Astrophysicist.            making her primary, the Sax.                      MARC ANTOINE
Guitarist outnumber Saxophonist this                                                           Debut year 1994
time 13 to 9.                                Host of her own syndicated radio      
                                             show “Chill with Mindi Abair.” Also
                                                                                       The     Frenchman    who     brought
There are 7 Keyboardists. 1 Drummer.         busy as Guest Host for a week from
                                                                                       European Guitar Flair to Smooth Jazz
1 Trumpet/ Flugelhornist. 1 Bassist          Hawaii on Seattle’s Smooth Jazz
                                                                                       with his Mid 90’s entrance to the
who is also the only son on the line-up      Radio affiliate and from Las Vegas
                                                                                       genre. Originally from Paris, he
of a famous actor and movie produc-          with Dallas ‘The Oasis.’ Her songs
                                                                                       moved to London in the late 80’s
er/ director. Since Los Angeles is the       were featured in the Robin Williams/
                                                                                       where he became a touring guitar
Music Capital of the Universe many           Mandy Moore movie “License to
                                                                                       sideman for Basia as she broke in
come from right across the sea from          Wed”      and    Aaron     Spelling’s
                                                                                       1987. He then moved to Los Angeles
our Smooth Jazz Island, but other            “Summerland.”
                                                                                       for a decade where he had every
cities represented on stage this fall                                                  street memorized as he “jobbed” as a
include Washington D.C., New York,           She appeared on the JazzTrax Island
                                                                                       messenger, delivering all over L.A.
New York, Tampa, Detroit, Chicago,           stage 1st in 1994, then going all
                                                                                       and the San Fernando valley before
Philadelphia, Youngstown, Tokyo,             those ways above before turning the
                                                                                       he broke in 1994 and began deliver-
Madrid, Toronto, Paris, Atlanta,             Smooth Jazz World on it’s Ear as the
                                                                                       ing his own messages by song on
Orlando, and Sacramento. Enjoy               JazzTrax 2003 Debut Artist of the
                                                                                       stages everywhere as one of the 90’s
                                             Year. Included was “Lucy’s” which
                                                                                       hottest and most unique Stars of
                                             went to No. 1 for 8 consecutive
                                                                                       Smooth Jazz. After marrying an actu-
                                             weeks. 2 more Number 1 Songs fol-
                                                                                       al Ms. Madrid they moved there.
                                             lowed, “True Blue’ and ‘Bloom.’ Then
                                                                                       Where he and Rebecca raise their 5
                                             honored with the        2006 JazzTrax
                                                                                       year old son Allesandro in SPAIN.
                                             Album of the Year. She is the most
                                             recent Smoother to Cross-Over to the
                                                                                       No one saw this year’s collaboration
                                             Pop Charts hitting Top 30 AC a year
                                                                                       with Paul Brown coming, but The 2
                                             ago (alongside John Mayer) with
                                                                                       famed guitarists have known one
                                             Her vocal title track to ‘Stars.’ Music
                                                                                       another for 20 years. Both men have
                                             was always her normal, even as she
                                                                                       sons named Alex. Marc and Paul both
                                             has lives a ‘Life Less Ordinary.’
                                                                                       credit the JazzTrax Live Performance
                                                                                       Stage in the Avalon Ballroom as hav-
                                                                                       ing given each of them individually
           MINDI ABAIR                                                                 their Major Solo Stage Debuts.
         Debut year 2003                                                               Marc’s back in the Mid 90’s when he                                                             was named Smooth Jazz Debut Artist
                                                                                       of the Year in 1995 and 1998’s Best
Raised the child of a jazz saxophonist                                                 Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year.
in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her styling
forged in part by the long list of artists                                                                      continued on page 2

    80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987                            1
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 1                                   
                                                                                       Phoenix to record her spectacular
                                                                                       debut with such guests as Marion
                                                                                       Meadows & Tim Bowman. Bringing
                                                                                       on this year’s newest female Smooth
                                                                                       Jazz Star and get this…..playing
                                                                                       Trumpet & Flugelhorn!

           TIM BOWMAN                                  CINDY BRADLEY
         Debut Year 1996                               Debut Year 2009                  

Some leave their home country to make         In May, Jeff Lunt, Vice President of
it in Los Angeles and then wind up in         Artist Development for the Paul
Places like Madrid. Most never leave          Hardcastle record label ‘Trippin’N
Los Angeles where Chris Botti is even         Rhythm’ Records finally unloaded his            NORMAN BROWN
once again trying to settle down some-        secret to Art Good that he’d been                Debut Year 1991
what by purchasing a home. Only a             hinting about since Christmas.       
handful Stay put an entire career right       Arriving for lunch at the Clubhouse
where they were born, and brewed.             at PGA West east of Palm Springs in      He’s Chillin’. He’s Coolin’. He’s from
Even native Earl Klugh eventually left        the Southern California Desert in La     Kansas City (originally Shreveport,
Detroit, leaving the instrumental SOUL        Quinta. Simply handing over a CD         Louisiana.) He came to L.A. straight
of the Motor City to only Tim who has         with pictures and instructing, “Just     outa high school. He’s a Grammy
traveled as extensively as any, but will      Listen.” It’d be a strong bet to sug-    Winner in the prestigious Best Pop
not change his forever home base.             gest Art had just been handed the        Instrumental 2002 Category for his
                                              JazzTrax 2009 Debut Artist of the        critically acclaimed album ‘Just
Detroit and his Church and thus really        Year. A total complete unknown. The      Chillin’. What turned him? His Wes
hitting his stride this past year as his      only artist who will perform on multi-   Montgomery loving steelworker Dad.
monster hit single “Sweet Sundays” was        ple JazzTrax Weekends this October.      (‘Pop’s Cool Groove” off his most
No. l on the Smooth Jazz Chart as                                                      recent CD ‘Stay With Me’.) All punc-
2008 went away and 2009 arrived.              Raised in the 33,262 populace town       tuated by a quote you’ll hear on an
He brings the Detroit Grab to the Guitar      of North Tonawanda, located mid-         October JazzTrax radio show by
to the Genre. His style refined by 6          way between Buffalo and Niagara          George Benson. George saying
years with the Gospel Singing Winan           Falls. Loves the Hockey Sabres. Her      Norman’s One Song Collaboration
Family including stints as their Music        chops now long heard in the studio’s     on Benson’s new End of Summer CD
Director. Giving that up though for the       of Manhattan after settling just         ‘Songs and Stories,’ done with
domestic life of family and kids, until       across the Hudson River in New           Norman might make him (George)
Wanda suggested a solo career which           Jersey. While still playing with the     want to do an entire Collaboration
he accomplished while never having to         Sly Geralds Band (bassist to Maceo       ALBUM with Brown.
move from his hometown. With family           Parker), June 2009 marked her Solo
now even on his latest self titled release.   Debut on the label of The                Years ago (early 90’s) (George) stat-
Son Tim Jr. featured on one of it’s           Jazzmasters. Trippin’ N Rhythm           ed on the JazzTrax Microphone when
tracks. Tim Senior had kept hidden his        Records set her up with producer         told everyone was comparing the
Golf Swing and Putt until this October        Michael Broenig (Michael B, who          emerging young Norman to Benson,
he hosts Weekend 2 of The Brand New           produced George Benson to a              replied, (George) “What’s Wrong
‘Sunday Morning JazzTrax Golf at the          Grammy Winner). She spent 2 long         with That!”
Historic Catalina Country Club.’              winter weekends at his studio in

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    2         80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 2
Benson said HE was told repeatedly                                                   ing Young James Oppenheim (Boney
early on he shouldn’t try singing, just                                              James.) Together they created the
stick to his guitar. Norman’s heard the                                              most successful careers of the 90’s
exact same throughout his career, but                                                (Artist-Boney…Producer-Paul) and into
finally he ain’t listening. His fans keep                                            the 00’s before parting just a few
shouting for him to SING TOO. Even                                                   Boney projects back. Adding in the
Art Good almost a decade ago sitting                                                 No. l’s he produced for the likes of
on the JazzTrax Christmas Tour Bus                                                   Peter White, Richard Elliot, Euge
rolling across America told him he                                                   Groove, Norman Brown, Larry
shouldn’t hesitate to SING MORE.                                                     Carlton, George Benson, and on and
                                                                                     on and on, and now after beginning
His Singing is Growing even as his                                                   his own Solo Career just shy of 50
Guitaring is Continuing. Look for a                                                  years of age, add in his own No. l
Brand New Norman in early 2010.                                                      songs including “Winelight,” “24/7,”
                                                      PAUL BROWN                     “The Rhythm Method.” Now add in
In the meantime he continues to add a                Debut Year 2004                 “Tequila Moon,” which he produced,
huge variety of all stars like Peabo                      which took Jessy J to No. l for months
Bryson, Patti Austin, Eric Darius to his                                             as she broke in 2008. Paul now owns
                                            Kind’ve Quiet and Unassuming on
ongoing Norman Brown Summer                                                          over 50 Number 1 Radio Hits as
                                            stage. Even in person. But in Studio
Storm Tour. And Mindi Abair to the                                                   Producer and Guitarist.
                                            as THE Most Successful Producer in
upcoming Norman Brown All Star
                                            Smooth Jazz, Most Imposing and
Christmas Tour.                                                                      And now a 1st ever Collaboration
                                            Unquestioned. Originally a Session
                                                                                     (although he produced the Rick
                                            Guitarist and to us, Guitarist in Sam
                                                                                     Braun/ Boney James 2000 ‘Shake It
                                            Riney’s band. Then he began produc-
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                  Luau Larry’s
                                                                • Harbor View Dining
    Where the Bar Meets the Bay!
                                                                • Live Music & Happy Hour
            Friday & Sat. Nights                                • Open daily for lunch & dinner
                LIVE MUSIC                                        11am - 10pm
                Breakfast Buffet                                 Steaks, Seafood, Pasta, Gourmet Pizza
         All you can eat - 8am - 12pm                                  Rthe El Encanto, where the Artists Dine
              Saturday & Sunday                                 For reservations, please call 510-1474 or just come in!

    80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987                           3
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 3                                     
Up’ CD). After Marc Antoine joined up      Within a month we signed with
for 2008’s Paul Brown’s Guitar night.      Narada and they booked us into the
A 30 date tour of both the East and        Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival.
West Coasts that included a final stop     Originally the band was to perform
in October ‘08 here in Avalon. Paul lit-   during the 20 minute intermissions in a
erally made a right turn from doing his    little bar downstairs from the main
next solo album. After inviting Marc in    stage. But the room quickly filled and
to guest on just 1 track, he liked their   the appreciative and by now expand-
combined combo of marc’s cosmopol-         ing crowd wouldn’t let me leave. They
itan nylon string vibe to Paul’s funky     coerced me into extending my set well
and soulful electric Gibson L-5, so        past an hour.” He took this festival by
Much he changed to making it a full        Storm! Scheduled only the 1st of our
collaboration with Marc. Paul said,”       then 2 consecutive weekends, the
when we were done with the track, we       national conversation and sales it
looked at each other and felt that         stirred up caused Narada Records to                  NICK COLIONNE
maybe we had the kernel of a whole         turn him around at their headquarters                Debut Year 1994
project here”. Paul began writing in       in Milwaukee and return him for a 2nd    
L.A. marc in Madrid. Their True            weekend encore. Inevitably Cook was
                                                                                      He is The Big Windy Cat (title of his
Smooth Jazz Global Cooperation             invited onto the main Stage. Shortly
                                                                                      newest radio single) having blasted out
brings the live Foreign Exchange to        afterwards Tempest entered the
                                                                                      of the Big Windy (Chicago) onto the
our October JazzTrax stage. Paul           American Billboard Charts at #14.
                                                                                      National Smooth Jazz Scene in 2003
shows off his Golf Chops Weekend 1,
                                                                                      with his first hit single ‘High Flyin’ peak-
Sunday Morning. Join him at the            “Mario Takes a Walk” has been voted
                                                                                      ing on the Charts at No. 2 and includ-
Catalina Country Club for 9 holes.         by Canadian citizens one of the 49
                                                                                      ed in the 2003 Top 10. Culminating at
                                           songs that best represent them ‘up         the 2007 Canadian Smooth Jazz
                                           there north of the 49th parallel’ in a     Awards where he succeeded Chris Botti
                                           vote to see which 49 pieces of music       as ‘International Instrumental Artist of
                                           get to the heart of ‘Who They Are’.        the Year.’ On stage his “natural
                                           After a 5 year hiatus from recording to    comedic flair” attached to his “crisply
                                           marry and have 2 children, 2008’s          tailored, colorful outfits” have earned
                                           ‘Frontiers’ was nominated again for        him raves as “The Best Dressed Man in
                                           World Music Album of the year at the       Jazz” with a clothing endorsement from
                                           Canadian Juno Awards (equivalent to        prestigious men’s clothier Stacy Adams.
                                           our Grammy’s after he’d. won his first     Chicago’s WGN-TV proclaimed him
                                           in 2000. Toronto based, he was born        “Wes” with a New Millennium Twist
                                           in Paris in 1964. After his parents sep-   even as Nick has made friends with
                                           arated, Jesse accompanied his mom          Wes son Robert Montgomery.
                                           and sis to Canada, his mother’s birth-
                                           place. In a region of France known as      It all follows years of honing his chops
           JESSE COOK                      the Camargue, Arles, his father, a         at the clubs throughout Chicago after
          Debut Year 1995                  retired film director lived the last l0    coming of age on Chicago’s West Side.                 years of his life with Jesse spending      As powerful a presence as he is on the
                                           summers there, wandering the streets       airwaves, the real Colionne Magic hap-
Just what narrow strip of land did this                                               pens onstage, where his live perform-
French Canadian make his 1995 U.S.         among the Gypsies, soaking up things
                                                                                      ances defy categorization. He goes into
concert debut upon? That would be          and listening to the likes of Nicolas
                                                                                      every live performance, “like it’s the last
Catalina Island when we were talked        Reyes, lead singer of the Gipsy Kings
                                                                                      time I’ll ever play.” Including one classic
by Narada Records into introducing         who lived next door.
                                                                                      Unplugged Moment at Midnight on the
him at JazzTrax to America. He                                                        JazzTrax Baseball Train heading
explains the memory on his own web-        His style is Rumba Flamenco…. ‘The
                                                                                      Memphis to Chicago overnight. Fishing
site. “The 1995 Catalina Island            Rumba Foundation,’ released the            is Nick’s getaway, going so far as to
JazzTrax Festival was a turning point.     week again that he arrives on the          spot fishing spots from airplanes.
I had just made ‘Tempest,” (his debut      Island, Just like 1995, but whereas an     Catching Bass & Cat Fish on his
album released just weeks before.)         unknown then, now world renowned.          favorite…the Fox River.
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   4         80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 4
                                            Premium Jeans in select stores and       dad from Age 5 at Baltimore’s Pier 6.
                                            print publications. Says Catalina        Being affected directly at the earliest
                                            Island is kind’ve his Homecoming         of ages by seeing on stage live Etta
                                            because Catalina 2004 was his            James, Ray Charles, and BB King.
                                            Introduction to the World.               One of his biggest accomplishments
                                                                                     was losing 60 pounds after learning
                                                                                     the secret of “Surrendering.” But his
                                                                                     biggest service was his Naval Tour in
                                                                                     Desert Storm in 1991.

            ERIC DARIUS
          Debut Year 2004

Just barely inside his 20’s when he
first arrived 5 years ago on Catalina
Island. His spectacular raging live                 DREW DAVIDSEN
show witnessed by Smooth Jazz News                  Debut Year 2007
Publisher Melanie Maxwell which got     
him that mags 2004 Debut Artist of
                                            This Towson, Maryland (15 minutes
the Year Honors. It was his major label                                                        GEORGE DUKE
                                            outside Baltimore) Guitarist was
debut with Narada, but followed his                                                            Debut Year 1966
                                            unknown even to JazzTrax when
first self produced CD a bit earlier at                                            
                                            Summer began. His unnoticed, (at
the tender age of 17. He studied
                                            least on the West Coast) 2007 solo
Business at the University of South                                                  The Godfather of Smooth Jazz finally
                                            debut didn’t faze him as he quickly
Florida and now finds himself, still in                                              makes his way to the Island where he
                                            prepared what to many appears to be
his mid 20’s, recording for the leg-                                                 thinks maybe 25 to 30 years ago he
                                            his debut CD. ‘Around Again’
endary Blue Note Record label.                                                       played outdoor, maybe at Descanso
                                            released in August, but already he
2008 saw him earn JazzTrax “Best                                                     Beach and maybe, with Stanley
                                            had one of his biggest dates calen-
Live Performance of the Year” honors                                                 Clarke. His studio the Mecca for so
                                            dared in. Opening for George Duke
for the Friday Night Frenzy he created                                               many he helped break into their own
                                            on Catalina Island in the Fall.
here at JazzTrax. Entering the                                                       smooth jazz stardom. He makes it
Ballroom with a Blazing Inferno of          His heritage story had his Norwegian     easy for those wanting a stake in his
Pure Body Rockin’ and Soul Stirrin’         born Grandmother immigrating to          time, posting not just his tour schedule,
mixed to a Galvanizing Assault of           America where his Grandfather            but his entire day by day schedule on
sax, organ, crashing beats and literal-     worked on barges that each day went      his website. Look there and see that
ly Diving into the Audience with            to the Statue of Liberty in New York     2009 began with 10 days of In
Saxophone and Style. Never giving           Harbor. But it was Drew’s Dad who        Studio Lead Vocal Recording with
the festival audience a chance to cool      stole the show as a World Renowned       Grace Decca in his studio. Later it
off until well after he’s left the stage.   Astrophysicist, from which comes his     was 12 days of Mixing that album.
                                            first single to radio, ‘Astro.’ Arthur   Listed right there at
At home in Wesley Chapel, just out-         Davidsen was the principal investiga-    Next a bunch of days at the State
side Tampa, FL, he listens to pop radio     tor for Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescopes   Department in India at the Thelonius
and goes to clubs to see what people        in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins            Monk Institute with Herbie Hancock
are into. Both parents are from the         University. When his Dad died 7 years    and Chaka Khan. A Day in the Life of
Caribbean Islands. David Aldridge of        ago, the NY Times spread his             George Duke offered all year long on
ESPN’s Sports Center is a fan of Eric’s     Obituary over 2 pages.                   his website Even rehearsal dates are
while Eric is a huge fan of NBA Star                                                 listed there. His massive festivals
Lebron James of the Cleveland               Drew began going to concert after        including North Sea in Holland and
Cavaliers. Eric now models PRVCY            concert with his jazz and blues loving   Montreaux in Switzerland .
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    80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987                             5
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 5                               
He even lists his travel days. And of                                             son Kyle. The Monterrey Jazz Festival
course at long last his first ever                                                which his Dad began attending since
appearance on the JazzTrax Live                                                   it began in 1958 was a family outing.
Performance Stage here on Catalina                                                Kyle’s childhood had jazz as its
Island.                                                                           soundtrack and he credits his father
                                                                                  with introducing him to the joys of the
Raised in the San Francisco East Bay                                              bass line. He remembers his dad
city of San Rafael in his younger                                                 teaching him how to play the left hand
years he formed a group with a young                                              bass line of “Boogie Woogie” while
singer named Al Jarreau. They                                                     he played the right hand solo over the
became the house band at San                                                      top. “Paris Blue’ his 2nd release
Francisco’s Half Note Club. Alumni of                                             climbed to No. l on the French Jazz
San Francisco State University. The                                               Charts in 2004. In recent years the
George Duke Trio emerged in the late                                              Kyle Eastwood Band has performed to
60’s. From his piano work with Jean             KYLE EASTWOOD                     live audiences on 3 Continents receiv-
Luc Ponty he toured a year with Frank            Debut Year 1998                  ing the highest critical acclaim.
Zappa and found himself on a PSA jet 
flying to Los Angeles in the morning
                                        Resides full time in Paris, l5 minute
and home the same night, so often, he
                                        walk from the Eiffel Tower, although
finally turned to his wife and said,
                                        you’re just as likely to see him eating
might as well move to L.A Then came
                                        Lobster Taco’s at the Sunset Towers
2 years with Cannonball Adderly who
                                        Hotel in Hollywood. Grew up the eld-
introduced him to Stanley Clarke.
                                        est son with Dad in Carmel and Mom
And thus the famous Clarke/ Duke
                                        in Santa Monica. With his Cool Frame
Project that gave us the huge 1983
                                        and Great Name he has assembled
pop hit “Sweet Baby” which George
                                        one of the Cream of today’s musi-
composed. Finally starting his own
                                        cians, including his musical compos-
solo career in 1976.
                                        ing partner Mike Stevens. Their sound
                                        sitting almost exactly halfway between
Producing became his next forte,
                                        traditional and contemporary jazz.
including 3 albums       for Jeffrey
                                        Kyle is increasing his work with his                FOUR 80 EAST
Osborne including the hits “On the
                                        famous actor father on the music for               Debut Year 1997
Wings of Love” and “Stay with me
                                        Clint Eastwood’s motion pictures. Kyle  
Tonight .“ And 2 Best Sellers for
                                        “instrumental” in the most recent high-
Deniece Williams. Also a Grammy                                                   Their Live Stage Debut…… 2003 right
                                        ly acclaimed movie ‘Gran Torino’. His
winner for Diane Reeves and Rachelle                                              here in the Avalon Ballroom. Always
                                        film scores also include ‘Letters from
Ferrell.  Film, TV, Awards Shows,                                                 an in studio project until talked into
                                        Iwo Jima’ 2006, ‘Rails & Ties’ (2007),
appearances with Presidents, the list                                             coming to Smooth Jazz Island. They
                                        ‘An Unlikely Weapon’ (2008), ‘Flags
goes on and on and on and on and on                                               are Rob DeBoar and Tony Grace.
                                        of our Fathers’ 2006, ‘Million Dollar
and……….his massive discography                                                    Canadian Smooth Jazz.
                                        Baby’ 2004, ‘Mystic River’ 2003, and
spans 5 decades.
                                        ‘The Rookie’ 1990. On the long flights
                                                                                  Internationally known for their indie

                                        between Europe and the States he’s
                                        likely reading scripts for his Dad’s      label/ production house. They are

                                        upcoming motion pictures.                 also The BoomTang Boys of club music
                                                                                  fame in England. Musical Partners for
                                        Summer’s newest project was co- pro-      18 years they joke that they met
 After Party at Descanso                duced by Erin Davis, son of the late      through E Harmony. Their most recent
  Beach Each Weekend                    Miles Davis. Come out to Art Good’s       hit “Noodle Soup” was actually one of
                                        neck of the woods in Old La Quinta, to    the first things they did together upon
  - dj Jonathan Phillips                                                          meeting in the early 90’s. Their
                                        the Hogsbreath Inn, 30 minutes east of
     & dancing on the                   Palm Springs. The floor to ceiling        Toronto studio, named after 2 address-
     beach 'till 1am -                  Murals of a young actor dressed as        es ago….480 East ‘something’ street,
                                        Dirty Harry, TODAY look just like His     their plate is full with other projects.
                                                                                                         continued on page 7

   6        80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 6
Film, TV including the pop culture         watching Rick Braun and Mindi Abair
show SWITCH and scoring a Lions            on stage. When she arrived in 2006,
gate feature film, “Death Warrior”.        assuming since no one knew who she
Originally conceived in studio in          was that she’d be performing on some
1997 as a side project from the more       side stage or in some bar. Only when
commercial pop music they had been         she got to the Casino did she realize
working on. The debut Four80East           she would be…on the Main Stage.
project was first released in England
and simply called ‘The Album.’ Begun       It all began by talking her way
on a whim. The song “Eastside”             BackStage to meet and try and talk
became the 7th most played track on        Paul Brown into Producing her. He
contemporary jazz radio in America         did, but he did one better by putting
that year. Stylish set of late night       her, on sax, into His Band. Next was
grooves.                                   Singer Michael Bolton selecting her
                                           for His Band. And then Guitars &                  GAIL JHONSON
Big Time Dads. They have 5 children        Saxes. A Whirlwind which she froze               Debut Year 2004
(all Boys) between the 2 of them.          for a moment earlier this year when   
After their 3rd CD, ‘Round 3’ gave         she bought a New Old School Selma
forth the JazzTrax most played song        Mark 6 Tenor Sax from the 1950’s.        From hometown Philadelphia to
“Last Flight to L.A.” the band started a   Sister Sax to what Boney James uses.     music career in L.A. Her Solo Debut
transition from only being a studio        Found it through Manny the Sax           ‘Keep the Music Playing’ released in
project to Live on Stage Act. Their        Repairman for her and Boney. Uses 3      2004. But the opportunity knocked
world on stage live debut coming           different saxes. A tenor and 2 sopra-    in 2005 when Norman Brown asked
when Art Good talked them into per-        nos. She still has her 1st sax, named    for not only her keys (keyboards in
forming at the 2003 JazzTrax Festival.     Henry for her 3rd grade crush.           his band) but to be his Music Director
Their studio has moved again. New          Tequila Moon recorded on it. Listens     for the Summer Storm Tour. That’s
studio address ... 181 Suite 300A in       to I Pod on planes to go to sleep.       what 1st brought her to Smooth Jazz
East Toronto. They’ll stick with simply                                             Island.
being Four 80 East.                        Mexican American by heritage, born
                                           in the Portland, Oregon suburb of        2008 brought her 2nd and most cur-
                                           Milwaukee. Then        growing up in     rent CD. This Summer’s Storm includ-
                                           Southern California Cow Country, in      ed Gail, Chante Moore, Alex
                                           Hemet. She has now played exten-         Bugnon, Paul Taylor & of course
                                           sively with 2 of Mexico’s most popular   Norman the Man.
                                           artists, Gloria Trevi the Madonna of
                                           Mexico and Armando Manzanero…            At the same time having created the
                                           the Mancini of Mexico.                   concept JAZZ IN PINK with Flautist
                                                                                    Althea Rene, and featuring some of
                                           Her extraneous passion is Swimming.      the top female instrumentalists with
                                           Has a pool near the Rose Bowl she        Violinist Karen Briggs, Guitarist
                                           commutes to when she can or on the       Darlene Moreno, Harpist Mariea
                                           road Summer’s with Michael Bolton        Antoinette, and more. She will wrap
                                           she finds beaches in Greece or Spain     the year on a Christmas Tour with
                                           or Seas, the Aegean Sea to swim in       Norman Brown & Mindi Abair.
               JESSY J
          Debut Year 2008                  Croatia. That combined with being
                                           named the 2008 JazzTrax Debut Artist     There’s more. She coaches her teen

                                           of the Year got her tagged last year’s   daughter in vocals and keys plus the
1st appeared here October 2006. 2          Smooth Jazz SPLASH.        In August     Praise & Glory Youth Band. She’s
years before being named the 2008          releasing her 2nd CD, titled ‘True       written 2 books, ‘Funk Keyboards’ &
JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year. But     Love.’ JazzTrax asked if that meant a    ‘Dictionary of Keyboard Grooves.‘
1st time in the Avalon Ballroom,           new romantic love. No. A new dog?
October 1994, having come to               No. True Love being her pas-
JazzTrax still in Middle School, as a      sion…..Music.
teen-ager with her mom. Remembers                                                                        continued on page 8
    80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987                        7
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 7                                        
                                                                                           Door for artists he would later work
                                                                                           extensively with when he moved west
                                                                                           like    Russell     Ferrante    of  the
                                                                                           Yellowjackets. His solo career matched
                                                                                           the start of this festival, 1987.

         JACKIEM JOYNER                                GREGG KARUKAS
          Debut Year 2007                                Debut Year 1987                  

The JazzTrax 2007 Debut Artist of the          Trivia Question. When the Rippingtons
Year. But it’s what he did from that solo      helped open the very first Catalina
Debut to his Double JazzTrax 2008 live         Island JazzTrax Festival in 1987 who                   EARL KLUGH
performances June in Big Bear Lake/            was on keys? You’re reading his bio.                  Debut Year 1978
October here on the Island that had            When Boney James arrived to play the       
everybody talking. From a fairly green         Avalon Ballroom who was on keys?
‘BabySoul’ one year to a          180%         You’re good. He has arrived here with       He was one of the first Stars of Smooth
improvement in showmanship and style           countless artists. He even Music            Jazz ever booked for this Island. He
the next. Just one year that seemed in         Directed the only performances of Paul      and Spyro Gyra the 2 Saturday/
growth to be 5. The title to his 2009          Hardcastle & The Jazzmasters Music          Sunday Headliners that Opening
CD,’Lil Man Soul’ coming from his tour-        ever performed live on stage. Along         JazzTrax year of 1987 and until this
ing days in the early 00’s when Bobby          with countless times his own name on        fall of ’09 Earl had not returned. True
Lyle or Marcus Johnson would shout out         the marquee. And this year, just his ini-   Statesman of Contemporary Jazz.
“Give it Up for Lil Man Soul.” Those           tials, ‘GK’ on the latest CD.
were his East Coast Days after being                                                       Grammy nominated This Year under
born in Norfolk, Virginia and growing          Writes his music on a Disclavier.           Best Pop Instrumental for last year’s
up in Buffalo in up- state New York.           Simply then pushes a button and the         ‘The Spice of Life.’ His 12th career
                                               thing plays back what he’s just record-     Grammy nomination after winning a
Having traveled with everything in the         ed. Recently moved to Thousand              Grammy in 1980 with Bob James for
car including young wife, to try and           Oaks, closer to the ocean where his         their ‘One on One’ collaboration.
make it in L.A., after settling just east in   family loves to camp and above a            Another famous collaboration in 1988
the burb of Rancho Cucamonga,                  canyon filled with Coyotes.                 (titled ‘Collaboration’) with George
Richard Elliot & Rick Braun took first                                                     Benson was certified GOLD. That fol-
notice, signing him to their recently cre-     He, Yvonne and the boys do much             lowed having worked in Benson’s
ated record label.        Next Japanese        Hiking, right out the back of their new     Band for a year… age 17. Which
Keyboardist Keiko Matsui hired him on          home. Oldest son Alex now nearly 15         followed his teen-age job working in a
to fill her sax man shoes. Forging a solo      and playing…..Guitar. A quarter cen-        local Detroit Music Shop and haunting
career, simultaneous with still traveling      tury now in the L.A. area after grow-       the Detroit Jazz Landmark, Baker’s
the world with Keiko lends towards             ing up in Maryland/ Washington D.C.         Keyboard Lounge (remember the
some “wild scheduling.” Since early            where his early influences were The         Fabulous Baker Boys movie with Jeff
2007, coinciding with the start to his         Beatles to Motown coming outa the           Bridges & Michelle Pfeiffer), accompa-
own solo career also playing Keiko             Jukebox in his father’s roadside tav-       nied on piano by….his mother.
dates in the Ukraine, Moscow, Istanbul,        ern. At age l7, right out of Bowie High
Bucharest, Tokyo and elsewhere which           School he joined with Tim Eyermann to       He’s back after breaking a six year
led him to title one new track, “Round         form “East Coast Offering” often the        recording hiatus in 2005 and a 9 year
the World.”                                    opening show at the famous Cellar           break from full scale album production
                                                                                                                 continued on page 9

    8          80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 8                                   
last year.. 33 albums in just 25 years.    Culbertson Opening for AC royal-
Earl captures the Biggest Picture possi-   ty….Barry Manilow. Having begun
ble with his famed guitar while in his     playing clarinet at age seven he
spare time watching lots of ‘Law &         remembers spending time as a young
Order’ reruns and downloading              boy learning about the music industry
movies to watch on his I-Pod.              from his grandfather Otto Lington, a
                                           Danish jazz pioneer and bandleader
Departing his long time hometown of        for Shirley Bassey, Josephine Baker
Detroit to reform his life in Atlanta in   and Fats Waller. That to This.
2001 He starts each Atlanta day with       Launching his own Cigar company in
the Today Show Then walks his dog,         2006, ‘MICHAEL LINGTON CIGARS.’
a Toy Poodle…then mailbox errands          In August he signed with Wine and
just like everyone else. Then into his     Jazz Magazine to write his own Cigar
home studio over the garage to play,       Column….”Cigar Stories”. He can
and write.                                 light one up having earned the highest         PHILLIP ‘DOC’ MARTIN
                                           of all JazzTrax Honors with his latest              Debut Year 2003
                                           release, “HEAT.” Named the JazzTrax      
                                           2008 Album of the Year.
                                                                                     Born in Indianapolis. Schooled in
                                                                                     South Florida where he and Eric Darius
                                                                                     became acquainted. Introduced to the
                                                                                     saxophone by the Florida School
                                                                                     System.    He added on a biology
                                                                                     degree from the University of Central
                                                                                     Florida. Then completing a degree at
                                                                                     Howard      University   College     of
                                                                                     Dentistry. Upon graduation the deci-
                                                                                     sion to be made was whether to do
                                                                                     music full time or dentistry full time.
                                                                                     Even his Dad told him he had to
       MICHAEL LINGTON                                                               choose. Instead he said, No, I can do
        Debut Year 1997                                                              both. Thus the Doc in the middle of his                                                         name.
                                                    MATT MARSHAK
Debonair Looks and Charisma to                                                       Washington D.C. gave him his best
                                                    Debut Year 2001
Burn. 18 years after emigrating from                                                 opportunity to have a Dentistry
Denmark to America at Age 21, he                                                     Practice AND do Music. It also gave
became a U.S. Citizen in March             Native of Long Island who grew up on      him the opportunity to meet Marcus
2008. His major breakthrough coming        Rock ‘N’ Roll music in a house full of    Johnson and end up on Marcus ‘Three
with singer Bobby Caldwell, whom he        musicians. Passing guitarists inspired    Keys’ record label for his last CD. Still
played with from 1994 to 1998.             his muse through high school into a       in his mid 20’s and just wrapping up
Sense something Regal about him….          lifelong commitment to his craft. Live    his first year as a Dentist. And coming
well… his stepfather was a drum            Shows, the Recording Studio and writ-     to Catalina Island to show the ‘Left
major for the Queen’s guard and            ing TV jingles (his guitar featured on    Coast’ his stuff.      continued on page 10
recently knighted….Michael per-            the New York Mets’ Mets Zone on Fox
formed at the Queen of Denmark’s           Sports) and he conducts guitar clinics.
50th     birthday   celebration    in      A supporter of multiple sclerosis and
Copenhagen. And at the wedding of          autism awareness, he visits countless
Crown Prince Frederick, the country’s      schools to help spread the joy of music
future King, at Fredensborg Castle.        to kids of all ages.
He played before His King.

Speaking of playing for Royalty he’s
been this past summer with Brian

    80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987                           9
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 9                                      
                                             tination. October 1994 Art Good ran
                                             into the pair standing in the back of the
                                             Ballroom watching Jeff Lorber. They’d
                                             paid to get in. Keiko asked Art who the
                                             saxophonist was in Lorber’s band. She
                                             met him backstage and Paul Taylor then
                                             blended into Keiko’s band and sound
                                             for several years, returning for the sax-
                                             ophone melody on her huge 2007
                                             radio hit “Black River.”

                                             Keiko accepted JazzTrax invitation to
                                             stay a week in Summer and then a
                                             week at Christmas 2008 at Hamilton
          KEIKO MATSUI                       Cove on vacation. She still has a stand-                   NAJEE
         Debut Year 1987                     ing JazzTrax offer to return anytime and             Debut Year 1986                  if she wants to compose on the           
                                             JazzTrax Grand Piano, alone in the
There’s something new in Keiko’s life.                                                   No State Taxes sounded good enough
                                             Avalon Ballroom with no one around.
Oh, she did step out on her own as a                                                     to get him to relocate permanently to
                                             That’s how ‘Moyo” came to be which
single mother a few years ago, but also                                                  Orlando 7 years ago. Working from
                                             included ‘When I Close My Eyes,’ the
added “Professor” to her titles. Having                                                  a cozy home studio with closed win-
                                             JazzTrax 2007 Song of the Year.
in August celebrated her 3rd anniver-                                                    dows because of the strong Eastward
                                             Going to Johannesburg, and each day
sary as part of the faculty at the Tsuruga                                               Sun and good reason to stay inside
                                             being driven 30 minutes out into the
College in Tokyo. Keiko is now …a                                                        writing and recording with wild crit-
                                             countryside to compose all day, each
Professor. 21 Albums Deep after her                                                      ters sometimes wandering out and
                                             day on a different piano, in a South
stunning 1987 solo debut ‘A Drop of                                                      about. Like Wild Turkeys, Wild Boar,
                                             African piano factory. While continu-
Water’ floored the emerging U.S.                                                         Peacocks,       Wild       Bear……and
                                             ing to tour All Over the World, her full
smooth jazz world. Keiko first came to                                                   Alligators. After first working with the
                                             home time base now Tokyo where
the JazzTrax Island in 1989 and then                                                     likes of Chaka Khan and then blowing
                                             daughter Maya is now grown and into
along with their Tokyo home, because                                                     everything loose with his 1st 2 solo
                                             ‘dance’ and Mako is still growing
her “married days” she and husband                                                       projects going platinum in the late
                                             up….Keiko’s mind often wanders to the
kept a 2nd home in Huntington Harbor                                                     80’s, followed by 4 Gold….including
                                             ocean breezes of her favorite “other”
on the Southern California Coastline,                                                    a Grammy….. after being born
                                             Island, her Adopted Island and the
which included a Sailboat, they and                                                      Jerome Najee Rasheed in Queens,
                                             sound of the ocean waves breaking up
their young daughter Maya, began                                                         New York. With the first half of his
                                             on Hamilton Cove’s rocks.
sailing to Avalon as their getaway des-                                                                        continued on page 12

  10          80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987
 Catalina Islands Finest Family Run, Smoke Free Resort Hotel
                                     Jazz Trax Weekend Packages starting at $249 per person
                                        Including: • Room for 3 nights • Roundtrip boat to/from Catalina Island
                                          Shuttle to hotel on arrival • Welcome Champagne • Hot Breakfast

The Seaport Village Inn is Catalina Islands finest Family Run, Smoke Free resort hotel, with a modern
Mediterranean feel, the friendliest, most welcoming staff, and a great Location less than a block from the Beach.
 • Smoke Free environment
 • Outdoor Spa • Sauna
 • Sunning Lawn
 • In-room massage
 • Wireless internet
 • Cable TV
 • Telephone
 • Hot Breakfast Daily
 • Friendliest Staff in Town
        For more information & online reservations visit our website at
     or to contact us by Phone 310 510 0344 or 800 2 CATALINA 800 222 8254, Fax 310 510 1156
                 Package price is per person based on double occupancy. Some restrictions apply.
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 10                                       
career produced by his own brother         Recording Artist in 2005 was the song
Fareed. Couple years on sax in the         that served as his 2nd title track.
early 00’s in Prince’s band…The “Hit       “Pacific Coast Highway” not only
& Run” Tour.                               soared to No. 1, but became one of the
                                           year’s biggest radio hits. 7 weeks at
Talk about tasty flavoring to what will    No. l. Written for the stretch of Highway
be one of this year’s finest new effort.   1 leaving L.A. and headed up through
Eric Benet singing and composing ‘We       Malibu to Ventura, Santa Barbara and
Gone Ride,” on Najee’s late summer         Beyond. Or perhaps the stretch of high-
release as well as Gary Taylor, and        way that takes a previously unnoticed
R&B singer songwriter for Anita Baker      career and sends it skyward.
and Will Downing on ‘Moon Over
Carolina. Also a couple tunes with Jeff    As Producer, Nils has created music for
Lorber “One More Thing,” and “Stolen       TV (Weeds – Showtime, Undeclared –
Glances,” something that never hurts       Fox, Film Independent Spirit Awards –                 PIECES OF A DREAM
any project. Plus the rising Smooth        IFC) as well as Transmuteo and Journey                   Debut Year 1979
Jazz Star Producer everyone seems to       to Eden for Violinist DOV and pro-           
be going to now, Darren Rhan (Denver       duced the forthcoming CD of
                                                                                           These were Grover’s young dudes.
saxophonist appearing on the Island        AC/Pop/R&B group Gravity180 in
                                                                                           They still look to the late Grover
with Tim Bowman) producing the hit         collaboration with Eddie Brown. He
                                                                                           Washington Jr. As much more than
single “Sweet Summer Nights.”              created the Walk Ons and Walk Offs
                                                                                           their direct mentor. Pieces Keyboardist
Najee is as Silky Smooth as ever on a      for the recent Spirit Awards, the
                                                                                           James Lloyd began his piano lessons
‘Sweet Autumn Island Night.’ Probably      Independent Oscars held in Santa
                                                                                           at Age 6 from 89 year old Virginia
gonna make you want to Dance at            Monica before the Academy Awards.
                                                                                           Elizabeth Griffith. Practice, Practice,
Midnight on a nearby Beach.                He has started something for Radio
                                                                                           Practice. Hard work? He doesn’t view
                                           called Backstage with Nils.
                                                                                           it that way. Considering other folks 9
                                                                                           to 5 jobs he considers this a blessing,
                                           All coming just a handful of years since
                                                                                           a dream job.
                                           one of Los Angeles massive brushfires
                                           came within a mile of wiping out his
                                                                                           James met Drummer Curtis Harmon at
                                           home studio. He moved it all, came to
                                                                                           age 11. Same band room and they
                                           the Island and performed, then moved
                                                                                           remember the moment. Teacher was
                                           it all back. Now he has created a
                                                                                           Tony Williams. Based their name on
                                           “moveable studio” to help alleviate
                                                                                           cover tune by Stanley Turrentine as
                                           such future headache possibilities.
                                                                                           they emerged out of Philadelphia’s

                                              15 minutes away from Catalina Island
                 NILS                         Services Include:
   Debut Years 1998 and 2005
                                              •   Air Tours
                                              •   Photo Flight
This German Guitarist flew into Los           •   Charters
Angeles (and boy were his arms tired)
                                              •   Day Packages                              • HELICOPTER SERVICE•
from Germany in the late 80’s.
Working for years as a Session
                                              •   LA Dinner Tours
Guitarist with George Benson, Rick            Call NOW                                 Daily flights available between Long
Braun, and The Temptations, to name           for reservations:
a few.) He recorded a solo album in                                                        Beach, next to the Queen Mary,
                                              Toll-Free 1-800-2-AVALON
1988 and then it appeared nothing                                                           San Pedro and Catalina Island.
would change when it didn’t get               Fax (310) 510-9671
noticed. What did get noticed and             * Travel Agent Commission                      We land minutes from Avalon.
what changed his vocation to Solo

  12         80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 12
music scene in 1976. Pieces back then     Spiderman Universal City, and ABC’s
also     included    bassist    Cedric    Home Makeover Promo to Drama, to
Napoleon. Count Basie once pro-           Comedy, Jazz, Kids & Adventure,
claimed them “a tough act to follow.”     Trailers/Ads and Promo’s for TS,
Teenagers that were “swinging hard.”      Romance, News, including NBC, CBS
But it was the late Grover Wash. Jr.      and the WPRI Morning Theme, even
who lived in Philly who first heard       Dog Bones.
them playing backup on a Philly TV
show called ‘City Lights.’ One night      Migrating West from his hometown of
while still teenagers, playing at the     New York City, Vegas showrooms were
Bijou (where Grover recorded his ‘Live    included along the way. Conducting for
at the Bijou’ album, Grover sat in with   Ronnie Laws and playing guitar for
them to play “Mr. Magic.” The most        Randy Crawford to finally becoming a
legendary sax man then made them          Hollywood film and television compos-
his first act for his new production      er. First major gig was with the Disney                     OLI SILK
company while James Lloyd was still a     series “Kids Incorporated. He has since                 Debut Year 2006
senior in high school. He then made       scored sports specials including ABC’s        
Pieces his own back-up band. They         Greatest Moments of the U.S. Open
                                                                                       His first ticket to Catalina Island came in
found themselves IN GROVER’S              and NBC’s Champions on Ice with Dick
                                                                                       2004 as Music Director and Keyboardist
BAND. Curtis is an avid pool shooter,     Enberg, as well as ‘Men in Black,’ ‘
                                                                                       for British Saxophonist James Vargas.
in the top 20% of shooters in Philly’s    Dragon      Tales’,  ‘CatDog,’     ‘The
                                                                                       What happened to James? But look
AP.A. league. 10 years now in             Adventures of Jackie Chan.’
                                                                                       what’s happened to Sir Oli. Named the
Youngstown, Ohio, James wrote and
                                                                                       JazzTrax 2006 Debut Artist of the Year
produced half this year’s Walter          Craig stepped into the smooth jazz
                                                                                       with his 2008 follow-up last fall birthing
Beasley CD and 2007’s Najee.              world arranging and programming for          his first Top 5 single….”Chill or Be
                                          Rick Braun’s ‘Yours Truly’ and arrang-       Chilled.” Peaking at No. 3. Subsequently
                                          ing strings for the Rick, Peter White,       we all gave letters to sponsor this British
                                          Mindi Abair 2007 Christmas Album.            Keyboardist to spend half a year here in
                                          Now he’s ventured into composing             the States. Arriving in May with no place
                                          music for games, having written for 3        to stay, Peter White offered a bedroom at
                                          Sony Playstation titles through Game         his place in Sherman Oaks! Most smooth
                                          Audio Ltd. Scoring music most recently       jazz stars offer an up and comer a
                                          for the Top rated show ‘The Real             chance to maybe play on a song or in
                                          Housewives of New Jersey’ and ‘Gotta         their band. Guess Brits stick together
                                          Dance.’ He’s also arranged for Yanni’s       cause from Peter, Oli got a bedroom. A
                                          ‘Voices’ live tour and written jingles for   famed trumpeter did that one time for a
                                          Disney, promo music for ABC, and             future famed keyboardist and couldn’t
                                          played guitar on Disney’s America Idol       wait for the guest’s plane to return him
                                          commercials. He has recorded for five        home. Quite the opposite here as Peter
                                          private orchestra libraries and played       says Oli’s stay has been simply delightful.
        CRAIG SHARMAT                     on over a thousand TV episodes and
          Debut Year 2009                 movies. He runs and operates the             Born in 1979 in West London. He was
                 Scoredog Music Library containing            half of the UK’s ‘Sugar and Silk” releas-
                                          over 2000 original pieces for media.         ing 2 albums in the early 00’s under that
“I can’t imagine making a film without
                                                                                       name. Wears a Producer’s Hat with
Craig Sharmat. He’s a brilliant com-                                                   James Vargas and Jaared. October
poser, a tremendous collaborator and a    Craig has also co-authored 3 children’s
                                                                                       2006, Catalina Island’s JazzTrax Live
constant pleasure. I adore working with   books for the ‘Nate the Great Series.’
                                                                                       Performance Stage, as has been the case
him.” So says Dori Bernstein.             He has also achieved professional ten-
                                                                                       so many times over our 23 year history,
Academy Award Nominated Director.         nis instructor status from the U.S.P.T.A.
                                                                                       was again, this time for Oli, his DEBUT
With your computer audio on, take a       Now he wants to add on ‘Smooth Jazz          showcase to America. For this young
visit through the Music of Craig at       Artist’ and has released the song            man still in his 20’s….the Limit appears to
www.ScoreDog.TV From music creat-         “Southern California Drivin” with a full     truly be only the sky!
ed for Orchestral TV Themes, including    album to follow in the coming months.
                                          WHEW!!!                                                             continued on page 14

    80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987                            13
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 13                                     
                                             80’s. He’d originally switched, to bet-     Storm. Now this Summer having
                                             ter tackle the Acid Jazz grooves, but in    formed with Michael Lington and
                                             switching back he says it was like          Marion Meadows, the triple Sax
                                             playing Violin and then picking up a        Burnin’ “Gentlemen of the Night’
                                             Cello.. For his forthcoming early 2010      Tour. Even as his 2007 hit “Ladies
                                             already completed CD he goes                Choice’ was riding the Top 10 charts
                                             Orchestral and Cinematic. With              for months, another track, “How Did
                                             chilled out, a jazz trio setting, orches-   You Know” featuring R&B Singer
                                             tra and Chris Guitar right down the         Regina Belle, crossed over to the Top
                                             middle. But can’t open…. Till AFTER         20 Urban AC chart.
                                             Christmas. Although he is bringing it’s
                                             elements and Songs, yet unheard, to         ‘Burnin’ chosen for his new summer
                                             the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage.        CD title because no other word better
                                                                                         represented what Paul’s Saxophone
        CHRIS STANDRING                                                                  does. Follow-up to his 2007 first ever
         Debut Year 1998                                                                 No. l on the Billboard Contemporary                                                            Sales Chart. And the first to be record-
                                                                                         ed    primarily   with      his    Tenor
Initially spotted as Guitar Sideman for
                                                                                         Saxophone, simply because his Alto
Rick Braun and Marc Antoine.
                                                                                         Sax got banged up during the flight to
Simultaneously coming forth in 1996
                                                                                         New York. Damn baggage handlers
as part of the project SolarSystem.
                                                                                         or perhaps ‘they knew.’
This year releasing ‘Main Course’
which he recorded in 1989. His tunes
from ‘Velvet’ were his first to be aired
on the JazzTrax Weekend Airwaves
and then Outa Nowhere honored with
the 2000 JazzTrax Album of the year
for ‘Hip Sway’. His next, ‘Blue Bolero,’                PAUL TAYLOR
done and coming early 2010.                           Debut Year 1996
Grew up on a farm in Aylesbury,
Buckinghamshire, England. Moving to          Discovered here in the Avalon
Los Angeles permanently in the early         Ballroom in 1994 by Keiko Matsui.
90’s because he was such a bad               Jeff Lorber hired Paul to play sax for
farmer. His Farmer Dad actually kept         him on Jeff’s Catalina Island JazzTrax
cows because he didn’t like the price        date after using him for one recording
of buying milk.                              session. They rehearsed, did the gig                   KIM WATERS
                                             and then never worked together again                  Debut year 1989
In the early 00’s he founded A&R             until the recent Groovin’ for Grover       
Online ( a place for         Tours. But that one evening in the
aspiring musicians to get their music        Avalon Ballroom was all it took to pro-     Along with his sax work he has
heard and to learn about the industry.       pel Paul into Smooth Jazz Stardom. By       announced that he is the co-owner and
His websites and          pure coincidence Keiko Matsui was in        Vice President of a new cognac sell his popu-          the room that night as a festival goer.     brand, “Celebrity Jazz Cognac.”
lar interactive CD-ROM educational                                                       Being imported from France and dis-
guitar courses. For guitar aficionado’s      From his Denver high school garage          tributed by Republic Distribution
on his recent ‘Love & Paragraphs’ CD         band “Mixed Company.” To having             Company. An award-winning Cognac
who’s title track gave Chris by far his      lived now in Las Vegas since graduat-       available since August in 27 states.
biggest hit ever….riding the charts for      ing as a Music Major from UNLV.                                  continued on page 15
much of a full year and peaking at           Since his years in Keiko Matsui’s Band
No. 2, he put aside his longtime arch        he’s also served briefly with the
top Benedetto and brought forth 2            Rippingtons. Done ‘Groovin’ for
Fender Strats for the first time since the   Grover.’ Norman Brown’s Summer

  14          80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987
Appearing on Smooth Jazz Island... continued from page 14
                                           However Al hired Peter in 1975 ini-       final home game ever played at the
                                           tially as a keyboardist. Suddenly he      historic OLD Yankee Stadium Sept.
                                           found himself opening with Al for the     21, 2008 where for l6 seasons he
                                           likes of Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel and   roamed the Outfield and planted
                                           Queen at age 20. Al and Peter co-         many balls over the outfield fences
                                           wrote ’Time Passages’ together.           himself. His 2nd solo project includes
                                                                                     a guitar rendition of “Take Me Out to
                                           The music of fellow Brits Acoustic        the Ballgame” (opening with the
                                           Alchemy inspired Peter to forge his       famous voice of the Yankees recently
                                           own solo career after l5 years as a       retired forever announcer introducing
                                           backup artist. He first met Nick Webb     No. 31 Bernie Williams to bat next.
                                           & Greg Carmichael backstage here at
                                           JazzTrax in the Avalon Ballroom. This     Opening Day 2009 Bernie sat on a
                                           his 3rd Unplugged Appearance.             chair in center field and performed the
           PETER WHITE                                                               song live to a packed ballpark, just
         Debut Year 1990                   At his first Wrigley Ranch date (seem-    before the first ever pitch of the brand                 ingly in the Middle of Nowhere …on        new Yankee Stadium. Witnessed by
                                           the far side of the Island) Peter         Art & Austin Good who were in the
Younger brother Danny, still musical
                                           stepped up to the microphone and          stands for this Bernie Moment. He
partners with Basia, also her former
                                           stated. “On my list of 10 Most Unusual    played his entire 16 year career in
boyfriend (all her great lyrics and pas-
                                           Places or Venues I’ve ever performed      Yankees Pin Stripes. 1991 to 2006.
sion came from their romantic break-
                                           in, I believe 9 of the 10 belong to Art   Ranks among the Yankees All Time
up). Danny pitched JazzTrax on his
                                           Good!”                                    Leaders in every major batting catego-
brother, telling Art Good late winter
                                                                                     ry. Also earned four Gold Gloves.
1990 to look for a solo debut by the
then guitar front man for Al Stewart
                                                                                     His playing now taps his long love of
(solo guitar on ‘Year of the Cat”). That
                                                                                     Salsa and Blues from his teen years at
debut ‘Reivellezvous’ was so highly
                                                                                     the Escuela Libre de Musica High in
received nearly 20 years ago by
                                                                                     San Juan even as he was drawing the
JazzTrax it was named Album of the
                                                                                     attention of major league scouts. His
Year. Peter arrived the following year
                                                                                     brother Hiram makes an appearance
(Basia had him on tour all of ’90)
                                                                                     on the CD as a cellist. Career batting
1991 for 2 back to back performanc-
                                                                                     average of .308 including the 1998
es as the JazzTrax Festival expanded
                                                                                     American League Batting Title.
to 2 weekends with identical line-ups
each weekend. Peter again recently
reminded that October ‘9l on the
Avalon Ballroom JazzTrax Live
Performance Stage was his Big Stage
                                                                                         24th Annual
Solo Debut.
                                                   BERNIE WILLIAMS
                                                   Debut Year 2003
                                                                                        Catalina Island
His September 2009 Brand New is his
                                                       JazzTrax Festival
1st with original material since 2004.     Hung up his Bat and Mitt after 16 sea-      First 3 Weekends of October
Peter’s legendary star studded career      sons as a New York Yankee All Star
all began in the sleepy little English     Center Fielder to become full time Jazz     Thursday Night Unplugged Under
town of Letchworth Garden City, in the     Guitarist. A 1st solo CD coming while        the Stars at the Wrigley Ranch
60’s listening to the Beatles on the       still in pinstripes. His 2nd this past      Sept 30th • October 7 • October 14
radio. Working factory jobs until land-    April includes a special live perform-
                                                                                          Use Ticket Order Insert
ing his first musical engagement play-     ance for a Joe Torre Foundation with
                                                                                            in this Program to
ing an English holiday resort Summer       Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa on
                                                                                       Order NOW for October 2010
of 1974. Briefly he joined a group         “Glory Days.” Bernie played in 6
called Principal Edwards Magic             World Series, winning 4, including 5       Return by Nov. 1st and keep same
Theatre before a member of that group      All Star Game appearances. Native of       exact seats or tables from this Fall
recommended him to Al Stewart.             Puerto Rico he played his guitar at the

    80th Anniversary Avalon Ballroom...Since 1929...23rd Annual JazzTrax Festival...Since 1987                        15

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