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									                                                                                                                               Issue # 001-2011
                                                                                                                         alumni established 2008
                                                                                                                                     Fall Edition

                         BISHOP LUDDEN’S ALUMNI NEWSLETTER

B i s h o p L u d d e n J u n i o r / S e n i o r H i g h S c h o o l ~ 8 1 5 F a y R o a d
~ Syracuse, NY ~            13219 ~ (315) 468-2591 ~

    Mr. Michael Sandore                                                                   New Administrators
 Sr. MaryEllen Shirtz, CSJ                                                                Lead Bishop Ludden
                                                                                          Bishop Ludden Jr/Sr High School recently adopted
   Mr. John Bruzdzinski                                                                   the Principal/President model for the administration
                                                                                          of the school. This model was chosen in order to take
      Asst. Principal
                                                                                          the burden of the schools day to day financial matters
      Laura Norris                                                                        off of the Principal, allowing him more time and opp-
  Dean of Student Affairs                                                                 ortunity to interact with the students and the faculty.
                                                                                          Now our Principal can focus on providing leadership
    Athletic Director                                                                     to our student body, faculty and staff while continuing
                                                                                          to uphold the academic excellence and high expectations
    Tiffany Heffron
                                                                                          hat are a part of the Bishop Ludden tradition.
 Counseling/Guidance Dir
   Gallagher Driscoll                              Michael Sandore comes to Bishop Ludden with an impressive academic resume’: a BA from
                                             King’s College, a Masters Degree from Syracuse University, a Certificate of Advanced Study from
 Director of Development                     SUNY Oswego, as well as his administrative experience as Principal at high schools like Sherburne-
                                             Earlville, Chittenango and Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons in Schenectady, to Superintendent of the
                                             Lyncourt Union Free School District.
        Main Office
       315-468-2591                                Some of you may be more likely to recognize Mike if he donned a referee’s shirt and headed
                                             for the basketball court, as he did for many years! But to get back to Mike’s academic experience.
                                             We are fortunate to have acquired a person with such a wealth of experience at the middle and
                                             high school levels, both public and parochial, who will work with our students so they are                             successful beyond high school.        The second part of the Principal-President Model, the President, Provides a position dedicated
                                             to developing the school budget, designing strategies to maintain a positive cash flow throughout
                                             the year, while actively engaging in planning with the school Commission in the areas of finance,
                                             marketing, enrollment and alumni. We were extremely blessed to have Sr. Mary Ellen Shirtz, CSJ
                                             accept the offer to become Bishop Ludden’s first President. During the 10 months that she has been
   Total Number of Students: 348             on staff, our school has already reaped many benefits from her knowledge and expertise.
 Average class size - 20-25 students
                                                   Sr. Mary Ellen Shirtz is a Sister of St. Joeseph of Carondelet, who received her Bachelors degree
    Student/Teacher Ration: 15:1             from the College of St. Rose, a Masters Degree from SUNY Oswego, and SAS from Manhattan College
                                             and Fordham University. Starting as a math teacher at Bishop Grimes, Sr. Mary Ellen spent a number
                                             of years across town before coming to Bishop Ludden as Development Director, and then moving
                                             into the position as Associate Principal. She is no stranger to the halls of Bishop Ludden! Sister also
 In 2011 100% of our students earned
       NYS Regents Diplomas                  spent some time as Parish Minister at St. Joseph’s Parish in Camillus and then dedicated eight years
                                             to being the Superintendent of Schools for the Syracuse Diocese.

                                                  The Bishop Ludden community is thrilled to have Mike Sandore and Sr. Mary Ellen Shirtz at the
 Nationally recognized as one of the         helm of Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School. We look forward to their continued guidance, and we
  TOP 50 Catholic High Schools
             in America                      wish them both the best!
                                              LUDDEN FUND ANNUAL CAMPAIGN                                                                          ‘80 (CP), Stephen P. Elker CPA ’69, David J. Essig ’69, Michael J. Fadden ’75, Mark F. Fallon
                                                                                                                                                   ’82, Robert E. Fangio DDS ’74 (PP), Charles Farrell Esq. ’68, William P. Fogarty III ’70, Coleen
BISHOP LUDDEN’S ALUMNI NEWSLETTER             2010 DONOR REPORT                                                                                    M. Fox ’71, Joseph & Mary Gaffney ’79, Robert A. Ganley ’70, Connor C. Ganley ’98, Michael C.
                                                                                                                                                   Gasapo ’73, Carrie E. Schwanke Germano ’89, Kathleen A. McManus Gilchrist ’70, Mr. & Mrs.

LUDDEN FUND                                   Established in the 2009 - 2010 academic year the Ludden Fund will be our annual appeal to
                                              alumni, current and past parents of our students. Your generous donations, both last year and
                                              during the current campaign, allow us to continue our mission of providing excellence in
                                              education for all of our students in a Christ centered atmosphere. Your financial contributions to
                                              the Ludden Fund help provide scholarships for needy students, update equipment in our
                                              science and computer labs, our visual and performing art departments and field winning athletic
                                                                                                                                                   Dennis Goodrich (PP), Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hanlon (PP), Philip Harlow ’69, Theresa A. Lawton
                                                                                                                                                   Hawley Ph.D ’84, Michael J. Hayes ’83, Daniel Todd Healy ’80, Margaret J. Hennigan (PP), Lisa
                                                                                                                                                   M. Gotham Hinson ’71, Melissa M. Dobe Hunt ’87, Roman & Nadia Iwachiw (FOL), Patricia J.
                                                                                                                                                   Grey Johnson ’81, Charmaine M. Shattell Jones ’70, Sheila A. Williams Jordan ’78, Mr. & Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                   Todd Kaley (CP), Shannon E. Madison Kane ’67, Brian P. Keenan ’82, Kristine M. Kivari ’79,
                                                                                                                                                   Gregory J. Licamele ’95, Dr. Charles W. Mango ’92, Fr. Frederick Mannara (FOL), Nicholas C.
                                                                                                                                                   Masterpole Jr. ’86, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas C. Masterpole (PP), Carol J. Heitzman Mastey ’80, Mark
                                              teams among many other things. For those of you listed below who contributed to our inaugural        E. McAnaney ’71, David L. McCarthy ’67, Mr. & Mrs. Neal McCurn (CP), Margaret A. Murphy
                                              Ludden Fund drive – our heartfelt thanks. Our current campaign is underway and you can still         McGarvey ’86 (CP), Joseph P. McIsaac ’83, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McLaughlin (PP), Mr. & Mrs.
                                              contribute! Please visit our website – - to make a contribution using           Anthony Mineri (PP), Gina M. Rescignano Mitchell ’88, James E. Moran CPA ’88, Anthony F.
                                              PayPal or to download a pledge card under Alumni Giving.                                             Morina ’69, Coleen M. Corcoran Nilsen ’87, Mary Kathleen O’Brien ’70, Rev. Joseph M.
                                                                                                                                                   O’Connor ’95, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan O’Kane (CP), James F. O’Neill ’70, Kathleen Owen (F/S),
                                                                                                                                                   Christopher S. Perry ’96, Martin J. Phalen ’72, Marian C. Poczobutt ’77, Michael Rogers (F/S),
                                                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Romano (CP), Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Russo (PP), John J.P. Sherlock ’76,
                                              LUDDEN PATRON - $1.00 - $49.00                                                                       Cecilia A. Bresadola Sindoni ’68, Kathryn T. Clark Smeenk ’78, Karen M. Kelley Sparkes ’70,
                                                                                                                                                   Carol A.J. Stanley ’67, Raymond J. Straub Jr. ’67, Edward (Max) M. Stroman ’95, Mr. & Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                   Michael Stroman (PP, F/S), David W. Thornton ’67, Eileen Whiteside Tommasulo ’71, Robert A.
                                              William E. Aiken ’68, Mary Elizabeth Barrett ’77 (PP), Eileen Gildea Bednar ’76, Margaret A.         Tortorella ’79, Mr. & Mrs. Milton Vazquez (CP), Mr. & Mrs. Charles Walker (CP), Mary Walker
                                              Bonaccio ’82, Philip J. Boyle ’67, Joan Brown (PP), Teresa M. Karakas Brush ’67, Mr. & Mrs.          (PP), Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Walsh (CP, F/S), Mr. & Mrs. Mark Weatherup (CP), Thomas R. Whelan
                                              William Buhl (PP), James J. Burkett ’69, Rosanne Chemotti Canestrare ’79, Kaitlyn Conboy ’02,        CPA ’79, Matthew H. Woodard ’96,
                                              Sandra M. June Conklin ’67, Patrick F. Conroy ’85, Mr. & Mrs. John Contrastan (CP), Carl M.
                                              Coyle ’70, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Crème, Jr. (PP), John A. Damian ’74, Grace M. Blasiak
                                              D’Arcangelis ’75, David J. Delvecchio ’77, Karen DeMartino (CP), Jeanne DiPaola (PP), Mr. &
                                                                                                                                                   LUDDEN HONOR GUILD - $250.00 - $499.00
                                              Mrs. James Dixon (PP), Mary E. Lorenzini Dunham ’88, Susan L. Fogarty Fetcho ’68, James L.
                                              Fortino ’84, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ganley (PP),Michael J. Gasapo (PP), Thomas J. Gibbons Jr. ’71,
                                              Jane Gilheney (PP), Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glavin (PP), Beth A. Kwasigroch Grella ’82, K Maureen
                                              L. Hartnett Griesel ’67, Kathleen M. Balch Halko ’83, Mary Lynn Connor Harter ’74, John Patrick      Suzanne E. Bright Barry ’83, Jennifer Brownell (CP), Mr. & Mrs. Robert Buttner ’78 (CP), Mr. &
                                              Hayes ’80, Mary Carol Whelan Hoy ’77, Karen A. Costello Kelley ’74, John King (PP), Matthew          Mrs. Patrick DiFlorio (CP), Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Eron (CP), Mr. & Mrs. Brant Fagan (PP),
                                              J. Klaben ’87, Jane A. Kocunik (PP), Lisa K. Petosa Koenig ’82, Maureen A. Gaffney Lasada            Suzanne M. Battaglia Feeney ’85, Susan M. Hennessey Filburn ’87, Louis G. Fournier III ’78,
                                              ’73, William P. Louer ’82, Diane M. Rozyczko Lowery ’79, Barbara A. Lynn ’82, Mr. & Mrs.             Kevin J. Gibbons ’78, Mary E. Kirsch Lampe OD ’84, Mr. & Mrs. David Littlejohn (CP), Mr. &
                                              Michael Macy (CP), James D. McNamara ’69, Amy Elizabeth Meagher ’84, Rose A. Montanaro               Mrs. Renato Mandanas (CP), Rev. James D. Mathews (FOL), Nicole L. McMahon Orrell ’00,
                                              ’80, Martin J. Murphy Esq. ’79, Janine L. DuFresne Mydlinski ’72, Michael R. Naton ’78, Mr. &        Michael A. Quigley ’66, Bonnie J. Krause Rescignano ’67, Mary E. Francher Sanefski ’81 (CP),
                                              Mrs. Michael Nunan (CP), Kevin J. O’Keefe ’88, Joan Osterhout (PP), Debra A. Carbonaro Perry         Patricia Schramm (F/S), Mr. & Mrs. Rick Trunfio (CP),
                                              MD ’82, Jessica M. Price ’96, Anthony K. Psyck ’66, Joseph M. Puglisi ’84, Maureen E. Stafford
                                              Rood ’88, William Roy (PP), Christena A. Payne Sapka ’67, Richard J. Sauer ’75, Joan F. Dwyer
                                              Scott ’78, Mr. & Mrs. John Sexton (CP), Mr. & Mrs. Philip Sherwood (PP), Mr. & Mrs. Mark             Fr. Dan Muscalino Society - $500.00 - $999.00
                                              Sierotnik (CP), Karin Simmons (F/S), Lynne A. Smith ’75, Anne W. Thornton Streno ’68, Peter L.
                                              Tartaro ’70, Patrick J. Taylor ’79, Martin J. Thibault ’67, Mr. & Mrs. George Ulrich (PP), Mr. &
                                              Mrs. Warren Underwood (CP), Mr. & Mrs. Stan Wadach (PP), Devorah M. Duerr Washer ’69,
                                              Robert J. Wiederman ’68, Maureen J. Fogarty Wing ’71, Noelle M. Woodard ’99, Mr. & Mrs.              Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Beebe (CP), Paula Anne Dendis ’88, Christopher Didio CPA ’80, Patrick E.
                                                                                                                                                   Driscoll ’85, Faculty Donation, Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelly (PP), Daniel T. Gilheney CPA ’80,
                                              James Wright (PP), Paul D. Wrobel ’77, Paul R. Wrona ’84,

                                              GREEN & WHITE CLUB - $50.00 - $99.00

                                                                                                                                                   June Goggi (F/S), Mr. & Mrs. Paul Leo (CP), Mr. & Mrs. John Marcinkowski (PP), Carl F.
                                              Susan A. Kozlowski Alteri ’82, Dorothy M. Jacobson Anderson ’81, Mary Kay Vardabash Baker            Masterpole ’82 (CP), David F. O’Keefe ’86, Michelle A. Brennan Paparo ’92, Lisa M. Procanick
                                              ’77, Sharon P. DeKay Blanchfield ’75, Virginia J. Brennan (PP), John Bruzdzinski (F/S), Dr.          ’81, Ann M. Dougherty Rooney ’81 (CP), Janice L. Proper Charles ’70, Joseph L. Charles CPA
                                              William Burnett (F/S), Jennifer T. Bryz-Gornia ’96, Catherine Gildea Burns ’80, James L. Byrne       ’69, Maryellen Seeley ’67, Pamela J. Szatanek ’91, Mr. & Mrs. Steven Williams (CP), Brendan
                                              III ’94, JoAnn E. Fisher Cannavino ’68, Marcia A. King Cappuccilli ’71, Jaclyn Jackson               G. Woodard ’93,
                                              Christenson ’96, Mr. & Mrs. David Cizenski (CP), John L. Clark ’72, Mary Lou Connors ’68 (F/S),
                                              Patricia A. Carey Cilkin ’74, Daniel A. Curry ’81, Karen A. Cusano ’80, Richard J. Czerniak ’76,
                                              Mary Jo Francher Daughton ’84, Mr. & Mrs. George F. Davis (PP), Kimberly B. Sinclair Dunham
                                              ’93, Mark L. Dunn Esq. ’78, Kevin G. Farrell ’77, Cynthia A. Femano ’79, Anne M. Anglim              Principal’s Club - $1,000.00 - $4,999.00
                                              Ferguson ’67, James R. Gasapo ’01, Edward A. Gasparini ’72, Tracy M. Teich Giacobbi ’85,
                                              Mary Beth Grady ’79, Ann L. Alderson Grosso ’67, Cynthia M. Tom Guertin ’75, Mary Anne
                                              Normanly Hall ’67, Sharon A. Hoone Higgins ’72, Patricia A. Rouse Hunt ’69, Dr. & Mrs. Michael       Philip H. Allen III ’84, Mrs. Robert Buttner (PP), Karen A. Gladziszewski Brennan ’95, Mr. & Mrs.
                                              Impaglia (PP), Mr. & Mrs. Frank Jerome (PP), Robert V. Kelley III ’78, Christine B. Kelley-          Joseph Chilinski (PP), Curt Czarniak (F/S), Mr. & Mrs. William Fisher ‘ 79 (PP), Robert C.
                                              Kemple ’78, Nancy A. Kendrick ’70, Edward J. Kopp ’74, Howard P. LaFave ’67, Kelly Marie             Ganley ’70 (CP), Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Hojnowski (PP), Timothy P. Murphy Esq. ’82 (CP), Fr. Dan
                                              Verstraete Landau ’94, Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Lantry (CP), Caryn F. Lindsay ’95, Laura A. Distefano        Muscalino (F/S), Dr. Joseph Rao (F/S), Mr. & Mrs. John Tagliamonte (CP)
                                              Lisnyczyj ’98, Mr. & Mrs. Tim Lockwood (CP), Ann Marie Lorenzini ’91, Mr. & Mrs. Michael
                                              Lynch (CP), Mr. & Mrs. C. Scott MacKenzie ‘72 (CP), Michael H. Maher MD ’76, Debra A. Martin
                                              ’71, Linda M. Rein Martin ’67, Florence A. Mackin Mastro Esq.’74, Michael C. McAnaney ’70,
                                                                                                                                                   CP – Current Parent, PP – Past parent, F/S – Faculty or Staff, FOL – Friend of Ludden
                                              Beth Ann Rose McClay ’80, Robert J. McDonough ’69, Paula M. Hamilton McKean ’69, Patricia
                                              M. Burke McNamara ’71, Susan M. Gasparini Metz ’79, Mr. & Mrs. R. Milczarski (PP),
                                              Honorable & Mrs. Thomas J. Murphy Sr. (PP), Michael J. O’Hara ’66, Parker O’Mara (F/S), Rita
                                              Pecoriello (CP), Francis W. Peverly ’81, Bernard F. Puglisi Jr. ’79, Erin C. Byrne Ruddy ’92, Mr.
                                              & Mrs. Patrick Ryan (CP), Marie Rose Sarno ’68, Veronica C. Terek Scullin ’67, Mr. & Mrs.
                                              Donald A. Schwanke (PP), E. Carlyle Smith (PP), Roxanne Snyder (F/S),. Mr. & Mrs. Peter
                                              Szelewski (CP), Margaret A. King Tassini ’75 (PP), Mr. & Mrs. John J. Timmons (PP), Cynthia A.
                                              Pagano Todeschini ’71, Jay Underwood (F/S), Theresa A. Waters ’01, Danielle M. Adams
                                              Wheeler ’99, Mr. & Mrs. John Williams III ’67, Michael R. Wilton Jr. ’86, Anne L. Winschel ’69,
                                              Howard G. Woodard (PP), Maureen E. Howard Wrightsman ’67,

                                              GAELIC KNIGHT CLUB - $100.00 - $249.00

                                              Carl F. Ackerman ’94, Deborah A. Owen Adragna ’72, David G. Ball ’78, Robert D. Banack ’83,
                                              Douglas A. Barone ’74, Eugene A. Bausinger ’83, Bishop Ludden Student Donation, Jennifer L.
                                              Roach Bou ’87, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Boyle (PP), Edward M. Brown ’83, Katherine J. Maslinski
                                              Bufano ’70, Lawrence J. Cantwell ’85, Anne T. Clancy ’80, Daniel J. Clark ’77, Class of 1994,
                                              Suzanne M. Coffey ’67, James V. Connell (PP), Tracy J. Cromp ’84, Jeffrey S. Crooke ’80, John
                                              M. Cuff Jr. ’75, Margaret C. Wilton Curtin ’94, Jennifer O. Buhl DeGraan ’91, Patrick A.                              Domaratz ’81, Edward F. Donnelly Jr. ’79, Edward P. Dunn Esq. ’70, Mr. & Mrs. Jon Dussing Sr.
  The Gaelic Knight Continues....
  We are pleased to recognize the following alumni who have chosen to send their
     children to Bishop Ludden and carry on the Gaelic Knight tradition.
                                                                                        From the Development Office.......
                                                                                              Dear Fellow Alumnus, Parents and Friends of Bishop Ludden,
               Mary Jo Gersbacher Beamish 1983, Morgan 9th Grade
               Robert Buttner 1978 & Bridgette Hueber Buttner 1978,                       Just recently I have been privileged and honored to become the Director
                                                                                       of Development for Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School. I am a 1988 graduate
                           Andrew 8th Grade, Melissa 2010                             in fact my brother Pat, class of1985 and sister Kelly, class of 1987 are graduates
   Therese Barrett Cacchione 1976, MaryKathleen 9th Grade, Colin 11th Grade,         of BL too!. Our mother made great sacrifices to make sure we received a top of
                                                                                        the line education where we were able to establish life-long friendships and
                      Meghan 2010, David 2007, Margaret 2009                           develop our core values as people. What an experience it was. For the last 16
           James Connell Jr. 1983, Allison 9th Grade, Jordan 12th Grade             years I have been in college athletics serving as assistant men’s basketball coach
                                                                                     at the University at Albany, Loyola College and most recently Lemoyne College.
                Joanne VanDyke 1975, Mary Laura & Travis 8th Grade                     When this position became available I was excited and ready for a new chall-
                 Michael Curry 1981 & Karen Cappuccilli Curry 1980,                   enge. I am a firm believer in Bishop Ludden. It is my hope that everyone who
                  Megan 11th Grade Jessica 12th Grade, Sean 2009                     reads this letter still has great love and passion for this school! I think we can all
                                                                                   say Bishop Ludden has shaped our lives in some way or another. I realize everyone
                            MaryBeth Spencer Davis 1976,                            is scattered all over the country and world but hearing from you would be great!
                     Christopher 2011, Nora 2006, Julianne 2009                        My goal along with everyone here at Bishop Ludden is to make this school as
                                                                                         strong as ever. We appreciate your continued support of Bishop Ludden.
      Patrick Dooher 1979, Shannon 12th Grade, Sean 2007, Elizabeth 2008
           Charles Downey 1984, Brendan 8th Grade, Molly 11th Grade                                                 Please stay in touch!

       John Dussing 1980, Maria 8th Grade, Jon 10th Grade, Kathryn 2010                                            Gallagher Driscoll ‘88
               Robert Dussing 1985, Lisa 9th Grade, Emily 10th Grade                                             Director of Development
                                                                                                                      (315) 468-0053
                   Nicole Schafer Farino 1995, Anthony 8th Grade
             Susan Byrne Farrell 1974, Meghan 9th Grade, Daniel 2010
               Robert C. Ganley 1970, Daniel 12th Grade Casey 2011
                   Elizabeth Kelly Gilligan 1974, Moira 12th Grade
      John Graf 1982 & Alisha Wortham Graf 1982, Stephen 2011, Eric 2009
                                                                                                         Many of your fellow Alumni are still
    Joseph Granteed 1982, Nicole 10th Grade, Kelly 11th Grade. Megan 2010
                                                                                                           involved in Ludden Athletics.
                    Rick Guy 1079. Peter 11th Grade, Grace 2008
                                                                                                         Here’s a list of the Alumni currently
                  Theresa King Hess 1976, Julie 2011, Allison 2009
       Frank Hosek 1979 & Kathleen Davis Hosek 1979, Matthew 8th Grade
                                                                                                            coaching one of our teams:
 Emily Arnault Hunter 1981, Shannon 8th Grade,, Shelby 11th Grade, Corey 2011
                   Nancy Grey Impellizzieri 1977, Peter 11th Grade
                                                                                                     Scott Eustace 1997 Asst. Varsity Football
      Colleen Madden Kompf 1976, Jill 10th Grade, Erin 2005, Bonnie 2008                            Mike Sweeney 2005 Asst. Varsity Football
             Elizabeth McGough MacKenzie 1972, Matthew 9th Grade                                   Marcus Ludwig 2001 Asst. Varsity Football
                           Mary Kosty 1984, Liam 9th Grade                                         Ben Cassalia 1994 Asst. Varsity Girls Soccer
                  Carmen McMahon Monic 1993, Malik 11th Grade                                        Oscar Vergara 1972 Varsity Boys Soccer
                 Lee Martinez 1971, Jessica 11th Grade, Adam 2006                                 Dominika Trelinski 2001 Varisty Cheerleading
                       Carl Masterpole 1982, Carl Jr.12th Grade                                     Pat Donnelly 1976 Varisty Boys Basketball
                 Margaret Murphy McGarvey 1986, Daniel 8th Grade                                John Haynes 1980 Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
                 Paul Morrell 1984, Erin 9th Grade, Emily 12th Grade,                     Len Rauch 1987 Freshman Boys Basketball, Modified Baseball
         Timothy Murphy 1982, Colleen 8th Grade, Timothy 10th Grade                              Jay Costello 1980 Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
                        Steven Nann 1976, Abigail 11th Grade                                  Melissa Ryan 2007 Asst.Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
                   Kim Pitre-Fehr O’Neil 1982, Mairead 11th Grade                              Debbie Morrell 1980 Asst. Varsity Girls Basketball
                           Len Rauch 1987 - Jack 9th Grade                                         Craig Marcinkowski 1997 Varsity Boys Golf
           Nora Arnault Roesch 1983, Bryant 11th Grade, Michelle 2010                                   Ted Klamm 1988 Varsity Baseball
    Ann Dougherty Rooney 1981, Timothy 10th Grade, Grace 2011, John 2010                           Michelle Manfredi 2001 Asst. Varsity Softball
Jim Roy 1977 & Cheryl Smith Roy 1977, Lauren 12th Grade, Kyle 2006, Kevin 2008               Nick Humez 2005 Asst. Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
     Mary Francher Sanefski 1981, Amanda 11th Grade, William 12th Grade
        Mary Ellen Viay Scott 1977, Jeffrey 2011, Lauren 2006, Daniel 2008
              Thomas Sherlock 1976, Marcella 10th Grade, Janey 2010
                                                                                                                            The 18th Annual
           Judith DeLucia Smith 1976, Ryan 12th Grade, Coutrney 2007
                     Erin Taddeo Woods 1995, Alyssa 9th Grade                                                      Patrick T. Mathews
                  Patrick Taylor 1979, Jared 11th Grade, Ross 2009                                     Gaelic Knight Open
           Carol Schwartz Van Wie 1980, Lawerence 2011, Lauren 2008
                       Karen Davis Villi 1980, Jessica 8th Grade                                    Tuscarora Golf Club
                        James Walser 1983, Zachary 9th Grade
            Karen Connell Wheeler 1979, Emily 12th Grade, Casey 2009                            August 6th, 2012
                                                                                           Call the Development Office for more                                                                        information and sponsorship opportunities
                   The Bishop Ludden Jr. Sr.
                   High School Commisson
     The Bishop Ludden Jr. Sr. High School Commission is a                   Michael Sandore, Principal, ex officio
 committee of Ludden Community members who meet regularly                Sister Mary Ellen Shirtz, President, ex officio
      to provide advice and counsel, and to assist the school           John Bruzdzinski, Assistant Principal, ex officio
administration in the several key areas, including Catholic Identity,
      Strategic Planning, Year-End Assessment, Institutional                          Fr. Daniel Muscalino,
       Advancement/Development, Financial Planning and                    Gallagher Driscoll, Director of Development
                       Financial Management.                                    Carl Masterpole '82 - Chairman
The responsibilities of the commission are divided among several
  subcommittees that focus the commission's involvement in key
                                                                                 Beth Trunfio Vice Chairman
 areas of the community. Each subcommittee has a Member of                          Lynn Kibling Secretary
 the Commission serving as its chairperson, and is comprised of                         Robert Ganley '70
      both commission and non-commission members. The                             Karen Connell Wheeler '79
     subcommittees currently are: Finance, Alumni Relations,
   Advancement, Buildings and Grounds, Fund Raising, Mission                           Daniel Gilheney '80
            Effectiveness, Parent Teacher Organization.                                  Ann Rooney '81
     The Commission meets on a monthly basis to discuss and                           Timothy Murphy '82
     monitor the activities of the subcommittees, and to offer
   guidance and support to the school community, as necessary.                       Juanita Perez Williams
   They also help to create a bond between Bishop Ludden, the                          Linda Tagliamonte
             school's alumni, and the local community.                                    Kevin Walker
  The current members of the Bishop Ludden Commission are:
                                                                                        Melanie Littlejohn

                                                                                           Thank You! to
                                                                                           everyone who
                                                                                           participated and
                                                                         5K Walk /Run      volunteered in
We would like to acknowledge the recent loss                                               our 3rd Annual
   of alumni. We wish the families of all,                              Ludden Fest. We had over 100
  our heart felt condolences for their loss.
   You are in our thoughts and prayers.                                 runners in our 5K race Saturday
                                                                        morning. The evening started with
             In memory of                                               Fr. Joe O’Connor ‘95 offficiated
                                                                        Mass which was held in the Chapel.
Marybeth Campagna ‘85                                                   Following Mass, a reception was
 Michael Mannion ‘79                                                    held in the gym. Live Entertainment
                                                                        was provided by Mark Westers ‘84
 Timothy Purcell ‘79                                                    and then by Stan Prezpiora ‘79.
Patricia Lyn Dacey ‘98                                                  Each year we hope to make this
Fr. George Hartnett ‘66                                                 event bigger and better. Look for a
                                                                        save the date post card soon!.
     MOST WANTED                                                                                        Mission Statement of Bishop Ludden Jr/Sr High School
                                ni! e                                   ni
Help us located your fellow alum W have been updating our alum databases and
have a large num of alum we have no contact inform
                 ber         ni                          ation for. Listed below are a                  Bishop Ludden exists to further the mission of Jesus Christ by
few fromeach class we are looking for – to viewthe entire list please go to the web-site –              teaching and proclaiming the Gospel according to the tenets and Please contact us with any inform   ation you may have on these                   sacramental life of the Roman Catholic Church through our
fellowgraduates so that we can also send themthe Good News that is happening at                         educational ministry, we promote, develop and appreciate the
Ludden.                                                                                                 sacredness of the whole person. We are called to provide a curriculum
                                                                                                        and school environment which fosters spiritual growth, moral
                                                                                                        development, academic excellence, critical thinking and life-long
1966 – Edward W Hallinan, Suzanne Aiken M                      ary
                                                     angin, M C. M       cKeever Thom        as
                                                                                                        learning. Through the educational process, we instill in our Catholic
1967 - Daniel M Callisto, Christine A. Garzone, Deborah Palladino, George R. W                 ashco
                                                                                                        school community the need to serve as:
                     .                                            .
1968 - Kathleen M Donaldson, Gregory C. Knipe, Sandra M Sabene Robinson
                                                                                                         - people who evaluate our world in light of the vision of Jesus Christ,
1969 - Kathleen A. Brody, Laureen M Gulgusky Fassler, Patricia A. Krupka Lane,                           -stewards of the earth and its gifts,
M ichael K. Stanton                                                                                       -active informed participants who collaborate in creating a world
1970 - M                            es
         ichael C. DeCirce, Jam E. Hopkins, Susan E. Talbot Tobin                                                  based on peace and justice.
1971 - Cynthia Spoto Charles, Doreen Barrett Lancaster, Jam E. W     es         aleski                  We do all this as a Eucharistic Community in partnership with
1972 - David W Favalo, Susan Kelleher Lynch, Richard N. Volcko                                          our parents, parishes, Church and civic community.
                                on,               .
1973 - Nancy Hayes Cinnam Catherine M Lyons, Lisa A. Costello Zales
1974 - Stephen T. Boehm, Deborah A. Carr Jardieu, Christine J. Jennings W               illiam  s
1975 - Katherine Riordan Birchler, Robert F. Kenific, Agnes Szczech Roessle
                         ond,                                  .
1976 - James E. Diam Bernadette Kisil, Kathleen M Coman Tarantino
1977 - Joan C. Affleck, Kathryn A. Dwyer Fitzgerald, Lawrence P. Kirk
1978 - Teresa M Hennigan Barutlacht, George Z. M           azur, Stephen F. Stracqualursi
1979 - Eleanor M LoSurdo Clines, Jacklyn Ann Janocsko, M             alcolmR. Prouty
1980 - M L. Dillon, John F. Kapusniak, M            ichael J. Sandusky
1981 - Thomas M Chudyk, Lauren A. Ptak Hunter, Timothy B. Thom                   pson
1982 - M Ann M Covey, John L. Percival, Christian M Yehle
         ary           oore
1983 - Christopher B. Grenier, M      arilyn Saunders Loveland, M
                                                                       athewJ. W     alczyk
                                                                                                                     Fr. Dan’s Corner
                                                                                                                 Fr. Dan’s Corner – A Spiritual Reflection
1984 - M ichael D. Boardman, Joseph A. Jenkins, Nancy C. O'Connor Solom
1985 - Stephanie L. Owens Cordisco, Leo P. M                ick,
                                                     cCorm Joseph M Vassallo Jr.
                                                                                       on                       A spiritual reflection
         ark                                    b,
1986 - M A. Cavallo, Lisa J. Goult Lam Dr. Scott T.W Stanley       .
1987 - W illiamR. Gulgert, M                .
                                 elanie M Lytle, Sandra L. Overm        ohle                           DO YOU BELIEVE…During the Easter and Pentecost season
1988 - Eric S. Lukowski, Brian J. M      oore, M elissa A. W  heeling                                    we have the opportunity to reflect on the gifts God has
1989 - Thomas M Flood, Barbara E. Klaben M
                    arc                                 anitta, Laurence Andrew Sm          ith          given us. Two of His greatest gifts are our life and our
1990 - Kristin L. W    heeler Dziepak, Jacqueline T. M    ichel, Steven H. W     oinski                   faith. Life, which should be cherished, nurtured and
1991 - Kathryn A. Fallon Cecchi, Patrick R. Fitzgerald, Katherine W Timoszyk   .                       protected, from conception to natural death, enables us to
Lobello                                                                                                celebrate God’s goodness in all of his Creation. Our Faith
                                                                                                       enables us to know and love God as a generous and loving
1992 - M onica Ann Quigley Burton, John J. Soltys III, Kristy Lee W           ales
                                                                                                        parent. Because of Christ’s Passion, Death and Glorious
1993 - AdamCanessa, Larissa Hrycyk, Sarah Elizabeth W             heaton                                Resurrection we can stand before our God with our sins
1994 - Charles M Hickey, Jam                                     ark
                                   ie-Lynn DeRose Norris, M Stykowski                                    forgiven. Because of the gift of the Holy Spirit we can
1995 - Diana L. Barycki, M                .
                               atthew W Jacuk, Jason Thom        as                                     receive the grace of the Sacraments in his Church and in
1996 - Jaim G. Bailor, Eric R. Grems, Kevin R. Storinge                                                       the community of faith call God “abba”, Father.
1997 - Erin Elizabeth Gilm Perrine E. M           asters, Chad E. Thompson
1998 - Tiffany L. Davis, Jesse R. Forgays, Jill A. Gladziszewski Pereira
                   .                            .              an,
1999 - Andrea M Andrianos, Antoinette M Dine Hoffm Todd R. Swindler                                     May all the members of the Bishop Ludden community
2000 - M arissa R. Bianchi, Kelli M M  . eehan, Brent M Thayer
                                                            .                                           know the blessings of Easter and Pentecost in their lives
2001 - Catherine Heymans, Jaclyn M        cGlynn, James M W   . eller                                                    and in their homes.
                                      as      er,
2002 - Jeffrey Dembowski, Thom Palm Kevin Underwood                                                                                                            God Bless you, Fr. Dan
                                                                 Ann Rooney ‘81
                                               Ann graduated from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at
                                           Syracuse University with a master’s degree in Public Administration. She began her
                                           career as a budget analyst with the US Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. at the
                                           Defense Logistics Agency, and soon transferred to the Office of the Secretary of

                                               Upon coming home to Syracuse she served as a Program Analyst under Mayor Tom
                                           Young and as City of Syracuse Budget Director from 2001-2004. Until December, 2007,
                                           she was the Chief Financial Officer for the local Salvation Army that serves over 30,000
                                           clients per year. She managed the six transition committees for then County Executive-
                                           Elect Joanie Mahoney, and currently serves as the Deputy County Executive for Human
                                           Services for Onondaga County. In this role, she directs the following County
                                           departments: Social Services, Health, Mental Health, Aging and Youth, Probation,
                                           Corrections, Veterans Services, Long Term Care at Van Duyn, and the Hillbrook
                                           Detention facility.

                                               Ann is very involved in her local community, as well. She was a Vice President and
                                           Coach of Southside American Little League, serves on the Parish Council and Finance
                                           Committee of Most Holy Rosary Church, is a school commission member for Bishop
                                           Ludden High School, is active with the American Cancer Society, and is in inactive status
                                           on the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

                                               Ann is a mother of three, John (Class of 2010), Grace (Class of 2011) and Timothy
                                           (Class of 2013), and resides in Syracuse.

                                                          Julie Allen Cecile ‘84
                                                   Julie Allen Cecile ’84 is the Executive Director of the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy
                                           Site (“McMahon/Ryan”) in Syracuse. McMahon/Ryan, which opened in 2002, is an
                                           organization dedicated to ending child abuse through intervention and education. In the past, an
                                           abused child described the abuse to many different people, often enduring multiple interviews
                                           and being re-traumatized again and again. Child Advocacy Sites make the system -- law
                                           enforcement, health care, social services and more -- work together more effectively for children
                                           who are abused. McMahon/Ryan is the non-profit organization in Onondaga County that does
                                           just that.

                                                   Bishop Ludden students and faculty have volunteered to help McMahon/Ryan in a
                                           variety of ways over the past several years, including hosting fundraisers and wrapping
                                           Christmas presents for children who receive services at the site.

                                                   In June, McMahon/Ryan will be moving into the former Reid Hall building on East
                                           Fayette Street in Syracuse. The new facility will bring together the services needed by the
                                           victims of abuse and neglect and by their families. The site will be staffed by about 50 people,
                                           including doctors, police officers, child abuse advocates, county case workers and mental health

                                                   Julie resides in Syracuse with her husband, Syracuse City Court Judge James Cecile, and
                                           their three children. Julie is a graduate of Siena College and Syracuse University College of
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Pietropaolo continue their longstanding tradition of taking a group of
    Bishop                                      students, parents and friends of Bishop Ludden to Europe each spring. These trips
                                                began in 1984 when Mrs. Pietropaolo organized her first European trip following
   Ludden                                       many trips her mother, Mrs. Odette Misik, planned during her tenure at Bishop
                                                Ludden. Since 1984, Mrs. Pietropaolo has taken 17 trips abroad with students and
  European                                      one trip to Quebec, Canada. Starting in 2009, Mr. & Mrs. “P” also began the annual
                                                trip tp Washington, DC for our junior high school students.
    Travel                                      The 2010 Europe Trip was almost derailed with the eruption of Iceland’s Evjafjallajokull
  Longtime                                      volcano, which closed most of Europe’s major airports. Ludden students got as far
                                                as the Newark, NJ airport before experiencing a long delay and ultimately having to

   Traditon                                     return home disappointed. Fortunately the trip was rescheduled for late June 2010
                                                and most of the original travelers were able to travel then. In April 2011 another group

  Continues                                     of students and parents traveled to Italy and France, visiting Rome and Vatican City just
                                                before Holy Week and the beatification of Pope John Paul II, and then ending their trip
                                                by attending the Easter Vigil Mass in Paris.
 and Expands
                                                The 2012 trip to Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France is already filling with eager students
                                                and their parents. Each year the trip visits different countries and cities but always ends
                                                in Paris - one of Mrs. P’s favorite cities in the world along with Venice and Lucerne. Mrs.P’s
                                                favorite thing about traveling with Ludden students is seeing their reactions and what
                                                they get out of visiting foreign countries - the kids make all the trips worthwhile!

                                                Next year a new excursion is planned. as more and more parents have traveled with their
                                                students there has been a request for an adult only trip. In July 2012 Mr. & Mrs. P will travel
                                                to Ireland and Scotland for this inaugural trip. Currently 24 reservations have been made
                                                and there is room for more adults. If you would like more information please contact Mrs. P
                                                at the school 315-468-2591.

                                          A 2006 Graduate of Ludden, Rachel went on to receive her Bachelor of Science
                                          Degree in biological sciences with a concentration in neuroscience from the State
                                          University of New York Buffalo in May 2010. Last August Rachel fulfilled a long time

                                                                                                                                            YOUNG ALUMNI
                                          dream and joined the Peace Corps. She is now a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal,
                                          francophone West Africa doing urban agriculture work.

                                          The program she is assigned to promotes food security, making sure the native people
                                          there have access to nutritious foods and extending techniques that conserve water and
                                          increase crop yields. She is termed an urban worker as she is located in a city and instead
                                          of working in large fields or farms she works with people who have gardens.

                                          Rachel’s big project now is to fund a school garden in on the of local elementary schools
                                          so that the school can earn extra income from selling the vegetables. In the future she
      Rachel                              would like to try and build a canteen so that the local school children can eat lunch in school
                                          instead of walking up to two kilometers to get back and forth from school at lunchtime.
                                          Rachel decided to join the Peace Corps because she wanted to travel and to experience
       ‘06                                another culture. What she would like people back home to know is that the Peace Corps is
                                          an incredibly difficult but ultimately rewarding experience and she would encourage other
                                          alumni to consider serving with the Corps. Also Rachel would like to encourage all of us to be
                                          extra nice to the next foreigner we meet as learning another language
                                                                                        REUNION YEARS
                                          BISHOP LUDDEN’S ALUMNI NEWSLETTER

                                                                                Happy Reunion year to all those from
                                                                                the classes of 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981,
    Events to Look For:                                                           1986, 1991, 1996, 2001 & 2006! Any
          Bishop Ludden presents                                                  of you who are planning your class
 “The High Schooler’s Guide to the Galaxy”                                      reunion for this coming year - we can
            by Brian Starchman                                                 help! Please contact the Advancement
          Friday Nov 11th - 7pm                                                 Office for a list of your classmates con-
    Sat Nov 12th 2pm and Dinner Show                                           tact information. We can list your event
        for more info call 468-0053                                             on our web-site and on our Facebook
                                                                                Page. We would like to encourage all
                           December 3rd                                            classes to plan around our Annual
                    Bishop Ludden High School                                   Alumni Weekend Ludden Fest. Look
                     Scholarship/Entrance Exam                                   for more information on our website.
                   for more info call school office
                                                                               The class of 1982 is getting a jump start
               December 27-28th                                                on their 30th Reunion in 2012 - ideas are
      Boy’s Basketball Holiday Tournament                                        being considered on Facebook also.

                                     Bishop Ludden Junior/Senior High School
                                     815 Fay Road • Syracuse, NY 13219
                                     T: (315) 468-2591

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