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         St. Margaret Roman Catholic Church
                                         Middle Village, ew York
                                     MASS BELLS
Reverend Monsignor Steven J. Aguggia, Pastor
Reverend Joseph F. Wilson
In Residence
Reverend Monsignor icholas W. Sivillo

Deacon Michael Brainerd
Deacon Vincent DeBiase, Retired
66-05 79th Place
Middle Village, .Y. 11379
PHOE: 718-326-1911
FAX: 718-326-1883

WEB SITE: www.

Sr. Bridget Olwell, OSU
Don Competello                                                 August 21, 2011
Diane Competello                                                April 19, 2009
                                                            Twenty-First Sunday in
Phone: 718-326-0922                                         Second Sunday of Easter
                                                                Ordinary Time
Dr. Philip A. Franco, Ph.D., Principal

Phone: 718-326-1911
Dolores H. Voyer, Director of Faith Formation
Margie Brainerd, Secretary
Phone: 718-326-7785                                                           e the St. Margaret Parish
Ann Winkler                                               Community, are a Catholic Parish of diverse ages,
YOUTH COORDIATOR                                         backgrounds and gifts. We dedicate ourselves to our
Phone: 718-326-1911
Dolores H. Voyer                                          personal relationship with Jesus and to growing as a
DEACO MICHAEL BRAIERD’’S OFFICE                         community of faith. We endeavor to serve the
347-349-6214                                              community through education, service and social
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            ministries and commit ourselves to the nurturing of
OUR SCHEDULE OF MASSES:                                   the spiritual life by celebrating the sacraments, by
                                                          enriching our life of prayer and by deepening our
SATURDAY VIGIL: 5:00 and 7:30 P.M.,
SUDAY:         7:30, 9:00 (Italian), 10:30,              understanding of the Scriptures. We strive to reach
                12:00 and 5:00 P.M.                       out and respond to the changing needs of our
WEEKDAYS:       See Mass Schedule Listing Inside          community.
COFESSIOS: SATURDAY: 4:00 to 4:45 P.M.
or by appointment with a priest.
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          MASSES FOR THE WEEK                                  PARISH IFORMATIO
           BLESSED VIRGIN MARY                             If you’’re not registered, please stop into
7::00      Anna Montalbano
9:00       Rose D’’Amato
                                                               the Rectory office. THE PARISH
           NO EVENING MASS FOR SUMMER                      OFFICE is open from Monday through
                                                           Friday, 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 8 pm.
7:00       Martin Wintergerst (ANNIV)                         Please respect these hours for your
9:00       Louis Normandia (ANNIV)                            Rectory office business. Thank you.
                                                          BAPTISMS usually take place on the 1st and 3rd
7:00       The Kunzinger & Scaturro Families
9:00       Mary Hillebrand                                Sundays of the month. Please call the rectory for an
                                                          appointment with one of the priests or the deacon.
THU.       AUGUST 25 - ST. LOUIS OF FRANCE/               WEDDIGS are normally scheduled at least six months
           ST. JOSEPH CALASANZ                            in advance by appointment with a priest or a deacon.
7:00       Robert Centola                                 Please call the rectory office. For marriage
9:00       Ann Amico                                      preparation information visit
                                                          BIBLE CLASS is held on Tuesdays at 1 pm in the
FRI.       AUGUST 26 - WEEKDAY                            Convent meeting room.
7:00       Alfino Marano
                                                          THE BEREAVEMET GROUP meet on the 1st and
9:00       Josephine & Franz Matzelle
                                                          3rd Thursday of the month at 10 am in the Convent
SAT.       AUGUST 27 - ST. MONICA                         meeting room Call Ann at 718.326.7785.
8:00       John & Agnes Brzuzan                           THE ITALIA COMMUITY (St. Margaret
9:00       Collective: Rosaria & Maria Falsetta/In        Society) meet every Third Thursday of the month at
           Thanksgiving to Divine Mercy/In Thanksgiving   7:30pm in the Parish Hall.
            To St. Anthony                                EXPOSITIO AD BEEDICTIO OF THE
5:00PM     Dorothy Cudahy                                 BLESSED SACRAMET is held on First Fridays from
7:30PM     Frank Coccaro                                  noon to 3 pm.
                                                          OVEA to Our Lady of the Miraculous
                                                          Medal...Mondays after the 9 am Mass and after the 7:30
7:30       Mary Haud                                      pm Mass. See the Mass schedule.
9:00       Frank Biondo                                   DEVOTIOS in honor of Our Lady of Fatima are at
           Francesco, Giuseppina, Angela e                8:30 am on First Saturdays. ROSARY & DIVIE
           Carmelo Caruana                                MERCY CHAPLET is prayed every day after the 9 am
           Rosario, Rosaria, Nunzio Taormina              Mass.
10:30      Yolanda & Mike Sisto                           MORIG PRAYER daily from Monday through
NOON       People of the Parish                           Friday at 8:45am.
5:00PM     Divine Infant Mercy                            BOY SCOUT TROOP #119 meet on Tuesdays from
                                                          7:15-9pm. New members welcome, age 10 1/2 & up.
                                                          Call 718-894-4099.
                                                          CUB PACK #119 meet on Mondays from 7-8:30pm.
                   MEMORIALS                              New members welcome, age 6-101/2.
         WINE& HOST FOR THIS WEEK                         Call 718-894-4099.
       are offered in memory of Ann Amico at the          THE EGLISH CHOIR rehearse on Tuesday, at
                 request of Frank Amico.                  7:30pm. For more info.
                                                          THE ITALIA CHOIR rehearse on Monday after the
   SANCTURY LAMP & ALTAR CANDLES                          7:30pm Mass.
             THIS WEEK                                    THE CHILDRE’’S CHOIR rehearse on Friday, from
       are offered in memory of Ann Amico at the          5-5:45p.m. for more info.
                 request of Frank Amico.
Page 3

                                         PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK
             Karen Guarascio, Bill Heilmann, Baby Mark Funke, Sister Ave, Carol Falk, Glen Falk, CariAnn
  Falk-LoBello, Sister Joan Cahill, Sister Catherine Enterlin, Colette Weiner, Eileen Bruce, Connie Faccibene, Walter
     Morris, Anne Scully Hagarty, Antoinette Maffettone, Sophie Kala, Luis A. Micheli, Stella & Dominick Viscardi,
   Concetta Reisinger, Jeanne Cirone, Moira, M.C., Rose J. Martino, Eileen Cullen, John Raccuia, Eileen Hinrichs,
  Ann Heuser, Theresa Simon, Marylou Simon, Joseph Simon, Steve Napolitano, Nicholas Penna, Joseph A. Seiter,
   Rita D’’Ambrosio, Sonya Privilegi, Isabel Azzaro, Donald Dugan, Michael Russo, Walter Yudiski, Buddy Stubbs,
   Raylin Castillo, Patrick March, Lula, George McGarry, Joseph Faccibene, Vittoria Sabini, Matteo Sabini, Angela
  Torres, Rajendra Baboolall, Cheyanne Campo, Pat Rueckher, Concetta Reisinger, Vance Garone, Eunice Diemer,
   Tony & Sofia Barucco, Mike Loiodice, Chris & Joe D’’Angelo, Joe & Helen Ilardi, Audrey Higgins, Owen Shields,
      Mary Buffamante, Jeff Brown, Keith Arundel, Ulrich Zender, Florence Maurer, John Walters, Judy Dumbra,

               Prayer Requests                                   WE RECALL OUR BELOVED DECEASED
          Pray for vocations to the
                                                                       Especially: Anthony Abbate,
        Priesthood and Religious Life.
                                                                      Rev. Louis Joseph Peter Kennedy,
      Please pray for Nicholas Colalella
                                                                     May they rest in Christ’’s Peace!
     who is studying for the Priesthood.

  Pray for our men and women serving in
   the defense of our country. May God
 protect them and bring them home safely
                                                                 ST. MARGARET PARISH
             to their families.
              Please pray for                                                        IS ON
       CPT. Anthony J. Ciaffone III
         SGT. Robert A. Domenici
               TREE OF LIFE                                                LOOK FOR US!
  ““Memories Fade...but Love Lasts Forever””
      Permanently celebrate your most precious
            memories and loved ones on the
  St. Margaret Tree of Life. The name and date of              OUR ADULT CHOIR
             someone you love or a special
      occasion in your life can be engraved on a               will have their first rehearsal on
        beautiful gold leaf. The Tree is in the
       vestibule of the Church for all to see and              Tuesday, August 30th at 7:30pm
               admire for years to come.                        in the Church. All members are asked to
  The leaves of the tree cost $500.00; the acorn is                        attend this rehearsal.
    $1995.00; the stone is $3995.00 and the mini               The choir always welcomes new members.
               tree is $5000.00. You can                         Anyone from high school age and up is
    memorialize a loved one or even celebrate a                  welcome to join us. Please feel free to
             special event like a significant
                 Wedding anniversary.                          come to the choir loft after Mass and speak
        Information is available in the Church                        to the organist, or contact us at
                 or in the rectory office.                      
Page 4

                           (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
                             Are you interested in the Catholic faith?
                                     Are you searching for . . .
                                  a deeper relationship with God?
                           a sense of belonging in a faith community?
                           a greater fulfillment of your mission in life?
                       The RCIA process is a journey of faith through . . .
                              the initial stages of asking and seeking
                  study and discussions about Catholic teaching and way of life
               hearing the Gospel proclaimed and by faithful reflection and prayer
                             a growing desire to love and serve others
                 the sacraments of initiation - Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist
                                           RCIA is for . . .
                                   Persons in need of Baptism
         Persons baptized in another Christian tradition who desire to become Catholic
           Persons baptized Catholic in need of First Communion and Confirmation
              Classes will begin in September. For information and/or to register,
           call Sr. Bridget, 718-326-1911 or email her at
                                        Adult Confirmation
 Any adult who is interested in completing their Sacraments of Initiation are invited to partici-
  pate in our Adult Confirmation Classes. These classes will begin in the Spring. Further in-
          formation and registration for these classes will be in the bulletin in January.
                           Any questions, please contact Sr. Bridget.

                                         FEAST OF FAITH
          The presider at the Eucharist can choose from among a number of different Eucharistic
  Prayers, all of which follow a similar pattern. Almost always, they begin with an epiclesis, a Greek
  word that means ““invocation upon”” or ““calling over here.”” At this moment in the prayer, the priest
  calls down the Holy Spirit upon the gifts of bread and wine that we have brought to the altar:
  ““Father, we bring you these gifts. We ask you to make them holy by the power of your Spirit, that
  they may become the body and blood of your Son”” (Eucharistic Prayer III). The words of the
  prayer are accompanied by the ritual gesture of the laying on of hands, the ancient sign of the gift
  of the Spirit, which is also used in most sacramental celebrations, from the rite of confirmation to
  the ordination of deacons, priests, and bishops. Liturgists sometimes call this first epiclesis the epi-
  clesis of consecration. Later in the Eucharistic Prayer, there will be another epiclesis, the epiclesis
  of communion, as the priest asks that the Holy Spirit be sent upon us to transform us. ““Grant that
  we, who are nourished by his body and blood, may be filled with his Holy Spirit, and become one
  body, one spirit in Christ”” (Eucharistic Prayer III).
Page 5

                                                              THE ST. VICET dePAUL
                                                                  FOOD PATRY
                                                           is in need of coffee, tea, canned fruit, fruit
                    THANK YOU !!                          juice, pasta sauce, canned vegetables, soup
      for continuing to support the ““Box Tops for
                                                                           and cereal.
          Education Program”” which benefits
     St. Margaret School. This year we earned                Thank you for your continued support.
    $453.00 which will be used to buy educational          THE PATRY IS LOCATED AT
               materials for the students                 66-25 79TH PLACE AD IS OPE
                  TEA WITH SPIRIT                                O SATURDAY AD
       The former students and staff of Dominican               WEDESDAY FROM
 Commercial H.S. are invited to attend a celebration at
 the Queen of the Rosary Motherhouse of the Sisters of           10AM TO 12 OO.
 St. Dominic at 555 Albany Ave., Amityville, on Sunday,
 October 2nd. The classes of 1951, 1961 and 1986 will
  be highlighted that afternoon. Call Benincase Family                 FAITH DIRECT
       Services, 631-842-6000, Ext. 351 or email          If you have found eGiving through Faith Direct to
                                  be a convenient way to send your gifts to our
                                                            Parish, I hope you’’ll recommend the program to
                                                           others at our parish who may not yet realize how
                    OPEN HOUSE                            easy the program is to use and how much eGiving
         Regis H.S., 8th graders and their parents.          can help our parish stay on budget, especially
              Monday, Oct. 10th from 1-4pm.                    during these travel filled summer months.
           For more info. Call 212-288-1100 or                  Enrollment is simple: either go online to
              email          and use our parish code
                                                            Y299, or pick up an enrollment form from the
                                                          parish office and return it by mail to Faith Direct.
    THE ST. JOHN’’S UNIVERSITY                                 Thank you for your continued support of
 Speech and Hearing Center will be offering               St. Margaret Parish both through Faith Direct and
                                                                 with your invaluable time and talents!
  FREE hearing screenings. They will be                                                      Msgr. Steven
 conducted on Tuesday, September 6th from
 10am - 4pm, at the Seton Complex located
  at 152-11 Union Turnpike, Flushing, NY
   Please call the center, 718-990-6480 to                         AUDITIONS FOR
          schedule an appointment                                   Maggie’’s Little Theater
                                                                       Production of
                                                                THE CLAUSE FAMILY
                                                             CHIRISTMAS SPECTACULAR
                                                                    will take place in
                                                             Watch the bulletin for the dates
Page 6

                                                            ST. MARGARET’’S
                                                           LUCKY UMBER 2011
                                               Aug. 7 -      951   A. Kees (b)
                                                                   B. Hoelle (b)
                                               Aug. 8 -      234   J. Perry (s)
                                                                   F. Patuto (b)
                                               Aug. 9 -      567   No Winner
  ST. MARGARET’’S YONKERS                      Aug. 10 -     327   No Winner
    EMPIRE CITY BUS TRIP                       Aug. 11 -     345   P. Cimino (b)
                                               Aug. 12 -     089   No Winner
      September 20th                           Aug. 13 -     253   D. Berwanger (b)
   The bus will be in front of the Church       SPECIAL VALUE: Based on NY State
        at 9:30am. The fee is $23                   Lottery, every evening of the year.
      you will get a $10 food coupon            Single Subscriptions: $60.00, Two or more
           and one $5 free play.                        Subscriptions: $50.00 each
                                                 Call Patti C, 718-639-2263 for more info.
     For reservations/information call
         Angie, 718-894-7259 or
           Betty, 718-326-0198                    TELEVISED SUDAY MASS!
                                                 The Sunday Mass is now airing on ABC
                                                 Family from 6:30to7:00am each Sunday
     ST, MARGARET’’S POST 1172                    morning, in addition to all of our other
     CATHOLIC WAR VETERAS                      channels that continue to bring our Mass to
            will hold a fundraising             you. The Sunday Mass is produced by the
           ‘‘FLEA MARKET””                            Passionist Fathers and Brothers
                                                out of New York City. Too early for you?
          Saturday, September 17th
                                                 Tape it or Tivo it! For more information
               10:00am - 5:00pm
                                                          consult the web site at
    If you have any donations (no clothing),
            Please drop them off any
 Saturday in August, between 9am and 12Noon,
           At the Post Headquarters,                 SAVE THE DATE . . .
    72-53 Metropolitan Ave., Middle Village
                                                     FOR OKTOBERFEST
                                                  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th
    COME ONE, COME ALL . . .                       More information to follow!
            WEBSITE                             THE AUXILIARY OF LITTLE SISTERS
     We are proud of our new and                             OF THE POOR
  informative website. Please visit us          at Queen of Peace Residence invite you to a
       at                   Garden Party, Sat., Sept. 10th from 2-5pm
                                                  Elegant luncheon, professional jazz trio,
            and find out all                       Chinese auction, raffles & door prizes,
          that’’s happening at                                $60 per person.
             St. Margaret                            For more info. call 718-464-1800

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