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									Unit Review
    CHAPS. 12-15
I. Politics of the Roaring
A. Fear of communism
    1. Sacco & Vinzetti
       a. charges
    2. Palmer Raids
       a. reasons
    3. Radicals/Red Scare
       a. know background info in order
    to be able to analyze a cartoon
B. Limiting Immigration
    1. KKK
       a. activities
C. Labor Unrest
    1. Union membership
         a. Accusations
D. American industries flourish
    1. Urban Sprawl
         a. Factors
E. The Young Airplane
    1. Know background info.
In order to read a map.
II. The Roaring Life of the
the 1920’s.
A. Speakeasies & Bootleggers
    1. Purpose
B. Science & Religion Clash
    1. Scopes Trial
       a. particulars
    2. Fundamentalists
       a. belief
C. Young Women Change the Rules
    1. Double Standard
       a. characteristics
D. New Heroes
    1. Charles Lindbergh
       a. popularity
E. Harlem Renaissance
    1. Aim
F. African American Goals
          a. actions
    2. African American
          a. Know background
info in order to analyze map on
Northern Migration
G. African Americans & Jazz
   1. Louis Armstrong
III. The Great Depression
A. Great Depression
    1. Causes
    2. Effect
A. Uneven distribution of income
    1. Know background info in order to
    analyze graph
B. Dust Bowl
    1. Causes
    2. Geography
C. Stock Market Crash
    1. Hoover’s Response
D. Bonus Army
    1. make-up
IV. The New Deal
A. Americans get a new deal
  1. Presidential Election 1932
B. Food, Clothing, and Shelter
  1. Direct Relief
      a. description
C. The Hundred Days
  1. FDR’s first action
D. Roosevelt Extends Relief
  1. Works Progress Administration
      a. creating jobs
  2. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
      a. objective
E. New Opportunities
    1. Frances Perkins
     a. service to government
F. National Debt
G. Grapes of Wrath
    1. Author
H. Tennessee Valley Authority
    1. Background Info.
    1. Background Info.

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