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					Community Foundation       ANNUAL REPORT

of Western Massachusetts   April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011
                                          The	Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts	
                                          seeks	to	enrich	the	quality	of	life	of	the	people	of	our	region	by:

                                          Encouraging	philanthropy.

                                          Developing	a	permanent,	flexible	endowment.

                                          Assessing	and	responding	to	emerging	and	changing	needs.

                                          Serving	as	a	resource,	catalyst,	and	coordinator	for	
                                          charitable	activities.
	 1	    Letter	from	President	and	Chair
                                          Promoting	efficiency	in	the	management	of	charitable	funds.
	 2	    Legacy	Society

	 4	    Community	Legacy

	 5	    Inspiring	Philanthropy

	 6	    Opportunities	for	Success
                                          Ron	Ancrum                                 Dorothy	Theriaque
	 7	    Making	Connections                President                                  Education Associate

	 8	    5	&	Under                         William	G.	Andrews                         Sheila	C.	Toto
	 9	    Community	Leadership              Director of Finance and Administration     Program Officer

	 10	   Annual	Fund                       Caroline	Deltoro                           Maureen	Trafford
                                          Director of Communications                 Philanthropic Services Associate
	 12	   Commemorative	Gifts

	 13	   Start	Your	Fund                   Santina	Haywood                            Trevis	M.	Wray
                                          Administrative Assistant/Receptionist      Community Leadership Coordinator
	 14	   Funds

	 32	   Scholarship	Grants                Debra	Koske                                Katie	Allan	Zobel
                                          Fiscal Officer                             Vice President of Philanthropic Services
	 34	   Competitive	Grants
                                          Dawn	Lapierre
	 40	   Advised/Designated	Grants
                                          Education Officer
	 46	   Financial	Highlights
                                          Kristin	B.	Leutz                           Yvette	Morneau
	 48	   Commitees	and	Volunteers          Vice President of Philanthropic Services   C.P.A., Accountant
	 49	   Trustees
                                          Ann	Raffel                                 Ronald	P.	Weiss,	Esq.
                                          IT Administrator                           Legal Counsel

                                          Nancy	Reiche                               Meyers	Brothers	Kalicka,	P.C.
                                          Vice President for Programs                Auditors
                                                                                                                                Cover: Paul Schnaittacher,

                                          1500 Main Street P.O. Box 15769 Springfield, MA 01115
                                          PHONE: 413-732-2858 FAX: 413-733-8565

                                          As always, we appreciate your feedback, so call or email us with
                                          questions or suggestions.
                                                         Paul Schnaittacher
Dear	Donors,	Volunteers,	and	Friends:

T  he mission of the Community Foundation of
   Western Massachusetts, in brief, is to improve
the quality of life for people in the areas we serve.
This is primarily done through our grant making and
scholarship programs. On average, we contribute in
the area of $7-8 M each year to people and programs.
To do this, we depend on special people – our donors;
people who establish funds and scholarships or
donate directly to the Foundation.
     We are stewards for the assets of our donors
and use a competitive process for distribution of                      We	are	stewards	for	the	assets	of	our	donors	
funds for grants, scholarships and loans. Among                        and	use	a	competitive	process	for	distribution	
the programs we are involved with is the Reading                       of	funds	for	grants,	scholarships	and	loans.			
Success by 4th Grade Funder Collaborative, which
addresses school readiness in the City of Springfield.
We also collaborated with New England Public Radio
WFCR & WNNZ and The Food Bank of Western                                      Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, leading a City to City
Massachusetts. In June, we were all shocked and                               Greater Springfield visit to two resurgent cities in
challenged by the disaster caused by the tornado that                         North Carolina.
destroyed homes and businesses. Being a community                                  As we look toward the upcoming year, we will be
organization, we felt an immediate need to help.                              engaging in several strategic discussions to reaffirm
With the support of our donors, funders and friends,                          our mission and develop a clear and comprehensive
we were able to raise $145,000 and have made that                             strategic direction.
available for nonprofits that were directly impacted                               In closing, we thank all of our donors for the
or who are helping families and children affected by                          trust and confidence you continue to have in the
the storm. We are thankful that we were able to play a                        Community Foundation. Without the dedication
small part in the rebuilding and recovery effort.                             of the board, staff, and volunteers, we would not be
     Another role we fill is that of providing                                where we are today.
community leadership as a convener around topics of
interest in the community. Last year, our Community                           With thanks and appreciation,
Conversations Forums brought together leaders,
experts, donors, and volunteers in meaningful
conversations on vital issues affecting our region.
This year, the series Leveraging Your Philanthropy,                           Ron Ancrum                                         Peter Daboul
began with a presentation and discussion on Social                            President																						                   	Chair,	Trustee	of
Entrepreneurship. We also co-coordinated with the                             	    	    	                   																					the	Foundation

                                                                                                          COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   1
                                                                                                                                           Paul Schnaittacher
Paul Schnaittacher

                                                                                      Marcia	Burick	and	Eleanor	Rothman

                              E   leanor Rothman was almost the first person
                                  Marcia Burick met when she moved to
                              Northampton in 1968. Their friendship has
                                                                                    Congregation B’nai Israel’s Planned Giving Fund.
                                                                                    Marcia decided to include the Community
                                                                                    Foundation in her will so that she can contribute
                              deepened over the years, as has their commitment      to her community even after she is gone. “It is
                              to their community. Both women are members            fulfilling to see that many things I believe in
                              of the Community Foundation’s Legacy Society          have a long and important future,” Marcia says.
                              and both express the desire to know that the          “It is satisfying to know there is a way to continue
                              organizations and causes they believe in will         to support organizations and groups that will
                              continue to have the support they need to make a      always make our community better.”
                              difference, long into the future.                           Eleanor agrees and is very pleased with her
                                    Marcia volunteered for the Community            decision to start a Charitable Gift Annuity with the
                              Foundation for 14 years in a variety of capacities,   Community Foundation. “They are really wonderful
                              including nine years as a Trustee. Both women         vehicles for giving, because they provide an income
                              care about a number of organizations and causes,      in your lifetime and ensure that the organization
                              everything from the Northampton Community             will receive a substantial amount after one’s death.
                              Music Center to the Smith Student Aid Society         I hope to serve as an example to encourage others
                              to the Northampton Education Foundation to            to consider giving in this way.”

                     2   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                    Legacy Society

                                    The	Community	Foundation	is	especially	grateful	to	the	following	
                                    people	who,	during	their	lifetimes,	have	named	a	fund	at	the		
                                    Community	Foundation	as	a	beneficiary	of	their	estate	plans.	
                                    Their	generosity	is	particularly	appreciated	for	the	benefits	it	will	
    Donors	may	become	              bring	succeeding	generations	of	Pioneer	Valley	residents.
    members	of	the	Legacy	
    Society	with	any	of	the	
    following	arrangements:         S. Prestley and Helen Blake              Charles M. Johnson
                                    Mary Lord Brown                          Bruce Kurtz
•   Bequest	provision	in	a	will
                                    Marcia E. Burick                         Edward and Catherine Lamoureux
•   Charitable	remainder	trust      Priscilla Carter                         Edward and Shirley Livi
•	 Charitable	lead	trust            Annie Cheatham and Ann Gibson            Susan Lowenstein
                                    Virginia A. Christenson                  Richard W. Martin
•   Charitable	gift	annuity
                                    Edward M. Clark                          Mary-Lou Mehrtens
•   Designation	as	beneficiary	     Shera Cohen                              Richard Milstein
    of	qualified	retirement		       Ruth B. Contrino                         Steven and Moira Mitus
    plan	assets
                                    Jill Ker Conway                          William and Susan Monks
•   Gift	of	life	insurance	policy   Kenneth Cote and Elaine Alonso           Dr. Robyn A. Newhouse
                                    Carol E. Craig                           Louis F. Oldershaw
    Please	let	us	know	if	you	      William A. Darity                        Karen Parker
    have	made	similar	estate	       Deborah A. Driscoll                      Priscilla L. Pike
    planning	arrangements	          Kent and Scottie Faerber                 Cecile Ploran
    so	that	we	may	recognize	       Jack and Deb Ferriter                    John F. Ptaszek, Jr.
    everyone	who	supports	the	                                               Eleanor Rothman
                                    Maurice and Peg Ferriter
    long-term	mission	of	the	
                                    Karen Fisk and Maurice Proulx            Terry and Frances Ryan
    Community	Foundation.	
                                    Edward Fleming, III and Jane Fleming     Donald and Patricia Savage
    Call	us	at	413-732-2858	for	
                                    Ian Fraser                               Barbara Shaffer
    more	information.
                                    Paula and John Gallup                    Robert C. Smith
                                    Theodore and Norma Gewanter              Jane Sommer
                                    Frederick Griffiths                      Gladys B. Sullivan
                                    Willard O. and Elizabeth K. Hale         Robin C. and Audrey A. Taylor
                                    Lester and Roberta Halpern               Frances A. Townsend
                                    Teresa A. Harris                         Mary E. Tuttle
                                    Wil Hastings                             Richard and Sandra Wallis
                                    Jean vonL. Hayes                         Robert and Eileen Zewski
                                    Virginia Jahn                            Katie Allan Zobel
                                    Kim Cook and Amy Jamrog                  18 anonymous donors

                                                                           COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   3
Paul Schnaittacher

                                                           Community Legacy                               Old	First	Church

                                                           T  he Old First Church Meetinghouse of Springfield, built in 1819, is the fourth and
                                                              current building. When it closed its doors in 2007 after 371 years in the heart of
                                                           the city, it had significant assets and wanted to create a lasting legacy for the people
                                                           of Springfield.
                                                                With nearly $2 million in assets remaining, the Congregation of the Church chose
                              With	nearly		
                                                           the Community Foundation to invest the majority of these assets. Following a series
                              $2	million	in	assets	        of meetings with the philanthropic staff of the Foundation and with representatives
                              remaining,	the	              of the Advisory Council of the Church, three permanent funds were established.
                              Congregation	of	                  The first was established for the benefit of the City of Springfield, the new owner
                                                           of the building, to help with the maintenance of the historic meetinghouse and its
                              the	Church	chose	
                                                           impressive Aeolian-Skinner organ. The City received $25,900 in 2011 from this fund,
                              the	Community	               and in the future the City will continue to receive annual distributions in amounts as
                              Foundation	to	               determined by the Foundation.
                              invest	the	majority	              The other two funds were established to support Friends of the Homeless for
                                                           providing shelter and other resources for the homeless of Springfield, and to support
                              of	the	assets.	
                                                           Greater Springfield Senior Services for safe and independent living for seniors. In
                                                           2011 each organization received $11,100 as their first disbursement.
                                                                The remainder of assets was donated to other local charities, and many valuable
                                                           historical items of the Church were given to the Springfield Museums and other
                                                           area churches.
                                                                Thanks to the generosity of the Old First Church Congregation and the expertise
                                                           of the Community Foundation, the community will continue to benefit forever.

                     4   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                        T  he Drama Studio in Springfield is a conservatory-style acting training program,
                           which among other things, provides young people with a safe place to find their
                        voice. Kasia Novak is the current Vice-President of their Board of Directors, but first
                        she was a mom who was very impressed with the impact that the Drama Studio had on
Community	              her own daughter.
                             In December of 2010, Kasia met with the Community Foundation staff to discuss
                        her personal philanthropic goals, one of which was to help the Drama Studio find some
staff	suggested	        new donors.
Kasia	use	her	               “I continued to see the same group of people that we were always going to for
Donor	Advised	          fundraising. We were looking for a way to expand the pool of donors,” explained Kasia.
                             Community Foundation staff suggested Kasia use her Donor Advised Fund to
Fund	to	create	a	
                        create a challenge grant. New and increased gifts made to the Drama Studio during the
challenge	grant.        challenge period would be matched by the Novak Family Charitable Fund, up to $5,000.
                             The challenge was more successful than Kasia and the Drama Studio had even
                        hoped. They exceeded their goal, with more than $6,500 in new and increased gifts.
                        More importantly, relationships with new donors are growing and the Drama Studio is
                        seeing a new culture of giving among their supporters, in large part because of Kasia’s
                        challenge to the community and her personal endorsement of the organization.

                        Inspiring Philanthropy                                 Novak	Family	Charitable	Trust

         Kasia	with		
     her	daughter	
      Caroline	and	
    Drama	Studio	
         Tom Jones
     (bottom)	and	
   All the World’s a
      Stage	(right).

                                                                           COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   5
                                                                                                                            Right	to	left:	
                                                                                                                            Sandra	and	Bryan	Palmer	
                                                                                                                            with	their	mother,	Barbara.
Paul Schnaittacher

                                                           Opportunities for Success                                            Palmer	Family

                                                           B   ryan Palmer first came to the Community Foundation in 2008, a senior in
                                                               high school who was focused on the future and knew education had to be his
                                                           top priority.
                                                                “Many people I knew growing up were focused on just survival, education wasn’t
                              This	financial	              a priority. I was fortunate to have family members and teachers who encouraged me
                              support	has	                 to concentrate on school and block out some of the distractions,” Bryan said.
                              enabled	him	to	                   Now entering his final year at Westfield State University, Bryan has been the
                                                           recipient of $23,000 in scholarships from the Community Foundation. This financial
                              worry	less	about	
                                                           support has enabled him to worry less about the financial burdens of his education
                              the	financial	               and direct his energy toward his success in school. Among the scholarships he has
                              burdens	of	his	              received over the years are the Diana and Leon Feffer Scholarship and the
                              education	and	               MassMutual Career Pathways Scholarship.
                                                                Bryan is studying communications and hopes to have a career in journalism or
                              direct	his	energy	
                                                           public relations. He says of his choice of careers, “I want my writing to have an impact
                              toward	his	                  on society some day.”
                              success	in	school.	               It would seem that this drive to succeed runs in the family. Bryan’s sister Sandra,
                                                           now a sophomore, received $8,000 from the Foundation as a freshman studying
                                                           nursing at American International College. Sandra credits her brother with setting an
                                                           example for how to reach your academic goals.
                                                                “I will not give up on my education because of a lack of resources,” Sandra said.
                                                           “I am a hard working student who is determined to reach my goals.”

                     6   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                          C   ancer Connection, a support center serving individuals diagnosed with cancer, their
                                              families, and caregivers in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties, opened its doors
                                          in 2000 in a small basement office in Northampton. Ten years later, they were struggling
                                          to meet client needs in a space that the organization had clearly outgrown. The Board of
What	the	                                 Directors and Executive Director Betsy Neisner led the building campaign to renovate and
                                          furnish a new space at 41 Locust Street in Northampton.
                                               The Community Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant to support a range of associated
Foundation	                               activities, including moving costs, office furnishings, a new security system, and environmental
offered	to	us	                            testing. “What the Community Foundation offered to us was so valuable. There are so many
was	so	valuable.		                        things that go into moving and renovating that you can’t anticipate. The new center meets all
                                          our expectations and the project flowed to completion with incredible ease.”
The	new	center	
                                               From the time Betsy approached the realtor to the day the doors opened was a mere
meets	all	our	                            seven months. Since that time, they have been able to increase program offerings, including
expectations.	                            three additional weekly complementary therapy sessions and two new classes. The new space
                                          also has retained the intimate, home-like atmosphere that clients appreciated about the
                                          previous facility. With 1,100 active participants and about 30 new people accessing services
                                          each month, Cancer Connection meets the challenge of providing individual services for a
                                          growing and diverse community.

                                          Making Connections                                    Cancer	Connection

       Betsy	Neisner,	
Executive	Director	of	
 Cancer	Connection	
at	their	new	space	in	
                     Paul Schnaittacher

                                                                                                   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   7
                                                                                                                                     Paul Schnaittacher
             5 Under
             &             Initiative                               Access	to	Opportunity	for	Children	in	Poverty	

         5 & Under Grant Awards FY 2011 (C2 2010)                       he Community Foundation’s five-year strategic
         Carson	Center	for	Human	Services,	Inc.	                	       initiative, 5	&	Under:	Access	to	Opportunity	for	Children	
         Parenting Education Program, Year 5	         $32,000       in	Poverty,	awarded its final round of grants in 2010. The
         Community	Adolescent	Resource	and	Education	Center	
                                                                    initiative was designed to enable families with limited
         Transition to Higher Education, Year 5	   $20,000          financial resources with children five years of age and
                                                                    younger to improve their lives through educational
         Center	for	New	Americans	                              	
                                                                    programs. Ten organizations representing 11 projects
         Family Literacy Program, Year 3	             $25,000
                                                                    received funding this year totaling $475,800.
         Community	Action	of	the	Franklin	Hampshire		                     Three strategies have been employed to address
         &	North	Quabbin	Region	                         	
                                                                    identified needs:
         Family Literacy Outreach Program, Year 5 $59,600
         Holyoke	Chicopee	Springfield	Head	Start,	Inc.	     	
                                                                    •   Improving the circumstances of parents through
         Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the                        adult basic education and job readiness
         Classroom, Year 5	                         $70,000         •   Improving skill development of children, their
         The	Salvation	Army	-	Holyoke	Corps	                    	       teachers and their parents
         Job Skills Program, Year 5	                  $65,000
                                                                    •   Improving parent/child interaction and parent
         Springfield	Day	Nursery	Corporation	                   	       self-sufficiency
         Family Connections, Year 5	                  $30,000
                                                                         Total funding over the life of the initiative is more
         United	ARC	of	Franklin	and	Hampshire	Counties,	Inc.	
                                                                    than $2.6 million and has impacted hundreds of families
         Positive Parenting Program
         Franklin County, Year 5	                 $33,400           throughout the Pioneer Valley. Many of the grantees
                                                                    are expected to sustain their much-needed services well
         United	ARC	of	Franklin	and	Hampshire	Counties,	Inc.	
                                                                    beyond the life of this initiative. Several programs have
         Positive Parenting Program
         Hampshire County, Year 3	                $30,800
                                                                    evolved into dynamic, comprehensive programs, achieving
                                                                    outcomes far beyond their original design. All programs
         YMCA	of	Greater	Springfield	                           	
                                                                    have benefited from this opportunity to create new
         Teen Parent Program, Year 5	                 $55,000
                                                                    options that fill gaps in services unmet by other resources.
         Boys	&	Girls	Club	of	Greater	Westfield,	Inc.	        	
         Westfield Family Support Network, Year 2	     $55,000

8   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
Community    In	2010,	the	Community	Foundation	stepped	up	its	role	as	a	convener	
             through	its	community	leadership	work.	The	communities	we	serve	
Leadership   have	both	tremendous	resources	to	be	leveraged	and	challenges		
             to	meet.	The	Community	Foundation	committed		to	bringing	together	
             stakeholders	to	learn	more	about		issues	facing	our	region	and	creative	
             ways	to	address	those	issues.	Among	the	successful	strategies		
             employed	in	2010	were	the	Community	Conversations	forums,	City	to	
             City	Greater	Springfield,	and	the	Leadership	Pioneer	Valley	initiative.

             Community	Conversations
             In June 2010, the Community Foundation launched Community	Conversations:	
             Exploring	Vital	Issues	for	our	Region. To date the Community Foundation has
             convened four such conversations informing stakeholders about key issues
             for our community and getting people talking and thinking about solutions.
             This initiative kicked off with a conversation about drop out prevention,
             followed by meetings about urban renewal, the creative economy, and
             social entrepreneurship.

             City	to	City
             A group of Springfield leaders
             representing business, education,
             philanthropy, planning, workforce
             development and industry
             embarked on its first City	to	City	
             Greater	Springfield trip, visiting
             Winston Salem and Greensboro,
             North Carolina in November and
             December of 2010. The City to City initiative was organized and facilitated by
             the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts and the Federal Reserve
             Bank of Boston, with the goal of learning from our peers in other cities about
             ways to support economic and social growth.

             Leadership	Pioneer	Valley
             The Community Foundation has collaborated with the Pioneer Valley Planning
             Commission and the Economic Development Council to create a program
             designed to identify, develop and connect diverse leaders in the Pioneer
             Valley. The program is modeled after a number of other successful programs
             at the local, regional and national levels and hopes to strengthen the region by
             educating and empowering emerging leaders.

                                                           COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   9
        Annual Fund                            We	extend	our	deep	gratitude	to	each	person	or	company	listed	
                                               below	who	chose	to	support	the	work	of	the	Community	Foundation	
        Donors                                 through	our Annual Fund.		Whether	providing	unrestricted	support	or	
                                               specific	support	for	our	scholarship	or	grantmaking	programs,		
                                               they	have	helped	us	to	do	more	good	for	the	Pioneer	Valley.	Their		
                                               combined	benevolence	totaled	over	$111,000;	the	equivalent	of		
                                               having	a	$2.5	million	endowment!

        $10,000 or more                              $500 to $999                            Ms. Jane Sommer
        Lucy and Bob Atkinson                        Ken and Rosalie Boutin                  Pamela and Allen Trafford
        Ralph and Vicki Tate                         Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Breyer, Jr.        Anonymous (3)
                                                     Jill Ker Conway
        $2,500 to $9,999                             DJRJ Charitable Fund                    $100 to $249
        Dr. and Mrs. Sanford A. Belden               Mr. and Mrs. William F. Donoghue, III   Susan J. Alston and
        Mr. Sandon S. Pearson                        Kent and Scottie Faerber                  Thomas L. Millette
        Richard and Carol Steele                     Richard and Betsy Gaberman              Andrew Balder and Cynthia Sommer
                                                     Daniel Gardner and Claudia Levin        Mr. and Mrs. James Bell
        $1,000 to $2,499                             Mauricia A. Geissler                    Michael G. Bete and
        Ron and Pam Ancrum                           Mr. Norbert Goldfield                     Carol Wentworth-Bete
        John and Elizabeth Armstrong                 Corwin Greenberg and                    Mr. Norman Bitsoli
        Charles and Deborah Austin                      Parvati Maggie Grais                 Barbara H. Braem
        Dana R. Barrows                              Dr. and Mrs. Willie L. Hill, Jr.        Mr. Timothy W. Brennan
        Mr. Claude Borowsky                          Mr. Noel and Dr. Carol Leary            Mr. and Mrs. F. Gorham Brigham, Jr.
        Bruce and Mary Thorpe Brown                  Mrs. Lorraine Milewski                  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Brown
        Robert S. and Mary W. Cohn                   Steven and Moira Mitus                  Chris and Felicia Buendo
        Ruth Constantine                             Eric and Elizabeth Stahl                Marcia Burick and Edward McColgan
        Stephen A. Davis                             Ruth and Spencer Timm                   Alan and Suzi Burstein
        Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. DeRose               Mark and Noreen Tolosky                 Anasticia and Paul Cambo
        Ms. Kerry L. Dietz                           Mr. Richard Wagner and                  Andrew and Carolyn Campbell
        Dianne and Paul Doherty                         Dr. Ruth Folchman                    John and Carol Cardinal
        Paula and John Gallup                                                                Bob and Barbara Carroll
        Alfred and Sally Griggs                      $250 to $499                            Annie Cheatham and
        The Jamrog Group                             Bee-Line Corporation                      Ann Gibson
        George and Jackie Keady                      Century Investment Company              Casey Clark
        Mrs. Frances Gengle Keenan                   Carol E. Craig                          H. “Brub” and Linda Collina
        Ellen Brout Lindsey and Bill Lindsey         Margo Culley                            William J. Corwin and
        Joe and Sue LoBello                          Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Daboul              Jennifer A. Rosner
        Charles and Rita McInnis-Spencer             Ms. Gwendolyn Glass                     Michael and Corinne DeNucci
        Robyn Ann Newhouse, PhD                      Daphne and Stephen Hall                 Jan and Robin Dizard
        People’s United Bank                         Mr. Philip J. Hendel                    Carl A. Ersing
        Tim and Elise Rice                           Jane and Paul Hetzel                    Jack and Deb Ferriter
        Rothschild Family Foundation                 Craig Knowlton and Kathleen M. Kane     Matthew Blumenfeld and
        Elizabeth D. Scheibel and                    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Liptak                Claudia Canale-Parola
          Paul D. Boudreau                           Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Magee               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fritz
        William and Elizabeth Sillin                 James Morton                            John Garvey
        Mary Ann and Richard Spencer                 David Narkewicz and Yelena Mikich       Ms. Karin L. George
        Peggy and David Starr                        Mr. and Mrs. Jay Primack                Lucille and Chet Gibbs
        Peggy and Gill Woods                         Nancy Reiche and Thomas Kane            Ms. Jayne F. Gill
                                                     Ms. Mary Ellen Scott                    Candy and Stanley Glazer

10   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                    A N N UA L    FUND        D ONOR S

John and Jane Griggs                 Michael and Natalia Sweet                Ms. Ellen Marsh
Ms. Ruth Griggs                      Thomson Financial Management, Inc.       Barbara M. McGarrah
Mary H. Grimm                        Maureen and Benny Trafford               Robert and Belden Merims
Charles Hapcook and Randi Steiger    Ms. Mary E. Tuttle                       Mr. Richard Milstein
John and Gloria Hazen                Ronald and Janet Weiss                   Mrs. Linda Moriarty and Family
Health & Benefit Consultants         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weston                Barbara and Robert Morin
Heartsong Yoga Center                Marcus and Joan White                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morneau
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Hennessy        Trevis M. Wray                           Isolda Ortega-Bustamante and
Mr. David Herships                   Angela and Joe Wright                      Jaime Davila
Ingis Eye Care                       Mr. and Mrs. John C. Young               Mr. Francis J. Osborn
Donald Joralemon and                 Katie and Chris Zobel                    Ms. Carol L. Owen
   Phoebe Porter                     Anonymous (6)                            Ms. Linda Payson
Ivan Karp                                                                     Stephen and Elizabeth Petegorsky
Carol and Brad Katz                  up to $99                                The Honorable Elaine A. and
Kate Kruckemeyer and Cathy Spath     Rosemary D. Abbott                         Mr. Theodore A. Pluta
Patrick Lavelle                      E. Wayne Abercrombie and                 Marietta Pritchard
Kristin Leutz                           Kayla Werlin                          Ms. Alice P. Pyle
Roselyn and Bradley LeVay            Ron Ackerman and Cleo Gorman             Jeannette and Richard Reopel
Mr. and Mrs. Flynt C. Lincoln        Nancy E. Albert                          Rick’s Auto Body, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Magalhaes       Alice H. Allen                           Alan Jay Rom
Irene and Kevin Martin               Mr. and Mrs. Marco G. Amato, Jr.         Mrs. Dorothy A. Rosati
Dr. and Mrs. Paul McKenna            Jay and Bobby Ashe                       Eleanor B. Rothman
Mr. and Mrs. John Meiklejohn         William Austin and Joan Rockwell         Schoen Books
Kathy Mitchell and Curtis Coggon     Peter and Nancy Bautz                    Margaret Seiler
Bill Newman and Dale Melcher         Ted Belsky                               Jean Simmons
Sonia and Angel Nieto                Ellen and Peter Berek                    Mr. Robert Stern and
Anne Nugent and Anthony Rogers       Dr. Alan D. Berkenwald                     Ms. Judith S. Glaser
Louis F. Oldershaw, Esq.             Mrs. Ruth Black                          Judith L. Strzempko
Ostberg & Associates                 Mr. Chuck Bradway                        Rick and Lisa Sullivan
Ronda G. Parish, Esq.                Mr. Raymond L. Brown                     Ms. Paige Thayer
Lucy Perez                           Elizabeth Capifali                       Mr. and Mrs. David Theriaque
Dale and Lorna Peterson              Ms. Maureen Cardinal                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Tingle
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Pietras         Mrs. Priscilla Carter                    Sheila Toto
Priscilla L. Pike                    Ms. Shera Cohen                          Mr. Jason Trotta
David and Jackie Pleet               Regina Curtis                            Andrée Uhlig
John F. Ptaszek, Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. De Raleau          Ms. Joan C. Vander Vliet
Mr. William J. Pugliese              Bert Fernandez and Elizabeth O’Brien     Village Eye Care, P.C.
Bob Pura and Marjorie                Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ferrero             Elizabeth and Klemens von Klemperer
   MacDonald-Pura                    Jill and Joe Gagne                       Carolyn Ware
Bob and Margie Riddle                Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gillies             Welch Law Offices
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Riley        Steven Goldsher, DDS                     Carina Wohl and Mark Arsenault
Lise and Eric Sanders                Mr. and Mrs. G. Putnam                   Bob and Eileen Zewski
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Savage              Goodwin-Boyd                          Anonymous (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schoenemann      Cedric Hastings
Lois and Tom Schwab                  Santina Haywood
Mr. Russell L. Seelig                Eric and Yehudit Heller
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Seiler       David F. Howland
Lucy and Dwight Shepard              Phyllis and Peter Jeswald
Joe Silverman and Karen Beyel        Susan Jennifer Johnson
Sisters of St. Joseph                Colleen C. Johnston
Mary-Anne and John Stearns           Debra Koske
Scott and Jane Stearns               Mr. and Mrs. David Lapierre
Marie M. Stebbins                    Ms. Linda G. Lavigne
Robert and Judith Steinberg          Crawford and Ann Lincoln
Shelley Steuer and Jeff Korff

                                                                            COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   11
        Commemorative                                 Commemorative	gifts	are	a	unique	way	to	honor	or	remember	
                                                      an	individual	or	an	important	milestone.	It	is	a	privilege	for		
        Gifts                                         the	Community	Foundation	to	accept	these	remarkably	
                                                      thoughtful	gifts	and	put	them	to	work	for	the	people	of	our	
                                                      region.	On	behalf	of	our	generous	donors,	we	commemorate	
                                                      the	following	people,	occasions,	and	organizations.	

        In Honor of                        In Memory of

        Paul and Dianne Doherty            Benjamin and Rose Ackerman   Nicholas G. Grass           Ronnie Petrakis
        Jane Engelman                      Peter Arthur                 Margot Griggs               Carolyn Phillips
        Kent W. Faerber                    Arnold Black                 Kevin Hamel                 Robert W. Pickett
        Betsy Gaberman                     Gabrielle Bernier            Mildred A. Haas             Eunice Poole
        Eileen Giardina                    Mr. Philip E. Bechard        Hobbes                      Demetrios Psomiades
        Lucille Deans Gibbs                Vito and Loretta Bell        Charles and Mary Hough      John and Stella Ptaszek
        Alfred and Sally Griggs            Frieda Bonatakis             Edward Hurley               Jane Punderson
        Orlando Isaza                      Susan Botfield               Diane Johnson               Joan Fitzgerald Putnam
        Matt and Ann Kane                  Gordon S. Bradley            Rose Kafantaris             Anthony W. Ravosa
        Bettie Kravetz on her birthday     Raymond M. Bressette         Harry Karamallis            Jean D. Rogér
        David LaLima                       Mary Anne George Buckley     Markos Katsoulis            Christine Mitus Rose
        Lillian J. Lee                     Lizzie Chandler              Thomas M. Keenan            Olga Sabodosa
        Ben and Jennie Markens             John L. Chandler             Jacqueline A. Lavallee      Syd Sanditz
        Arky and George Markham            Eric Clayton                 Michael Layne               Jim Selvia
        Arky Markham’s 95th birthday       Richard J. Clark, Jr.        Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Leary   Marjorie K. “Biddy” Shea
        Marty, Elliot, Mulu, Masaye        John Richard Collins         Tony Lovell                 Tara Sheehan
        Ellen and Barry Nigrosh            Liliana’s Cordes on          George Markham              Philip W. Sheridan, Jr.
        Employees of State Street             her 10th birthday         William Maunsell            David Sigelman
           Fruit Store and                 Tootsie Danalis              Phillip Mercure             Risa Skerker
           Cooper’s Corner                 Philip J. Dean, MD           John Metzidakis             Richard Snyer
        Marie Stebbins                     John J. Dillon               Andrew Milewski             Dick Stebbins
        Lil Topodas’ special birthday      Mark Douville                Irvine Miller               Cynthia Stowe
        Carlos Vega                        James Downey                 Richard Moriarty            Mary Stratos
                                           First Sergeant               Thomas Moropoulos           Albert Taupier, Jr.
                                              Kevin A. Dupont           Harry Morrow                Peter and Mary Volanakis
                                           Sandra Eagleton              Dr. Francis Nelen           Ruth Wallace
                                           Maury Ferriter               Robert Patrick O’Dwyer,     Virginia S. Warren
                                           Lawrence Fink                   Ret. USMC Sgt.           Cicely Swan Vega
                                           Jean Fletcher                Loretta M. O’Neil           Stamatios Vlazakis
                                           Deborah Foley                William O’Neil              Edna G. Willemain
                                           Joseph Frogameni             Sally Gage Olmstead         Richard K. Williams
                                           Bill George                  Mary Passera                Adam Wishnow, Class of ’83,
                                           Albert “Doc” Grass           Russell H. Payson             Northampton High School

12   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                      Start Your Fund at	the	Community	Foundation

                                      Decide	When	to	Give
                                      You can create your fund now, establish it in your will, or create it through a trust
                                      arrangement that benefits your family as well as charity. You may give in honor of
                                      an anniversary, to memorialize a loved one, celebrate a special event or support
                                      a cause. Tax deductions are earned at the time of your gift, while grants awarded
                                      from your fund can continue into the future.
We	can	help	you	focus	your	
                                      Decide	What	to	Give
generosity,	without	the	hassles.	
                                      Almost any kind of asset can be used to start your funds, including cash, publicly
We	make	giving	easier	with	           traded securities, closely held stock, interests in limited partnerships, real estate,
administrative	services	and	expert	   life insurance and private foundation assets. We can also discuss other options with
advice	from	the	Community	            you, such as bequests, charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable gift annuities and
                                      charitable lead trusts.
Foundation	staff.	Call	our	
Philanthropic	Services	team	at	       Choose	the	Name	for	Your	Fund
413-732-2858	or	email		               Most of our funds are named for the donor (individual, family, business, association	       or organization) or as a memorial to someone special. Every grant from the fund
                                      will carry this name. You may choose a name that reflects your fund’s charitable
for	more	information.
                                      purposes or your fund can remain completely confidential if you prefer.

                                      Choose	a	Type	of	Fund
                                      We offer a variety of funds that are flexible to meet our donors’ different charitable
                                      interests. Donor	advised	funds allow you to make the decisions about the timing and
                                      amount of grants yourself. Permanently	endowed	funds provide a sustainable stream
                                      of income for your favorite charities in perpetuity. Scholarships	help local students
                                      access higher education. Field	of	Interest	funds allow you an easy way to focus your
                                      giving on a specific community or charitable interest area. Field	of	Interest funds
                                      give you access to our local team of volunteers and staff who receive and assess
                                      annual requests from local nonprofits to fund projects serving the region.

                                                                                    COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   13
        Funds of the                              The	following	funds	have	been	given	to	the	Community	Foundation		
                                                  of	Western	Massachusetts	either	for	the	benefit	of	or	by	the	residents		
        Community                                 of	the	Pioneer	Valley.	They	represent	the	tangible	conversion	of	the		

        Foundation                                generosity	of	the	region	into	an	invaluable	community	resource.		
                                                  Fund	values	as	of	March	31,	2011.

                             N E W      F U N D S                                  UNR E S T R ICT E D             FUNDS

        The following 13 new funds were established at the                Unrestricted funds typically utilize the two greatest
        Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts                     strengths of the Community Foundation: the ability
        during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. The                  to care for charitable funds in perpetuity and the
        Foundation is grateful for these welcome additions                considerable expertise of the Foundation’s Distribution
        to the community resources available to the                       Committee and its competitive grantmaking process.
        Pioneer Valley.                                                   Together, they ensure that scarce funds will be used
                                                                          as effectively as possible, for as long as possible.
        Art & Soles Fund
        Eric Bachrach Scholarship Endowment Fund for the
                                                                          Credit Data Services, Inc. Fund                 $6,187,264
          Community Music School of Springfield*
                                                                          To	benefit	charities	in	western	MA.
        Charter Oak Fund
                                                                          Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund,
        Charles E. Coleman and Elizabeth H. Coleman                       Bank of America, Trustee                     $3,931,367
          Scholarship Fund*                                               For	grantmaking	in	Springfield,	MA,	and	contiguous	towns.
        Neil G. Daboul Fund for the Springfield Boys                      Franklin Fund                                  $3,078,262
         and Girls Club*                                                  For	charitable	uses	and/or	projects	which	improve	the	lives	
        Dasco Family Fund                                                 of	residents	of	Franklin	County.
        First Sergeant Kevin Dupont Memorial                              The Buxton Charitable Foundation Fund,
          Scholarship Fund*                                               Bank of America, Trustee               $2,102,565
        Jacqueline A. Lavallee Scholarship Fund*                          For	grantmaking	in	Hampden	County.

        Novak Family Charitable Fund                                      Gage Olmstead Fund                             $857,709
                                                                          Established	by	Sally	Gage	Olmstead	and	funded	through	
        The Phoenix Fund                                                  distributions	from	an	annuity	lead	trust.
        Red Fox Fund                                                      Joan Walker Memorial Fund                      $729,635
        Williamson Family Fund                                            To	benefit	the	people	served	by	the	Community	Foundation.
        1 Anonymous Fund                                                  James D. Watt Charitable Fund                     $485,410
                                                                          For	local	organizations	with	a	preference	for	supporting		
       * The funds marked with an asterisk are especially appreciated     projects	in	the	arts,	in	music,	and	in	Hampshire	County,	MA.
         because, as endowed funds, they will provide perpetual support
         for the quality of life of the region.                           M. Constance Breck Memorial Fund                  $360,303
                                                                          To	support	charities	selected	by	the	Distribution	Committee.
                                                                          Eleanor and Philip Singleton
                                                                          Endowment Fund                                    $175,264
                                                                          To	support	charitable	work	in	the	Pioneer	Valley	in	the	arts,	
                                                                          educational	programs,	care	for	the	elderly,	and	the	beautifi-
                                                                          cation	of	the	environment.

14   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                             U N R E S T R ICT E D       FUNDS

                                                                                                                              Paul Schnaittacher
Irene E. and George A. Davis Fund                $164,980
To	assist	in	the	growth	of	the	Foundation.
Sally Olmstead Endowed Fund                      $143,134
Kent W. Faerber Fund                             $125,349
For	projects	selected	by	the	Distribution	Committee,		
with	preference	for	the	establishment	and	maintenance	of	
individual	fundraising	programs.
George H. Empsall Charitable Fund               $119,716
For	the	support	of	recognized	and	worthy	charitable	and	
educational	organizations	in	and	about	Springfield.
Unrestricted Fund                              $103,415
To	benefit	the	people	in	western	MA	communities.
Fund for Hampshire and Franklin Counties $72,007
For	grantmaking	in	Franklin	and	Hampshire	counties.
Lucy and Bob Atkinson Fund                       $49,796
To	support	projects	and/or	programs	focused	on	conserving	
or	enhancing	the	natural	environment	in	Franklin,		
Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties.
                                                                         The Arts Endowment of
                                                                         WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS
Yale Genton Charitable Fund                       $39,137
For	grantmaking	projects	serving	poor	children,	preferably	in	
Hampden	County.
Margot L. Griggs Charitable Fund                   $34,954
To	support	projects	selected	by	the	Distribution	Committee.
                                                                 T    he	Arts Endowment of Western Massachusetts is	a	
                                                                      special	collection	of	charitable	funds	identified	as	
                                                                 exclusively	dedicated	to	the	support	of	the	arts	in	our	
Roger G. and Jeannie Houston Turgeon Fund$34,859                 region.	To	be	identified	as	part	of	the	Arts Endowment
To	support	charities	selected	by	the	Distribution	Committee,	    of Western Massachusetts,	a	fund	must	be	restricted	
with	a	preference	for	charities	designated	by	the	donor.         to	the	support	of	the	arts	and,	if	donor	advised,	must	
Mark Douville Charitable Fund                     $28,394        become	endowed	when	advisory	rights	cease.		
To	support	the	public	charities	in	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	       	      The	Community	Foundation	is	particularly	proud	
Hampshire	counties	providing	assistance	to	people	with	          to	highlight	the	following	funds,	listed	elsewhere	in		
HIV-AIDS,	particularly	children.                                 this	report,	whose	donors	are	passionate	about		
                                                                 preserving	the	special	arts	and	culture	environment		
Franklin Fund #2                                  $25,760
For	the	support	of	charitable	work	in	Franklin	County.           of	the	Pioneer	Valley.
Rockwell Keeney, Jr. Charitable Fund               $22,020       •				 T.	Marc	Futter	Hampshire	Arts	Endowment	Fund	
For	grants	to	meet	community	needs.                              •				   H.	Grinspoon	and	D.	Troderman	Fund	for	the		     	
Filler Community Fund                              $19,514       	       Springfield	Library	and	Museums	Association
To	support	charitable	needs	of	the	Pioneer	Valley.               •				   William	and	Susan	Monks	Fund	for	the	Arts	
Brendler Family Charitable Fund                    $18,364       •				   Peggy	and	David	Starr	Springfield	Museums		      	
To	respond	to	community	needs.                                   	       Endowment	Fund
William Wells Tapley Fund                          $13,370       •				   Peggy	and	David	Starr	Springfield	Symphony		     	
To	support	the	charitable	work	of	the	Pioneer	Valley.            	       Endowment	Fund
Teresa A. Harris Fund                            $11,170         •				   Peggy	and	David	Starr	WFCR	Endowment	Fund	
To	support	projects	that	meet	the	community’s	greatest	
                                                                 •				   Peggy	and	David	Starr	WGBY	Endowment	Fund
needs	as	determined	by	the	Distribution	Committee.
                                                                 •				   Venti	Family	Fund

                                                                                    COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts                  15
                                            F I E L D     OF    I N T E R E S T   FUNDS

             F I E L D    OF    I N T E R E S T         F U N D S         Springfield Hospital Nurses Alumni
                                                                          Association Fund                                   $65,857
        Field of interest funds enhance their impact by                   To	support	programs	that	improve	the	quality	of	life	in	
        concentrating on specific areas of charitable endeavor.           western	MA	with	emphasis	on	nursing	education	and	needs	
        If desired, they can also utilize the expertise of the            of	women	and	children.
        Distribution Committee and its competitive                        Dr. John E. McNally Memorial Fund                  $36,669
        grantmaking process.                                              To	support	nonprofit	organizations	in	the	areas	of	education,	
                                                                          human	services,	and/or	health.
                                                                          T. Marc Futter Hampshire Arts
        Herbert and Josephine Burk Noble
                                                                          Endowment Fund                                     $18,622
        Hospital Fund                                      $601,578
                                                                          To	support	the	arts	in	Hampshire	County.
        For	the	support	of	Noble	Hospital,	Westfield.
                                                                          Cancer Fund                                        $19,092
        The Dickinson Family Fund for
                                                                          For	cancer	research	and	projects.
        Historical Heath                                  $472,550
        To	preserve	the	agricultural	and	historical	aspects	of	the	       Rachel O. Storrs Ware Youth Center, Inc. Fund $18,211
        Town	of	Heath.                                                    To	support	youth	activities	in	the	Town	of	Ware.

        Herbert and Josephine Burk Westfield                              Fund for the Hungry and Homeless                  $17,818
        Athenaeum Fund                                     $378,864       To	support	programs	that	help	people	with	basic		
        For	the	support	of	the	Westfield	Athenaeum.                       survival	needs.

        E. Herbert Burk Fund                              $348,941        W. W. ArtsAlways Charitable Fund                     $17,705
        To	encourage	and	develop	interest	in	and	training	for	the	        Support	for	children	to	develop	their	artistic	talent.
        precision	machining	skills	needed	for	the	industries	of	          Junior League of Holyoke Fund                   $17,390
        western	MA.                                                       To	address	the	emerging	and	changing	needs	of	women	and	
        The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts $337,571                children	in	Holyoke.
        For	programs	that	help	women	and	girls.                           Healthier Communities Fund                         $14,413
        Loaves and Fishes Fund                           $280,634         To	promote	children’s	health	and	well-being.
        To	benefit	programs	run	by	liberal,	reformed	Protestant	          Fund to Preserve Farmland and Open Space
        churches	in	Franklin	and	Hampshire	counties	that	wed	             in Franklin County                               $14,295
        Christian	faith	and	action.                                       To	preserve	farmland	and	open	space	in	Franklin	County.
        Duffy Sullivan Adult Education Fund                $271,865       Ann Marie Sibilia Fund for Leukemia               $13,987
        For	programs	of	literacy	and	adult	education.                     To	benefit	research	on	leukemia	and	provide	programs	for	
        L. John Schinelli Renal Assistance Fund          $250,461         children	and	adults.
        To	provide	emergency	financial	assistance	to	renal	patients	      Alie and Rem Lefferts Memorial Dixieland
        and	their	families.                                               Jazz Fund                                          $11,985
        Loupinski Family Memorial Fund                  $248,837          To	promote	and	preserve	Dixieland	Jazz	music.
        To	preserve	open	lands	in	the	towns	of	Southwick,	Westfield,	     Ozzy Klate Memorial Fund                          $10,671
        Granville,	and	Agawam,	MA,	including	the	purchase	of	such	        To	support	young	people	in	their	developmental	journeys	as	
        lands	or	conservation	easements	thereon.                          artists	and	seekers	of	wisdom.
        Franklin Land Trust Bridge Loan Fund               $172,006       Fund for the Hearing Impaired                     $9,047
        To	provide	bridge	loans	for	the	preservation	of	farmland	and	     Created	by	distributions	from	the	Gage	Olmstead	Fund.
        open	space	in	Franklin	County	that	would	otherwise	be	lost	
        to	development.
        Juliusz Feigenbaum Fund                            $67,453
        To	support	programs	that	enable	impoverished	families	with	
        children	five	years	of	age	and	younger	to	improve	their	lives	
        by	addressing	the	root	causes	of	their	poverty.

16   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                             E D U C AT ION     FUNDS

                                                                                                                            Madeline Leue
            E D U C AT ION           F U N D S

Scholarship and interest-free loan funds help bring
higher education within reach of those residents of
the Pioneer Valley who might not otherwise be able to
afford it. Through a competitive award process, expert
community volunteers ensure that limited resources
are given to those most deserving of assistance.

James Z. Naurison Scholarship Fund,
Bank of America, Trustee                        $9,128,312
Residents	of	Berkshire,	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	Hampshire	
counties	and	the	towns	of	Enfield	and	Suffield,	CT.                Brianna	and	her	adoptive	father,	Mark	Leue.
James W. Colgan Loan,
Bank of America, Trustee                     $7,159,747
Current	Massachusetts	residents	who	have	resided	in	the	
state	for	a	minimum	of	five	years.
                                                                  G   rowing	up	in	foster	care,	overcoming	abuse	and	
                                                                      family	instability,	Brianna Leue has	learned	
                                                                  many	life	lessons	the	hard	way.	“Be	aware	of	your	
MassMutual Scholars Fund                         $1,671,002       own	needs	and	respect	them,	don’t	feel	like	you	
Graduating	high	school	seniors	from	Hampden	County,	MA	           have	to	conform	to	any	path,	and	don’t	be	afraid	to	
and	Hartford	County,	CT	interested	in	pursuing	careers	in	        ask	for	help,”	are	among	the	lessons	she	can	now	
financial	services,	business,	or	information	technology.          pass	along	to	others.		The	Community	Foundation	
                                                                  was	among	those	Brianna	reached	out	to	for	help.		
Margaret J. Hyland Fund,
                                                                  She	received	the	James	Z.	Naurison	Scholarship	in	
Bank of America, Trustee                         $1,290,611
                                                                  2007	and	2011,	as	well	as	the	Permilia	A	Butterfield	
University	of	Massachusetts	students	who	have	been		
                                                                  scholarship	in	2007	and	the	Stanley	Ciejek,	Sr.	
Holyoke	residents	for	ten	years	or	longer;	preference	to	
                                                                  Scholarship	in	2011.	Now	in	her	junior	year	
students	of	the	Roman	Catholic	faith.
                                                                  studying	fiber	arts	at	the	Massachusetts	College	of	
Raymond E. Carr Scholarship Fund                $939,843          Art	and	Design,	Brianna	describes	the	opportunity	
Students	attending	American	International	College,		              to	get	an	education	as	a	“privilege,	a	blessing,	and	
Elms	College,	Springfield	College,	Western	New	England		          an	invaluable	advantage.”		Upon	graduation,	she	
University,	or	Westfield	State	University.                        intends	to	devote	herself	to	contributing	to	solving	
Anthony and Madeline Sampson                                      global	problems,	and	hopes	to	start	her	own	
Kapinos Scholarship Fund                         $855,115         nonprofit	someday.
Graduates	of	Chicopee	High	School.
Richard W. and Florence B. Irwin Scholarship Fund,
Bank of America, Trustee                       $848,474
Residents	of	Northampton	attending	law	school.                Diana and Leon Feffer Scholarship Fund             $477,374
Margrit H. Sutton-Annen Student                               Residents	of	western	MA.
Loan Fund, Bank of America, Trustee                $757,096   John P. Mahoney and James F. Mahoney
Students	enrolled	full	time	in	two-	or	four-year	colleges;	   Memorial Scholarship Fund,
preference	to	those	of	Swiss	descent.                         Bank of America, Trustee                           $420,027
MacIntyre Family Scholarship Fund            $512,056         Residents	of	Northampton.
Residents	of	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties;	      Wilcox-Ware Scholarship Fund,
preference	to	Holyoke	residents.                              Bank of America, Trustee                        $412,116
Kenneth B. and Adeline J. Graves                              Graduating	seniors	from	Mohawk	Trail	Regional	High	
Scholarship Fund                                 $511,528     School	who	reside	in	Shelburne,	Buckland,	Colrain,	or		
Residents	of	Granby,	MA.                                      contiguous	towns.

                                                                                  COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts             17
                                                     E D U C AT ION     FUNDS

        Louis W. and Mary S. Doherty
        Scholarship Fund                                 $399,657
        Residents	of	Hampden	County.
        Victor, Margaret, and Joseph Victor Paier Scholarship
        Fund, Bank of America, Trustee              $280,870
        Residents	of	West	Springfield.
        George and Theresa Crete
        Scholarship Fund                                 $263,416
        Residents	of	western	MA.
        Lena A. Tucker Scholarship Fund,
        Bank of America, Trustee                         $262,639
        Graduates	of	the	High	School	of	Commerce	and	Putnam	
        Vocational	Technical	High	School	in	Springfield.
        Ruth L. Brocklebank Memorial
        Scholarship Fund                                 $231,384
        African-American	graduates	of	Springfield		
        public	high	schools.
        Stanley Ciejek, Sr. Scholarship Fund         $218,082
        Residents	of	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties.
                                                                            “ consider	my	greatest	achievement	to	be	my	two	
                                                                               little	girls,	but	my	second	greatest	achievement	
                                                                             is	breaking	the	cycle	of	the	culture	of	poverty	
        Carlos B. Ellis Scholarship Fund,                                    within	my	own	family.		My	girls	now	talk	about	
        Bank of America, Trustee                       $202,319              going	to	college	and	the	importance	of	education.”	
        Graduates	of	the	Springfield	High	School	of	Commerce.                Suzy-Ann Baker is	now	in	her	junior	year	studying	
        Gertrude and William C. Hill Scholarship                             nursing	at	American	International	College.		In	
        Fund, Bank of America, Trustee                   $198,891            addition	to	raising	two	girls	and	getting	her	
        Graduates	of	Springfield	Central	High	School;	preference	to	         degree,	she	has	also	been	working	part-time	at	
        students	majoring	in	liberal	arts.                                   Bay	State	Medical	Center.	The	scholarships	from	
                                                                             the	Community	Foundation	have	been	a	much-
        Luther A. and Evelyn L. Belden Memorial
                                                                             needed	resource	as	Suzy	juggles	competing	
        Scholarship Fund                                $173,128
                                                                             demands.		Over	the	past	three	years	she	has	
        Graduating	high	school	seniors	who	are	residents	of	Hatfield	
                                                                             received	more	than	$9,000	in	scholarships	and	
        or	graduating	seniors	of	Smith	Academy.
                                                                             no-interest	loans	from	the	Community	Foundation.	   	
        Clarence H. Matteson Scholarship Fund, Bank of                       Suzy	says	of	the	opportunity	to	go	back	to	school,	
        America, Trustee                         $165,576                    “You	get	to	see	the	world	differently,	and	you	open	
        Residents	of	Greenfield.                                             your	eyes	to	all	that	you	can	achieve.”
        Michael A. Smiarowski Memorial
        Scholarship Fund                                  $155,261
        Graduating	seniors	from	Turners	Falls	High	School.	One	
        award	to	the	class	salutatorian	and	one	to	a	student	with	      Permelia A. Butterfield Scholarship Fund $116,239
        average	grades	who	contributes	to	the	community	and	has	        Orphan	children,	under	21	years	of	age,	who	are	residents	of	
        good	character	and	judgment.                                    Franklin	County.
        Springfield Teachers Club Scholarship Fund $153,584             Deerfield Plastics/Barker Family Fund             $108,344
        Residents	of	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties	         Children,	step-children,	and	grandchildren	of	employees		
        who	are	graduates	of	Springfield	public	high	schools.           of	the	former	Deerfield	Plastics	Company,	Inc.	as	of		
        Jessie M. Law Scholarship Fund                   $134,975       October	1996.
        Graduates	of	Springfield	Central	High	School.                   Ruth Wallace Memorial Scholarship Fund $108,213
        Florence Blish Scholarship Fund                $122,555         Graduating	seniors	from	Longmeadow	High	School	who	
        Residents	of	Agawam	who	attend	four-year	colleges.              participated	in	a	learning	disabled	program.

18   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                              E D U C AT ION       FUNDS

C. Kenneth Sanderson Scholarship Fund        $101,757            Jean D. Rogér Memorial Fund                          $62,474
Graduating	senior	from	Monson	High	School	ranked	in	the	         Graduates	of	Longmeadow	High	School	who	display	the		
top	seven	of	the	senior	class.                                   qualities	of	character	for	which	Jean	D.	Rogér	is	remembered.
William A. and Vinnie E. Dexter                                  Women’s Partnership Scholarship Fund
Endowed Scholarship Fund                           $99,473       for Women                                          $61,502
Graduating	high	school	seniors	in	western	MA.                    Women,	age	25	or	older,	from	greater	Springfield	who		
Mary Volanakis Memorial Scholarship Fund $96,694                 have	had	a	break	in	their	education	wishing	to	return	to	the	
Students	of	the	Greek	Orthodox	faith,	preference	to	mem-         work	force	attending	accredited	colleges	in	Hampden	and	
bers	of	St.	George	Greek	Orthodox	Cathedral	in	Springfield.      Hampshire	counties.

Nate McKinney Memorial Scholarship Fund $88,194                  September 11th Remembrance
Graduating	seniors	from	Gateway	Regional	High	School	who	        Scholarship Fund                                  $58,585
excel	academically	and	have	an	interest	in	music,	science,	or	   Graduating	high	school	seniors	who	reside	in	Berkshire,	
athletics.	Scholarships	are	renewable	for	up	to	four	years.      Franklin,	Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Ferst Valedictorian                               United Way of Holyoke, South Hadley, and Granby,
Memorial Scholarship Fund                          $84,363       Inc./YWCA Scholarship Fund for Women            $57,889
Valedictorian	from	Westfield	High	School.                        Women,	age	18	or	older,	from	Holyoke,	South	Hadley,	and	
                                                                 Granby,	MA.
Lucius H. Tarbell and Dorothy J. Tarbell
Scholarship Fund                              $81,223            Jacob and Celia Richmond Fund                  $57,695
Students	attending	Western	New	England	University.               Residents	of	Hampden	County	attending	law	school.

MacGeachey Minarik Scholarship Fund              $74,994         Philip W. Sheridan-Tighe and Bond
Students	who	have	resided	in	Monson	for	two	years;	prefer-       Scholarship Fund                                       $56,387
ence	for	graduates	of	Monson	High	School	or	Pathfinder	          Graduating	high	school	seniors	from	Hampden	and		
Regional	High	School.                                            Hampshire	counties	who	will	be	studying	civil	engineering		
                                                                 or	a	related	field	at	a	four-year	college;	established	to	honor	
Charles R. Allan and Judith V. Carlson
                                                                 the	leadership	of	Philip	W.	Sheridan	at	Tighe	and	Bond.
Scholarship Fund                                  $73,927
Graduating	seniors	from	Springfield	Central	High	School	         First Sergeant Kevin Dupont
and	Springfield	High	School	of	Science	and	Technology	           Memorial Scholarship Fund                         $55,551
selected	as	the	top	scholars	in	physics.                         Graduates	of	Chicopee	High	School	and	Chicopee	Compre-
                                                                 hensive	High	School;	preference	to	graduating	seniors	who	
Greater Springfield Accountants
                                                                 demonstrate	leadership	qualities	and/or	community	service.	
Scholarship Fund                                $73,802
                                                                 Given	in	memory	of	a	fallen	hero	who	served	his	country	for	
Students	who	have	completed	their	college	sophomore	year,	
                                                                 over	30	years.
pursuing	accounting	or	finance.
                                                                 George H. McDonnell Scholarship Fund             $54,652
Arrighi Memorial Scholarship Fund                  $70,704
                                                                 South	Hadley	residents	who	are	graduating	seniors	from	
Residents	of	Greenfield.
                                                                 South	Hadley	High	School	studying	civil	engineering	or	a	
Jacqueline A. Lavallee Scholarship Fund           $69,974        related	field	at	a	four-year	college.
Graduates	of	Ware	High	School	with	high	financial	need	who	
                                                                 John DiNapoli Memorial Scholarship Fund $52,558
exhibit	a	strong	work	ethic	as	demonstrated	by	community	
                                                                 Hampden	County	high	school	seniors;	preference	to	residents	
service,	employment,	or	academic	effort.
                                                                 of	Holyoke.
Nicholas G. Grass Scholarship Fund                $69,092
                                                                 Paul J. Veronesi Memorial Scholarship Fund $52,095
Athletes	graduating	from	Holyoke	High	School	who	best		
                                                                 One	male	and	one	female	graduating	senior	from	Agawam	
exemplify	the	high	academic	and	athletic	ideals	which		
                                                                 High	School	who	excel	in	basketball.
Nicholas	Grass	represented.
                                                                 Edward J. Bayon Memorial Scholarship Fund $50,530
Dinn Brothers Student Athlete Award Fund $63,724
                                                                 Holyoke	residents	who	are	graduating	seniors	from	Holyoke	
One	male	and	one	female	scholar	athletes	from	western		
                                                                 high	schools	studying	civil	engineering	or	a	related	field	at	a	
MA	who	have	been	chosen	as	Athletes	of	the	Year	by		
                                                                 four-year	college.
The	Republican	Newspaper.

                                                                                      COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   19
                                                       E D U C AT ION        FUNDS

        Horace Hill Scholarship Fund                      $48,614            Fred K. Lane Scholarship Fund                     $28,986
        Children	and	grandchildren	of	the	members	of	the		                   Graduating	high	school	seniors	who	are	past	or	current	
        Springfield	Newspapers’	25-Year	Club.                                members	(individual	or	family)	or	employees	of	the	Orchards	
        Captain John Maloney Scholarship Fund            $47,524             Golf	Course	in	South	Hadley.
        Residents	of	Hampden	County	with	at	least	one	award	to	a	            Gertrude G. Rapp Scholarship Fund                   $28,842
        graduating	high	school	senior	from	Chicopee	High	School.             Graduates	of	Gateway	Regional	School	District	who	have	
        First National Bank Amherst Centennial                               resided	for	two	years	in	the	geographic	areas	serviced	by	the	
        Education Scholarship Fund                         $45,393           Gateway	Regional	School	District.
        Graduating	seniors	from	Amherst	Regional	High	School,	               James B. Krumsiek Memorial Fund                  $28,691
        Hopkins	Academy,	Northampton	High	School,	Amherst		                  Graduating	seniors	from	Cathedral	High	School	and	Long-
        College,	Hampshire	College,	and	the	University	of		                  meadow	High	School	who	are	active	in	athletics	and	exhibit	
        Massachusetts-Amherst.                                               academic	achievement.
        Caleb L. Butler Scholarship Fund                   $40,451           Joseph Bonfitto Scholarship Fund              $28,084
        Graduating	high	school	seniors	from	western	MA	who	are	              Graduating	seniors	from	Agawam	High	School	studying	
        in	the	custody	of	the	Department	of	Children	and	Families	           creative	design,	advertising,	or	the	arts.
        (DCF);	preference	to	former	or	current	residents	of	Hillcrest	       Donald A. and Dorothy F. Axtell Grant
        Educational	Centers.                                                 Scholarship Fund                                    $28,025
        Eric Clayton Hockey Memorial                                         Protestant	students	from	Hampshire	County.
        Scholarship Fund                                 $37,523             Markus J. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund $27,101
        Graduating	high	school	seniors	from	Holyoke,	Easthampton,	           Graduates	of	the	Springfield	public	high	schools.	Markus	
        Southampton,	and	Westhampton;	preference	to	those	with	              Johnson	was	the	first	Springfield	resident	to	die	while		
        ice	hockey	involvement.                                              serving	in	Iraq.
        Miller Fund                                             $36,913      William J. Dean and Mary Fitzsimmons
        Residents	of	the	Shelburne	Falls	Fire	District	in	Franklin	County.   Dean Scholarship Fund                               $26,952
        Richard E. Fiore Memorial Scholarship Fund $35,663                   Graduates	of	William	J.	Dean	Technical	High	School	in	Holyoke.
        Residents	of	Southwick.                                              Charles F. Warner Scholarship Fund                  $26,163
        National Assoc. of Insurance and Financial                           Residents	of	Springfield.
        Advisors Scholarship Fund                              $35,669       Anthony A. Renaud Memorial
        Graduating	high	school	seniors	from	Berkshire,	Franklin,	            Scholarship Fund                                  $24,049
        Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties	who	have	had	a	parent	die	           Students	who	have	had	a	parent	die	and	are	either		
        or	have	a	parent	receiving	social	security	disability	benefits.      graduating	from	high	schools	in	Hampden	County	or	who	are	
        Sarah and Abraham Milstein Scholarship Fund $34,183                  enrolled	at	Mount	Carmel	School	in	Springfield;	preference	
        Valedictorian	and	salutatorian	of	Westfield	High	School.             for	those	who	have	had	a	parent	die	from	heart	disease.
        Kevin Bresnahan Memorial Fund                      $34,061           Latino Scholarship Fund                        $23,881
        Graduates	of	Holyoke	High	School	and	Holyoke	Catholic	               Graduating	Latino	high	school	seniors	from	Hampden	and	
        High	School	pursuing	music;	preference	for	jazz	or	blues.            Hampshire	counties.
        Christine Mitus Rose Memorial                                        Mt. Sugarloaf Lodge Memorial Fund                   $23,760
        Scholarship Fund                                  $31,584            Graduates	of	Frontier	Regional	High	School	in		
        Students	who	have	had	a	parent	die;	preference	to	those	who	         South	Deerfield.
        have	had	a	parent	die	from	cancer.                                   Heriberto Flores Scholarship Fund               $22,213
        Shelley N. Bourque Memorial                                          Graduates	of	Springfield	Technical	Community	College	and	
        Scholarship Fund                                $31,255              Holyoke	Community	College,	of	Puerto	Rican	ancestry,	from	
        Graduating	seniors	from	Belchertown	High	School.                     Hampden	and	Hampshire	counties,	who	plan	to	attend	MA	
        Liliana Marie Cordes Scholarship Fund             $29,550            institutions	of	higher	education.
        Female	South	Hadley	residents	with	financial	need	studying	          Eleanor M. Morrissey Scholarship Fund                $21,944
        music;	preference	to	those	who	are	graduating	seniors	from	          Graduating	high	school	seniors	from	Berkshire,	Franklin,	Hamp-
        South	Hadley	High	School.                                            den,	and	Hampshire	counties	pursuing	a	career	in	nursing.

20   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                               E D U C AT ION      FUNDS

African American Achievement Fund                 $21,396
African	American	residents	of	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	
Hampshire	counties	who	attend	four-year	colleges.
Edward A. and Shirley B. Livi Scholarship Fund $21,178
Residents	of	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties	
who	are	pursuing	fine	or	performing	arts	beyond	their	college	
freshman	year.
Vincent S. and Jane A. Korzeniowski
Memorial Scholarship Fund                           $19,500
Residents	of	Chicopee.
George H. and Margaret B. McDonnell
Family Scholarship Fund                             $19,049
Graduates	of	Holyoke	Catholic	High	School	pursuing	a	career	

in	social	work	or	an	allied	field;	in	memory	of	Margaret	                he	first	in	her	family	to	attend	a	four-year	
Mary	(Peggy)	McDonnell.                                                  university,	Mihee Cha	is	now	in	her	third	year	
Hellespont Society Scholarship Fund                 $18,774           at	Syracuse	University.		In	2010	and	2011	she	
Graduating	high	school	seniors	of	Greek	descent	who	will		            received	scholarships	and	the	zero-interest	James	
be	attending		two-	or	four-year	colleges;	preference	to	past	         W.	Colgan	Loan	from	the	Community	Foundation,	
Hellespont	Society	members.                                           which	helped	her	to	move	one	step	closer	to	
                                                                      realizing	her	dream	of	working	in	international	
Billie Foster and Bertha Weinberg
                                                                      relations.		The	loan	and	scholarships	Mihee	has	
Memorial Scholarship Fund                            $18,738
                                                                      received	are	lessening	the	financial	commitment	
Graduates	of	Springfield	Technical	Community	College,	
                                                                      of	a	costly	college	education,	which	is	one	less	
Holyoke	Community	College,	and	Greenfield	Community	
                                                                      thing	Mihee	has	to	worry	about.		“Although	our	
College	attending	four-year	colleges;	preference	to	residents	
                                                                      family	is	going	through	a	financial	hardship	right	
of	Holyoke	and	Northampton.
                                                                      now,	I	believe	in	my	success	in	the	future	and	
Frank W. Jendrysik, Jr. Memorial                                      because	of	the	Community	Foundation	I	can	
Scholarship Fund                                  $17,962             graduate	from	college	without	too	much	financial	
Residents	of	Chicopee,	Holyoke,	and	Springfield.	                     burden	blocking	my	path.”
Latino Breakfast Club Scholarship Fund          $17,858
Graduating	Latino	high	school	seniors	from	Hampden	County.
Ronald A. Copes Scholarship Fund                      $17,438
Graduating	high	school	seniors	from	Springfield,	MA	or	          Mary Alby Markel Memorial Scholarship Fund $16,223
Hartford,	CT	who	have	a	minimum	GPA	of	3.0,	and	who	             Graduating	seniors	from	Springfield	Central	High	School	
indicate	participation	in	extracurricular	activities.            pursuing	the	sciences.
Deborah Brodeur Foley Memorial                                   Frederick W. Porter Scholarship Fund              $15,083
Scholarship Fund                                  $17,111        Graduates	of	Greenfield	High	School.
Graduating	seniors	from	Minnechaug	Regional	High	School	
                                                                 Esther J. and Lewis W. Whiting Fund               $14,532
in	Wilbraham	pursuing	nursing	or	an	allied	field.
                                                                 Graduates	of	Springfield	Central	High	School	pursuing	
Westbank-Jane M. Knapp Scholarship Fund $16,804                  medicine	or	natural	science;	and	support	for	the	Washington	
Graduates	of	MacDuffie	School	in	Granby,	MA.                     Street	School	Library.
Westbank-Stanley F. Osowski Scholarship Fund $16,801             William T. Maunsell Memorial
Graduates	of	Westfield	High	School.                              Scholarship Fund                                    $14,234
Edward C., Mary and Paul Marth                                   Graduating	seniors	from	Westfield	High	School,	Westfield	
Scholarship Fund                                 $16,731         Vocational-Technical	High	School,	and	St.	Mary’s	High	
Graduating	seniors	from	St.	Mary’s	High	School	in	Westfield	     School	in	Westfield,	MA	who	have	average	grades	and	are	
pursuing	nursing	or	an	allied	field.                             pursuing	degrees	in	education,	criminal	justice,	or	nursing.

                                                                                    COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   21
                          E D U C AT ION             A N D    D ONOR    DE SIGNAT E D             FUNDS

        Future Scholars Fund                                 $14,033    George and Isabelle McGrath Scholarship Fund$2,804
        Unrestricted	scholarship	support.                               Graduates	of	Ware	High	School	who	have	excelled		
        Barbara Holcomb Braem Scholarship Fund $13,819                  athletically	and	academically.
        Graduating	seniors	from	Westfield	High	School;	preference	
        to	those	pursuing	degrees	in	a	business-related	field.
                                                                        Fund	balances	for	the	following	scholarship	funds	have	been	
        Theodore P. (Ted) Minor Memorial                                withheld	at	the	request	of	the	donors	who	established	the	funds:
        Scholarship Fund                                     $13,280
                                                                        Ann Ferguson Women and Gender Studies Scholarship
        Graduating	seniors	from	Chicopee	high	schools.
                                                                        Undergraduate	and	graduate	students	pursuing	degrees	or	
        Lee Crabtree Memorial Scholarship Fund              $12,580     certificates	in	women	and	gender	studies	at	the	University	of	
        Graduates	of	the	Springfield	public	high	schools	pursuing		     Massachusetts-Amherst.
        music;	preference	to	graduates	of	Springfield	Central	High	
                                                                        William J. (Bill) and Loretta M. O’Neil Scholarship Fund
        School	and	Springfield	High	School	of	Science	and	Technology.
                                                                        Students	from	western	MA	pursuing	English,	journalism,	or	
        James L. Shriver Scholarship Fund               $12,503         a	related	field.
        Students	from	western	MA	pursuing	technical	careers.
        Connie Celeste Sherman Memorial
        Scholarship Fund                                  $11,821          D ONOR          DE SIGNAT E D               FUNDS
        Established	by	her	family	for	students	from	Hampden	County.
        Kimber Richter Family Scholarship Fund              $11,542     Designated funds are permanent endowments,
        Graduating	high	school	seniors	of	the	Baha’i	faith	from	        providing annual distributions to those nonprofits
        western	MA.                                                     designated by the donor while still attempting to
                                                                        preserve the principal of the fund.
        WestFest Scholarship Fund                      $10,571
        Hampden	County	residents	pursuing	degrees	in	the	arts;	
                                                                        Margaret E. O’Donnell and Agnes K. O’Donnell
        preference	to	residents	of	Westfield.
                                                                        Charitable Fund                                  $2,448,449
        Emanuel S. Tesoro and Marian T. Tesoro                          To	benefit	designated	charities	and	to	provide		
        Scholarship Fund                                     $10,489    scholarship	support.
        Residents	of	East	Longmeadow.
                                                                        Elise B. and Earl Bradway Charitable Fund$1,802,487
        Jeffrey I. Glaser, M.D. Memorial                                To	benefit	designated	charities.
        Scholarship Fund                             $10,110
                                                                        Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
        Graduating	seniors	from	Longmeadow	High	School	who	
                                                                        Endowment Fund                                  $963,891
        excel	in	academics	and	swimming.
                                                                        To	support	the	operating	expenses	of	the	Food	Bank.
        A. David “Davey” Duggan Memorial
                                                                        Urban League of Springfield Building
        Scholarship Fund                                      $9,828
                                                                        Endowment Fund                                  $722,158
        Graduating	seniors	from	Holyoke	high	schools.
                                                                        To	provide	a	permanent	endowment	for	the	maintenance	
        Stuart D. Mackey Scholarship Fund                     $9,208    and	preservation	of	the	premises	of	the	Urban	League	of	
        Graduates	of	East	Longmeadow	High	School.                       Springfield,	Inc.
        Dean Technical High School Nursing                              Albert S. and Anna E. Adams Fund,
        Program Scholarship Fund                          $8,566        Bank of America, Trustee                         $706,279
        Graduates	of	the	nursing	program	at	William	J.	Dean		           To	benefit	St.	John’s	Lutheran	Church,	Westfield	and	to	
        Technical	High	School	in	Holyoke.                               provide	scholarships	for	graduates	of	Westfield	High	School.
        Robert B. Goodman Scholarship Fund                 $7,980       Brian W. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund $667,701
        Montgomery	residents	planning	to	attend	college;	preference	    For	scholarships	for	Cathedral	High	School	students.
        to	high	school	seniors.
                                                                        Arthur H. and Barbara M. Clarke Fund            $353,842
        Dr. John V. Shea, Jr. Scholarship Fund               $7,688.    To	support	Baystate	Medical	Center;	the	Springfield		
        Graduates	of	Springfield	high	schools.                          Library	and	Museums	Association;	Western	New	England	
        Annual Community Scholarship Fund                     $4,804    University;	YMCA	of	Greater	Springfield;	and	Springfield	
        Unrestricted	scholarship	support.                               Symphony	Orchestra.

22   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                      D ON OR        DE SIGNAT E D        FUNDS

Peggy and David Starr Springfield Symphony                     Paul and Doris Davis Charitable
Endowment Fund                                 $289,317        Endowment Fund                                      $79,498
To	support	the	Springfield	Symphony	Orchestra.                 To	benefit	organizations	in	the	donors’	areas	of	interest.
Charles E. Coleman and Elizabeth H.                            Robert D. and Marie L. O’Malley
Coleman Scholarship Fund                        $261,648       Charitable Fund                                     $55,018
To	support	scholarship	awards	for	students	who	are		           To	benefit	St.	Paul’s	Episcopal	Church	in	Holyoke;	Community	
residents	of	Franklin,	Hampden,	and	Hampshire	counties		       United	Way	of	Pioneer	Valley,	Inc.;	Boys	&	Girls	Club	of	
to	attend	Mount	Holyoke	College.                               Greater	Holyoke;	and	South	Hadley	Historical	Society.
Robert E. Stowe and Cynthia Stowe                              Peggy and David Starr Springfield
Scholarship Fund                                  $257,484     Museums Endowment                                  $54,766
For	scholarships	to	women	in	Franklin	County	for	whom	         To	support	the	Springfield	Museums.
college	attendance	is	otherwise	unlikely	who	are	attending	    Peggy and David Starr WGBY Endowment               $54,766
Greenfield	Community	College.                                  To	support	WGBY.
Peggy and David Starr WFCR                                     Simple Blessings Fund                             $46,144
Endowment Fund                                     $207,375    Awarded	on	an	annual	rotating	basis	to	Yale	Divinity		
To	support	the	WFCR	radio	station.                             School,	Andover-Newton	Theological	Seminary,	and	Bangor	
David N. Butterworth Trust Fund                   $160,053     Theological	Seminary	to	provide	educational	debt	retirement	
To	benefit	the	Holland	Congregational	Church	and	other	        to	needy	students.
church	societies	in	the	town	of	Holland	that	have	a	regular	   Beverly Jean Cass Memorial Fund                   $44,010
house	of	worship	and	service	therein	with	resident	clergy.     To	support	religious	education	programs	at	the	Mittineague	
Picknelly Family Charitable Fund                 $148,318      Congregational	Church	in	West	Springfield.
To	support	a	number	of	charitable	organizations.               Huntington Evangelical Church Fund               $43,413
Margaret L. Steiger Memorial                                   To	provide	support	to	the	Huntington	Evangelical	Church.
Scholarship Fund                                $116,682       Sandra Eagleton Scholarship Fund                   $43,170
For	students	attending	Wilbraham	&	Monson	Academy.		           Awarded	on	an	annual	rotating	basis	to	students	at	Bay	Path	
Established	by	the	Albert	Steiger	Memorial	Fund,	Inc.	in	      College,	Holyoke	Community	College,	and	Springfield	College.
honor	of	the	many	years	Margaret	L.	Steiger	taught	at	
                                                               Reverend Thomas A. McGovern Fund                    $27,524
Wilbraham	&	Monson	Academy.
                                                               To	provide	scholarships	to	students	at	St.	Michael’s		
Ruth M. and Jesse G. Hafer, Jr. Fund              $113,939     Academy,	formerly	Holy	Name	of	Jesus	School,	Springfield.
To	support	Ronald	McDonald	House	of	Springfield,	MA,	
                                                               Musicorda Fund                                 $26,395
Inc.;	Richard	Salter	Storrs	Library	Association;	Visiting	
                                                               To	advance	and	promote	chamber	music	through	teaching	
Nurse	Association	and	Hospice	of	Western	New	England;	
                                                               and	performance.
First	Church	of	Christ	in	Longmeadow;	and	WGBH		
Educational	Foundation.                                        A Charitable Fund in Memory of
                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ryan                         $23,829
Urban League of Springfield Building
                                                               To	support	Providence	Ministries,	Dakin	Pioneer	Valley		
Reserve Fund                                     $91,798
                                                               Humane	Society,	and	Gaylord	Memorial	Library	Association.
For	the	maintenance	and	preservation	of	the	premises	of	the	
Urban	League	of	Springfield,	Inc.                              Northampton Bikes Endowment Fund                   $21,598
                                                               To	support	acquisition	and/or	capital	support	of	bicycle	and	
Northampton Conservation
                                                               multi-use	trails	in	the	City	of	Northampton.
Endowment Fund                                    $86,681
To	support	land	conservation	in	the	City	of	Northampton.       Daniel Stephen Goldstein Fund for Arts in
                                                               Northampton High School                        $20,236
St. John’s Lutheran Church Fund                     $85,798
                                                               To	bring	art	programs	to	Northampton	High	School.
To	further	the	mission	of	this	Westfield	church.
                                                               Venti Family Fund                                  $19,420
H. Grinspoon and D. Troderman Fund for the
                                                               To	support	the	Springfield	Museums.
Springfield Library and Museums Association $85,300
To	support	the	ongoing	work	of	the	organization.

                                                                                  COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   23
                      D ON OR        DE S IG N AT E D          A ND     D ONOR       A DVI SE D          FUNDS

         Dr. Mary G. Wile Education Endowment Fund $18,840               Fund	balances	for	the	following	donor	designated	funds	have	
         To	support	programs	for	young	children	at	the	Emily	Partyka	    been	withheld	at	the	request	of	the	donors	who	established	
         building	of	the	Chicopee	Public	Library.                        the	funds:
         George E. and Janet P. Cartier Family                           Neil G. Daboul Fund for the Springfield Boys
         Scholarship Fund                                    $15,985     and Girls Club
         For	scholarship	assistance	for	residents	living	within	the	     To	provide	ongoing	financial	support	for	the	Springfield	Boys	
         boundaries	of	Holy	Cross	Parish,	Springfield	attending	Holy	    and	Girls	Club.
         Cross	Grammar	School.                                           Greater Springfield Kidney Patient Endowment Fund
         J. G. Ferst Memorial Fund                           $13,570     To	support	the	L.	John	Schinelli	Renal	Assistance	Fund,		
         To	benefit	organizations	in	the	donors’	areas	of	interest.      providing	assistance	to	local	renal	patients	and	their	families.
         Frank E. Lucchesi Memorial Fund                  $12,223        Paul H. and Mary-Louise Mehrtens Charitable Fund
         To	support	music	instruction	and	performance	at	the	Pioneer	    To	benefit	the	Springfield	Library	and	Museum	and	to		
         Arts	Center	of	Easthampton,	Inc.                                support	charities	selected	by	the	Distribution	Committee.
         Maury Ferriter Scholarship Fund                  $12,100
         Graduates	of	Holyoke	Catholic	High	School	or	students		
         attending	Amherst	College,	or	Georgetown	Law	School.                    D ONOR          A DVI SE D          FUNDS
         Michael T. and Mary T. Lynch Fund for the Roman
         Catholic Diocese of Springfield                 $11,844         Donor advised funds offer donors the opportunity to
         To	support	the	Catholic	Diocese	of	Springfield.                 remain involved in grantmaking by recommending
                                                                         distributions of either income or principal. Gifts to
         George A. Giroux Fund                            $11,808
                                                                         advised funds make it possible for a donor to give
         To	support	the	Visiting	Nurse	Association	and	Hospice	of	
                                                                         appreciated stock, mutual fund shares, or real estate
         Western	New	England;	Arise,	Inc.;	Community	of	Feeding	
                                                                         and still support multiple charities, some of which
         Hills	Grange;	and	the	YMCA	of	Greater	Springfield	for		
                                                                         may not be able to accept such assets. They also allow
         Camp	Norwich.
                                                                         a donor to take a charitable income tax deduction
         St. Mark Mission Church Endowment Fund $9,129                   without making a final determination as to the
         For	the	support	of	St.	Mark	Mission	Church,	Conway.             ultimate charitable recipients.
         Leonard Dwight Hills Fund                            $8,931
         To	assist	poor	people	living	in	or	near	the	Town	of	Amherst.
                                                                         Unless	otherwise	noted,	the	following	donor	advised	funds	
         Phil and Cecelie Cardone Scholarship Fund     $8,802            support	the	charitable	interests	of	the	donors:
         Graduating	seniors	from	Wilbraham	&	Monson	Academy.
                                                                         S. Prestley and Helen Blake Fund                  $4,144,591
         John J. Conway Pine Grove Cemetery
                                                                         Albert Steiger Memorial Fund                    $2,065,693
         Endowment Fund                                   $8,024
                                                                         For	scholarships,	projects,	and	programs	identified	by	the	
         For	the	support	of	the	Pine	Grove	Cemetary,	Conway.
                                                                         Distribution	Committee.
         Ruth Freedman Leavitt Teachers Fund                $7,951
                                                                         Peggy and David Starr Fund                          $607,401
         To	benefit	substitute	teachers	in	the	Longmeadow		
         school	district.                                                Pearson Family Trust                                $506,294

         Reeds Landing Fund                                  $5,333      Morse Fund                                          $485,515
         To	benefit	Reeds	Landing.                                       To	advance	Hampshire	County	initiatives.

         Ruth Bush Contrino Fund                             $1,532      Fred’s Fund                                         $444,702
         To	support	charities	designated	by	the	donor.                   Virginia and Earl Jahn Fund                         $436,653
                                                                         Fazzi Associates Charitable Fund                    $370,442
                                                                         Jensen Family Charitable Fund                       $298,022
                                                                         Robyn and John Davis Charitable Fund                $283,013

24   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                       D ON OR         A D VI SE D    FUNDS

Fowler Fund                                      $271,005         William Sadowsky Family/Levsky Family Fund $88,660
To	benefit	charitable	organizations	in	Holyoke		                  Sudan Aid Fund                                       $86,495
and	South	Hadley.                                                 To	sustain	humanitarian	operations	in	Sudan.
SIS Charitable Fund                               $253,582        Anonymous #7 Fund                                    $84,402
For	charitable	causes	throughout	western	MA.
                                                                  Anonymous #5 Fund                                    $81,925
Albert and Amelia Ferst Charitable Fund $217,045
                                                                  Lila Teich Gold Charitable Fund                   $69,434
To	support	Westfield	community	projects	and	programs	in	
                                                                  To	advance	community	projects	in	life	preparation	and	
the	donors’	areas	of	interest.
                                                                  humanitarian	appreciation.
Geoffrey Lynn Memorial Fund                    $211,735
                                                                  Dr. Anthony P. Lovell Memorial Fund                  $63,703
To	provide	supplemental	educational	opportunities	for		
gifted	students.                                                  Springfield Homeless Resource Center Fund $59,598
                                                                  To	support	the	establishment	and	operation	of	a	resource	
Richard J. Moriarty Charitable Fund               $190,419
                                                                  center	for	the	homeless	in	Springfield.
To	support	the	charities	of	interest	to	Rick	Moriarty,		
especially	for	programs	focused	on	ocular	melanoma.               Raipher D. Pellegrino Entrepreneurial Fund $55,161
                                                                  To	support	entrepreneurial	endeavors	by	individuals,	not-
Stephen A. Davis Charitable Fund                  $187,928
                                                                  for-profits,	and	for-profits	in	western	MA.
Armstrong Charitable Fund                         $186,710
                                                                  TCH Fund                                             $53,408
Lawrence V. and Dorothy A. Schmitt
                                                                  Peter and Melissa Picknelly Charitable Fund $51,073
Memorial Friendship Fund                         $167,461
To	benefit	children	in	western	MA,	particularly	those		           William and Susan Monks Fund for the Arts $50,855
interested	in	developing	their	artistic	ability.                  For	the	support	of	the	arts	and	culture	of	western	MA,	and	CT.
Richard A. Stebbins Founders Fund                $167,111         Tara Sheehan Memorial Fund                         $49,939
For	grants	to	honor	Richard	A.	Stebbins	and	the	founders		        To	support	charities	working	to	help	people	with		
of	the	Community	Foundation.                                      eating	disorders.
CJM-LDM Charitable Fund                           $161,518        John D. Powers Memorial Fund                         $48,667
                                                                  To	benefit	charitable	causes	in	the	donors’	areas	of	interest,	
Gaean Fund                                       $161,179
                                                                  particularly	the	youth	of	greater	Springfield.
To	support	a	variety	of	organizations	in	the	donor’s	areas		
of	interest.                                                      Lubov Blumin Mirsky Fund                            $48,652
                                                                  To	support	the	donor’s	charitable	interests,	including	helping	
Colaccino Family Charitable Foundation            $156,337
                                                                  to	fund	camper	scholarships	and	staff	education,	develop-
Dill Family Fund                                  $121,665        ment,	and	support	at	Farm	and	Wilderness,	Inc.
Jugosus Fund                                      $117,192        Andre and Karin Fafard Charitable Fund               $47,785
Mary F. Picknelly Children’s Emergency Fund $113,144              Michael Hillel Rothman Memorial Fund               $45,975
To	meet	needs	of	school	age	children	in	the	Springfield	public	   To	support	the	interests	of	the	donors	in	programs	in	music	
schools	which,	because	of	emergency	circumstances	or	the	         and	the	visual	arts	in	Hampshire	County.
unavailability	of	services	from	other	existing	programs,	are	
                                                                  George and Doris Beauregard Charitable Fund $45,804
not	being	met.
                                                                  To	support	charitable	activities	with	preference	to		
Lewis M. and Sally D. Popper Fund                 $101,971        organizations	in	the	Holyoke	area.
Greenhawk Charitable Fund                         $101,287        Barker Family Charitable Fund                       $43,857
O. I. Stern Fund                                  $100,746        To	benefit	education	and	social	services,	particularly	in	
The MESCA Fund                                      $97,614       Franklin	County.

Angela and Joseph T. Wright Charitable Fund$97,557                Eddy Family Fund                                     $43,794

Dasco Family Fund                                   $97,302       Joseph F. Jr. and Emily L. Partyka Fund           $40,754
                                                                  To	benefit	the	College	of	Our	Lady	of	the	Elms	and		
Anonymous Fund #15                                  $95,858       other	projects.
Keady Fund                                          $93,416

                                                                                      COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   25
                                                  D ON OR          A DVI SE D    FUNDS

        The Robb Townsend Christian Education                                Marisa Labozzetta and Martin Wohl
        Memorial Fund                                     $40,313            Family Fund                                         $26,005
        To	support	professional	development	of	Christian	educators.          Metta Fund                                          $25,790
        Betty Rae and Martin J. Poppo Charitable Fund $39,909                Lizzie Chandler Memorial Fund                    $24,553
        To	advance	programs,	particularly	those	focusing	on	women	           To	support	recreational	and	unmet	needs	of	developmentally	
        and	children.                                                        disabled	persons.
        Northampton Open Space and                                           The Republican Newspaper-in-Education Fund $24,305
        Bicycle Projects Fund                              $39,361           To	support	the	Newspaper-in-Education	Program	of		
        To	support	open	space,	conservation,	recreation,	and	park	           The	Republican.
        land	acquisition	for	the	city	of	Northampton.
                                                                             Maurice J. and Margaret M. Ferriter
        Harold Grinspoon and Diane Troderman Fund $37,495                    Charitable Fund                                     $24,102
        To	address	the	region’s	most	pressing	needs	and	to	promote	
                                                                             Robert and Virginia Russell Charitable Fund         $23,846
        tzedakah	(charity	and	justice).
                                                                             Mazeine Family Charitable Fund                      $23,689
        Brianna Fund for Children with
        Physical Disabilities                                  $37,074       Priscilla and C. W. Carter Fund                     $23,549
        To	support	charities	that	aid	children	with	physical	disabilities.   Alfred L. and Sally Griggs Fund                     $23,283
        Levsky Family Foundation Fund                          $35,035       Carlos Vega Fund for Social Justice and
        Faces Fund                                             $34,281       Community Service                                 $23,194
                                                                             To	support	social	justice	and	community	service	work	in	the	
        Charles and Mary Hough Charitable Fund $33,617
                                                                             Holyoke	area.
        To	honor	the	lives	of	Charles	and	Mary	Hough	through	the	
        support	of	charitable	causes.                                        Fox Fund                                            $22,586
        SV and JEG Fund                                        $33,286       Lester and Roberta Halpern Fund                    $22,346
                                                                             To	assist	a	number	of	charitable	interests	and	causes,		
        Delores and Robert Viarengo Charitable Fund $32,700
                                                                             primarily	in	Hampden	County.
        Ed and Eleanor Klepacki Charitable Fund                $32,542
                                                                             Thomas Holder Memorial Fiddle
        Anonymous #13 Fund                                     $30,958       Scholarship Fund                                  $21,589
        Beatty-Roig Charitable Fund                          $30,952         For	promising	young	fiddlers	and	violinists	who	wish	to	
        To	support	charities	in	the	donors’	areas	of	interest,		             further	their	training.
        particularly	in	Franklin	County.                                     Mancinone Family Charitable Fund                    $21,115
        Anonymous #10 Fund                                     $29,836       Arthur H. Petlock Fund                              $20,893
        David Sigelman Memorial Fund                      $29,702            Northampton Music Fund                          $20,626
        To	continue	Dr.	Sigelman’s	efforts	to	benefit	communities	           To	support	music	education	in	Hampshire	County.
        both	local	and	global.
                                                                             Lois and Tom Schwab Fund                            $19,503
        Sidney F. Smith Toy Fund                            $29,557
                                                                             Austin Family Fund                                  $19,315
        To	provide	gifts	for	needy	children	during	the	holiday	season.
                                                                             John DiNapoli Memorial Charitable Fund              $18,163
        Richard E. F. and Sandra C. Wallis
        Charitable Fund                                        $29,069       Anonymous Memorial Fund                             $17,830
                                                                             For	critical	needs	in	Hampshire	County.
        J. Guy and Geraldine F. Gaulin
        Charitable Fund                                        $28,942       Lyman and Merrie Wood Family Fund                   $17,740
        Public Access Defibrillator Fund                  $28,714            Adult Basic Education Fund                          $17,562
        To	provide	knowledge,	training,	and	access	to	automated	             For	Adult	Basic	Education	students	(including	beginning	
        external	defibrillators	in	public	places.                            literacy,	GED,	or	ESL)	in	the	four	counties	of	western	MA	
                                                                             pursuing	their	further	educational	goals	at	a	college,	trade,	
        Saige Reisler Memorial Fund                            $28,618
                                                                             or	professional	school.
        Taitetsu and Alice Unno Charitable Fund                $28,150
        Anonymous #11 Fund                                     $27,647

26   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                       D ON OR       A D VI SE D   FUNDS

Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade Past                             Hampden Papers, Inc. Charitable Fund               $11,043
Grand Marshal’s Fund                               $17,446    Created	by	the	Fowler	family	in	Holyoke	as	part	of	the	giving	
In	support	of	the	Holyoke	St.	Patrick’s	Day	Parade.           of	Hampden	Papers,	Inc.
Paul Redstone Charitable Fund                    $17,085      Anonymous #14 Fund                                 $10,931
Warm The Children Fund                           $16,986      HSR Fund                                           $10,843
To	provide	warm	winter	clothes	for	needy	Franklin		           Fran, Mary, and Kevin Hamel Charitable Fund $10,816
County	children.
                                                              Kurt and Dorothy Hertzfeld Charitable Fund         $10,689
Carol and Noel Leary Charitable Fund             $16,876
                                                              Anonymous #8 Fund                                  $10,569
Anonymous #9 Fund                                $16,644
                                                              Patricia and Raymond Smyke Fund                      $10,420
Sally and Stephen Wittenberg                                  To	support	charitable	activities	important	to	the	donor	and	
Charitable Fund                                   $16,272     his	family,	particularly	the	prevention	of	the	creation	of		
To	benefit	education,	the	arts,	and	human	services.           refugees	and	refugee	movements	in	developing	countries,	
Pillard-Gonzalez Family Charitable Fund          $15,744      and	to	improve	the	lives	of	refugees.
Anonymous #12 Fund                               $15,669      Evangeline Royall Darity Memorial Student
Amherst Club Community Endowment Fund $15,646                 Support Fund                                    $9,978
To	benefit	charities	in	Amherst.                              African	American	students	attending	Mount	Holyoke		
                                                              College,	Smith	College,	or	the	University	of		
Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice              $15,611
To	serve	grassroots	social	justice	and	peace	groups	in		
western	MA.                                                   Donald W. Abel Charitable Fund                       $9,885

George and Michele Ditomassi                                  Chris and Linda McInerney Charitable Fund $9,800
Charitable Fund                                  $15,194      Feiden Green Fund                                    $9,792
Regensburger Family Fund                         $14,794      Richard S. Milstein, Esq. Charitable Fund            $9,431
Keiser Family Charitable Fund                    $14,627      Raymond F. Pieczarka Family Fund                     $9,393
Quinn Family Charitable Fund                     $14,456      Stebbins Family Charitable Fund                      $8,297
Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C. Charitable Fund     $14,431     James and Nina Scott Charitable Fund                 $8,207
Betsy and Larry Lundy Charitable Fund            $14,147      Bond Memorial Fund                                   $8,153
Rev. Kenneth A. Childs Memorial Fund             $13,173      Tom and Jane Hazen Charitable Fund                   $7,681
To	support	economic	justice,	education,	and		                 Moriarty and Primack Charitable Fund                 $7,622
environmental	awareness.
                                                              Celia and Robert Sullivan, Jr. Family Fund           $6,138
Mary and Gordon Wyse Fund                        $12,984
                                                              DeRose Family Charitable Fund                          $5,900
William R. O’Connell Memorial Fund               $12,808      To	assist	charitable	interests	and	causes,	primarily		
The Fund for International Capacity Building $12,596          in	Hampshire	County.
To	support	organizations	which	promote	the	peaceful		         Anonymous #3 Fund                                    $5,782
resolution	of	ethnic,	racial,	or	religious	conflicts.
                                                              William A. Sandri Family Fund                        $5,612
Harold Seewald Charitable Fund                      $12,041   To	support	humanitarian	programs.
To	support	social,	creative,	and	philosophical	projects.
                                                              Hilltown Trust Fund                                  $4,963
George Hano Charitable Fund                      $11,862
                                                              Hampden Papers Employees’ Charitable Fund $4,904
Scottie and Kent Faerber Charitable Fund         $11,585      To	support	the	charitable	interests	of	the	employees	of	
Dinkelaker-Donnelly Family Fund                  $11,425      Hampden	Papers,	Inc.
The Fund that J.A.C.K. Built                    $11,120       Marcia E. Burick Charitable Fund                     $4,674
To	support	organizations	that	benefit	women	and	children.     John and Lynne Parsons Fund                          $3,686
                                                              Raymond and Joan Jackson Fund                        $3,640

                                                                                  COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   27
                                   D ON OR        A D V I S E D          A ND    AG E NC Y        FUNDS

        The Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc. Fund $2,874                                       AG E NC Y        FUNDS
        Dana R. Barrows Family Fund                           $2,740
                                                                                Funds established by nonprofit organizations can be
        James and Helen Krumsiek Family                                         permanently endowed with principal preserved (agency
        Charitable Fund                                       $2,368            endowed), or they can permit distributions of principal
        Equity for Life, LLC Charitable Fund                  $1,889            (agency advised). Agency funds offer to potential donors
        J. Lewis Endowment Fund                               $1,397            the assurance of responsible stewardship, professional
                                                                                investment, fundraising assistance to the nonprofit
        Davies Family Fund                                    $1,122            (including planned giving) and, where desired, the
        Carman Family Charitable Foundation Fund                 $921           long-term preservation of principal.

        Fund	balances	for	the	following	donor	advised	funds	have	               AGENCY ADVISED
        been	withheld	at	the	request	of	the	donors	who	established	             Unless	otherwise	noted,	the	following	agency	advised	funds	
        the	funds:                                                              support	the	work	of	the	organizations	names	in	the	fund	title:
        Anonymous Family Charitable Fund                                        Northampton Education Foundation
        Art Angels Fund                                                         Endowment Fund                                    $850,006
        An	anonymous	group	of	women	artists/art	lovers	in	the	                  Longmeadow Educational Excellence
        Pioneer	Valley	pooled	financial	resources	to	support	local	art	         Foundation Fund                                   $609,432
        projects	that	deepen	and	enrich	the	artistic	life	of	the	region.        Easthampton Learning Foundation Fund              $482,991
        Bayberry Fund                                                           Michael E. Smith Endowment for
        Charter Oak Fund                                                        Excellence in Education                         $475,861
        To	support	the	charitable	goals	of	Charter	Oak	Insurance	               To	enhance	opportunities	and	experiences	for	students	in	
        and	Financial	Services	Company.                                         South	Hadley	public	schools.
        Cherewatti Family Foundation Fund                                       Smith Vocational-Agricultural High
        To	support	charities	in	the	donors’	areas	of	interest,	in	par-          School Fund (Scholarship)                         $238,359
        ticular	youth	programs.                                                 Northfield Mount Hermon
        Dennis Family Fund                                                      Upward Bound Fund                                 $237,254
        Doherty Family Charitable Fund                                          Smith Vocational-Agricultural High School
        Grais-Greenberg Fund                                                    Fund (Unrestricted)                       $231,652

        Jaerna Fund                                                             Palmer Public Library Association
                                                                                Endowment Fund                                    $184,597
        Lilly Fund
        For	social	change	and	arts	funding.                                     Jean Martin Fund for the United ARC of
                                                                                Franklin and Hampshire Counties                   $110,945
        Robyn Newhouse Charitable Fund
                                                                                Berkshire Children and Families, Inc. Fund $109,233
        Novak Family Charitable Fund
                                                                                For	services	to	pregnant	and	parenting	young	people,	and	to	
        Personal/Planetary Healing Fund                                         prevent	child	abuse	and	neglect.
        To	awaken	and	align	personal	and	planetary	healing.
                                                                                Northampton Education Foundation
        The Phoenix Fund                                                        Endowment Fund-Florence Savings Bank
        Red Fox Fund                                                            Fund for Public Education                           $96,445
        Betty Sexton Family Involvement in Literacy Fund                        Eastern States Exposition Foundation Fund           $76,025
        To	support	family	involvement	in	literacy	through	the	                  East Longmeadow Scholarship
        Springfield	public	schools.                                             Foundation Fund                                     $72,537
        Starr Family/Amherst Charitable Fund                                    Clapp Memorial Library Fund                         $68,299
        Lisa Tate Fund
        Topal Family Fund

28   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                                AG E N C Y       FUNDS

Phyllis Wheat Smith Naturalists’ Fund              $68,233        Food Bank of Western Massachusetts Fund $18,317
To	support	The	Naturalists	Club	in	land	acquisition,	wildlife	    Bart Gordon Music Fund at the
preservation	and	rehabilitation,	habitat	protection,	environ-     Jackson Street School                             $17,759
mental	education,	and	promoting	an	awareness	of	nature.           To	provide	music	opportunities	for	economically		
Louis Beeh Scholarship Fund                        $67,716        disadvantaged	young	people.
To	support	the	work	of	the	East	Longmeadow		                      Human Resources Unlimited Fund                  $17,718
Scholarship	Foundation.
                                                                  WFCR Fund                                       $16,349
Saint Luke’s Greek Orthodox Church Fund            $64,086
                                                                  Friends of the Holyoke Merry-Go-Round,
WGBY/57 Educational Endowment Fund                 $60,562        Inc. Fund                                       $15,980
Western Massachusetts Epilepsy                                    Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
Awareness Fund                                     $56,978        Youth Education Fund                     $15,964
Reeds Landing Memorial Reserve Fund                $53,355        Amherst Committee for A Better Chance
Donald Fletcher Scholarship Fund                   $50,121        “ABC” Fund                                      $14,761
Northampton Education Foundation Endowment                        Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc. Fund $14,408
Fund-Northampton Area Pediatrics Fund  $48,245                    Ludlow Boys and Girls Club Fund                 $14,222
East Longmeadow Education Fund                     $41,618        Holyoke Community College Foundation Fund $13,664
Orange Library Building Fund                       $38,700        Greenfield Community College
Friends of Hadley Preschool Fund                   $35,977        Foundation Fund                                 $13,628
Carson Center Fund                                 $33,218        American Macular Degeneration
The Gray House Fund                                $32,619        Foundation Fund                                 $13,481

The Kestrel Trust Fund                                $29,461     Young Men’s Christian Association of
To	support	the	protection	of	forests,	fields,	farms,	and		        Greater Springfield Youth Development
wetlands	from	the	Mount	Holyoke	Range	to	Mount	Toby,	             Endowment Fund                                  $13,138
and	from	the	Connecticut	River	to	the	Quabbin	Reservoir.          Children’s Brighter Future Fund                  $12,396
Mental Health Association of Greater                              To	support	programs	at	the	Child	and	Family	Service	of	
Springfield, Inc. Fund                             $29,181        Pioneer	Valley,	Inc.

Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society Fund $25,263                  Strong Families-Strong Nation Fund                $12,396
                                                                  To	support	programs	that	will	enhance	communication,		
Alice K. Lucey Memorial Fund of United Way
                                                                  cooperation,	and	understanding	within	families	of	the	
Holyoke, South Hadley & Granby, Inc.       $22,322
                                                                  Pioneer	Valley.
Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust Fund $22,285
                                                                  Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Franklin
Hatfield Foundation for the Enhancement                           County Fund                                     $12,389
of Education                                       $22,226
                                                                  Lathrop Communities, Inc. Fund                  $11,940
Jessie’s House Fund                                $22,185
                                                                  Hampden Library Fund                            $10,296
Jerome A. Rosenthal and David Sigelman
                                                                  Rotary Club of Springfield Fund                   $9,957
Memorial Community Music Fund                      $20,162
                                                                  American Lung Association of
Western Massachusetts Legal Services Fund $19,998
                                                                  Western Massachusetts Fund                        $8,309
The Dorothy Anne Wheat Naturalists’ Fund $19,821
                                                                  Janet Feinstein Memorial Fund                     $6,826
To	support	The	Naturalists	Club	in	open	land	acquisition	and	
                                                                  To	provide	a	foundation	for	the	New	England	Adolescent	
animal	rehabilitation.
                                                                  Research	Institute,	Inc.
Richard Salter Storrs Library
                                                                  Pioneer Valley Girl Scout Council, Inc. Fund      $6,050
Endowment Fund                                     $18,976
                                                                  Not Bread Alone Fund                              $5,009
Goodwill Industries Fund                           $18,330
                                                                  Bay Path College Fund                             $4,502

                                                                                    COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   29
                                 AG E N C Y      A N D     PL A NNE D    GI VING         FUNDS

        Fund	balances	for	the	following	agency	advised	funds	have	     Wing Memorial Hospital Fund                      $24,638
        been	withheld	at	the	request	of	the	donors	who	established		   Longmeadow Educational Excellence
        the	funds:                                                     Foundation Endowment Fund                        $22,010
        ADP Good Neighbor Fund                                         Angela Wright Fund for the Care Center           $20,475
        Amherst Survival Center Endowment Fund                         First Congregational Church of Chester Fund       $20,433
        Harry J. and Norma V. Pierpan High Adventure                   Sons and Daughters of Hawley
        Campership Fund                                                Endowment Fund                                   $19,561
        Western MA Council, Inc. Boy Scouts of America                 Kravetz Endowment Fund for the United
        Endowment Fund                                                 ARC of Franklin and Hampshire Counties           $18,783
                                                                       Child and Family Service of Pioneer Valley, Inc.
        AGENCY ENDOWED                                                 Endowment Fund                                $12,941
        Old First Church Fund for the Maintenance                      New England Wild Flower Society Nasami
        of Its Meetinghouse and Organ             $678,440             Farm Endowment Fund                              $12,404
        Old First Church Fund for Seniors of                           Eric Bachrach Endowment Fund for the
        Greater Springfield                              $290,755      Community Music School of Springfield            $11,918
        Old First Church Fund for the Homeless                         Karuna Center for Peacebuilding
        of Greater Springfield                           $290,755      Endowment Fund                                   $11,009
        Friends of Grandmother’s Garden, Inc.                          Eastern States Exposition Foundation
        Endowment Fund                                   $189,610      Endowment Fund                                     $9,950
        Hatfield Education Endowment Fund                 $70,955      The Association For Community Living
        ServiceNet Shelters Endowment Fund                $69,179      Endowment Fund                                     $2,915

        The Atheneum Society of Wilbraham Fund            $66,609
        United Way of Hampshire County                                 Fund	balances	for	the	following	agency	designated	funds	
        Endowment Fund                                    $66,050      have	been	withheld	at	the	request	of	the	donors	who		
                                                                       established	the	funds:
        Martha Ludington/Henrietta F. Dexter
        Fund for the Children’s Study Home                $61,283      Amherst Survival Center Fund

        YWCA Fund from Henrietta F. Dexter Trust $57,029               Sisters of Saint Joseph of Springfield Ministry
                                                                       Endowed Fund
        Community Music School of Springfield
        Scholarship Program Fund                          $41,793      Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts
                                                                       Endowment Fund
        Springfield Day Nursery Fund                      $40,080
        Springfield Boys Club/Carew Hill Girls
        Club Fund                                         $38,837
                                                                             PL A NNE D          GI VING        FUNDS
        Glenmeadow Fund                                   $35,226
        ServiceNet/Grove Street Inn Endowment Fund $31,758             Planned giving arrangements provide a unique
                                                                       combination of direct benefits to both charities and
        Robert Benedetti Memorial Fund for the
                                                                       donors, or other beneficiaries, most frequently by
        Palmer Public Library                             $30,277
                                                                       providing income for life from the funds contributed.
        Springfield Girls’ Club Family Center
        H. F. Dexter Fund                                 $29,793      Gewanter Family Charitable
        Boys and Girls Club of Greater Westfield                       Remainder Unitrust                              $1,025,436
        Endowment Fund                                    $29,063      To	establish	a	fund	to	support	the	charitable	interests		
        Genevieve Emerson and Grace P. Meekins                         of	the	donors.
        Fund for the MSPCA                                $27,768      O. I. Stern 1998 Charitable Lead Unitrust $725,576
                                                                       To	support	the	charitable	interests	of	the	donors.

30   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                 PL A N N E D         G I V I N G      A N D       MI S C E L L A NEOU S          FUNDS

Anonymous 2005 Charitable                                              Caroline Murphy Charitable Gift Annuity            $7,035
Remainder Unitrust                                  $644,104           To	benefit	the	Glenmeadow	Fund.
To	establish	a	fund	to	benefit	charities	of	interest		                 Eleanor B. Rothman Charitable Gift Annuity $6,813
to	the	donors.                                                         To	benefit	the	Congregation	B’Nai	Israel	L’DOR	V’DOR	
Bernard and Rosemond M. Paine Charitable                               Endowment	Fund.
Remainder Annuity Trust                           $381,547             Robert C. Smith Charitable Gift Annuity            $5,778
To	establish	a	fund	to	provide	scholarships	to	deserving		             To	benefit	the	Reeds	Landing	Fund.
students	from	the	public	schools	of	West	Springfield.
                                                                       Jean vonL. Hayes Charitable Gift Annuity           $5,564
Raymond E. Carr Charitable                                             To	benefit	the	Reeds	Landing	Fund.
Remainder Unitrust                             $377,329
To	benefit	the	Raymond	E.	Carr	Scholarship	Fund.
                                                                       Fund	balances	for	the	following	planned	giving	funds	have	
Ida and Abram Sudrann Charitable
                                                                       been	withheld	at	the	request	of	the	donors	who	established	
Remainder Unitrust                                  $366,015
                                                                       the	funds:
To	establish	a	fund	to	benefit	charities	in	the	donors’	areas	of	
interest,	particularly	education,	social	activism,	and	the	arts.       Virginia A. Christenson Charitable Gift Annuity
                                                                       To	establish	the	Christenson	Lilly	Library	Fund.
Priscilla L. Pike Charitable Gift Annuity          $149,479
To	establish	a	fund	to	benefit	the	First	Church	of		                   Charles M. Johnson Charitable Gift Annuity
Christ,	Northampton.                                                   To	benefit	the	Reeds	Landing	Fund.
Priscilla Carter Charitable Gift Annuity             $104,269          Richard W. Martin Charitable Gift Annuity
To	benefit	a	fund	to	support	charities	of	interest	to	the	donor.       To	benefit	the	Reeds	Landing	Fund.
Beatrice Kelly Charitable Remainder
Annuity Trust                                         $81,217
To	establish	a	fund	for	the	Springfield	Boys		                                MI S C E L L A NEOU S             FUNDS
and	Girls	Club,	Inc.
John and Paula Gallup Charitable                                       To be flexibly responsive to the broadest interests
Remainder Unitrust                                  $76,955            and objectives of donors, the Community Foundation
To	ensure	that	the	donors’	charitable	giving	will	continue	to	         occasionally receives and holds assets subject to
benefit	western	MA	in	perpetuity.                                      charitable restrictions unlike those applicable to the
                                                                       other categories of funds listed above.
Hilltown Endowment Annuity                            $71,033
To	establish	a	fund	to	support	charitable	work	in	the	hilltowns.
                                                                       DeRose Family Charitable Fund                     $638,000
Susan W. Lowenstein Charitable
                                                                       To	assist	charitable	interests	and	causes,	primarily		
Remainder Trust                                 $46,107
                                                                       in	Hampshire	County.
For	permanent	support	to	The	Women’s	Fund	of	Western		
Massachusetts	with	preference	for	women’s	reproductive	                Lynn A. Schwartz Family Charitable Fund $500,000
health	programs.                                                       To	support	charities	selected	by	the	Distribution	Committee	
                                                                       after	recommendations	by	the	donor.
The Anonymous 1996 Charitable
Remainder Unitrust                                   $40,010
To	establish	a	fund	for	addressing	critical	needs	in		
Hampshire	County.
John Ptaszek Family Charitable Gift Annuity $21,347
To	benefit	the	John	Ptaszek	Family	Scholarship	Fund.
Mary K. McNally Charitable Gift Annuity               $12,461
To	benefit	the	Glenmeadow	Library	Fund.
Willard O. and Elizabeth K. Hale Charitable
Gift Annuity                                     $7,453
To	benefit	the	Reeds	Landing	Memorial	Reserve	Fund.

                                                                                          COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   31
        Scholarship                       The	Community	Foundation’s	Scholarship	and	No-Interest	Loan	Program		
                                          offers	a	unique	service	to	students	in	the	Pioneer	Valley	and	beyond:		
        Grants                            a	central	place	to	apply	for	any	of	more	than	100	scholarship	funds.
                                          In FY 2011, a total of 2,113 applicants were considered for scholarships and loans and 1,327
                                          awards were made to 886 individuals, totaling $2.58 million. Decisions regarding scholarship
                                          awards are made by teams of community volunteers and donors or donor representatives.
                                          A total of 86 volunteers and 36 donor representatives participated in the process. Two new
                                          scholarship funds were started, the MacIntyre Family Scholarship and the Springfield Teachers
                                          Club Scholarship. Below are scholarships paid to higher education institutions.

        Albany College of Pharmacy                         $8,000          Daniel Webster College                              $7,000
        Albertus Magnus College                            $1,000          Davenport University                                $1,000
        Alfred University                                  $2,000          Delaware Valley College                             $6,400
        Allegheny College                                  $1,000          Drexel University                                   $2,000
        American International College                   $120,500          Eastern Connecticut State University                $2,000
        Anna Maria College                                 $2,000          Eastern Kentucky University                         $2,000
        Antioch New England Graduate School                $1,000          Eastern Nazarene College                            $1,000
        Asnuntuck Community Technical College              $3,000          Embry Riddle Aeronautical University                $4,500
        Assumption College                                 $1,500          Emerson College                                     $2,500
        Ave Maria School of Law                            $1,000          Emmanuel College                                   $10,000
        Averett University                                 $3,000          Emory University                                    $1,000
        Babson College                                     $5,000          Endicott College                                    $5,000
        Barnard College                                    $7,500          Fairfield University                               $12,000
        Barry University                                   $1,000          Fitchburg State University                         $17,950
        Bay Path College                                  $43,875          Florida International University                    $1,000
        Becker College                                     $1,000          Fordham University                                  $1,000
        Bentley University                                $22,000          Framingham State University                         $4,000
        Berea College                                      $3,000          Franklin & Marshall College                         $1,000
        Berkshire Community College                        $2,000          Franklin Pierce College                              $460
        Boston College                                     $8,000          George Washington University                        $3,000
        Boston University                                 $19,100          Gettysburg College                                  $3,000
        Brandeis University                                $1,000          Greenfield Community College                       $22,660
        Branford Hall Career Institute                     $1,000          Hampshire College                                   $2,000
        Bridgewater State College                         $23,800          Hampton University                                  $1,000
        Brown University                                    $500           Harvard Medical School                              $4,000
        Bryan College                                      $1,000          Harvard University                                  $2,000
        Bryant University                                 $17,000          Hofstra University                                  $3,800
        Cambridge College                                  $1,000          Holyoke Community College                          $52,300
        Castleton State College                            $2,000          Howard University                                   $1,000
        Cedarville University                              $1,000          International Academy of Design & Technology        $1,000
        Central Connecticut State University               $6,000          Ithaca College                                      $2,000
        Champlain College, Inc.                            $5,000          Johns Hopkins - Bloomberg School of
        College of New Rochelle                            $2,000          Public Health                                       $1,000
        College of Our Lady of the Elms                   $90,300          Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing          $1,000
        College of the Holy Cross                          $3,500          Johnson & Wales - North Miami                       $1,000
        Columbia University                                $7,000          Johnson and Wales University at Providence         $10,000
        Columbia University College of Physicians                          Laboratory Institute of Merchandising College       $1,000
        and Surgeons                                        $1,000         Laselle College                                     $1,000
        Cornell University                                  $1,000         Lesley University                                   $6,000
        Daemen College                                      $3,500         Loyola University                                   $1,000

32   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                        S C HOL A R SHIP   G R A N T S

Macalester College                            $2,460   Southern New Hampshire University                  $4,500
Manhattanville College                        $1,000   Springfield College                               $29,800
Marymount Manhattan College                   $3,000   Springfield Technical Community College           $58,275
Massachusetts College of Art                  $1,000   Stanford Law School                                $1,000
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts        $17,150   Stonehill College                                  $2,200
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy            $12,500   Suffolk University                                 $7,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology         $9,000   Suffolk University School of Law                  $10,000
MGH Institute of Health Professions           $1,000   SUNY at Stony Brook                                $1,000
Middlebury College                            $1,000   SUNY College of Environmental
Mitchell College                              $1,000   Science & Forestry                                $1,000
Mount Holyoke College                        $22,000   Syracuse University                               $2,000
Mount Ida College                             $4,000   Teachers College of Columbia University           $2,000
Mount Saint Mary College                      $1,000   Temple University                                $12,500
Mount Wachusett Community College             $1,000   The New School                                    $1,000
National College                              $3,800   Trinity College                                   $7,000
New England College                           $1,000   Tufts University                                  $6,750
New England School of Law                     $8,000   Unity College of Maine                            $1,000
New York Theological Seminary                 $1,000   University of Connecticut                       $169,000
New York University                           $5,300   University of Dayton                              $3,000
Newbury College                               $2,000   University of Hartford                           $56,700
Nichols College                              $11,000   University of Kentucky                            $6,300
North Carolina State University               $4,000   University of Maine, Farmington                   $7,000
Northeastern University                      $45,700   University of Maine, Orono                        $4,500
Norwich University                            $2,000   University of Massachusetts, Amherst            $325,160
Nyack College                                 $2,000   University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth           $18,500
Oakwood University                            $1,000   University of Massachusetts, Lowell               $5,500
Oral Roberts University                       $1,000   University of Massachusetts, Boston               $1,250
Otterbein College                             $1,500   University of Michigan                            $1,000
Pace University                               $1,000   University of New Hampshire                       $2,500
Providence College                           $10,400   University of New Haven                           $3,200
Quinnipiac University                        $12,000   University of Pittsburgh                          $1,000
Quinnipiac University School of Law           $8,000   University of Rhode Island                        $3,400
Regis College                                 $1,000   University of Texas at Austin                     $1,000
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute              $6,000   University of Vermont                             $8,000
Rochester Institute of Technology             $1,000   University of Virginia                            $2,000
Roger Williams University                     $1,000   University System of New Hampshire                $5,000
Sacred Heart University                       $1,000   Vermont Law School, Inc.                          $5,000
Saint Anselm College                          $1,000   Virginia Commonwealth University                  $3,500
Saint Augustine College                       $1,000   Virginia State University                         $1,000
Saint Joseph College                         $19,000   Wellesley College                                 $1,000
Saint Michael’s College                       $7,000   Wentworth Institute of Technology                 $2,000
Salem State College                           $4,000   Wesleyan University                              $15,460
Salve Regina University                       $1,000   Western Kentucky University                       $1,250
San Jose State University                     $1,000   Western New England University                   $95,950
School of the Museum of Fine Arts             $4,000   Western New England University School of Law     $35,500
Siena College                                 $2,500   Westfield State University                      $100,000
Simmons College                              $12,250   Wheaton College                                    $500
Simon’s Rock College of Bard                  $1,000   Wheelock College                                  $3,000
Skidmore College                              $5,000   Worcester Polytechnic Institute                  $20,400
Trustees of the Smith College                 $7,000   Worcester State University                        $3,000
Smith College School of Social Work           $8,000   Yale University                                   $2,200
Southern Connecticut State University        $12,000   Yale University School of Forestry and
                                                       Environmental Studies                              $2,000

                                                                         COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   33
        Competitive                            The	Competitive	Grant	program	awarded	$1,607,750	to	nonprofit		
                                               organizations	for	projects	that	benefit	the	residents	of	Hampden,	
        Grant Awards                           Hampshire,	and	Franklin	counties.	The	140	projects	funded	are	as	varied	
                                               as	the	needs	of	our	Pioneer	Valley	residents	and	included:	literacy		
                                               programs	for	children,	housing	for	homeless	teens,	classical	music		
                                               performances	for	the	general	public,	free	health	services	for	the	
                                               uninsured	or	the	underinsured,	land	preservation	and	farming	
                                               initiatives,	adult	basic	education	programs,	training	and	supplies	for	a	
                                               rural	ambulance	service,	building	renovations	and	repairs,	and	support	
                                               services	for	disabled	individuals	fleeing	domestic	violence	situations.		
                                               About	30	percent	of	these	dollars	were	allocated	for	the	5 & Under
                                               Initiative: Access to Opportunity for Children in Poverty (see	page	8).

        F  unds for the Competitive Grant program
           come from individuals, bank trusts, private
        foundations, unrestricted funds, and donor advised
                                                                      Board	Discretionary	Grantmaking	Fund
                                                                      Brendler	Family	Charitable	Fund
                                                                      The	Buxton	Charitable	Foundation	Fund,		
        funds. The generosity of the donors who established           					Bank	of	America,	Trustee
        these funds allows the Community Foundation to                Raymond	E.	and	Mildred	G.	Clark	Foundation	Fund,
        respond with the maximum amount of flexibility.               					Bank	of	America,	Trustee
                                                                      Cancer	Fund
        Bank of America Funds                                         Community	Grant	Making	Fund
        The Community Foundation’s Distribution                       Credit	Data	Services,	Inc.	Fund
        Committee reviews grant applications and makes                George	H.	Empsall	Charitable	Fund
        recommendations on behalf of Bank of America to               Kent	W.	Faerber	Fund
        award competitive grants from the following funds:            Filler	Community	Fund
                                                                      Franklin	Fund
        Eugene	A.	Dexter	Charitable	Fund                              Franklin	Fund	#2
        Nan	and	Matilda	Heydt	Fund	                                   Fund	for	Hampshire	and	Franklin	Counties
        The	Lochridge-Watkins	Charitable	Foundation	                  T.	Marc	Futter	Hampshire	Arts	Endowment	Fund
        The	Valley	Charitable	Trust	Fund                              Teresa	A.	Harris	Fund
                                                                      Junior	League	of	Holyoke	Fund
        Community Foundation Funds and other                          Juliusz	Feigenbaum	Fund
        Trusts and Foundations                                        Rockwell	Keeney,	Jr.	Charitable	Fund
        The Distribution Committee recommended                        Dr.	John	E.	McNally	Memorial	Fund
        competitive grants from the following Community               Eleanor	and	Philip	Singleton	Endowment	Fund
        Foundation funds. Some funds have geographic or               Albert	Steiger	Memorial	Fund
        other restrictions.                                           Roger	G.	and	Jeannie	Houston	Turgeon	Fund
                                                                      Joan	Walker	Memorial	Fund
        5	&	Under	Initiative	Fund                                     Rachel	O.	Storrs	Ware	Youth	Center,	Inc.	Fund
        Anonymous	Memorial	Fund                                       William	Wells	Tapley	Fund
        Lucy	and	Bob	Atkinson	Fund                                    Unrestricted	Fund
        The	Beveridge	Family	Foundation,	Inc.	Fund                    Yale	Genton	Charitable	Fund

34   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
     FY	2011	Grant	Award	Summary                                          Summary	of	Grant	Awards
                                                                      Comparing FY11 to Total granted since inception (1991)

                                                                  50     49%
                                   Human	Services	40%             40 40 %
                                                                  35                                         34%
                                   Education	34%
                                                                                 10 %                11%                            12%
                                   Health	7%	                     10                                                           9%
                                                                                        7%      7%
                                   Arts	&	Culture	9%	              5
                                   Housing	&	Environment	10%       0
                                                                       HUMAN ENVIRONMENT HEALTH             EDUCATION           ARTS &
                                                                      SERVICES & HOUSING                                       CULTURE

                                                                                  FY	2011													Since	Inception	(1991)

                                          COM PE T I T I V E      G R A N T S

Action Center for College Educational Services                 Cancer Connection, Inc.
and Scholarship Foundation                                     Relocation	Assistance	                                               $10,000
College	Advising	                            $10,000
                                                               Carson Center for Human Services, Inc.
ALANO Club of Springfield, Inc.                                Kamp	for	Kids	                                                       $12,000
Furnace	Replacement	                                $5,000
                                                               Center for Human Development, Inc.
All Out Adventures, Inc.                                       Adoption	Mentoring	                                                   $6,000
Outdoor	Recreation	for	Seniors	                     $5,000
                                                               Center for New Americans
American Farmland Trust                                        Alumni	Engagement	Initiative	                                         $9,000
Farmland	Soils	Protection	                          $3,700
                                                               Children’s Chorus of Springfield
American Friends Service Committee                             Program	Development	                                                 $15,000
Teen	Violence	Prevention	                           $4,000
                                                               Commonwealth Center for Change, Inc.
American Red Cross, Greater Westfield Chapter                  Valley	Time	Trade	Program	                                            $1,000
Carpet	Replacement	                         $3,500
                                                               Commonwealth Center for Change, Inc.
Amherst Community Television, Inc.                             Community	Arts	Partners	Window	Art	Exhibit	                           $1,000
Teen	Media	Program	                                 $3,000
                                                               Community Action of the Franklin Hampshire &
Appalachian Mountain Club                                      North Quabbin Region
Community	Engagement	                               $3,000     Science	and	Math	Program	for	Children	     $5,000
Arcadia Players, Inc.                                          Community Adolescent Resource and
Marketing	and	Development	                          $6,000     Education Center
                                                               Multi-Disciplinary	Arts	Program	                                     $12,000
Bay State Reading Institute, Inc.
Highland	Elementary	School	Literacy	Program        $14,000     Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
                                                               Community	Leadership	Initiative	        $24,000
Best Buddies Massachusetts
Peer	Support	for	Disabled	Youth	                    $5,000     Community Young Men’s Christian Association of
                                                               Greenfield, Massachusetts
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Hampden County, Inc.
                                                               Aquatic	Center	Capital	Campaign	          $20,000
Expansion	of	Community-Based	Mentoring	      $8,000

                                                                                    COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts             35
                                                     COM PE T I T I V E   G R A N T S

         Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association
         Science	Education	Program	                    $6,000
         Cooperative Fund of New England
         Technical	Assistance	for	Cooperatives	           $10,000
         Criminal Justice Organization of the Hampden
         County Sheriff’s Department
         Technology	Upgrade	                        $10,000
         Cutchins Programs for Children and Families, Inc.
         Family	Counseling	and	Support	                $8,000
         Drama Studio, Inc.
         Leadership	Transition	                            $5,000
         Dunbar Community Center, Inc.
         Academic	Assistance	Program	                     $10,000
                                                                           Weston	client	at	work.
         Earthdance Creative Living Project, Inc.
         Healthy	Living	Community	Program	                 $2,800
                                                                          Giving Women a Second Chance
         Enchanted Circle, Inc.
         Theater	Arts	for	Teen	Parents	
         The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Inc.
                                                                          T  he	Weston	Center	for	Women	does	more	than	
                                                                             give	women	with	a	history	of	substance	abuse	
                                                                          or	incarceration	a	second	chance,	they	change	
         Support	for	Emergency	Food	Providers	        $8,000
                                                                          lives.		Over	the	past	19	years,	they	have	helped	
         Franklin County Community Development Corp.                      more	than	265	women	to	secure	employment,	
         Support	for	Local	Food	Programs	        $12,000                  thus	securing	their	future.			
         Franklin County Community Meals Program, Inc.                    “The	Community	Foundation	has	always	responded	
         Greenfield	Community	College	Food	Pantry	 $6,000                 to	our	needs	over	the	years.		Weston	wouldn’t	
         Franklin County DIAL/SELF, Inc.                                  have	been	able	to	continue	for	19	years	without	
         Teen	Housing	Project	Coordinator	                $15,000         the	support	of	organizations	like	the	Community	
                                                                          Foundation,”	said	co-director	Eleanor	Spring.
         Franklin Land Trust, Inc.
         Strategic	Conservation	Plan	                      $6,100         The	Community	Foundation’s	support	of	their	
         Friends of Amherst Recreation, Inc.                              Rehabilitation	and	Recovery	program	has	enabled	
         Summer	Camp	for	Children	with	Special	Needs	      $3,000         the	Weston	Center	for	Women	to	consistently	
                                                                          provide	stability	for	these	women	who	need	
         Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals, Inc.           ongoing	assistance.	A	newly	developed	database	
         Information	Management	System	              $10,000              is	also	making	it	that	much	easier	to	keep	track	of	
         Friends of the Homeless, Inc.                                    participants	and	their	success.
         Worthington House Campus
         Capital	Campaign,	Year	3	                        $15,000
         Frontier Community Access Television
         Amateur	Video	Production	                         $2,000     Glynwood Center, Inc.
                                                                      Farming	Preservation	                               $5,000
         Gandara Mental Health Center, Inc.
         Technology	Upgrade	                               $3,000     Gray House, Inc.
                                                                      ESL	Tutoring	                                      $20,000
         Girls Incorporated of Holyoke
         Teen	Mentoring	and	Tutoring	                     $12,000     Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity
                                                                      Gunn	Street	Home	Construction	                     $10,000

36   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                        COM PE T I T I V E   G R A N T S

Grow Food Northampton                                    Junior Achievement of Western Massachusetts, Inc.
Northampton Community Farm                               Career	Exploration	                        $5,000
Capital	Campaign	                             $5,000
                                                         Let’s Get Ready, Inc.
Hampshire Educational Collaborative                      SAT	&	College	Prep	                              $10,000
Easthampton	School	Readiness	Program	         $8,000
                                                         MAB Community Services, Inc.
Hancock Shaker Village, Inc.                             Vision	Health	Program	                             $6,500
Farm	Education	                               $4,000
                                                         Mass Mentoring Partnership, Inc.
HAP, Inc.                                                Western	Massachusetts	Expansion	                   $7,000
Website	Upgrade,	Phase	2	                     $5,000
                                                         Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, Inc.
Heath Historical Society, Inc.                           Adoptive	Parent	Education	                 $7,600
Old	Town	House	Roof	Restoration	              $5,000
                                                         Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc.
Highland Ambulance EMS, Inc.                             Nature	Education	                                  $2,500
EMT	Training	and	Equipment		                  $2,500
                                                         Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
Hilltown Community Development Corporation               Literature	Program	for	Medical	Professionals	 $2,400
High	School	Internships	                $10,000
                                                         Massachusetts Society for the Prevention
Hispanic Resources, Inc.                                 of Cruelty to Children
Teatro	Vida	Youth	Performing	Arts	            $6,500     Connecting	Families	Program	                       $8,000
Hitchcock Center, Inc.                                   Mohawk Trail Concerts, Inc.
Fundraising	Plan	Implementation	             $15,000     Chopin	Performance	                                $1,500
Holyoke Community Land Trust, Inc.                       Mohawk Trail Concerts, Inc.
Building	Organizational	Capacity	             $7,500     Lament	and	Dances	Performance	                     $1,500
Holyoke Health Center, Inc.                              Montague Catholic Social Ministries, Inc.
Parent	Education	                             $5,000     Language	and	Cultural	Enrichment	                  $8,000
Holyoke Public Library Corp.                             MotherWoman, Inc.
The	Next	Hundred	Years	Capital	Campaign	     $30,000     Database	Upgrades	                                 $4,500
Holyoke Reach Out and Read, Inc.                         Museum of Our Industrial Heritage
Book	Purchase	                                $3,500     Renovations	and	Program	Expansion	                 $4,000
Homework House, Inc.                                     National Multiple Sclerosis Society –
Tutoring	Expansion	                           $9,000     Greater New England Chapter
Human Resources Unlimited                                Financial	Assistance	Program	                    $10,000
Fundraising	Tools	                           $17,500     New England Wild Flower Society
In My Father’s House                                     Native	Plant	Education	Center,	Phase	2	            $8,000
Oil	Painting	for	Teens	                        $750      North Amherst Community Farm, Inc.
JELUPA Productions, Inc.                                 Fundraising	Assessment	                            $3,000
Youth	Acting	and	Theater	Classes	             $8,500     North Hall Association of Norwich Hill, Inc.
Jewish Geriatric Services, Inc.                          Upgrades	and	Safety	Improvements	                  $5,000
Van	Purchase	                                $12,500     Northampton Academy of Music, Inc. Women’s Work
Jonathan Edwards Meeting House, Inc.                     Production	                              $2,000
Restoration and Preservation                             Northfield Mount Hermon School
Capital	Campaign,	Year	3		                    $5,000     Upward	Bound	After	School	Tutoring	              $15,000

                                                                            COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   37
                                                     COM PE T I T I V E   G R A N T S

         Opacum Land Trust
         Flynt	Quarry	Land	Preservation	                     $5,000
         Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc.
         Promise	Neighborhood	Project	Development	          $25,000
         Partners for Youth with Disabilities
         Mentoring	and	Skill	Building	for	Disabled	Youth	    $3,500
         Peace Development Fund, Inc.
         Workshops	for	Incarcerated	Mothers	                 $5,000
         The Performance Project, Inc.
         Youth	Theater	                                      $5,000
         Pioneer Valley Assembly of God
         Food	Pantry	Handicap	Access	Ramp	                  $10,000
         Pioneer Valley Ballet Guild
         Ballet	Introduction	for	Children	                   $3,500        Take and Eat, Inc.

         Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity                                  upport	from	the	Community	Foundation	
         Warner	Street	Home	Construction	                   $15,000           helps	the	Take	and	Eat	program	ensure	that	
         Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc.                  seniors	in	the	community	receive	the	most		
         Health	Education	                        $15,000                  basic	of	necessities:		a	healthy	meal.		Volunteers	
                                                                           from	Take	and	Eat	distribute	over	22,500	free	
         Reach Out and Read, Inc.
                                                                           meals	to	homebound	elders	over	the	weekends	
         Book	Purchase	                                     $12,000
                                                                           or	holidays.			
         Reader to Reader, Inc.
                                                                           Funding	from	the	Foundation	has	enabled	
         Mentoring	Program	                                  $7,500
                                                                           Take	and	Eat	to	expand	its	generosity	
         Roca, Inc.                                                        and	commitment	to	the	cities	in	Franklin,	
         Springfield	Youth	Intervention	                    $25,000        Hampshire,	and	Hampden	counties	who	had	
         Rural Development, Inc.                                           not	yet	been	able	to	participate.		
         Teen	Financial	Literacy	                            $2,500        “The	donations	from	locals,	both	edible	and	
         Russian Community Association of Massachusetts, Inc.              monetary,	have	enabled	us	to	keep	our	costs	
         Job	Readiness	                            $12,500                 down	and	provide	fresh,	local	produce	in	every	
                                                                           meal,	said	Executive	Director,	Reverend	Francis	
         Safe Passage, Inc.
                                                                           Ryan.	“Take	and	Eat	has	brought	out	the	best	in	
         Disabled	Victim	Counseling	and	Advocacy	           $15,000
                                                                           all	of	us	and	enabled	us	to	give	our	best	in	return.”
         South Middlesex Opportunity Council, Inc.
         Intake	and	Case	Manager	for	Open	Pantry	           $20,000
         Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ, Inc.
         Prevention	and	Education	Services	for	Teens	 $10,000
                                                                      Springfield Library and Museums Association
         Springfield Boys and Girls Club, Inc.                        Dr.	Seuss	Outreach	Program	                $20,000
         After	School	Education	                            $15,000
                                                                      Springfield Rescue Mission, Inc.
         Springfield Council for Community and                        Programs	for	the	Homeless	                          $20,000
         Cultural Affairs, Inc.
                                                                      Springfield School Volunteers, Inc.
         Robert	Lewis	Reid	Mural	Restoration	                $5,000
                                                                      Ballroom	Dance	Project	                              $5,000
         Springfield Day Nursery Corporation
                                                                      Springfield School Volunteers, Inc.
         King	Street	Children’s	Center	Renovations	         $20,000
                                                                      Evaluation	System	Enhancement	                      $15,000

38   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                          COM PE T I T I V E   G R A N T S

Springfield Symphony Orchestra                             Young Entrepreneurs Society, Inc.
New	Percussion	Instruments	                     $2,800     Teen	Business	and	Entrepreneurship	               $5,000
Springfield V.A.C.A., Inc.                                 Youth Action Coalition, Inc.
Family	Empowerment	Program	                    $20,000     Youth	Visual	Arts	Program	                        $7,500
Stanley Park of Westfield, Inc.
Celebration	of	Slavic	Traditions	               $2,500
Stavros Center for Independent Living, Inc.
Wheelchair	Ramps	                           $10,000
Survival Centers, Inc.
Free	Health	Clinic	                            $10,000
Take and Eat, Inc.
Weekend	Meals	for	Home	Bound	Elders	            $6,000
Tapestry Health Systems, Inc.
Financial	Assistance	Program	for		
Transgender	Individuals	                        $5,000
Third Sector New England, Inc.
Voices	From	Inside	Writing	Workshops		
for	Incarcerated	Women	                         $6,500
Toxics Action Center, Inc.
                                                                The Franklin County Community
Zero	Waste	Campaign	                            $5,800
                                                                Development Corporation
Trustees of Tufts College
College	Assistance	for	High	School	Students	
University of Massachusetts Foundation, Inc.
                                                                T  he	Franklin	County	Community	Development	
                                                                   Corporation	runs	an	innovative	program	
                                                                that	helps	local	farmers	extend	their	season	
Performing	Arts	Community	Outreach	Workshops	 $3,000            by	processing	and	freezing	produce,	then	
Valley Community Development Corporation                        distributing	it	to	schools,	hospitals,	and	other	
Foreclosure	Prevention	and	Counseling	   $10,000                institutions	in	the	region.	A	$12,000	grant	
                                                                from	the	Community	Foundation	enabled	the	
Valley Free Radio, Inc.
                                                                CDC	to	hire	a	part-time	coordinator	to	work	
Program	Development	                            $6,000
                                                                with	local	farmers	to	ensure	that	supply	and	
Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.                                demand	match	up	to	minimize	waste,	as	well	
Adult	Education	Support	Services	              $12,000          as	coordinate	contracts	between	farmers	and	
Western Massachusetts Council, Inc.,                            institutions.	The	goal	is	for	farmers	to	receive	
Boy Scouts of America                                           a	fair	price	while	schools	and	hospitals	get	
Recruitment	                                   $10,000          affordable	products.

Western Massachusetts Training Consortium, Inc.                 John	Waite,	Executive	Director	of	the	Franklin	
Education	and	Employment	Resource	Program	 $15,000              County	CDC	says	of	the	program,	“Last	year’s	
                                                                small	pilot	project	received	great	reviews	and	
Weston Rehabilitation Associates, Inc.
                                                                with	the	support	of	the	Community	Foundation	
Rehabilitation	and	Recovery	Program	           $10,000
                                                                we	are	able	to	expand	it	quickly	and	efficiently	
YMCA of Greater Springfield                                     in	a	sustainable	manner	so	more	schools	
Camp	Weber	Amphitheater	Renovations	           $15,000          in	Western	Massachusetts	can	serve	local	
YMCA of Greater Westfield, Inc.                                 vegetables	throughout	the	year.”
Camp	Shepard	Pool	Repairs	                     $20,000

                                                                             COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   39
        Advised and                                    During	the	2011	fiscal	year,	1,218	grants	totaling	over	
                                                       $4.8	million	were	made	to	the	following	551	charities	from	
        Designated Grants                              funds	designated	to	support	them	or	on	the	recommendation	
                                                       of	a	fund’s	advisors.

        110, Inc.                                        $6,208      Archdiocese of Milwaukee                           $250
        A Better Chance, Inc.                            $1,000      Arise, Inc.                                       $2,780
        A. J. Muste Memorial Institute                    $250       Arizona State University Foundation                $100
        Abortion Rights Fund of Western                              Arthritis Foundation, Inc. - Massachusetts Chapter $200
        Massachusetts, Inc.                              $2,000      The Association For Community Living, Inc. $134,427
        Academy at Charlemont                            $3,000      Atheneum Society of Wilbraham, Inc.               $2,918
        Action Against Hunger USA                       $10,000      ATTACH                                            $1,000
        Action Centered Tutoring Services                $1,000      Available Potential Enterprises, LTD.              $500
        Alaska Community Foundation                      $1,000      Bangor Theological Seminary                       $1,258
        Allen-Chase Foundation DBA Eaglebrook School     $1,000      Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Inc.           $1,400
        Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Maryland, Inc.   $100       Barrington Stage Company, Inc.                     $150
        Alliance of Orthodox Congregation DBA                        Bay Path College                                 $16,000
        Congregation B’Nai Torah                          $950       Baystate Health Foundation, Inc.                $213,910
        Alumni Fund Alumni Assoc. College of Medicine                Berea College                                      $150
        SUNY Health Science                               $100
                                                                     Berkshire Area Health Education Center, Inc.      $4,100
        Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts/
                                                                     Berkshire Children and Families, Inc.
        New Hampshire Chapter                            $3,600
                                                                     for the Sidney F. Smith Toy Fund                 $73,055
        Amandla, Inc.                                     $100
                                                                     The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Inc. $1,000
        Amateur Athletic Union of the United States -
                                                                     BHYC Junior Program Foundation                    $5,000
        Playaz Northeast                                $27,900
                                                                     Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Hampden County, Inc. $1,926
        America Walks, Inc.                              $5,000
                                                                     Billings Forge Community Works, Inc.               $500
        American Cancer Society, Inc.                   $11,503
                                                                     Blessed Sacrament Parish                          $3,000
        American Civil Liberties Union Foundation
        of Massachusetts                                 $2,250      Boca Raton Museum of Art, Inc.                    $1,000
        American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc. $1,000       Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library Association $4,000
        American Friends Service Committee               $5,200      Boothbay Region Land Trust                        $5,000
        American Heart Association, Inc. -                           Boston Symphony Orchestra, Inc.                    $100
        Northeast Affiliate                              $5,000      Trustees of Boston University                      $100
        American International College                    $250       Boy Scouts of America National Council            $5,100
        American Jewish World Service, Inc.               $750       Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke, Inc.        $4,584
        American Lung Association of Massachusetts, Inc. $100        Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield, Inc.      $2,200
        American Red Cross, Greater Westfield Chapter    $1,000      Brightside, Inc.                                 $45,100
        American Red Cross, Pioneer Valley Chapter      $17,000      Brown University                                  $5,000
        Americans for Peace Now, Inc.                     $800       Bryant University                                  $300
        Amherst Cinema Arts Center, Inc.                  $750       Bureau for Exceptional Children, Inc.             $5,100
        Amherst College Trustees                         $2,000      Bushnell Park Foundation                           $150
        Amherst Committee for A Better Chance            $3,100      Cancer Care, Inc.                                  $250
        Amherst Education Foundation, Inc.                $100       Cancer Connection, Inc.                          $11,250
        Amherst Pelham Regional School District           $500       Cancer House of Hope, Inc.                        $1,000
        Amnesty International USA, Inc.                  $1,200      Cardinal Newman High School, Inc.                $75,000
        Anatolia College                                  $100       CARE                                               $350
        Anti-Defamation League                            $500       Career Transition for Dancers, Inc.               $1,500
        Antioch College Continuation Corporation        $25,000      Carson Center for Human Services, Inc.            $1,000
        Appalachian Mountain Club                         $100       Cathedral High School                            $66,915

40   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                            A D V I S E D     A N D    DE SIGNAT E D      G R A N T S

Catholic Relief Services, Inc.                   $10,000    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Headquarters           $200
Catholic Schools Foundation, Inc.                $10,000    Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society, Inc.       $16,933
Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation       $200    Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Inc.               $7,950
Center for Constitutional Rights                    $700    Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc.               $500
Center for Ecological Technology, Inc.             $7,000   Trustees of Dartmouth College                     $400
Center for Human Development, Inc.                 $4,450   Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center              $20,000
Center for Peace through Culture, Inc.              $500    Davis and Elkins College                          $200
Center for Victims of Torture                       $200    Deafness Research Foundation                      $100
Central Asia Institute                              $850    Trustees of Deerfield Academy                     $750
Children’s Ashram Fund                              $200    Digital Divide Data                              $5,000
Children’s Museum at Holyoke, Inc.                  $250    Disabled American Veterans Charitable
The Children’s Study Home, Inc.                    $2,602   Service Trust, Inc.                               $100
City of Northampton                                $2,800   Disarm Education Fund                             $100
City of Springfield                              $25,900    Doctors Without Borders USA, Inc.                $8,450
City of Westfield                                  $1,000   Documentary Educational Resources, Inc.          $1,000
Clarke School for the Deaf                         $9,000   Downey Side, Inc.                                $1,000
Class Action Network, Inc.                         $1,500   Drama Studio, Inc.                               $1,450
Colby Sawyer College                                $500    Eagle Hill Foundation of Massachusetts, Inc.     $5,000
Colgate University Treasurer’s Office              $2,000   East Longmeadow Scholarship Foundation          $28,650
College of New Rochelle                            $1,000   East Longmeadow Senior Friendship Club, Inc.      $500
Trustees of Columbia University in the                      Easter Seals Massachusetts, Inc.                  $500
City of New York                                    $500    Eastern States Exposition Foundation, Inc.        $380
Combined Jewish Appeal of Holyoke, Inc.             $250    Edwards Church of Northampton                    $2,000
Commonwealth Center for Change, Inc.               $3,300   Elder Vision, Inc.                               $2,000
Commonwealth Opera, Inc.                           $9,776   Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee                   $750
Community Action of the Franklin                            Emergency Aid Association, Inc.                   $300
Hampshire & North Quabbin Region                $105,770    Emma Willard School                               $250
Community Adolescent Resource and                           Enchanted Circle, Inc.                          $20,000
Education Center                                 $57,000    Enlace de Familias de Holyoke/
Community Enterprises, Inc.                         $250    Holyoke Family Network, Inc.                     $1,000
Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture, Inc. $1,800   Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.                  $300
Community Music School of Springfield, Inc.      $52,831    Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, Inc.       $100
Community United Way of Pioneer Valley, Inc. $30,834        Family Diversity Projects, Inc.                  $2,400
Community Young Men’s Christian                             Farm & Wilderness Foundation, Inc.               $5,000
Association of Greenfield, MA                   $335,150    FCNL Education Fund                              $5,000
Concerned Citizens for Springfield, Inc.            $750    Feeding Hills Congregational Church             $11,003
Congregation B’nai Israel                          $3,000   FEEDS, Inc.                                      $3,000
Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph                 Fellowship Foundation, Inc.                      $1,250
of Springfield                                      $500
                                                            First Baptist Church of Amherst                   $200
Congregational Church of Holland                   $6,900
                                                            First Church of Christ in Longmeadow             $6,490
Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.              $2,100
                                                            First Church of Christ in Northampton            $3,131
Connecticut River Watershed Council, Inc.          $5,000
                                                            First Congregational Church of Chester Hill       $878
Conway Historical Society, Inc.                     $350
                                                            First Congregational Church of South Hadley     $10,500
Cooley Dickinson Hospital Health Care Corp. $64,100
                                                            Fitchburg State College Foundation, Inc.          $250
Cooperative Development Institute                $25,000
                                                            FOCUS Alternative Learning Center, Inc.         $10,000
Cooperative Fund of New England                     $500
                                                            Fonkoze USA                                       $500
Cornell University                                 $5,750
                                                            The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Inc.    $98,250
Covenant House                                      $100
                                                            Foodshare, Inc.                                   $100
Creative Thought and Action                         $500
                                                            Trustees of Forbes Library                        $100
CSR Charitable Foundation, Inc.                     $250
                                                            Forest Park Zoological Society, Inc.             $1,000
Cutchins Programs for Children and Families, Inc. $900

                                                                             COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   41
                                      A D V I S E D   A N D   DE SIGNAT E D       G R A N T S

        Fortune Society, Inc.                             $250     Hartford Stage Company                             $1,150
        Foundation for Community Justice                 $1,000    President and Fellows of Harvard College             $250
        Foundation for the Study of Independent                    Hatfield Foundation for the Enhancement
        Social Ideas, Inc.                               $1,000    of Education, Inc.                                 $1,600
        Fractured Atlas Productions, Inc.                $1,000    Haymarket Peoples Fund, Inc.                         $300
        Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund, Inc.             $250     Heath Agricultural Society, Inc.                 $15,400
        Franklin Area Survival Center, Inc.              $8,000    Heath Historical Society, Inc.                     $5,000
        Franklin County Community Development Corp. $20,000        Heifer Project International, Inc.                   $500
        Franklin County Home Care Corporation           $10,000    Heritage Academy Beth Morasha, Inc.                  $400
        Franklin Land Trust, Inc.                        $6,500    High Rocks Educational Corporation                 $5,000
        Franklin Pierce College                         $15,000    Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life      $5,250
        Friends of Children, Inc.                       $29,500    Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School         $3,555
        Friends of Hospice House, Inc. DBA                         Historic Deerfield, Inc.                           $1,000
        The Fisher Home                                   $250     Hitchcock Center, Inc.                           $10,000
        Friends of the Amherst Senior Center              $850     The Hockey Project, Inc.                           $1,000
        Friends of the Enfield Senior Center              $500     Holy Cross Parish, Holyoke                         $2,000
        Friends of the Holyoke Council on Aging, Inc.    $5,250    Holy Name Parish, Springfield                      $3,706
        Friends of the Homeless, Inc.                  $421,934    Holyoke Catholic High School                     $30,000
        Friends of West Springfield Senior Center, Inc. $1,000     Holyoke Civic Symphony Orchestra, Inc.               $850
        Friends Peace Teams                              $1,000    Holyoke Community College Foundation, Inc. $16,200
        The Fund for Women Artists, Inc.                  $500     Holyoke Merry-Go-Round, Inc.                         $350
        Gaylord Memorial Library Association              $333     Holyoke Public Library Corp.                     $10,500
        Gilbert Hart Library Association                  $100     Holyoke Reach Out and Read, Inc.                     $350
        Girls Incorporated of Holyoke                    $5,000    Holyoke Young Men’s Christian Association, Inc. $5,100
        Glenmeadow, Inc.                                 $1,450    Hope Community Church                                $500
        God’s Love We Deliver, Inc.                       $250     Horace Bushnell Memorial Hall Corporation            $500
        Goodspeed Opera House Foundation, Inc.            $100     Hospice of Franklin County, Inc.                 $10,000
        The Grammar School at Somersville, Inc.          $5,500    Human Rights Watch                                   $100
        Grassroots International                          $100     Huntington Evangelical Church                      $1,864
        Gray House, Inc.                                 $6,000    International Campaign for Tibet                     $100
        Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity          $100     International Language Institute of MA, Inc.         $300
        Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc.       $11,100    International Planned Parenthood Federation          $150
        Greek Orthodox Church of St. Luke                $3,000    International Rescue Committee, Inc.             $16,000
        Green Corps, Inc.                                 $250     Interplast, Inc.                                     $100
        Green Northampton                               $15,970    Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Inc.                $2,000
        Green River Center, Inc.                          $200     Jefferson Community College Foundation, Inc. $6,000
        Greenfield Community College Foundation, Inc. $93,950      Jewish Community of Amherst, Inc.                    $856
        Greenfield Health Camp, Inc. DBA                           Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts, Inc. $700
        Camp Kee-wanee                                   $1,100    Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts, Inc. $6,100
        Greenpeace Fund, Inc.                             $200     Jewish Geriatric Services, Inc.                      $900
        Greenwood Music Camp, Inc.                       $3,000    John W. Graham Emergency Shelter Services, Inc. $1,000
        Grow Food Northampton                           $48,100    Johnson Memorial Hospital Development
        Habitat for Humanity International, Inc.          $500     Fund, Inc.                                       $10,000
        Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District        $200     Jones Library, Inc.                                  $100
        Hampshire College Trustees                        $250     Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
        Hampshire Community United Way                  $27,736    International                                      $1,000
        Hampshire County Jail                           $14,100    Kagando Mission Hospital Foundation, Inc. US $1,000
        Hampshire Regional School District               $3,500    Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, Inc.              $5,400
        Hampshire Regional Young Men’s                             Kestrel Trust                                    $10,700
        Christian Association                           $18,122    Kimball Union Academy                                $250
                                                                   L. John Schinelli Renal Assistance Fund, Inc.    $10,000

42   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                             A D V I S E D      A N D    DE SIGNAT E D      G R A N T S

Last Chance Ranch                                      $100   Mount Sinai School of Medicine of
Lathrop Community, Inc.                              $1,531   New York University                               $100
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Inc.                $1,450   Mountain Road School                              $150
Leverett Craftsmen & Artists Incorporated            $1,000   Movin with the Spirit, Inc.                     $20,000
Levine School of Music, Inc.                           $250   Museum of Science                                $2,366
Lilly Library Association                            $5,100   Music in Deerfield, Inc.                         $2,000
Link to Libraries, Inc.                              $1,800   Nantucket Cottage Hospital                       $1,000
The Literacy Project, Inc.                           $5,450   Nantucket Historical Association                 $1,000
Longmeadow Chamber Music Society, Inc.                 $100   National Center for Learning Disabilities         $750
Longmeadow Educational Excellence                             National Conference for Community and
Foundation, Inc.                                     $6,248   Justice of CT & W. MA, Inc.                     $11,000
Longmeadow Public Schools                              $355   National Guild for Community
Loomis Housing Corporation                             $150   Arts Education, Inc.                            $10,000
MacDuffie School                                       $120   National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
                                                              Greater New England Chapter                      $5,000
Madison Quakers, Inc.                                $3,000
                                                              National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
Maine Maritime Museum                                $5,000   Connecticut Chapter                               $100
Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation               $10,000   National Priorities Project                      $7,500
The Margaret Fitzgerald Grogan                                Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.           $300
Petersmeyer Foundation, Inc.                         $1,000
                                                              Nature Conservancy of Massachusetts              $3,000
Marine Corps University Foundation, Inc.             $1,000
                                                              Nature Conservancy, Inc.                         $1,300
Marol Academy                                       $10,000
                                                              New Century Theater, Inc.                         $100
Mary Lyon Education Fund, Inc.                      $15,946
                                                              New England Baptist Hospital                    $11,000
Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc.                 $15,603
                                                              New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, Inc. $100
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. $2,500
                                                              New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, Inc. $1,000
Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services              $100
                                                              New England Wild Flower Society                   $500
Massachusetts Eating Disorder Association, Inc. $5,000
                                                              New England Yearly Meeting of Friends             $500
Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities            $600
                                                              New Hingham Regional Elementary School            $500
Massachusetts Institute of Technology                  $400
                                                              New Israel Fund                                  $1,300
Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts, Inc. $500
                                                              New Pond Foundation, Inc.                       $10,000
Massachusetts Land League                            $2,000
                                                              The New School                                    $500
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Inc.             $1,000
                                                              New York Public Radio                             $750
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary
Art Foundation, Inc.                                   $260   No More Guantanamos, Inc.                         $350
Massachusetts Society for the Prevention                      Noble Health Systems, Inc.                      $32,000
of Cruelty to Animals                                $1,193   Noble Visiting Nurse and Hospice Services, Inc. $1,200
Mautner Project                                        $100   Nonviolent Peaceforce                            $1,000
Mazon, Inc. a Jewish Response to Hunger                $100   North American Council on Adoptable Children      $150
Media Education Foundation, Inc.                       $100   North Amherst Community Farm, Inc.               $1,000
Medical Support Association                            $100   Northampton Academy of Music, Inc.               $1,500
Meekins Library                                      $1,000   Northampton Center for the Arts, Inc.            $1,000
Meharry Medical College                                $500   Northampton Community Music Center, Inc.         $4,500
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center                 $250   Northampton Education Foundation, Inc.          $12,600
Mercy Corps                                            $500   Northampton Shin Buddhist Sangha                  $100
Mercy Hospital, Inc.                                $26,000   Northampton Survival Center, Inc.               $37,000
Michael E. Smith Endowment for                                Northeastern University                          $1,500
Excellence in Education                             $20,000   Northfield Mount Hermon School                  $25,000
Miniature Theatre of Chester, Inc.                     $125   Online Journalism Project                        $2,500
Mittineague Congregational Church                    $1,500   Open Field Foundation, Bramble Hill Farm        $15,000
Mohawk Trail Concerts, Inc.                          $1,500   Open Pantry Community Services, Inc.             $1,100
Mosaic Project                                         $100   Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish                     $100
Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust, Inc.            $1,000   Out Now, Inc.                                    $1,000
Mount Holyoke College                               $18,300   Oxfam-America, Inc.                              $9,100

                                                                               COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   43
                                      A D V I S E D    A N D    DE SIGNAT E D       G R A N T S

        Pacifica Foundation                                  $450    Saint Patrick’s Parade Committee of Holyoke, Inc.    $1,000
        Pan-Massachusetts Challenge Trust                   $1,000   The Salvation Army - Divisional Headquarters         $5,000
        Paris Press, Inc.                                   $2,000   The Salvation Army - Holyoke Corps                    $250
        Parish Cupboard, Inc.                               $1,000   The Salvation Army - Springfield Corps               $5,100
        Partners in Health: A Nonprofit Corporation          $250    Sandglass Center for Puppetry &
        Pathfinder International                          $20,000    Theater Research Ltd.                                $2,000
        Peace Development Fund, Inc.                        $2,250   Save the Chimps                                       $750
        Peacemaker Community, Inc.                          $2,000   Scholarship America - Granville-Tolland
        The Performance Project, Inc.                       $1,000   Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation                     $1,000
        Trustees of Phillips Academy                        $4,000   Schools for Sudan                                        $0
        Phillips Exeter Academy                              $500    ServiceNet, Inc.                                     $1,500
        Physicians for Human Rights                       $12,500    SEVA Foundation                                       $150
        Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity                 $2,500   Sevenars Concerts, Inc.                              $1,500
        Pioneer Valley Project, Inc.                      $10,000    Shelburne Farms                                       $100
        Pioneer Valley Regional Ventures Center, Inc.       $1,130   The Shriners Hospital for Children - Springfield    $21,377
        Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. $750          Siena College                                        $2,072
        Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc. $8,750      Sinai Temple                                         $4,225
        PLU, Inc.                                            $500    Smile Train, Inc.                                     $250
        Political Research Associates                       $1,500   Trustees of the Smith College                        $1,500
        Polus Center for Social & Economic Development, Inc. $100    Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School        $7,900
        Poodle Rescue of New England                         $500    Snow Farm - The New England
                                                                     Craft Program, Inc.                                 $14,000
        Porter-Phelps-Huntington Foundation, Inc.           $4,374
                                                                     Society for Preservation & Encouragement
        Preschool Enrichment Team, Inc.                   $50,000    of Barbershop Quartet Singing                        $1,000
        Prison Book Program                                  $200    The Society for the Propagation of the Faith          $100
        Project Renewal, Inc.                               $2,000   The South Hadley Community Chorus, Inc.               $175
        Project-13, Inc.                                     $500    South Hadley Historical Society, Inc.                 $484
        Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation                    Southeast Asia Development Program, Inc.            $10,100
        of the District of Columbia                          $500
                                                                     Spirit In Action                                    $50,000
        Providence Ministries for the Needy, Inc.           $1,833
                                                                     Sports Angels, Inc.                                  $5,000
        Public Citizen Foundation, Inc.                      $200
                                                                     Springfield Boys and Girls Club, Inc.                $3,918
        Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts $7,200
                                                                     Springfield Central High School                       $613
        Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Inc.                   $200
                                                                     Springfield College                                 $10,000
        Quaker House of Fayetteville, Inc.                   $300
                                                                     Springfield Day Nursery Corporation                  $1,721
        ReelRadio, Inc.                                      $250
                                                                     Springfield Girl’s Club Family Center, Inc.          $1,280
        Regional Employment Board of
        Hampden County, Inc.                              $19,000    Springfield Jewish Community Center, Inc.            $2,960
        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                    $2,000   Springfield Library and Museums Association         $60,664
        Trustees of Reservations                          $62,200    Springfield Performing Arts Development Corp.        $3,064
        Resist, Inc.                                         $300    Springfield Public Forum, Inc.                       $2,450
        Richard Salter Storrs Library                       $1,190   Springfield Public Schools - Kensington
                                                                     Avenue Magnet School                                  $500
        Riverside Industries, Inc.                          $2,500
                                                                     Springfield Rescue Mission, Inc.                    $16,203
        Roanoke College                                     $2,500
                                                                     Springfield School Volunteers, Inc.                  $3,650
        Roca, Inc.                                          $3,000
                                                                     Springfield Symphony Orchestra                      $42,760
        Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield,
        a Corporation Sole                                   $500    St. Andrew’s by the Sea                               $100
        Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield               $5,900   St. Andrew’s Hospital                               $10,000
        Ronald McDonald House of Springfield Mass., Inc. $2,990      St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish                       $5,100
        Rosenberg Fund for Children, Inc.                   $3,000   St. John’s Lutheran Church                          $14,486
        Rye Country Day School                               $100    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Inc.           $200
        Safe Passage, Inc.                                  $3,800   St. Mary’s Parish                                    $1,000
        Saint Joseph College Corp.                          $5,000   St. Michael’s Academy                                 $600

44   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                             A D V I S E D     A N D    DE SIGNAT E D      G R A N T S

St. Patrick Parish                                  $7,000   Urban League of Springfield, Inc.              $93,150
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church                          $969    Valley Community Development Corporation         $800
St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church              $4,000   Vassar College                                 $13,000
St. Stanislaus School                              $10,000   Vergennes Congregational Church                 $2,500
Stanford University Board of Trustees                $200    Veterans Education Project, Incorporated         $200
Stanley Park of Westfield, Inc.                    $12,003   Villanova University                             $500
State of Vermont - Lands and Facilities Trust Fund    $500   Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice
Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association, Inc.       $500    of Western New England                          $1,220
Sufi Order                                           $200    Visual Aid Artists for AIDS Relief               $400
Survival Centers, Inc.                           $101,550    VNA & Hospice of Cooley Dickinson, Inc.         $3,800
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.,               VNA Health Care, Inc.                            $250
National Office                                      $100    WAMC                                             $200
Swarthmore College                                   $100    Warren J. Plaut Charitable Trust                $1,250
Synthesis Center, Inc.                               $100    Washington School                                $150
Tapestry Health Systems, Inc.                       $1,950   Watertown Public Schools                        $3,960
Temenos, Inc.                                       $1,000   West Cummington Congregational Church           $3,000
Ten Directions, Inc.                                 $500    Western Massachusetts Council, Inc.,
Theater Project, Inc. DBA Majestic Theater           $500    Boy Scouts of America                         $125,624
Theaterworks, Inc.                                   $500    Western Massachusetts Regional
The Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc.              $100    Library System, Inc.                           $11,482
Third Sector New England, Inc.                      $3,200   Western Massachusetts Training Consortium, Inc. $1,000
Tilton Fund, Inc.                                   $8,000   Western New England University                 $12,660
Top Floor Learning, Inc.                           $30,000   Westfield Athenaeum                            $17,600
Town of Agawam                                     $11,003   Westfield State University                       $500
Town of Montague - RiverCulture                     $3,000   Trustees of Westminster School, Inc.            $2,000
Town of Somers                                      $9,000   WFCR Foundation, Inc.                          $33,035
Traprock Peace Center, Inc.                          $500    WGBH Educational Foundation                    $51,940
Treehouse Foundation, Inc.                         $58,000   Wheaton College                                  $500
Trusteeship Institute, Inc.                          $200    Whole Children, Inc.                           $10,000
Truthout                                             $200    Wilbraham & Monson Academy                     $80,300
Trustees of Tufts College                            $200    Willie Ross School for the Deaf, Inc.            $900
Twenty First Century Foundation                      $100    Williston Northampton School                   $16,000
Two State Young Men’s Christian Association         $1,000   Winchester Neighbors Club                       $1,000
U. S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Inc. $5,000     Wing Memorial Hospital Corporation              $1,031
Union Evangelical Church of Heath                   $1,500   Wistariahurst Museum Association, Inc.           $400
Union of Concerned Scientists, Inc.                $15,350   WMHT Educational Telecommunications, Inc.        $100
Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence $17,548        Womanshelter Companeras, Inc.                   $6,500
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Inc.       $500    Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts          $85,707
United ARC of Franklin and Hampshire                         Women’s Institute for Leadership
Counties, Inc.                                      $6,600   Development, Inc.                               $5,000
United for a Fair Economy, Inc.                      $500    Woodstock Area Jewish Community, Inc.            $500
United Negro College Fund, Inc.                      $400    Worcester Academy                                $200
United Service Organizations, Inc.                  $1,000   Worcester County Food Bank, Inc.                 $200
United States Naval Academy Foundation             $27,000   World Vision International                       $420
United Veterans of America, Inc.                     $100    Yale University                                  $100
United Way of Franklin County, Inc.                $28,000   Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc.            $1,000
University of Chicago                                $150    Yellow Barn, Inc.                               $1,200
University of Massachusetts                        $12,100   YMCA of Greater Springfield                    $13,450
The UMass Memorial Foundation. Inc.                  $100    Young Men’s Christian Association
                                                             Boothbay Region                                 $5,000
University of Vermont and State
Agricultural College                                $1,000   Youth Action Coalition, Inc.                    $2,000
                                                             YWCA of Western Massachusetts                   $4,450

                                                                             COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   45
        Financial Highlights

                                                     2007                 2008                   2009                2010                 2011

        Total Assets 1                      $125,920,083       $121,829,942             $87,043,263       $ 110,921,086         $118,849,600
        Operating Expenses                     $1,182,578         $1,279,213                $1,425,057       $1,317,525            $1,341,960
        Operating Expenses as a
        Percentage of Total Assets                   .9%                  1.0%                   1.6%               1.2%                  1.1%
        Contributions                          $9,787,234         $9,204,346                $8,991,649       $6,933,150            $5,524,529
        Grants                                 $7,638,160        $10,105,790                $8,672,804       $7,636,490            $8,901,664
        1 Includes trust assets owned by Bank of America for which the Community Foundation provides grantmaking services.
        2 Does not include investment management fees.
        3 Includes fees received from Bank of America for providing grantmaking services.
        4 Includes grants from trust assets owned by Bank of America for which the Community Foundation provides grantmaking services.

                                                                                                         Bank	of	America	Trust	21%

                                                                                                         Unrestricted	17%
             Assets	by	
             Fund	Type                                                                                   Planned	Giving	&	Other	2%
                                                                                                         Field	of	Interest	3%
                                                                                                         Donor	Advised	15%	
                                                                                                         Agency	Advised	4%	
                                                                                                         Agency	Designated	2%	
                                                                                                         Donor	Designated	9%
                                                                                                         Education	27%

             Distributions FY 2011                                                 Assets by Fund Type FY 2011

                                                                                                           No. of Funds        Fund Balance

             Competitive                                                           Unrestricted            26                 $19,602,291
             (Discretionary) Grants                   $1,102,950                   Donor Advised          175                  17,124,124
             Bank of America                                                       Agency Advised          67                   5,161,146
             Competitive Grants                          487,200                   Agency Designated       34                   2,437,252
             Advised and                                                           Donor Designated        50                  10,353,760
             Designated Grants                         5,410,452                   Education              116                  31,282,403
                                                                                   Field of Interest       25                   3,765,085
             Scholarships and Loans*                   2,480,062                   Planned Giving & Other 25                    4,928,797
             Total                                   $9,480,664                    Bank of America Trust                       24,194,742
                                                                                   Total                  518                $118,849,600
             *	Includes	loans	granted	of	$579,000.

46   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                                       F I N A N C I A L    HIGHL IGHT S

FY 2011 Investment Commentary                              Statements of Financial Position
                                                           March 31, 2010 and 2011

D   espite continued uneven economic recovery
    from the “Great Recession” of 2007-2009
characterized by elevated levels of unemployment,          Assets
                                                                                                          2011              2010

slack demand for goods and services, and                   Cash and money market funds           $ 2,108,973 $ 3,215,197
volatile financial markets, we are pleased to              Investments                             85,360,997      77,865,388
report our total assets increased by $5.6 million          Assets held under charitable trusts        3,656,522      4,367,272
after distributing $9.4 million in grants                  Contributions receivable, net               245,473         340,609
and scholarships.                                          Note receivable                             543,501         543,501
      With just over $50 million, our flagship
                                                           Loans receivable, net                      2,723,346      2,695,418
Global Growth Portfolio returned 12.4% net of
                                                           Prepaid expenses                             29,453             28,243
management fees in Fiscal Year Ending 2011, and
a steady 6.5% annualized net of management                 Property and equipment, net                  15,222             19,843
fees since inception (12/31/93). The ten-year              Total Assets                          $94,683,487 $89,075,471
performance results places the portfolio at the top
25%, when measured against the Morningstar                 Liabilities and Net Assets
Moderate Allocation Mutual Fund Universe. Over             Liabilities
the past five years the results were 4.4% net of           Accounts payable and
management fees compared with the Northern                 accrued expenses                       $     28,631 $           40,534
Trust Universe for Foundations and Endowment               Liability under unitrust agreements        2,771,777      2,709,293
gross of fees return of 4.1%. The Callan Associates        Agency funds                               5,465,367      5,030,876
median result for Endowments and Foundations               Total Liabilities                          8,265,775      7,780,703
with assets greater than $100 million gross of fees        Net Assets
was 3.9% over the past year. The Global Growth
                                                           Unrestricted                            25,946,772       24,860,931
Portfolio net of management fees outperformed
                                                           Temporarily restricted                  55,780,011       51,742,908
the median performance of the Wilshire Median
                                                           Permanently restricted                     4,690,929      4,690,929
results (Trust Universe Comparison Service - the
most widely accepted benchmark of institutional            Total Net Assets                        86,417,712       81,294,768
asset performance), by 1.0% annualized over the
past five years.                                           Total Liabilities and Net Assets       $94,683,487 $89,075,471
      During the past fiscal year investments were
made into The Investment Fund for Foundations
                                                           A	complete	set	of	audited	financial	statements	is	available		
Multi-Asset Fund and the HighVista Strategies              upon	request.
Fund. These investments provide additional
diversification across a full scope of asset classes.
The Investment Committee’s philosophy of
not trying to time markets while insisting on
worldwide diversification of risk continues to serve
the foundation well.
      A more complete analysis on the performance
of our five “common” portfolios can be found
in the financial section of our website at

William G. Andrews
Director	for	Finance	and	Administration

                                                                                     COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts   47
                                          COM M I T T E E S           A ND   VOLUN T E E R S

        Audit and Finance                  Philanthropic Services        Scholarship Reviewers   Judith Hanson
        Committee                          Committee                     Ellen Albano            Teresa Harris
        Michael Fritz, Chair               Dana R. Barrows, Chair        Andrea Allen            Tynisha Henderson
        Carol Campbell                     Paul D. Boudreau              Portia Allen            Robert Houle
        John G. Gallup                     Robert S. Cohn                April Arcouette         Daniel Jock
        Lester L. Halpern, Emeritus        Stephen A. Davis              Robert Atkinson         Nathan Johnson
        Steven M. Mitus                    Charles W. DeRose             James Ayres             Thea Katsounakis
        Jay Primack                        Kelly DeRose                  Eric Bachrach           Stephanie King
        Mary Ann Stearns                   Dianne Fuller Doherty         Eleni Bazos             Eileen Kirk
                                           William E. Hart               Elizabeth Belden        Carolynn Laurenza
        Distribution Committee             Amy Jamrog                    Sanford Belden          Erica Lebel
        Irene Rodriguez Martin, Chair      George C. Keady, III          Laurette Bishop         Gisele Litalien
        Paul M. Mitus,	Vice	Chair          Molly Keegan                  Barbara Braem           Sue LoBello
        David Angier                       Jay Primack                   Eileen Bresnahan        Jason Maloney
        Sanford A. Belden                  Timothy S. Rice               Hillisa Byer            Michelle Maloney
        Barbara H. Braem                   Paul Robbins                  Marisa Castello         Maddie Marquez
        Vinnie Daboul                      David Starr                   Michelle Cayo           Lydia Martinez
        Paula DesRoberts                   Special thanks to intern      Jamie Chazan            Tami Maurice
        April Estis-Clark                  Marcelia Muehlke.             Edward Ciosek           Michael McKenna
        William T. Fisher, Jr.                                           Mary Clayton            Jodi McVane
        Robert R. Humberston               Marketing Advisory            Michael Clayton         L. Jeffrey Meehan
        Ronald Johnson                     Committee                     Tracey Coleman          Kyngelle Mertilien-Tinson
        Robyn A. Newhouse                  David Starr                   Kamari Collins          Nancy Mirkin
        Elizabeth H. Sillin                Don Munson                    Deborah Cook            Katherine Mitchell
                                           Ruth Griggs                   Bernadette Cruz         Moira Mitus
        Education Committee                Paul Robbins                  Vinnie Daboul           Stephen Mitus
        Sonia M. Nieto, Chair              Janine Fondon                 Linda Dagradi           James O’S. Morton
        Andrea Allen                                                     Janet Ann DaSilva       Matthew Moulrovic
        Kamari Collins                     Project Reviewers             Michael DeMaria, III    Isolda Ortega-Bustamante
        Bernadette Cruz                    Robert Allen                  Paula DesRoberts        Joseph Paige
        Janet Ann DaSilva                  Amy Caruso                    Heidi Dufresne          Michael Patashnick
        Bert Fernández                     Norma Colaccino               Gwendolyn Dupont        Lucy Perez
        Karin L. George                    Elizabeth Barker              Kelli Dupont            Kimberly Perry
        Tynisha Henderson                  Bruce Brown                   Shirlon Edwards         David Pinsky
        Thea E. Katsounakis                Peter J. Daboul               Bert Fernández          Brian Renaud
        Stephanie King                     David Eve                     Jeanne Foster           Shane Robitaille
        Gisele Litalien                    Ay Ling Han                   William Frain           Erica Rose
        Sue LoBello                        Herbert Hodos                 Ellen Freyman           Loriann Ruiz
        Lydia Martinez                     Morton Lynn                   Yvette Frisby           Susan Scantlen
        Steven M. Mitus                    Susan B. Magee                Lorenzo Gaines          Jane Sommer
        James O’S. Morton                  Anna Mancinone                John Gallup             Michelle Spaziani
        Isolda Ortega-Bustamante           Kathleen P. Mullin            Karin George            Alan Stearley
        Kimberly Perry                     Andrew Rothschild             Jerry Gibson            Andre Stewart
        Special thanks to Shederick        Carlos L. Santiago            Carlton Gill            Ralph Tate
        McClendon for four years           Mary Ann Spencer              Tia Godette             Jeffrey Trant
        of service.                        Richard E. Spencer, II        Daryl Grabowski         Beth Ward
                                           Marie M. Stebbins             Diane Graham            Laurie White
        Investment Committee               Todd Thomas                   William Grass           Kristen Wing
        Richard B. Steele, Jr., Chair      John Thorpe                   Barbara Griffin         Angela Wright
        Helen D. Blake, Emerita            Leonard Von Flatern           Julie Hall
        Ruth Constantine                   Sally A. Wittenberg
        Stephen A. Davis                   Margaret F. Woods
        Latimer B. Eddy                    Angela Wright
        Mauricia A. Geissler               Special thanks to
        Mary Ann Spencer                   Susan Greaney
        Ralph S. Tate                      Tammy Sharif
        Special thanks to Spencer          Center for Public Policy
        Timm for 14 years of service.      & Administration,
                                           UMass, Amherst
                                              Jeff Hofer
                                              Elissa Holmes
                                              Bia Kim
                                              Rachel Trafford

48   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts
                            F Y   2 0 1 1      T RU S T E E S            OF          T HE   F OUNDAT ION

Daboul			        Belden		          Barrows	              Constantine	      Davis	              Doherty	              Fritz	                   															Hill													

Jamrog	          Keady		           LoBello	              Mitus	            Morton	             Nieto	                Ortega-Bustamante									Primack	                          						

Pura	            Rice	             Rodriguez	Martin	     Scott	            Steele	             Tate	                 Woods	

Carroll	         Griggs	           Leary	                Scheibel	         Atkinson	           Fuller	               Gallup																																				Starr	

Peter J. Daboul, Chair                                 Steven M. Mitus                                      Margaret F. Woods
Retired	Executive	Vice	President	and		                 Executive	Vice	President,	Balise	Motor	              Owner,	Woods	Appraisal	Group
Chief	Information	Officer	                             Sales	Company	
MassMutual	Financial	Services*                         James O’S. Morton                                    TRUSTEE EMERITI
Dr. Sanford A. Belden, Vice Chair                      President	and	CEO,	YMCA	of		
Retired	President	and	CEO	                             Metropolitan	Hartford,	Inc.                          Robert S. Carroll
Community	Banking	System,	Inc.*                                                                             Retired	President		
                                                       Dr. Sonia M. Nieto                                   Excel	Dryer	Corporation	
Dana R. Barrows                                        Retired	Professor	of	Language,	Literacy,	
Director	of	Business	&	Estate	Planning	                and	Culture,	School	of	Education,		                  Alfred L. Griggs
Northwestern	Mutual	Financial	Network                  University	of	Massachusetts,	Amherst	                President,	A.L.	Griggs	Industries,	Inc.	
Ruth Constantine                                       Isolda Ortega-Bustamante                             Dr. Carol A. Leary
Vice	President	for	Finance	&		                         Director	of	State	and	Federal	Grants	                President,	Bay	Path	College
Administration,	Smith	College                          Holyoke	Public	Schools                               Elizabeth D. Scheibel
Stephen A. Davis                                       Jay Primack                                          Retired	District	Attorney	for	the	
Ventry	Industries,	LLC                                 Managing	Partner,	Moriarty		                         Northwestern	District*
Dianne Fuller Doherty                                  &	Primack,	P.C.
Regional	Director,	Massachusetts		                     Dr. Robert L. Pura                                   CHARTER TRUSTEES
Small	Business	Development	Center	                     President, Greenfield	Community	College
                                                                                                            Robert B. Atkinson
Michael Fritz                                          Timothy S. Rice                                      Senior	Partner,	Bulkley,	Richardson	
Retired	President, Rugg	Building	Solutions	            President,	Rice	Companies                            and	Gelinas,	LLP
Dr. Willie L. Hill                                     Dr. Irene Rodriguez Martin                           Helen Fuller
Director,	University	of	Massachusetts,		               Director	of	Graduate	Enrollment	and		                Trustee,	Springfield	Library	and	
Amherst	Fine	Arts	Center                               Continuing	Education,	Smith	College	                 Museums
Amy Jamrog                                             School	for	Social	Work
                                                                                                            John G. Gallup
Wealth	Management	Advisor	                             Mary Ellen Scott                                     Retired	CEO,	Strathmore		
Northwestern	Mutual	Financial	Network                  President,	United	Personnel	Services                 Paper	Company	
George C. Keady                                        Richard B. Steele, Jr.                               David Starr
Senior	Vice	President	and	Branch		                     Managing	Member,	Longmeadow		                        President,	Republican	Company
Manager,	UBS	Wealth	Management                         Capital	Partners,	LLC
Sue LoBello                                            Ralph Tate
Past	Chair, The	Food	Bank	of	Western	                  Retired	Managing	Director	of	Equities	
Massachusetts,	Inc.	                                   Standish,	Ayer	&	Wood                                *	Member	of	the	Executive	Committee

                                                                                                         COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Western Massachusetts                                    49
                               Nonprofit Org.
                               U.S. Postage
                               Permit No. 967
                               Springfield, MA

1500 Main Street
P.O. Box 15769
Springfield, MA 01115
phone: 413-732-2858
fax: 413-733-8565

A 501(c)(3) public charity

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