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      Version 0.9
     Daniel Atkinson

PLATFORM                   3

USE CASE                   3

GENRE                      3

TARGET MARKET              3


PRIORITIES                 3
RISKS                      4

GAME MECHANICS             5

MAP MECHANICS              6


MENU INTERFACE             7
GAME INTERFACE             7

CONTROLS                   8

PLOT                       8

SUSPECTS                   8

CLUES                      9

VERSION HISTORY           11
A head taken and another left in its place, a clue or just another mystery. Each clue
offers more questions for Detective Adam Cross than it answers. But some answers are
not meant to be found.

Unheard Silence is a text based mystery game featuring a large storyline and a detailed
world that players will explore in search of clues to solve a heinous murder.

Unheard Silence will be released on PC. It will be made using the Python Scripting

Harkening back to classic films and games, players will take control of Detective Adam
Cross of the New York Police Department, Homicide Division as he takes on the murder
of Dominik Kovacic. Controlling his movements across city, players will shape the
course of the investigation and it is up to them to determine who the guilty party is.

Players will interact with the world about them using short phrases. From books to
bodies, and witnesses to suspects, it is up to the player to examine each one and found
the clues to push the investigation ever farther looking for the elusive murderer.

Unheard Silence is a text based mystery game.

Unheard Silence is directed at players over the age of 30 years.

Interactive world – The world should be engaging and colourful. There should be more
to see and do then just the necessary clues to give the game some depth.

Interesting puzzles – The puzzles need to require some thinking but shouldn’t be so
difficult as to alienate players. This extends beyond the mystery of the murder to smaller
puzzles that populate the game. They also need to be presented in a way that makes
them solvable.
Intelligent presentation – With the text nature of the game how the game is laid out so
that players can understand what is being shown to them. Careful consideration must
be made to inventory, what has been learned, and the map.

Format – Python’s built in text functions are rudimentary there is danger of things being
hard to decipher when laid out naturally. Text must be carefully chosen to as to not
complicate as well as trying to find different ways to lay things out.

Over-complication – The story and mystery must be somewhat difficult and trying so
as it is a test to find the murderer and it is a feat once accomplished. A balance must be
found though so as to not make the murder so convoluted that it becomes impossible to
wade through, nor improbable in its design.
      Command Mechanics
In Location Mode the player type command phrases into the text field and upon
pressing the enter key the command is processed and the response is given back to the
player. In doing so the player may perform a number of commands including but not
limited to; examining objects, opening objects, speaking to a present character, or going
to another room. If there are any variables regarding the item or the investigation due to
the interaction being important they will be updated at this point.

      Inventory Mechanics
The inventory can be opened on command and all evidence displayed. Upon doing so
all evidence can be reviewed and examined.

Selecting a piece of evidence will print out all pertinent information including where it
was found, a description of the piece, and what analysis has found out about if analysis
was performed.
      Map Mechanics
Upon leaving a location, the player is taken to Map Mode wherein the city map is
opened and a list with all open locations is printed. The player can choose any open
location to visit by entering either its number or name. Many locations have multiple
rooms or areas which will not appear on the map, locations on the map rather are
separate locations altogether. Different locations cannot be reached without the map.

An open location is any location that has been visited previously or there has brought to
the attention of Detective Cross through evidence or questioning. Any location that has
not been opened will not be displayed.

A location may close if the player has collected all evidence from the location, all
information from people in that location, and has no need to return there later in the
investigation. Upon leaving the location under such circumstances Detective Cross will
remark to himself that he is finished here, and when he returns to the map it will not
appear. Some locations may not close even once these objectives have been achieved.

      Conversation Mechanics
Talking to an npc will enter the player into Conversation Mode. In this mode the player
can ask any question to the npc in a similar manner to entering commands normally.
However, until exiting the conversation the player cannot interact with anything else in
the rest of the room. Exiting the conversation will return the player to Location Mode.
       Thinking Mechanics
At any time the player can enter the thinking command allowing Detective Cross to
reflect on everything he’s learned related to the case. This command can even be
entered in the Map and Conversation Modes.

       Menu Interface
The game will open with the title screen depicting the game’s name. Upon pressing the
enter key the player will be taken to the main menu. This menu has three options each
with a number; Start a New Game, Continue an Old Game, and Exit. Choosing to Start
a New Game will begin the game from the very start of the investigation. Choosing to
Continue an Old Game will load up a save file, if no file is found the player will be
informed of such a problem and asked if they would like to start a new game instead.
Entering yes to this will start the game from the beginning of the investigation, otherwise
they will be returned to the main menu. Choosing to exit will thank the player for playing
before shutting down the game.

       Game Interface

              Location Mode Interface

In Location Mode the player will be given a brief description of the room including any
exits to the room and any characters in the room. The player will then be asked what
they want to do. They may enter any command they choose to, following which any
response will be printed beneath. If anything has changed in the room or there are any
enduring effects other than what the player just did, such as music playing, they will be
printed after but separate from the response. Following the response the player will
once again be asked what they wish to do.

Entering a new room will clear the screen of everything that occurred in the previous
room and print the description of the new room. Re-entering a room will print a new
description of the room including any changes from it since you were last there.

              Map Mode Interface

Entering into Map Mode will cause a list of all open locations to be printed along with a
corresponding list of numbers. Selecting a location will take the player to that place and
enter them into Location Mode.
              Conversation Interface

Entering into Conversation Mode will clear the screen and print an introduction to the
conversation. The player will then be asked what they wish to ask the character. Similar
to Location Mode they may enter any question and it will be followed by the character’s
answer beneath it. The player will then be prompted to ask any other questions they

If they enter that they have no other questions they player will be given a short
departure message and returned to Location Mode.

Players enter commands into the text field of the game using any keyboard. In certain
instances, including the main menu and the map, players may substitute using numbers
to having to type out full words.

               It is important to note that due to the nature of the game
       players may experience certain portions of the game in an order different
           from the one below or may not experience some plot points at all

Detective Adam Cross arrives at the house of Dominik Kovacic. Entering the house he
finds the body of the house’s owner. Consulting the coroner he is told the head was
removed but is uncertain of whether or not it was the cause of death. On the back patio
is the head of a popular senator who went missing three weeks earlier.

Over the course of the investigation the player will encounter four suspects; Ryan, Alex,
Avery, and Stephanie.

Ryan – Neighbour

   -   Was in the house after the murder
   -   Left the blood trail leading out the back door
   -   Knife slash to his upper arm
   -   Was in the wall street office (where Dominik Kovacic worked)
Alex – Co-worker

   -   Owned the switchblade knife (found in the master bedroom)
   -   Business card found in the blood
   -   Claims to have never been in the house
   -   In financial trouble and wants Dom’s job (which is superior to his)
   -   Knows about the code (found in the book)
   -   Hasn’t been in to work in three days (verified)

Avery – Community Worker

   -   Last to see the victim alive
   -   Owned car matching the description given by Emily
   -   Was seen in a fight with victim days earlier
   -   Claims to have been at work at the time of the murder but there is a window of
       about 45 minutes where no one remembers him

Stephanie – In-law

   -   Knew about the safe and the money in it
   -   Has the money
   -   Fingerprints on the knife
   -   Was at work at the time of the murder

A list of valuable clues that will help lead the player to the murderer.

Code – The code found on the bookmark in the master bedroom. It allows access to the
firm’s master bank account which will have been emptied into an untraceable account
after the murder. This has to have been done from within the office.

Knife – The knife is the murder weapon found next to the body. Stephanie’s fingerprints
are on the handle. Blood on the blade matches Ryan and the victim. The knife belongs
to the victim.

Safe – The safe is filled with money and has a retina scanner that unlocks it. The safe is
found open and empty after the murder. There are no fingerprints. The money that
belongs in it is found in Stephanie’s possession.

Switchblade knife – Found underneath the bed in the master bedroom and belongs to

Head of Senator Hunter – Disappeared three weeks ago and never found. Located on
the patio behind the victim’s house.
Business Card – Alex’s business card found in the blood of the victim. Too damaged to
retrieve prints.

Dorsea Flier – Found in the victim’s car with the name Shauna and a room number
written on the back with a marker.
Version 0.9
              -   Added Plot
              -   Added Suspects
              -   Added Clues
              -   Edited Mechanics
              -   Edited Interface

Version 0.5
              -   Added Flowcharts
              -   Edited layout

Version 0.1
              -   Added Executive Summary
              -   Added Platform
              -   Added Use Case
              -   Added Genre
              -   Added Target Market
              -   Added Priorities & Risks
              -   Added Game Mechanics
              -   Added User Interface
              -   Added Controls

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