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                                    Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
 MARCH 11, 2011                            Situational Awareness Bulletin
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Arizona Related Incidents
Maricopa County
Maricopa County leads the nation in the number of immigrants arrested and the number deported according to a federal
report. According to reports the Secure Communities program has resulted in the deportation of 21,500 immigrants
convicted of major crimes, including 3,097 from Arizona. As of December 31, 2010, 877 counties in 34 states participated
in the program. Critics of the program claim it allows discrimination and racial profiling.

State Capitol
Analytical Comment
Protests at or near the state capitol continue to occur on a regular basis resulting in resources from multiple law
enforcement agencies needing to deploy. The participants in these protests are exercising their Constitutional Rights to
protest freely and in almost all occasions have been cooperative with law enforcement. As outdoor temperatures start to
rise to 90 degrees or more during the next few weeks the need for additional resources to handle crowd control,
medical needs, traffic control, and other protests related needs will also increase. Agencies are encouraged to begin
planning for these extra resource needs now in anticipation for future protests.

ACTIC personnel are working with Capitol Police, Phoenix Police, and other agencies to provide timely intelligence on
events at the capitol to ensure adequate resources are deployed prior to, during, and after protests. If you become
aware of a planned protest at the state capitol, or any other location in Arizona, that ACTIC should be aware of please
send that information to the ACTIC Intelligence email address –

Several media outlets reported this week on missing money, and possible missing items, from the Surprise Police
Department evidence and property facility. It was reported that over $33,000 of suspected drug money was missing. Some
media outlets reported various other items missing in addition to the money.
Analytical Comment
At this time ACTIC has no further details on what items are missing but will report them in future editions of the
weekly Situational Awareness Bulletin if, or when, they become available.

Border Related Incidents
Border Agents seize nearly $3 million in cocaine
U.S. Border Patrol Agents working a checkpoint on Interstate 8 seized more than 86 pounds of cocaine, worth an
estimated $2.78 million. The vehicle, a white Toyota van, was sent for secondary inspection after a canine team alerted to
the vehicle. Two occupants of the vehicle were arrested and turned over to DEA. The vehicle was seized by the Border
Source :

Arrests in Death of U.S. Agent
Federal Police in Mexico announced the arrest of Mario Jimenez Perez (“El Mayito”), who reportedly oversaw the
finances of the Zeta cartel. Federal police have arrested a number of Zeta cartel members for alleged involvement in the
murder of U.S. ICE Agent Jaime Zapata on February 15th.

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Arizona Lost & Stolen Public Safety Equipment
No items reported this week.

Marshals end Fugitive Surrender Program
The U.S. Marshals Service will be ending a nationwide program that allows nonviolent fugitive offenders to surrender at
churches due to its funding being dropped and also because the program does not focus on violent offenders. The annual
cost of the program is $250,000. The program was started in Cleveland in response to the killing of a police officer during
a traffic stop. The shooter was wanted on a parole violation at the time. The program was designed to have nonviolent
offenders self surrender avoiding officers and suspects meeting in “desperate encounters” according to Judge Joan

Capitol Hill Hearing to Focus on Radical Islam
New York Republican Rep. Peter King scheduled the hearing in the Homeland Security Committee, which he chairs, to
examine the threat of Islamic radicalization. Nearly 50 Muslim, Christian, human, and civil rights organizations wrote
letters to House leaders condemning the hearings, claiming it abused congressional authority and fueled anti-Muslim hate.

St. Louis, Missouri
U.S. Marshals Killed, Second U.S. Marshal and Police Officer Shot
Deputy U.S. Marshal John Perry was killed, a second Deputy Marshal and a St. Louis Police Officer were shot while they
attempted to arrest a convicted drug dealer on charges of drug possession, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.
The gunman, identified as Carlos Boles, was killed in the shootout. According to court records Boles had been convicted
of at least 12 offenses and served prison time. The second marshal was listed in fair condition and the police officer was
released from the hospital.
Analytical Comment
On Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Limon, Colorado Police Officer Jay Sheridan was shot and killed while he and other
officers attempted to serve a fugitive arrest warrant. The gunman in that shooting later committed suicide. These
shootings continue to highlight the recent span of officer deaths during warrant service or sniper style attacks across
the country.

Spokane, Washington
MLK Day Bomb Suspect Arrested
Federal agents arrested Kevin William Harpham, of northeastern Washington, nearly two months after a bomb was
found on a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route in Spokane. Harpham has been charged with one count of attempting
to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possessing an unregistered explosive device. Harpham reportedly
had ties to the white supremacy group NATIONAL ALLIANCE in 2004. Harpham served in the U.S. Army and was
stationed at Fort Lewis, near Tacoma, Washington from 1996 to 1999.

First Country Recognizes Rebels as Libya’s True Government
This week France became the first country to recognize Libya’s opposition NATIONAL TRANSITIONAL COUNCIL
as the legitimate government. During the past week Libyan forces also continued air strikes against rebel forces. The
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS described the situation in Libya as a “civil war” and
reported a growing number of civilians being wounded in eastern Libya cities.
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                                                    Upcoming Events
  Agencies within Arizona are asked to submit the names and dates of any events that will be occurring within their
  jurisdiction over the next two months. This allows the ACTIC to be proactive in developing intelligence regarding
                    any potential threats. Information can be submitted to .

March 12 – 19         Unity Run Tohono O’odham Nation

March 18 – 20         Riflestock 2011 (location to be disclosed March 11 – southern Arizona along border)
                      Various members of militia / patriot groups advertising event

March 18 -            Roosevelt Dam celebration

March 19 -            Resist the War Machine (International day of action against the war / anniversary invasion of Iraq)

March 19 – 20          70 Years of Thunder: Luke Air Force Base open house and air show

ACTIC Analytical Commentary: There is no credible intelligence to imply any extremist group is planning
to carryout an attack in the month of March. However, ACTIC encourages all Public Safety Officials to
     remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the ACTIC Watch Center at (602) 644-5805.

                                                                Group Profile Section

In this section of the weekly Situational Awareness Bulletin, ACTIC will highlight groups of interest operating on a local, state, national, or
international basis. The group being highlighted will be a terrorist organization operating internationally or domestically. ACTIC hopes
that by providing group profiles they will help law enforcement officials, and other emergency responders, identify potential threats at
incidents they respond to or the potential for future acts of violence that they may be able to prevent.

                                                            Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM)

Jaish-e-Mohammed, also known as Army of Mohammed, Khudamul Islam, and Tehrik ul-Furqaan, is based in
Pakistan.(1) The group formed in 2000 by Maulana Masood Azhar after his release from an Indian jail.(2) JEM has
been active in terrorist violence in Jammu and Kashmir where they use suicide terrorist tactics. They will storm
a target, fortify themselves, and then kill security forces or civilians before they themselves get killed.(3)

In July 2004 four affiliates of JEM were found guilty of the 2002 abduction and murder of American journalist
Daniel Pearl. In 2009, four New York residents were arrested for an alleged plot to bomb two New York
synagogues. The leader, JAMES CROMITIE, allegedly told an FBI informant that he wanted to join JEM.(4)
     (1)   The National Counterterrorism Center 2011 Calendar
     (2)   South Asia Terrorism Portal –
     (3)   South Asia Terrorism Portal –

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