Entrants from sixty-three nations gathered to compete on the

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Stoke-on-Trent 13th December 2003
The Fenton Manor Sports Centre,                 Commonwealth Games bronze medal               Commonwealth final performance in
Stoke-on-Trent played host to the               for Scotland way back in 1990 (judo’s         2002, was confident in resistance.
inaugural edition of the British                only appearance therein prior to                    Though Lynch showed clearly
National Grand Finals, a new moniker            Manchester) losing to the legendary           her proficiency at escape her apparent
for the British Closed Championships.           Karen Briggs in her Auckland                  lack of will to reëngage in combat
      Eight of the nation’s leading             semifinal, faced Rebecca Kaye                 was construed as passivity and
judoka were invited to compete in               representing the North West in the            penalised as such. By the time
each of the seven men’s and seven               under 48kg third place contest.               Robertson scored yuko (‘5-point’
women’s weight categories. Those                      The Scot assumed the lead after         score) with some form of leg sweep,
attaining a top four placing would              Kaye was penalised early in the bout          twisting her opponent onto her side,
gain a place in the British squad that          and extended her advantage scoring            Lynch was already accumulated a
will chase Olympic Qualifying points            waza-ari (‘7-point’ score) through an         similar deficit having received two
on     the    European      circuit     in      innocuous looking throw. There was,           penalties.
forthcoming months.                             however, nothing harmless about the                 A further warning, again for
      Given that the acquisition of a           juji-gatami (an armlock where the arm         passivity, with 1½ minutes remaining
berth for the Athens Olympics would             is wrenched through the attackers             meant Lynch had now conceded
be the ultimate aim for most of those           legs) obtained in the immediate               keikoku (a penalty or penalties to the
competing here, the four judoka who             aftermath. Subjected to short-term            value of waza-ari) and stood in a
had already claimed a place for their           pain and the unwilling to face the            tenuous position. Another infraction
nation at the 2004 Games were                   prospect of injury, Kaye opted to tap         would result in her losing the match
excused from an arduous day’s work.             her surrender rather attempt escape           by hansoku-make (an ippon penalty).
However, at least two of these, Kate            and thus finished the day fourth.             Though this spurred Lynch, somewhat
Howey and Craig Fallon, were to be                    The men’s third place fight was         belatedly, into offensive mode her
seen amongst the healthy crowd.                 also decided by ippon (a decisive ‘10-        attacks, as the contest drew to a close,
      For the preliminary stages                point’ score) as James Lutman                 were ineffective and Robertson rode
contestants were drawn into one two             defeated James Miller in just under 2         them until the cessation of 5 minutes
pools, there to fight three bouts in a          minutes of a contest otherwise devoid         to claim the British title.
round-robin format. The top two                 of scoring.
combatants in each group would                        The under 60kg final saw Great                ‘Half-Lightweights’
progress to the semifinals, where each          Britain stalwart John Buchanan                  Men’s -66kg & Women’s -52kg
of the pool winners faced the opposite          against Tom Smith, nearly eight years
group’s runner-up, fought straight              his junior. The younger man started           The two qualifiers for the men’s
after the pool bouts before advancing           more aggressively though his early            under 66kg final had each represented
to the evening’s classification finals.         combativity bore no reward. Indeed a          their country in one of the two major
      The square of four tatami (judo           non-threatening        seoi-nage     (drop    championships of 2003. In the blue
mats) was a veritable hive of activity          shoulder throw) effort by Smith, when         judogi     (judo    uniform)     David
during      the     eight-or-so     hour        around two minutes had elapsed,               Somerville, our selection for the
qualification session, in near constant         might have been costly as Buchanan            world championships, confronted
use throughout. The timetable was               countered with a strangle attempt.            Londoner James Warren, in white, the
such that matches for individual                      Although Smith managed to               British selection for May’s European
weight categories were contested back           extricate himself, to the referee’s           Championships.
to back, offering negligible respite for        satisfaction,      from        Buchanan’s           Warren was quite a sight to
the often battle weary combatants               attentions on that occasion he was            behold as he approached the tatami.
twixt bouts. It is testament, too, to the       powerless to resist a textbook uchi-          When one sees a Briton wandering
proficiency of the referees and corner          mata (inner thigh throw) ninety               around the competition hall with head
judges, allied perhaps to the discipline        seconds later. Smith was wheeled              bandaged the odds are that it is Craig
of the judoka, that few decisions met           onto his back as the Camberley based          Fallon, but in his absence Warren
serious derision over the marathon              Scotsman illustrated his greater              assumed the rôle. The extent of his
session.                                        experience       becoming          national   ‘mummification’ was, however, way
                                                champion by ippon.                            in excess of Fallon’s common garb
        ‘Extra Lightweights’                          Unfortunately for Buchanan              and Warren can be thankful that sepak
    Men’s -60kg & Women’s -48kg                 selection for a second Olympic                takraw players are a species
                                                appearance (he lost his only bout in          somewhat thin on the ground in Stoke
Those contestants with the lightest             Sydney) would appear unlikely as the          and its environs, as his visage bore a
bodyweights were amongst the first to           diminutive figure of Craig Fallon,            striking resemblance to the implement
complete the qualification procedure,           current World and European vice-              that they kick so vigorously.
having left the tatami well before              champion, forms a disproportionately                The final began inauspiciously.
noon. The upshot of their early start           sized block to any such aspiration.           Somerville      was    penalised   for
was that Fiona Robertson would face                    In the opening women’s final of        passivity after 29 seconds. Fourteen
Clare Lynch in the ladies’ final whilst         the night Fiona Robertson, who                seconds later the tallies were even as
John Buchanan and Tom Smith would               equalled       her       sister’s     1990    Warren received a warning for the
meet in the preceding men’s contest.            performance         at       last     years   same offence.
     Before either championship bout            Commonwealth Games, came up                         Warren seemed to take umbrage
got underway the minor finals were to           against Manchester silver medallist           at this. His rejoinder, however, was
be fought, for the classification of            Claire Lynch.                                 toplace him in firm control of the
third and fourth placed athletes,                     The early grapples descended            contest. Before the first minute was
though both combatants in each case             floorward      on       each      occasion.   out he grabbed Somerville in a
were assured of bronze medals.                  Robertson clearly preferred to partake        fireman’s lift and from a kneeling
     Donna Robertson, the twin sister           in groundwork though Lynch, as                position heaved the Scotsman
of finalist Fiona, who won a                    evidenced        in         her      gutsy    skyward before dumping him to the

2                                            MAJORITY SPORT January 2004
floor (kata-garuma). For this supreme         and is a clear favourite to fill that     Bonti’s cautious, considered approach
effort he was awarded, perhaps a little       position.                                 though Purssey was, once again, able
generously, waza-ari (‘7-point’ score).             Undeterred         by        such   to claim a considerable height
       Warren’s position thereafter           considerations,      Victoria     Dunn,   advantage. He used this in attempting
weakened slightly as his previous             formerly a senior international at        obtain searching, scopey grips that
shido (koka or ‘3-point’ penalty) was         -48kg, made manifest her credentials.     Johns wisely strove to avoid.
increased to chui (a yuko or ‘5-point’        With less than a minute on the clock            Though Johns was unwilling to
penalty) for a further indiscretion.          Dunn subjected Liz Welsh to an            commit to grip-ups his speed
This was followed by a mêlée from             excruciating       armlock       during   contributed enormously to the few
which Warren appeared to have                 groundwork. The hapless Welsh             early, explosive mêlées that did arise.
emerged with a yuko (‘5-point’)               resisted briefly but within ten seconds         Although failing to score in the
score.        However,         following      signalled her submission leaving          opening exchanges, Purssey persisted
deliberation the judges reversed the          Dunn triumphant.                          and managed to reign in the hoverfly-
award crediting Somerville with the                                                     like Johns, scoring first a koka
scoring manœuvre. Though still                         Men’s under 73kg                 followed by a yuko for a daki-wakare
trailing, Somerville was now within a                                                   (rotating hug from the rear) type
penalty score of the lead.                    Two of the leading contenders in this     throw. Later still a waza-ari (‘7-point’
       In the ensuing grip ups                division were drawn in the same pool      score) to Purssey offered further
Somerville came under a good deal of          and met each other in the last of their   embellishment to his win.
pressure, as Warren was able to press         three group bouts. Matthew Purssey              Soon after Bonti secured a
down against the Scotsman’s low               has been the senior British               rematch against Purssey in the
stance and pounce dangerously upon            representative this year, selected for    evening’s final. He despatched Ian
him.      Such      strain    compelled       both      European       and     World    Francis with ippon (a decisive ‘10-
Somerville to search for escape routes        Championships. The peak, thus far, of     point’ score) through a wonderfully
rather than confront his tormentor and        Eric Bonti’s judo career would            tidy sukui-nage (scoop throw), having
led to his second penalty concession          probably be achieving the runner-up       conceded three penalties beforehand.
with three minutes gone.                      position, to Mongolia’s Kaligh            In the third place contest Francis
       Warren continued to harass             Boldbaatar, at the 1999 Universiade.      overcame Johns with his top score a
Somerville effectively and picked up          He represented his nation, too, at the    yuko from a laboured uchi-mata late
a koka (‘3-point’) score from a minor         2001 Europeans before Lee Burbridge       in the fight.
throw for his exertions before entering       took over as the peferred British               The final, between Purssey and
into a brief spell of unconvincing            championship selection.                   Bonti, was a brief affair, in utter
groundwork.                                         This preliminary contest saw        contrast to their prior contest. Little of
       The entertaining contest met           Purssey, by far the taller of the two     note had occurred in the first thirty
with an abrupt and somewhat                   judoka, begin far more aggressively       seconds when an unpromising grapple
unsatisfactory end as Somerville              than his opponent. His first major        collapsed into similarly discouraging
received a third penalty, this time for       attack was by tomoe-nage (a sacrifice,    groundwork. The pair untangled
dropping to the ground in avoidance           stomach throw where the attacker          themselves as if maté (the referee’s
of Warren’s attention. When allied to         drops to his back with his foot in the    command to break) had been called
the waza-ari conceded earlier                 opponents stomach), though Bonti          before. However, no such instruction
Somerville’s      keikoku      (waza-ari      rode this comfortably without             had been forthcoming.
penalty score) constituted sogo-gachi         conceding a score.                              Bonti was the first to realise his
(a ‘compound win’) handing Warren                   Despite his relative non-           error whilst Purssey, slowly rising
victory, a repeat of the result seen in       combatively, Bonti put the first mark     from the edge of the tatami, with back
the 2002 Commonwealth final.                  on the scoreboard when awarded yuko       to opponent remained apparently
       The third place bout in the under      (‘5-point’ score) for an innocent         oblivious. Bonti swiftly made Purssey
66kg division had also been a busy            looking fall. Another tomoe-nage          aware of his oversight, as he sprang
affair, though it went the five minute        from Purssey equalised the scores,        upon his opponent subjecting him to
distance. The decisive score was a            though the throw was at first adjudged    okuri-eri-jime (a rear strangle hold).
waza-ari to Colin Oates in the fourth         to be a koka (‘3-point’ score) and              Purssey, presumably sickened
minute. Despite a concerted effort            appeared underscored even at it’s         by     his    ostensible     lapse      of
from Gareth Carder, yielding a yuko           elevated standing.                        concentration, did not have the heart
score with around 20 seconds                        With his dander up, Purssey         to endure any further discomfort
remaining, Oates held on for the              embarked on a series of telegraphed,      given the futility of his situation. The
minor honours.                                and correspondingly fruitless, uchi-      only     conceivable      outcome       of
       In stark contrast to the men’s         mata (inner thigh throw) attempts         resistance would have been a period
petite final, in which six scores were        before reverting to tomoe-nage which,     of unconsciousness and so Purssey
seen during five minutes, the                 similarly, failed to score.               tapped out. Bonti had gained more
concurrent women’s third place                      The decisive score came when        than ample revenge for his earlier
contest proffered no such markers             Bonti was penalised for a gripping        defeat.
during regulation time. Indeed it was         infringement, handing Purssey a koka
not until 3 minutes and 15 seconds of         score in addition to his yuko, though             Women’s under 57kg
the ‘sudden death’ golden score               Purssey did well to foil a powerful
period had elapsed that a tired Julie         ura-nage attempt (bear hug like lift      Great Britain’s leading proponent in
Baker achieved ascendancy over her            after which the attacked is turned and    this division, Sophie Cox, was
comparably fatigued North Western             dumped to the floor) late in the          sidelined from this tournament by the
division       compatriot      Samantha       contest. This narrow victory rested       same injury that necessitated her to
Smithson.                                     Purssey at the head of his group,         withdraw       from     the    World
       The judoka contesting the under        though Bonti, in second place, also       Championship team this summer. She
52kg final, like those in the men’s           progressed to the semis.                  was, however, present in the crowd
-60kg, fought in the shadow of an                   The first of the semifinals saw     casting her eye over the domestic
absent      team      mate.     Georgina      Purssey against the opposite group        competition.
Singleton, the 2002 European                  runner-up: Ian Johns of Yorkshire and           Cox’s replacement in the Osaka
Champion, gained an Olympic berth             Humberside. Johns’ nimble, twitchy        Worlds’     team;    Natalie   Barry,
for Great Britain at this year’s Worlds       style contrasted significantly to         successfully advanced to the national

                                           MAJORITY SPORT January 2004                                                          3
final where she was pitched against            was unable to draw Burton into an          through a shoulder throw, in the
her predecessor from the 2001                  error. Preston seemed distinctly           fourth minute.
Worlds’ team; Jennifer Brien.                  nonplussed at the finale and when                With just over one minute
       The final was made up of                Burton offered his hand in leaving the     remaining Preston took the lead as the
largely uninspiring fare. Brien, the           mat the Welshman held it for longer        sixth penalty of the bout went against
silver medallist for Scotland at last          than is gentlemanly while apparently       Lomax, taking him to keikoku as
year’s      Commonwealth         Games,        venting some of his spleen against his     well. Both fighters bore anxious
appeared to hurt her wrist in the              conqueror.                                 looks, fearing hansoku-make (‘10-
opening exchanges and fell behind                    The second semifinal included        point’ disqualification penalty), when
early on, conceding a penalty.                 another star of the British scene in       the judges huddled with twenty-four
       A shoulder throw by Barry,              Thomas Cousins, the 2000 European          seconds remaining. No further
initially classified at yuko (a ‘5-point’      Junior Champion and World Junior           discipline was dispensed, however, so
score), was downgraded to koka (a ‘3-          silver medallist two years earlier.        the judoka could breathe again.
point score) just after the halfway            There he faced a more recent, though             In the dying seconds Lomax
mark in the bout. Brien remained on            considerably less successful, junior       felled Preston with a leg sweep
the back foot thereafter, conceding            international; Peter Lomax.                though the Welshman span to face the
another penalty for passivity with                   Cousins did not have an easy job     floor before making contact with it.
about one minute remaining, thereby            winning his group. A case in point         Preston, therefore, gained minor
enhancing Barry’s lead.                        was his bout against Paul Green,           consolation in claiming third, for his
       Nothing in the final minute             which was resolved only by koka with       semifinal disappointment.
could alter Brien’s predicament and            both having racked up keikoku (‘7-               The final of the under 81kg
she was unable to muster a final               point’) penalty scores.                    division though promising much,
assault for the national title, leaving              The dreadlocked Cousins cut a        failed to deliver, due to unfortunate
Barry instead to collect the crown.            magnificently menacing figure when         circumstances. Cousins seemed to
       Sophie Johnstone claimed third          facing his opposition; with his right      dislocate a finger and was clearly in
place over Louise Reninks, another             hand deliberately shaking, like a          great pain. Twice he valiantly restored
Scot. Having scored waza-ari (‘7-              rattlesnake aiming to transfix its         the offending digit to a tolerable
point’ score) Johnstone added a hatful         quarry.                                    position only for it to dislocate once
of minor scores before the conclusion                Cousins’ low stance in the grip-     more on the slightest contact. After a
of the bout.                                   up was matched by Lomax and both           third halt the gallant Cousins pressed
                                               received shido for defensive posture       on regardless. However when the pain
          Men’s under 81kg                     soon after the start. Though Cousins       finally became unbearable, and a
                                               was the more aggressive throughout         fourth break was necessary, the bout
The category in which Great Britain            the bout he was almost caught by an        and championship was awarded to
took its most recent judo world title,         harmless looking foot sweep from           Burton via kiken-gachi (withdrawal).
through Graham Randall in 1999, was            Lomax at one stage. However, a
amongst the most competitive at                number of dangerous leg grabs by                  Women’s under 63kg
Fenton Manor. With Randall now                 Cousins finally paid a small dividend
fully retired, having returned to              as he was awarded koka.                    Karen Roberts, a former World and
championship competition to claim                    The combatants were penalised        European medallist, making her one
the 2002 Commonwealth title, the               once again, seemingly for defensive        of the most experienced members of
battle to fill his gi continues apace.         posture, though Cousins had this           the current British women’s team,
       Welshman Luke Preston, the              blight removed at the behest of the        progressed to the final of the half-
British representative at European and         corner judges. As a result Lomax           middleweight class where she faced
World Championships in 2000 and                became a good deal more aggressive,        Sarah Clark. The bout was another
2001, was pitched against the man              charging throughout the final stages.      replay of a Commonwealth Games
who had assumed his position from              With five seconds remaining Cousins’       final. In Manchester Roberts had
2002; Euan Burton from Scotland, in            second penalty was, effectively,           triumphed in a straightforward
the first semifinal.                           reinstated after dropped to the mat to     manner but Clark was to offer far
       The first half of their contest         avoid conflict but by this stage was       sterner opposition in Stoke.
saw Burton and Preston separately              secure in victory by virtue of his               Roberts began aggressively,
warned, each conceding a shido (‘3-            secondary score.                           quickly engineering groundwork in
point’ penalty). Though Preston had                  In the third place contest neither   which she revels, but appeared to
probably        been     slightly   more       Lomax nor Preston adopted a low            cause herself some minor injury in so
aggressive, his failed tomoe-nage              stance readily leading to much cœur à      doing. However, she remained the
(sacrifice stomach throw) being the            cœur grappling. A penalty against          more active judoka attempting leg
most palpable move of the opening              Preston was negated when Lomax             hooks and a stomach throw before the
three minutes, neither wrestler could          was ‘called up’ for a gripping             embattled Clark gained a fleeting arm
make a mark.                                   infringement early in the second           lock hold as the pair struggled on the
       Both judoka had their penalties         minute. Two more independent               mat.
increased to chui (a yuko or ‘5-point’         penalties followed, one apiece.                  A seoi-nage (drop shoulder
penalty), with 1-40 left on the clock,               Matters became serious for           throw) attempt by Roberts, with three
due to passivity following a                   Preston when he received a third           minutes to go, failed to score but put
particularly lazy looking passage of           penalty (for passivity) after a            Clark further on the defensive. A
upright grappling.                             sequence of tentative grip-ups in          minute later the Scot paid for her
       Thereafter Preston was, perhaps,        which meaningless kicks were               inactivity when penalised, propelling
a little unlucky not to receive at least       swapped. With keikoku standing             Roberts into a fragile lead with,
koka (‘3-point’ score) after dumping           against him another penalisable            conceding shido (‘3-point’ penalty
Burton sideways with kata-garuma               infraction      would      result     in   score).
(shoulder wheel). He undoubtedly felt          disqualification.                                Thereafter    Robert’s    tempo
greater grievance when penalised,                    Preston, as in his semi, showed      seemed to drop also and a lame
once more, in the final minute giving          some petulance at this decision but        looking tomoe-nage (sacrifice throw)
Burton the lead.                               managed to translate his anger into        attempt might have been construed as
       Despite frantic efforts in the          action scoring yuko (a ‘5-point score),    a false attack. Clark upped her effort
closing seconds a frustrated Preston                                                      in the closing phase and managed to

4                                           MAJORITY SPORT January 2004
fell her adversary, though Roberts             contingent      prospering     at     the   had a tricky path to the semifinals
would not be turned and collapsed              Nationals; Steven Vidler.                   being taken into ‘sudden death’
safely on her front.                                 Before Cousins and Vidler could       golden time in her final pool match.
      With thirty seconds remaining            commence the third place bout,              In her semi Lowe met Michelle Holt,
Clarke deftly evaded the concession            between two Londoners, was to be            who had lost her opening group match
of a score by pivoting and rolling on          seen. This was an entertaining affair,      to Sarah Taylor (who did not
her heel and shoulder when thrown by           exemplified      by     the    energetic    progress) before winning the next
Roberts. This proved to be an                  grappling in which the pair, adopting       two.
important escape as in the dying               relatively low stances, wheeled                   Holt dumped the pigtailed Lowe
seconds Roberts was penalised,                 around each other in huge swinging          early on for an apparent waza-ari (‘7-
balancing the scoreboard             and       movements, reminiscent of some              point’ score) though the move must
extending the bout into a golden score         archaic pastoral dance.                     have been initiated outside the
period.                                              Bobby Rich had achieved the           regulation area as no mark went on
      Roberts, once again, grasped the         upper hand over Tom Davis scoring           the board. It was Lowe, though, that
nettle at the beginning of the sudden          waza-ari (‘7-point’ score) near the         opened the scoring with a koka (‘3-
death phase. A knee grab threatened            halfway mark of the contest. Rich,          point’ score) before once again
but Clarke managed to hop backward             however, was not content to rest on         looking vulnerable and surrendering a
to safety. After forty seconds a hip           his laurels. With a little more than a      similar score to Holt’s footsweep.
throw by Roberts must have been                minute remaining he executed a                    At the end of the designated five
close to a koka (‘3-point’) score              beautiful seoi-nage (drop shoulder          minutes the contest remained drawn
though none was given. Other than a            throw) twisting a flailing Davies           so Lowe, not long rested since her
transitory hold after riding a seoi-nage       square onto his back for ippon              previous slog, was plunged into
attempt, Clarke, though far from               (decisive score).                           another golden score period. This
passive, was unable to trouble                       In the final neither judoka           time she succumbed to a leg grab and
opponent.                                      seemed keen to enter into gripping.         was relegated to the third place play-
      Roberts attempted a couple of            Vidler inaugurated the battle with a        off. She did not show for the evening
tomoe-nage throws, though Clarke               tomoe-nage (sacrifice stomach throw)        bout, gifting the match to Sian
remained unflustered and proficiently          in which his foot slipped from              Fairbrother who lost her semi to
resisted    Roberts’      forays     into      Cousins’ stomach to more delicate           Nicola Dillon, the other qualifier from
groundwork. As the clock ticked                regions. No serious harm was done           Lowe’s pool.
down Roberts continued to drop to              but when Vidler’s knee met Cousin’s               No sooner had the final begun
her back when threatened but gave up           groin during an unsuccessful sumi-          than it was over. Dillon was clearly as
the pretence of trying tomoe-nage and          gaeshi (another sacrifice throw)            surprised by the swiftness of Holt as
was probably a little fortunate not to         attempt after 45 seconds the latter was     your correspondent, whose gaze was
be punished for this propensity.               clearly hurt.                               inexcusably elsewhere during the
       The tenth and final minute of                 Cousins, recomposed after a           action. However, given the speed and
the competition saw Clarke the more            short injury break, faced further           distance covered during the throw it
combative but Roberts would not be             sacrifice throw attempts from Vidler        seems likely that morote-gari (a
drawn into error leaving the referee           though none came close to scoring.          double leg grab) brought Holt victory
judges to choose the winner. Roberts           The Scotsman continued to take the          by ippon within ten seconds.
rightly won an unanimous verdict,              fight to Cousins but to no account.               This was, incidentally, the third
having shown much more aggression                    Though not passive Cousins had        consecutive win, following Roberts
for the majority of the contest though         been distinctly guarded in the first        and Cousins, for an athlete
it had tailed off somewhat in both             half of the final, allowing Vidler to       representing      Northern       Home
regulation and over-time.                      exert himself as he wished. As the          Counties.
      In the minor final Gemma                 Scot began to slow, however, Cousins
Hutchins won by waza-ari-awasate-              responded with adroit precision. On                  Men’s under 100kg
ippon (2 waza-ari, ‘7-point’ scores).          three minutes Cousins grabbed
The second appeared to arise through           Vidler’s arm, dropped to his knees          Sam      Delahay,      the   defending
Hutchins pinning Faith Pitman to the           twisting the secured limb thus coaxing      champion in the men’s half-
tatami for the requisite 20 seconds.           Vidler to the floor to relieve the stress   heavyweight class, was injured during
                                               exerted. In a flash the seoi-otoshi was     his defence. Despite reaching the third
          Men’s under 90kg                     complete. It was graded at waza-ari         place play-off Delahay was unfit to
                                               and gave Cousins a commanding               compete. However, he followed
With       World        Championship           advantage.                                  etiquette, respecting his opponent, and
representative and Commonwealth                      Vidler persisted with his             presented for the bout handing
Games champion (won in one of the              sacrifice throws though they failed to      Graeme Strachan victory by kiken-
few men’s classes including a truly            trouble Cousins. Indeed they offered        gachi (withdrawal).
world class competitor) Winston                Cousins the chance to consume a                   In the final Steven Edwards,
Gordon not present it was left to two          good deal of the remainder in               representing the West, took an early
previous selections for the European           anodyne groundwork as he protected          lead when Yorkshire’s Brett Embley
Championships to contest the                   his lead to become national champion        was penalised but his advantage was
middleweight final.                            for 2003.                                   negated when he subsequently
      Peter Cousins, the twin brother                                                      conceded a shido (‘3-point’ penalty)
of -81kg runner-up Thomas, shares a                    Women’s under 70kg                  for passivity.
similar pedigree to his sibling, having                                                          Stung into action Edwards
won the European Junior title and              With Kate Howey convalescing after          engineered a dangerous hold-down
medalled at the World Juniors. His             her latest injury, sustained whilst         (probably kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame)
senior form, however, has been                 gaining fifth place and an Olympic          during groundwork mid bout. With
slightly more impressive though he             qualifying berth for Great Britain at       Edwards pressing chest down upon
has not yet shown in major                     the World Championships, and                him, arms wrapped around shoulder
championships, maybe due to limited            Amanda Costello seemingly absent            and torso, Embley contrived to
exposure. Opposing Cousins in the              this category was left open.                wriggle their combined weight
championship decider was another                     Samantha         Lowe,      the       beyond the red tatami edge before a
member of the impressive Scottish              Commonwealth Games champion,                score was given.

                                            MAJORITY SPORT January 2004                                                         5
      After maté (break) had been                    Rogers proceeded to defeat the                Men’s over 100kg
called Embley upped the ante                  previously imposing Melen scoring
pestering Edwards with a number of            yuko with a leg grab to add to the chui    The men’s heavyweight division has
uchi-mata (inner thigh throw)                 (‘5-point’ penalty) accrued by her         long been devoid of a domestic
attempts. Though failing to score             Welsh opponent. The semifinal line-        competitor capable of challenging on
directly these attempts put Edwards           up was decided: Wilding would face         the international stage. Not since 1995
on the defensive and resulted is a            Melen with Rogers taking on Wilson.        has Great Britain been represented in
second passivity warning against him,                Melen was unable to recapture       World Championship or Olympic
elevating his penalty to chui (a yuko         her early vigour in a negative contest     competition in the heaviest men’s
or ‘5-point’ penalty score), with 1-40        against Wilding. Three penalties           division. Even forays to the European
remaining.                                    against the Welshwoman left her in a       Championships have become sporadic
      Though Embley now held the              precarious situation. A shido (‘3-         and offered little return.
lead his position could not be                point’ penalty) for passivity against            Our preferred representative of
construed as safe, thus he set about          Wilding offered no consolation as          late has been Robert Stilwell who was
making it so. He continued to try             Melen was penalised again to lose by       not present in Stoke. That left Danny
uchi-mata,      successfully  keeping         hansoku-make.                              Sargent, the Commonwealth Games
Edwards at bay if nothing else. A                    Twenty year-old Sian Wilson         silver medallist and Joe Delahay as
knee grab in the final minute was             started her semi in enthusiastic           the likely forerunners. Delahay is
Embley’s most dramatic scoring                fashion. However, Rogers tacitly           probably Britain’s best heavyweight
attempt,      necessitating    evasive        illustrated her vastly superior            prospect for the future and was the
manœuvers from Edwards.                       experince depositing her incautious        best performing Briton across the
      Embley retained the lead ’til the       opponent for ippon within the opening      board at the recent European Junior
end containing Edwards with great             half minute.                               Championships, placing fifth.
competence winning by virtue of                      The third place bout was                  Sargent and Delahay were
Edward’s two accumulated penalties            interrupted soon after beginning when      drawn to meet in the second
against his solitary one.                     Melen was forced to leave the hall in      semifinal.     The       first     pitched
                                              search of a new pair of trousers. She      Carshalton’s Andrew Ede against
        Women’s under 78kg                    returned in a pristine royal blue pair     Ulsterman Mark Montgomery, a
                                              of bottoms contrasting markedly with       Commonwealth champion at the
If any event at the National Grand            her faded top. Unconcerned by her          weight below. Ede scored a quick
Finals could better the men’s half-           motley      attire    Melen     opened     yuko (‘5-point’ score) before exerting
middleweight for depth it was the             theaccount with a waza-ari (‘7-point’      his weight in groundwork with
women’s half-heavyweights. The                score) rolling Wilson onto her back        aplomb. Montgomery, with Ede
judoka selected to represent Team GB          after she had landed from a throw.         perched on his torso, a knee either
at the prestige events in this class has             Melen then appeared to become       side of his head, shoulders pinned by
altered for each of the last four years.      more defensive, content to protect her     his opponent’s legs, could not
Of that quartet of ladies, only the           lead rather than pursue all out victory.   extricate himself and could do little
retired Chloe Cowen was missing,              On this occasion her caution was           while 25 seconds ticked by and ippon
with Michelle Rogers, Jo Melen and            punished not by the referee but her        (decisive score) was awarded.
Rachel Wilding all in attendance. The         young opponent as she succumbed to               The second semifinal was
nation can also boast the precocious          a likely kosoto-gari (minor outside leg    another brief battle. The two
youthful talents of Lindsay Sorrell           reap), with two minutes remaining,         combatants exchanged shido (‘3-
and Sian Wilson in this division so it        for ippon.                                 point’ penalties) before Sargent went
is likely to remain ferociously                      In the final Rogers looked to       behind after conceding a second
competitive for many years to come.           control from the outset attacking with     penalty. Just after the completion of
       By the time the final round of         a leg grab then dominating in ensuing      one minute Delahay concluded the
pool matches began the semifinalists          groundwork. Such pressure resulted in      bout.     Screaming,       berserkur-like,
had already been decided though the           shido being issued against Wilding in      Delahey raised Sargeant aloft
result of these bouts would decree            little over a minute. Rogers added to      throwing him over his shoulder and
who would meet whom therein.                  her lead with a yuko by uchi-mata          clean on his back for ippon.
       Wilding had impressed in her           (inner thigh throw) after two minutes.           The     evening’s        consolation
opening two matches. She amassed                     Both judoka managed to obtain       contest saw Sargent put any
five yuko (‘5-point’) scores in her           strong grips against each other, which     disappointment behind him as he
first before gaining ippon (a decisive        led to protracted periods of stalemate     claimed third place with a swift
‘10-point’ score) with a hold down            in the latter half of the contest.         victory over Montgomery
performed astride her opponent                Eventually Rogers was adjudged to                In the final three penalties in
(probably tate-shiho-gatame). She             have contravened some protocol and         quick time put Delahay in an
then dispatched Kimberley Aspinall            was penalised in the fourth minute.        unenviable position. Ede conceded a
square on her backside, within thirty                The pace did not rise               second penalty himself, for passivity,
seconds. The group decider had                significantly thereafter, indeed it        in resisting Delahay’s shoulder throw
Wilding facing Wilson. Wilson took            halted in the last half-minute as          attempt.
an early lead with a koka (‘3-point’          Wilding fumbled around in search of              An injury to Ede midway
score) before contriving to concede           a contact lens. On resumption the          through might have offered Delahay
four penalties and so lose the match          action picked up as Rogers tried to        some hope but it was soon
by hansoku-make (ippon penalty).              add gloss to her scorecard. A drop         extinguished. On resumption Ede, the
       In the other group Melen had           shoulder throw attempt led to ground       taller though lighter of the two
impressed most, tripping an off-              work which the champion elect used         dropped his opponent for a koka (‘3-
balance Rebecca Singleton for ippon           to run down the clock. Maté was            point’ score). Groundwork followed
before demolishing Joanne Mullen in           called with one second remaining,          and Ede manipulated his adversary
two seconds flat with a probable uki-         leaving Wilding with no chance of          into some form of yoko-shiho-gatame
goshi (floating hip throw). Michelle          victory and securing Rogers’ position      hold (a hold from the side) with his
Rogers employed a similar technique           at the vanguard of the standings.          chest pressing down upon Delahay.
to gain a yuko lead over Singleton in                                                    An armlock or possibly even
her second contest before a leg injury                                                   stranglehold may have been employed
forced Singleton to retire.                                                              though neither was obvious if used.

6                                          MAJORITY SPORT January 2004
Nonetheless      Delahay       clearly        advantage Manfredi would clearly           their endeavours) need not be
considered his position untenable and         require exceptional technique in order     forfeited.
tapped submission, before twenty              to prosper.                                       In each men’s weight category
seconds had elapsed, to hand Ede the                 Callender began the bout with a     nine European qualifying places are
title.                                        leg grab, rushing her opponent off the     available (independent of the number
                                              tatami, which though promising failed      of European nation qualified from this
        Women’s over 78kg                     to score. Manfredi was on to the           year’s World Championships). In the
                                              defensive in grappling and frequently      women’s divisions, where event
As the weight categories are ascended         fell to her knees as a consequence of      quotas are more severe, a total of five
one would normally expect the action          Callender’s overwhelming power.            additional European nations may
to decrease in pace. The sheer effort                Callender     continued       her   qualify per event.
required of manhandling one’s                 blitzkrieg attack with futher leg grabs           Great Britain certainly has
opponent limits the number of                 and sweeps but Manfredi kept her           athletes of sufficient calibre to meet
explosive efforts that can be instituted      wits about her and always managed to       the Olympic qualification criteria. In
in a five-minute bout and any                 fall, with feline agility, to her front.   2000 the Sydney team contained ten
weakness engendered by such action            Although the besieged Manfredi did         members,       including      a     full
may leave a fighter susceptible to            not obviously attack until late into the   complement of seven women. On that
attack.                                       bout she never appeared passive as         occasion seven Britons qualified via
       It was, therefore, an absolute         she patently put huge effort into          the 1999 World Championships,
delight to watch the women’s                  thwarting Callender’s offensive.           which was, helpfully, hosted in
heavyweight third place play-off.                    When       Callender      finally   Birmingham. An addition of three
Sarah       Adlington     and     Abbie       managed to land her opponent               more athletes by continental quota
Cunningham,          with      youthful       dorsally, for what looked to be waza-      this time round would be satisfactory
exuberance, went at each other like a         ari (‘7-point’ score) from another leg     but one would naturally hope a few
couple of lightweights.                       grab, she met further frustration as the   extra might be obtained.
       A minute and a bit into the            move was commenced outside the
contest each had a koka (‘3-point’)           fighting zone and was, therefore,          A report on British performances at
score against their name. It was              annulled.                                  the Moskva Super A tournament as
Cunningham, the shorter and probably                 Any frustration, however, was       well as a list of the European
lighter of the contestants, who took          transient as a leg sweep in the final      Olympic      Qualifying    standings
the smallest of leads possible scoring        half-minute scored yuko for Callander      for all weight categories will appear
koka,      subtly   imbalancing      her      after which she quickly smothered her      in the February edition of
retreating opponent with a foot grab          opponent for a hold-down. The match        MAJORITY SPORT.
from a near prone position (possibly          clock ran down but Callender
kibisu-gaeshi but with no sleeve grip).       remained lying on her opponent for
       The tempo, understandably,             25 seconds to ensure an ippon (a           NOTES ON JUDO SCORING
dropped a little as the match                 decisive ‘10-point’ score) verdict for
progressed as the girls tired.                the concluding match of the Grand          The four grades of positive scores,
Cunningham in particular began to             Finals.                                    obtained from throws and holds, in judo
look jaded and in the final minute was                                                   are as follows:
unable to resist Adlington’s shoulder                          2004                      ippon      ‘10-point’ score       (i)
throw. Though only scored at yuko                                                        waza-ari   ‘7-point’ score        (w)
(‘5-point’ score) this was enough to          Great Britain has secured positions in     yuko       ‘5-point’ score        (y)
reverse the lead.                             the Athens draw for four events so far     koka       ‘3-point’ score        (k)
       Cunningham now had all                 (those being the men’s -60kg,
vivacity restored and with Herculean          women’s -52kg, -70kg & +78kg). The         The commonly used point score analogy
spirit set about Adlington once more,         chase for places in the others resumes     is somewhat misleading, indicating only
valiantly trying to fell her with uchi-       at the Moskva ‘Super A’ tournament.        the difference between the gradings. No
mata (inner thigh throw). Adlington,                The      remaining      positions    number of koka will equal one yuko and
the      more     controlled     judoka       available to European athletes are         no number of yuko constitute one waza-
throughout, had enough in reserve to          ascribed to those at the top of the        ari. However two waza-ari scores (waza-
withstand her opponents badgering             continental ranking tables following       ari-awasete-ippon) do constitute ippon
and remained upright until the                the 2004 European Championships in         and will conclude a bout, as does ippon.
conclusion to ensure her triumph.             Beograd.      These     rankings    are    The penalty scores (listed below) do
       The camaraderie shown between          calculated using the best four results     accumulate, though not quite as one
the two combatants, who had so                at eighteen pre-designated events          might expect given their token point
recently battled each other with              during 2003 and 2004 (decided by           value indicated:
unbridled voracity, after the bout was        points designated dependent upon: 1;
a touching addition to one of the most        the position achieved at a specified       hansoku-make ‘10-point’ penalty (H)
enjoyable contests of the day.                event, and 2; the calibre of               keikoku ‘7-point’ penalty     (K)
       As Karina Bryant, our reigning         competition at said event). As results     chui     ‘5-point’ penalty    (C)
European Champion and a multiple              achieved in 2004 count for double the      shido    ‘3-point’ penalty    (S)
World Championship medallist, was             points of equivalent results in the        Chui penalties and above are given for
excused from this event her many-             2003 counterpart the majority of           serious infractions and are rarely seen.
time team mate, Simone Callender.             qualifiers will get to Athens on the       However, a second shido against one
Callender, though overshadowed by             back of this years results.                judoka makes their penalty become chui
Bryant, ban boast an impressive                     Olympic berths are attributed to     (ie. 3+3=5 !). A third shido increases
international record and is a near            the nation of the ‘qualifying’ judoka      chui to keikoku and a fourth will
fixture in the British European               and not the athletes themselves.           terminate the bout, awarding the win to
Championship        team,     generally       Therefore, no one competitor is            the opponent, through hansoku-make.
competing in the Open category.               assured of a place at the Athens
       The dubious honour of opposing         Games. It follows that if injury should    A contest also concludes when keikoku
Callender in the final fell upon Kerri        befall one of our leading athletes then    and waza-ari add, giving one athlete two
Manfredi. Of slighter frame than              any place they may have been               ‘7-point’ scores. This is called sogo-
Callender and with little if any height       considered for (and actually gained by     gachi.

                                           MAJORITY SPORT January 2004                                                           7
           MEN’S -60kg                                                            MEN’S -81kg
           3rd PLACE BOUT       Region     i w y k          Time                  Semifinal 1             Region     i w y k         Time
         B MILLER James         Scotland   0 0 0 0                          B     BURTON Euan             Scotland   0 1 0 0 C       5-00
         W LUTMAN James         Southern   1 0 0 0           1-55           W     PRESTON Luke            Wales      0 0 1 0 K
                                                                                  BURTON Euan             shido
           FINAL                Region     i w y k          Time         ~2-30    PRESTON Luke            shido
         B BUCHANAN John        Scotland   1 0 0 0          3-33           3-20   BURTON Euan             chui
         W SMITH Tom            NJA        0 0 0 0                         3-20   PRESTON Luke            chui
                                                                       aft 4-00   PRESTON Luke            keikoku

               MEN’S -66kg                                                    Semifinal 2                 Region     i w y k         Time
               3rd PLACE BOUT   Region     i w y k          Time           B COUSINS Thomas               NHC        0 0 1 1 C       5-00
         B     OATES Colin      Eastern    0 1 1 2 S        5-00           W LOMAX Peter                  NJA        0 0 1 0 C
         W     CARDER Gareth    Southern   0 0 1 1 S                          COUSINS Thomas              shido
    b4 1-16    OATES Colin      yuko                                          LOMAX Peter                 shido
       1-37    CARDER Gareth    shido                                         COUSINS Thomas              koka
       2-41    OATES Colin      koka                                          LOMAX Peter                 chui
               OATES Colin      waza-ari                                ~4-55 COUSINS Thomas              chui
      4-31     OATES Colin      shido
     ~4-40     CARDER Gareth    yuko                                          3rd PLACE BOUT              Region      i w y k         Time
                                                                             BPRESTON Luke                Wales       0 1 1 0 K       5-00
           FINAL                Region     i w y k          Time             WLOMAX Peter                 NJA         0 1 0 0 K
         B SOMERVILLE David     Scotland   0 0 2 0 K                     ~0-50PRESTON Luke                shido
         W WARREN James         London     0 2 0 1 C         3-44             LOMAX Peter
                                                                       aft 1-00                           shido
       0-29SOMERVILLE David     shido                                  b4 2-00PRESTON Luke                chui
       0-43WARREN James         shido                                  b4 2-00LOMAX Peter                 chui (may have preceded PRESTON’s chui)
    b4 1-00WARREN James         waza-ari                                      PRESTON Luke
                                                                           2-48                           keikoku
           WARREN James         chui                                          PRESTON Luke                yuko
     ~1-40 SOMERVILLE David     yuko                                    ~3-55 LOMAX Peter                 keikoku
     ~3-00 SOMERVILLE David     chui
           WARREN James         koka                                          FINAL                       Region      i w y k        Time
      3-44 SOMERVILLE David     keikoku                                     B BURTON Euan                 Scotland    1 0 0 0           ?
                                                                            W COUSINS Thomas              NHC         0 0 0 0
                                                                              BURTON Euan                 kiken-gachi
           MEN’S -73kg
           Semifinal 1          Region    i w y k           Time
         B PURSSEY Matthew      NHC       0 1 1 1           5-00                  MEN’S -90kg
         W JOHNS Ian            Yorks & H 0 0 0 0                                 Semifinals
           PURSSEY Matthew      koka                                              (R) COUSINS Peter defeated (W) RICH Bobby
           PURSSEY Matthew      yuko                                              (R) VIDLER Steven defeated (W) DAVIS Tom
           PURSSEY Matthew      waza-ari
                                                                                3rd PLACE BOUT            Region     i w y k         Time
            Semifinal 2         Region     i w y k          Time             B RICH Bobby                 London     1 1 1 0 S       3-53
         B FRANCIS Ian          Midlands   0 1 0 0 S                         W DAVIS Tom                  London     0 0 0 1 C
         W BONTI Eric           London     1 1 0 1 K               ?            DAVIS Tom                 shido
            BONTI Eric          shido                                    ~1-50 RICH Bobby                 shido
            BONTI Eric          waza-ari                                        RICH Bobby                waza-ari
            BONTI Eric          chui                                   aft 3-00 DAVIS Tom                 chui
          ? FRANCIS Ian         shido      (koka score to BONTI)           3-53 RICH Bobby                ippon
            BONTI Eric          keikoku
            BONTI Eric          ippon                                           FINAL                     Region     i w y k         Time
                                                                             B COUSINS Peter              NHC        0 1 0 0         5-00
               3rd PLACE BOUT   Region    i w y k           Time             W VIDLER Steven              Scotland   0 0 0 0
          B    JOHNS Ian        Yorks & H 0 0 0 0 S                    aft 3-00 COUSINS Peter             waza-ari
          W    FRANCIS Ian      Midlands 0 0 1 2             5-00
    aft 3-31   JOHNS Ian        shido
    aft 4-30   FRANCIS Ian      koka                                           MEN’S -100kg
               FRANCIS Ian      yuko                                           3rd PLACE BOUT             Region      i w y k        Time
                                                                            B STRACHAN Graeme             Scotland    1 0 0 0        0-00
           FINAL                Region     i w y k          Time            W DELAHAY Sam                 Western     0 0 0 0
         B PURSSEY Matthew      NHC        0 0 0 0                        0-00 STRACHAN Graeme            kiken-gachi
         W BONTI Eric           London     1 0 0 0           0-47
                                                                              FINAL                       Region    i w y k          Time
                                                                           B EDWARDS Steven               Western   0 0 0 1 C
                                                                           W EMBLEY Brett                 Yorks & H 0 0 1 0 S         5-00
                                                                        ~0-50 EMBLEY Brett                shido
                                                                              EDWARDS Steven              shido
                                                                        ~3-20 EDWARDS Steven              chui

8                                               MAJORITY SPORT January 2004
        MEN’S +100kg                                                               WOMEN’S -63kg
        Semifinal 1                Region       i w y k           Time             3rd PLACE BOUT               Region     i w y k          Time
     B EDE Andrew                  Southern     1 0 1 0              ?           B PITMAN Faith                 NJA        0 0
     W MONTGOMERY Mark             N Ireland    0 0 0 0                          W HUTCHINS Gemma               Northern   0 2                 ?
        EDE Andrew                 yuko
b4 2-00 EDE Andrew                 ippon                                               FINAL                    Region       i w y k        Time
                                                                                  B    CLARKE Sarah             Scotland     0 0 0 1 S
        Semifinal 2                Region       i w y k           Time            W    ROBERTS Karen            NHC          0 0 0 1 S     10-00
     B  SARGENT Daniel             Southern     0 0 0 1 C                     ~3-00    CLARKE Sarah             shido
     W  DELAHAY Joe                Western      1 0 1 0 S         1-18      aft 4-50   ROBERTS Karen            shido
b4 0-15 DELAHAY Joe                shido                                      10-00    ROBERTS Karen            yusei-gachi (3-0)
b4 0-45 SARGENT Daniel             shido
        SARGENT Daniel             chui
   1-18 DELAHAY Joe                ippon                                               WOMEN’S -70kg
        3rd PLACE BOUT               Region       i w y k          Time                (W) HOLT Michelle defeated (B) LOWE Samantha (golden score)
     B MONTGOMERY Mark               N Ireland 0                                       DILLON Nicola defeated FAIRBROTHER Sian
     W SARGENT Daniel                Southern    1                <2-00
        MONTGOMERY Mark              shido                                         3rd PLACE BOUT               Region      i w y k         Time
   0-52 MONTGOMERY Mark              chui                                        B FAIRBROTHER Sian             NHC         1 0 0 0         0-00
        bout decided before 2 minutes elapsed in SARGENT’s favour                W LOWE Samantha                Southern    0 0 0 0
        ippon gained most likely through a submission                              FAIRBROTHER Sian             fusen-gachi
        but may have occurred by hansoku-make (final stages not seen)
                                                                                   FINAL                        Region     i w y k          Time
           FINAL                   Region       i w y k           Time           B HOLT Michelle                NHC        1 0 0 0          0-10
     B     EDE Andrew              Southern     1 1 0 1 C            ?           W DILLON Nicola                London     0 0 0 0
     W     DELAHAY Joe             Western      0 0 1 0 K
   0-25    EDE Andrew              shido
   0-25    DELAHAY Joe             shido                                           WOMEN’S -78kg
           DELAHAY Joe             chui                                            Semifinal 1                  Region     i w y k          Time
    1-40   DELAHAY Joe             keikoku                                      B WILDING Rachel                Southern   1 0 0 0 S           ?
    2-07   EDE Andrew              chui                                         W MELEN Joanna                  Wales      0 0 0 1 H
aft 2-30   EDE Andrew              koka                                            MELEN Joanna                 shido
           EDE Andrew              ippon                                           MELEN Joanna                 chui
                                                                             ~2-00 MELEN Joanna                 keikoku
                                                                                   WILDING Rachel               shido
       WOMEN’S -48kg                                                               MELEN Joanna                 hansoku-make
       3rd PLACE BOUT              Region     i w y k             Time
     B ROBERTSON Donna             Scotland   1 1 0 1                ?             Semifinal 2                  Region     i w y k          Time
     W KAY Rebecca                 North West 0 0 0 0 S                          B ROGERS Michelle              North West 1 0 0 0         <0-30
       KAY Rebecca                 shido                                         W WILSON Sian                  London     0 0 0 0
       ROBERTSON Donna             waza-ari
       ROBERTSON Donna             ippon                                            3rd PLACE BOUT              Region     i w y k          Time
                                                                                 B MELEN Joanna                 Wales      0 1 0 0
           FINAL                   Region       i w y k           Time           W WILSON Sian                  London     1 0 0 0          2-58
      B    LYNCH Clare             Northern     0 0 0 0 K                           MELEN Joanna                waza-ari
      W    ROBERTSON Fiona         Scotland     0 1 1 0           5-00         2-58 WILSON Sian                 ippon
    1-00   LYNCH Clare             shido
  ~1-40    LYNCH Clare             chui                                                FINAL                    Region     i w y k          Time
aft 2-00   ROBERTSON Fiona         yuko                                         B      WILDING Rachel           Southern   0 0 0 1 S
  ~3-30    LYNCH Clare             keikoku                                      W      ROGERS Michelle          North West 0 0 1 1 S        5-00
                                                                              1-10     WILDING Rachel           shido
       WOMEN’S -52kg                                                         ~1-55     ROGERS Michelle          yuko
       3rd PLACE BOUT              Region     i w y k             Time       ~3-40     ROGERS Michelle          shido
     B SMITHSON Samantha           North West 0 0 0 0
     W BAKER Julie                 North West 0 0 0 1             8-15 GS
                                                                                       WOMEN’S +78kg
       FINAL                       Region       i w y k           Time                 3rd PLACE BOUT           Region       i w y k        Time
     B DUNN Victoria               Southern     1 0 0 0           0-42           B     ADLINGTON Sarah          Midlands 0 0 1 1            5-00
     W WELSH Liz                   NJA          0 0 0 0                          W     CUNNINGHAM Abbie         North West 0 0 0 2
                                                                            b4 1-13    ADLINGTON Sarah          koka or shido
       WOMEN’S -57kg                                                        b4 1-13    CUNNINGHAM Abbie         koka or shido
       3rd PLACE BOUT             Region       i w y k            Time                 CUNNINGHAM Abbie         koka
     B JOHNSTONE Sophie           NJA         0 1 1 3             5-00      aft 4-00   ADLINGTON Sarah          yuko
     W RENICKS Louise             Scotland    0 0 0 0
       JOHNSTONE Sophie           waza-ari                                             FINAL                    Region     i w y k          Time
       JOHNSTONE Sophie           koka                                            B    CALLENDER Simone         London     1 0 1 0         >5-00
       JOHNSTONE Sophie           yuko + koka (order unclear)                     W    MANFREDI Kerri           North West 0 0 0 0
       JOHNSTONE Sophie           koka                                      aft 4-00   CALLENDER Simone         yuko
       (one koka score may have been through shido)                         aft 5-00   CALLENDER Simone         ippon

         FINAL                     Region     i w y k             Time
      B BARRY Natalie              North West 0 0 1 1             5-00
      W BRIEN Jennifer             Scotland   0 0 0 0 C
         BRIEN Jennifer            shido
aft 2-30 BARRY Natalie             koka
    4-00 BRIEN Jennifer            chui

                                                    MAJORITY SPORT January 2004                                                                      9

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